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How To Determine A Dog’S Pregnancy In The Early Stages

Duration of pregnancy in dogs. How to tell if your dog is pregnant.

Pregnancy in dogs lasts an average of 61-66 days, that is, approximately 2 months, however, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, the duration of pregnancy can vary from 57 to 72 days. In the first 1. 1.5 weeks after mating, it is almost impossible to know for sure whether a dog is pregnant. Clinical signs of pregnancy (i.e., those that are visible to the naked eye) appear only from the second month, however, in some cases, there are indirect symptoms such as drowsiness, lethargy, apathy of the dog 2-3 weeks after mating. The first pregnancy in a dog can even visually “appear” almost before the very birth. However, it is not at all necessary to wait a whole month to determine if your dog is pregnant. this can be found out already in the first month after mating with the help of special tests and ultrasound in a veterinary clinic.

Diagnosis of pregnancy in bitches using ultrasound

Starting from 24-35 days after mating, it is possible to determine for sure that the dog is pregnant using an ultrasound scan. At this time, ultrasound allows you to clearly see the amniotic sacs with embryos inside on the screen, but with its help it is still impossible to know the exact number of puppies in the future litter. In order to predict the course of pregnancy and assess the viability of the fetus, it is better to do ultrasound for pregnant dogs at a later date. Between about 38 and 45 days, ultrasonographic examination can be used to observe the formation of organs in puppies and even make out in the smallest detail the ventricles, atria and valves of tiny hearts. With a successful pregnancy in the dog, fetuses have normal mobility and a pronounced heartbeat.

Sometimes the first clinical signs of pregnancy appear by the end of the first month. the skin of the mammary glands swells slightly, the nipples become clearly visible (in dogs with fair skin, they look bright pink). Also, in some dogs, an enlarging belly may begin to show through at this stage. However, quite often these symptoms appear a little later.

Dog pregnancy: early diagnosis, dog pregnancy calendar

In order for the birth to go well, and the puppies to grow up healthy and strong, during the period when the offspring is bearing the dog, the owner must treat it with special attention, following all the recommendations on feeding and exercise. Timely diagnosis of the bitch’s pregnancy allows the owner to rebuild her diet and walks as early as possible, taking into account the “interesting position” of the pet.

Diagnostics of the condition of the bitch and the health of the puppies in late pregnancy

Starting from the second month after mating, the owners no longer need to guess or resort to tests and ultrasound in order to determine whether the dog is pregnant. The bitch begins to gain weight, the mammary glands swell and increase in size, and the belly is also clearly increasing. The dog gains weight especially dramatically three weeks before giving birth. At 6-7 weeks of gestation (38th-45th days), when palpating the abdominal cavity, puppies are already probed (inexperienced owners are not recommended to carry out this procedure on their own in order to avoid injury to the dog and fetuses). For periods from 48-50 days, it is already possible to conduct an X-ray examination, which allows you to accurately determine how many puppies will be born.

Milk during the first pregnancy in a dog may appear only a few hours before giving birth or immediately after them. In a dog not giving birth for the first time, it sometimes begins to stand out already on the 40th day of pregnancy. On average, the onset of lactation is considered normal 7-10 days before delivery.

An important indicator that allows you to diagnose the course of pregnancy and predict the time of onset of labor in a dog is rectal temperature. If in the early stages, with normal fetal development, the dog’s temperature remains within the normal range, then in the last week of pregnancy the indicators begin to “jump” noticeably. For 8. 24 hours before childbirth, the temperature, as a rule, drops sharply (in large breeds, it can drop to 37 ° C, and in small breeds. up to 36 ° C). The dog’s temperature returns to normal after giving birth.

Diagnosing a dog’s pregnancy with a test

Many veterinary clinics today offer a service such as a pregnancy test for dogs. The procedure is a laboratory analysis of the dog’s blood serum on the hormone “relaxin” in it. By 2-3 weeks of pregnancy, the level of this hormone begins to increase, which is revealed as a result of the analysis. As a rule, a test carried out at 3-4 weeks of pregnancy of a dog is almost 100% reliable.

Dog pregnancy calendar by day

We present to your attention a detailed calendar of dog pregnancy and intrauterine development of puppies from the moment of conception to childbirth.

Note: the calendar uses the results of pregnancy monitoring of a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. The sizes of fetuses at one stage or another of intrauterine development and the dates indicated in the table are approximate and may differ for dogs of other breeds, sizes and individual characteristics.

Determining early pregnancy in a dog at home

Inexperienced owners of young bitches believe that during pregnancy, the canine body “will do everything by itself.” This is not true. A pet that carries offspring needs special care. Therefore, it is important to know how to determine in the early stages that a dog has become pregnant.

How long does pregnancy last?

The average duration of bearing a fetus varies from 61 to 66 days. Some dogs are 57-72 days pregnant.

