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How to diaper your husky puppy

Major mistakes

How to diaper your husky puppy?!

At first he ran to the diaper, I praised, then he stopped. Pissing is everywhere now. You carry it on a diaper, and he already has all the hottie disappears. You keep it on a diaper, and he starts to howl and runs to piss in another place. you put a diaper in there, but he likes to piss on linoleum!

Thank you Expert (450) 4 years ago Dogs do not need to be taught to diapers Outside must walk Comment deleted

Thank you Expert (450) You’d better be patient But if you teach yourself to the diaper later, oh, how sorry you will be! The dog handler chewed this for us at a lecture when we went to the OKD I then did not think about diapers And then he told how to train a dog to the street in a week. And the diaper also encourages her!

Esmeralda Vyazemskaya Sage (11204) 4 years ago Has completely stopped walking on a diaper? We taught our (also a husky) with tastes and stormy delights, like walking on a diaper, but still we remove a couple of puddles a day from linoleum. It is useless to carry, I happen when he starts to attach in the wrong place, I come up and say so threateningly: “On the diaper.” sometimes I can give a little push, oddly enough it goes (he lowers his head, and I follow him, like a guard). You can try an odor remover, whatever one may say, but they still go to about the same places. Spray these unwanted places, wash them so that the smell does not remain and praise them as vigorously and affectionately as possible, if there are more sweets on the diaper. And if by, do not scold, you can just grumble, removing, they say “what a bad dog, does not regret his mother at all”.

How to train a small dog to the litter box

Very often, deciding to have a small dog, we do not think that we are acquiring a helpless creature that will interfere with our sleep, demand love and attention, and relieve ourselves on the carpet. In order to make your communication with her pleasant and comfortable, you will have to teach the pet a lot, and first of all, decide the question: how to train the dog to the litter box. In this article we will try to give universal recommendations and answer this question.

When training your dog to the toilet, keep an eye on it. Usually, having felt the need, the puppy begins to behave restlessly, spinning and sniffing the floor. At this point, take him to a toilet spot, tray or diaper, and wait until he does his thing. Then compliment the treat. It is advisable to carry the puppy for a month

How to potty train a child?

My baby is one and a half years old. Please tell me how to teach him to go to the potty. After all, they say that some children at this age are already actively using the pot.

You are saying here that you do not know such children who did not go to the potty at the age of 5, but I know. Our neighbors’ daughter is 8 years old, and she continued to pee and shit in her pants. The stench. horror. But there is most likely a matter of the parents. Her mother at one time did not plant on the pot, she said that the time would come. will learn. Because of this, she did not go to kindergarten, not to school. Sorry for the girl, pretty. But because of this, it is clear that she began to lag behind in development. It seems that my little daughter is smarter than her. It can be seen that she understands what they want from her, but still continues to do her own thing. In general, horror.

I want to share my experience, because thanks to Evgeny Olegovich, our daughter makes almost no mistakes at the age of 1.5 (sometimes in a diaper on the street, but in general on the street she asks) In a year and a month, I decided to stop breastfeeding due to health problems For a start, I decided to stop feeding at night and falling asleep in my husband’s bed. Well, I think what if she wakes up to pee and not eat. Evgeny Olegovich writes in the book that after 8 months the child physiologically does not need food at night. And so it went: my daughter just whimpers, I rush so as not to be late (!) And quietly to the pot, she pisses without waking up and I in the crib so as not to smell the milk and shake the crib until I fall asleep soundly. Thus, I slept on the floor nearby and for 5 nights I was mainly engaged in rocking the crib. Thus, at night we learned to write only on the pot, and by the age of 1 and 2 months we slept without a diaper. Well, they stopped eating at night, respectively, and after two weeks, and in general, Dotsya left me alone.

german shepherd puppy 2 months standard Officially recognized are: black with red-brown or yellow to light gray markings, one

Train your puppy to the litter box using the stick and carrot method

You can also use the carrot and stick method to train your puppy to use the litter box. You scold him when he does his business in the wrong place, and praise him as soon as he went to the diaper. Praise him, pet him, call him by name, and you might even give him one roll of food. The promotion does its job well. However, I strongly advise all sensitive and gentle owners not to forget about the whip. Gingerbread with a dog alone will not achieve anything. Trust my experience.

