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How to diaper your Yorkshire terrier puppy

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Boston Terrier and its unearthly beauty)))

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When we bought the Boston Terrier, of course we thought they were very cute and cute. BUT who could have imagined that Boston Terriers are just angels, charming, without flaws, and their unearthly beauty does not raise doubts among everyone who personally saw and squeezed))) Boston.

Train your Yorkshire puppy to make up for the diaper from day one !

Remember the basic rule:

In no case, especially at first, do not punish the puppy for puddles in the wrong places. From your point of view, everything is logical and understandable, and the puppy can draw its unpredictable conclusions from the punishment and then it will be 10 times more difficult to accustom him to the diaper.!!


The puppy “blew” in the middle of the room, your actions are as follows:

You swear, poke him into the puddle with your nose, then drag him onto the diaper and. “explaining” where to write, you poke your nose there, maybe you will also slap. Is that how it usually happens? From our point of view, everything is logical and the puppy should be clear.

If you started to swear when the puppy has already moved away from the puddle, then he did not understand anything at all. For him, 15-20 seconds after the incident is a huge time. Accordingly, why they scold him a riddle, he has horror and panic in his head, he only remembered that they poked his nose into the diaper.

Output. it’s better not to fit the diaper anymore.

If you caught him behind the process, the options are as follows

  • The owner doesn’t like the fact that I “cheated” in front of him, next time I will do it on the sly behind the sofa, or when no one sees, apparently, it is also impossible to put on a diaper; it’s not for nothing that they fiercely poked at her.
  • It is bad to write on this particular place, next time I will move 5 cm to the side.
  • The owner swears, since the puddle is very large, next time you need to write many small.
  • The owner swears because.

And so on until the puppy’s fantasy ends, as you can see, everything is very logical for him too!

I think now it should be clear to you that the puppy in your “upbringing” does not understand anything.

How to train your Yorkshire Terrier puppy to use the litter box.

Everyone knows that a baby Yorkshire terrier who is not vaccinated cannot walk down the street, and you have to train him to use the toilet at home on a diaper or in a tray. All veterinarians and breeders constantly hear the question: “How to train a puppy to the toilet?” There is nothing difficult in this, only your patience and perseverance is required.!

To accustom a Yorkshire terrier puppy to a diaper can ONLY be positive motivation, and nothing else.!

Do not repeat other people’s mistakes. One or two unsuccessful or unreasonable punishments and the diaper training process will be delayed and complicated by an order of magnitude.

How to cut nails for a Yorkshire terrier

In order to properly and fearlessly cut the claws of a Yorkshire terrier, you need to understand how this claw works. Figure 2 shows the structure of the “wrong” nail. a thin living part has sprouted along the entire length of the nail, the claw is very long and the pads of the paws reach the floor only with the back, the center of gravity of the dog is displaced and the joints are not working correctly.

How to quickly train a Yorkie to walk on a diaper or tray

Owners of an active, cheerful puppy often do not know how to teach a Yorkie to a diaper or litter box. It’s not hard. The main thing is to be patient and follow the recommendations. Then everything will work out.

Ways to train puppies and adult dogs

To train a Yorkshire Terrier to the toilet will take a lot of effort and patience. Several effective ways:

  • You need to train your dog to walk on a diaper as soon as it appears in the house. Place the reusable absorbent diapers on the floor. Watch the dog. Gradually leave the diaper or litter box where the puppy runs more often.
  • Remove carpets from the floor. York can choose the place for the toilet carpet. Then it will be difficult to get rid of the specific smell.
  • You can teach how to poop a puppy in a tray or on a diaper using an aviary. It is necessary to build it, protecting some part of the room, put a disposable absorbent diaper. The puppy will immediately understand where to go to the toilet.
  • It can be difficult to train an adult Yorkie to use the litter box. At 5 months, the dog has already formed a character, the process can be delayed. If the animal ignores attempts to train it to the tray, goes to the toilet in the wrong place, then you can use special repelling sprays. It is enough to spray the toilet with a spray, the dog will no longer do his business there.
  • You can use goodies to train your puppy to poop on a diaper or in a tray. For example, if a dog has done his job in the right place, you should praise him, give him a bite of something tasty, pet.

If you follow the rules, the litter boxing process will go faster.

When to start teaching

You can toilet train a Yorkie in a few months. You should start doing this from an early age. Because after 2 months, toilet training will be much more difficult. If a Yorkie was purchased from a responsible, good breeder, he learned to walk on a diaper, he learned to use a tray from his parents. When changing place of residence, the dog is lost, can do business in any unintended place. At 4 months, after quarantine, the dog can be trained to go to the toilet on the street in good weather conditions.

At 2 months, the puppy is vaccinated, up to 3-4 months the Yorkie should be in quarantine. You can’t walk with him. A diaper is an absolute must for the Yorkshire Terrier.

