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How to Catch a Long Dark Rabbit

File location

So, let’s first figure out where the save files of all our current survivors are.

Here is the path to the autosave files:

C: \ Users \ Username \ AppData \ Local \ Hinterland or HinterlandTest1 (test branch only) \ The long Dark

Save folder The Long Dark

Below I will describe a way to avoid deleting save files when a character dies.

How to save manually?

We know that when death occurs in the game, all save files of the current survival are deleted. It is very easy to avoid this. We find the folder along the path above. Select the file we need by saving time and copy it to another folder.

We are looking for a file by the closest date of creation and copy it,

In the Documents library, create a folder with the name of our survival,

Insert our save file there.

In the event of the death of a character, it is necessary to do the reverse order of actions: return the save file back to the Long Dark folder.

All about saves in The Long Dark

You died of blood loss after fighting wolves. Common situation? It’s not so offensive yet if the fight was fair. And if we were prevented by computer lags or Internet crashes? This is where you start hysterically looking for where the saves are in The Long Dark, or even want to download the save editor. A program with which you can manage saves and add to your game everything that the harsh randomness of the game deprived us of.

All saves in Long Dark occur automatically when our character enters buildings, wakes up or gets any illness. Also, the game is always saved after a fight with animals.

When the character dies, all save files of the current survival are deleted irrevocably.

Therefore, if we do not want to lose, our task is. Find them and save!

How to use the save editor?

Save editor is required for manual editing of game save files. Simply put, we wanted a gun on the “Intruder” difficulty, but it is impossible to find it on this difficulty. What to do? We take the save editor and just add the gun to our survival.

You can also find a save editor on the Internet. Be careful: the version of the game supported by the editor must be the same as yours.

Launch the editor (if you have a test version, then you must check the appropriate box).

Choosing the save we need.

We edit our save according to the parameters specified in the editor (profile / player / card / skills / injuries / inventory).

Be sure to press the “Save” button and exit the editor. Everything, you can start the game.

Do I advise you to save or use the editor ?

No! I am totally against saving. After all, the very idea of ​​being preserved completely kills the entire atmosphere of Long Dark. If, when we meet a bear, our hands do not shake from fear of losing, the deep meaning and the whole philosophy of searching for this bear disappears.

And will we be proud of the 500 survival days gained from saving? Hardly.

Therefore, if you want to know my opinion: no cheats, saves and editors! Only classic Long Dark! Only hardcore!

Mountain hut. Mount Timberwolf

At some point in the game, you will need to settle in a mountain hut. And luckily for you, this is a great place. Right outside the door you can go fishing, hunt deer and rabbits. You can also find many interesting things in the house, for example, hooks. There you can also find extended sticks for fires, as well as a fireplace, a workbench.

Mount Timberwulf is home to the summit, and a crashed plane near the hut gives hope that some very interesting things can be found nearby. The mountain hut is one of the best places to play.

The only drawback of the Mountain Hut is that it is very cold, well, very cold. If you have furs, then you have a chance to survive. Also you will have to always struggle with freezing temperatures. There are also wolves that love to appear on the lake. In addition, the hut is considered an open place.

The Placent Willie Estate. Pleasant valley

The main disadvantage of this location and base is that it is adjacent to bears, which most likely will often come to the doors of your house, be careful. Wolves may also appear near the house, but they do not come so close. Many players will agree with you if you decide to stay there, as the community believes that the Plaza Valley is a good choice. But we’ll add that The Long Dark has a better base.

But there is also a positive side. The Plaza Vella has almost everything you need, including covered rocks, workbenches, beds, rabbit and deer meat. And also a closed porch that gives you a little protection when you go out in the morning. There is also furniture in the house that you can break into wood. There is even a car in the yard that is perfect for hiding from predators.

The Homestead is located in the heart of Pleasant Valley, so you have access to the entire map without having to travel around the area to open the map.