How to accustom an adult dog to a diaper

An adult dog can tolerate and with a well-established lifestyle, when she walks at the same time, she will not “crap” at home. It’s another matter if the dog is sick, and its condition does not allow walking. In this case, diapers can be helpful. The need for them often arises among the owners of decorative breeds, who do not have enough time or do not want to get up early and walk the pet. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that after training, pets often refuse to relieve themselves on the street while walking.

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To accustom an adult dog to the diaper should be gradually, using voice commands. Noticing signs that the animal wants to relieve itself, it is taken to the toilet. The space allocated for this must be permanent. If the animal is large, then several diapers are used at once, the number of which is reduced after the animal begins to relieve itself on them. It is not necessary to immediately change the used bedding, because the dog must smell the smell that serves as a guide. As you get used to it, you can safely change the diapers immediately after relieving the need, in order to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant odor in the apartment.

When taking the dog to the toilet or introducing him to this new place, it is important to repeat the keyword command, by which the animal will understand what is wanted from him. The key word can be “pot”, etc. After the animal does everything right, it is praised every time.

How long does it take for a dog to habituate to the litter box? Siberian Husky, how long to tray train? And how best to teach?

We limit the space. We make a pen for small puppies. For older puppies, a spare room or kitchen is suitable. We cover the entire floor in the pen or room with diapers. All without gaps. In the first case, our puppy was already accustomed to the diaper, that is, he knew how it looks, how it smells, and what to do with it. In the second case, we introduce the puppy to the diaper. Having covered the entire floor with diapers, we do not leave the puppy with a choice. That is, in any case, being in this room, the puppy descends only on the diaper. After a week, you gradually remove one diaper at a time. When the puppy has done everything right with you. praise him and give him a treat. It goes without saying that the puppy will not be imprisoned all the time. Did the job. walk boldly! Remember that the puppy needs to go to the toilet as soon as he wakes up or eats. Therefore, the puppy also sleeps and eats in a room with diapers. The rest of the time the puppy should be under your supervision, and as soon as he started sniffing or running around, we send him to the room with diapers. Once the puppy understands what to do with the diaper, you no longer limit his freedom. Simply, according to the first method, you lay out the diapers throughout the apartment. And the carpets need to be removed. If you want the puppy to go to the dog’s toilet (Next, the tray), then put a diaper on him. First, the puppy will walk on the diaper, only it will be on a small elevation. He is unlikely to notice it. Then wrap the diaper over the mesh or secure the diaper if the dog’s litter box includes a diaper lock. If you have a toilet with a mesh insert, then gradually move the diaper under the mesh insert, or as before, just wrap the mesh in a diaper. The cat litter box is not suitable for dogs. he is too small.

How to avoid puddles in the wrong place

Once your puppy is in the house, immediately remove all carpets and restrict access to furniture. In general, anything that may seem more comfortable to the puppy than the diaper tray, hide it as far as possible.

At first, build a small aviary that will expand as your puppy matures. Then the puppy will have a choice whether to go to the hard floor or to a soft diaper, from which the baby will probably choose the second option.

Remember that training a puppy is not the fastest process, and going to the litter box alone is not enough for the puppy to understand everything. Be prepared that your baby will need your full attention initially.

How to make a doggie diaper

diaper, your, husky, puppy

How to diaper your husky puppy. Pet videos

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well done! Aliska will probably be fluffier than March in the folder and March in the mother

Teaching a Samoyed puppy to be clean

How to train a puppy to the toilet and then do “business” on the street?

