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How to feed a Chihuahua puppy at 2 months

Chihuahua puppy diet

Water is the basis of blood and all body fluids, therefore it should be present in the dog’s diet in sufficient quantity. With natural feeding, the dog gets some of the water it needs from wet food.

When feeding with industrial products, the role of water in the diet increases sharply. Almost all industrial products contain preservatives, which in one way or another affect the absorption of water in the body.

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If the dog is fed dry food, the pellets will absorb all the liquid in the stomach, causing the dog to become very thirsty. When feeding industrial food, ensure that the Chihuahua puppy has access to a drinking bowl with fresh water at all times.

If you ignore this rule, a Chihuahua puppy can develop dehydration within a few hours, and this is fraught with metabolic dysfunction and serious damage to health.

At 2 months

At 2 months, the above diet is maintained, gradually increasing the amount of food that the puppy eats at one time. The basis of the diet should be protein products. meat and milk.

At two months of age, puppies eat 4–6 times a day. Because Chihuahua puppies need a lot of energy to warm their own bodies, they can and should have snacks between meals.

Natural diet

A natural diet involves preparing fresh, balanced, quality pet food on a regular basis. Many owners mistakenly believe that the dog can be fed leftovers from the table, that this is a natural diet. In fact, this approach will lead to the development of various diseases and pathologies, especially when it comes to feeding the puppy.

Note! Some owners are of the opinion that a raw food diet is good for dogs. A raw food diet is a separate area of ​​the dog’s diet, but it belongs to the natural type of feeding.

Benefits of a natural diet:

  • You can always control the freshness of your pet’s food.
  • You will know exactly what your pet food is made of.
  • You will be able to adjust the diet of a Chihuahua puppy, depending on the season of the year and individual needs.
  • The natural diet can be varied.
  • Chihuahuas have weak teeth, any natural products can be crushed to a state of soft porridge.
  • A balanced natural diet is less expensive than quality industrial food.

Disadvantages of a natural diet:

  • Requires a constant investment of time to prepare food for the pet.
  • Natural food should not be left in a bowl, especially in hot weather.
  • Even the highest quality natural diet cannot compensate for the need for vitamins and minerals, so the dog needs to regularly take vitamin courses.
  • It is difficult for a small dog to calculate the calorie content of a natural diet.
  • Some dogs may develop allergic reactions to natural foods.

The puppy can be switched to a natural diet from an early age.

At about one month of age, babies become interested in adult food. As a natural supplement, you can give whole milk, cottage cheese, boiled minced meat, low-fat broth.

If the breeder fed the puppies with industrial products, and you want to transfer the pet to natural, you can start making changes to the diet after the adaptation period.

6 months to 1 year

From 6 months to 1 year old, the dog is determined with taste preferences and chooses products that will love for the rest of its life. With the industrial type of diet, after a complete change of teeth, the dog can be fed dry granules. The main part of the industrial should be canned feed and milk replacer.

With the natural type of feeding, the puppy is taught to eat meat porridge, which consists of: beef or other meat, rice or buckwheat, vegetables.

Just before serving, vitamin supplements and herbs are added to the porridge. Up to 7-8 months of age, porridge should consist of 50-60% meat or other protein base.

At the age of 8 months and older, the ratio of meat, large and vegetables brings up to 33%. The remaining 1% comes from vitamins and other essential supplements.

At 3 months

At 3 months with an industrial type of feeding, the ration remains the same. With a natural type of feeding, the following foods are found in the diet of a Chihuahua puppy:

  • A small amount of raw meat, minced, pre-frozen for 3-4 days.
  • Buckwheat or rice groats, if the puppy is often cold or poorly gaining weight.
  • A small amount of grated vegetables. carrots, cucumber, zucchini.

Note! As a treat, a Chihuahua puppy at 3 months can be given a slice of not too sweet apple.

At the age of three months, Chihuahua puppies enter the stage of active growth, so it is advisable to feed them on demand. The total number of meals reaches 4-5 times, excluding snacks with dairy products.

