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How to cut a dog’s nails at home

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How to trim pomeranian claws at home?

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When a funny fluffy dog ​​of the Spitz breed appears in the house, the whole family rejoices. After all, this animal charges households with energy, gives an excellent mood for the whole day. However, only a healthy dog ​​can give joy, and the main task of the owner is to preserve the health of his pet. One of the most important stages in keeping a Spitz is claw cutting. This procedure performs not only aesthetic, but also health-improving functions.

Why cut claws?

Regrown long, unkempt claws in a dog can become source of serious diseases. Infections, growths, pustules. all this lies in wait for a spitz with uncut claws. At the same time, long claws cause serious discomfort to such a mobile and energetic dog, they affect its gait, disrupt posture and general muscle tone.

In addition, an active Pomeranian in the house often becomes a companion of any children’s games. And its long claws can seriously injure a small owner. Timely cutting of nails will protect not only the skin of the owner, but also the surface of the furniture.

Not everyone is serious about clipping their nails. Some owners do not see this as necessary, citing as justification the arguments that, for example, no one cares for the claws of a stray dog, and its paws are in good condition. Meanwhile, in nature, animals, including stray dogs, grind their claws on asphalt, trees and other hard surfaces. The domestic Spitz does not have such an opportunity, and therefore the owner must monitor the condition of his claws.

Too long claws interfere with the dog when walking, her fingers hurt, hair grows between them, a subcutaneous tick or fungus appears. All this leads to the fact that the dog independently begins to bite off its nails. Seeing this behavior, the owner should take the pet to the veterinarian. The fact is that nibbling of claws is characteristic not only of animals with long claws, but also of dogs with parasites.

The veterinarian will conduct a competent examination, name the exact reason for this behavior, prescribe appropriate treatment and carry out hygiene of the paws and clipping.

How to trim your dog’s nails at home

Have you noticed that while walking the dog suddenly starts digging a hole? This amuses many owners. after all, tailed pets do it so funny, recklessly and cheerfully. But in fact, this is not only a game, but also a natural need for all dogs to grind their claws. In fact, they do not need a hole in the ground in the middle of a park lawn, but claws have long interfered with walking. So this behavior is a reason to think about a manicure for your dog.

If the dog is big enough, besides, it walks a lot, has the ability to run free, goes out into nature with you and just walks along the asphalt streets, most likely its claws will grind naturally. But small dogs that walk most of the time in the arms of their owners, or even do not leave the apartment at all, risk growing long claws for themselves, which, from assistants when walking and especially running (the true purpose of dog claws), turn into a significant hindrance. over, having become long and curved, they do not allow their four-legged owner to put their paws normally, and he begins to suffer from constant pain in the joints, like a person who is forced to wear uncomfortable shoes all the time.

It is not difficult to solve this problem. it is enough to periodically trim your pet’s claws. However, here you need to know a few subtleties, and the first of them is the structure of a dog’s claw. The fact is that it is very different from our nails and, above all, in that it has a round, not flat shape. In addition, it has blood vessels inside, so it is easy to injure your dog when doing a manicure. This, in fact, scares many dog ​​owners, because of which they resort to the services of groomers, so as not to risk themselves. Although, in fact, if you get the hang of it, trimming the claws of a dog at home is quite possible and even not difficult. The main thing is to get used to this procedure, both for the dog and the owner.

There are no strict criteria for how often the nails should be cut. This is usually done as they grow back and begin to interfere with the dog’s normal walking. The first signal for a manicure is usually a characteristic clatter on the floor. Groomers do not recommend cutting nails very rarely. The point is that frequent haircuts prevent the blood vessels from penetrating deep into the claw, so pruning becomes much easier. On the contrary, if this procedure is carried out rarely, soft tissues grow almost to the very end of the claw, and the risk of bleeding increases significantly.

So how to trim your dog’s nails at home?

The importance of the process

A dog’s long claws can grow into the skin, causing soreness and soreness. Such injuries pose a potential danger, because there is a risk of infection during a walk and further paw suppuration.

Nail plates that are too long often break and affect the dog’s gait. An animal with long claws has to put its paws crooked, which affects the condition of the joints and ligaments. The most dangerous consequences of untimely nail cutting are blood poisoning or curvature of the skeleton.

But the long claws of the pet are dangerous for the owner. A dog can inadvertently injure a person, ruin furniture or carpets in the house. That is why, as soon as you hear the clatter of paws while the dog moves around the apartment, you should carry out a hygienic procedure.

How often does a dog need to trim their nails at home? Adult dogs need pruning every 4 weeks, for puppies this period can be increased to 6 weeks.

