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How to choose a tape measure for a dog by weight

Selection recommendations:

Naturally, when choosing a leash for a dog, they are guided by the size of their pet. Roulettes are presented in options depending on the weight of the animal for which they are designed.

Accordingly, standard sizes are distinguished, indicated by the following markings:

How to Use a Weigh Tape!

  • Giant. for large individuals reaching 60 kg or more;
  • Larg. for large breeds. 25-50 kg;
  • Medium. for medium-sized animals. 10-25 kg;
  • Small. for small dogs. up to 10 kg;
  • Mini. for the smallest and dwarf pets.

In addition, the roulette leash can be subdivided into series depending on comfort, style and price:

  • “Comfort”. standard series, affordable price. up to 600 rubles;
  • “Design”. comfortable, colorful. up to 700 rubles;
  • “Lady”. for women and their favorites, bright colors, design. up to 1300 rubles;
  • “Gentleman”. for male pets, restrained style. up to 1300 rubles;
  • “Glamor”. exclusive, decorated with rhinestones, handmade. up to 7 thousand rubles;
  • “Luxury”. exclusive, noble handmade leather. up to 10 thousand rubles;

Do not forget to consider the desired length of the leash when buying. In the proposed variants, it is: 3, 5, 8 and 10 m. It is desirable that the roulette leash has a certain margin of safety. With a dog weighing more than 20 kg, it is better to purchase a product designed for a 30-kg dog. Obviously this will extend the life of your purchase.

The choice of quality is the choice of durability, so consider choosing a leash in a metal case for a small dog. The rubberized handle of the roulette is especially comfortable in the palm of your hand. A similar option is common on products from Flexi. Knowledgeable dog breeders recommend choosing a 5-meter leash-tape length.

A 3-meter field may not have a lot of freedom for your pet, but an 8-10 meter length will be uncomfortable for you. A long cable is good outside the city or in the park, but in populated areas it is even dangerous. There is always a car, a cyclist or just a running person from which you will have to save your pet and the leash.

It is necessary to adapt to the roulette wheel and after the usual leash it is quite difficult to handle it. Roulettes with tape are not very convenient, since during the twisting, the tape often bends and cannot enter the hole. The most comfortable tape measure with cable and leash.

Design and principle of operation

Roulette leashes can be divided into three types of design solutions:

  • cable. a round nylon cord is used;
  • tape. flat nylon tape;
  • combined. a cord or tape, passing into a segment of a leash, a more powerful flat section and equipped with a carabiner for a dog’s collar. The tape part of the leash is not pulled into the tape measure.

Regardless of the manufacturer, the design of the roulette leash remains fundamentally unchanged. It consists of a plastic case with a spring-loaded device. The opening of the rotating reel is filled with a nylon cord or tape of the same quality. The larger the diameter of the roulette wheel, the longer the leash it can accommodate. When the dog is removed from the owner, the cable is unwound, when it returns, the spring-loaded reel winds it again.

The tape measure is equipped with a reel brake button. By pressing your thumb, you can stop its rotation. By removing your finger, you return freedom to the device. For long-term fixation of the leash, a locking button is provided that does not require finger holding. Some manufacturers equip their roulette leashes with a double action key. It is enough to move it to the extreme. fixing position.

In case the dog jerks the handle of the device out of your palm, there is a safety loop that can be worn on the wrist. If necessary, it also allows you to have two free hands.


A German manufacturer identified with quality products. However, its automatic roulette leashes are one of the expensive ones. They are considered new to the market for the proposed options. Design is not denied in innovation, materials. in quality, and execution. in the clarity of the German fit.

Ergonomic enough for comfortable hand holding. Easily transforms into a compact version before stowing in a bag. The leash itself is made in the form of a synthetic tape, breaking off of which is possible only with the help of a long “work” of the dog’s teeth.

Expert tips when buying:

  • When purchasing a Flexi leash for a puppy, do not try to save money and choose an option taking into account the future size of the dog. The manifestation of not entirely humane qualities in relation to a beloved animal will not bring satisfaction to either you or your pet.
  • Check the collar carabiner connections for tightness. Pull it sharply and load it with your hands as much as you can. Having a large and heavy dog, one can assume what loads each attribute of roulette will have to experience, and therefore it is better to play it safe.
  • Test the keys. Smoothness of pressing, absence of backlash and extraneous sounds such as rattling and squeaks. indicators of poor-quality assembly. It is recommended to have a safety loop on the handle of the tape measure.

How well you make a purchase, time will tell and your pet. However, any experience with advanced products from Flexi and other manufacturers will not be overkill. And after reading the above information, you will save time and money.


