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How To Determine The Sex Of A Puppy 2 Months Old

Boys signs

The distinctive features of males include the following:

  • In puppies-boys who are not yet two months old, the genitals are just beginning to form. Therefore, their testicles are not even visible. However, despite this, they can be distinguished from girls by their small penis.
  • The dog should have a small skin fold with a protrusion under the navel. If this is not an ordinary mongrel, but a thoroughbred long-haired puppy, then there should be a woolen bun in this place.
  • A bit of hair can be seen between the hind legs of the dog. Testicles will grow in this place in the future.

Signs of girls

Before you know the sex of a puppy, you need to familiarize yourself with the main sex differences of girls. Signs by which you can distinguish a female:

  • In puppies-girls in the navel area there is completely no wool, and also there is no characteristic protrusion. However, there you can see small dark dots.
  • A small button-shaped seal can be seen under the tail of females near the anus. Males should have nothing in this place.

Definition by face and appearance

To quickly determine the sex of a puppy, you need to carefully examine its appearance. Sometimes it is enough just to look at the face of an animal to understand whether it is a boy or a girl.

Most males have a rougher and larger face. She is also distinguished by masculinity and severity. At the same time, females have cute and sophisticated faces.

3 months and older

When puppies are three months old, it is much easier to determine their gender. In males, the scrotum begins to appear and the testicles descend. At first, the scrotum is invisible and palpable only during palpation. However, it increases over time. Also, in three-month-old dogs, the penis grows. Its size directly depends on the breed. For example, in shepherd dogs, it is quite large, and therefore it can be seen with the naked eye even at an early age.

In females, starting from the age of three months, a firm seal is felt near the umbilical cord. If you look under the tail of the dog, you can see the vulva there.

Even inexperienced dog breeders will be able to determine the sex of animals older than 4-6 months. In males, the testicles are already clearly visible, and the size of the penis increases significantly. In girls, the genitals also become more visible.

Sex determination at 1-2 months, at 3 months and older

Some people don’t know how to tell puppies by gender at a given age. There are various signs that can indicate a dog’s gender.

In 1-2 months

Sometimes dog breeders try to determine the gender of two-month-old puppies by their behavioral characteristics. However, at this age, the behavior of animals practically does not differ. Males and females are equally playful and frisky.

To understand whether a puppy is a boy or a girl, you need to pay attention to its sexual characteristics. At this age, they become more pronounced. In monthly animals, the umbilical cord becomes noticeable. Outwardly, it looks like a small bump. The umbilical cord is located in the center of the abdomen.

How To Determine The Sex Of A Puppy 2 Months Old

The genitals near the anus are a sign of the female

Differences in behavior of opposite-sex puppies

Many novice dog breeders are interested in whether it is possible to distinguish the sex of dogs by the characteristics of their behavior.

In the first weeks of life, all dogs behave the same. However, over time, they develop certain behavioral features. For example, in males, behavior begins to change dramatically, starting at the age of three months. It is during this period of life that they begin to mark the territory and write in their characteristic pose.

Males, unlike girls, from an early age begin to sniff objects and mark them. When they are six months old, they begin to raise their paws at the time of urination.

Other behavioral features can be considered individual, so they do not always indicate the sex of the puppy.

When gender becomes pronounced

Newborn puppies that are just born do not have any pronounced sexual characteristics. They begin to appear only one month after birth. At this age, the genitals begin to form, thanks to which many distinguish a boy from a girl. However, the sex of dogs becomes most pronounced when they are over six months old.

In adolescence, it is almost impossible to confuse a boy dog ​​with a girl. The differences between them concern not only the genitals, but also the characteristics of behavior. Males are more active and mobile, rarely sitting in one place. Females, on the other hand, are calmer and more obedient.

How to determine the gender of a newborn puppy

Most people do not have a problem with sex determination in adult dogs. However, many do not know how to determine the sex of a puppy. The fact is that in newborn dogs, the genitals are formed rather slowly. Therefore, many novice dog breeders do not always understand who is in front of them. a girl or a boy.