How to trim your dog’s nails at home

The dog’s nails will naturally grind against asphalt and other hard surfaces. However, not all pets walk outside for a sufficient amount of time, in winter the ground is covered with snow, in addition, the animal has dewclaws that cannot sufficiently grind off on their own. That is why the pet owner must carry out the nail trimming procedure. To do this, you need to know how to properly trim the claws of a dog at home and not hurt her.

Fundamental rules

It is necessary to accustom the animal to the procedure even at the age of the puppy. So it will be easier for the dog to get used to it and in the future it will behave fun and relaxed during the trimming of the nail plate. Some difficulties can arise if you first cut the claws of an adult dog. In such cases, he can break free and whine plaintively.

There are some rules on how to cut a dog’s nails to reduce discomfort:

  • It is necessary to carefully examine the paws of the dog, if hair grows between the fingers, it should first be cut with scissors with rounded tips to free access to the nails. In addition, these extra hairs are a place of accumulation of dirt, so removing hair from the paw pads will reduce the likelihood of infection.
  • A dog’s claw consists of two parts. a strong outer shell and an inner sensitive pulp, which consists of blood vessels and nerve endings. If the pulp is damaged, bleeding will begin. Therefore, you need to carefully consider where the sensitive zone begins, so as not to hurt the animal. The location of the pulp is much better visible on the white transparent nails, in the case of black nails, it may be necessary to go to the veterinarian for the first procedure.
  • Trimming the hard part of the nail will be easier if you trim immediately after washing your paws.
  • The owner must remain calm, talk to the animal affectionately.
  • It is easier to carry out the procedure if the dog is lying on an elevated position. If the animal is on the floor, a helper may be required to grip it tightly around the neck and support the paw. Pet owners sometimes have difficulty trimming their hind nails. To do this, you will need to lay the animal on its side, and to facilitate access to the claws, you can press on the pad of your fingers.

During the procedure, you need to carefully examine the dog’s paws, if cracks, calluses, minor injuries are detected, hygienic treatment of the damaged surfaces should be carried out.

Procedure steps

To properly trim your dog’s nails, you need to use the following instructions:

  • Carefully examine the pet’s nails and determine the location of the cut. Optimally, if the distance to the pulp is at least 2 mm.
  • If the beginning of the sensitive area is not visible, you should start trimming the nail plate starting from the very tip.
  • Take the dog’s paw in your hand and fix it securely.
  • Position the nail clipper at a 45 degree angle, carefully cut.
  • File your nails to a smooth surface to prevent delamination.
  • Praise and reward your pet with a treat.

Some animals find it difficult to remain motionless for a long time. In such cases, the pet will need to be given a break to recuperate. Each time you will be able to cut more and more nails, and as a result, the whole procedure can be performed at one time.


To properly cut the claws of a dog, you need to prepare the necessary tools and medications in advance. The set should consist of the following elements:

The owner needs to prepare the dog’s favorite treat in advance. It will help distract the animal’s attention during the procedure and will be a pleasant reward at the end of the process.

An important nuance is to be patient and choose the best time for a haircut. It is optimal if the dog has just eaten or returned home after a long walk. In this state, he will not be able to actively resist your actions.

Treatment of wounds

If you accidentally touch the pulp and bleeding begins, you should calm the animal, and then treat the wound:

  • Wash the damaged area with hydrogen peroxide or iodine.
  • Apply a weak solution of potassium permanganate to a cotton pad or gauze cut and apply to the wound. Hold for at least a minute.
  • Press the powder to the tip of the nail and hold until the bleeding stops completely.

It is advisable not to let the dog near the water on this day, so that he does not bring infection into a fresh wound.

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If you regularly trim your nails, the pulp gradually recedes, which simplifies the process and reduces the likelihood of injury to the animal. Sometimes the pet is given a sedative before the procedure or in case of serious damage to sensitive tissues. Prescribing such drugs should be handled by a veterinarian.

Problems, the dog does not allow to cut the claws. what to do?

If the dog is afraid of clipping claws and the type of working tool, or is completely not accustomed to such a hygienic event, then the process of getting used to it can take a lot of time and requires some experience and patience from the pet owner.

In any case, the process can be reduced to the observance of several basic rules:

Trimming Your Dogs Nails (Dark & Clear Nails). Do-It-Yourself Dog Grooming

  • training the animal with basic hygiene procedures from an early age;
  • observance of accuracy in actions when cutting claws;
  • ensuring close emotional contact between the owner and the four-legged pet;
  • regularity of events;
  • compulsory animal reward.

We will answer the question whether dogs are clipped if the pet permanently lives on the street in an aviary or in its own booth.