In addition to German and Austrian clients, the direction of Great Britain and France is served. A wide range of products are exported to 60 countries around the world. The designers and experts of the company are in constant search, cooperating with the Flexi company.


Belgian manufacturer, which has established itself as very “expensive”. However, we must pay tribute to the quality of his products. As elsewhere, sometimes a small marriage comes across, but this is extremely rare.

Device functions

The offered variants of roulette leashes from various manufacturers, including the tape measure of the most popular Flexi company, have an extended range of functions.

The usual leash of an actively walking dog loses to roulette in at least the following possibilities:

  • The rope or tape of the tape measure is constantly in a state of light tension, without sagging or getting tangled in the dog’s paws. This, at least, does not allow him to get dirty in the mud and gives the animal the freedom of comfortable movement, which does not require the owner to hastily unwind the leash.
  • All manufacturers, including Flexi, have equipped their products with the function of a short-term stop of a synthetic rope or the same tape pulled from a tape measure. Braking is carried out by pressing the thumb on the convenient key located under it. The owner of the dog, if necessary, can instantly stop the movement of the animal in an unwanted direction. And, retargeting the pet, immediately give freedom by releasing the brake.
  • If the owner of the dog wants to keep it close to him, he uses the long-term locking function of the tape measure. It is enough, having called the animal, fix the brake button, which keeps the cable from unwinding, and the pet will remain at your leg, as long as a short leash will provide. The locking mechanism is well thought out, and the tape from the Flexi manufacturer never fails.
  • Dog breeders will prefer to pick whichever is best. The Flexi version of the roulette wheel has a dog return lock function. All manufacturers’ products have this capability. To use it, just move the stop key down.

In several steps, bringing the animal closer to you and choosing the optimal distance of the dog from the “next” position, you can continue the walk. On some versions of roulette from different manufacturers, this function is served by a separate key.


A manufacturer that produces a wide range of roulette leashes, just like Flexi. However, in our market it has established itself as a powerful product for large dogs. If your pet reaches a weight of 50 kg or more, then it is better to test the Ferplast leash on it.

The tape measure has a length of 8-10 m and is designed for a dog’s weight up to 60 kg. If you doubt the quality advantage of Ferplast, say, over a product from Flexi, then the price difference should decide the result of the choice. It remains to add that the for Ferplast leashes are far from democratic.

Choosing a dog leash

About dog leashes

The leash is the most important and necessary item for the safe life of the dog and owner. This is the kind of thing that can save your dog’s life. The choice of a leash must be taken very seriously. After all, you love your dog?

We will analyze all the options for leashes in turn

Disadvantages of roulettes. Roulettes are not suitable for training, it is very difficult to use the roulettes to somehow control the dog. On the roulette, the dog learns to pull, which greatly slows down the dog’s training process Often roulettes are very unreliable. they jam at the wrong time, or they simply break If you need to quickly pull the dog towards you, then your hands can be badly hurt, and it will not work out quickly (the cable is uncomfortable and slippery). the cable easily gets tangled in a bush or tree, you will be tormented to untangle;. it is very painful to cut yourself if you grab the cable at the moment of twisting.

And now the pluses of roulettes Roulettes are convenient for walking during heat.

choose, tape, measure, weight

If the dog is still poorly trained to approach the owner at the command of roulette. salvation.

How to choose a good tape measure: 1. A well-known company, high-quality, imported. from Ferplast, Flexi 2. Tape measures are selected by weight, so take it with a margin, if your dog weighs 20 kg take a tape measure for dogs up to 30 kg. 3. There are cable and tape roulettes. The cables cut your hands severely if you grab it while pulling in or try to pull the dog towards you. Better tape. they are more reliable, withstand more weight, but they have a drawback. active and “NON-SEAT” dogs twist the tape, and it is difficult to return it to the body of the leash.

There are rebelays and ordinary ones. A peretezh is a leash that has two carabiners and several rings along its entire length, and at the request of the owner it can become both longer and shorter. Very convenient for those who have two dogs, as well as for training. Usually made from good synthetics or leather. As a disadvantage. a decent price. When buying, pay attention: 1. It is imperative to check whether the rings are welded or not, because a non-welded ring will quickly unfold if the dog jerks. 2. Are all attachment points of rings and carabiners stitched 3. Quickly run your hand along the leash, as if it slips out of your hand, and take into account whether it burns your hands badly. What is a regular leash? Regular leashes are those that have one carabiner, and at the other end of the leash. a handle.They can be leather, canvas, synthetic, chain. Let’s take a look at all the pros and cons

