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How to feed a beagle puppy 2 months

A place

A new pet must be accustomed to its place from the very first days of life in your home. This is a specially equipped area where the dog will rest and sleep. It also serves as a temporary “refuge” in situations where the dog can interfere with people (cleaning, eating, etc.).

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It is not difficult to accustom a small puppy to its place, but it will take a lot of time. To begin with, every time the pet goes to bed somewhere, move it to its place. And put it directly on the mat immediately after the command “Place”. When you have already put it down, you need to repeat the command and pet the puppy.

At first, the puppy will try to run away, but it is worth holding him back for a while, repeating the “Place” command and stroking again. Then you can let go. For the best effect, this exercise should be repeated about 4 times a day.

You can do this not only during sleep. You also need to develop the skill of leaving on command. This will come in handy when your puppy begs for food at dinner or plays with the vacuum cleaner while cleaning. You just need to take into account that leaving on command is a little more complicated than just sleeping in one place. If you failed to teach this at the age of 1-3 months, then it is better to repeat attempts a little later.


Washing and cleaning must be taught from an early age. There are usually no difficulties in this. You just need to do everything carefully, without harming the baby. The water temperature should be comfortable for the dog, cold or hot water is not allowed. Then bathing will evoke only positive emotions, and the already matured dog will willingly run to the bathroom. This also applies to haircuts or combing. The main thing is to be careful, because any pain and fear has its consequences. After some negative experience, the pet simply does not want to repeat the procedure anymore.

Raising a puppy 1, 2, 3 months

If you decide to have a dog, then it is best to take a puppy under the age of three months. After all, it is during this period that basic behavioral habits and skills are laid, and phobias are also formed.

During this time, puppies are easy to train. They are taught to a new family and owner, feeding, discipline, hygiene, walking and basic commands. Since puppies of this age respond well to positive emotions, it is best to train them using the “carrot” method. This can be a small treat that is given after each positive result.

Puppies can be taught a lot at an early age. For instance:

  • Don’t jump on people;
  • Sleep and behave calmly at night;
  • During a walk, do not run far from the owner;
  • Wait calmly for food to be served;
  • Do not chew on shoes and clothes;
  • Learn the necessary commands “fu”, “place”, “next”, etc.

Regular feeding

The establishment of the regime begins with feeding. Regular provision of access to water, as well as feeding, does not require special knowledge or skills from you. It’s just a vital necessity. over, when the puppy is taken away from the mother, the breeders are already accustoming him to a wide variety of food. It is important to feed and water your pet regularly, at about the same time. In addition, it is necessary to provide a high-quality diet that contains the amount of food, vitamins and trace elements necessary for its age, breed, size.

Underfeeding or overfeeding should not be allowed. In the first case, this will negatively affect the development of the puppy, and in the second, it will affect the digestive system and provoke obesity.

Familiarity with the family

The puppy gets used to the new family and place of residence through communication and joint pastime. It is very important to treat a new pet with care and kindness. Do not make your puppy feel fearful, fearful and helpless, and then he will trust you. It is under such conditions that the so-called good contact arises.

During this period, it is very important to form close contact between the owner and the animal. This will speed up the process of training, education and training of the dog. Therefore, it is the owner who should devote the most time to the dog and teach basic skills. The rest of the family can participate in raising a puppy, but only in cases of need.

Whether contact has been established can only be understood by the dog’s behavior. If she whines, waits at the door during your absence, runs after you, caresses, seeks to play with you and in every possible way attracts your attention, then you have succeeded.


Many are interested in: “For what is it possible, and for what it is impossible to punish a little puppy?” At this age, it is better to do without punishment. They will definitely not give the desired result, and the nervous system and mutual understanding will be spoiled. We strongly recommend that you learn the list, for which a 3-month-old puppy should not be punished categorically.

  • Puddles and puddles at home. At this early age, the daily routine has not yet been adjusted, and it has not yet learned to endure.
  • Spoiled material values ​​and things. You can’t blame a puppy for spoiling. Most likely, it was you who did not remove it, forgot it or left it in a conspicuous place. All valuables must be out of reach. And if you have exposed wires and cables, urgently take care of cleaning them. This is a favorite toy of small puppies, and also unsafe.
  • Running and active games. At this age, puppies are distinguished by their mobility. There is more than enough energy in them. It’s better to walk your pet more often.
  • Biting off wallpaper and pieces of walls. If your dog regularly chews or licks the walls, see a doctor. He may be lacking in minerals.
  • Games with hands and feet of family members. This habit is unique to young puppies and wears off as they get older. Usually such games become uninteresting to him after 4 months.