How and what to feed a Chihuahua puppy: a menu by age

What are the characteristics of the breed and how to properly feed a Chihuahua puppy? Start by choosing a place and utensils for your pet. After that, you need to decide what to feed the puppy: a natural diet, ready-made feed or a mixed diet. It is important to identify and exclude all prohibited foods. Be sure to keep in mind that water, vitamins and supplements play an important role in the diet.

Features of the Chihuahua breed

Chihuahua is one of the smallest representatives of the canine world. Features of the breed are associated with small size and body structure. Almost all Chihuahuas have a weak dental system and problems with changing baby teeth. In addition, many Chihuahuas suffer from headaches when the weather changes.

Chihuahua puppies are mobile and inquisitive, which often leads to injury. With poor-quality feeding of puppies, joints develop abnormally, which aggravates the risk of injury to the front and hind legs. Among the representatives of the breed, there are often allergy sufferers and dogs suffering from the sensitivity of the digestive system.

Chihuahua puppy food

and more owners are switching their pets to ready-made feed. Manufacturers of ready-made feeds produce their products in the form of dry granules, pates, pastes and chunks with gravy. Feed is divided by quality or class: economy, premium, super premium and holistic.

Important! Economy class is not suitable for daily feeding of a Chihuahua puppy. If you want your pet to be healthy, choose food of at least super premium class.

Chihuahua puppies up to one year of age are prone to problems with the change and health of teeth. For this reason, soft foods are recommended for puppies. From finished products, pates or pastes are suitable. Pieces with gravy can also be added to the diet by grinding them with a blender beforehand.

The advantages of ready-made feed:

  • Significant time savings.
  • High-quality ready-made feeds are balanced and contain all the necessary vitamins.
  • When feeding with high-quality ready-made feed, you do not need to worry about a lack of minerals, bone formation and tooth change.
  • Most dogs eat pasta, pâté and chunks with gravy with great appetite.

Disadvantages of finished feed:

  • For the puppy to grow up healthy, the food must be of high quality. Quality feed is much more expensive than a balanced natural diet.
  • Canned food is more expensive than dry food, and in composition they differ only in increased m of water.
  • Expensive industrial feeds are often counterfeited.
  • You will never be completely sure of the quality and freshness of the products used in the production of industrial feed.
  • Industrial diets cannot be diversified.

Note! Chihuahua puppies are strongly not recommended to be fed with economy class food, as they contain flavor enhancers, salt and other preservatives that cause irreparable harm to the dog’s health.

Commercial ready-made products for puppies include a milk replacer for orphaned puppies. A substitute for bitch milk for puppies is possible from the first day of life. With industrial supplementation up to 6-7 months of age, the puppy continues to be given milk replacer. Pates and pastes are introduced into the puppy’s diet no earlier than at the age of 1 month.

Dry food also belongs to finished products, but their use in keeping Chihuahuas is questionable. Constant gnawing of hard granules can aggravate the condition of the mouth. If you are determined to switch the Chihuahua to dry food, you can do this no earlier than 7-9 months of age (complete change of teeth). From 4-5 months of age, dry food can be introduced into the puppy’s diet, but only soaked.

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How and what to feed a Chihuahua puppy: tips and tricks from experts

Chihuahuas have become the favorites of city dwellers. Dogs are very small, playful and sociable. Many inexperienced owners have acquired dogs, succumbing to the trend of fashion, and after buying a puppy, they discovered a number of difficulties with their m large breed.

The Chihuahua fan forums have tons of information about proper feeding. With a more detailed study of the information obtained empirically, young owners fall into a stupor. Chihuahua nutritional recommendations vary widely, with controversy arising when trying to describe optimal feeding for Chihuahua puppies.

So, first indestructible right, miniature breed puppies should get almost twice as many calories as larger dogs. The most important feeding periods lasts from birth to 5 months. during this period of time the puppy grows and develops most actively.

Note! Chihuahua puppies are prone to hypoglycemia, which develops with poor or inadequate feeding.