Disadvantages The most uncomfortable leash Firstly. very often, or rather almost always, the links are not welded, and any average dog tears it up with ease And if it is next to the road. And more than all other leashes, it injures the owner’s hands during a jerk Heavy for the dog. There is a shock absorber on the handle, which reduces the load on the chain when the dog jerks hard. (But for training this is inappropriate, because all the mechanical effect on the dog (pulling, jerking) disappears, and the upbringing of the dog will be difficult Plus I found only one. If the dog loves to pamper and gnaws at the leash with his teeth, then you can easily wean from this by acquiring chain. To grab it with your teeth is not so pleasant, and the dog will quickly wean from this bad habit. How to choose 1. Check the welded links 2. Make sure that the handle is reliable, synthetic is better, the leather often breaks quickly. 3. Make sure that the carabiner is reliable.

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Most Popular. Let’s consider their pros and cons. Not expensive Comfortable Ideal for training as it does not stretch. Strong And now the cons

When buying: 1. The most vulnerable leash is the attachment of the carabiner and the loop for holding, especially if rivets are used. They quickly rust, come out of standing and fly out at the worst possible moment. It is better if a piece of leather is inserted, and there are rivets on it, ideally. the leash is stitched. We usually refer to shoemakers, and they sew the leash along the perimeter of the attachment point and along the diagonals. 2.When buying, pay attention to the width. the optimal width is about twenty millimeters (2 cm). Conclusion. Suitable for training, but watch out for reliable fasteners.

Beautiful, elegant Serve for a long time Do not deteriorate Serve 2-3 years stretching is a huge drawback during training, as it softens the jerk with a leash, and there is no desired effect on the dog The skin absorbs moisture and when wet the leash stretches, becomes heavy and unpleasant to the touch, loses its appearance and respectability. And after it dries up, the leash loses its flexibility, becomes rough to the touch, cracks, which greatly affects the strength of the leash. As a conclusion, these leashes are not suitable for training, as they are not flexible enough, they cushion the jerk, and for a walk they are an excellent choice.

When buying: 1. The best leashes are made from thick, durable leather. 2.For large dogs, leashes made of 2-3 layers of leather are needed. 3. Assess the reliability of the carbine. But for a walking leash. a wonderful and beautiful option.

Comfortable, lightweight, and have the same advantages as tarpaulin. In my opinion, these are the most convenient and practical for training and walking. The only drawback is that quality leads are quite expensive. At the time of buying…. 1. Do not buy a hard synthetic leash, it cuts and burns your hands. 2. Check that the leash is stitched and the carabiner is reliable.

To summarize. for training, synthetic and tarpaulin leashes are ideal, with a big stretch of leather, and all of the above is suitable for walking, and in some cases a tape measure.

How to choose a roulette leash?

Not very experienced dog owners, when choosing a leash, are guided by its design. However, this approach is fundamentally wrong: an incorrectly selected leash can cause a lot of problems not only for the dog, but also for its owner. How not to make the wrong choice?

How to choose a leash?

The most important rule of thumb when choosing a roulette leash is: always leave a margin! For example, if your dog weighs 10 kg, use a 15 kg leash. It will allow you to restrain the pet and at the same time will not tear if he suddenly decides to chase the cat.

In addition, it is advisable not to skimp on the leash. Inexpensive models usually do not have a good quality mechanism, and there is a possibility that it may break soon after purchase. A good dog leash, with proper use, will last more than one year.

Roulette benefits

The roulette leash was invented in Germany several decades ago. Due to its convenience and simplicity, it quickly gained popularity all over the world. The button on the handle of the tape measure allows you to adjust and fix its length. This is a great option for walking with your pet in urban environments.

Firstly, the dog feels free. it can run away from the owner without any problems and come back when it wants. Secondly, such a leash provides control over the pet, practically without restricting it in movement.

Finally, with proper adjustment, it does not sag or get dirty, which means it will last long enough.

Types of roulette leashes

Almost all manufacturers of leashes offer several sizes to choose from: from the smallest. XS, designed for pets weighing no more than 10 kg, to large. L, which are suitable for dogs weighing 50 kg.

In addition, the leashes differ in the type of belt: there are cable and tape models. The cable tape measure is suitable for small dogs. The tape is more robust and is ideal for medium-sized dogs and large breeds, as well as for particularly active pets.

Some tape measures come with a safety loop. a cord with two rings. It is designed to insure the structure from sudden damage: if the leash suddenly breaks, the safety loop will hold the dog.

How to use a roulette leash?

The roulette leash is only suitable for adult dogs who know and follow the command “Around”. Otherwise, there is a high likelihood of dangerous situations when the dog will try to rip off the strap.

