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How to choose a tape measure for a dog by weight

Expert tips when buying:

  • When purchasing a Flexi leash for a puppy, do not try to save money and choose an option taking into account the future size of the dog. The manifestation of not entirely humane qualities in relation to a beloved animal will not bring satisfaction to either you or your pet.
  • Check the collar carabiner connections for tightness. Pull it sharply and “load” it with your hands as much as you can. Having a large and heavy dog, one can assume what loads each attribute of roulette will have to experience, and therefore it is better to play it safe.
  • Test the keys. Smoothness of pressing, absence of backlash and extraneous sounds such as rattling and squeaks. indicators of poor-quality assembly. It is recommended to have a safety loop on the handle of the tape measure.

How well you make a purchase, time will tell and your pet. However, any experience with advanced products from Flexi and other manufacturers will not be overkill. And after reading the above information, you will save time and money.

In order for the walk to become as comfortable as possible, you need to choose the right leash.

Walking is the happiest time for a dog. This is a long-awaited communication with the owner and the opportunity to play enough and run over. However, some things can cloud a walk for a dog breeder. In a city, the world around the dog is fraught with many dangers that you can not be afraid of if you follow simple rules.

Sometimes a four-legged friend from an overabundance of emotions becomes uncontrollable, it can be very difficult to restrain his impulses. In order for the walk to become as comfortable and safe as possible, both for humans and for animals, it is necessary to choose the right leash.

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The modern technological roulette leash gives the dog a feeling of freedom, and the owner confidence and control over the pet. The length of the cable allows the pet to move up to 5 meters, and the brake mechanism on the handle. quickly react and stop the dog. The brake button is located on the handle under the thumb, with its help you can pull up or give short commands to the dog. During movement, the leash does not sag, but is in constant light tension, so it stays clean in any weather.

When choosing a roulette leash, as in the rest, you should focus on the individual characteristics of the dog. The determining factors for making a decision are the size, weight and character of the four-legged friend. Due to its technical design, roulette leashes are recommended primarily for small-breed dogs and calm medium-sized dogs.

Most tape leashes are designed for dogs of different weights:
S. 12-15 kg, M. 20-25 kg, L. 50 kg.

There are 2 types of roulette leashes: cable and tape. The rope is suitable for small or calm dogs, the tape is suitable for large and active animals. The belt is stronger, but be careful not to twist it as it can cause it to jam in the mechanism. With the cable, there will be no such worries.

What dogs are not suitable for roulette leashes?

The tape measure should not be the first leash for your puppy. The dog must obey the commands of the owner and have an initial level of training in order to avoid dangerous consequences. A roulette leash can be purchased only if the dog has mastered the command “near”.

In urban environments, tape leashes should be used with extreme caution. Do not let your dog go to the full length of the cable on busy streets and when strangers are crowded. The carriageway, other animals, or a cyclist can cause your pet to jerk violently, which could result in serious injury.

In walks, you must persistently show your role as a host. If the dog feels his initiative, chooses the length of the cable and the direction of movement, he will not be able to correctly assess freedom. An animal that makes decisions on its own and has the right to unlimited movement ceases to recognize its owner as an unconditional leader. This problem is solved by the regular use of commands “near”, “to me”, etc., as well as by training to a regular leash with a fixed length.

The handle of the leash should always be held firmly. If the tape falls out, it starts to roll up and chases the dog with a crash. this will cause fright and panic.

The instructions for all roulette leashes describe in detail the rules of use, they cannot be neglected. If you follow the recommendations, walking your dog will be pleasant, and most importantly, safe.

All products are made from high quality materials, and the internal mechanism with a patented brake system is hand-assembled for exceptional reliability. That is why FLEXI is the company that other manufacturers focus on.

High-quality products of the German developer have now become more affordable. Together with the Russian brand TRIOL. FLEXI has launched a new collection of dog leashes. Forty-five years of experience and high quality materials have allowed us to create a reliable assistant that will last a long time. Like all products, the new roulette leashes feature durable plastic, which is pleasant to hold in your hands, and a patented brake mechanism.

Roulette leashes from the TRIOL by FLEXI collection are suitable for dogs of all breeds, but each model has its own characteristics.