Complementary feeding for Chihuahua puppies is the responsibility of the breeder, and a lot depends on its quality. At about 4 weeks of age, babies become interested in adult food, and the breeder offers the babies natural (minced meat, milk) or industrial (canned food, soaked dry food pellets) food. Unlike other breeds, Chihuahuas are not recommended to be switched to another diet for at least a year.

Important! Be sure to check with the breeder how the dogs are fed in the kennel and compare the requirements with your financial capabilities. For example, feeding a Chihuahua (up to one year old) with premium pates will cost more than raising a German Shepherd on a natural diet.

You, as the future owner, should not be puzzled by the question of how to feed a month-old Chihuahua, since puppies are sold at 3 months (or older) age. If you are offered, get a month-old baby, you should think about the breeder’s solvency and his ability to provide care for a pregnant bitch.

Industrial food

Every second breeder claims that dry food for Chihuahua puppies is the optimal way to feed. For miniature breeds, balance and the correct ratio of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements are very important. It is very difficult to maintain the correct proportions “in manual mode”! Good quality dry food can be said to be balanced.

In the conventional sense, industrial products are divided into types and classes:

  • Economy. the cheapest, but low-quality feed, often does not contain meat and is made on the basis of legumes. They contain a lot of salt, preservatives and are absolutely not suitable for feeding Chihuahuas.
  • Premium or everyday. balanced but not fully fortified complex.
  • Super-premium. balanced food with vitamins, microelements.
  • Holistic is the most expensive, but the most natural product.
  • Types. dry, semi-wet and wet.

By the way, you can find out that the food is not suitable for your pet by the following signs:

  • The coat stops shining.
  • The coat is getting poorer, and some dogs go bald dramatically.
  • Lack of minerals leads to dental problems. thinning of enamel, caries, stunting of molars.
  • Weakened immunity leads to frequent colds, the dog literally catches infections on every walk, his eyes and nose are constantly flowing.
  • Chihuahua refuses to train or learns new knowledge poorly. There is apathy and unwillingness to play.
  • Fast weight gain (if the food is not changed, the dog will develop diabetes as early as 2-3 years old).
  • Food allergies to dyes or other substances in the feed.

Experienced veterinarians do not recommend feeding the Chihuahua dry food as dogs are inherently prone to dental problems. The recommendation that during the period of changing the dentition, the granules will help to loosen milk teeth, is also erroneous. Most often, the dog simply breaks its teeth or abrades the molars before they fully erupt.

Important! Puppies, elderly dogs and Chihuahuas with problematic teeth are given only pate! An adult four-legged with a Hollywood smile can use semi-moist food (pieces of meat with gravy).

Natural Diet. New Facts and Proven Recommendations

Most experienced dog owners understand a dog’s natural diet as cooking porridge and feeding raw treats. Recently, more and more controversial opinions have appeared about the natural feeding of Chihuahuas, and the “fault of this” is the scientific work of one Australian veterinarian. The scientist suggested that it is more beneficial for the dog to consume only raw food (meat, vegetables, fruits). According to the theory of the veterinarian, one of two ways of feeding is considered optimal for miniature dogs:

  • BARF. only raw meat (poultry, beef), offal, fish, vegetables, fruits, eggs (boiled at puppyhood), dairy products (if the dog is lactose tolerant). This diet is completely free of grains and nuts.
  • RAW. The staple food consists of raw meat and organ meats. Oils and foods containing vitamin C are required (in dogs it is not synthesized naturally). Diet excludes dairy products, eggs and grains.

Tip: You can find the recommendations above on many forums or hear from your veterinarian. Be reasonable, these techniques are not endorsed by any canine association. They may be acceptable (not optimal) for large dogs, but not for Chihuahuas.