Determining the sex of a puppy is an activity that every dog ​​breeder will have to do

  • Why you need to know the sex of the dog
  • Determining the sex of a newborn dog: animal physiology
  • Signs of girls
  • Boys signs
  • Differences in behavior of opposite-sex puppies
  • Gender determination at 1-2 months, at 3 months and older
  • In 1-2 months
  • 3 months and older
  • Definition by face and appearance
  • When gender becomes pronounced
  • Possible errors in gender determination

Differences and features of behavior

Behavior in newborns and grown-up puppies is not much different. Healthy puppies are mobile, active, inquisitive. Therefore, this sign will not help much in determining the sex characteristics of small puppies.

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The characteristic behavioral signs of dogs and females appear only after four to five months. Features of behavior also depend on the type of nervous system, individual, breed characteristics of the organism.

How to determine the gender of a puppy

How to determine the sex of a puppy and learn to distinguish boys from girls? Whom to get, a dog or a bitch? What is the difference between girls and boys? We will analyze all these questions in the article.

Why you need to know the sex of the dog

If the sex of a young or adult dog will not be a problem for an experienced dog breeder, then it is much more difficult to determine the sex of a newborn or grown-up one-month-old, two-month-old puppy, especially if you have no experience of communicating with these animals and have never been breeding dogs.

The future owner needs to know the sex of the puppy due to the different behavior between individuals of opposite sexes. Males and females behave differently in different situations and ages.

In addition, you need to know the gender of newborn puppies if you will be engaged in breeding.

Determining the gender of a newborn puppy

Note that the sex of newborn puppies, if you have not previously encountered a similar task, is much more difficult to determine than, for example, when the baby is 1-2 months old. Puppies are born with primary sexual characteristics, but they are not as pronounced as in grown-up babies or young dogs.

Newborn puppies have weak immunity, so if it becomes necessary to determine the sex, transfer the babies to a warm room, where there are no drafts or other pets.

To understand the sex of a puppy, look at its genitals. Babies who have just been born have a naked, not covered with wool, pink smooth tummy. Take the baby gently in your arms and turn it over on the back. On the tummy, you will see the navel and genitals.

Signs of a boy:

  • Up to 8-9 weeks, males do not have testicles, but you can notice a tiny penis. The penis is about one centimeter from the navel.
  • Just below the navel, you can see a small skin fold, a small protrusion. Long-haired dogs also show a long tuft of hair.
  • Under the tail, the boy will only have an anus, and between the hind legs, in the crotch, there is also a tuft of wool. Here in the future, the testicles will be located. The scrotum and testicles can be clearly seen when the puppy is 6-8 months old.

Signs of girls:

  • There are no genitals on the abdomen other than the nipples and navel.
  • Urethra, the entrance to the vagina is just below the anus.

Physiology will help determine the sex of the puppy, but there are other indirect signs that can help you distinguish boys from girls.

Appearance, behavioral features of adolescent puppies

The gender of adolescent puppies can also be determined by their appearance and behavior. Males are taller, larger, more massive, faster and more active bitches. They have better reaction times. But adolescent males can show disobedience, aggression towards their relatives, other males, and demonstrate a wayward character. Males have thicker, longer hair.

Girls are smaller, lower than males, this is especially noticeable in representatives of medium, large breeds. Bitches are more affectionate, calmer, more obedient. They are more focused, thoughtful. They are characterized by licking the owner in a fit of feelings, which is associated with the instinct of showing concern for the members of their flock and cubs. But still, these signs can be called rather auxiliary.


Males are considered to be larger than females. Indeed, dogs have a larger build, a massive skeleton. The muzzle looks more severe, rough. Somewhat larger than that of females.

Girls are smaller, have a delicate, lighter body constitution. The muzzle is smaller than that of males, legs and bones are smaller. In addition, girls have a more pretty expression on their faces.

It should be understood that the external signs of small puppies depend on the breed and on how the puppy was born. The largest babies are usually born in the top three. Although there are exceptions here, especially if the bitch’s pregnancy was complicated.