All puppies piss and poop, as well as small children. A dog can be engaged in staining an apartment for up to 6, or even up to 18 months. First, the dog ceases to “please” with heaps, and later with puddles.

UPDATED. How to Put on a Dog Diaper and Choose the Right Size?

So, you have a Samoyed puppy and is still in quarantine. Use this time to train your baby to be neat. From the very first day, you must establish a rule: you need to write on the diaper in the tray. To do this, prepare a tray with a diaper for the puppy’s arrival at the new home. It’s even better if you bring a diaper / towel with you, which his littermates have already written on. It will remind the puppy of its own smell and in the first days it will not be so sad and lonely. Also use the same diaper for toilet training.

In my case, it was a bath towel with the smell of all the droppings and lots of puddles. With this towel, without fixing it with anything (so as not to limit the puppy in the area available for soiling at the first stage), I covered the top with such a puppy tray with an absorbent diaper.

Firm Savic, tray dimensions 60×48 cm. In the photo with little Lorik, in the background, you can see a toilet covered with a towel.

The tray came with a package of diapers, which quickly ran out. Therefore, buy diapers that are suitable for the size in advance. Laurie played with them, tearing them apart with teeth, digging and enjoying it. To protect the puppy from the filler, which is part of the diaper, I laid on top of it and, like a diaper, fixed a regular cambric cloth (suitable in size) in the tray. Ideally, neither the diaper nor the fabric will go beyond the frame of the tray. Laurie chewed on those protruding ends, tugged at them, thereby opening the tray and it needed to be put in order again. I wrapped the diaper and cloth so that there was nothing to cling to, interest after a while was lost and the game of ruining the toilet place stopped. When the puppy stops paying attention to the fabric, remove it, leaving only the absorbent diaper. Of course, all carpets were removed until better times.

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How to train a small puppy to go to the same place? It is necessary to observe the puppy and, noticing specific behavior, take the baby to his toilet, or direct him to the right place.

This specific behavior manifests itself in anxiety, the puppy sniffs, whirls in one place and finally sits down.

Make sure that the puppy does not run away to do “business” elsewhere. Wait until it is emptied into the tray, praise it, reward it with delicious food and let it go. You can associate a process with a word. I used pee. Subsequently, the dog receives permission to “do business” on command. This is convenient if you are in the city, reach a place where the dog can be relieved and give a command.

Let’s go back to our puppy. If the puppy “misses”, and this will happen, it’s okay. Do not scold him, the main thing is that he is where we need to. near the tray. You may be faced with a situation when the puppy will not have time to reach him and will sit down Just do not pay attention to this incident. He is still small and cannot control himself like an adult dog. Be sure to praise him every time he is in the tray.

You can put several litter boxes in different places the puppy prefers to use. Gradually, you will only leave one. All puddles outside the tray should be removed and odor eliminated. If the puppy pees again in this place, again remove the puddle, smell and put an obstacle (bedside table, etc.) so that the puppy does not have the opportunity to empty again in this place.

I didn’t punish the dog for puddles and heaps. She received only verbal disapproval and only at the moment of committing the crime: “Ay-yay-yay, Lori, how ugly” But every correct action turned into a holiday: “Lori is smart, Lori is wonderful!” And pretty quickly, the puddles outside the toilet disappeared. Laurie wrote to the toilet and, satisfied, ran to me to receive an award: “That’s what a fine fellow I am!”

You should not punish the puppy with a rude and old method. poking his face into a puddle. Your patience and work will grind everything!

Over time, the toilet became small. Because of this, puddles were often made past him. Larger diapers helped, they already deliberately went beyond the frame of the tray. I did not hide the excess, because the litter was no longer interested in the puppy as a toy (thanks to the work done earlier).

After the end of quarantine, you can walk the puppy outside. Small puppies are first walked on a leash with a harness up to 8 times. Matured, from 3-4 months, on a leash with a collar. By six months, the number of walks is reduced to 4. By one year, to two.