In the traditional sense, a natural diet consists of raw and cooked foods:

  • Meat. beef and poultry without skin, bones and fat.
  • Fish (if there is no allergy). boiled, chopped, deboned.
  • By-products (heat-treated and in very limited quantities). liver, heart, only tripe can be raw.
  • Eggs (if there is no allergy).
  • Dairy products. milk (if the dog is lactose intolerant), live yogurt is very useful, yogurt, homemade kefir, calcined cottage cheese.
  • Cereals. rice, buckwheat, wheat and barley groats (if the dog is not overweight).
  • Vegetables. you can either raw or boiled, potatoes are excluded.
  • Fruit. any not too sweet and juicy, exotic ones are excluded.
  • Oils (in small quantities). linseed, olive, sunflower.

Important! A Chihuahua puppy’s natural diet should include adapted vitamin supplements for miniature breeds. The bottom line is that almost all small dogs are prone to hypoglycemia and vitamin A, C, D deficiency.

Daily food intake from birth to one year

At about 3-4 weeks of age, puppies begin to wean themselves from sucking milk. The process lasts up to 6-7 weeks, that is, the babies are still sucking their mother, but they are taking more and more adult food. The breeder should strictly monitor the weight gain and growth rate of the puppies’ bones, since overfeeding at such an early age is guaranteed to harm the dog’s joints.

At 2 months, Chihuahua eats 5 times a day. By 3 months, the frequency is up to 4 times a day. Further, the owner focuses on the rate of weight gain, if within 4 months the puppy does not gain fat mass and grows in accordance with the norms, the frequency of feeding is reduced to 3 times a day. Only after 6 months, focusing on metabolism, the dog is transferred to 2 meals a day.

Important! Pay close attention to how much your baby is eating and whether he is overeating. Some breeders strongly recommend keeping 3 meals a day until 10 months of age.

There is no such thing as a feeding rate. There are tables that show ranges based on the weight of the dog, but they are not a benchmark either. Each puppy has its own, individual metabolism and this is the only indicator that you need to focus on. To understand if your pet is eating, watch how quickly it eats. If after 20-25 minutes food remains in the bowl, it means that the puppy is full and the portion can be reduced.

Important! Do not leave food in the bowl after feeding. First, any wet food will spoil, and puppies can only eat soft foods. Secondly, the pet should not “nibble”, this will lead to impaired absorption of food and constant disruptions in the feeding schedule.

Foods to be excluded from the Chihuahua diet

We are talking about the smallest breed in the world that needs very competent care. Any mistakes, even harmless at first glance, can provoke the development or aggravation of dangerous pathologies. You need to understand that diseases such as diabetes or hypothyroidism are not completely cured, so the owner should make every effort to maintain the correct metabolism of the pet.

In the context of harmful products, it is more logical to talk about two segments. food that can harm and food that is guaranteed to harm. So, the foods that can provoke problems (you can give it carefully and dosed):

  • Beef, chicken, fish liver. is fraught with severe diarrhea.
  • Lean raw pork. there is a risk of contracting false rabies.
  • Milk over 4 months of age can lead to indigestion (milk sugar or lactose intolerance).
  • Fatty varieties of ocean fish. very healthy, but overeating can lead to a number of problems (from diarrhea to neurological disorders).
  • Pearl barley. difficult to digest, can lead to stomach stoppage.
  • Corn in any form is very high in calories and practically useless.
  • Raw eggs. can lead to salmonella contamination.
  • Honey. useful, but can cause severe allergic reactions up to anaphylactic shock.
  • Bananas are high in potassium, but too ripe are high in calories.

Foods that absolutely should not be given to Chihuahua puppies:

  • Any food from the table.
  • Frozen or too cold food.
  • Beans.
  • Any bones.
  • Weed and river fish.
  • Sugar and any foods that contain it.
  • All sweeteners (except fructose, which is found in fruits).
  • Chocolate and cocoa treats (including those specially made for animals).
  • Grapes and raisins.
  • Oranges and tangerines.
  • Sausage products (all without exceptions).
  • Flour, pasta and especially yeast products.
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Tip: if a Chihuahua is your first pet, be sure to consult a veterinarian and make a diet based on the doctor’s recommendations.