Diaper or tray

You can toilet train your Yorkshire Terrier in a few months. The main thing is to find a convenient, comfortable tray or a moisture-wicking diaper. There are several options:

The litter can be used by puppies as a toy by scattering it on the floor. You can toilet train a Yorkie using newspaper pieces as filler.

Do I need to scold

If the dog does not walk on the diaper or in the tray, then shouting, hitting and poking his nose into the excrement is not allowed. These parenting methods will only hurt. The pet will begin to be afraid, but will continue to do its business in secluded places. If he sat down and made a puddle or a pile in the wrong place, he should be punished. The main thing is to do it on time. If you miss the moment when the puppy shit, the punishment will be ineffective. The dog simply does not understand why the beloved owner scolds her.

Dog breeders recommend punishing a Yorkie with a folded newspaper. If the puppy is seen at the “crime scene”, you should lightly slap it on the nose, give the command in a stern voice “No!”, Carry it to the diaper, show the place of the toilet. From the first time he will not understand, but by showing perseverance, you can achieve the desired result.

If the puppy stops peeing on the diaper, there may be a lot of reasons. From health problems to attracting the attention of the owner. It is best to consult a veterinarian. York is a smart animal. The dog can react sharply to screams, punishment. Then there is a risk of losing your pet’s trust for a long time.

Do I need to walk a decorative dog?

The question of walking small dogs, including Yorkshire terriers, does not have a single answer. Some people think that a dog of any breed must be taken outside. Others insist that small dogs can get by with a tray or diaper.

But before thinking about how to teach a Yorkie to the toilet in an apartment, you need to understand that all dogs need a walk, regardless of breed. Only Yorkies and other small pets need to be more closely monitored on the street:

  • keep away from large aggressive dogs;
  • do not allow you to approach street cats, because they can cling to the face of a miniature pet and scratch their eyes;
  • keep away from large puddles, as they may be too deep for a decorative dog.

It is also necessary to dress Yorkies if it is cold or windy outside. The dog must be able to see the world around him, so that later it would not be scared to go somewhere with the owners or just go to an appointment with the veterinarian.

Decorative dog and tray

The fact that the Yorkshire Terrier will sometimes walk on the street does not at all exclude the possibility of going to the toilet at home. And since it is a task that takes time and patience to accustom a Yorkie to a diaper or litter box, it is better to start it from the first appearance of the dog in the apartment.

It is necessary to decide in advance where the puppy should go to the toilet. to the diaper or to the tray. It is not worth using rags or newspapers for such purposes, because then the dog will consider all the papers and rags in the house as his toilet.

When choosing a tray, it is better to focus on special models for dogs:

  • they are usually slightly larger than felines,
  • filler is not poured into them,
  • a grid mounted on the tray keeps the feet dry.

Doggy Diapers | Yorkie Heat

For small males, special trays with a post are now being made so that the pet can relieve itself by raising its paw. There are also original trays with rugs imitating grass, or with a special tray that can be cleaned once a week.

If it is decided that the puppy will go to the toilet on a special diaper, then you need to know how to teach a Yorkie to a diaper and where to start.

How Should you Potty Train a Yorkshire Terrier? This is the Secret Tips that No one Tells you.

How to teach a yorkie to a diaper or a litter box: choosing a home toilet for a dog

When the decision to get a dog is made, thoughts begin about which breed to prefer. And here everything must be taken into account: the lifestyle of the future owners, the availability of free time, living conditions, etc. Since many live in apartments where there is not much space, the choice falls on small breed dogs. Toy Terriers, Chihuahuas, Miniature Spitz and, of course, Yorkshire Terriers are very popular now.

How to toilet train a Yorkie at home

The puppy usually begins to want to use the toilet after eating. Within 15 minutes after eating, it should be taken to the diaper or tray as soon as it starts to fuss and sit down. The same ritual must be done immediately after sleep.

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For the correct action, the dog is praised and given a treat. But you need to be prepared for the fact that the pet will not understand from the first time what the owners want from him.

If the Yorkie went to the toilet in the wrong place, then you shouldn’t scold him much, let alone spank him. It is enough to express your displeasure and slightly bend the puppy’s head towards a puddle.

At first there may be several diapers, then they can be gradually removed, leaving only one, where the dog’s toilet will be.

Patience is the most important part of the hard work of toilet training. After all, this can take up to 5-7 months, during which one must not give up and continue to persistently perform the same ritual. Dogs of small breeds, as a rule, are quite easy to train, so sooner or later they will understand what is required of them, and the apartment will always remain clean.

