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How to diaper train your French Bulldog puppy

How to train a puppy?

The puppy cannot be focused on one activity for a long time, so training should be short but frequent.

If your baby is not yet four months old, then the optimal time will be five minutes at a time, when he gets older, then increase the time to ten minutes. You need to deal with the dog three to five times a day.

Show patience, do not be lazy to repeat the commands (sometimes you will have to do this more than a dozen times). Do not be aggressive towards your puppy and never physically abuse her.

Pick a time when your puppy is as alert as possible.

It is not advised to arrange workouts after a hearty lunch, as the baby will want to sleep. However, it is impossible to train French Bulldogs on an empty stomach. after the last meal, an hour and a half or two should pass.

Gradually complicate your workouts. First, teach your dog simple commands (“to me”, “fu”), and then more complex and consisting of several simple.

When your dog has mastered a few commands, then try clicker training (training with a special clicking device). Click, and then immediately give the dog a treat. While executing commands, click the clicker. So, over time, the dog will begin to associate the expected behavior with this sound.

Below we will look at a few examples of teaching the French Bulldog simple commands:

  • To train your dog to follow the “fu” command, do the following. At the time when she begins to gnaw on something that is not intended for this, lightly tap her on the nose and say “fu”. Then give her her toy. Repeat this until the puppy has mastered what things in the house are for his teeth;
  • to teach your dog to sit, place it in front of you and pick up a treat. Give the order to sit firmly but in a friendly manner and press the French Bulldog’s lower torso to the floor. Give a treat and compliment your baby. Repeat the exercise, however, this time do not help the bulldog.

Thus, we can conclude that it is possible to train a dog to commands only with the help of patience, a friendly attitude, strictness and a large number of delicacies.

Where to begin?

First of all, you need to decide what you want to get as a result. an obedient dog or a bulldog who can perform tricks no worse than four-legged circus performers. Based on this, make a detailed strategy for raising a puppy.

Whatever choice you make, you should show the French Bulldog who’s boss from the very beginning. By being strict in the beginning, you will save many obedience problems in the future. Also, the pet needs to be accustomed to its name.

From the very beginning of your life, teach your puppy to execute simple commands, for example “to me”, “fu”, “yes”. Try to do this gently, without causing negative emotions in your baby. The form of play is best for this.

Also, don’t let your dog beg. If you give in at least once and share a bite from your plate, then the French Bulldog will make the eyes of the hungriest dog in the world every time you eat. The dog must not only clearly know its place, but also eat exclusively from its own bowl.

Finally, from the very beginning of education, do not forget about the correct ratio of punishment and reward. Of course, it is a pity to scold a small puppy in case of misconduct, but this is a forced and necessary measure. Do not let the dog get away with pranks, otherwise in the future this may lead to the fact that the dog will absolutely not obey its owner.

How to teach a puppy to walk on a diaper?

The process of teaching a puppy to walk on a diaper is no more difficult than training a dog to the toilet.

To do this, it is enough to observe only four conditions:

  • Buy a low litter box so the French Bulldog can overcome the sides. Place a diaper in place of filler. They are both disposable and reusable. During training, do not change the location of the toilet or buy a new litter box. Always keep this place clean;
  • after the puppy has eaten, immediately carry it closer to the diaper. Also remember that your baby will want to use the toilet as soon as he wakes up. Do not let him do his “business” on the carpet, as it will be very difficult to wean him from this;
  • fence off the space within which the puppy will live. Equip him there with a toilet with a diaper. So you will make it easier for yourself, because you will not need to look throughout the house for a place where the Frenchman decided to relieve himself;
  • clean up the place immediately after the “accident”. In no case should there be ammonia in the cleaning product, because this substance is part of the bulldog’s urine, and its smell will only attract the dog. Place a rag with urine on the puppy’s diaper, or shuffle on it with a special product that attracts the dog.

Basic training methods

The training method is a way of influencing the dog, the task of which is to develop the skills necessary for the trainer.

For training French Bulldogs, two types of training are most often used. gustatory and mechanical methods.

They are the most calm and not causing negative emotions in the dog.

Gustatory training method:

  • stock up on a stock of your pet’s favorite treats (you can’t use human food as a reward!);
  • start training three to four hours after feeding;
  • give a command to the dog;
  • repeat it until the bulldog does it correctly;
  • give him a treat;
  • repeat this process until consolidated, following the principle: the correct execution of the command is a delicacy.

House train french bulldog (step-by-step potty training instructions)

Mechanical training method:

  • put the dog in front of you and give it a command;
  • if she did it correctly, then stroke it or scratch behind the ear;
  • use mechanical reward every time your dog obeys you.

Conclusion and conclusions

Now you know how to raise a French Bulldog so that it grows up as an obedient dog. Remember that the most important thing in this process is your patience and perseverance.