Guide The Long Dark. Best places to seek refuge or home

In The Long Dark, survival is more dependent on the shelter or home you find and choose to stay in. We decided to select five of the best places for building a shelter and a house, and talk about each in more detail. In this guide to The Long Dark, you will find out which house is the best to choose for survival and what are the pros and cons of each house.

Below we will tell you about 5 places and houses that you can meet in the game and tell you a few secrets that may await you while she is on vacation. And so we went:

Camp office. Secret lake

The camp office is arguably one of The Long Dark’s most affordable homes, so getting to it is one of the best ideas. There are two fireplaces inside the office, large storage shelves in which you can store your belongings. There is a workbench where you can craft any items. There’s even a bunk bed upstairs if you decide to ride out the blizzard and take a nap.

There are deer not far from the office, which are so close that you can shoot at them after leaving the camp. There is also a fishing hut.

The only negative is a dead guy who can attack you. Plus it’s not the best place if you need to find rabbits or sticks. They are not talked about, but wolves will appear on the neighboring railway tracks. Although the office is located in the central part of the Secret Lake region, a trip to Desolation Point or Timberwolf Mountain is a real challenge.

Quonset gas station. Coastal highway

The Quonset Coastal Road Station remains one of the best bases in the game, despite wildlife issues. The station has a bed to sleep on at night, a crafting table, and plenty of lockers for you to store all your belongings.

The Quonset gas station has a lot of space, and there are many doors in the house that will help you hide from the animals.

But there are a few bad things at the gas station. The main thing is the wolves, if you leave the house, then 45 wolves can immediately attack you. In addition, there is a bear who likes to roam the mountain from the north. Even if you safely get into the house, a predator will be waiting for you on almost every path.

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The hunter’s cabin. Secret lake

Once you have all the gear you need and you are in the mood for a long journey. We definitely advise you to look into the Hunter’s Hut. There is a workbench inside the cockpit, as well as a fireplace and bed. And outside your door you can find rabbits and deer. Speaking of your yard, you will not see predators in it, although they will be nearby.

There is a ruined building nearby that provides protection from snowstorms, helping you to survive as long as possible.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting that sometimes bears and wolves appear, but usually this happens if you want to go somewhere, then far from home. Otherwise, this is a great place for a quiet game.

In addition to all these places, which we talked about a little higher, there are a lot of good locations and houses in the game, but each of them has its own drawbacks. We have selected for you five of the best houses that can only be found in the game.

How to catch a long dark rabbit

How to hunt in the Long Dark?

Hunting is an essential part of any survivor in The Long Dark, as it is. Beasts are a great source of meat for food and hides with guts for crafting high-end clothing.

At the moment, 5 types of animals are wandering across the expanses of The Long Dark: a rabbit. Deer. Elk. Wolf. Bear. Each animal needs an individual way of hunting. We will analyze all the methods in this article.

Deer hunting

Shooting a gun

The easiest way to hunt deer is by shooting with a gun. We just imperceptibly sit down on the path of the deer and wait for it to come close enough. After that we shoot him in the head.


Killing a deer with a bow is a little more difficult compared to a gun. After all, we can shoot while sitting only at the fifth level of the shooting skill, which means that it will not work to sneak up on a deer. We are not upset. We just stand behind the deer at a distance of 10-15 meters and shoot an arrow into the back of the head, with a high degree of probability, the deer will die.

Taking away from the wolf

By analogy with a rabbit, we need a torch or a lantern, as well as a deer and a wolf located at a short distance from each other. It is necessary to find a deer, next to which a wolf is wandering. Next, you need to drive the deer to the wolf, so that he noticed and attacked, after which the wolf will eat the carcass of the deer. We take a torch or lantern in our hands and drive away the flea.

Wolf hunt

With a gun or bow. We need a gun (or bow) and bait (bait means a piece of any meat or fish). We throw the bait in front of the wolf walking at us and move away from it about three meters. After the wolf has approached the bait about 2 meters, we shoot in the head. The wolf is more likely to die, if not dead, then we just wait 1 hour. We are not sleeping, but waiting! It is very important.