Do you think the dog must be walked? Share your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to train and accustom a Yorkie to a diaper or tray

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular breeds in Russia today. These dogs are decorative and do not require compulsory outdoor walking. Novice dog breeders often ask questions about how to accustom these babies to a diaper. In this article I will tell you how to do it correctly. I will analyze what other education is necessary even for small dogs. Does Yorke need training?

Many owners of these babies are sure that they do not have to be raised. However, it is not. Even from the Yorkshire Terrier, without proper attention and training, an uncontrollable aggressive dog grows.

Of course, a small pet does not need a strict attitude and lengthy training courses, like a large service dog, nevertheless, it is better to master the knowledge of the basic commands from an early age.

Activities with boys and girls-Yorkies should be systematic, and the owner’s actions should be consistent. The baby’s obedience should be encouraged, and stubbornness and refusal to act are punished in the form of the owner’s dissatisfaction and a severe reprimand.

Rules for training and teaching basic commands

In addition to litter training, a well-bred dog of any size should know the basic commands.

When moving to a new house, the puppy first of all masters the commands “place” and “fu” (or “no”).

To teach the command “place” you need to take a treat, sit next to the pet’s bed, call him over. When the puppy comes running up, lay him down, stroke and treat him. It is better to do these maneuvers several times a day to consolidate the result.

To study the command “no”, any unwanted action of the baby must be accompanied by this word, spoken in a disgruntled, angry tone. Sometimes you can add a light palm slap on the rump to it.

The next command, which must be learned, is “to me”. To do this, on a walk or when calling a dog at home, the owner should have a treat in store. As soon as the puppy comes up, he needs to be praised and given a treat.

The rest of the commands are studied by the dog at the request of the owner, however, they are not necessary for comfortable living with the Yorkie.

How to start training a Yorkie

Any training of decorative dogs begins with toilet training, which greatly facilitates their care at home.

In kennels, experienced breeders usually begin to toilet train puppies from the age of half a month. At such a time, the little ones already open their eyes, and they begin to crawl out of the sleeping place. For these purposes, disposable baby diapers are placed near the bed.

Puppies from a very young age everywhere copy the behavior of their mother, so when they see her walking on a diaper or in a tray, they quickly understand what is required of them.

Ways to teach your Yorkshire Terrier to diaper or toilet

There are several possible courses of action:

  • The first method involves limiting space for the first time in a new home. For the baby, you can make an impromptu aviary (a couple of square meters will be enough), in which a tray must be placed or a disposable diaper is placed. A couch is also placed there. The kid will quickly figure out where the sleeping place is, and where the toilet is. Gradually, the territory of the puppy’s stay expands, and the usual diaper and sleeping place remain unchanged. If the pet has gone past the diaper, this place must be thoroughly washed and disinfected. Dogs are sensitive to their scent, and a toddler can make it a toilet.
  • The second method eliminates space constraints. You can leave the whole room in full access, for this you need to put several diapers in it at once, and as the dog grows, their number will decrease. In this case, you need to carefully monitor the puppy. Usually babies go to the toilet after feeding, playing and sleeping. In these moments, it is especially important to put the Yorkie on a diaper or in a tray so that he understands that this place is for bowel movements. If the baby walked past the diaper, such a place must be thoroughly washed and put another diaper there.

If the baby went to the right place, it is important to praise him (just stroke him or give him a treat). If he missed, you need to express dissatisfaction (in no case by shouting, it is enough to say “fu” in a low, serious voice).

The most common mistakes

The main mistakes that inexperienced dog breeders make are inconsistency and excessive rudeness.

Every disobedience of the pet must be accompanied by the discontent of the owner. If you punish a kid for unwanted actions every other time, he will not understand anything.

As well as any correct action of the puppy must precede the praise and expression of pleasure by the person.

Every disobedience of the pet must be accompanied by the displeasure of the owner.

Action algorithms must always be followed:

  • command. execution. a treat or joyful stroking of the dog;
  • command. disobedience. punishment.

Excessive rudeness and screaming can scare the baby, so that he will cease to perceive the execution of commands as a game and will simply be afraid of any orders from the owner.

Yorkshire Terriers are very smart dogs. With the right upbringing, they quickly understand what the owner wants from them, and try to please him in everything. The main thing in the training process is the consistent behavior of the owner of the baby.

Ways to teach your Yorkshire Terrier to diaper or toilet

How to quickly train a Yorkie to use the toilet at home? Tray training should occur from the moment the pet appears in the house. From the very first minutes, you should familiarize the baby with his place, bowl and, of course, the pot. It is important to carry the dog in the litter box for the first weeks after waking up and eating. If the pet succeeds in doing its business, you need to encourage it, stroke it and give it a treat.

Important! Do not carry the diaper too far from the place where the baby will sleep. The dog toilet needs to be gradually moved to a permanent location.

How to stop a Yorkie from writing anywhere? To prevent the Yorkie from writing in the place where the diaper used to lie, it should be treated with a special agent that helps to eliminate the smell. You can also use the remedy when a four-footed friend has done his business in the wrong place.