In no case, do not give up trying to train your pet, because even such a wayward dog as a “Frenchman” will obey you sooner or later.

When to start teaching teams?

You can start teaching your puppy to execute commands from the first month. These include the simplest forbidding commands, “come to me”, “give”.

But serious training should be started from three months. Don’t try to master all the commands at once. With proper training by six months, the puppy will know all the basic orders “by the teeth”.

French Bulldog training: how to educate and train a dog how to toilet train a puppy

The French Bulldog is an extremely popular dog breed that is inferior to its large brethren exclusively in size.

Due to its compact size, dogs of this breed do well even in small apartments.

In addition, they are very unpretentious to care for and extremely friendly. However, this breed does not take up the self-will.

In this article, you will learn how to properly raise and train French Bulldogs so that they are obedient and know how to behave.

Toilet training

The first rule to remember when toilet training is to be patient.!

A small puppy does not always understand his mistakes, so you should not swear too much if the baby made a puddle in the wrong place. The Frenchman did it not at all out of harm or stupidity.

You need to train a puppy to the toilet from the age of two months.

It is better to use absorbent diapers instead of litter for the tray. A newspaper is not suitable for such an intimate matter. lead is harmful even to dogs. Never use cat litter. The kid can swallow it, which will lead to digestive problems.

Pay attention to the place of choice for the toilet. It should be quiet, calm and secluded so that no one distracts the dog from “important things”.

If you have a large family, then you should not install a dog toilet in the bathroom or toilet room, otherwise it may turn out that the dog will not be able to get there at the right time. Therefore, this puddle will be solely on your conscience.!

As soon as you see that the puppy wants to use the toilet, immediately carry him to the litter box. Typical signs: the puppy whines and spins in place. Do not tighten, or a puddle will appear on the floor.

Remove all carpets from the baby’s reach, otherwise there is a good chance that the Frenchie will like them much more than in the tray.

Remember that French Bulldogs are extremely clean dogs, so their litter box must be kept perfectly clean.

How to toilet train your French Bulldog puppy

The dog may be sick.
The dog is not trained to do it on the street.
An animal can mark its territory.
The dog may urinate when agitated, scared, agitated, or upset.

diaper, train, french, bulldog

In a house where a dog is tamed, you need to take space and not allow the dog to relieve himself in prohibited places. Remove the boxes, boxes where the animal can huddle, but leave one or two secret places, the dog must learn to do this. Understand that toilet training takes time and effort. Sometimes puppies, it turns out, can only be taught by 8-12 months of age. Typically, a puppy is only able to study for as many hours as it is months old. In other words, a four-month-old puppy cannot stay alone, more than four hours in a row, without the opportunity to go out for a walk. When the puppy is four months old, he should be able to go to the toilet at night without going outside. Adult dogs from the shelter are usually not well trained and need retraining.

Walk the dog, praise it, give it a treat, play or walk after the dog relieves on the street. It is useful to walk the same route each time, as the smell will tell the dog what to do. It is best to take your dog to the same spot every time, as smells can remind the dog to go to the bathroom. Some dogs need to go out early in the morning; others will run and play first.

Walk your dog at the same time. Puppies should be taken out every hour, as soon as possible after eating, playing and sleeping. All dogs should be removed first in the morning, last at night and before leaving the dog alone. Adult dogs should go out at least four times a day.

If you find a dog at the time of relieving the needs in the room, SCREAM at it. Take your dog outside immediately. If it’s a puppy, pick it up; Pull out a large dog by the collar. A task. scare the dog, which will stop it halfway. Let the animal finish its business on the street, praise it for it. If you haven’t stopped the dog, do nothing else.

Wash the area of ​​the bowel movement with a disinfectant to eliminate odors that might attract the dog next time to the same area.

Do not close the dogs if they are contaminating the area.

Household Paper Toilet Training for Dogs and Puppies.

Before we start, we need to clarify. it is better to train your dog that the toilet is on the street from the very first day.

We do not recommend toilet training unless there is a specific reason for it. if you have a puppy and you live high, for example, or you have an untrained dog and are having problems getting around. Teaching a puppy or an adult dog to go to the toilet in an apartment will cause her confusion if you have already taken her outside. By this time, she will understand that you can go to the toilet at home, and may get into the habit of doing it on special substrates, for example, on paper, pillows, napkins, car rugs.

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Learning to use a “paper” toilet at home is the same as for a dog’s habitual outdoor toilet. First, close the dog for a while so that he has to go, and then lead him on a leash to the paper. Wait for the dog to go to the bathroom, then be sure to give praise and treat for the correct behavior. If the animal relieves itself somewhere, and not on paper, scold loudly, scaring him, pick him up or drag him by the collar to the paper so that he has time to finish in the right place. Limit your dog’s space in the house so you can keep an eye on him. If you gradually increase the space in the dog’s house, you can control his desire to go “on paper”. If you cannot keep an eye on the dog all the time, you need to limit the space for the dog where he cannot walk until he is fully trained.