You shouldn’t play with the roulette wheel, spin it on your finger or pinch it under your arm. Always grip the handle firmly. Thus, in case of unforeseen circumstances, you can quickly and clearly respond to the situation.

In urban conditions, try not to let the dog go to the maximum length of the strap. This can be dangerous, especially near the carriageway.

Also, do not give your child a roulette leash: its handle is not designed for a small child’s hand. over, if the baby is frightened, he can involuntarily grab a rope or tape with his hand, but this cannot be done. it is so easy to damage the palm.

Roulettes from well-known manufacturers are always accompanied by instructions for their use. Do not ignore these recommendations to avoid dangerous situations.

When choosing a leash, be careful: you should take into account not only the style, but also the type of construction, its size. It is important to follow the rules of using the tape measure and periodically clean it.

Leashes for walking several dogs (folds)

A distinctive feature is several carbines (the number may vary). This type is often used at exhibitions. When buying a bundle, you need to understand that dogs take time to get used to it.

Leashes for walking and training

It has the most standard appearance: a tape with a carabiner at one end, a loop at the other. The length is mainly from 2 to 5 meters (there are also 15 meter leads). Crafted from leather, nylon or tarpaulin.

Leather looks stylish, but the material is expensive, and there are few pluses. The skin is quite heavy, easily deformed and cracked. Nylon and tarp have similar qualities, but nylon is less durable and is therefore less commonly used on larger, stronger dogs. Tarpaulin is a common material for a walking leash. It is durable (even a dog finds it difficult to gnaw through it) and does not slip in the hand, and the tarp is easy to wash.


You have to constantly lengthen and shorten by hand, otherwise it will drag along the ground and dirt; Long leashes easily get tangled, including around the paws of a pet.


Relatively high cost; Not suitable for hyperactive dogs; The pet gets used to pulling while walking; Do not let the dog chew on the leash, even if it is tape. tape measures do not have sufficient strength; If the tape is used constantly, then the tape may begin to bend, that is, it will have to be constantly corrected; Over time, the tape starts to jam, especially when the animal is actively pulling and pulling it; If dirt gets inside the tape, it gets jammed.

Roulette leashes

They are convenient for walking a pet in the city, therefore they are very popular. The tape measures are divided according to the weight of the dog, depending on the strength of the jerk. The length of the leash is mainly from 3 to 10 meters.

There are two types of leash: cable and tape. Tether is cheaper, but only suitable for small dogs. It is dangerous to handle the rope. Belt is more expensive, but safer and more durable than cable.


For a full-fledged walk, the pork is not suitable due to the limited movement of animals; During the first use, you need to carefully observe the behavior of the dogs: the inconveniences that arise can cause aggression.

Leashes. walkers

This unusual type of leash allows you to keep your dog close. The walker looks like a loop to which a carabiner is attached. Consider that the dog must be well-mannered and calm to behave adequately on it.

When changing from a regular leash to such a leash, the dog feels insecure, so it is better to familiarize him with it in advance.


The tape itself fixes the length, so the tape does not get tangled on the dog’s paws and does not get dirty; A pet can calmly run in the direction he needs, and the owner does not have to constantly cut and release the leash; The presence of a special button that blocks the retraction of the tape; Takes up little space; Comfortable to hold in hand.

Product device

Inside the collapsible body, consisting of two halves, there is a drum on which a leash is wound. In the center of the drum there is a spring in the form of a tape, which is compressed when the leash is unrolled and unclenched when the leash is unwound. The durability of the mechanism, as a rule, is determined by the quality and reliability of the tape spring.

Another question that often arises: how to choose the right roulette?

Leash-tape measure for large dogs with cable manufacturer Triol-Flexi

How to choose a roulette leash

She is chosen according to several parameters. The first and most important criterion is the weight of the dog. There is no way to make a mistake, since the efficiency of the purchased product depends on it.

All tape measures are divided according to the weight of the animal into the following categories:

Flexi Leash Category Dog size and weight
XS For small dogs and cats up to 8 kg
S For small breeds up to 15 kg
M For medium-sized breeds up to 20 kg
L For large breeds up to 50 kg
XL For huge dogs up to 70 kg

These are typical classes of roulette leashes, typical of Flexi in particular. For other manufacturers, the classification may be slightly different. For example, there is a gradation into groups. up to 10, 15, 50, 60, 80 kg.

If the weight of the animal approaches the limit of application of the category, for example, 14 kg, then the tape measure should be chosen from the next column. M (up to 20 kg). This is especially important if the four-legged friend is a male or a young individual, since they are more active, aggressive and disobedient than girls and old people. Under heavy loads, the device may not withstand.