Should a dog be punished and how

Can a dog be punished for disobedience? In no case should situations be allowed for the owner to shout at his four-legged friend. Even if the animal pees past the tray, do not poke her nose into a puddle and shout. This is especially true for situations when the owner did not see the commission of the “crime”. The dog in this case is not able to connect the cry of its owner with the deed process of emptying. Screaming and, even more so, assault will not help teach a Yorkie to a diaper.

Punishment is only possible if the dog has made a bunch directly in front of the owner. The owner should not shout, but shake his finger at the puppy and say several times “You can’t do that”, “You did a bad job!”.

Note! By instilling fear in a puppy with your cry, you can only achieve that the animal will empty itself in secluded corners so that the owner does not find an unpleasant find.


  • toilets with a column are a classic type of pot, which consists of a mesh and a tray. Also included in the kit is a removable post that allows males to relieve themselves by choosing a physiological position (while lifting their hind legs). The toilet with a post must be washed every day, while removing the net from the pallet. The pot is not able to absorb the odors of urine and feces. The device should be washed for the first months only with water, since the aromas of detergents can scare off a four-legged friend. York marks the apartment, what to do? The purchase of a toilet with a column will be a real salvation in this situation. And it will not be necessary to castrate the dog;
  • trays with a collector. the simplest version of the pot, which is equipped with a grate and a pallet made of plastic. After coping with the needs, the pet’s legs remain dry. The pot is easy enough to clean due to the fact that the net can be removed. Several models of the tray go on sale, which differ in the height of the sides. In pots with high sides, there are special passages for the dog. Males have the ability to write on the inner sides of the sides. Low-sided models are ideal for bitches;
  • litter tray. A type of pot that allows dogs to bury traces of their trips to the toilet. A filler is poured into a pallet with an average height of the sides. Dry fillers help absorb urine and mask bad odors. However, when choosing such a filler, it is important to make sure that the four-legged friend does not eat it, because this can cause intestinal obstruction. Filler toilets are rarely used. These options are suitable only for some puppies who like to dig in the ground before going to the toilet;
  • tray with removable diapers. The flat tray is equipped with catches for the diaper, which allows it to be laid on the surface of the bottom of the container. After the dog has visited the toilet, you do not have to worry that the urine will spread. The diaper will absorb all the liquid. You can purchase both disposable and reusable diapers. The latter can be washed. The tray does not absorb unpleasant odors and reliably protects the floor from urine leaks. It is quite simple to wash such a tray;
  • lawn tray. a three-level structure, in the lower part of which there is a spacious box. This is where urine collects. The middle layer of the structure is a protective mesh, endowed with the function of locking unpleasant odors. The manufacturer designed the upper part in the form of a lawn. The weed is made from a rubberized material. It allows moisture to pass through the inside of the container well enough. The lawn tray is easy to assemble, which does not complicate the maintenance of the structure. Unpleasant urine aromas remain in the inside of the tray, which makes it possible to wash the pot every 2 days.

Which tray to choose is up to the owner, who, thanks to the abundance of models, will be able to choose an option that suits a specific situation.

Note! Self-cleaning trays are on sale. This is a very convenient option for pet owners who spend a lot of time at work.

Choosing a Yorkshire Terrier litter box

Yorkshire Terriers are miniature dogs. When choosing a tray, you should avoid models with too high sides. Cat trays won’t work either. A grid should be installed on the surface of the bottom of the pot. This will enable the dog to keep its paws from getting dirty. It is important to pay attention to the quality of the plastic and the dimensional characteristics of the pot.

Important! Dog owners should consider buying trays with a table, as dogs like to raise their paws when urinating. When the sides of the tray are low, it is recommended to attach it to the wall, and cover the wallpaper with a plastic panel.

Do not yell at the dog when you disobey


Commercially available diapers can be made of cloth or rubberized. The latter are distinguished by good absorption characteristics and the ability to retain a large amount of urine.

For your information! Diapers can be used as the toilet itself, but it is best to purchase a special tray with fixators and place the diaper in this place.

How to accustom a york to a diaper at home quickly

After acquiring a puppy, the owner faces the problem of potty training a four-legged friend. Dogs of large breeds relieve themselves on the street, but Yorkshire terriers are often taught to walk on a tray or a diaper. Training is often delayed for many months, since the lack of experience dog breeders make mistakes, because of which the puppy does not want to give in and relieve himself in a specially designated place for these purposes. How to accustom a Yorkie to a diaper and what problems may arise? Information on this is presented below.