Some dogs get dirty when they walk on paper. Change the paper more often so that the dog does not have to move the paper back to avoid getting his paws dirty. Often, it helps the dog to understand where exactly it should do its business, if you somehow designate a designated place for this. You can build a small fence around the dog’s toilet and provide an entrance, or provide your dog with an open home bathroom such as a patio. It includes a small garden measuring 60 x 120 centimeters of grass with an irrigation system. The grass is surrounded by a fence with white stakes and a yellow and red waterway. The lawn should be regularly watered with an odor neutralizer and replaced every month. A less attractive but much more efficient alternative. place a plastic ditch (or an old car mat with edges) on the balcony (of course, the balcony must be glazed) and cover the ditch with a lawn. The advantage of using the lawn is that the dog develops the habit of going to the toilet on the grass, and therefore it will be just as comfortable for him to do his business outside.

Sometimes it is impossible to deny yourself the pleasure of traveling with your pet on a trip, but many questions arise. as? what? where? Below you will find answers to questions about all the nuances of traveling with a dog.

How much joy was in the family when we got the puppy. We have been preparing for this event for a long time. It turned out to be very difficult to choose a breed that suits us in character, because each has its own innate qualities. With someone you need to walk a lot, with someone to do office training, someone needs to be taken on a hunt or combed several times a day.

Basic. prevent the dog from becoming dominant in the home. If a dog knows its place in the family and is never allowed to resist people, it is very likely to become a pleasant family member.

Mo Bulka began to endure only after a year, now she is one and a half and everything is ok, so she will have to endure.

And one more heartfelt message to people who “discovered diapers for dogs”. Have you tried it yourself, not being disabled in terms of the genitourinary system, to go to diapers? The French are already a long-suffering breed, after the Second World War only one dog remained (and not a cable, as many scholars write here). No need to spoil the breed, buy mongrels. I think real and conscientious breeders of French Bulldogs in Russia will support me. Beware of such buyers for your puppies who ask “does he eat everything?” They will feed him with scraps from the table.

I am here on the site for the first time, new. What are you people generally talking about when you tell that you have puppies (1-5 months), and they also shit (what impudence!), “Even though I physically punish him.” Oh, yes, I also have children at home! Are you there in Russia, do you buy them to play? I have a daughter, 10 years old. I live in Germany and bring her up alone. As well as my Frenchman Fedyu, whom I bought for 1500 euros (normal price for a breeding puppy). If you want to take responsibility for the dog, stay that way. You are there with your unscheduled mating, spoilage of the breed and cheap puppies in general! “Maybe I can give it to you?” Take mongrels from the village for yourself and your kids. If you don’t like it, you can release it in the trash. Although it is better not them, but you

Hello everyone, I want to tell you about a wonderful breed of French Bulldog dogs. We have two wonderful French girls. We chose the breed of dogs for a long time and opted for a French Bulldog puppy. We searched for a French club nearby and finally found it. We saw a sale on the website.

Yes, I read the comments and mostly write about adult French Bulldogs, they took 5 months of bulka from me like a month. On the street he does business and at home anywhere. over, it does not spin, and so on before the desire. And just hop and piss

After vaccinations, the puppy must not go outside for a while. Therefore, temporarily the toilet will have to be organized at home and the puppy will have to be toilet trained at home. How to do it? How long does it take? When did you change your apartment? Let the dog get used to, to understand what, where and how. Let it get used to new smells, new place.

Hello, I wanted to ask, our bun is 6 months old, a very smart puppy, all teams have already been trained, but there is a problem with the toilet. He realized that he needed to do all his business on the street, ask to go outside, but asks every 1-1.5 hours, if we do not go for a walk with him, then he pisses on everything that resembles his baby diaper. How to teach him to endure, we will not walk with him every 2 hours? He’s already big?

Hello everyone! Our pet is about 3 months old. So far, you can’t go outside because of vaccinations. We got used to napkins in a few days. There is a special spray for litter box training. Ask in veterinary pharmacies. Pee-pee got used to it right away. But I had to tinker with number 2))) but you need patience in everything)) Good luck.

we are two months old how to atuichit at kravati

my puppy is 2 months old how to toilet train

I also took a Frenchman Buchik, 1.5 months old. pissing and shitting, now on the diaper, now anywhere. I scold if not there and praise if necessary. but doesn’t work. I think tomorrow I’ll buy diapers for the night at least. there were spaniels and setters, they quickly knew where they could. Now I’m worried about how to accustom him to the street after vaccinations. in general, from the first day he understood where the water and food were from his place. and she is 20 meters away from him. knows where I sleep, comes and lies on my slippers, and his place is in another room. means that he needs to remember the flight. very stubborn breed it seems to me.