Note! If the pet is still a puppy, then you should not purchase the product for the future. Firstly, the service life of a roulette wheel is about a year, and such a prospect is doubtful. Secondly, the elastic leash is difficult to unwind, and it will be unpleasant for the puppy to walk.

The second important parameter is the leash length. Basically, devices are produced with a cable or tape in lengths of 3, 5 and 8 m. It is clear that three-meter tape measures are suitable only for very small breeds. Even dogs weighing up to 15 kg try to run away to the maximum length. So it’s better to get a device with a leash up to 8 m if your four-legged friend is not quite a baby. On such a leash, he can even run a little.

How to Measure a Dog for a Harness: Get a Proper Fit!

Another important point is the type of roulette leash. What to choose: tape or cable tape measure?

Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages, in addition, much depends on the weight of the animal and the nature of its behavior.

Flexi cable tape leash

The roulette leash with a cable is bought mainly by owners of small and medium-sized breeds. The rope is less durable than the tape, and it will not work for a large dog, since he can easily break the leash and get loose.

However, tape roulette has considerable drawbacks: the tape is often twisted, and, accordingly, problems may arise when collecting it; when walking, it often gets dirty and wet, and this does not prolong the life of the mechanism in any way.

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There are also disadvantages of a product with a cable: lower strength than a tape; the rope is more dangerous in the sense that a four-legged friend can get entangled in it, and then injuries are possible during a jerk; it is less visible, especially in the dark, which means that it can catch on. Nevertheless, such a product lasts longer, is less capricious to the surrounding conditions, and if you watch the dog, then it is preferable to a mechanism with a belt. But only for small to medium sized breeds.

Important! Roulette for large dogs should be tape type!

  • body and handle of the product. The hand of the person leading the animal should feel comfortable, not slip. It is desirable that the handle of the tape measure be rubberized. Typically, Flexi makes just such a comfortable device, which has received the most widespread use. Other manufacturers are not always concerned about this. From this, there are even cases of injury among people walking dogs, when, when a large animal jerks, an angular tape measure injures the hand. Therefore, when choosing a product, it is worth taking it by the handle, assessing the capabilities and safety;
  • roulette body color. An insignificant factor, but if there is a possibility, why not choose the right combination for your pet;
  • reliability. As already mentioned in the article, the reliability of the mechanism is determined mainly by the durability of the spring. If we analyze the experience of many people they the Web, then the Flexi leashes of German origin and Triol-Flexi of Russian-German origin are considered the most durable. They usually last for about a year.

Note! There is information from consumers about Ferplast products that they serve a much shorter period. from 2 weeks to several months.

Of course, all of these products have their drawbacks, even the Flexi tape measure. People on the websites write that the firm’s “old line of devices” is not satisfactory, but the “new line” is not without problems. Among the “old” products on the Internet, especially the Comfort Long 2 and Flexi Compact 2 models are praised. In the “new line” I especially do not like the use of a plastic lock when the cable passes into a short tape at the end of the leash. Such a lock can break when jerking. In addition, cases of freezing of products in the cold have been recorded. In this sense, the Triol-Flexi devices are perhaps even more reliable, although the handle of the case is without any traces of rubber.

The vary depending on the manufacturer, supplier and roulette class. If the price of these products is expressed in international terms, then it is approximately in the range of 10-30 dollars. You can easily find relevant offers on the Internet. When considering the price, it is important to remember that an inexpensive and little-known device, as a rule, will last less, and this is a loss of money.

Another point to pay attention to is the use of dog collars or harnesses on leash tape.

Four-legged friend likes harness better

Why is a dog tape leash convenient?

For those owners of four-legged pets who have already used this wonderful device, the question of which is better. a regular leash or a roulette leash. is not even worth it. Of course the second option.

If in a sparsely populated area the animal can be taken out into the field and released from the leash to run, then in urban conditions it is fraught with unpleasant incidents. For example, if a dog grapples with a stray dog ​​pack or runs up to an old woman in order to get to know each other, as a result, everyone is stressed (the owner of the animal in the first place).

Roulette for walking dogs avoids many of these problems. Using a button on the body, you can adjust the length of the leash and, with its sufficient length, release the dog further.

For your information! Many four-legged friends have a certain scrupulousness in choosing a place for their toilet and do not like it when someone is at a close distance. Dog tape measure solves this problem.

In addition, in the event of the appearance of cars, bicycles and strangers (especially children or women with strollers), you can quickly rewind the leash, limiting the movement of the animal.

The roulette leash, as a device, raises questions. And the first of them: how it works?