Quite often, the claws of the animal are erased in a completely natural way, when walking the pet on a leash with a collar. Claws wear very well on hard asphalt surfaces or paved dog areas, as well as on paths in parks and in the forest.

To independently determine the optimal timing of haircuts, you need to make regular examinations of the claws.

How to trim your dog’s nails at home using electric grinders?

This version of the grinding tool can be represented by a special trimmer, as well as a dremel or grinder.

The device most often runs on a rechargeable battery or several replaceable batteries. The pet’s claw, cleaned of dirt, is placed inside a special compartment, where a delicate sharpening procedure is carried out by means of a special abrasive roller.

Frequently asked question is it okay for dogs to cut their nails with electric sander and does it cause pain??

Eliminates, as the limiter built into the device eliminates the risk of damage to the pulp or blood vessels.

The use of an electric scratching point helps to obtain a smooth and properly finished surface with a convenient and comfortable rounding.

The procedure takes a few minutes, after which you can remove all collected waste material from a special container.

There are several options on how to cut the claws of a dog at home, so the decision will vary depending on the conditions and opportunities in which the pet lives.

Features of the structure of the claws

Three types of claw growth are distinguished by structure:

  • bent like a cat, with bent ends;
  • standard bent, arched;
  • bunny-type, with straight growth and with sharp tips.

The first two options are typical for service and large breeds, and the third type is most often found in decorative dogs.

The structure of the claws has a direct impact on parameters such as posture, as well as indicators of balance and traction with the surface during walking and running.

How to properly cut a dog’s claws at home with scissors?

Caring for a dog is not only about organizing a full-fledged diet and timely walks, but also includes hygiene measures, including cutting the nails. How to trim a dog’s nails at home, and not only in specialized salons, which will save money and make the dog’s life comfortable. Timely and correct haircut will prevent claws from growing into the pads of the paws, causing inflammation and suppuration.

Rules for how to properly cut a dog’s claws with nail clippers

Before proceeding with the activity, you need to calm the animal, and if necessary, give the pet its favorite treat. The technology of the procedure is simple, but it involves the observance of several rules:

  • thoroughly wash the dog’s paws and nails, removing all dirt;
  • fix the animal with your hands on your knees or on a rug covered with oilcloth;
  • remove, if necessary, excess hair around the claws;
  • hold a dog’s paw in one hand, and a claw cutter, clean and disinfected in alcohol, in the other;
  • visually determine the location of the pulp, which looks like a darkening at the base of the claw;
  • step back from the pulp 2.0-2.5 mm and carefully cut off the end of the claw;
  • trim the nail cut with a hard-coated file.

If the blood vessels are damaged during the cutting process, then an antiseptic treatment is carried out. The procedure is performed as easily as possible if the pet is accustomed to such hygienic measures from an early age.

How to Trim Dog Nails. The RIGHT Way

Tools and hygiene products for clipping nails in dogs

The question arises, how often to cut a dog’s nails? The dog needs to trim the nails as needed. When cutting nails in dogs at home, specialized clipper scissors are most often used, of which there are two options:

  • a tool represented by a sickle-shaped blade;
  • guillotine tool.

The first type of scissors for clipping nails in dogs is represented by tweezers with a pair of curved blades, and is intended for carrying out the procedure on large breeds.

A high-quality sickle-shaped nail clipper has a limiter that regulates the opening width of the working blades.

But the scissors, the guillotine claw, is represented by a special ring and a pair of blades, therefore it is optimal for working with breeds that have thin and not too dense claws.

Best-proven stainless steel tool with metal handles with rubberized anti-slip pads.

The coating of the blades can be chrome-plated or raw. The second option has no protection against rust formation.

How to properly trim a dog’s nails, modern electric scratching posts have been increasingly used lately.

Electric scratching posts run on batteries or mains.

At the top of such a tool, a nozzle in the form of a grinding stone is installed.

The stone allows you to grind the claw to the optimal length and shape.

However, in addition to convenience, one must take into account the rather high cost of such an accessory, as well as the discomfort of the animal due to the heating of the claws during the operation of the tool.

Therefore, the question of trimming or filing nails in dogs is decided individually.

In addition to specialized clipper scissors, you will need to purchase tools for performing the procedure yourself:

  • standard hard-dust dog nail file for filing;
  • cotton pads;
  • pharmacy antiseptic in the form of chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide;
  • any hemostatic agent.

It is advisable to trim the claws, and, if necessary, process with hygiene products, over plastic wrap or rubberized oilcloth.

How to cut a dog’s claws: how to cut claws

The main thing for the dog and its owner is proper pet care. One of the skills that every pet owner has to learn is claw trimming. From theoretical knowledge, sooner or later you will have to move on to practice. This article describes in detail how to properly trim your dog’s nails. Helpful tips and a step-by-step description will help you make this process quick and painless at home.