I have a cable for him for 1 month, well, a very smart puppy understands everything, he only goes to write on the diaper! he understands the command of the place, knows where his food is, but I can’t teach how to poop, he goes to a new place every time. advise what to do.

Hello to all dog lovers! I found a way out so that the Frenchman would not shit! I wear my usual diaper for children! And all your carpets are saved! Mine is only 2 months old, so it’s useless to scream!

My dog, a French Bulldog, is 2 years old in February and she still goes to the toilet at home but we walk with her 5 times at the bottom, what should I do? help me please.

How does a Frenchman react to a cat? I read so much badly ((the fact that the French can bite a cat. And I love my cat madly, but I also want a dog

my puppy eats and eats everything, then immediately I take her to the toilet but she does not go and asks for her arms and falls asleep. tell me what to do?

if he got cold he would always write and he only in the morning.

Anya, your bulldog is just very small. Wait, then you will ask how to calm her down.

Hello! My Bucks is 8 months old, we walk with him 4 times a day. In the morning at the beginning of the eighth and then every six hours we go out for the last time at about eleven in the evening. Everything was fine, there were no problems and recently he began to write at home on the rug in the morning at all early. What happened can not he stop enduring. 7 and what to do now.

Hello, I’m having a little French bulldog problem. we took her a little late for 7 months. I don’t even know what to do with her how to wean her to relieve herself wherever I got please advise.

Hello! Quite recently I got a bulldog (Marcy), she is 1 month old. she lives at my house for two days, constantly sleeps and does not play at all. Question: Is this normal? After all, French Bulldogs are a very sociable breed. Or is it ok at first?

People do not think that a puppy in 2-3 months will go to the toilet exclusively on the street. He relieves his needs 20 times a day. This is normal. First teach you to go to the same place at home (I have a diaper). After 3 months, when the puppy will go to the toilet on the street, give him some kind of treat for this, and when at home. quarrel. This is how he gets used to

Margot)))) You need to understand. when the puppy goes to the toilet. If immediately after eating, then we ate and ran to the street, if some time after eating, then accordingly then. Nothing, everything will work out, just a little patience, you are still quite a crumb, it is natural that she cannot endure for a long time.)))

Our dog is 2 months old, as I understand it, we need to walk it every 2 hours ?! and how long does it cost to walk with such a baby ?? We also have a problem, almost like many others, walking on the street with pleasure, but asking to go home to the toilet, whining. I tried to “torment”, did not lead home, I thought I would not endure and will do, TOLERATE! So that I do it at home.

Roman, in order to train a puppy to the toilet on the street, you first need to take him outside often enough. Then increase the interval between walks. Ask someone at home to take the puppy out during the day.

My Frenchman is 7 months old. I can only walk with him in the morning and in the evening. He relieves needs on the street and at home (just go home and immediately a puddle appears on the floor, such a feeling that he deliberately endures home). there is neither strength nor patience. I would like to teach her to go to the toilet on the street and endure until I come home from work. Tell me what to do

My Frenchman is 6 months old, he relieves his needs on the street and at home in a separate place) we taught him from 4 months) often walking, and if he relieved at home, they beat him slowly with a goseta)

I have a puppy. girl. we are 5 months old. we still can’t toilet train. we don’t go outside, because we live in a village. help me please. how to train her to go to the tray?

I have a boy, he is already 5 months old, he just got it out, 2 times on the diaper comes off, 10 past, but only poops on the diaper! How to toilet train? We praised and scolded and frightened, there is no result.

damn me so scared read especially about worms. that I don’t want to have a dog anymore. I’m afraid (

diaper, train, french, bulldog

from what glies appear and how to eliminate it?

Our half a year old, we walk with Sem in 2 hours. Sometimes he walks exclusively on the street for several days, and 2-3 days pass. home again, who knows why?

our 3 months old, pissing anywhere and pooping too. tell me how to teach him to walk outside ?

I also had time at night, too, but all over the place. you see you spend little time

DO NOT scold them, but when the imu is 2 years old, you will understand that it is yours and how smart he has become. Patience.

our 2.5 months) pisets och often) will honor right after he has drunk) we do not take out into the street yet, tk. no vaccinations. what do you advise?)

Our Kasenka is 3 months old, she only goes to the toilet at home: (we walk on the street for two hours and without any results.just go home and there and then a huge puddle appears on the floor! It feels like she deliberately endures home.

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Nastya, in my opinion you are doing everything right. And surprises, for such a crumbs it is normal, played too much, where he stood there and did, the kids do not know how to control themselves. And the main advice. patience.

Hello. My puppy is 1 month and 1 week old, they haven’t been vaccinated yet, so we don’t take a walk and train it to the toilet at home on a diaper, it happens in different ways, it can go all day where it is necessary, both large and small, and suddenly go to another place to make our own affairs. I scold him, and show the place where it should be done and stroked in that place. Tell me if I’m doing everything right, and what other tips can help me? thank.