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Natural food

Natural food provides maximum benefits for your pet’s body:

  • You are always sure that your dog is eating natural foods.
  • Contains no colorants, preservatives, emulsifiers, colors or flavors.
  • Your four-legged friend is always cheerful and happy.
  • Variety of products, tastes.
  • If you are allergic to a certain product, you can replace it with another.

  • Cost. Natural products are not affordable for everyone.
  • Your wasted cooking time.
  • The need to independently calculate the daily rate, take into account the percentage of meat and other products.
  • There is a need for additional vitamin and mineral supplements.

Fat beagle diet

It is no secret that Bigley tends to be overweight. Unhealthy diet, irregular physical activity, health problems and treats from the host’s table lead to obesity.

To determine if your dog is obese, you need to weigh it and compare the weight with the indicators of the norm for a given breed / age. Weighing is carried out in 2 ways:

  • If the pet has a calm character, it is enough just to put him on the scales.
  • With a more active character, take the beagle in your arms. Two weighings are done. with and without a dog. Subtract your mass and your animal’s mass remains.

Completeness can also be calculated visually. It is enough to assess whether the waist is visible, whether the belly is tucked up, whether the ribs are felt. In the case when the dog does not look slim and fit, you need to contact a specialist.

The doctor examines the dog and prescribes tests for it. Based on the information received, they will help you create a diet plan.

The diet is based on the usual type of food. For dry food, reduce the amount of carbohydrates. The choice falls on feed based on natural meat and vegetables, the addition of cereals is excluded. These feeds include:

  • Orijen.
  • Acana.
  • Pronature.
  • Go natural.
  • Grandorf.
  • Farmina.
  • Arden grange.
  • Wolfsblut.
  • Brit care.

Porridge is removed from the “natural”. Accent is put on lean meat, low-fat kefir, cottage cheese and vegetables. Of the vegetables, the most beneficial are squash, cauliflower, pumpkin, and carrots. They regulate stool, contain essential fiber and promote weight loss.

The meat is strictly dietary: chicken, turkey, rabbit. By-products are excluded completely for the duration of the diet. Cottage cheese can be given periodically. Fish can be given in boiled form, preferably haddock, pollock, flounder, roach, navaga, silver hake and other low-fat species of marine fish.

Monitor your pet’s condition, activity and mood. If the dog has lost weight and is doing well, you can switch to a supportive diet. In the case when the pet does not tolerate the diet well, you can increase the number of feedings up to 3 times.

In any situation, you should consult a veterinarian before making any changes in your diet.

Dry food

For an adult dog, premium and super premium dry food is chosen. The packaging must be marked “For adult dogs”.

Breeders prefer the following feeds:

  • Royal canin.
  • 1st Choice.
  • Advance.
  • Acana.
  • Pro Plan.
  • Now Natural.
  • Darling.
  • Pedigree.
  • Pro Pac.

Dry food has a number of advantages:

  • On the back of the pack, manufacturers print already calculated tables indicating the daily feed requirement for a specific weight of the dog. For an adult, it will be enough to divide the indicated figure into 2 portions.
  • In dry food, all proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral supplements, fiber in the right amount have already been calculated.
  • Saving you time. no need to boil, peel, or pick bones.
  • Dry food is not the most perishable product.
  • Cheaper than natural.
  • Convenient for transportation (when in the summer you travel with a pet to the country or to the village).

When purchasing dry food, it is important to give preference to whole packaging. The food is sealed in a sealed bag and does not oxidize with oxygen, which helps to maintain freshness.

The disadvantages of dry food include:

  • Incorrectly selected food leads to allergies.
  • Doubt about the composition indicated on the package.
  • Possibility of making feed at high temperatures, which leads to the loss of vitamins.
  • Possibility of adding emulsifiers and preservatives to the feed for long-term storage, putting your dog’s health at risk.

It is important to soak dry food, regardless of the age of the beagle.

Nutrition of a month old puppy

Before adopting a puppy, ask the breeder what the dog is fed with. At first, you should adhere to the same diet. Over time, it will be possible to transfer your pet to the diet that will be more convenient for you. Transition gradually.

You need to feed your baby 6 times a day. You can calculate the amount of food yourself. Food at this age should be 6-8% of body weight.

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When choosing dry food, give preference to premium and super premium food. Pay attention to the pack. the mark “For puppies” must be present. Soak dry food in warm broth or milk before serving. The RDA can be found on the back of the pack.

In case of switching to “natural”, 70% of the consumed products. meat, 30%. vegetable, dairy food and cereals.

Use strictly boiled, lean meat. Veterinarians recommend using this particular diet for up to 3 months, adding mineral and vitamin supplements.