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Common mistakes

When teaching your beloved dog, it is worth showing love and perseverance. Dog breeders deprived of experience often make mistakes when teaching pets to the pot. Among the most common are:

  • the punishment of the york for doing his business in the wrong place. This is especially true when the emptying was done a long time ago. The dog cannot understand why they are being shouted at. Against this background, the fear of the owner arises. The pet will continue to go to the toilet anywhere, not understanding why they are shouting at him;
  • a drastic reduction in the number of diapers that were located throughout the room after the puppy relieved one of them. It is important to get the dog to systematically go to the toilet for a diaper. If the dog has only emptied on material a couple of times, it may be an accident. A persistently developed reflex should be achieved. Reducing the amount of material spread on the floor should be done gradually. Thus, you can reduce the likelihood of finding a surprise on the floor;
  • training should be systematic. At the same time, it is important to be patient in order to teach your pet to stop shitting in the apartment. Only in this way can a positive result be achieved. By making efforts and persistently teaching the baby, you can achieve that the pet will learn to recognize the place in which it can relieve in 4-6 weeks.


The newspaper is a temporary measure that allows you to outline the boundaries of the toilet. The paper material is unable to hold urine. The puddles will spread throughout the room. The floor surface will be wet. It is advisable to use a newspaper in the process of potty training. To do this, put a piece of newspaper soaked in urine in a pot. This way, the scent can be transferred to a new litter box, allowing the puppy to orient itself faster and find the right place to relieve himself.

Ways to train your Yorkshire Terrier to use a diaper or tray

Before accustoming a york to a diaper, it is necessary to remove all carpets (rugs, flooring) from the room. If the pet goes down on the carpet at least once, the smell cannot be eliminated and the dog will again and again use the wrong place for its own purposes. Hard-to-reach areas behind the sofa, under the bed and others need to be “barricaded”, fenced off, they should not become places for the puppy’s needs.

Pet training begins without delay, since you can accustom a Yorkie to a diaper as early as 2 months. Even at this age, the terrier begins to understand where it is permissible to go, where it is prohibited.

Yorkshire terrier puppy on the palm

It is possible to use 3 basic methods of how to teach a Yorkie to walk on a diaper. Within a quarter of an hour after eating or after sleeping, the owner catches the moment when the pet begins to show signs, takes it to the tray (diaper). This requires repetition for the puppy to learn the lesson. If the moment is missed, wipe the puddle and put the napkin in the tray to fix the smell in the right place.

The second method is based on the fact that several times the puppy is locked in the “toilet” so that he has no other choice but to relieve himself in the litter box.

Such a method is also possible. to cover the entire pen with newspapers, which the puppy can walk to. The pet will initially only select certain locations (newspapers). Gradually, the covered area is reduced by removing newspaper after newspaper, and as a result, it is the toilet area that is loved by the pet that remains. The disadvantage of this method is that the newspaper does not absorb odors well, so frequent cleaning is required.

After the york has done his business, it is important to praise him. The area of ​​the tray (diaper) must be kept clean, this breed is very clean.

Yorkshire terrier

Outdoor toilet training

In order for the dog to get used to relieve himself outside the house, it is necessary to go out with the puppy 5-6 times a day immediately after feeding him and after sleeping. The walk begins with walking, light jogging. You cannot start any games, let alone go home with the puppy, until the goal is achieved. The puppy must understand why he is taken out for walks in the first place.

At the initial stage, it is normal if the dog, after a walk, will sometimes continue to do business at home. After all, it will take a pet some time to understand that relatives are doing everything on the street and follow their example. Regular walks will help the puppy know that it is more convenient for him to defecate outside.

What to do if your Yorkshire Terrier doesn’t like the litter box

The dog may refuse to do his business in the right place because of stubbornness, and also because the terrier does not like the litter box:

  • The tray cannot be arranged in a place where it interferes with the free movement of households.
  • The litter box should be well lit and accessible to the dog at any time of the day.
  • Veterinarians consider a litter box too high for a puppy to be unsuitable for a Yorkshire, so it is perceived by him as a second bed.
  • Do not use sand or pet litter as litter for the litter box, as this creates additional dirt carried by the dog’s paws or hair.

What not to do during toilet training

Do not expect that the baby will understand from the first attempts what is required of him. A completely successful training result should be expected no earlier than months later. The owner must be consistent and unyielding in achieving the goal, encouragements and goodies will help to consolidate the result.

It is unacceptable to poke a puppy’s muzzle into the wrong place where he relieved himself. It is useless to punish the dog and wait for the correct perception, rather, the kid will be afraid in the future, trying to hide the traces of the “crime”. You can’t scold the puppy, especially if he went in the wrong place. until the age of six months, he does not know how to endure. And the dog will not associate its mistake with the owner’s dissatisfaction if the puddle is discovered after some time. The owner must be persistent in training, but always remain friendly.