Usually, puppies want to go to the toilet after sleep, after outdoor play and after eating. Puppies are taken out into the street after each feeding, and matured ones after they show anxiety. Keep an eye on your Samoyed, as soon as you notice signs, pick it up (so as not to crouch on the way from the entrance to the street) and take it out as soon as possible. As soon as the puppy pees, praise again, give a treat. Gradually, you will come to the point that you will praise the puppy “for the deeds” done only on the street. Household toilet “feats” will be ignored by you. Lorik still runs to me for a treat after his big deeds. Because he’s great! Remember that even an adult puppy cannot tolerate.

A puppy may refuse to empty himself on the street and will endure, and when he comes home, he immediately makes a puddle or a heap. Then on the street you should take with you a diaper from the toilet, first with a puddle and the smell of a puppy. Then you can get by and clean. If the diaper habit is strong, the diaper will have to be reduced in size until the puppy stops paying attention to it.

Since at the same time I taught the dog to the cage, we had a toilet next to it. Gradually (literally 5-10 cm per week), the toilet moved from the room closer and closer to the corridor, until the need for it finally disappeared. When I was 7 months old, I put the toilet in the closet and we never remembered about it. And then in recent months he was just in case Lori suddenly “remembers childhood”.

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Thus, the puppy gradually learns to control himself and asks for a walk at a certain time.

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What to choose a diaper for the toilet

  • Disposable diapers for dogs. They are convenient in that you do not need to suffer with washing, but you have to constantly monitor whether the puppy has gone to the toilet for such a diaper, and immediately change it. But there is a guarantee that your pet does not go past the tray, because the diaper in it is not clean enough.
  • Reusable. This is a more budget option, but you need to wash such diapers carefully. Dogs are very clean, and dirty diapers in the toilet can cause protest and riot.

What kind of nappies will suit your puppy is up to you. The main thing is that they are soft and absorb liquid well. Otherwise, the puppy may wet its paws and scuffle them around the house, leaving smelling marks.

Even more diapers

There is one trick that can speed up the learning process. Place several diapers around the room at once, and make sure that the puppy goes to any of them. Then take the used one to the place of the future toilet. let it lie there for a while.

In the future, repeat this with the rest of the diapers, but gradually reduce their number. In fact, in this way you mark the territory, and the dogs just perceive the world through smells. It may not be the nicest method, but it works with little or no misfires.

Diapering your puppy: top tips

Do not scold, but praise!

It makes no sense to scold a dog if it has already done its business in the wrong place. She only acts by instinct and does not understand what is wrong. So he may just harbor a grudge, start looking for even more unobvious places, or even take revenge.

Speak in a calm but stern voice. this is enough for a receptive puppy. And as soon as he does everything right. be sure to praise and give a reward.

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Take away carpets and rags

Dogs prefer to go to the toilet for something soft and comfortable. rags, toys, rugs, rugs. Therefore, first we recommend removing everything at all, leaving only one diaper. If the puppy marks the wrong place at least once, he will want to return there again and again.

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Watch your reaction

It is difficult to explain to the dog what is required of it, so the puppy must understand the purpose of the diaper himself. To do this, watch his reactions: perhaps when he wants to use the toilet, he begins to whimper or sniff corners. In this case, be patient and each time take it to the diaper as soon as it leaves the side.

diaper, your, husky, puppy

There is one little trick: Dogs usually want to use the toilet after eating or after sleeping. Continue to confidently move the puppy to the diaper, even if he leaves or plays, until he does his business.

Keep it clean

It is not necessary to remove the diaper right away because the puppy needs to get used to the smell and the place. over, modern disposable bedding perfectly absorbs unpleasant amber. But at the same time, it is important to always maintain order, otherwise a clean pet will fundamentally not go to a dirty place.

When to diaper train your dog

You need to train a very tiny puppy, because for them this is not a whim of the owners, but a necessity. Veterinarians do not recommend active outdoor walks for unvaccinated toddlers. And the diaper becomes salvation. And for small breeds, it will be quite suitable in the future.!