How to feed a beagle puppy and adult dog

The Beagle is an English breed of dog that has been on the lists of the most prestigious breeds for more than a hundred years. Before you get yourself a puppy, you should familiarize yourself in detail with the rules of its nutrition and maintenance.

Feeding an adult dog

After a year, the diet is reduced to 2 times a day. Exceptions are pregnant and lactating dogs. They are fed 3 times a day, sour milk products are mandatory every day, until lactation stops.

Pay close attention to your dog’s weight. The risk of obesity increases with age. Food should be about 4–5% of the animal’s body weight (excluding body fat). For aging dogs, food is reduced to 2.5–3%. If you have any medical conditions, the doctor decides on what to eat.


The daily food intake for the dog should be divided into several equal portions and given several times a day after walks to prevent the risk of bloat. Food should be removed after 15–20 minutes of consumption. You need to feed the dog strictly at a certain time. Leave water freely available.

When you start to train the beagle, it is worth feeding it after training. Sometimes the hosts will split the portion in half. The first half is fed to the pet before training, and the second is used as a treat.

Pick up dishes for the dog from stainless steel. It is easy to clean and durable. Unlike plastic bowls, such dishes will hold up if the dog presses to chew on them. Plastic, on the other hand, will quickly become unusable, and small pieces of plastic can get inside the dog’s body, which is fraught with consequences.

In order to avoid curvature of the pet’s spine, you should get a stand for the bowls. The height is set at the level of the beagle’s shoulder and is adjusted as the dog matures.

How to feed your puppy

Proper nutrition of your dog is the key to the health of your pet. From an early age, the beagle needs a properly selected diet.

2 months old beagle puppy

Bigley are natural-born actors, beggars and sometimes even thieves, it is important not to succumb to the provocations of your pet and be firm. Otherwise, the dog will become fat and awkward, which leads to health problems. In no case do not feed the dog from the table: having done this once, every day you will be a spectator of a free show. “Hungry Dog”.

  • Dry food.
  • Natural food.

You can not give the beagle sweets, spicy, smoked, salty, canned foods. such a diet will lead your four-legged friend to a violation of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to feed a beagle

When composing a beagle feeding regimen, you need to adhere to an important rule. these dogs should never be overfed, otherwise they will become fat and clumsy. Also, you cannot indulge their requests, because Bigley are wonderful actors and assertive beggars. In this article, you will learn how to properly feed this breed of dogs so that they do not have health problems.

Basic Rules

Food for the beagle should be regular, the daily ration should be divided into several portions. Each serving should be the same size. Also, the animal should always have clean water with open access to it.

It is best if you eat at the same time. If, after the beagle has eaten enough food for its age, it continues to ask for supplements, you should know that this is pure begging. Accustom your pet to the regimen. fifteen to twenty minutes after the start of a meal, remove the food, before the next feeding.

Overeating will lead to bad consequences like excess weight or metabolic disorders. Remember that fat beagles lose many of the breed’s qualities. For example, activity and stamina.

Therefore, do not give your dog more food than it should. Also, never feed a beagle from your table. By treating him just once, you will get problems for a long time. Every time you sit down to eat, the beagle will give you performances on the theme of a hungry dog.

Do not feed the beagle with sweets: chocolate, cookies, sweets, etc. Salted, smoked, spicy, pickled. much of what you eat is not suitable for a dog. Such products can cause disturbances in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

The dog should have two separate bowls for food and water. It is best if they are made of stainless steel. They are durable, easy to wash, and the beagle will not be able to chew them. Plastic bowls will not last long, and nibbled pieces from such dishes can get into the dog’s stomach or get stuck in the throat.

For convenience and to prevent curvature of the spine, it is necessary to purchase a bowl holder. In this case, the bowl should be at the level of the beagle’s shoulder so that he lowers only the muzzle into it. The stand needs to be raised as the pet grows older.

When you start to train the beagle, then do it either before feeding, or feed half of the prescribed amount of food, and use the other half as a treat.

It is necessary to feed the dog after walking, otherwise there is a risk of gastric volvulus, which sometimes leads to death.

If the beagle has lost his appetite, be sure to show him to the veterinarian. Your pet may be sick. But refusal to eat is not necessarily indicative of illness. Maybe the sly guy is trying to beg for something special from you.

Do not indulge the dog, let him get used to eating what they give. Continue to put food in the right place, removing it after a certain number of minutes. As a result, hunger will win and the pet will eat what you give it.

Organic products

There are several nuances to consider when feeding with natural products.

The meat should be lean. Coarse fibers are not a problem. Give preference to beef or veal. But it is better to refuse pork. it is very fatty. For up to three months, the meat is best cooked and cut into small pieces.

When the beagle puppy is three months old, you can start feeding it raw meat, but not in the form of minced meat, and also cutting it into small pieces. For convenience, the meat can be pre-frozen.