My sabaka is already 10 months old. Despite the fact that I take her out into the street 2-3 times a day, she shits at home too! I honestly do not have the strength, I understand that I am not tolerant enough, from this I apply physical strength after she shit. The hand does not rise to the shelter, please help me with advice what to do. When I leave for work, she howls so that the neighbors come running, at home she is simply overwhelmed. Children love her so I would like to teach her to go to the toilet on the street and endure until I come home from work I know a lot of sabak from friends endure all day.

Hello. Our Jim is 1 year old. He asks for the toilet in both big and small. But if we are away from home for more than 3 hours, they will definitely mark something. I will notice small puddles after a while. Is it possible to train the cable so that it is not methylated at home? They say there are repelling liquids, how effective they are?

I have a French woman (almost 2 months), she hasn’t been vaccinated yet, so I don’t walk with her. She relieves need in all prohibited places, in general, just not in a tray = / And besides, she gnaws at cement (repairs are taking place at home), tell me how she can be taught?!

Our handsome man is over 3 months old, they took him a little over a week ago. He goes to the toilet both at home and on the street. In the house on linoleum, carpet, newspaper. not always. And precisely at night. During the day we deal with it on the street. Why is it at home at night ?? Is it all getting used to the new environment? What’s better to do. tell me))

We took her at 2.7 months and after a few days she became 3 months old, can this somehow influence her behavior and the fact that she goes to the toilet at home.

We just don’t know how to get out of this situation, it’s just horrors like everyone else, we go to the robot, children in school, and she’s at home on vows, we come to one of the seven vividotas, she goes and comes and goes home too. Tell me how best or just help me, I just have maliy experience, but I read a lot before buying and I know something. And it’s just such a small but bad problem.

Don’t worry, there is absolutely no reason for concern! We have been walking since 2.5 months. as soon as the puppy was taken away. He also did “business” with us both on the street and at home. Only at home on a special diaper in a designated place. At the scraper, so it was generally fun. 5 months old. started trying to mark at home, made spontaneous puddles. They scolded, shamed, punished! Slowly they taught that kaka-pipi should be done only on the street at a certain time! The toilet is considered normal only on the street by 7 months! So, be patient. You need a schedule. First, at least 4 walks, and by 7 months there should be 2 of them, in the morning and in the evening. And I must endure. Now, if a dog shits at home a year, then this is a problem. But for now you have everything. fine!

Damn, help me, a girl for 3 months on the street, we walk well, when he does “UTB” on the street and then go in and make one at home. Tired of pancake UTB just gougesh will do it, I praise and she came in and shit at home help. I beg!?

our Frenchman does not care where and how. it’s such a smart dog that I’m shocked))) understands everything, but does his own thing!

The sun, if a dog eats its feces, it means that it lacks minerals. Take a course of vitamins

tell me how best to deal with it?

our bitch is 2 months old the same, how much do not scold, do not sit over her uselessly! and even the child is small in the house, there is no strength!

I have a Frenchwoman for half a year she can’t go on a diaper (she pisses on linoleum and on carpets, I don’t scold her, but she continues to piss tell me what to do we wipe the diaper with the dog’s urine as she eats in half an hour we go to the diaper we sit about hours, but she does not pee, but immediately when we go out she poops on the linoleum (((

Nyushka Added on 11/14/2010 8:28 PM and my dog ​​is 5 months old, he also relieves his needs at home, the veterinarian said, be patient and walk the more often the faster the dog will understand what they want from her. So have some patience,

and my dog ​​is 5 months old, he also relieves his needs at home, the veterinarian said, be patient and walk the more often the faster the dog will understand what all the same they want from her. So take a little more patience, strength, time and act. Good luck.

my dog ​​is 5 months old and still pisses at home very often I don’t know what to do. advise.

my puppy either walks to the newspaper or does not walk but walks on the floor, help me what to do. = (

It’s hard for us for three months with the toilet, eats his own feces. What to do?

See your dog’s doctor for a genitourinary infection, you will be prescribed a course of treatment and you will forget about the problem

My dog ​​is already 8 months old, we walk 4 times a day, but all the same, when he comes from the street, he shits. Got it out already. Pissing 20 times a day.

My little dog was vaccinated and told not to walk her for two weeks, we assigned her a special place, put a sheet with her smell, but she still goes to the carrot, nothing helps. Please tell me what to do?

My dog, even if he wants to go to the toilet, will not do it on the street. no matter how long you walk. I do not know what to do, please tell me?

The third

The third stage occurs at the age of 2-4 months and is called socialization. They begin to accustom the puppy to the master’s hands so that you can pick it up and examine it. Commands to teach the dog during this period:

  • “Take a walk”.
  • “You can’t”.
  • “To lie down”.
  • “To me” and “To the place”, if they were not studied at an earlier age.