Dog tape leash for walking large breeds

For every dog ​​owner, one of the most painful issues is the quality and convenience of the tape leash. This device is worth a lot, and the period of validity is often lower than advertised by the manufacturer. Below, everything is told about them.

Which is better. a collar or harness

Although it is more convenient to put on a dog collar for a pet, a harness is safer for an animal. A harness is a belt device that is worn on the body of the dog in the chest area through the front legs.

The collar is dangerous for the pet’s cervical vertebrae when the animal makes sudden jerks on the leash. In addition, in a harness, the dog feels more freely and breathes.

Note! However, many owners of large breeds admit that sometimes they can keep their four-legged friend only thanks to a choke collar.

Measuring and Weighing Technique

Each owner of the dog decides this question independently, the main thing to remember is the safety of the people around and the health of the pets.

And in conclusion, just a couple of words about safety:

  • The tape leash can only be used if the person walking the dog is walking, and not riding, for example, on a bicycle, roller skates or other mechanisms. Otherwise, the leash can catch on, get entangled with subsequent troubles;
  • the tape measure must be held firmly with the whole hand so that when jerking it does not jump out of the hands and accidentally injure anyone;
  • you cannot grab the rope or tape with your hands when the dog is on a leash, this can lead to trouble with an unexpected jerk;
  • do not trust a roulette leash for very young children, they may not cope with it, especially if the dog is large.

The health and happiness of a four-legged friend depends not only on good food and affection given to him in the family, but also on the ability to move freely. In urban environments, a roulette leash is a good option. But sometimes you need to find time to take the dog to a deserted place and just let it run. And a joyful pet will infect people close to him with his optimism.

Pros and cons

The advantages of roulette are obvious. Unlike a regular leash, it does not get tangled or dragged along the ground, so it does not need to be washed. The device is equipped with a comfortable handle that is easy to hold with one hand.

Such a leash allows you to let your pet go as far as possible and at the same time control its behavior. For a dog, a tape measure is very convenient in terms of minimal pressure and tension, which creates the illusion of freedom. The animal quickly gets used to the device and stops noticing the cable.

The roulette leash has certain disadvantages. First of all, the use of a tape measure affects the behavior of the dog. The pet learns to pull the leash, independently determines the distance from the owner. It will be difficult to return it to itself, because the dog will think that it can walk on its own without the participation of the owner.

Such a leash is not suitable for training a puppy: the owner cannot reinforce the command “Near” with a good jerk towards himself, and the click of the latch will simply not be perceived by the dog. You will have to hold the dog with only one hand, which is not easy at all.

From the sudden movement of large breed dogs, the plastic case can easily fly apart. If the owner drops the tape measure, the animal will get scared and rush to run, and the plastic case will rumble behind him and frighten even more.

A significant disadvantage of the dog tape measure is the risk of injury. Attempting to hold the dog by grabbing the strap or cable can result in a serious cut or burn. If a dog plays with other dogs on such a leash, his playmates can also get injured.

Constantly being on a taut leash is detrimental to the health of the dog itself. The cervical vertebrae and the muscles of the neck are especially affected, possibly a pinched throat. To avoid such troubles, it is worth attaching the leash to the harness.

Dog Tape Leash: How to Choose and Use?

Today many dog ​​owners prefer to walk their pets on a roulette leash. A simple device, aesthetic design, the ability not to pull the leash, but to fix it by pressing a button. it has a lot of advantages. However, even this option for walking has certain nuances, which an inexperienced dog owner may not know about.

What happens?

There are two types of roulette leashes. Rope (or cord) is a device consisting of a thin nylon cord of a circular cross-section. There is a carabiner at one end, a plastic handle at the other.

A tape is attached to the tape leash (a wide strong tape or belt). This option is less practical, since the tape can curl or get tangled while walking and you will have to spend time untangling.

If the pet climbs into the bushes, you first need to unravel the tape from the branches, and then go with it to another place.

There are combined options, which consist of a thin cable, on one end of which there is a plastic handle, and on the other end of a wide webbing with an attached carabiner. The tape is not drawn into the tape measure.

All other differences between these devices relate to the countries of manufacture and the length of the leash. For example, leashes from the Italian company Ferplast are 8 to 10 meters long and are designed for dogs weighing up to 60 kg. This is the best option for walking through the city park.

German manufacturer Vitakraft offers leashes for dogs of different breeds, but the length of the cable does not exceed 3 meters. It is ideal for residents of densely populated areas or for owners of decorative dog breeds.

Another German company. Trixie. produces leashes with a length of 15 meters. Roulette data are acquired when prospecting is required. These products are often chosen by hunters who do not want to lose sight of the dog. The length of the leash allows you to work out commands at a long distance.