Boiled offal and bones, except for tubular ones, begin to give a puppy from four months, but as rarely as possible. Once a week is enough. The brain bones are given to the pet only for brushing the teeth or during their change, to facilitate the process.

From fermented milk products, give preference to cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir. Milk is given to the puppy to try after three months. If there are no problems with stool, you can give milk once a week or cook porridge on it.

If the beagle still has problems with milk, then cook porridge in meat broth. For cereals, oatmeal, semolina, buckwheat are suitable. You can add a little butter or sunflower oil to cereals. But no salt or sugar!

Eggs can be given from two months and only boiled, no more than two pieces per week.

Fish begin to be introduced into the diet of a beagle puppy when he is three months old. You can only give boiled sea fish without bones, replacing meat with it twice a week. River fish is not allowed for him.

Vegetables for up to three months must be boiled and added to cereals. After three months, you can give raw grated vegetables. If you add greens and sunflower oil to them, you get a wonderful vitamin salad.

As a treat during training, you can give a beagle puppy carrots, low-fat cheese, fruits, crackers. Carrots and rusks also act as baby’s tooth cleaners.

Mixing ready-made food with natural products is undesirable. this can lead to an upset dog’s stomach.

Puppy diet

In order for the puppy to grow up healthy and vigorous, it is necessary to draw up a competent feeding ration, taking into account the characteristics of the breed and the age of the baby.

Before a puppy arrives in your home, you need to think in advance about what you will feed him. Be sure to ask the breeder what the baby ate with him. The first time you have to feed the beagle the same. If this type of food does not suit you, transfer the pet to another gradually so that there are no disruptions in the work of the stomach.

Beagle puppy nutrition can be divided into two types:

  • feeding with dry ready-made feed;
  • feeding with natural products.

Dry food

If you have chosen this type of food, give preference to premium and super premium food. Only in such ready-made feeds all the substances vital for the beagle are properly balanced. Do not skimp on food. this will have a very bad effect on the dog’s health.

Always read the instructions on the food box carefully. For babies, you need to buy food marked “for puppies”. If you do not follow these recommendations, your pet may not receive the necessary elements and biologically active substances.

Each dog is different. Therefore, if you notice that she began to recover, and undigested food began to come out in the form of liquid feces, then the dosage indicated on the pack does not suit your puppy. In this case, you need to reduce the volume to normalize the stool and weight.

To facilitate the baby’s digestion, fill dry food with water or meat broth in advance, so that it has time to swell. Sometimes dry food should be given to brush your teeth. A beagle should always have clean water; when feeding with dry food, he drinks a lot.

Up to twelve months old, a beagle puppy can be given a mineral bait containing calcium, for example, velpenkalk, as a prophylaxis for calcium deficiency. After all, dogs of this breed have a very large load on the musculoskeletal system and limbs. But first consult your veterinarian if your puppy needs it and in what dosage.

Meal mode

The beagle puppy must be fed as follows, evenly distributing the daily food intake for a certain number of times:

  • two months. six times a day.
  • from two to three months. five times a day.
  • from four to six months. four times a day.
  • from six to twelve months. three times a day.
  • after twelve months. twice a day.

To determine the daily amount of food, which will need to be divided by the number of servings per day, according to the meal regimen described above, we suggest using this table:

Diet for an adult dog

The nutrition of an adult beagle is practically no different from what he ate as a puppy. If you fed the hound with ready-made food, now you need to buy premium and super premium food marked “for an adult dog”. Continue to monitor the beagle stool to reduce serving size if necessary.

Keep a close eye on the weight of your pet. with age, the risk of obesity increases, and the body is getting worse at coping with possible problems. For example, with a malfunction of the stomach.

If you fed your beagle puppy with natural products, continue to feed them, but the serving size should be slightly smaller. The total amount of food per day is calculated at the rate of five percent of the total weight of the dog. For example, if your beagle weighs ten kilograms, then five hundred grams of food should be allowed for him per day. It must be divided into two steps.

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Buy special bones to clean your teeth, and also give your pet calf tails and massive joints. If you have a pregnant or lactating bitch, she must be fed three times a day and given fermented milk products every day until lactation stops.

The transition to dry food for an adult dog is undesirable, its body may not be able to cope. It is also impossible to mix feed and natural products. To the usual diet, you need to add special vitamin and mineral supplements for adult dogs. Doses should be consulted with a veterinarian.

What does your dog like to eat? Tell us in the comments.


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How to bathe?

For the first time, you can bathe a puppy only after the end of a two-week quarantine after the 2nd vaccination and only in case of emergency.

Beagles should not be bathed too often. once every 3-4 months is enough, more frequent washing will lead to overdrying of the skin.