The Standard Soft model features a rubberized handle for increased comfort and grip. Rubber-coated handle reduces the possibility of damage to the case when the product falls on the asphalt and improves ergonomics.

Standard Soft tape leashes are produced in various configurations: with a tape or a cable. Suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

There are 2 colors to choose from: red and blue.

The handle of the Fun Neon model stands out not only for its striking design, but also for the ability to attach the FLEXI multibox for treats or hygiene bags to it. A small container holds everything you need, keeping your hands free. The lid closes securely so things won’t fall out.

Fun Neon roulette leashes are available in various configurations: with tape or cable. Suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

The Color series is a stylish black tape measure with an original handle design. 3 different colorful designs for tailed ladies and gentlemen. Turquoise waves, pink patterns and a bright green face are a great choice for a good mood and summer walks.

Color roulette leashes have a strong cable and are suitable for small dogs up to 20 kg.

The classic model of the Standard roulette leash. There are no fancy bells and whistles in it, only high quality and reliability to provide comfort and confidence. The most economical model in the FLEXI range of roulette leashes. which is not inferior in strength to the rest of the products.

Standard tape leashes have a strong cable and are suitable for active small dogs up to 30 kg and calm dogs up to 50 kg.

There are 2 colors to choose from: red and blue.

All TRIOL by FLEXI roulette leashes meet high quality standards, withstand intense loads and do not break even with strong jerks from large dogs.

All leash models from classic to luminous. as well as address labels. muzzles. harnesses and many more necessary accessories for walking can be found in the section Ammunition.

Dog breeders know that walking a pet is not only a pleasure, but also a certain job. It is necessary to constantly keep the four-legged “tomboy” in sight, in order to pull it up in time and at the same time not to stain the leash on a dusty track or in wet grass. On such walks, a roulette leash for dogs of various sizes and from various manufacturers, such as Flexi, etc., will be the most necessary thing in a dog breeder’s arsenal. Try it and you will be convinced of it.

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In addition to German and Austrian clients, the direction of Great Britain and France is served. A wide range of products are exported to 60 countries around the world. The designers and experts of the company are in constant search, cooperating with the Flexi company.


All the same German manufacturer and the same excellent quality. However, there is one indisputable advantage. a democratic price. This circumstance gave rise to the high popularity of Flexi roulette in the markets of 90 countries. It is not for nothing that Deutsche Standards awarded the company the title of “Mark of the Century” six years ago.

Measuring and Weighing Technique

The only trouble that haunts a well-known brand is the mass of counterfeits thrown onto the market from China and third world countries. When buying a leash for your pet, it is better to overpay, but choose a quality product.


A manufacturer that produces a wide range of roulette leashes, just like Flexi. However, in our market it has established itself as a powerful product for large dogs. If your pet reaches a weight of 50 kg or more, then it is better to test the Ferplast leash on it.

The tape measure has a length of 8-10 m and is designed for a dog’s weight up to 60 kg. If you doubt the quality advantage of Ferplast, say, over a product from Flexi, then the price difference should decide the result of the choice. It remains to add that the for Ferplast leashes are far from democratic.

Device functions

The offered options of leashes-roulette from various manufacturers, including the tape measure of the most popular firm Flexi, have an expanded range of functions.

The usual leash of an actively walking dog loses to roulette in at least the following possibilities:

  • The rope or tape of the tape measure is constantly in a state of light tension, without sagging or getting tangled in the dog’s paws. This, at least, does not allow him to get dirty in the mud and gives the animal the freedom of comfortable movement, which does not require the owner to hastily unwind the leash.
  • All manufacturers, including Flexi, have equipped their products with the function of short-term stopping of a synthetic rope or the same tape pulled from a tape measure. Braking is carried out by pressing the thumb on the convenient key located under it. The owner of the dog, if necessary, can instantly stop the movement of the animal in an unwanted direction. And, retargeting the pet, immediately give freedom by releasing the brake.
  • If the owner of the dog wants to keep it close to him, he uses the long-term locking function of the tape measure. It is enough, having called the animal, fix the brake button, which keeps the cable from unwinding, and the pet will remain at your leg, as far as a short leash will provide. The locking mechanism is well thought out, and the tape from the Flexi manufacturer never fails.
  • Dog breeders will prefer to pick whichever is best. The Flexi version of the roulette wheel has a dog return lock function. All manufacturers’ products have this capability. To use it, just move the stop key down.

