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How To Feed A French Bulldog Puppy 2 Months

Features of the breed French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are small, stocky dogs, weighing 12-14 kg, with short hair with an indistinct undercoat, a special structure of a flat muzzle and a predisposition to cardiac pathologies, osteochondrodysplasia, eye diseases and disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.

How To Feed A French Bulldog Puppy 2 Months

This companion dog is now an ornamental breed and spends most of its time on the sofa. In feeding, one should adhere to the principle: sufficient daily loads require high-calorie nutrition, a passive lifestyle. a decrease in the nutritional value of the diet.

Features of the anatomy and lifestyle of French Bulldogs often lead to rapid weight gain or loss of weight, so the diet must correspond to the loads.

It so happened that from the once strong and healthy dogs, capable of hunting and protecting human property, it turned out a pampered creature with a tendency to disturbed metabolism and poor immunity. Nutrition in raising a French Bulldog puppy plays a very important role.

Even before the appearance of the puppy in the house, you should worry about arranging his personal “kitchen”.

4-6 months

Closer to six months, the usual menu is replenished with offal. You should be more careful: raw liver often causes upset stool in dogs, and boiled “goes” not for everyone. By-products, like meat, are cut into pieces, but given once a week. It is also useful to include brown unpolished rice in the diet.

At the age of 4-6 months, the preferences of the pet are already obvious. Some dogs are left with one type of meat in their diet, while others happily eat anything. It is not only taste that matters, but also external signs: the quality of the coat, the condition of the skin, the activity of the dog and the “character” of the stool.

The type of dry diet does not change for up to six months if the puppy is in good health. If it leaves much to be desired, you should consult with your veterinarian about changing feed. there are many diets in the line of industrial diets for all occasions.

Puppies at the age of six months are fed 3 times a day.

Finished feed

Although French Bulldogs have quite sensitive digestion, feeding prepared rations is not contraindicated if high quality food is selected for the menu.

There are a huge number of dry and wet foods on the industrial food market, but few can provide a French Bulldog puppy with high-quality nutrition and taste attractiveness.

Unfortunately, only empirically it is possible to determine what kind of food the pet will like (and to help the owners, manufacturers produce small packages), however, there are general criteria for choosing food for a French puppy:

  • It should be high in calories: the ratio of animal proteins and fats is 30% / 20%.
  • The food takes into account the breed characteristics and minimizes the risk factor for the occurrence of pathologies. This concept includes a special form of granules, and a strict balance of nutrients for the health of intestinal flora, and special substances for healthy joints, quality of wool, fatty acids for visual acuity and a special formula to support the work of the heart muscle.
  • A guarantee of a high content of meat products will be given by the ingredient composition: in the list of feed components, meat products are indicated in the top lines.
  • In good feeds, all the components are deciphered, and when reading the composition, there are no questions left about which particular animal’s meat was used in production and in what form it was processed (raw, hydrolyzed). The best source of raw materials is fresh meat.
  • All preservatives or flavors are of natural origin (oil, plant extracts, berries).
  • There are no components that reduce the cost of feed. soybeans, wheat. Corn is a controversial source of carbohydrates, but some dogs tolerate it well.
  • High-quality nutrition contains a complete vitamin and mineral complex.

Dry food begins at the age of 3 weeks, but the manufacturers took care of the babies left without mother’s milk: there are always substitutes on sale (like baby food), and industrial cereals.
As a rule, for the smallest pets, a food called “starter”, “first complementary food” or simply “for puppies from 3 weeks old” is offered.

From the point of view of the rationale for feeding puppies with ready-made diets, they certainly were a breakthrough for dog owners who are experiencing an acute shortage of free time. Good quality industrial food will not harm the puppy, will provide him with harmonious growth and development, will allow him not to think about supplementary feeding and buying vitamins, and a wide range of tastes will help diversify the pet’s menu.

The disadvantages of this method of feeding are the high probability of an unsuccessful choice of diet in the absence of the ability to determine the class of the product. Feeding cheap and “empty” rations leads to health problems, which are very difficult to solve: as a rule, the puppy has to be transferred to “natural” and undergo a long course of rehabilitation.

One of the best indicators of feed quality is its high energy content and small daily portion (compared to a similar product from another brand). The amount of faeces will also be indicative: when feeding high-calorie diets with high digestibility, the “yield” of the product is extremely small.