The dog does not go to the toilet. what to do

If the quickie does his job in the wrong place, you need to wipe the puddle with a napkin and put it on the “right” one. in the tray (on the diaper, newspaper). The “wrong” place must be thoroughly rinsed with a special odor-destroying agent. If you do not carry out the treatment, this place will become regular for the puppy’s needs.

How to diaper train your Yorkie. at 2, 3 or 4 months

Yorkshire Terrier has a small size, pretty appearance, requires little food. In addition, these babies are not allowed to walk outside in all weather conditions. Therefore, the owners of Yorkies prefer to accustom them to a home tray. The learning process is lengthy and requires patience.

When to accustom your Yorkshire Terrier to a diaper

You should start toilet training from an early age, from the moment the puppy appears in the house, and do not delay this training. Experts consider the period from 2-3 months of age of a puppy to six months optimal for training.

Toilet for a small dog. tray, newspaper, diaper

A cat litter box is not suitable for a household toilet, it is too large for a baby. If the pet cannot overcome this barrier, the conclusion is obvious. he will relieve himself in more convenient places for this.

The tray should be made of quality material, equipped with a grid at the bottom to protect the baby’s feet from dirt. The container is selected with low sides; either a disposable diaper or a napkin (newspaper) is placed on its bottom. For Yorkshire Terrier males, trays with poles are sold so that you can mark the territory.

Tray with a post for a dog

How to accustom a york to a diaper?

How to accustom a york to a diaper? Today, Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most popular decorative dogs. This breed is intended exclusively for keeping in an apartment, therefore, before acquiring it, you need to create all the living conditions necessary for it at home. You should think in advance about everything that will relate to the residence of the pet: what to feed it, what time to walk and, of course, where the animal will relieve itself. Particular attention must be paid to the last need of the Yorkie, since an untrained dog can go to the toilet literally anywhere, including a sofa and a bed.

Many owners of Yorkshire terriers try to accustom their pets to a diaper, explaining that other “toilets” are not suitable for this dog breed. An ordinary cloth gets wet pretty quickly, which is why the pet may at some time simply stop peeing for it. Cat litter boxes are also inconvenient in this case, as most miniature terriers mistake litter pellets for play items. That is why the only and most suitable “toilet” for a Yorkie is an absorbent diaper.

Keep in mind that puppies purchased from good kennels should already be accustomed to all the rules of hygiene, since the animal naturally learns such skills from its mother. However, sometimes even a properly trained dog can relieve himself in the wrong place. Most often this happens due to a change of scenery. In a new house, a Yorkie can simply get lost, and then he will have to be taught everything again.

In the article and in the video, we will tell you how to properly raise a Yorkshire Terrier, so that as a result he learns to fulfill his natural needs exclusively in the right place. You will also learn what to do in no case in relation to the pet.

We teach york to go to the toilet on a diaper

As practice shows, it is not so difficult to accustom a mini-Yorker or an ordinary one to use a diaper. If you follow simple rules and have patience, you can raise in this way not only a small puppy (2, 3 or 4 months), but also an adult dog (from 1 year old), which had to change its place of residence.

It is worth noting that little Yorkies have a very bad memory, and while playing with you on the couch, he simply will not remember that his toilet is located, for example, in the corridor, so he will pee or poop right in the hall. Therefore, so that such situations do not occur and the pet can gradually get used to the household toilet, it is better to stock up on several diapers and place them in each room to which the animal has free access.

Sometimes it happens that a Yorkie brought from the nursery immediately begins to relieve himself for a diaper, but literally in a couple of days he does it where necessary. This behavior of the puppy is easy to explain. The fact is that in most cases, the first weeks of existence, Yorkshire Terriers live in special cages. Thus, breeders provide pets with a safe living, and this is also done so that little terriers are constantly near their parents and take an example from them. So, in the cage, the toilet was always located next to the puppy, or rather, near his sleeping place. Once on a larger area, Yorkies begin to independently search for a suitable area for sleeping and, accordingly, for fulfilling their natural needs. So that such searches do not end with the marked territory, the knowledge transferred to the dog from the mother must be constantly consolidated. This will take no more than two days. However, if the pet was not initially accustomed to the rules of hygiene, it will take many times more time to train it (up to 7 months).

To teach or re-teach your Yorkie how to use a diaper as quickly as possible, consider the helpful tips below.