In several steps, bringing the animal closer to you and choosing the optimal distance of the dog from the “next” position, you can continue the walk. On some versions of roulette from different manufacturers, this function is served by a separate key.

Design and principle of operation

Roulette leashes can be divided into three types of design solutions:

  • cable. a round nylon cord is used;
  • tape. nylon tape of flat section;
  • combined. a cord or tape, passing into a piece of a leash, a more powerful flat section and equipped with a carabiner for a dog’s collar. The tape part of the leash does not retract into the tape measure.

Regardless of the manufacturer, the design of the roulette leash remains fundamentally unchanged. It consists of a plastic case with a built-in spring device. The opening of the rotating reel is filled with a nylon cord or tape of the same quality. The larger the diameter of the roulette wheel, the longer the leash it can accommodate. When the dog is removed from the owner, the cable is unwound, when it returns, the spring-loaded reel winds it again.

The tape measure is equipped with a reel brake button. By pressing your thumb, you can stop its rotation. By removing your finger, you return freedom to the device. For long-term fixation of the leash, a locking button is provided that does not require finger holding. Some manufacturers equip their roulette leashes with a double action key. It is enough to transfer it to the extreme. fixing

In case the dog jerks the handle of the device out of your palm, there is a safety loop that can be worn on the wrist. If necessary, it also allows you to have two free hands.

How to use?

Before you take your pet out into the street on a new leash, you should try out the new thing at home. Depending on the manufacturer, the instructions for using roulette leashes may differ, but in general, the recommendations are similar.

Before use, the device should be assembled exactly according to the instructions.

  • Insert one part of the quick-release connector into the other and close the safety clip. The latter should fit snugly against the connection body.
  • Then you should adjust the handle using a special wheel.
  • After that, the carabiner is fastened. This action is performed when the blocking button is pressed. First, you need to put a safety loop on the dog’s neck, and then thread the carabiner through it and through the collar.

Then you should take the dog for a walk around the apartment and make sure that it really moves freely, and the cable or tape automatically unwinds and unwinds.

It is worth practicing stopping the animal by pressing the brake button. When the dog runs up to the legs, the blocking should be released so that the leash remains taut.

To bring the dog back, you need to stretch your hand forward, press the brake button with your thumb and pull your hand back. Then the retainer should be released and the hand with the leash should be extended forward again. The leash will reel in automatically, and these steps should be repeated until the dog is at the required distance.

It is worth working out in advance the situation when the dog should be near the leg. To do this, pull the dog to you, press the brake button, and then start the long-term stop mechanism. After such a training, you will become much more confident and you can go for a street walk.

It is important to pay attention to the requirements for the safety of use:

  • check the device for damage before each walk;
  • stop using the leash at the slightest malfunction;
  • do not let the animal play with him;
  • always use a safety loop that will protect you from injury;
  • do not grasp the rope or tape with your hands and do not allow people or four-legged people to get entangled in it;
  • make sure that the leash is in a taut position;
  • always firmly hold the tape measure by the handle in order to react in time to the unacceptable behavior of the dog;
  • this device is designed only for walking, jogging with a dog on a bicycle is carried out only on a classic leash;
  • do not tie animals to benches, poles and other objects.

The people who are responsible for it can walk the dog on the roulette wheel. Therefore, you should not trust the walking animals on such leashes to inattentive households or small children.

Dog tape leash for walking large breeds

For every dog ​​owner, one of the most painful issues is the quality and convenience of the tape leash. This device is worth a lot, and the period of validity is often lower than advertised by the manufacturer. Below, everything is told about them.

How to choose a roulette leash

She is chosen for several parameters. The first and most important criterion is the weight of the dog. There is no way to make a mistake here, since the efficiency of the purchased product depends on it.