You also need to make sure that the water is not hot and does not get into the dog’s ears. Shampoo should be mild, preferably moisturizing, intended for dogs.

Important! You cannot bathe your dog using human shampoos. they dry out the pet’s skin, because pH of human skin is different from that of canine.

When a puppy is weaned?

The optimal age for weaning puppies from their mother is 1.5-2 months. At this age, they are already quite independent, but not yet too attached to the breeders and the environment, so adaptation to new conditions will be quick and easy.

In addition, at 45 days, the dog handler examines the puppies to determine the breeding marriage and evaluate the litter, so a puppy purchased at 1.5-2 months will have a puppy card confirming its compliance with the standard and the necessary vaccinations.

What to feed the first 3 months?

During the first month, puppies feed only on mother’s milk, then complementary foods are gradually introduced.

If we are talking about dry food, then it should be at least a premium class, it is better. super-premium or holistic, and intended specifically for puppies. Before giving the pet food, it must be soaked in milk or broth.

With natural feeding, it is necessary that 70% of the diet be boiled meat of low-fat varieties, and the remaining 30%. cereals, milk, vegetables.

After 2 months, the diet should include:

  • cottage cheese;
  • cereals. oatmeal, buckwheat, semolina;
  • kefir;
  • boiled eggs;
  • boiled vegetables;
  • greens.

At 3 months, you can give puppies some sea fish, raw vegetables.

What do newborn puppies look like??

Newborn beagle puppies lack sight and hearing, and thermoregulation is very weak. They are absolutely helpless and completely dependent on their mother. she cares for them, feeds and warms them.

Adults of the breed can be bicolor or tricolor, but at birth their coat is colored differently. Future owners of the tricolor are born almost black and white, with hardly noticeable red markings on the face, and two-color beagles are light at birth, without pronounced multi-colored markings.

At birth, the weight of beagles is 250-450 grams, by 1 month they already weigh 1.5-2 kg and grow up to 18-20 cm.

How to properly care?

During the first few weeks, a bitch takes care of the newborn puppies. The breeder only needs to control the temperature in the room. the puppies have almost no thermoregulation and hypothermia and overheating are dangerous for them.

Also, the breeder should remove dewclaws from puppies, if any. This is done 3-5 days after birth.

Until the quarantine after vaccination ends, beagles are prohibited from bathing, however, you must inspect and wipe their eyes daily.

It is also necessary to regularly examine and clean the ears of the puppies and comb their fur several times a week.

After all the necessary vaccinations are made and the quarantine period ends, you need to walk with the beagle every day. They are energetic and active dogs. for normal physical and psychological health, they need physical activity and active pastime.

How to properly care for a beagle puppy: nutrition, hygiene and first vaccinations photos of babies

Bigleys are small hunting dogs that have become incredibly popular for their optimism, good looks, energy and dedication.

Beagle puppies are so adorable that you can’t resist them.

Adults do not lose this charm and charm, however, in order for a loyal friend and protector to grow from a small puppy, it will take some effort.

In the article, we will talk about how to properly care for puppies of this breed, and also show you photos of these cute babies.

Feeding rules

Beagles are prone to overeating and obesity, so portion size and diet should be monitored.

The number of feedings depends on the age of the dog:

  • up to 2 months. 6 times a day;
  • 2-3 months. 4-5 times;
  • 3-9 months. 3-4 times;
  • 9-12 months. 3 times.

Upon reaching 1 year, the pet must be transferred to two meals a day.

In the case of feeding with ready-made feed, preference should be given to such manufacturers as:

  • Hills;
  • Royal Canin;
  • Acana.

They must be marked “Junior”. these foods are suitable for puppies up to 1 year old. In the future, the food must also correspond to the age of the pet.

The natural menu assumes the preservation in the diet of products consumed for up to 3 months, after 4 months, the pet should be given offal (udder, kidneys, liver, lung, spleen).

Boiled sea fish without bones can be given a maximum of 2 times a week.

You should also give the dog cartilage, moss, carrots and croutons twice a week. this helps to clean the teeth and gums.

First vaccinations

Newborn puppies are protected by the immunity received from the mother. This protection is active during the feeding period, but after lactation it gradually weakens, being replaced by the puppies’ own immunity.

To form an active immune system and protect against infections and viral diseases, vaccination is necessary, carried out in accordance with the basic rules:

  • the dog must be absolutely healthy, otherwise there is a risk of death;
  • you can not vaccinate a pregnant or lactating bitch;
  • 7-10 days before vaccination, the dog must be treated for parasites (worms, fleas, ticks).