3 months and older

Determining the sex of three-month-old babies and older puppies is much easier. After 2 months, the dogs have a scrotum, into which the testicles should descend. If the puppy is a cryptorchid, the scrotum may be invisible, but palpation reveals an “empty” leathery sac. The size of the penis in males depends on the breed and size of the dog. Long-haired dogs will have a bun of long hair at the tip of their penis.

In females, the white line on the tummy is completely smooth. If you run your fingers from the sternum to the base of the abdomen, a slight lump can be felt in the navel. Looking under the tail of the dog, you can see a leaf-shaped formation near the anus. This is the vulva (the entrance to the vagina).

In grown-up puppies, starting from 5-6 months, even a novice dog breeder can determine the sex. In dogs, the testicles are clearly visible, and the penis is located at some distance from the anus, closer to the base of the abdomen. The sex of males is emphasized by the testes (testes).

In female puppies, the shape of the genitals will resemble a leaf or a heart. The vagina is located under the anus almost at the base of the abdomen.

The older the dog gets, the easier it is to determine its gender. The dog can be recognized by the characteristic “stance”. When urinating, they raise their paws near bushes, poles, corners of houses. Males, especially non-castrated ones, tend to mark their territory. Females relieve themselves in a small sitting position.

Bitches go into heat once every five to six months after 6-9 months. During this period, the pet needs special care and control from the owners.

In 1-2 months

Sex is much easier to determine in puppies at 1-2 months old, although at this age there is little difference in the behavior of puppies. Kids are frisky, playful, active, learn the outside world with interest.

In two-month-old puppies, the primary sexual characteristics are more pronounced than in newborns. You can also determine the sex of a puppy at this age by physiological characteristics.

In one-month-old puppies, the umbilical cord is clearly distinguishable, it looks like a small tubercle located almost in the middle of the tummy. In this place, the skin is denser and more mobile, which can be determined by careful palpation.

How to tell the sex of a puppy: dog physiology

If the gender of your future dog still matters to you, or you are anxious to find out more quickly who your pet gave birth to, consider the main signs that will help in determining the sex of the puppy.

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You can determine the sex of a puppy:

  • Physiological characteristics;
  • Behavioral manners;
  • Appearance.

Based on physiological data, it is quite simple to determine the sex of a puppy. The optimal age for gender determination is three to four weeks. Inspection of puppies at an earlier age will cause discomfort and discomfort to babies and will disturb the mother-dog.

Appearance and expression of the face

We think we will not surprise many if we say that dogs of different genders have different facial expressions. Yes, of course, at a very “infancy” age, this is little noticeable, but by about half a year, many will probably be able to tell whether the eyes of a girl or a boy are looking at them. Does this sound funny to you? Then take a look at some pictures of puppies of different sexes, and you will see for yourself.

As breeders and experienced dog breeders say, girls have a more pretty expression on their faces. They are often more focused and thoughtful, serious and sometimes stern. Male puppies look more courageous (depending on the breed), more independent. Remember the game “He or She”? Try to play it with your family, it is not only exciting and interesting, but also helps to test your intuition.

Boy or girl: learning to determine the sex of a puppy

Expert advice

  • If you want to know the sex of a puppy, it is important to be very careful with the examination, as babies are very sensitive and fragile.
  • Do not rush to immediately examine and pick up the newborn baby. Firstly, in the first days and even weeks it is very difficult to understand anything, and secondly, it can weaken the smell of a puppy for a bitch.
  • It is best to perform sex determination manipulations after 3-4 weeks of life. Observe whether the male scrotum develops and the penis becomes more pronounced. Also puppies-boys are slightly larger than girls.
  • To carry out a proper examination of the puppy, take a soft, preheated terry towel. Spread the towel on a flat surface, make a small indentation with your hands and place it gently on the back of the puppy, holding it with your hand.
  • Try to pet and relax the puppy. In this position, lying on his back, the baby will keep his legs bent, so it will be convenient to examine his belly and groin.
  • All actions must be very careful, calm and orderly.

Are there any differences in behavior?