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Diaper training your puppy

So how do you do this, your little friend understood what is required of him? The smaller he is, the more often he needs to satisfy his needs. He needs to go to the toilet immediately after waking up, after eating, after an active game. Use this for your own purposes. For example, take your pet to a diaper immediately after sleep. Sit next to him, but don’t play, just don’t let go. Nature will take its toll. the puppy will do its job. Calmly, without unnecessary enthusiasm, praise him, give him a piece of your favorite delicacy. Show that you are happy with your whole appearance. Believe me, the best motivation for any dog ​​is that the owner is happy.

Suppose, after the first explanation, the puppy has not yet fully understood what you want, and begins to sit down in the wrong place. Remember not to swear. We just carry it to the diaper, do not let it go and wait. After the correct “ritual”. praise and give a small piece of some goodies.

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Very quickly, literally in a few days, your little pet will start trying to do his thing on the diaper with you, wishing to bring you joy and get his treat for it. Praise, do not skimp on rewards, reinforce skills.

When the baby has finally understood what is required of her and has consolidated the skill, you need to gradually wean her off the delicacy. First give every other time, then less and less, and then stop altogether. The skill will be formed and become familiar and self-evident.

What to do if your puppy does not wear a diaper?

In general, try to keep the puppy in sight the first time after the appearance of the puppy in the house, so you can study the daily routine of the animal. If you saw that he begins to do his business anywhere. do not scold your pet, do not poke his muzzle into the diaper and under no circumstances beat him. After all, the more understanding and love you treat your puppy, the faster he will be able to understand you.

It has been proven that the character of a dog is formed in childhood, serious pathologies of animal behavior also depend on how you handle him at a young age. If you want to have a healthy, well-trained dog. use these tips, and your animal will easily learn not only to walk on a diaper, but will also be able to give you a lot of good emotions from communicating with him in the future.

diaper, your, husky, puppy

Teaching a puppy to write on a diaper without conflict and problems

So. you have a puppy in your house. The first step is to teach him to go to the toilet correctly. not where he wants, but on a diaper. Cleanliness in the blood of any dog. Therefore, it is quite simple to teach her to go to the diaper. But you need to know some important points in order to do this quickly and easily.

Remember, first you need to explain to the baby what you demand from him. best of all, a piece of goodies or praise will help. It is impossible for him until he clearly understood everything.

Consider a typical situation for novice dog owners. So, the kid did his job in the middle of the room. The owner swears, grabs him, brings him to the diaper and pokes his face into it, some novice owners even spank the confused dog. The owner thinks that he has clearly explained to his pet where to write next time. But what can he think about this??

Variants of enclosures for small dogs with a photo. here.

Firstly, if you started scolding a puppy when he has already moved away from the “crime scene”, then most likely, he will not understand anything at all. After all, for him the seconds that have passed. a month of Sundays. For what they scold. dont clear. They poke their noses into this incomprehensible contraption. scary how. The little one may decide that he does not need to go to the diaper anymore. the owner will swear.

Secondly, if you caught a pet at the process and began to swear, then the puppy can do it the next time so that you do not see and do not get upset (for example, behind the sofa). You may also think that you are angry because the puddle is too big and you need to write a little everywhere. And again about the diaper. the puppy may think that if they poke his muzzle so fiercely at it, then probably it is definitely impossible to do your business here. The conclusions of your pet with such “upbringing” can be very unexpected and unpleasant for you, although completely logical from his point of view.

A few final words

Never try to replace regular reusable diapers with sand or scrap newspaper. Similar advice can be read in old books written at a time when there was no canine industry in the USSR. The fact is that your pet is guided by smell to the place for the toilet, and there is a very high risk that newspapers or sand (which do not absorb odors) will convey the smell of urine to the floor so much that you will have another question: how to wean the puppy from these substitutes diaper!