How to trim your dog’s nails at home?

Most pet owners carry out a procedure such as claw removal at home. From a financial point of view, it is economical. But what is the right way to learn how to trim the claws of a pet? In order to prepare, it is worth putting in front of you:

  • cotton pads;
  • potassium permanganate solution;
  • any disinfectant, such as peroxide or alcohol.
  • clipper.

A solution of potassium permanganate may be needed only if you touch a living place and blood will flow. Potassium permanganate will allow you to treat the wound. But if you follow all the rules, this should not happen. It will be useful to take treats or your pet’s favorite toy. This will help distract your pet from the unpleasant procedure.

It is necessary to accustom an animal to a haircut from a young age. If you decide to do this at home, then the pet should be explained why you are doing this and how quickly you will finish.

How to trim a dog’s nails: steps

  • You need to seat the animal. Take his paw and fix it. In order for the dog not to pull out its paws, it is necessary from a young age to teach the pet to endure touching the claw.
  • You need to lock the finger that you will cut first. Do not touch the interdigital spaces. The animal can reflexively move its limbs, which can lead to your careless actions. Draw the border of the pulp in your mind by examining the claw carefully.
  • Trim the small tip gently. If the pet is calmly going through the clipping, continue in the same spirit.

How to trim nails at home?

  • Scissors can work well for skilled dog breeders. If this is the first time you are planning to cut the nails of an animal, this option will not work for you.
  • The clipper resembles a guillotine. It has a claw hole. The option will be convenient for the owner who can quickly press the handle. For those pet owners who take too long to think about this process, the clipper will not work, as the dog will run away at this time.
  • The tongs are the perfect pet grooming tool for beginners. They work with a scissor mechanism. The main thing is to correctly place the claw between the blades.

For large dog breeds, it is recommended to opt for tongs or scissors. For decorative and small breeds, nail clippers will be suitable.

Tips for trimming your dog’s nails

Almost all dog breeders sooner or later come to the idea of ​​how to cut their nails on their own. It is difficult to carry out the procedure qualitatively. It should be understood that the outside is the nail plate, which has keratinized tissue. There is a sensitive place inside it. this is the pulp. It contains many vessels and nerves. If you touch it, it will bleed.

  • If your pet has light nails. Then the pulp is translucent and has a reddish tint. This way you will be able to complete your haircut without any problems.
  • If the animal has dark claws, that is, it will not be possible to see this area. Therefore, you will have to cut at random. gradually.

If the claws are clipped to the pet regularly, but in any breed, the pulp will recede over time, which will facilitate the clipping process. For the first time any breeder will advise you to trim your nails in a grooming salon. Having looked once how this is done, the second time you can proceed to an independent action plan.

Why cut your dog’s nail?

In order to understand why an animal should cut nails, it is worthwhile to deepen into anatomy. During active movement, the upper edge of the dog’s nail touches the support surface. Thus, it is erased and takes on a certain shape. In the event that the erasure of the nail is insufficient, then its shape may be distorted. This happens when walking on a soft, slippery surface or when walking for a short time.

Elongated nails are the cause of the violation of the shape of the phalanx of the finger. This will result in improper placement of the paws and lead to damage or injury. As a rule, animals with uncut nails are often prone to sprains and arthritic changes in the limbs.

With crooked fingers, a violation of the slope of the metacarpus, incorrect grinding of the nails occurs. This can make the situation worse. Dewclaws, where the nails do not wear off, can grow several times the required length. Thus, they will bend inward and cut into the pads of the fingers. The animal will experience pain and may also suffer from infection in the wound.

Important: The length of the nail is especially important. Long ones are capable of breaking, losing strength. If a nail is broken, bleeding may occur. If the animal oozes blood for a long time during the breakage of the claw, you should urgently consult a veterinarian.

When and how to properly cut a dog’s claws?

This is an ordinary procedure, provided that all safety rules are observed, the pet and the owner will not have any problems. It is not recommended to trim if the animal:

  • hungry, and also just ate;
  • looks tired, for example, after a walk;
  • sick;
  • behaves restlessly.

You need to choose a time when your pet is calm and healthy. After the walk, feed the animal and start the procedure after an hour. It is worth noting that claws grow differently for each breed. Therefore, one pet may need to put its paws in order after two weeks, and another. once every two months.

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How to cut a dog’s claws?

Active dogs grind their claws by themselves, digging the ground and running over rough terrain or on asphalt. Everyone else needs regular nail trimming. otherwise the animal can get injured and even deform its paw. How often should this procedure be done and how to make it safe for the dog?