Pregnancy in dogs lasts about 60 days.

Signs of pregnancy visible to the naked eye appear only at 2 months. But sometimes there are indirect symptoms. On the 14-21th day after mating, the animal becomes sleepy, lethargic, apathetic.

Diagnosing pregnancy with a test

Pregnancy testing is the laboratory analysis of an animal’s serum. In this case, the hormone relaxin is determined. Its concentration increases by 14–20 days. This is revealed as a result of laboratory research.

With a blood test, you can do a fertility test.

Exact timing

  • At this time, the bitch may have a “brutal” appetite. This is normal as the puppies are actively developing in utero. But if the food of the animal before pregnancy was complete, then the appetite does not change.
  • The domestic dog begins to protect its belly. She can only trust him in the owner. The aviary bitch, on the contrary, becomes more aggressive. She hides, bares her teeth, grumbles.
  • The tone of the abdominal cavity increases. Future puppies are in dire need of reliable protection. Elastic peritoneum is able to protect them from various risks.
  • Swollen nipples may fill with colostrum. The temperature of the skin in these areas rises slightly.
  • After urination from the genital tract, the appearance of watery mucus is observed.

A dog may have a very good appetite during pregnancy.

Methods for determining pregnancy at home

To determine pregnancy, light palpation of the abdomen is allowed.

A more reliable and informative determination of the density is possible only after 20–30 days. A test is usually done. If necessary, the dog is sent for an ultrasound examination.

For a more accurate diagnosis, the dog is sent for an ultrasound.

Signs of pregnancy

If the bitch is carrying offspring for the first time, then this may become noticeable immediately before delivery.

If this is the first pregnancy, then it will become noticeable only at the end of the term.

What to do

If bearing puppies is confirmed, the owner is advised to do the following:

  • Re-equip the dog’s seat, make it more spacious and comfortable.
  • Give the animal more boiled eggs and dairy products.
  • Add vitamins to food.
  • In the later stages, provide the pet with complete peace, protecting it from children and other pets.
  • Eliminate running and playing with other animals.

It is recommended to give the dog boiled eggs.

Change in behavior

The bitch’s behavior always changes. Some animals develop unusual or very strong appetites. The dog can get a little fat, become less agile and graceful. The coat becomes softer.

Sometimes the animal seeks solitude. She prefers to rest in an empty room to the owner. The dog often sucks up, its nipples swell. Some bitches get restless. Often they, whining, move from room to room, trying to find a suitable corner for future offspring.

Sometimes during pregnancy, the dog tends to be alone with itself.

Ultrasound examination

An ultrasound scan is possible only from 23–34 days. This research method allows you to see the amniotic fluid with embryos on the screen.

This method helps to predict the course of pregnancy and clarify how viable future puppies are.

Ultrasonography is performed between days 37 and 44. This method allows you to observe how the organs of the puppies are being formed. There is an opportunity to see in detail:

  • Heart valves;
  • Atria;
  • Ventricles.

Ultrasonography can help you monitor the development of puppies.

If the pregnancy is proceeding normally, the fetal heartbeat is expressed quite well.

Dog pregnancy, general data

Depending on the breed and constitution of the animal, pregnancy lasts about 60 days. Standard. 63, small breed dogs. 60. The offspring is considered full and viable if born in the period 53–71 days, earlier “babies” may have problems with lung opening, later ones with intoxication and lack of oxygen.

After mating, without waiting for the early signs of pregnancy in dogs, owners should begin to restructure the daily schedule and diet:

  • The dog’s place is re-equipped and made more spacious, pregnant females are more finicky and it is difficult for them to find a comfortable position for rest.
  • Dairy products and eggs are introduced into the diet. if the dog refuses, it cannot be forced, it can lead to dysbiosis.
  • In healthy dogs, vitamin C is synthesized in the body, it is recommended that a pregnant pet be given nutritional supplements or add vitamin powder to food.
  • At an early stage of pregnancy, it is recommended to drink a course of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, magnesium.
  • While the dog expresses a desire to walk for a long time and “be active”, do not limit it. The animal itself will let you know when walks need to be shortened.
  • Reducing walking is associated with the risk of not getting enough “sunbathing”, and they are necessary for normal metabolism and the synthesis of vitamins and minerals.
  • In the later stages, the pet needs peace, it must be protected from children and other animals. If necessary, the sunbed is moved in advance.
  • A “rounded” mother should not lie on the ground, concrete, damp grass.
  • It is not recommended to carry a pregnant dog in the car for a long time. it will get seasick, with all the ensuing consequences.
  • To exclude as much as possible. running up the stairs, jumping, falling, possible hits, playing with young dogs.
  • Talk to your doctor ahead of time about what to do if your blood pressure rises or you start to deliver prematurely. It is quite possible to stop the contractions in time “catching up”.
  • Watch out for breed abnormalities. dogs with an upturned nose may have difficulty breathing, and in large breeds, joints may suffer.
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Pregnant dogs have attacks of “harm”, the pet can lie on the ground, refuse to walk and hear commands. A small dog can be carried in your arms, with a large one you must follow the following rules:

  • Make sure your dog is okay, is not unconscious, does not experience shortness of breath.
  • Do not take your pet under the belly. one hand under the chest, the other under the pelvis in the form of a “seat”.
  • You need to put a stubborn person on all four paws.
  • Do not let go of the animal until you are sure that it stands firmly and keeps balance.