Feeding your French Bulldog before 1 month of age

At the age of up to a month, puppies get by with mother’s milk. If there are many puppies in the litter or the bitch has low lactation, you should start feeding the babies. The first products appear on the menu:

  • Meat scraped off with a knife from a large piece (beef, veal).
  • Calcined curd: 2 tbsp. L. Calcium chloride is added to 1 liter of whole milk at the boiling stage. As soon as it is curdled, the contents are filtered. The whey obtained in the process has good nutritional properties and is also included in the menu.
  • Kefir.
  • Egg yolk.
  • Porridge. rice and rolled oats cooked in milk, with a drop of butter.

In the early stages of life, if there is not enough mother’s milk, or there is none at all, the puppies are fed with special industrial mixtures for dogs (substitutes for milk and porridge), and they are also prepared on their own based on goat or cow milk with the addition of condensed milk or honey, yolk and cream. Milk should be fatty and sweet. Diet curds from the baby food series are also suitable for the puppy.

It’s good if the bitch has the opportunity to feed the baby: in this case, he is first fed with natural food, and then put to the nipples. Ready-made feeds are bought from the “starter” series and initially the granules are soaked with water to a state of gruel.

Newborn puppies under 2 weeks of age should eat around the clock, every 2-3 hours, and then 6 times a day.

1 month

The meat should be cut into pieces and most of it should be fed raw to the puppy. Buckwheat is added from cereals and the cereals themselves are either alternated or prepared in mixtures. Hercules is not boiled at this time, but steamed in hot milk or broth.

Dry food is bought by age, choosing a product for medium-sized puppies or French Bulldogs. At the age of one month, puppies are also given wet food: canned food, mousses, pates and pouches.

As a treat for puppies on any type of feeding, you can give pieces of apples, carrots or hard cheese.

Monthly puppies are fed 5-6 times a day.

How and what to feed a French Bulldog puppy: a menu by age

The foundations for healthy digestion are laid at an early age in dogs. How the puppy eats depends on his immunity, conformation and even character. Each period of growing up requires a special approach in drawing up the menu, in accordance with the general principles of drawing up diets and taking into account the individual characteristics of the breed.

To figure out how to feed a French Bulldog puppy, you should stock up on information about the breed itself.

Mixed diet

Mixed ration is a combination of both natural products and ready-made feeds in the daily menu. It is undesirable to feed French Bulldog puppies in this way: their sensitivity to food components often manifests itself when mixing rations, and indigestion is the smallest nuisance of a bunch of possible problems.

Natural diet for the French Bulldog

A natural diet, or homemade food, is one of the ways to make your dog happy and healthy if the menu is based on high-quality and fresh products prepared for the health of the body.

What to make up the menu from is written in the table.

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Nutrient Ratios for a French Bulldog puppy (based on the typical needs of a dog with normal activity levels):

  • Proteins and fat. 70-80%: meat, offal, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products.
  • Carbohydrates. 15-20%: porridge made from permitted cereals.
  • Fiber. 10%: vegetables, fruits.

Feeding the puppy with natural products begins at the age of 2 weeks, if this is due to objective reasons. If the babies suckle the mother, and there is enough milk. complementary foods can be started later (closer to a month).

Natural feeding has its pros and cons. The undoubted advantages are:

  • “Transparency” of the menu. As a food maker, the owner knows exactly what the dog is eating and is in control of the process.
  • High nutritional value of food: if the feeding is adjusted correctly, the puppy gets the maximum benefit from this type of food.
  • Dogs like natural food (especially meat) because it is natural for them.

Perhaps the only drawback of feeding the puppy with homemade food is the need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, because the food for the puppy is prepared fresh and does not last longer than a day. However, in order to save time, adherents of a natural type of diet came up with the idea to cook special “meat porridge” from cereals cooked in meat broths with pieces of meat, packaged in small portions and stored in the freezer.

3 months

The menu of a 3 month old puppy already contains all types of meat, fish, eggs, cereals, fruits and vegetables. Berries are also beneficial for puppies as source of vitamins and a way to diversify their diet. The wider the range of the growing baby, the less fastidious he will be in food when he grows up.

Porridges are boiled less liquid, gradually reduce the portions of kefir, compensating for the protein with meat. When boiling broths after they have cooled down, you can remove the fat from the surface, store it in the freezer and give it little by little to the puppy as a valuable source of energy. At this age, the puppy can occasionally be given meat bones. this contributes to the change of milk teeth and the development of jaw muscles.