Why cut your claws?

Too long claws can lead to serious injury, for example, a dog may accidentally pull out a claw if it gets caught on the couch. Too long claws interfere with movement, bend and harden. As a result, the dog has an incorrect posture, and the paw can be deformed.

How often to cut?

Check your pet’s paws constantly. In dogs of small decorative breeds, claws grow very quickly: their weight is small, and there are practically no active walks, so there is practically no natural grinding. Small breed dogs need to cut their nails every one to two weeks. The rest of the dogs. on average once a month or less, depending on the activity. In any case, carefully monitor the pet: if the gait has changed, he began to clatter on the floor and gnaw his claws. it’s time to carry out the procedure.

Particular attention should be paid to dogs with long hair: because of it, you may not notice that it is time to trim the nails. Do not forget to trim the hair between the fingers of the animal and near the claws.

Where to begin?

A dog’s claw has not only a hard outer shell, but also an inner soft layer, which contains a lot of blood vessels. The inner layer grows with the shell, so when cutting the vessels can be damaged.

If the nails are trimmed regularly, the inner sensitive layer is shortened and the risk of damage to it is reduced. In any case, in order to learn how to properly carry out this procedure, you need to visit a veterinarian or groomer several times and observe his actions. And in order for the animal to calmly endure this process, it is better to accustom the puppy to it as early as possible.

What to cut?

You can take care of the claws with the help of special forceps, which are also called claws. They come in different sizes, and depending on the breed of the dog, you can always find a handy tool. It is better to use forceps made of steel: they do not bend, do not break, do not dull. which means that the procedure will not be unpleasant.

You can also use a sharpening stone that resembles a nail file. They can not only shorten the claws, but also process burrs and sharp edges of the claws after cutting.

Always keep hydrogen peroxide and bleeding control products (such as potassium permanganate powder) handy in case you damage a blood vessel. To prevent this from happening, watch your pet carefully: timely hygiene will save both the owner and the dog from unnecessary problems.

Sign up for a claw cut. to one of the proven clinics in Moscow and the region.

Structural features and types of claws

Before trimming the dog’s claws, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with their structure, otherwise the procedure at home will be fraught with the risk of injury to the pet. The haircut is triangular in shape, wide at the base and sharp at the end. Inside there is a pulp with many nerves and vessels, which makes it very sensitive. It is clearly visible on the nail processes of a light color, on black ones it is not visible, which makes it difficult to cut.

Do I need to cut?

The health of the dog’s limbs directly depends on the length of its claws: too long and sharp, they will cause pain when walking, interfere with conveniently placing the paw, unbending and bending.

As a result, lameness will appear, which, in turn, will lead to problems with the spine, deformation of the joints and bones of the limbs. In addition to the fingers touching the surface, animals also have the so-called dewclaws, which are much higher.

The claw on the fifth toe can catch on something, grow into the skin, thereby causing serious injury to the dog.

Preparation rules

It is advisable to immediately prepare the scene, think over how to position the dog so that it does not slide over the surface, interfering with your actions.

If the dog is large, you can trim it on the floor. When arranging a dog, you need to talk to him, it is good if you have an assistant who can distract the pet by offering him a treat. This is especially important in the first haircut: it will be associated with something pleasant.

Main types

There are three types of canine tools:

  • a claw cutter in the form of a secateurs (one blade is straight, the other is bent);
  • in the form of a guillotine (a device with a hole and a lever that lifts the blade);
  • electric scratching machine (handle and rod for the attachment with a grinding stone).

The third option has more disadvantages than advantages: it makes a lot of noise, which can scare the dog, with friction the surface of the nozzle heats up a lot.

The advantage of the tool is that it grinds, and does not cut, that is, it is safer.

In addition to the main tool, you need to purchase a nail file to remove sharp edges after cutting.


Examining the paws and clipping the fur before the main procedure, carefully examine the claws: if they have cracks or suspicious spots, they cannot be cut. You need to show the dog to the vet.

Before the haircut itself, wash your hands, as well as the pet’s paws, you do not need to treat it with an antiseptic, it is enough to dry it.

It is not recommended to carry out the procedure if the dog is out of sorts, does not feel well, is upset. It is best to trim after bathing: the dog is relaxed, the nails are softened and easier to give in.

Be sure to prepare a first aid kit in case of injury (we will describe its components below).

After the procedure, be sure to file the sharp edges with a nail file, they can also injure the delicate skin of the paws.

Praise and reward

During the whole process, talk to the dog, praise him for his perseverance; give treats: bone, dog biscuits; stroke it.