All puppies in the first days and weeks of life behave exactly the same, but as they grow up, they may already show different behavioral features. The sex of the baby is most clearly manifested after 3-4 months, when the males begin to mark the territory and take the appropriate posture during urination. Although females also have an instinct to mark territory, nevertheless, in males it manifests itself more strongly and often. So the baby can often sniff various objects, places, and then quickly and gradually urinate. Also, by about 6 months, males will try to raise their paws while urinating, and females will still squat.

Fundamentals of Physiology: Examining the Genitals

So, the main and most, as they say, reliable method of how to determine the sex of a dog, is the examination of the genitals. However, everything would seem to be very simple, if not for one “but”: in puppies in the first days and weeks of life, sexual characteristics are poorly formed, which complicates the situation. Of course, the first thing a dog owner needs to do is know and understand the physiology of the animal. Let’s look at this in more detail.

Sexual characteristics of a dog:

  • In male dogs up to 8 weeks of age, the genitals are poorly formed, the testicles are not yet visible, but the sex can be recognized by the existing tiny penis;
  • In the area just below the navel, where there is practically no hair, the newborn puppy will have a small fold of skin and a small protrusion. If the dog is long-haired, then there may be a clearly visible tuft of fur;
  • Under the tail, the dog will have only one anus and a small tuft of hair between the legs. Testicles will be located here in the future.

Sexual characteristics of the bitch:

  • Girls dogs will not have any tuft of fur or palpable protrusion in the navel area. But there may be little nipples (there are also males);
  • Under the tail of girls, just below the anus, almost in the area between the legs, there will be a small button seal. This is the genital slit. details can be seen in the photo.

Girl and boy: is there a difference?

How often, among those who want to get a dog, you can hear: “We want a dog”, “And we want a girl.” Is there any difference at all, and why do the owners generally attach importance to the sex of the pet? According to experts, there is no difference, except for some physiological characteristics and appearance, between a dog and a bitch. A dog of either sex will match the empty qualities and equally love its owners. However, there are still some nuances that somehow determine the importance of choosing the sex of the animal.

As practice shows, bitches are more loyal to their home and owner, more often more loving and domestic. With rare exceptions, they run away from home, and, lost or left without an owner, it is more difficult to endure separation. Males in this regard are a little more independent, although it is important to take into account individual characteristics. For example, smelling the smell of a “running” bitch, a dog can, as they say, “lose his head”: run away from home, disobey the command, blindly following his instinct. There is also an opinion that bitches are more angry and aggressive in guarding qualities than males.

As for the physiological characteristics, it is worth remembering that the bitch, like any female, has a period of sexual heat and estrus. During these periods, it must be protected from free walking on the street and proximity to males, if mating is not planned. Dogs experience this period in different ways: some do not externally show their “desire”, others, on the contrary, become very active. As for the males, they are always ready for mating, therefore, whenever possible, they are ready to dodge after the tail they like. What other significant differences may be, also find out from the Puppy Time channel.

“Boy and girl: is there a difference?

In the next, you can see two opposite-sex puppies and try to understand whether they differ in appearance and behavior or not (djeyn8).

How to determine the sex of a puppy at the age of 1–2 months

While developing in the womb, puppies feed through the umbilical cord. After birth, the dog gnaws at the umbilical cord, separating the puppy from the placenta. The umbilical cord will dry out within about a week and then fall off. At the age of one month, the umbilical cord is clearly visible in the form of a scar or a small tubercle right in the middle of the abdomen. If you feel your baby’s belly, you will feel that the skin on the navel is thicker and more mobile.

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At 1-2 months old, you can tell the sex of your puppy by the following:

  • A male dog has a “button” with a small hole just under the navel. the foreskin of the penis.
  • The bitch has genitals much lower, at the base of the abdomen.

Important! Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to roll or pull the foreskin of the male puppy’s penis. Up to 6 months of age, the penis of a male puppy remains closed.

When the puppy is 2 months old, you can determine its gender by examining the anus.

  • In males, the anus is under the tail and there is nothing next to it.
  • In a puppy-girl, the outer labia are visible immediately under the anus. Unlike adult dogs, the loop in female puppies is very small and can be said to be flat. The loop is separated by a vertical slit, which may be barely pronounced. Regardless of the length of the puppy’s coat, the female genitals are protected by long, thin hair.