  • For the first few weeks, provide your puppy with a small enclosure so that he cannot move freely throughout the apartment. You can also simply fence off some space for the temporary residence of the pet. Be sure to leave the diaper in a fenced-in area. The first time you will need to show the Yorkie his toilet, for example, immediately after your pet wakes up or eats.
  • As already mentioned, it is recommended to provide the Yorkshire Terrier with several diapers at once. In the future, you will see which of them the dog uses most often. Rarely used diapers will need to be tidied up gradually so that the puppy has only one toilet.
  • In the event that the Yorkie still relieved himself in the wrong place, take a napkin and moisten it in the same puddle left by the pet. Then place the wet napkin where the terrier should write. In no case poke your dog’s nose at its “crime scene” and even less punish it, otherwise your pet will be stressed.
  • Some Yorkie owners recommend bringing the puppy to the toilet twenty minutes after eating, as they believe that it is at this time that the animal wants to relieve itself. If suddenly the dog wants to run away, hold it. In a hopeless situation, the terrier will nevertheless empty itself in the right place and leave its smell there, by which the puppy will recognize the toilet next time.
  • It is not recommended to leave the diaper directly on the floor. Firstly, it is not very convenient, and secondly, a little Yorkie can start playing with her at any time and drag her around all the rooms. It is best to place the diaper in a special tray, which should be slightly larger than a cat’s, and also equipped with a comfortable grid.
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We hope that the above tips will be helpful to you, and thanks to them you will be able to properly raise your furry pet. The main thing is to be patient in advance and approach the educational process as responsibly as possible. Remember that a small animal is the same little child who still does not understand anything at all and, accordingly, does not know what is “good” or “bad”.

Rewarding York for academic excellence

Every time your Yorkie pissing or pooping in the right place, show him a positive attitude, treat him to a treat. It is very important here to greet him immediately after the performance. Don’t wait too long because he won’t remember and know why he’s rewarded.

We begin to accustom the york to the diaper

So now that you’ve chosen a strategic location for your puppy’s litter box, it’s time to show your cutie what she has to do with her. the procedure is very similar to the one taught to pee on the street.

And let’s be honest, there will be accidents in the beginning. Don’t expect to place the diaper and your pet will immediately understand. what it is.

It is very important to observe his behavior. The moment you see that he is getting ready to urinate or defecate, you should clap your hands, say “No,” gently lift him and put him on the oilcloth. Surely, at first he will be afraid of cotton and will not do any work.

Now wait a little, let him calm down and walk around the place. After taking his time, he will definitely complete what he started doing in the right place. This is a very important step! Follow it strictly. Even if the puppy has already started urinating in the wrong place. feel free to give him a lift to the training ground. Wait until it finishes work.

For very young puppies.

Suppose that you just took your terrier home, and he has no idea what a litter box is, and in general where he should urinate. The best place for a tray will be the area next to its lounger, why? The fact is that little Yorkies spend most of the day sleeping. And the need to urinate occurs immediately after waking up. So, remembering that puppies are unable to hold urine for long periods of time, the diaper tray next to his bed is the first soft and comfortable place for the fluffy treasure to ease itself after a relaxing nap.

If you have a large apartment, or if the living room is far from the dog’s bed, place another toilet for her in a different location. This way she doesn’t have to walk far and hold back urine for too long, depending on how much space you give your furry baby. If he is allowed to move in different rooms, place such training grounds in each of them.

For Yorkies over 5 months old

Yorkies over 5 months are able to control their bladder a little longer, so if you don’t want to lay out diapers all over the house, I advise you to choose a specific location. For example, place a rug in the bathroom, but just remember that it must be available at all times and easily found. If the puppy spends most of the day in the living room, then, of course, it makes no sense to put a urination pad in the bedroom, agree?

Finding a Place to Install a York Tray

Finding the right place to place your training tray is critical to your training success.


Diaper accustoming to a Yorkshire Terrier is very beneficial for people with a busy daily routine. They don’t have to worry about their little “cute” tagging anything in the apartment. Pot workout is also useful during bad weather conditions. rain, snow, or during a heavy storm.

How to properly change a diaper

Surely the puppy’s litter box should be changed whenever you think it’s too dirty, but if you’re going to change the location of the litter box in the house, you should ideally clean and remove the old smell from it and, of course, the floor if the baby has done dirty things on it. This is because the next time he has a special need, he will find the smell associated with the room in which he defecated and will do it in the same place.

For the same reason, you will have to keep some small part of the new tray from the old one. After all, if he smells a familiar smell like urine and poop, he will know that he has chosen the right place. To do this, leave a small piece of the old diaper on a new one or rub a new pad in a dirty one.

There is one more way. There are special drops with m substances that resemble the smell of dog feces that are used for home schooling. By choosing this method, you do not have to use the previous methods. They also come in handy for outdoor workouts.

You just have to use them in that specific place where you want the puppy to defecate. And take the puppy to the place where he will surely smell this familiar smell.

That’s all. These simple steps will help you “program” your Yorkshire cutie to go to the toilet properly. The key is patience and consistency, which are the keys to success.

How to accustom a york to a diaper?

The diaper can be used as an independent type of toilet, although it is more convenient to put it in a plastic tray. Purchase a rubberized material, it retains liquid better, the floor remains dry, odorless.