This method is suitable for patient players. We climb to an inaccessible place for a wolf, for example, on a rock. We are waiting for the wolf to come to a close distance and make a headshot.

We just go to the wolf and when he attacks, we choose a piercing weapon (a knife or a homemade knife), then it all depends on the speed of your mouse clicks. The wolf will die 2-3 hours after the fight. And at this time you can restore health. The disadvantages of this method include a high loss of health and wear and tear of clothing. If there is no knife in your inventory, then it is better not to resort to this type of hunting.

Moose hunting

With a gun or bow. We need to find a place where the moose cannot reach our character. After that, it is necessary to make at least three shots at the moose, after which he may die. It is not recommended to hunt moose in the place where it can reach your character and strike you, the consequences of which will be a broken rib.

With a flare gun. This time, we need to wait for the moose to attack. Then let the moose close to you at a minimum distance and shoot strictly in the head. After being hit, the elk will “run” in one place, but we will be able to butcher its carcass. This type of hunting is risky, because K. If you miss, the moose will attack your character.

Attention. This method of killing a moose is a bug in the game and can be eliminated at any time. The relevance of the method is checked on game version 1.30.

Rabbit hunting

With stones

The quickest and easiest way to catch a rabbit is with rocks. You just need to hit the rabbit with a stone, and after stunning it, roll the baby’s neck.

It is advisable to do all this while squatting in order to achieve the minimum distance between the character and the rabbit. The shorter the distance, the higher the chance of hitting the rabbit with a rock.

If you throw a stone not at the rabbit, but for him, then he will run not from you, but straight to you. This makes hunting much easier.

It is also convenient to hunt rabbits using traps. This is the easiest way to hunt since K. There is no need to track down rabbits, you just need to set traps in their habitat and come to the same place no earlier than 12 hours later. Rabbits may not be in all traps, and there is a chance to find a broken trap that can be collected for wood.

catch, long, dark, rabbit

It is recommended to set at least 4 traps in one habitat and choose “narrow” places of the landscape.

After capturing a rabbit, you need to pick up the rabbit carcass, raise the trap into inventory and set it not in the same place, but moving it half a meter to the side.

Taking away from the wolf

We need a torch or lantern, as well as a rabbit and a wolf located at a short distance from each other. Having strangled the rabbit, the wolf will do all the work for you, and you will just need to drive him away with a torch until he ate the meager supplies of meat in the rabbit carcass. If the wolf ate all the meat, then it will not work to remove the skin and intestines.

I will not describe hunting for a rabbit from a rifle, bow or signal pistol, because These methods are completely inappropriate. It is difficult to hit a rabbit with a gun or a bow, and if he misses, he can run away from the character, hearing the sound from a shot or from an arrow landing.

Bear hunting

It is recommended to use a gun or bow when hunting bear. It is not recommended for beginners to hunt bear with a bow.

This method consists in shooting from cover where the bear is unable to reach, for example, a hunting ambush or a fallen tree. We are waiting for the bear to come close enough and shoot him in the head. After that, we wait until he dies from blood loss.

This method is suitable if there is a capital shelter nearby (house or cave with loading). We lure the bear closer to the shelter and after the shot we immediately hide in the shelter. You need to wait 1-2 hours and then go in search of mascara.

We go out into the open area and shoot the bear from afar, while he runs towards us, we make a few more shots. During this time, the bear must die. This method is risky, because K. You may miss or miss a second shot.

We got to know all the ways to hunt every animal in The Long Dark. Using the knowledge and skills acquired from this article, you will be able to hunt confidently and accurately.

How to catch an escaped rabbit?

First of all, don’t rush to catch a fluffy fugitive. In most cases, the rabbit runs away because it is scared of something, and fussy behavior, sudden movements and chasing the animal can make it even more nervous. Then, in an attempt to escape, the pet may run out of the territory or get seriously injured, intending to do this.

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In any case, you first need to observe the pet’s behavior for some time. If the living creature is scared, then the following behavioral features will testify to this:

  • The body is firmly pressed to the ground;
  • The rabbit practically does not move;
  • The ears are almost on the back;
  • The animal can often hit the ground with its hind legs.