All tape measures are divided according to the weight of the animal into the following categories:

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Flexi Leash Category Dog size and weight
XS For small dogs and cats up to 8 kg
S For small breeds up to 15 kg
M For medium-sized breeds up to 20 kg
L For large breeds up to 50 kg
XL For huge dogs up to 70 kg

These are typical classes of roulette leashes, typical of Flexi in particular. For other manufacturers, the classification may be slightly different. For example, there is a gradation into groups. up to 10, 15, 50, 60, 80 kg.

If the weight of the animal is approaching the limit of application of the category, for example, 14 kg, then the tape measure should be chosen from the next column. M (up to 20 kg). This is especially important if the four-legged friend is a male or a young individual, since they are more active, aggressive and disobedient than girls and old people. Under heavy loads, the device may not withstand.

Note! If the pet is still a puppy, then you should not purchase the product for the future. Firstly, the service life of a roulette wheel is about a year, and such a prospect is doubtful. Secondly, the elastic leash is difficult to unwind, and it will be unpleasant for the puppy to walk.

The second important parameter is the leash length. Basically, devices are produced with a cable or tape with a length of 3, 5 and 8 m. It is clear that three-meter tape measures are suitable only for very small breeds. Even dogs weighing up to 15 kg try to run away to the maximum length. So it’s better to get a device with a leash up to 8 m if your four-legged friend is not quite a baby. On such a leash, he can even run a little.

Another important point is the type of roulette leash. What to choose: tape or cable tape measure?

Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages, in addition, much depends on the weight of the animal and the nature of its behavior.

Flexi cable tape leash

The roulette leash with a cable is bought mainly by owners of small and medium-sized breeds. The rope is less durable than the tape, and it will not work for a large dog, since he can easily break the leash and get loose.

However, tape roulette has considerable drawbacks: the tape is often twisted, and, accordingly, problems may arise when collecting it; when walking, it often gets dirty and wet, and this does not prolong the life of the mechanism in any way.

There are also disadvantages of a product with a cable: less strength than a tape; the rope is more dangerous in the sense that a four-legged friend can get entangled in it, and then injuries are possible during a jerk; it is less visible, especially in the dark, which means that it can catch on. Nevertheless, such a product lasts longer, is less capricious to the surrounding conditions, and if you watch the dog, then it is preferable to a mechanism with a belt. But only for small to medium sized breeds.

Important! Roulette for large dogs should be tape type!

  • body and handle of the product. The hand of the person leading the animal should feel comfortable, not slip. It is desirable that the handle of the tape measure be rubberized. Usually the Flexi company makes just such comfortable devices, which have received the widest distribution. Other manufacturers are not always concerned about this. From this, there are even cases of injury among people walking dogs, when, when a large animal jerks, an angular tape measure injures the hand. Therefore, when choosing a product, it is worth taking it by the handle, assessing the capabilities and safety;
  • roulette body color. An insignificant factor, but if there is a possibility, why not choose the right combination for your pet;
  • reliability. As already mentioned in the article, the reliability of the mechanism is determined mainly by the durability of the spring. If we analyze the experience of many people that they the Web, then the Flexi leashes of German origin and Triol-Flexi of Russian-German origin are considered the most durable. They usually last for about a year.

Note! There is information from consumers about Ferplast products that they serve a much shorter period. from 2 weeks to several months.

Of course, all of these products have their drawbacks, even the Flexi tape measure. People on the websites write that the firm’s “old line of devices” is not satisfactory, but the “new line” is not without problems. Among the “old” products on the Internet, the Comfort Long 2 and Flexi Compact 2 models are especially praised. In the “new line” I especially do not like the use of a plastic lock when the cable passes into a short tape at the end of the leash. Such a lock can break when jerking. In addition, cases of freezing of products in the cold have been recorded. In this sense, the Triol-Flexi devices are perhaps even more reliable, although the handle of the case is without any traces of rubber.

The vary depending on the manufacturer, supplier and roulette class. If the price of these products is expressed in international terms, then it is approximately in the range of 10-30 dollars. You can easily find relevant offers on the Internet. When considering the price, it is important to remember that an inexpensive and little-known device, as a rule, will last less, and this is a loss of money.

Another point to pay attention to is the use of dog collars or harnesses on leash tape.

Four-legged friend likes harness better

Why is a dog tape leash convenient?