In no case should you spoil a dog at this age. If you do not teach a puppy obedience until 4 months, then further training it will be more and more difficult.

Even if the puppy is stubborn, obeys poorly, in no case should physical punishment be applied. The dog should know that the master’s hand is for affection. The so-called “method of loneliness” is used as a punishment. The puppy is left alone for a while, continuing to watch him imperceptibly. He is frightened, bored. Fear drives out aggression. This method works well because French Bulldogs are very sociable animals and need human companionship.

During the same period, puppies begin to learn how to communicate with other dogs, it is important to protect them from stressful situations. In no case should you ignore the manifestation of even minor aggression towards the owner. It needs to be nipped in the bud.


This period begins with the birth of the dog and lasts about seven weeks.

The first two weeks, the newborn depends on the mother, most of all needs food, sleep, warmth and safety.

Two weeks later, the puppy perceives the world by ear, begins to distinguish it.

Mother is now the only educator and authority for him.

At the age of three weeks, the puppy begins to explore the world on its own, at this time he is very susceptible to everything that is happening around. He remembers and consolidates new actions. If the puppy is developing correctly, then by the end of this period he is active, curious, ready for new research and training.

Basic Training Commands and How to Raise Your French Bulldog Properly

French Bulldogs are naturally friendly, playful, inquisitive dogs, but along with this they have stubbornness, self-will, obstinacy and a tendency to aggression. The dog needs a strong master’s hand. It is necessary to educate a pet from an early age so as not to miss important stages in the formation of a dog’s character. Retraining an adult bulldog will be more difficult.

Video on how to teach a dog commands.

Stages of development of a puppy and his upbringing

There are four stages in the puppy’s upbringing system:

  • Development.
  • Adaptation.
  • Socialization.
  • Struggle for leadership.

Each of these stages is characterized by its own demeanor of the dog, which must be taken into account by the owner.


Since the French bulldog descended from fighting dogs, he retained in his character a reserve of stubbornness, stubbornness, perseverance and aggression.

A puppy at an early age is able to show these qualities, and the owner needs to fight them.

To begin with. the simplest rules of training, first teach prohibitive commands.

Then. exactly following the instructions of the person. The owner’s team must have the power of command for the bulldog. Any aggression should be stopped, even if the puppy starts to bite during the game.

If the dog is too aggressive even at a young age and does not lend itself to education, it is better to trust an experienced dog handler and go through the basics of training with him.

The owner must learn to distract the dog’s attention from the object of its aggression by any means. If the bulldog does not react well to other dogs, you need to take him in your arms, take him away, do not let him start fights. The subordination between the dog and the person must be clearly delineated, forbidding the dog to growl at the owner, bite, hurt, harm.


At the age of one. two months, the puppy receives the first life skills, he adapts to life in society. A dog is actively developing a brain, it learns to communicate with a person. Like humans, tetrapods have different types of characters: choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine or melancholic. At this age, the puppy just begins to show his temper and here he already needs training. During this period, it is important to teach the pet to respond to its name. Commands to teach your dog:

Small puppies leave puddles about 15 times a day, it is almost impossible to keep track of this, but at the age of 2 months it is necessary to start training the dog to the toilet.

How to train a bulldog to use a tray or diaper step by step:

  • Equip a special place (pallet, tray. Filler. newspaper or disposable absorbent diapers).
  • Reduce the area where the puppy makes puddles. For example, when laying out newspapers, reduce the “coverage area”. So the puppy is moved to the side of the equipped tray. The place should be secluded and quiet so that nothing distracts or frightens the puppy.
  • Learn to see when the puppy wants to go to the toilet. He will spin in place, whine and look for where he can retire. At this point, it must be put in the tray.

During the adaptation phase, it is also important to instill in the dog the skill of communicating with a person. Up to 2 months, bulldogs react friendly to all strangers, later they develop a fear of new people. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately introduce the pet to all family members, let him communicate with everyone as often as possible.

Outdoor toilet training

Of course, the home tray option is just a temporary option. The dog must go to the toilet outside. Although some owners keep French Bulldogs like cats and walk mostly in the litter box, even as adult dogs.

Once your French Bulldog puppy has received all the vaccinations it needs, it should be taken outside every two hours. Ideally, after every meal. Thus, he will gradually begin to get used to the regime. To make it easier to get used to walking, you need to feed the puppy strictly on schedule, it helps a lot. It is also advisable to walk at a certain time.

At the first sign that your pet needs to go to the toilet, take it outside as soon as possible. After he has done his business, he should be praised. So he will understand the correct model of behavior.

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Important! If your French Bulldog puppy is still not doing his business on the street, then it is worth increasing the walking time and taking water with you and giving him water and food.