The last sign indicates that the animal is ready to take off at any second.

When fixing one or more signs of fear in living creatures, it is advisable to immediately determine what caused this condition. Rabbits can be frightened by unusual sounds, smells, new pets in the house. In order for the animal to calm down a little, if possible, the cause of the fright should be removed.

If this action has led to the expected result, you can try to get closer to the baby. This must be done taking into account the following points:

  • You need to approach the rabbit as slowly, smoothly and always squatting. A large spot hanging from above reflexively causes fear in him, and the animal can escape.
  • During the movement, it is also advisable to talk with the pet. At the same time, this should be done without stopping and as gently as possible.
  • If you get close, you should try to take the animal. To do this, the hand must be brought smoothly from the side, and not from above. You should take the animal firmly, but gently.

A bath towel comes in handy when catching a rabbit

A bath towel will also contribute to the capture, with which you can try to cover the rodent, picking up the moment.

In cases where the rabbit is not visible, you should examine all the smallest cracks in the house, accumulations of papers, clothes, cabinets. Most often, in case of danger, such animals hide in secluded places and calmly wait it out. Therefore, a thorough examination will quickly identify the baby.

Also, in order to simplify the possible process of capturing, it is necessary from the first days of the pet’s stay with the new owner to teach him to go to the owner’s voice.

How to catch a rabbit in the garden

Rabbits are extremely shy animals. This character trait is inherent in their genetics. And if the pet has escaped, then it will be extremely difficult to catch it. The task is even more complicated when the owners of such a fugitive have their own private house with a backyard territory. In this case, catching a rabbit in the garden or in the garden for an inexperienced owner can be a completely overwhelming task. What can we say about the capture of wild representatives of the family, accidentally lost in the territory.

Rabbit in the garden

How to catch a rabbit in a vegetable garden or garden?

The situation is different if you need to catch a wild rabbit in the garden, which has been gnawing trees and shrubs for a long time. To do this as efficiently as possible and without harm to the rodent, you must adhere to the following rules:

Catching wild rabbits

It should be noted that in the process of catching wild rabbits, one cannot do without a well-made trap. Of the simplest options in this regard, snares and a wolf’s pit are used.

Wild rabbit hunting

The standard snare is made from strong brass wire. In the lower part, it is folded into a tightening loop, and the upper one is tied to the trunk of a tree or a powerful branch. The following points are taken into account:

  • The loop must be placed in natural arches (driftwood, young trees with branches, crossing the trunks of large shrubs) located on rabbit paths.
  • If there are no natural arches, you can carefully prune the branches of an ordinary tree by making such an obstacle yourself. To install the force, it is enough to cut 30 cm.
  • The loop should be 10-15 cm above the ground.
  • On the sides of the trail, it is better to carefully put some branches in order to exclude the possibility of bypassing the side.

Making another rabbit trap with your own hands is even easier. The wolf’s pit is done as follows:

  • In places of increased activity of animals or on pronounced paths, they dig a hole 0.5 m deep and with the same width (for reliability, it can be deepened).
  • On top of the recess, several branches are installed with a length slightly exceeding the width of the pit.
  • Twigs are laid across the branches. It is necessary to take only small branches.
  • The third layer is laid out with fallen leaves and dirt. In this case, it is necessary to strive for the most naturalness of such a disguise.
  • The bait allows you to increase the efficiency of the trap. It is placed on brushwood exactly in the center of the recess. Use carrots, vegetables, or corn cobs as bait.

Catching a pet or wild rabbits takes some skill. But in any case, these points will significantly increase the chances of success. over, the skills of catching wild rabbits can also come in handy if home breeding of such animals is planned. Today this is a rather profitable direction of animal husbandry.