Take short breaks of a few minutes so that the haircut takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. Then next time the pet will behave calmly in order to earn your approval and a portion of affection.

Pruning features

Clipping the nails of dogs at home begins with an examination of the pet’s paws. Begin the procedure with the front legs. It is better to cut the wool between the pads, it will interfere. Then inspect the claw: if the pulp is visible, you need to cut it 2 mm back from its end. Keep the tool blade at a 45 ° angle.

On black claws, a little more difficult: cut no more than 0.5 mm, then inspect the cut. If it’s dry and flaky, you can trim more. If the tissue on the cut is dark. this is the beginning of the young tissue of the claw, it is no longer possible to cut.

After successful treatment of the front paws, allow the dog to rest and calm down for two to three hours. Then do the same with the hind legs.

What tools will you need to trim your nails

In order to cut the claws of a doggie at home, the owner will need a variety of accessories that will help to cope with this difficult task.

  • First of all, you should purchase special clippers. This tool is of two types. The first version of claws resembles ordinary nail clippers with sharp rounded blades. This accessory is convenient to use if the pet’s claws are very hard and thick. The guillotine claw is an object with a round hole and a side blade. An animal’s claw is inserted into the hole, then the handles of the accessory are squeezed to cut the desired part with a blade. The second option is more suitable for small breeds of dogs, since the claws of large pets do not fit into the hole of the claw-claw-guillotine.
  • After cutting, the claws of animals have sharp and uneven edges, so it will be useful to purchase a nail file for a dog’s pedicure. which you can grind the cut point and give the claw a neat oval shape.
  • Sometimes it is impossible to trim the pet’s claw without snagging the pulp. To treat the wound, hemostatic and antiseptic agents should be prepared (brilliant green, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, powder and potassium permanganate).
  • Most dogs hate clipping. To make the four-footed pet easier to endure this process, you can appease him with his favorite delicacy. which is treated to a doggie before and after a pedicure.

How to prepare your dog for clipping

In order for the dog to calmly endure this process and not get nervous, it is necessary to prepare it for this in advance.

  • First of all, the owner must be in good spirits. If the owner is in a bad mood, then the animal will start to get nervous, because dogs very subtly feel the mood of the owner.
  • It is best to trim your pet’s claws after feeding or water procedures. so that the dog is in a relaxed or even half-asleep state.
  • So that the pet gets used to this procedure and does not feel fear of it, you can turn this process into a game. You should take the paw of a four-fingered friend in your hands, gently shake it, stroke it and from time to time touch it with a claw cutter, without cutting off the claws themselves. Over time, the dog will get used to the look of the tools and to the fact that the owner is doing something with its paw, so it will not be afraid of the claw cutting procedure.
  • If the dog still pulls out his paw during the process, whines and tries to run away from the owner, then you should not continue to cut his claws by force. This can lead to unwanted injuries to the paws and the pet will forever remember that such a procedure can be painful, and will subsequently try to avoid it.

It is advisable to trim the claws of the dog after feeding.

The dog will perceive claw cutting much easier and calmer if you teach it to do it from early childhood.

Haircut steps

  • First, it is advisable to wash the pet’s paws and cut off the tufts of fur growing between the pads. You can bathe the dog before the procedure, because after warm water the claws will become softer, which will greatly facilitate their cutting.
  • Before starting the process itself, you should calm the dog down, treat him with a piece of his favorite cookie and allow him to sniff the cutting tools.
  • You need to trim the claws like this: the owner should take the animal’s foot with his hand and carefully cut off the sharp tip of the claw. Repeat the procedure with each claw, paying particular attention to the so-called dewclaw (fifth) toe. The fact is that it is at some distance from the rest of the fingers and does not reach the floor, so the dog cannot grind it off on the asphalt. If the claw on the dewclaw becomes too long, the dog can catch it on some object and break it, and this will cause pain and discomfort to the animal.
  • When all the claws are cut off, it is advisable to grind their edges with a nail file, giving them an oval shape. After this procedure, the pet’s legs will look well-groomed and attractive.
  • If, during the pedicure, the owner nevertheless hooked on the pulp and blood began to ooze from the dog’s nail, in no case should you panic. It is necessary to calm down the pet with gentle words, simultaneously treating the wound with peroxide, and then sprinkle it with talcum powder.
  • After all the manipulations done, it is necessary to praise the dog and, as an encouragement, treat him with a piece of your favorite delicacy.
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Before clipping, you need to wash your dog’s paws.

How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails at Home �� STEP BY STEP WITH TIPS

If the owner has never cut the claws of his pet and is not sure that he will do everything correctly, then you can then turn to a specialist for help, asking him to show how this procedure is carried out.