The vaccination schedule includes vaccinations against:

  • plague (D);
  • hepatitis (H);
  • adenovirus infection (A);
  • parainfluenza (Pi);
  • leptospirosis (L);
  • parvo and coronavirus enteritis (P);
  • rabies (R).

The drug is chosen by the owner of the dog. Vaccines from Eurikan or Nobivak have proven themselves well.

There are several vaccination schemes:

After the last vaccination, it is required to withstand a two-week quarantine, only after that the puppy can be taken outside.

In the future, vaccination should be carried out annually. In the case of using schemes 1 and 2, with Nobivak DHPPILR, with scheme 3. Eurikan DHPPI2LR.

Feeding your beagle puppy

When purchasing a beagle puppy, the most pressing question for the owners is how to feed a beagle puppy, what should be included in the diet and how often a small pet should be fed?

To grow a healthy and active beagle, the puppy’s diet must be of high quality and balanced, especially during the period of active growth of the dog. Representatives of the beagle breed have an excellent appetite, are absolutely not picky about food and are happy to eat whatever is offered to them, besides, beagles are prone to overeating, which in turn can lead to obesity and metabolic disorders, therefore, the main rule that should be adhere to breeders. “Do not overfeed!”. And even if the puppy, after eating his portion, continues to look at you with hungry eyes, you should not succumb to provocations, feeding treats from his table or giving the puppy a supplement.

The diet of a beagle puppy should be competently composed, taking into account the breed, age, and divided into portions that are reasonable in terms of volume. It is equally important when feeding to adhere to the regimen and give food at the same time, which contributes to better absorption of nutrients and the normal functioning of the digestive tract.

Feeding a beagle puppy at 2 months

Before the puppy appears in the house, you need to decide what you will feed the pet. It is best to consult with the breeders in this matter, so as not to harm the health of the pet.

A beagle puppy’s diet can be based on:

  • natural food;
  • ready-made dry food;
  • combined nutrition (natural food dry food).

After the appearance of the baby in the house, in order for the adaptation process to pass faster, the first days of the dog, you need to feed the puppy with his usual food, gradually introducing new products into the diet. Up to 3 months, it is better to feed the beagle with natural products, adding mineral and vitamin supplements to the food.

When fed with natural foods, the diet of a beagle puppy should include 70% meat products and 30%. plant food. Up to 3 months, it is better to give boiled lean meat or chicken meat in the form of minced meat. The beagle’s diet should include calcined cottage cheese, oatmeal, buckwheat, semolina, calcined cottage cheese, dairy products, boiled eggs, a small amount of boiled vegetables and herbs. Pork and any types of fatty meat are prohibited. Do not feed your puppies legumes, river fish, potatoes, salted, fatty, sweet and spicy foods.

Porridge should be boiled well in meat broth or milk. Fermented milk products are best given in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. porridge with meat and vegetables. A small amount of honey or vegetable oil is added to cereals.

When feeding dry food, you need to choose only high-quality premium food, marked “For puppies”, strictly adhering to the dosage indicated on the package. The rate depends on the age of the dog and the brand of food. Up to 3-3.5 months, dry food is soaked in broth or milk. You can alternate dry food and natural food.

Feeding a beagle puppy from 3 months

Sea fish, raw, finely grated vegetables, and wheat groats are gradually introduced into the diet. From 4 months, boiled offal is introduced. liver, chicken ventricles, tongue. The fish is given in boiled form, freeing it from the bones. To cleanse the gums and strengthen the teeth, puppies are given natural gums or compressed vein bones. As a delicacy, you can give croutons, pieces of hard cheese, raw carrots, fruits.

Beagle puppy feeding rate

Small puppies are fed frequently, in small portions, gradually decreasing the number of feedings and increasing the portion.

  • Up to 2 months old beagle puppies need to be fed 6 times a day;
  • From 2 to 3 months. 5 times;
  • From 4 to 5. 4 times;
  • From 6 to 9. 3 times;
  • From 10-12 months, you can transfer the dog to 2 meals a day.

If the puppy eats without appetite, but there is no reason for concern about health, you should not go on about the pet, giving him what he wants. The bowl should be eaten within 10-15 minutes. If the dog has not eaten, the bowl is placed in the refrigerator and given again for the next meal, with the same ingredients. If the puppy is constantly leaving food, you can reduce the portion size. Don’t forget about drinking water! The bowl should always be filled with fresh water.

How to feed your puppy

First you need to determine what type of food your puppy will have. There are two types:

Ready food for puppies. Stopping the choice on this type of food, it is necessary to give preference to premium and super-premium class foods “for puppies”. There is also a special food for pregnant, aged and sick dogs. It should be noted that no one can be completely sure of the correctness of the composition on the package.