For those owners of four-legged pets who have already used this wonderful device, the question of which is better. a regular leash or a roulette leash. is not even worth it. Of course the second option.

If in a sparsely populated area the animal can be taken out into the field and released from the leash to run, then in urban conditions it is fraught with unpleasant incidents. For example, if a dog grapples with a stray dog ​​pack or runs up to an old woman in order to get to know each other, as a result, everyone is stressed (the owner of the animal is first of all).

Roulette for walking dogs avoids many of these problems. Using a button on the body, you can adjust the length of the leash and, with its sufficient length, release the dog further.

For your information! Many four-legged friends have a certain scrupulousness in choosing a place for their toilet and do not like it when someone is at a close distance. Dog tape measure solves this problem.

In addition, in the event of the appearance of cars, bicycles and strangers (especially children or women with strollers), you can quickly rewind the leash, limiting the movement of the animal.

The roulette leash, as a device, raises questions. And the first of them: how it works?

Product device

Inside the collapsible body, consisting of two halves, there is a drum on which a leash is wound. In the center of the drum there is a spring in the form of a tape, which compresses when the leash is unwound and expands when it is unwound. The durability of the mechanism, as a rule, is determined by the quality and reliability of the tape spring.

Another question that often arises: how to choose the right roulette?

Leash-tape measure for large dogs with cable manufacturer Triol-Flexi

Which is better. a collar or harness

Although it is more convenient to put on a dog collar for a pet, a harness is safer for an animal. A harness is a belt device that is worn on the body of the dog in the chest area through the front legs.

The collar is dangerous for the pet’s cervical vertebrae when the animal makes sudden jerks on the leash. In addition, in a harness, the dog feels more freely and breathes.

Note! However, many owners of large breeds admit that sometimes they can keep their four-legged friend only thanks to a choke collar.

Each owner of the dog decides this question independently, the main thing to remember is the safety of the people around and the health of the pets.

And in conclusion, just a couple of words about safety:

  • The tape leash can only be used if the person walking the dog is walking, and not riding, for example, on a bicycle, roller skates or other mechanisms. Otherwise, the leash can catch on, get entangled with subsequent troubles;
  • the tape measure must be held firmly with the whole hand so that when jerking it does not jump out of the hands and accidentally injure anyone;
  • you cannot grab the rope or tape with your hands when the dog is on a leash, this can lead to trouble with an unexpected jerk;
  • you should not trust the roulette leash to very young children, they may not cope with it, especially if the dog is large.
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The health and happiness of a four-legged friend depends not only on good food and affection given to him in the family, but also on the ability to move freely. In urban environments, a roulette leash is a good option. But sometimes you need to find time to take the dog to a deserted place and just let it run. And a joyful pet will infect people close to him with his optimism.

Should I be guided by the size of the leash body?

There are many details to consider when choosing a roulette leash. The first thing you should pay attention to is the size of the leash box itself. Focus only on your feelings. the handle of the leash should fit into your brush like a glove. Its weight should not overload and strain the hand, because walks with a pet can be long. A too light tape measure is also not worth choosing, it can jump out of your hand and scare a sensitive animal (especially small dogs) with a roar.

Do not buy a very heavy tape measure for such dogs, suddenly it slips out of your hands and hits the baby.

Roulette leash with flashlight

Multi-Dog Tape Leash

Such a tape measure is equipped with two leads and is somewhat heavier than usual. Plus, if your dogs are very active, they can confuse the cables. But for the owner of dogs who prefer sedate walks, this thing. real find!

Review of the best dog roulette models

There are many brands and models of tape measure dog leashes on the market. Which ones you need to pay attention to?

What are the functions of a tape measure for a dog??

The main function of the tape measure is to control the animal while walking. But this is not the only purpose. What else can this device do?

  • No need to pull on the leash or wind it around your hand. Its length is very easily adjusted by pressing a button or a lever.
  • Short-term stop function. if you need to abruptly stop the pet, just press the button. the animal will no longer move further.
  • Long-term stop function is present in almost every roulette model sold in our country. If the owner needs the dog to walk at his feet or he teaches her to the command “near”, this moment is simply salutary.
  • Pet Return Feature. Not all manufacturers add this button to the body of their dog tape measure. Flexy. one of the most famous brands in Russia. boasts this function. If you urgently need to return the pet closer to you, just raise your hand and press the brake button. The hand should look towards the run away dog.