Signs of pregnancy in dogs at different times

Nature is not prone to indulgence, therefore the pregnancy of vulnerable animals proceeds relatively quickly and the “kids” stay with their mother for a very short time. A wild dog, until giving birth, remains mobile, able to feed and protect itself; with pets, things are a little different. There are no guarantees of obtaining healthy and full-fledged offspring, selection does its job and once strong animals become “problematic breeding” breeds. It is in the owner’s interest to know the signs of pregnancy in dogs and the rules for keeping the expectant mother.

Did you knit?

Outbred animals and undocumented individuals should not be allowed to breed and should be sterilized. this is truly the only way to counter the catastrophic numbers of homeless tetrapods. However, the data below also apply to outbred pets, taking a dog from the street, it is quite possible to get a “kinder surprise” with 1–8 “toys” inside.

Registered animals are knitted according to plan, in addition, the groom’s “services” usually cost money (“alimony” puppy), so the owners of the bitch need to understand whether the mating was successful. In the early stages, up to 2 weeks, the diagnosis is very individual, the first signs of pregnancy in dogs after mating may not appear:

  • Decrease in appetite (this is not a mistake! Decrease, not increase). immediately after fertilization of the eggs, the hormonal background of the dog is “stressed”. The dog may feel bad, understand that everything is not “as usual” and worry about it. Naturally, you should not let everything go “by chance”, lack of appetite, this is always a reason to be on your guard and watch the dynamics.
  • Toxicosis. the mother’s body prepares to raise puppies and conducts a “spring cleaning” of all systems. Throwing all the “garbage”. toxins into the bloodstream, for their subsequent elimination, the body temporarily poisons itself. The phenomenon is temporary, requires symptomatic relief of the condition. rest, clean water, absorbents, if necessary.
  • Behavioral changes. an active pet does not want to play, looks for affection, a soft blanket, fits for a long time and fins or vice versa, shows signs of apathy, constantly sleeps and is indifferent to the world around them. clearly expressed changes probably indicate pregnancy.
  • The nipples of the giving birth dogs swell already at 1-2 weeks, during the first pregnancy, there may be a thickening of the skin in the area of ​​the mammary glands, a color change to deep pink (for light dogs).
  • Pregnancy test. at week 3, the dog is tested for the presence of relaxin, a hormone that multiplies with the development of pregnancy.


The average duration of bearing fruit in dogs is 63 days. Bitches of small breeds puppies mainly on day 60, large ones. on day 65. However, this is an average data that may differ from real.

In order to establish the pregnancy of a pet by signs, study the pregnancy calendar, which describes in detail what happens to the mated bitch in each week of gestation:

  • The process of conception takes an entire week. Fertilization usually occurs the next day after mating. A zygote is formed, fetal membranes are formed around it.
  • The fertilized egg travels through the fallopian tubes and enters the uterus at the end of the second week of pregnancy. You can spot the first signs of pregnancy by changing your dog’s behavior. She looks calm and peaceful.
  • The placenta is formed, the head, limbs, heart are laid, the rudiments of internal organs are formed. Outward signs appear, suggesting that the bitch is pregnant. Fur begins to fall out on the belly, unpigmented nipples become pink in color.
  • The embryos grow in size and become visible on ultrasound. At this time, clear vaginal discharge appears. Experienced women in labor move with precautions so as not to harm the developing fetuses. They lose their appetite. In the firstborn, mild toxicosis may appear, they become lethargic, they vomit, sometimes to vomiting. This moment cannot be missed. At 5 weeks of gestation, switch to ready-to-eat meals for pregnant, lactating bitches and puppies. I recommend Eukanuba ready-to-eat food for puppies under 12 months old or otherwise, at least premium. If you are a natural practitioner, ask your dog handlers how to balance your diet. Super premium and premium dog food.
  • There is an intensive growth of embryos. The female’s belly becomes noticeable, the sides are rounded. Appetite increases, so adjust your portion size. However, do not overfeed so as not to provoke a difficult birth. Avoid using medications and vitamin and mineral supplements, they can harm the fruit.

After whelping, all calcium is mobilized for milk production. If the mechanism of its leaching from the bones is not worked out, a sharp drop in the concentration of Ca ions occurs. Convulsions occur, eclampsia develops, in which death is not excluded.