So your pet will quickly want to go to the toilet and do its job where it should be. After that, you should definitely praise and pet your pet.

If the dog continues to shit at home

The first, and perhaps the most basic reason for this behavior is that the puppy thus protests against the lack of attention to himself. If the puppy is already old enough and continues to write at home, although he is already accustomed to the street, then in this case you need to pay attention to the dog’s diet.

If you feed him exclusively with dry food, then he drinks a lot, respectively, and this is what causes problems. Try feeding your French Bulldog differently, it will help. If this does not help, then contact your veterinarian, perhaps your pet may have health problems. Remember that it is better to solve all problems at the initial stage, when they are not started.

Toilet training your French Bulldog

Training a puppy to the toilet is a responsible and difficult task. The fact is that when French Bulldogs are very small, they leave puddles up to 15 times a day and it is simply impossible to keep track of this. However, after your pet is 2 months old, you can begin to train it to order.

Toilet training at home

To do this, you need to equip a special place, it can be a pallet or tray. Newspaper or disposable absorbent films can be used as a filler.

Cat litter is sometimes used but is not recommended for dogs. The fact is that cats have an innate instinct to bury their waste, dogs do not. over, small puppies can simply swallow the filler, which is quite dangerous.

It is interesting! Dogs of the French Bulldog breed are very clean and can be easily toilet trained at home.

A small French bulldog can be toilet trained only after reaching 2-3 months. He, like all puppies, pees very often and there is no point in scolding or punishing the puppy, since the baby will not understand what they want from him. After that, you need to gradually reduce the area where your pet does “its business”. To do this, it is necessary to lay out newspapers in those places where “such troubles” occur, gradually reducing the coverage area. The shift should be in the direction where the dog’s toilet is supposed to be. The place should be selected secluded and quiet so that nothing distracts your pet or scares.

There are a few signs you need to know to know when your little French Bulldog needs to go to the toilet. This is not difficult: the puppy starts spinning in place, whining slightly and looking for some place to retire. At this moment, it must be put in the tray.

These simple methods can help you toilet train your little one. An experienced owner will immediately understand from the behavior of the puppy what he needs, this knowledge comes to a novice dog breeder with experience.

Basic Rules

When you have a French Bulldog puppy, there are a number of challenges to be prepared for. The fact is that first of all they need to be toilet trained. This is the main problem among others that dog owners have to deal with.

Important! It often happens that the dog cannot be taken outside. This can be a quarantine period after vaccinations, a rehabilitation period after diseases, and many others.

Dogs are not allowed outside at this time. A small puppy, before he received all the necessary vaccinations, should not be taken out into the street at all. It can be fatal to your little one.

It must be understood that the puppy does not make puddles because of harm or stupidity, it just cannot do it any other way, and frequent urination is a feature of a small organism. Therefore, here it is necessary to stock up on endurance and patience. If we are talking about punishment, then it must be done immediately, finding him “at the scene of the crime.” This is very important, because in 5 minutes the puppy will forget everything and will not understand why he is being scolded.

The place where your puppy made the “little nuisance” can be treated with special substances or detergents in order to remove the specific smell. Just do not use those that contain ammonia in their composition. It is part of the dog’s urine and will only attract the puppy next time.

The subtleties of education

First of all, you need to walk with the French Bulldog not for 5-10 minutes, but at least 25-30. At the age of 3-4 months, the number of walks should be at least 6-7 per day immediately after feeding, when the baby wants to use the toilet.

French Bulldog Puppy Potty Training Tips. Tips from 24 Dog Trainers

It is interesting! In order for your pet to behave as it should, certain rules must be observed, this applies to both adult dogs and puppies.

With age, the number of walks is reduced, and upon reaching a year, their number is reduced to 2-3 times a day. With proper upbringing, all French Bulldogs quickly get used to the walking regime and there are no problems with the toilet.

Pet care

Below are some tips on how to care for your puppy.

  • French Bulldogs are not whimsical, so the only thing that needs to be done constantly is to comb out the coat so that it is smooth and silky. Make sure that the skin does not become flaky or inflamed, as this signals an infection.
  • Clean your ears at least once a week with a soft-fiber damp cloth. It is necessary to clean the ears along the edges of the ear canal. If you notice that the skin is dry, use baby or natural cream.
  • Bulldogs have claws that grow downward, so they need to be trimmed regularly. Do not ignore this point, as damage to the nail plates causes pain in the puppy.
  • French Bulldogs do not swim well, so they do not always react positively to water. Wash your pet’s paws after a walk as needed. It is recommended to bathe your dog once a month. After washing, dry the skin thoroughly, paying particular attention to wrinkles.