How to measure a dog’s weight and height.

Any dog ​​owner knows that walking with an active and curious dog can sometimes be a challenge. A four-legged friend can run out into a busy street or scare a child. Therefore, from an early age, the puppy must be taught to walk on a leash. Nowadays, tape measures for dogs are especially popular. The price of such a device varies depending on its quality. Which leash is better to choose?

Dog tape measure: rope or tape?

What is the best leash to buy? Should I choose a cable or a tape? This is a really difficult question, because every owner buys what he likes. Both rope and tape have both pros and cons. The choice is only yours!

A leash with tape can easily become tangled and will take time to return to its original condition. If the dog is very active and jumps through the bushes in the park, the tape can become entangled in the branches. With a cable, such situations almost never happen.

It is worth paying attention to the size of the pet itself. Experts insist that a tape measure for a large breed dog should be equipped with a tape, while a cable leash is enough for small dogs up to 30 kg.

How Dog Roulette Works

It has already been said that the central spring is the main element of the device, which allows the leash to twist and unwind. The scheme of how the tape measure for dogs leash works is very simple: when the pet moves in the direction of the owner, the spring is compressed and the leash unwinds. When the dog moves away from the owner, the opposite effect occurs. If you press the button located on the panel, the unwinding will immediately stop and the length of the leash will be fixed.

Roulette rope for a dog

The main difference between this option is the presence of a round nylon cable. At its end, a piece of wide braid with a carabiner is fixed. It is sturdy, but experts say this is a roulette leash for small dogs. It is important to take into account that the manufacturer indicates for each model the weight of the product. It is worth using such a leash carefully, since the cable while driving can cause injury.

Dog tape measure

At the heart of such devices is a wide flat-section nylon braid, which is completely twisted into a box. It has increased strength compared to the wire rope. This tape measure is for large dogs as well as for representatives of medium breeds. It is good if metal fixing elements are used in the product to withstand the expected load. Unpleasant moment of tape measure for dogs. the belt can be pulled and twisted.

Roulettes for dogs. device, principle of operation, features of different types, how to choose?

When choosing a leash for their pet, many are attracted by the dog tape measure, which is easy to use. There are several models with their own characteristics. It is important not only to choose the right one, but also to use such a device.

Types of tape measures for a dog

Existing products can be classified into two groups: cable (cord) and tape (belt). A tape measure for small breeds and a product for large pets will differ. In addition, there is a division in length, so, in most cases, it is 3-8 m. Manufacturers also offer interesting models, for example, there are luminous and multi-colored options, for a “fashionista” a tape measure for dogs with rhinestones and other decorations is suitable. For evening walks, a product with a flashlight will be useful.

Double tape measure for dogs

Owners of two animals do not need to buy separate leashes, as there is a great alternative. the double tape measure. Such a product can withstand a weight of up to 22 kg, which is important to consider, because if the weight of two pets is above this limit, the mechanism will quickly fail. The tape measure for two dogs has a rotation system, so the belts will not get tangled. Manufacturers paint the ribbons in different colors to match the buttons for easier operation.

Leash-tape device for dogs

Externally, this product is a small plastic case, which is equipped with a handle, a button and a latch-lock. If you look inside to understand how the roulette for dogs works, you can see there the drum on which the leash is wound. In the center there is a spring in the form of a tape, which compresses / expands depending on the action performed. The duration of using the device depends on it, since after its damage the roulette will not work. During a walk, such a leash is always in tension, which provides good control.

A modern roulette leash for small dogs and large breeds is capable of performing the following functions:

  • The use of the product eliminates the need to manually pull on and off the leash.
  • Since the tape does not sag, the animal has more freedom of movement.
  • To control the behavior of the pet and protect it from conflicts with other dogs, it is necessary to keep the animal at a safe distance. There is a short stop function for this.
  • Long-term stop will help to teach the animal to execute the command “Nearby”.
  • Some models have a pet return function. To use it, you need to stretch your hand in the direction of the dog, press the brake button, and then pull the animal towards you.