  • Fruit growth continues. Eyes, paws, genitals are forming.
  • The stomach enlarges, the udder swells. The dog fusses, licks the nipples.
  • On palpation of the abdomen, movements of the puppies are felt. Ultrasound allows you to count the number of pups. Milk begins to flow.
  • Labor is approaching.

How to independently determine pregnancy in a dog in the early stages

In the first half of puberty, you can only assume that the dog is pregnant. 3 weeks after mating, firstborns may experience toxicosis, which manifests itself in nausea, vomiting and goes away spontaneously in 2-3 weeks.

In the fourth week after urination, scanty mucous vaginal discharge appears, which hangs on a loop. This is normal, but if the female is not doing genital hygiene, wash her.

The color of the nipples becomes brighter only in the fifth week of gestation.

In dogs of large breeds, there are practically no problems with pregnancy, the bitch herself limits her movements. At home, in the first month, it is almost impossible to detect puberty.

In small dog breeds, during the fourth week of gestation, you may notice swelling of the mammary glands and pinkish skin.

For an accurate determination of puberty, contact the clinic.

Signs of pregnancy in dogs

I will talk about the signs of pregnancy in a dog, distinctive features by which you can make sure that the bitch is pregnant. You will find out how a true pregnancy differs from an imaginary and failed one, how puberty proceeds in small and large breed bitches. I’ll tell you why you need to go to the clinic and what information about the course of pregnancy you can get.

Diagnostics in the clinic

Laboratory, and also instrumental diagnostic methods to determine in the early stages not only the presence of pregnancy, but to exclude a failed and false pregnancy. You have mated a bitch and want to know if conception has occurred. In this case, take your pet to the clinic after 3 weeks. Her blood will be taken and tested for relaxin. A sharp increase in the concentration of the hormone indicates pregnancy.

This study will help to exclude imaginary hypoxia, which you cannot distinguish from the real one by clinical symptoms. The next early procedure for confirming pregnancy is ultrasound.

The veterinarian, in the fourth week of gestation, monitors the beating of the hearts of future puppies on the monitor. However, it’s too early to calm down. In a dog, after a month of normal pregnancy, the fruits are absorbed. The reason is not easy to establish, however, the embryos are resorbed or excreted with vaginal mucus in the form of black or greenish clots.

The dog looks puppy, its abdomen is enlarged, the mammary glands are hypertrophied. The time comes to give birth, and the cubs do not appear. If you did not test for relaxin in a timely manner or did not check for an ultrasound scan, you might think that the bitch has a false pregnancy.

The exact number of puppies can be determined by x-ray at the seventh week of gestation. Usually there are more of them than they counted, because the operator might not have noticed someone.

Signs of pregnancy after delay

If there is a delay in menstruation, the woman is actively interested in what the first signs of early pregnancy may be, and in what week these signs appear. During this period, expectant mothers often turn to any thematic forum, where various features of the first weeks are discussed. there are signs or no signs, what are the earliest symptoms that develop, etc., how a number of signs appear during multiple pregnancy, etc.

Signs of pregnancy after delay, photo

Most often, women note that already in the first days they either have an increased appetite or no appetite at all. Other signs are also noted. a low temperature and chills, strange sensations in the abdomen and itching of the navel, a constant change of mood. Some women describe only the main symptoms, some find 25 signs each.

But even if a woman notes a number of signs that may indicate conception. lack of appetite, mild colds, tearfulness, chills without fever, etc., there is no need to run to the doctor on the second day after the delay.

But later, during a visit to the doctor, it is important to tell him about the symptoms. After all, the first weeks of pregnancy, and the first, and second, and subsequent, are a period when the risk of termination is very high. It is important to inform the doctor that there are tingling sensations in the uterus, pain, as before menstruation, other discomfort in the uterus, tingling in the ovaries, etc.

In addition, the doctor can be asked questions that are important for a woman: can there be a temperature in the period after conception, can menstruation occur during early pregnancy, the signs of which are already taking place, how many days after conception begins to vomit, etc.

However, there are initial symptoms after a missed period, which can be considered accurate indications of a conception that has occurred. The most accurate signs are as follows:

  • A positive test, which was done at least three times, and, between the earliest test and the last one, several days should go. After how many days pregnancy appears on the test, depends on its type. But it is better to do it at least a week after the delay begins.
  • Gynecological examination on the chair. Doctors clearly know how long it takes to show the exact signs of pregnancy. When the gestation period is 6 weeks, the cervix becomes soft, its shade is bluish, since blood flow is activated in it, and during this period a woman may complain that she has a stabbing in the uterus. There is also a softening of the isthmus between the uterus and the body, an increase in the size of the uterus.
  • Increased levels of hCG in urine and blood. Even if there are no external signs, this indicator not only indicates conception, but is also perceived by a specialist as an indicator of the course of pregnancy. In the first month, hCG doubles every two days, later. every 4 days.
  • Results of ultrasound of the uterus. After an ultrasound examination, an implanted ovum can be detected at a period of 5 weeks.