Where is the pulp?

The difficulty lies in the fact that it is quite difficult to determine where the pulp is located, especially in those animals whose claws are dark in color. In order not to harm a pet with black claws, you should only cut a small sharp tip and carefully examine the cut site. If blood does not start to flow from the stump, and a dark dot is noticeable in the center of the cut claw, then the owner did everything correctly and you can proceed to the next claw.

It is much easier to locate the pulp in dogs with light claws. If you bring the dog’s foot to the light, you can see a pinkish pulp inside the claw and the owner can easily cut off only the keratinized part without touching the blood vessels.

As the claw grows, the pulp grows with it. And what is remarkable, with regular cutting of the claws of the doggie, the pulp becomes shorter, which greatly facilitates the process of dog pedicure.

Can dogs cut their claws?

Many owners of four-footed pets never cut their claws, believing that this cannot be done, since such a procedure can harm the animal. This opinion is erroneous, it is not only possible to cut claws for a doggie, but even necessary!

First of all, such a procedure is necessary because dogs, unlike cats, do not grind their claws on upholstered furniture or special devices. Of course, in animals that spend all their time on the street, the grown claws grind a little on hard asphalt and do not cause them any visible inconvenience. But not all dogs are allowed by owners to run freely on the street, walking them only under supervision. In addition, for walks, the owners choose parks or squares in which the ground is covered with soft grass, and not asphalt, so the dog cannot grind off its claws on its own.

When and how often to trim your dog’s claws

Determining when it’s time for your pet to get a pedicure is pretty easy. As a rule, too long claws that have grown too long emit a characteristic clicking sound when the dog walks. It is especially clearly audible in rooms with parquet or tiled flooring.

A dog with long claws will make a sound when walking.

To keep the animal’s legs always well-groomed, it is enough to trim its claws once a month. An exception can be only in winter, when the ground is covered with a thick layer of snow and the dog cannot grind off its claws while walking on hard asphalt. In winter, it is advisable to take care of the animal’s nails once every two weeks.

It should be remembered that a dog’s claws grow more slowly if this procedure is carried out regularly and if you take good care of the pet’s paws.

We cut the claws of the dog at home: cut or file, and if the dog bites and breaks out?

Most dog owners believe that caring for a pet is all about feeding and walking a four-footed friend. At the same time, many owners forget that it is necessary to regularly clean the eyes and ears of the pet, brush his teeth and monitor the condition of his claws, cutting them in time. After all, the grown long claws prevent the animal from walking normally and can even cause problems with the musculoskeletal system. Cutting the claws of a pet is a rather complicated process, so some owners trust it only to specialists. But you can trim the claws of a doggie at home, if you know how to do it correctly and what tools will be needed for such a responsible procedure.

What parts does a dog’s claw consist of?

Before starting a dog pedicure, it is advisable for the owner to familiarize himself with the information on how a dog’s claw works.

Dogs’ nails are triangular in shape with a wide base and a sharp tapered tip. The entire claw consists of a hard part. the cornea. and inside is the pulp. in which nerve endings and blood vessels are concentrated.

The pulp is very sensitive and if it is damaged during clipping, it will cause severe pain to the doggie and cause profuse bleeding. Therefore, the main task of the owner during this procedure is to carefully cut off only the keratinized tip of the claw, without hooking the pulp with the instrument.

dog claw grass trimmer

Grass trimmers (grinders) for dog nails are expensive, but easy to use. nothing needs to be cut. The main thing is to file the dog’s claws every 2-3 weeks.

They have different grinding stone attachments. They are convenient to use if the dog is categorically against nippers. Their only drawback is that they heat up quickly. So the trimming procedure can take a long time.

If the animal constantly runs on asphalt roads during walks, then grinding or pruning is not necessary, it happens naturally.

How to calm an animal during the procedure

It is important that you yourself are calm and not afraid of the haircut procedure. Otherwise, the pet will feel your fear and will be too agitated and restless.

If the animal is afraid of haircuts, then perform 4-5 deceptions. You lay out the tools, give them a sniff, feed him treats, but do not touch him. After a couple of times, try to shorten, for example, a pencil so that the animal understands the sound of a clipper.

Do not forget to talk affectionately, communicate and feed your favorite foods. Then try trimming one nail. If everything went well, praise the pet, give treats. Try to trim all the claws next time. As a last resort, give your pet some natural sedative made from herbs.

Clipping a dog’s claws is not a difficult procedure, but it requires concentration, accuracy and great patience. It is important to remember that you cannot cut claws with ordinary scissors, which spoil the structure of the claw, break and delaminate it. The advantages of using nippers or guillotines are undeniable. you will not injure the animal, damage the structure of the nail or touch the pulp.