Summing up, I would like to note that French Bulldogs are very good-natured and loyal pets. Having bought a puppy, pay attention not only to its physiological, but also to mental development. Give him more warmth and affection, make an effort in training, reward the puppy for success, and then you will find not only a reliable guardian, but also a real friend.

What you need to know when choosing a French Bulldog: how to raise a dog, as well as features of care and maintenance

The French Bulldog is a suitable breed for couch potatoes and travelers. Puppies get along easily with children, they like to be part of the family. They are sensitive and disciplined, accompany the owner everywhere and are easy to educate. About the features of raising this cute and loyal pet in the article.

How to train to the tray, what are the recommendations for walking on the street?

This issue is very important when keeping a dog in an apartment. The litter box does not happen overnight. The more attention and care you give to the bulldog, the faster he will understand what you want from him. How to properly train your pet at home to the toilet?

  • Within 30 minutes after eating, the puppy begins to look for a place where you can relieve himself. Purchase a tray in advance and put your pet in it and praise for the achieved result.
  • Do not forget that up to 9 months, the pet will still confuse the toilet with other rooms:
  • up to 4 months bulldogs are not able to endure, so they may not have time to run;
  • confused or worried, they may forget where the allowed place is.
  • For such troubles, you don’t need to yell at the dog, it is enough to show dissatisfaction with a strict tone for the bulldog to understand what he did wrong.

Socialization is an important criterion for the development of a bulldog. From the first days, the puppy should understand that he is surrounded by other people and animals. It is the owner who instills this skill in the pet by communicating and playing. After the dog has mastered the basic commands, you can proceed to the walking stage.

  • At first, walking is carried out only on a leash.
  • When a puppy enters the street under the influence of noise, smells and weather conditions, he can get confused and ignore commands that he seemed to already remember well.
  • Over time, the bulldog will begin to get used to the environment and behave calmer and more restrained. You can let him go for a walk without a leash if he regularly walks in the company of other pets and is used to their habits.

Education and training: teaching the nickname and the first teams

French Bulldogs are stubborn and quickly lose interest in repetitive exercise and play. How to raise a puppy at the same time? The process should be varied and interesting. For the best result, periodically you need to bring up the dog on the street, more often carry out training in the fresh air.

In no case yell at the dog and do not use physical force against it, as this will cause resentment and aggression in the pet. The best punishment for a French Bulldog is a reprimand. A harsh tone makes it clear that you are extremely resentful.

Reward your pet for success: food, praise, and an affectionate tone motivate French Bulldogs. Change the treats, as the same product no longer seems desirable. Pat the puppy on the back, treat him with a piece of cheese or crackers, and you will notice how he begins to listen to commands and instructions.

The process of learning a nickname should be unobtrusive. When the puppy drew attention to you, affectionately call him by name and give him a treat. Call your pet when the opportunity arises and if he reacts, reward him. If the bulldog does not understand what you want, then apply a different algorithm of actions:

  • squat down and stretch your arms forward;
  • say the nickname and beckon the pet with your hands;
  • when he comes up, treat him to goodies.

Basic commands can be taught to a dog not only outdoors, but also indoors:

  • No. interruption of the action. Do not raise your voice too much so as not to scare your pet. Only strict intonation will allow the bulldog to understand how best not to act.
  • To me. after the puppy begins to react to the nickname, add this command. It is better to secure the result at an older age using a leash.
  • Place. The puppy must clearly understand where he belongs when you eat or go about your business. Explain in an affectionate tone using gestures.
  • Give a paw. a team that helps to establish a closer bond between the puppy and the owner. With gestures, you can easily achieve understanding.
  • Sitting, lying, standing. these commands must be explained to the dog while standing in front of it. You can kneel down to keep your dog calm and relaxed.

How to choose the right puppy: features of the breed and content

French Bulldogs live for 11-13 years, so it is necessary to approach with responsibility when choosing a puppy. Depending on the purpose for which you purchase a bulldog, the price varies: heirs of champions for exhibitions, having a rich pedigree and history, will cost an order of magnitude more than the individuals that you buy for home.

Before buying a puppy, it is better to visit several kennels, get information about the parents, check in what sanitary conditions it is kept. If the breeder does not allow taking the baby in his arms, then carefully examine the appearance:

  • The coat of a healthy bulldog is shiny and soft.
  • The belly has a small layer of fat, it is soft to the touch, but not bloated.

If possible, look at the parents of the future pupil. Take a veterinary passport from the breeder, which indicates the vaccinations carried out and the necessary documents about the pedigree. Learn more about the Bulldog’s diet. At first, you need to follow the diet that was in the nursery, gradually changing the food system to a more convenient one.

  • friendliness and playfulness;
  • the ability to live in any living conditions;
  • strong affection for the owner.
  • Bulldogs are stubborn and require an individual approach.
  • They are cocky, so you cannot leave the puppy unattended in the presence of other dogs.
  • Poor heat and loneliness.

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