Women who have had a delay, and who are actively interested in what day the symptoms appear, what are the signs and when the more pronounced manifestations begin, should be aware that there is a high probability of spontaneous miscarriage at 4-6 weeks. Therefore, it is important to “listen” to the body and be careful.

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When to see a doctor?

Do not postpone a visit to the doctor too long if you suspect that you are pregnant, or the test has already shown two strips. If there is a 2-week delay in menstruation, you can visit a doctor to confirm the pregnancy, and also, already within two weeks of the delay, find out approximately how long after conception, how the pregnancy proceeds.

In case there is a delay of 3 weeks, it is important to obtain confirmation that the pregnancy is uterine. Indeed, with an ectopic pregnancy, the same symptoms are noted as with its normal course. But this condition is very dangerous for a woman’s health.

During this period, the doctor can already roughly determine how long after conception takes place. However, three weeks of delay is not yet the time when you can get a lot of accurate information about fetal development.

Often women ask a gynecologist about how to feel that conception has occurred. But in fact, an early visit to a gynecologist is important from the point of view of excluding diseases of the genital area, as well as determining the general health of the expectant mother. After all, all diseases of the mother can subsequently negatively affect the health of the unborn child.

Thus, it is best to visit your doctor in the first month of pregnancy after your period has stopped and the first symptoms after conception appear. After all, 1 month is in many ways the most dangerous period, while the woman is not yet completely sure which pregnancy symptoms in the first days of the delay should be considered accurate.

When you visit a gynecologist in the first weeks of pregnancy, you need to tell him in detail about what symptoms of pregnancy were noted in the first weeks, what sensations bothered you in the first weeks. It is important to report exactly when your last period was. Also, the doctor may examine the chest, inquire about what sensations you are currently experiencing, whether you are worried about certain symptoms (cold, unusual discharge, chills at the beginning of the delay, etc.).

Pregnancy tests

In the first two weeks, the doctor will not only conduct an examination, but will ask you in detail about what sensations you experienced at 1 and 2 weeks.

You should go to the first appointment with a gynecologist before the time when the first signs of toxicosis may appear. That is, it is best to plan the first visit to the doctor for 2 months, when the discomfort is not yet so strong. The fifth week is an appropriate period for such a visit. The doctor may ask a number of questions about how a woman feels. It should be borne in mind that at 5 weeks the basal temperature remains stably elevated, and if a woman measures it, you can tell the doctor about it.

Less often, women postpone a visit to a gynecologist for 3 months, when the exact symptoms are already pronounced, there come times when the tummy gradually increases. Nevertheless, it is impossible categorically to postpone the visit to the doctor for 3, and even more so for 4 months.

The gynecologist always conducts an examination. It is important for him to assess the condition of the uterus, because the uterus before menstruation is firm to the touch and dry. The position of the cervix before menstruation is always low. The indicators of how much the uterus increases before menstruation and how much it becomes larger during pregnancy differ significantly. That is why, according to the state of the uterus, a specialist can judge the onset of pregnancy.

The doctor assesses how the uterus looks, and, depending on how many days after the delay, the woman came to the appointment, he can determine conception or ask the patient to come later, if signs of pregnancy and enlargement are not yet noticeable. How many days it takes to visit the doctor again, he must inform.

It is important to know for sure that the pregnancy is progressing normally. After a woman is registered, she visits a gynecologist every month.

Symptoms in the second week after conception and later

2nd week of pregnancy is a period when new sensations can be manifested more clearly. Often for a period of 10 days or 12 days, that is, at 2 weeks, women already carry out the test, relying on the fact that they have new sensations. The second week of delay is the period that may already be accompanied by nausea, appetite disorders, drowsiness. However, only the doctor, and not the expectant mother, based on her feelings, can determine how long the 12-day delay is.

At 2 and 3 weeks after conception, many pregnant women lose weight, as they have a certain picky eating and other unpleasant sensations. The second and third weeks are the period when pregnancy after conception is also manifested by changes in the mammary glands. the beginning of pregnancy is marked by the fact that the breast becomes very sensitive. Later, when the fourth week comes, the chest will become heavier, also 4 weeks is the period when you can feel the first signs of toxicosis.

What other signs are, and on what day they appear, you can find out from the relevant literature. And how the fetus develops is worth seeing. Which will help a woman to understand how all the processes occur after conception.

It should be noted that early signs of a second pregnancy may be atypical and appear differently from the first time. In the early stages, their absence is possible. everything happens without signs of pregnancy. It should be noted that the so-called latent pregnancy is asymptomatic, so a woman may not suspect that she is expecting a baby for a long time.