We cook ourselves

That is why many loving owners prefer to compose the diet on their own. Yes, you have to spend more time. But you will know exactly what food the Chihuahua gets.

40% of the diet should consist of meat. Rabbit, turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, or horse meat will work. Once a week, instead of meat, you should give offal. liver, heart or kidneys. The products are cut into small pieces, after which they are poured with boiling water to remove parasites.

Another 25% are cereals. Barley, rice, wheat, buckwheat or rolled oats will do. Of course, they are not served raw, but like porridge cooked in meat broth or water.

Leave about 20% for fermented milk products that improve digestion. It can be fermented baked milk, kefir or ordinary yogurt.

Finally, the remaining 15%. vegetables rich in vitamins: cabbage, onions, zucchini, pumpkin, beets, lettuce and greens. Can be given both raw and boiled, mixed with porridge.

What should not be given to a puppy?

It is important to know not only when and what to give to the puppy. It is also necessary to remember which products are not suitable for him.

Pork should not be given. it is fatty, and Chihuahuas have a predisposition to obesity. Salty, pickled, peppercorns are also not suitable. Raw fish (especially freshwater fish) contain parasite eggs and must be boiled. Nuts and beans are also not suitable. they are hard to digest and can cause severe flatulence. Finally, chocolate and candy should not be given, although dogs are very fond of them, but sweets cause serious damage to health.

How many times a day to feed?

Another important question for breeders is how much to feed a Chihuahua puppy at 2 months old? He recently lost the habit of mother’s milk, which he ate at will and at any time. So, this factor should be taken into account when drawing up a diet. Servings should be small, but should be given frequently. At 2 months of age, the optimal number of feeds per day is about six. At 3 months, you can reduce the number of meals to 5. Up to six months, it will cost 4 feedings. Well, then. up to 3, like an adult dog.

Yes, it’s troublesome. But if you feed a small puppy 2-3 times a day, there is a high probability of developing intestinal diseases. A hungry puppy will constantly overeat, and this will not lead to anything good.

Nutrition for a Chihuahua puppy at 2 months: how to feed correctly, advice and recommendations from experts

Have you got a Chihuahua puppy? Get ready for serious work. In order for him to be in excellent health, you need to provide him not only with a suitable diet, but also spend a lot of time and effort. And first of all, for this you need to know how to feed a Chihuahua puppy at 2 months. Any mistakes, even at first glance, insignificant, will lead to very unpleasant consequences. both for the dog and for the owners.

Don’t pamper your pet!

Another very important rule that breeders often forget about when they want to know how to properly feed a Chihuahua puppy at 2 months old is a routine. From childhood, teach your pet to feed strictly on schedule.

Of course, it is very difficult to resist hungry eyes and squeals of a puppy in order not to give a piece of sausage, chicken or just a piece of chocolate. However, this must be done for several reasons.

Accustomed to begging for goodies, he will interfere with your quiet dinner with family or friends, demonstrating not the best manners. In addition, the routine is important because the puppy’s body quickly gets used to eating at a certain time. gastric juice accumulates, a healthy appetite awakens. Constant snacking will interfere with such a schedule, which will negatively affect the dog’s health. And it is much more difficult to train an adult pet to feed on a schedule than a puppy.

At what age to start complementary foods?

Experts recommend starting feeding Chihuahua puppies for the first time at about 1 month old or even 3 weeks old. Yes, at this age they still actively feed on breast milk and this is quite enough for successful development. But if you add a small amount of high-quality feed to the diet, then this will make it easier to switch to a new diet in the future. And it will be much easier for the mother. the more the puppies eat food, the less milk (and, consequently, calcium and other useful microelements) will be drawn out of her.

Of course, in the early stages, only the highest quality feed should be given and in very limited quantities. Experts recommend starting with a “brace”. This is the name for raw meat scraped off a piece of frozen meat with a sharp knife. You can also use a fine grater for this. The main thing is that it is thoroughly crushed, and then completely thawed. In this case, you can only use beef. Pork contains too many fats, which are poorly digested by small Chihuahuas and can lead to serious stomach problems.