The appearance of the penis

Male kittens have an absolutely round urethra.

Girls have a vertical form of the penis.

For those who love associations, the sex determination of a kitten can be expressed as follows: a cat has a colon’s genitals, a cat has an inverted letter “i”.

This is the surest way to determine the sex of an almost newborn kitten.

Examining a Newborn Puppy?

Puppies from birth to one month old are very vulnerable. Treat babies very carefully and carefully. Newborn puppies do not see or hear anything, so your manipulations can be scary, which will lead to an exciting squeak and feelings of the mother dog.

Tip: if possible, wait a few weeks before determining the sex of the babies.

During the inspection, do not pull the puppy by the tail under any circumstances! When picking up your baby, be extremely careful and try to maintain the maximum body area.

When examining, the puppy must be placed on its back. Fold your palms in a “” and gently, without squeezing, try to examine the puppy’s belly. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to enlist the support of another person. In order not to risk it (if you have no one to help), it is better to examine the puppies on a thick, soft towel, right on the floor next to the nest.

The inspection should not take more than 10 minutes. Newborn puppies are not able to maintain their own body temperature, so they quickly get hypothermic even in warm weather. Thermoregulation will not work well for 2–3 weeks after birth. If you are viewing the puppy on a towel, it is best to place a heating pad underneath.

Important! If the newborn puppy starts screaming loudly, return it to the mother immediately. The stress that a nursing bitch experiences when a puppy calls for help can provoke inappropriate behavior towards the owner or even cessation of lactation.

The principles for determining the sex of newborn and monthly puppies do not differ. Physiologically, babies are the same. The severity of the genitals can vary, especially in newborn males. In any case, when determining the sex of newborn puppies, there is a risk of error.

Veterinary method

You can accurately find out the sex of a kitten by contacting a veterinary clinic. If a visual examination by an experienced veterinarian does not allow accurate results (for example, when the length and thickness of the coat of a very small kitten “confuse the readings”), there is always an opportunity to donate blood for analysis. It makes sense to resort to this method when this is the only way, and the result, for some reason, needs to be found out urgently.

The first method is to determine the sex of the kitten by the outlines of the genitals.

The appearance of the anus and genitals is described above for newborn kittens and animals at the age of one month. In order to examine their structure, the kitten is carefully turned over with its tummy up. Another way is to put the baby on the diaper with his back up and raise the tail.

Sex differences in young kittens


It is necessary to take the kitten carefully and feel the place between the anus and the urethra.

If small tumors are felt under the fingers, it means that by two months testicles will begin to appear in this place.

If it’s a girl, the place will be smooth, without highlighting.

However, this method often misfires, because the testes may still be in the abdominal cavity, and girls, due to the structural features of the body, may have small tumors, swelling and other bulges.

Absolute result

DNA test can be done.

This procedure is quite expensive, so not every curious owner will turn to it.

The second method is the difference between kittens by coat color

Regarding the color of the coat, it has only been reliably proven that only girls can be tricolor. The combination of white, black and red is genetically determined. This color is due to two X chromosomes from the female set of chromosomes. The so-called “tortoiseshell” color is also inherent only in females. It is believed that red hair is a sign of male sex. And, indeed, male cats are most often red, but there are also females. Therefore, by the red color, one should not judge the sex.

Who is the cat here. And who is the cat?

Boys and girls: how to find out the gender of a kitten

Many people, when starting a pet, are usually immediately identified with the sex of the pet.

In the case of a dog, it is not difficult to distinguish a boy from a girl, but with kittens it is more difficult to do it.

Kittens are very funny and intelligent animals, while they grow up, the owners experience a lot of joyful and funny moments.

It is necessary to determine the sex of a kitten even in infancy, in order to take it into the house as early as possible and teach it to everything. to the tray, bowl, to the owners.

In the end, you need to decide how to name the kitten right away.

Due to the anatomical features, it is quite difficult to figure out what gender the kitten is.

Sometimes, even animal sellers cannot accurately answer this question.

What methods can be used to find out the sex of a kitten?