For better assimilation, dry food can be poured with water or broth 5 minutes before feeding.

Your pet will appreciate the natural diet. It is more difficult to prepare ready-made food, it requires the addition of a vitamin-mineral complex and a balance of nutrients. Takes much time. This is the most useful and correct food option, historically familiar to the dog.

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The transition from one type of food to another is best done gradually, over 10-14 days.

Serving size

The portion size is 4-5% of the body weight of an adult animal, and the portion size also depends on the activity of the dog, the time of year and what conditions it has.

When living in an aviary, the portion should be increased, and in the cold season, increase additionally.

Look at the dog, if its condition suits you. you have found the golden ratio, if you have lost weight. increase the portion, gained weight. reduce part of the food.

Nutrition of a month old puppy

The baby’s daily diet should be divided into 6 meals. The amount of food at this stage is 6-8% of the puppy’s weight per day. The composition of the diet includes 30% of boiled vegetables and cereals, 70% of non-fatty boiled meat in the form of minced meat and dairy products.

Porridge: buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, semolina semolina (unlike ordinary semolina, it is made from unrefined wheat with preservation of useful properties)

Basic Rules

The Beagle is an active hunting dog, it needs to spend a lot of energy on a walk or hunting. The main point in the diet of a beagle is to dose its portions, otherwise the animal is threatened with excess weight, loss of agility and metabolic disorders.

Food should be given regularly and in equal portions, maintaining a temporary regimen. Be sure to have a bowl of clean drinking water freely available. It is advisable to place the bowl at the level of the dog’s shoulder joint, this will strengthen the posture.

The portion should be appropriate for the age of the animal. All the dog asks for over and above its norm is pampering.

You cannot feed a beagle from your table; if this rule is violated, the beagle will constantly sit near the table with pleading eyes. It will take a long time to fix the “always hungry dog”.

Nutrition for an adult dog

The dog’s ZHTK will work properly if the feeding regime is observed at the same time twice a day. in the morning and in the evening. Do not hold the bowl of food for a long time. 15 minutes is enough for the beagle to eat on time.

How to feed a beagle at 2 months

The number of meals is reduced from 6 to 5. The small beagle begins to grow actively and needs a lot of protein. Porridge can be cooked with meat broth.

From two months, boiled eggs, cottage cheese and kefir are added to the diet. A few drops of sunflower oil. source of fatty acids.

4000 x 8% = 320 grams daily food allowance.

Divide this weight by the number of meals.

It is important not to give fermented milk products in the evening.

Beagle diet up to a year

A maturing beagle puppy should receive more and more food every month. Fresh herbs, lettuce leaves, which can be mixed into food, are very useful.

From three months it is useful to introduce boiled fish, cheese into the diet, and give poured vegetables raw. During the period of changing teeth, the puppy will be happy to gnaw bones, cartilages and special dental blanks.

At four months old, the puppy calmly eats raw meat, cut into small pieces, and the yolks of eggs. Before eating, raw meat must be frozen to get rid of possible parasites. The ratio of protein products to the rest of the food is at least 70%.

At five months, the puppy begins the transition to feeding an adult dog, at six months this process is completed. You can give offal (hearts, tongue, stomachs) for sample, starting with small dosages. The increased portion size is due to the active growth of the dog, when growth slows down, the portion is brought back to normal.

Starting from 6 months, the number of feedings is reduced to 3. Milk is completely excluded. the body of an adult dog is not able to assimilate it.

How to feed a beagle

The Beagle is a medium-sized hunting breed (weighing about 10 kilograms, up to 40 centimeters high). Fast and playful dogs should always stay in good shape to maintain their natural physical activity and health. The main role in the content is played by constant training and proper nutrition. In no case should this breed be overfed, it is important for the owners to clearly understand what to feed the beagle and what is best for the pet.

When starting a pet at home, you need to take into account one feature. beagles have an excellent appetite, they are absolutely not picky about food, they like to beg, therefore they are prone to excessive consumption of food. So that the pet does not suffer from obesity, the owners need to build food for the beagle on the following principles:

meals. regular, preferably at the same time, after a walk;

access to clean and fresh water must be organized on an ongoing basis;

it is necessary to feed according to the regime: if the beagle has not finished eating the food offered to him in 15 minutes, the bowl should be removed before the next meal;

it is better to place the bowl on a special stand, adjust it according to the growth of the animal. this minimizes the risks of curvature of the spine;

it is strictly forbidden to feed the animal from your table. having treated the pet a couple of times, it will be extremely difficult to get rid of constant begging.