To train your Yorkie to use the diaper toilet, you need to be patient and systematic. Follow the recommendations of the experts:

  • Place your baby on the diaper during the day, after eating and sleeping.
  • Watch his behavior, if you see that the dog began to look for a place for need, to fuss, quickly put him on the toilet.
  • Limit your space. The puppy should be in your field of vision, so one room will be enough for him, the best option is an aviary. Several diapers can be placed on the floor so that the pet has no choice.
  • After the “correct behavior”, be sure to encourage the dog, praise, give a treat.

The accustoming process

The choice of the type of tray depends largely on the preferences of the owners. It is based on appearance, price, quality, ease of cleaning, the dog can agree or refuse only the type of filler.

To toilet train your Yorkie at home quickly, use the following techniques:

How to punish your dog if it doesn’t go to the toilet?

In the process of training, the owners have a question whether it is necessary to scold the dog in order to teach it to walk on a diaper? There is no definite answer to it, since the behavior of all babies is different. You definitely cannot use physical influence.

  • Up to six months, puppies cannot fully control their urges, so do not scold the baby if he simply could not restrain himself.
  • Punishment is a strict intonation of the owner, temporary inattention to the dog, no more.
  • If the puppy walks around the diaper on purpose, show him that he is wrong. This must be done immediately, educational measures in a few hours will be useless.

Choosing a place for a toilet, its organization

Let’s start with the reasons why you need to accustom the Yorkshire Terrier to the diaper, because a number of owners will have objections that one should not be lazy to take out a pet.

Ornamental breeds have a significant feature: they do not tolerate cold or bad weather. Their immunity is weaker than that of large dogs, so walks in rain or frost often end at the entrance door. The dog refuses to walk, and then he relieves his needs at home, in a random place. To avoid unwanted puddles, from an early age you need to accustom your Yorkie to a litter box or other household toilet. Start by organizing the place itself:

  • Select the type of toilet (diaper, tray). Let’s talk about the advantages of the options further.
  • Determine a place where the dog will pee.
  • The best option is an impassable part of the apartment, accessible to the animal at any time.
  • Pay attention to the preferences of the pet itself. A good solution is to put the tray where the puppy has already written.

Sometimes the toilet is placed next to the dog’s bed. The option is good for babies 2-3 months old, they do not tolerate well. But be guided by your convenience, a berth is often placed next to the owner’s bed, it is unlikely that the tray will be appropriate there.

Tray selection rules

One of the main rules for choosing a toilet is its quality. Cheap plastic will quickly absorb odors that cannot be removed, will chip off, and sharp corners are dangerous for the pet’s health. For the rest, be guided by your convenience and dog preferences:

  • A bollard tray is a plastic container with a mesh and a removable bollard. It is necessary for males to cope with need in a physiological position. This toilet needs to be washed daily.
  • Lattice with pallet. This is a simple model, differing in the height of the sides, in size. For males, it is better to take products with the highest possible walls. Daily cleaning required.
  • Filler tray. Outwardly, this is the same plastic container, only without the grill. A filler is poured inside, which absorbs the smell and does not require daily cleaning. It can be granular or woody. A convenient option for owners, but dogs rarely recognize it, they can eat filler.
  • A plastic tray in which the diapers are fixed. They are disposable and reusable. Unlike simple diapers, they protect the floor from leaking, the material will not slip.
  • Toilet with lawn. The design consists of three levels: an artificial rubberized lawn that arouses the dog’s interest, reminiscent of the street, a net that does not let the smell of urine, and a container for collecting it. Such models are more expensive, they are more difficult to care for, but they can be washed once every 2-3 days.

Proper diaper and litter box training for your Yorkie puppy at home

The Yorkshire Terrier is an ornamental breed that can do without daily walking. How to train a Yorkie to diaper, toilet at home, litter box?

How to organize a toilet properly? What mistakes do novice dog breeders often make? How long will the learning process take?

Common mistakes to avoid

It will take patience and time to train a Yorkie to write on a diaper or tray. Their lack pushes owners to commit classic mistakes that only slow down the training process:

  • Punishing the dog after the fact. If you come home from work and yell at a puppy for a puddle, he will not understand why you are swearing. The kid cannot make a causal relationship. They saw the process. they scolded, that’s the only way.
  • Completion of training too quickly. If the pet has relieved the need in the right place 1-2 times, you cannot remove the rest of the diapers or dramatically increase the space available to him. Wait for the actions to become systematic.
  • Changing your own model of behavior. If today you plant a puppy, but tomorrow you do not, in the same situations you swear or keep quiet, he will not understand why this is happening. The key to success is consistency.

If your dog categorically refuses the proposed toilet, think about the reasons for this. The tray can be cold if it is, for example, in the hallway. Move it to a warm place. The dog is uncomfortable if he is in full view.