In the early days, the portion should be just tiny. no more than 1/5 teaspoon. After that, it is worth taking a break for a day and see if complementary foods have caused any consequences. If everything is in order, you can continue, gradually increasing the portion to several grams of meat per day. Of course, it is impossible to deprive puppies at this time of the main food product. mother’s milk.

In a month, the diet can be supplemented with kefir, low-fat cottage cheese, as well as liquid porridge cooked in milk. And after 1-2 weeks, switch to puppy food. And they themselves are already happy to carry pieces from the parent’s bowl, which is a good sign. a good appetite and curiosity wake up.

Approximate diet for a two month old puppy

Now let’s talk about the approximate nutrition of a Chihuahua puppy at 2 months old, so that, based on such a diet, each owner can choose the right one for his pet. As already mentioned, there should be about six meals.

  • At 7 o’clock in the morning. Cottage cheese mixed with unboiled milk. The consistency of porridge should resemble sour cream.
  • At 9 am. Chop the beef finely and cook with vegetables. Mash the last with a fork. Add some vegetable oil to the resulting porridge.
  • At 12 noon. Soup made from meat or offal. As a dressing, use cereals or vegetables that are boiled with meat.
  • In 3 days. Herculean, buckwheat or rice porridge in milk with a little honey.
  • At 5 days. Pour the rolled oats with warm milk, leave to infuse for an hour. Add a spoonful of low-fat cottage cheese and finely grated raw carrots to this.
  • At 7 pm. A portion of boiled meat or a boiled egg. Dinner should be satisfying so that the puppy lasts until the next feeding, which will be only 12 hours later.

As you can see, feeding a puppy is a rather troublesome task.

How to cook natural food

What dog preferences should a Chihuahua puppy owner know? What will be useful and safe, and what is better to refuse?

Weaning your Chihuahua puppy, how and when? | Sweetie Pie Pets by Kelly Swift

  • Ground beef is perfect for cute crumbs. To avoid infections, minced meat should be doused with boiling water and held for several minutes.
  • Arrange holidays for your four-legged pet. finely chop boiled turkey or chicken.
  • Sea fish in the form of minced meat or the smallest pieces of boiled, raw fish will definitely please your puppy. The exception is pollock. the product is too fatty, therefore it is very poorly absorbed.
  • Raw eggs are taboo for a dog, because they can be infected with salmonella. A couple of times a week, it is allowed to introduce 1 yolk of a hard-boiled egg into the diet.
  • Even if the puppy has poorly formed stools, a squashed banana is shown. A grated apple is also a great dessert.

Due to their low weight, Chihuahua puppies should not be fed with concentrated vitamin supplements, especially add fish oil.

The Chihuahua’s diet is in many ways similar to ours, human. For example, food that is too hot and, conversely, ice cold food from the refrigerator is undesirable for the dog. Running water from the tap is also contraindicated if you think that boiled water is disinfected, chlorine and other impurities have not been canceled. Therefore, in order to avoid inflammatory bowel processes and the formation of kidney stones, pour non-carbonated mineral water into a bowl, in extreme cases, cleaned with a filter.

What you shouldn’t do is give your dog sausage, sausages and smoked meats, pickles. After such nutrition, everything will end with at least dehydration, to the maximum, severe intoxication is possible.

And one more subtlety. never give food to the doggie from the table, even on holidays. Correct and timely feeding is the key to good health in a four-legged pet.

Chihuahua puppy recipes

Now you know how to feed a Chihuahua puppy at the age of two months. Now let’s talk about what delicious dishes you can cook at home to please your little pet:

  • Boil a slice of beef, cool and cut as little as possible.
  • Boil the rice and throw in the chopped beef.
  • Add grated carrots.
  • Stew the resulting mass and serve the Chihuahua puppy for dinner.

To prepare another fragrant dish, stew eggplant, zucchini, grated carrots, a little onion and finely chop the boiled beef.