External changes during the first days of pregnancy

Even before the delay, the first signs of pregnancy after conception are manifested almost daily by external changes. Despite the fact that only a few women claim that they have certain strange sensations after ovulation, if conception has occurred, external changes occur in almost all.

Talking about what sensations they experienced when conceiving a child and after that, many women note that they developed thrush, and after thrush. cystitis. As a result, the question arose whether there could be a number of symptoms similar to pregnancy signs due to thrush.

And if, before the delay in menstruation, the woman herself can rather feel certain internal sensations after conception, then those around them note external changes.

Even before nausea appears after conception, the following external signs of pregnancy may be noted:

  • The appearance of puffiness of the face, hands. As a rule, a slight puffiness of the face appears in the early stages. Outward signs in the very early stages can also be manifested by swelling of the hands, noticeable when clenching them into fists. Obvious signs of spring are swelling of the legs, which leads to the fact that in the evening it is no longer possible to put on your usual shoes on your feet.
  • Acne. In connection with a sharp hormonal change in the body, acne appears on the skin at a short time. Before and during the delay, the appearance of acne is noted even by those women who have never previously suffered from acne.
  • Bloating. After the onset of conception, at a very early stage, the intestines begin to perform its function very slowly, therefore, a woman very often develops constipation. But one should consider not only constipation as a sign of conception, but also increased gas production due to swelling of the intestinal walls. As a result, bloating is noted, which manifests itself, despite the lack of appetite or, conversely, increased appetite. Bloating, like abdominal pain, can occur throughout the entire period of gestation. Whether bloating can be one of the first signs depends on the general condition of the body.
  • The manifestation of a venous pattern on the chest. Many women write on each thematic forum that the breasts have changed almost in the first days after conception. After how many days venous “patterns” appear on the chest, depends on individual characteristics.
  • Breast augmentation. The chest is poured, it becomes more magnificent. Even if a woman has a loss of appetite, and she loses weight, the very beginning of pregnancy may be marked by an increase in breasts by one or two sizes. You may feel a fever in your chest.
  • The skin around the nipples darkens. Like the sensations during conception, this manifestation is individual: in some women, the skin darkens a little, in others it is very strong by the type of pigmentation.
  • Redness of the skin of the face. A blush appears on the skin, as blood circulation in the woman’s body increases. As a rule, the face turns red, the woman gets hot in the late afternoon.
  • The appearance of a brown line on the abdomen. The conditional line that goes down from the navel gradually turns brown.

Signs of pregnancy: subjective feelings

Ovulation is the process when an egg cell ready for fertilization comes out of the ovarian follicle into the abdominal cavity. Ovulation occurs around day 12 to day 14 of the menstrual cycle. It is during this period that conception is most likely. However, there are certain reasons for delayed ovulation, they can be associated with stress, diseases of the genital area, hormone imbalance, etc. But in this case, fertilization can occur. In some cases, it is necessary to accurately set the time of ovulation in order to increase the likelihood of conception.

Sometimes, during ovulation, a woman shows certain signs. In frequency, some women have lower back pain at this time, tingling in the ovary, an increase in mucous secretions, bloating, thrush. There are also minor secretions. blood during ovulation can be released only in small amounts. Some women claim to have felt lower back pain after ovulation when conception occurred. But a week after ovulation is too short a time to conduct a test. over, on day 4 or day 5, pregnancy cannot be determined by a gynecologist.

At this time, both the headache and the causes of nausea are most likely not related to pregnancy. But about the 7th day, sensations that are not typical for a woman are already gradually beginning to appear. It is advisable to conduct the test no earlier than 10 days after ovulation. During this period, the cervix, if conception has occurred, gradually becomes looser. abundant discharge also appears if conception has occurred.

The moment of fertilization of the egg

Those who are interested in how many days after conception a pregnancy occurs should take into account that the day on which pregnancy occurs after conception depends on the movement of the fertilized egg to the uterus. This period is 7 to 10 days. Accordingly, after the implantation of the egg in the uterus, changes begin in the body, when a number of new symptoms for the expectant mother appear.

After how many days toxicosis and other unpleasant phenomena begin, depends, first of all, on the characteristics of the female body. For example, women who track basal body temperature note unusual basal body temperature graphs.

Early signs of pregnancy

Often, the first signs of pregnancy before menstruation can actually be symptoms of severe premenstrual syndrome. But the same primary signs are possible immediately after conception. If PMS is not a typical condition for a woman, then she perceives the initial signs as an unusual phenomenon, and when such symptoms appear, she thinks about whether it is possible to determine pregnancy in the early stages.