The tape measures from these manufacturers are made of durable plastic. The handle and body are completely rubberized for increased durability and better grip. A spring device is mounted inside the body, the opening of the rotating reel is filled with tape or a cord from nylon.

The product is equipped with a reel brake button, the rotation of which can be stopped by lightly pressing the thumb. The locking button will allow you to fix the leash for a long time. A special loop on the wrist prevents the leash from falling. Products from manufacturers are supplied with a warranty card and instructions for use.

How to choose?

When choosing a tape leash, you should proceed from the size of the dog itself. It is no coincidence that manufacturers label their products according to the appropriate standard sizes. So, “Giant” is designed for the biggest dogs weighing more than 60 kg.

“Larg” and “Medium” are intended for dogs of large and medium breeds. 25-50 kg and 10-25 kg, respectively. Finally, “Small” and “Mini” are designed for small and dwarf pets weighing less than 10 kg. If you have to pick up a leash for two dogs, you should pay attention to the double tape measure.

These designs are designed for small dogs and dogs of medium breeds, the weight of which does not exceed 22 kg.

The leashes are only 3 meters long, and the spinning rod and retractable design provide free movement of the dog without the risk of entanglement in ropes or belts.

The plastic body is equipped with two colored buttons, similar to the color of the leash. If you need to pull up a particular pet, just click on the corresponding button. If you need to slow down both dogs, you need to press both brake buttons.

Another important point: the leash for the dog must be with a certain margin of safety. For example, if a pet weighs about 22 kg, you should take a closer look at models designed for 30-kg dogs. Then the tape measure will definitely withstand heavy loads and will last much longer than the model, which exactly corresponds to the weight of a restless four-legged. Immediately before purchasing, you should make sure that all elements of the mechanism are in good working order.

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Smooth pressing of the buttons should provide unwinding and winding of the cable, perform the function of a short and long-term stop, and also fix the given leash length. Extraneous sounds such as rattling or creaking indicate poor assembly of the product.

The entire length of the leash should be viewed to ensure that the cable or tape is of good quality. Then you need to pay attention to the carabiner, which will be attached to the dog collar. It must be a durable, reliable, temperature-resistant device.

It is important that it is equipped with a swivel that prevents twisting of the tape or cable and does not interfere with the movement of the animal. For decorative breeds, a plastic carabiner is quite suitable, and for larger dogs it is better to choose a metal analogue.

What it is?

The leash-tape for dogs is a plastic case equipped with a handle and a latch-lock. Initially, all roulettes were equipped with a button that made it easy to unwind and rewind the cable.

Modern models are equipped with a number of useful functions. For example, the installed button allows you to fix the cable at the same length and will not allow the pet to run out onto the road, chase cats or run up to passers-by.

There is a function of long-term locking of the cable, which is fixed at a certain length for a long time. This is very convenient when you need to release the dog, but not give it complete freedom.

A number of devices are equipped with a braking mechanism: if the animal climbs where it should not, the owner just needs to stretch his hand towards the dog and pull the mechanism.

How to use?

Before you take your pet out into the street on a new leash, you should try out the new thing at home. Depending on the manufacturer, the instructions for using roulette leashes may differ, but in general, the recommendations are similar.

Before use, the device should be assembled exactly according to the instructions.

  • Insert one part of the quick-release connector into the other and close the safety clip. The latter should fit snugly against the connection body.
  • Then you should adjust the handle using a special wheel.
  • After that, the carabiner is fastened. This action is performed when the blocking button is pressed. First, you need to put on a safety loop on the dog’s neck, and then thread the carabiner through it and through the collar.

Then you should take the dog for a walk around the apartment and make sure that it really moves freely, and the cable or tape automatically unwinds and unwinds.

It is worth practicing stopping the animal by pressing the brake button. When the dog runs up to the legs, the blocking should be released so that the leash remains in a taut position.

To bring the dog back, you need to stretch your hand forward, press the brake button with your thumb and pull your hand back. Then the retainer should be released and the hand with the leash should be extended forward again. The leash will reel in automatically, and these steps should be repeated until the dog is at the required distance.

It is worth working out in advance the situation when the dog should be near the leg. To do this, pull the dog to you, press the brake button, and then start the long-term stop mechanism. After such a training, you will become much more confident and you can go for a street walk.