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If there is scraped raw meat, add grated vegetables and fruits, pour in a little broth. If the Chihuahua stomach reacts negatively to the broth, simply add hot water so that the food is not dry and easier to digest. The mass should be thick.

You can introduce buckwheat and cabbage into the diet of a Chihuahua puppy for two months. Mix together buckwheat, raw beef, finely chopped into pieces, cabbage and carrots, boil this mass, if necessary, grind with a blender or an electric meat grinder. Ideally, a puree-like consistency should come out. Season with olive oil for flavor.

If your family prefers lean fish like hake, treat a little friend too. To prevent the fish from turning out too bland, throw in the zucchini, egg and pour in a little milk. It is better not to bake the fish in the oven, but to stew it by dipping it into water. Zucchini are finely chopped, thrown to the fish and stewed together for another 3-4 minutes. It is not superfluous to add milk and eggs.

If the Chihuahua’s intestines are too weak, breeders recommend preparing a dietary meal based on chicken breast. 100 grams is enough. You will also need 120 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and 50 grams of dill. You do not need to cut the chicken, boil it in salted water and, when it cools down, rip it along the fibers. Mix the poultry with the rest of the ingredients.

How to feed a Chihuahua puppy at home 1, 2 months

Chihuahuas are dogs whose weight is less than that of a cat. To keep babies kind and cheerful, you need to feed them properly. The diet of a fragile creature should be special. small breed dogs are distinguished by a gentle digestive system.

The basic rules of feeding were told by the breeders of nurseries, there are 5 such nurseries in total on the territory of Russia, they really are about dogs of noble blood.

Chihuahua puppy feeding rules

All disputes about how to properly feed a Chihuahua disappear when experts enter the discussion:

  • It is not worth experimenting with the nutrition of the crumbs until the age of 1.5 months. he is still attached to his mother and eats breast milk with pleasure.
  • Meat for puppies is the main dish that needs to be introduced at 2 months, it should be grinded through a meat grinder and mixed with porridge, 50-70 grams of meat per day is enough. It is better to limit the amount of poultry meat in the diet.
  • Whether or not there is enough food is determined by probing the puppy’s ribs. if they are hidden under a layer of fat, but still audible under the fingers, the nutrition is at an optimal level. If the baby is too thin, it is necessary to introduce some more food.
  • Having bought a Chihuahua in a nursery, ask the breeder what he fed the baby. You need to switch to another food gradually, otherwise experiments are fraught with a malfunction of the digestion process.
  • When the puppy is only 2 months old, you need to feed him 6 times a day, up to 4 months this amount is reduced to 5 feedings, in six months they are fed 4 times a day.
  • Which food is better to choose. ready-made food or natural food, is determined by the dog owner. If you prefer a balanced feed diet, ROYAL CANIN, HillS, Pronature, EUKANUBA, PURINA, PRO PLAN, PRO PAC, Nutro, Grandorf Holistic are suitable.
  • Why do some veterinarians advocate combined feeding for Chihuahua puppies? It has been proven that micronutrients from natural feeds are absorbed faster and better. Also introduce food supplements, vitamin D, colloidal formulations of calcium oleate into the diet. 0.5 ml per 1 kg is more than enough.
  • If dry food is used, they are first soaked in water at room or hot temperature until the dry fragments disappear completely.

Banned delicious

Every Chihuahua owner needs to understand that what a person can eat is not always allowed for a puppy, and even for an adult dog. Therefore, do not feed your favorite dog from the common table with a tasty treat and do not accustom him to begging:

  • do not give sugar, cookies and confectionery, especially ice cream, cakes, condensed milk;
  • salt. in a minimum amount, there should be undersalting;
  • feeding does not imply experiments with bones, small fish are especially dangerous, which can damage the internal organs of the baby, the esophagus;
  • cervelat, salami, balyk. a real test for the dog’s digestive system.

Remember that the health of your beloved pet is in your hands.!

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Disadvantage: high price, not always available for sale.

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HOW TO FEED YOUR CHIHUAHUA CORRECTLY! What is the right amount of dog food for your dog?