Early signs of pregnancy before a delay in menstruation may be as follows:

  • Feeling unwell. Even a week before menstruation, there is a feeling that a cold is developing, while there are no respiratory phenomena. A feeling of weakness appears, in the early stages the woman gets very tired.
  • Emotional destabilization. Constant changes in mood, change of joy with tears are also subjective signs of conception before delay. Similar signs are often observed in women prone to emotionality.
  • Manifestation of drowsiness, poor sleep. Those who are interested in how to determine pregnancy before a delay should pay attention to the manifestation of drowsiness, a constant feeling of lack of sleep. There are clear signs of sleep deprivation, even if the woman slept for 12 hours or more. Insomnia can also be overcome: the expectant mother suddenly wakes up very early and cannot fall asleep again.
  • Change in sex drive. Libido throughout the entire period of pregnancy can change in one direction or the other. At the same time, the earliest changes in libido are noted as early as 2-3 weeks after conception.
  • Feeling of heaviness in the pelvic region. This feeling arises as a result of more active blood flow to the pelvic organs. Therefore, a woman who is interested in how to understand that pregnancy has occurred perceives this phenomenon as a heaviness in the uterus. Feeling of fullness in the lower abdomen may also disturb. At the same time, the feeling of fullness in the lower abdomen does not disappear even after using the toilet.
  • Tingling sensation in the uterus. Periodic tingling sensations in or around the uterus.
  • Pain in the lower back. Such precursors are also likely: tingling in the back, lumbago in the lower back, radiating to the legs. A tingling sensation in the uterus can be noted already in the first weeks of pregnancy, before the delay, and can be felt as light tingling sensations before menstruation or after ovulation. The causes of tingling in the uterus are associated with hormonal changes, embryo attachment. You need to understand: if it tingles in the uterus, then this is a physiological phenomenon. As the fetus develops, lower back pain often bothers, as the growing uterus presses on the internal organs. Sometimes the lower back hurts after conception, on the days when the delay has just begun. Heat may also be felt in the lower back.
  • Migraine headache. The first symptoms of pregnancy before the delay in menstruation are also manifested by a headache, which can bother you throughout the day and subside only at night. The headache begins to bother in the first weeks, so the answer to the question whether a headache can be one of the signs is affirmative.
  • Increased sensitivity of the mammary glands. The sensitivity may increase to the point that even the slightest touch causes chest pain. Most expectant mothers have chest pains. over, a woman sometimes cannot even touch her chest, since she can feel pain after the lightest touch. How the chest hurts depends on the individual, although this symptom is taken into account when an early pregnancy determination is made before the delay. In some cases, on the contrary, there is a loss of sensitivity of the mammary glands. This is typical for those who always had an increase in breast sensitivity before menstruation.
  • Fever and chills. A feeling of heat, which is replaced by chills, manifests itself several times a day. In this case, an increase in body temperature may not occur. This is an inner feeling that does not depend on the influence of external factors.
  • Increased appetite or craving for a certain food. Often, almost in the second week of pregnancy, women notice a significant increase in appetite (pregnant women often write about this on each thematic forum, answering the question “What did you feel at the beginning of pregnancy?”). In the process of eating, they do not feel full. It also happens that you are drawn to a certain food product. It is also characteristic that pregnant women, as a rule, have a craving for that product or products that were previously absent on the menu.
  • Nausea. Many women are interested in whether toxicosis can begin and whether vomiting can occur at the earliest possible date. The onset of such sensations in pregnant women is individual. Nausea bothers more often in the morning, sometimes there is vomiting. There is a sharp rejection of certain foods, even the thought of which provokes nausea. Heartburn often develops in the early stages. Pain in the intestines and stomach is also likely. How the stomach hurts, the woman herself determines with difficulty, because it is, rather, a pulling sensation, heaviness. Whether the stomach hurts in the first days after conception depends on individual characteristics. this does not always happen.
  • High sensitivity to odors. Many women who write on the forum and share their experience, answering the question: “How did you feel that you were pregnant?”, Talk about a dramatic change in their sense of smell. There is an aversion to those smells that previously seemed pleasant, for example, to the aroma of food, perfumery, etc. At the same time, some chemical smells may seem attractive. It happens that a woman feels an uncharacteristic aroma when smelling food. for example, it may seem to her that the food has the aroma of acetone. Whether such changes can be felt immediately after conception depends on individual characteristics. As a rule, an increased sensitivity to odors is observed within a few days after conception.
  • Feeling of discomfort while sitting. Already in the first days after conception, the expectant mother can hardly find a comfortable position in a sitting position.
  • Allergy. Allergy as a symptom manifests itself in the early stages. As a rule, this is an allergic reaction that has not been previously noted in a woman.
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Early diagnosis of pregnancy allows you to know if conception has occurred, even if there are no signs described above. But defining such subjective feelings in oneself helps those women who ask whether it is possible to find out about pregnancy before the delay. Although the most accurate data on pregnancy can only be provided by a blood test for hCG, later. a hypersensitive test. But even the most sensitive specimens can end up being interpreted as a weakly positive test if a pregnancy test was done too early. The earliest term for determining conception is 20-21 days from the date of the last menstruation. That is why most women are trying to figure out how to find out if there is a positive result, how to find out if conception has occurred.