How to catch a rabbit in the garden

If it is quite difficult to catch a rabbit in the house, it is even more difficult in the garden, where he has many escape routes. This is especially true for animals kept in cages on the territory, which may well accidentally jump out of there. Sometimes it happens that you can lose sight of them for a while, so all actions should be performed in the following sequence:

  • Assess the situation and determine the place of shelter of the eared fugitive (this can be bushes or dense thickets of a vegetable garden, for example, corn).
  • In places where a large number of tracks accumulate, place traps, the trigger of which will be as close to the door as possible (this will allow you to slam the cage as soon as the animal gets inside).
  • You can bring the rabbit to the set trap with the help of food, which needs to be spread out in the place where the largest number of left traces accumulate (of course, you need to pour treats into the cage itself).

You can check the trap 1-2 times a day, and during this time you usually manage to catch a domestic fugitive. If we are talking about wild animals, it will take more time to catch in this way; if the trap remains empty for a week, then you will have to move it to another place. Caught wild animals are taken away, where they cannot harm the crops and trees.

With a snare

To get the most out of your snare, it is important to consider several factors:

  • It is advisable to find in advance a place with a natural arch or a short manhole located on a rabbit path (a little later a snare will be hooked on it);
  • If it was not possible to find such a restriction, you will have to create an artificial obstacle, for the role of which a large branch or a young tree is perfect, which helps to form an arch (the main thing is to make sure that the selected element is heavy enough to hold the caught animal and has long branches).

Further actions:

  • Place the chosen snag in the path of the standard eared movement so that the trunk goes directly over the center of the path (small twigs and branches on the sides will force the animal to go in the center).
  • Stick small twigs into the soil, on both sides of the trap, to prevent the animal from slipping past.
  • Tie a small loop at one end of the brass or copper wire, and then thread the free end through it to create a kind of lasso.
  • Attach the upper, threaded part of the wire to the selected snag by wrapping it several times around a strong knot and securing it with a simple knot so that it does not slip.
  • It is useful to place a few branches under the loop of the wire so that the animal cannot slip below.

Amazing Fast Rabbit Trap

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Wild rabbit catching methods

Unlike domestic and decorative ones, wild rabbits generally prefer not to approach humans, so it is extremely difficult to catch them. Best suited for these purposes:

  • Snare,
  • Wolf pits,
  • Self-collapsing cells.

Let’s consider each of the capture options more closely. Rabbit snare

Catching rabbits in various conditions: how to make traps with your own hands

Rabbits are very nimble and frisky animals, albeit not as fast as their close relatives hares. That is why catching an escaped animal is not an easy task, especially if it escaped to an open area: to a garden or vegetable garden. How to return a fugitive, and what methods of capture can be undertaken. this will be discussed further.

How to catch an escaped pet rabbit

Often, even socialized pets, smelling the smell of freedom, can run away from the owner, refusing to go into the cage. over, many of them will run away from the owner, as soon as they get closer. For the operation to capture the fugitive to be successful, it is important to accurately recognize all the features of the eared eared behavior that signal his intentions. These signals, first of all, include the following:

  • Knocking on the floor with its hind legs. the rabbit is ready to jump off the spot and run at any time;
  • Stand on its hind legs and pointed ears. the animal listens, it is interested in something;
  • Pressing tightly to the surface. the animal is very scared, especially if it heard unfamiliar loud sounds.

The rabbit stands on its hind legs and has its ears pointed. One of the escape signals from the owner Of all the listed behavioral features, the last one is the most favorable for capture, because sometimes the fear is so strong that it literally paralyzes your pet, immobilizing it for a time sufficient to grab it.

It is good if the owner trains the pet in advance to respond to his call. In this case, there will be no difficulties in catching, you just have to call your pet and offer him a delicious treat. For this, the animals willingly leave the playground and return to the cage.

The situation can be complicated by the imperceptible escape of the pet, when the owner simply did not have time to notice where he went. In this case, first you need to inspect all nearby cracks and secluded places, especially in the area where he was last seen. Having approached the animal as close as possible, it remains only to gently, without unnecessary movements, grab it by the skin and carry it to the cage. If the searches were unsuccessful, you can leave a self-closing cage in the room with the rabbit’s favorite treat inside: he will definitely climb into it as soon as he gets hungry.