It is important to pay attention to the requirements for the safety of use:

  • check the device for damage before each walk;
  • stop using the leash at the slightest malfunction;
  • do not let the animal play with him;
  • always use a safety loop that will protect you from injury;
  • do not take the rope or tape with your hands and do not allow people or four-legged people to get entangled in it;
  • make sure that the leash is in a taut position;
  • always firmly hold the tape measure by the handle in order to react in time to the unacceptable behavior of the dog;
  • this device is designed only for walking, jogging with a dog on a bicycle is carried out only on a classic leash;
  • do not tie animals to benches, poles and other objects.

The people who are responsible for it can walk the dog on the roulette wheel. Therefore, you should not trust the walking animals on such leashes to inattentive households or small children.

How to fix?

Despite all precautions, the tape measure may need to be repaired. There are often cases when cute pets are torn off the leash on walks, which is why the leash suffers and stops reeling in a reel, or gnaw the cord in a calm home environment.

If the tape is broken, you can repair it yourself without the help of qualified technicians. Its mechanism is very simple, and the set of tools is minimal: a small screwdriver with a diameter similar to the head of a dog’s tape measure bolts, tongs or pliers, a new cord and a lighter.

Regardless of the nature of the damage, the structure will have to be disassembled.

To do this, unscrew and remove the screws, and then squeeze the case and divide it into two halves. But further instructions differ.

If you intend to replace the cord or attach a new carabiner, it is enough to fix the torn end with a plastic plug (or completely replace the cord), and then attach the carabiner.

If the problem is with the mechanism of action, you will have to open the middle of the coil. The convex part is pry off with a screwdriver, then the cover is removed very carefully. All subsequent repair work should be carried out, carefully holding the spring.

Then you should find and remove a piece of the spring bend. After that, the edge of the spring is pry off with tweezers or pliers and is heated over low heat. You can ensure high temperature with a lighter or gas stove.

The edge of the softened spring is bent so that it does not fly out of the center of the coil. It is not recommended to bend cold metal. Firstly, it is very difficult, and secondly, the spring may not withstand mechanical stress.

After the performed manipulations, the coil is closed with a lid, the buttons are set in place, the cord is wound on the reel and the case is tightly closed. The joints are fixed to a characteristic click, and then the bolts are tightened.

The renovation work has been completed. You can test the roulette wheel at home to make sure it is reliable, and then take your moving pet out onto the street again.

Even such a simple device as a tape measure for dogs should be correctly selected, adjusted, followed by the rules of its operation and periodically repaired.

For information on how to choose a roulette leash for dogs, see the following video.

What you need to know when choosing a dog leash

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What you need to know when choosing a dog tape leash

Having a new furry pet in the house always involves some pleasant chores. How to equip a place for a dog, how to feed it, how to bathe, where to walk. these and many other questions concern new dog owners. Today we will try to answer one of the questions, namely, how to choose a suitable roulette leash.

In fact, today there are many types of leashes for walking dogs. tape measure, walker, ring, Sparky and others, each of which solves certain problems.

The tape measure leash is ideal for use in urban areas. It is necessary so that the owner does not have to run next to the dog in the snow or wade through the bushes, leading the animal on a too short leash.

The device of the tape measure is simple: if the dog pulls on the leash, the spring inside the body is pulled under this tension. When the dog approaches the owner again, the spring is compressed and the leash unwinds again. On the plastic case there is a button with which you can change or fix the constant length of the leash.

The leash can be of two types. tape (flat) or cable. When choosing one of these options for your pet, keep the following in mind.

The cable usually moves without difficulty and, in addition, it is less tangled. For a trained and obedient dog, the cable is also more suitable, since after unhooking from the collar, the cable will be pulled into the tape measure without additional efforts.

The ribbon is preferable if a woman or a child will walk with the four-legged friend. The fact is that a rope that winds up too quickly can damage or injure your hands, and even with unexpected strong jerks, the dog will be more painful to hold the rope. Even if the mechanism for some reason suddenly jams, then winding up and shortening the leash-tape will be much easier.

The size of the body should be selected depending on the size of the animal. It is very good if the tape measure is equipped with a swivel. this device helps the carabiner to turn and rotate, preventing the twisted tape or cable from getting tangled. If your dog is a medium or large breed, it will also be useful to check the reliability of the carabiner and the seams on the leash before buying.

The handle of the tape measure should fit your hand and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. If, moreover, the handle is rubberized, it will be easier to hold, which will protect against overstrain of the hand. It is important that the locking button is located in a convenient place so that it can be pressed instantly in case of something. It should also snap off freely, without “jamming”.

All tape leashes are designed for a certain weight of the dog. However, if your pet likes to jerk unexpectedly when it sees another animal, add another ten kilograms to its weight. Then you will be sure of the reliability of the purchased roulette leash and can always keep any situation under control.