Dry food for beagle

Dry food is considered the most favorable for a healthy animal of any breed, including beagles. The finished product is not only endowed with all the useful components for the full functioning of the body, but also has such an important parameter as balance, which is extremely difficult to achieve on your own. When deciding to feed your dog dry food, you shouldn’t economize. Only premium and super-premium feeds are a high-quality source of vital energy.

the presence of a large percentage of meat products, often of several types at once. beef, chicken, rabbit, fish;

balanced amount of vitamins and minerals;

the absence of starch, dangerous preservatives, odor and taste enhancers in the composition, the use of natural spices.

The best dry food for beagles are:

Eukanuba (USA-Holland). This trade mark produces food for puppies, adult dogs and animals older than six years of different breeds;

Hills is a US company offering two product lines: healthy food for dogs of any age with any activity level and therapeutic food designed to support the body in a variety of diseases;

Acana (Canada). dog food, which is selected depending on the size and age of the animal. Produced on the basis of fish, pork, duck, chicken and lamb;

Belcando is a German manufacturer of super premium dog food.

The most important rule when using a dry diet is unlimited constant access of the animal to clean water. The amount of dry food depends on the recommendations of a particular manufacturer, and the packaging always contains standard daily allowances for pets of different weights and ages. It is worth remembering that you need to feed the beagle based on his personal needs. If there is a lot of the recommended dose indicated on the package for the dog, it needs to be adjusted downward, or vice versa. the pet begins to recover, the amount of food is reduced.

Homemade food

When the beagle reaches the age of 1 year, feeding is carried out 2 times a day, preferably after a walk in the fresh air. When feeding a beagle with natural food, it is important to follow these guidelines:

food must be warmed up, have an average consistency. The most important requirement is the freshness of the products. An animal, just like a person, can get serious food poisoning due to poor quality food;

the basis of homemade food should be lean meat, including poultry and fish, offal, cereals, dairy products, vegetable ingredients (herbs, vegetables, fruits). The share of the plant component in the diet is no more than a third;

if meat and dairy products can be present on the menu every day, then offal can be offered to the animal no more than three times a week and only in boiled form;

it is forbidden to give hollow bones, even as a treat. the fragments can seriously injure the digestive tract and even lead to the death of the dog. Therefore, as a treat, it is better to offer your pet large joints, cartilage, tails, piglets, etc.;

meat products are given to the animal in small pieces raw, but subject to pre-processing: frozen and just thawed or after washing with hot boiling water. It is better to leave fat, veins on the meat, but it is important that there are few of them;

the main source of carbohydrates for the beagle‘s body is cereals. Oatmeal, buckwheat, rice and wheat porridge are preferred. You can add vegetables, a little vegetable oil to the finished porridge in meat broth;

in the first feeding the dog is offered herbal products and fermented milk. Suitable for feeding are cottage cheese, sour cream, whey, carrots, apples, beets, zucchini, fresh herbs;

beagle fish is given only in boiled form once a week, after having cleaned the meat from dangerous bones.

Food from the table is prohibited, as it not only violates discipline for the animal, but can harm its health. When feeding a beagle, it is strictly forbidden to give sweets (buns, sweets, chocolate), smoked, highly salted, flour, spicy foods, since the dog’s body is simply not adapted for such food. But it is necessary to regularly give your pet vitamin and mineral supplements with a natural style of feeding.

Features of feeding puppies

During the period of active growth, the diet should be not only of high quality, but also balanced. the dog should receive all the nutritional components necessary for the body. You need to start compiling food with information about what kind of food the breeder fed the beagle. at first you will need to focus on it. A sharp change in the style of eating can lead to disturbances in the work of the stomach, if necessary, the transition should be smooth and gradual.

Experts recommend feeding a puppy up to three months with either a ready-made diet for puppies, or natural food with the additional use of vitamin and mineral complexes. The diet should be based on the proportion of 70% meat products and 30% vegetable food. It is better to offer low-fat varieties as meat to a beagle puppy: boiled chicken or rabbit in the form of chopped pieces or minced meat. The puppy’s diet must necessarily contain calcium-rich cottage cheese, buckwheat, oatmeal, dairy products, boiled eggs, some vegetables and herbs. Porridge should be cooked in meat broth, with normal tolerance. in milk. Fermented milk products are offered to the baby in the morning, plant and meat foods. during the day. 4-5 meals a day will be enough for your puppy.

Upon reaching the age of three months, the number of feedings is reduced to 3-4 times and a decision is made on which feed to feed the beagle further. With natural nutrition, cheeses, crackers, fruits, boneless fish, offal, wheat groats are gradually introduced into the diet. When switching to dry food, a gradual replacement of the usual diet is performed, first by soaking the granules in water.

Regardless of the type of feed chosen, the nutrition of the active beagle should always be moderate and of high quality. This is the only way the dog will feel good and lead a typical lifestyle.