Tools Needed for Trimming Dogs Claws

If you have gained courage and calmness (and they are needed here most of all!), Then you need to stock up on items for caring for the dog’s claws. First of all, buy a dog claw. They are of two types. wire cutters and guillotines.

Dog clippers are like pruning shears. one blade is straight, the other is curved.

The dog nail clipper is something like a plier with a hole for the claw and handles that you need to press down on.

To properly trim the claws of a dog with a nail clipper, you need to be extremely collected and attentive.

You also need to purchase a nail file for trimming trimmed claws. There are also electric claws. grass trimmers.

You will also need to assemble an impromptu first aid kit, which should include:

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • chlorhexidine;
  • talcum powder (baby powder);
  • potassium permanganate powder;
  • flour (replacement of talcum powder);
  • sterile bandage (gauze);
  • cotton pads;
  • alcohol or vodka (for sterilizing wire cutters or guillotines).

Purchase it all in advance and put it in one box.

Is it possible to trim the claws of a dog?

The answer is simple, yes you can. First of all, regular hygiene of nails and paws is necessary to prevent infectious diseases. After walking, inspect the pet’s paws; they should not have wounds or cuts.

It is very important to cut your dog’s nails because they can grow into the skin, causing pain. If the dog catches on something while walking and pulls out the nail sticking out of the profitable toe, it will be very painful for it.

Strongly grown claws cause inconvenience to the animal, there is a shift in the center of gravity, deformation of the joints, which leads to diseases. And the clatter of dog claws around the apartment is a signal that it’s time to cut them. If you take the dog into the house as a small puppy, then slowly and gradually accustom the animal to this unpleasant procedure.

If you have absolutely no idea how to cut the claws of your pet, then go to the veterinarian. let the professional show you how to do it. Then try it yourself.

Learn how to trim a dog’s claws at home correctly

Often, a person, starting a dog, does not know about all the procedures and rules that he will have to face in order to properly maintain a pet. The dog needs to be washed, its ears cleaned and its nails trimmed properly. You need to be ready for this, especially those owners whose pets hardly walk (for example, small breeds).

The first thing you can advise is to go to the vet once a month or a month and a half to trim the dog’s claws. If the owner believes that he can cope on his own, then you need to purchase special clippers. no clerical scissors.

How to trim a dog’s claws at home, how to behave and what to stock up on in an emergency is described in this article.

How to properly trim a dog’s claws with wire cutters or a guillotine

Sterilize instruments before each use!

This can be done in boiling water, or with the help of alcohol (vodka).

Also, you should definitely wash your hands. The paws of the animal must also be clean. A good option is to trim after washing, when the claws are slightly softened.

Look at the dog’s claws. If they are light, then you will see the pulp. this is the internal tissue that fills the cavity of the claw and contains many blood vessels and nerve endings.

If the claws are black, then you need to cut off half a millimeter until a pink dot appears in the middle of the claw. the pulp. You cannot cut further, otherwise bleeding will occur.

For an animal, cutting off the pulp is a very painful sensation. Remember this, be extremely careful.

You need to start cutting from the front paws. Place your dog on the floor or other non-slip surface. Or put it down, stretching out one paw to the animal.

Press with your left hand on the pad of the toe, the claw will stretch out, and in one swift movement, carefully cut with the wire cutters at an angle of 45 ° towards the inside of the foot by 1 mm. Repeat this, cutting off half a millimeter, not reaching 1-2 millimeters to the pulp.

Do not cut to the pulp in one stroke. this is prohibited! You can hit it and hurt your pet. And if he twitches unsuccessfully, then rip out the claw.

If you did not manage to cut all the claws at one time, the dog became nervous, leave him alone, finish cutting in a couple of days. Or take it to the groomer.

How to cut a dog’s claws with a guillotine? The principle of claw cutting with a guillotine is the same. You need to stretch out a friend’s paw, press on the pad of the finger from below, put the nail plate into the guillotine and cut off the edge.

Recommendations if the dog bleeds

If you accidentally cut off part of the pulp, the animal jerked and hurt, or even worse. the claw was completely ripped out, then act promptly. Do not panic yourself, try to calm down the howling dog. give it the most delicious treat.

After that, immediately get dry potassium permanganate or talcum powder, put on gauze and apply to the wound for a minute to stop bleeding. Then, briefly apply ice wrapped in a cotton cloth. If ruptures are severe, fill the wound with novocaine.

Don’t let the animal run and hide. disinfect the wound immediately!

If the wound is serious, the animal is crying, then immediately go to the veterinary clinic or call the doctor at home.