Wolf pits

The organization of wolf pits is another effective solution to the problem of catching wild rabbits, but they must be properly equipped. This process is simple, but requires the sequential execution of a number of actions, taking into account certain nuances.

In general, the scheme for arranging a wolf pit in this case looks like this:

  • In the middle of the rabbit trail, dig a depression roughly the size of the rabbit itself (the length and width of such a pit should be more than 0.5 meters, and the depth. 1 meter or slightly more).
  • Select some thin branches, slightly longer than the width of the dug hole (they should stick to the surface, but not support the weight of the animal) and spread them across the trap.
  • Lay small brushwood across the branches, keeping the structure of 3-4 branches crosswise, with the addition of small brushwood.
  • Gently scatter fallen leaves on top of the resulting structure. so as to completely hide the trap.
  • In addition to the foliage, gently sprinkle the branches with the dirt collected from the area so that the hole does not look fresh.
  • You can place the bait on the surface of the pit at your discretion (preferably as close to the center as possible), choosing for these purposes carrots, corn or any other vegetables.
  • The trap site can be marked with some kind of bright matter so that you can easily find it with regular checks.

Amazing rabbit catch

Using the box

Catching rabbits with a cardboard box is not the most reliable, but the most affordable option, requiring minimal effort from the hunter. In this case, the whole process will look like this:

  • Find a cardboard box that is no more than 1 meter wide and cut out the bottom.
  • Find a relatively light branch, about 120 cm long, and tie one end of it to a nearby stump or other ledge.
  • Make two holes in the box, pass a string through them and tie the ends together.
  • In the middle of the branch that will hold the box, tie a sewing thread about 4 cm long and connect it to the string, hanging the box at a height of about 1 m.
  • Punch two more holes at the top of the box.
  • Pass a rope through them, then tie one end of it to the middle of the rope, forming a loop. The other should hang down 10 cm.
  • Tie a large carrot to it. As soon as the animal jumps up and grabs the food, pulling it and the box down, a thin sewing thread will break, and it will be under the box.

Using the cage

The cage you will need consists of mesh walls, a gate, a lowering mechanism, and rollers with which it is triggered. All you need to do is place the trap in a suitable place (it is possible in the area with the greatest number of animal tracks) and, putting the bait inside, wait for the rabbit to go inside (from its weight the door will shut).

As in the previous versions, a variety of vegetables and a loaf will serve as a good bait, which must be laid clearly in the center of the trap mechanism, otherwise the animal will simply take the bait and run away.

It will not be difficult to assemble such a trap, because in addition to the purchased design, there are always clear instructions, and the user only has to check the serviceability of the mechanism. It is advisable to approach the spaced cages at least once a day, and as soon as you find the animal, it will be possible to transport it to another place in order to release it away from your property. This method of fishing is rightfully considered the most humane of all the ones presented, since the animal is not injured in any way, and the food left behind is quite enough for the entire stay inside (between checks during the day).

Useful Tips

In order for your attempts to catch the animal to be crowned with success, in any of the cases under consideration, it is important to remember a few basic rules:

  • Always approach the animal very slowly and quietly, without unnecessary movements.
  • When organizing the bait, try not to take food with your bare hands, because if the animal senses a well-expressed human smell, it may simply not approach the trap. The same applies to unnecessary cage adjustment.
  • If a pet has escaped from you, it is better to organize trapping pens to catch it, choosing places fenced off from several sides or using fences from bird cages.
  • In extreme cases, if you can’t catch the animal yourself, you can turn to professionals who have the appropriate tool for help.

In addition, there are several separate guidelines for those trying to catch a wild animal. For example, if you are going to cook caught prey, all cutting manipulations should be carried out only with gloves, avoiding contact with the blood and organs of the rabbit (especially if there are abrasions and wounds on the hands).

In general, almost any improvised means, including sheets and cardboard boxes, are suitable for catching eared ones. Nevertheless. if you want to save the life of the animal, it is better to do everything carefully and not to frighten him, relying on cunning, and not on brute force.