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  • chicken and rice;
  • salmon and rice;
  • beef and rice;
  • lamb.

Pro: Does not contain wheat gluten.

Negative: Contains corn flour. allergen.

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  • 7 kg. 2385 rubles (951 UAH).

How to properly feed pregnant and lactating dogs

In order for a small dog to bear and give birth to healthy offspring, a pregnant Chihuahua needs to be fed according to a special diet. Dogs that receive dry food are transferred to special brands for pregnant women: Royal Canin Mini Starter Mother Babydog, Bozita super premium Puppy Junior WHEAT FREE 25/13, etc.

Naturally fed dogs are given more calcium-rich foods such as apples, cottage cheese, and cauliflower. Before childbirth, the level of proteins in the diet is reduced, meat and fish are excluded 7-8 days before childbirth.

After giving birth, dogs are also not given meat for the first days. They are fed with cottage cheese, given calcium preparations, fermented milk products. From the second week they feed with stewed meat with vegetables, give cereals, boiled egg yolk. If the bitch is not allergic to milk, you can drink goat milk.

Important! It is imperative to give special vitamin and mineral complexes during pregnancy and lactation.

What should be in the diet

  • Meat. Boiled or raw (frozen or scalded with boiling water). Low-fat varieties are suitable: rabbit, turkey, veal, beef, chicken breast.
  • Vegetables. They are given raw and stewed. Raw vegetables are grated and mixed with a little vegetable oil.
  • Cereals: rolled oats, rice, buckwheat.
  • Boiled eggs. Not more than once a week.
  • Lean sea fish. 1-2 times a week.
  • Calcined curd.
  • Offal.
  • Vitamin and mineral complexes.

The best food for Chihuahuas

The finished food for small breeds of dogs of the “super-premium” and “holistic” classes contains all the necessary micro and macro elements. They have enough calories to replenish the energy expended by the dog, and the formulas are characterized by a balanced ratio of fat and protein. Chihuahuas are recommended to be fed dry food with at least 25% protein.

  • NOW Natural Fresh Small Breed Recipe. Canada Holistic Dry Food For Small Breed Dogs;
  • Grandorf 4 Meat Brown Rice. Belgium, holistic, hypoallergenic food for mini breeds;
  • Almo Nature Holistic Adult Dog Small. Italy, super premium;
  • Purina Pro Plan Small Mini Adult canine. USA, super premium;
  • Bosch Mini Adult. Germany, super premium.

Now that we have compiled the TOP 5 food for the Chihuahua breed, we will analyze and evaluate each brand.

NOW Natural Fresh Small Breed Recipe

A diet for mini-dogs based on low-calorie meats and several types of vegetables and fruits. Does not contain cereals. Has a hypoallergenic composition.

  • with lamb and pork;
  • with duck, salmon and turkey;
  • with trout and salmon.

The NOW brand contains over 30 ingredients, including all essential vitamins and minerals. Protein components. 26%, fats. 16%. For the health of the coat and skin. canola and coconut oil. Added for oral health and fresh breath: parsley, peppermint and sodium tripolyphosphate. Chicory root is a natural prebiotic. Yucca Shidigera Plant Extract Reduces Feces Odor.

Plus: Small, shamrock-shaped granules adapted to fit the Chihuahua’s jaw.

Cons: high cost.

  • 0.23 kg. 250 rubles. (UAH 105);
  • 2.72 kg. 1576 rubles (598 UAH);
  • 5.45 kg. 2676 rubles (1078 UAH);
  • 11.35 kg. 4446 rubles (1878 UAH).

How to feed a Chihuahua

Chihuahua is a very active breed, and like all miniature dogs, they have an accelerated metabolism. These are real little gluttons who are also too picky about their food. Chihuahuas are long-livers among dogs, with proper care and proper nutrition, babies can live up to 18-20 years. Therefore, it is important to know what to feed the Chihuahua and how to do it so that the pet is healthy, cheerful and delights you for many years. The answers to these questions are in our article.