If a woman kept a BT schedule, then is it possible to understand that she is pregnant, the basal temperature will help, which does not decrease during pregnancy as it does before menstruation.

Pregnancy test before delay, photo

There are a number of other signs that a woman is interested in, in order to find out that she is pregnant, she “seeks out” herself in the first days after the probable conception. Reading articles that there are 33 signs of pregnancy or their other number, she notes discharge, thrush, cystitis, acne as such. But all these manifestations may also indicate the development of the disease, and not pregnancy. For example, the discharge during conception of a child may be the same as with thrush. What kind of discharge after conception appears, as well as what are the most accurate signs of pregnancy, the doctor can tell, who should be asked how to identify the exact signs, and how to understand that you are pregnant.

First week of pregnancy: signs and sensations

Since 1 week is, in fact, not a pregnancy, at this time a woman, as a rule, does not yet determine those syndromes and symptoms that are evidence of a successful conception. On rare occasions, some expectant mothers say that already on the first day of conception, long before the test was carried out, they felt certain strange sensations. But nevertheless, the sensations during fertilization, in the first days after it, when a woman determines something unusual in the body, is rather. An exception. Also, in rare cases, the corresponding symptoms appear on day 2 or day 3. That is why it is difficult for a woman in the first days (on the 4th day, on the 5th day) to understand what is happening.

Many women are not aware of the earliest signs of pregnancy in the first week. But already during this period, the first symptoms of pregnancy begin in the first week: the stomach pulls, discharge appears, etc.

First week of pregnancy

Whether there are certain symptoms at 1 week after conception, and when more pronounced symptoms occur, depends on the woman’s body. If the delay is 6 days, it is still difficult for the doctor to determine how long. Thus, the first week against the background of a developing pregnancy, signs appear rarely, and a woman, as a rule, does not know about her condition.

General information

The very first weeks of pregnancy are a truly memorable and very exciting period in life for every woman. However, in most cases, it is during this period that she is in the dark, trying to find in herself the very first signs of pregnancy.

The obvious signs of the onset of pregnancy are the absence of menstruation and the appearance of two clear lines on the test.

But a woman still tries to determine conception earlier, to find out what sensations at the beginning of pregnancy are her evidence. After all, a woman’s body “signals” about conception much earlier than it can be accurately determined. That is why women who believe that they have become pregnant often ask their friends: “What were the first signs of pregnancy did you have?”, And also try to “listen” to their own body and notice a variety of signs: heaviness in the uterus, tingling in the nipple area, feeling hunger and other harbingers. But still, it should be remembered that secondary signs are not an absolute guarantee of the onset of pregnancy.

In addition, such symptoms of pregnant women do not always bother everyone. But these manifestations take place in most expectant mothers. You can find out below how to get confirmation of an “interesting” situation in a short period of time, after what time the first signs of pregnancy appear.

Signs of multiple pregnancy

Sometimes, during ovulation and conception, several fruits begin to develop in the body at once. There are some characteristic symptoms of conception when two or more fetuses develop. It is hardly possible to feel any signs of this phenomenon immediately after conception, but after a few weeks, if conception has occurred, such symptoms appear.

How To Determine A Dog'S Pregnancy In The Early Stages

If the symptoms of pregnancy after conception indicate multiple pregnancies, the woman should tell her doctor the first time she visits her. The following signs are likely:

Appearance It is getting worse, since a very serious hormonal change occurs in the body, and nausea is also constantly worried. Acne appears on the face.
Frequent urination Describing what signs of multiple pregnancy may be, frequent urination should be noted, since the uterus is enlarged already in the third week.
Appetite As a rule, you want to eat in this state all the time, although nausea worries. Weight gains quickly.
Nausea It is important to note how many days after conception begins to vomit. With multiple pregnancies, nausea is strong and very painful almost from the first week, this condition worries throughout the whole day.
Features of mood Due to constant drowsiness and weakness, the mood is often depressed, working capacity worsens.
Stomach Since the uterus grows rapidly, the abdomen is rounded in the first months, the rounding is noted evenly.

Signs of conceiving a boy and a girl

Most future parents would very much like to know from the very first days whether the birth of a girl or a boy awaits them. That is why expectant mothers are looking for a variety of signs that could indicate the birth of a baby of a certain gender. For example, the difference in the abdomen during pregnancy with a boy or a girl is discussed, the condition of the skin. whether acne appears or not, etc.

But after the test showed two stripes, all signs that indicate the conception of a boy or girl cannot be considered accurate, and parents should remember this. But still, many mothers talk about the fact that they had certain symptoms, indicating the birth of a baby of a certain gender, and ask their friends: “Is there a certain sign“ in girls ”, are there“ in boys ”? Your period stops and certain signs gradually appear that indicate the birth of a boy or girl.