Dry rations are selected with a still high calorie level based on the pet’s appearance. Babies at this age rarely suffer from obesity, but excessive thinness is a frequent occurrence in bulldog puppies, which is offset by an increase in calorie content.

Feeding regimen “French” at the age of 3 months. 4 times a day.

Newborn puppies

They are fed by their mother. Her diet plays an important role. During this period, she is fed monotonously, at least 3 times a day. Meat should be more than half of the daily portion. Fermented milk products are also needed.

Dry food for puppy bitches contains all the important additives and is balanced with trace elements, proteins, fats with carbohydrates for adequate nutrition of the mother and offspring.

Feeding rules

Bowls are chosen so that the portion of food is not flush with its edges. Every 3-4 months to a year, they are changed with an increase in the volume of food. The support is necessary for fixing the bowls; this does not affect the neck set. You can place the dishes on the floor, but they should not fidget.

A diet is set for the puppy. The first meal in the morning as soon as everyone woke up. The rest. every 2-3 hours. The interval increases over time. For training, use food or feed from the total daily volume. So the puppy does not suffer from overfeeding.

The bowl is washed after each meal. The water is changed 1-2 times a day. A grown-up puppy usually eats food right away, but some will delay the process. The solution to the problem is to remove the dishes with food after 15-20 minutes if the pet refuses to eat.

Food for French Bulldog puppies

How to feed a French Bulldog puppy at different times? Useful products for development and the list of prohibited ones. Selection and portions of dry food. What to give in the first feeding?

A healthy French Bulldog puppy always has a great appetite. Refusal to feed indicates problems or unsuitable products. The puppy grows fast and needs nutrients to build bones, joints and muscle.

Newborn French Bulldogs weigh up to 200 g, but soon this figure will increase tenfold. However, overfeeding threatens health problems, so the diet is carefully thought out.

First feeding

Starts at about 21 days. French Bulldog puppies are given milk porridge to taste. Products are chosen not too fatty to exclude disorders of the digestive system. The next day there is porridge in the bowl again.

If the puppies reacted normally to it, then you can feed it with lean meat, preferably beef. It is cut into small pieces, the size of the nose of a small French Bulldog. Feeding frequency is increased every day.

At the same time, the puppies are attached to the mother. Clean water should always be in bowls. In a month, they can already switch to meals with meat, baby cottage cheese, milk porridge.

4-9 months

Dog activity involves increasing portions. The pet grows up before our eyes, the weight increases. The frequency of feeding is reduced, leaving 3-4 meals. The foods in the diet remain the same. You can add veins, chicken, if there are no allergic reactions to it.

Nutrition for puppies: tips and tricks

Puppies are developing rapidly. Approximate rates of weight gain:

  • 1 month. 1.4 kg;
  • 2 months. 2.5 kg;
  • 3 months. 4 kg;
  • 4 months. up to 8 kg;
  • 12 months. 10-12 kg.

The breed has a lot of dogs with tender stomachs, and puppies have even deeper problems. The correct diet will help raise a healthy pet and provide him with the highest possible standard of living.

Nutrition at 2-4 months

Puppies are active, eat often, explore the world. Mother’s milk is no longer received. The frequency of feeding is 5-6 times a day. They eat the following foods:

  • Lean meat. 50% of the portion;
  • Baby or calcined cottage cheese;
  • Porridge. 2-3 tablespoons per day;
  • Vegetables;
  • Kefir;
  • Egg yolk. once a week;
  • Boiled sea fish. once a week;
  • Fresh herbs.

With natural feeding, there is sometimes a lack of calcium and phosphorus. The veterinarian prescribes useful supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals. Fish oil is useful.

The meat is frozen for a long time, but put in a bowl raw. Suitable for turkey, beef, rabbit, lamb. Pork is too oily for dogs, especially puppies or allergic breeds. It’s better to give up chicken for now.

There should not be a lot of porridges. The main food is meat and fish. Milk is gradually removed, but fermented milk products are necessarily present in the diet of French Bulldog puppies.

Industrial food for puppies

You can start feeding with them if the mother of the litter has been feeding on them all the last time. Fatty feeds or large pellets are not suitable for French Bulldogs. The puppy simply will not see through them. The first portion of such feed is soaked in goat milk or warm water.

If the puppy is not a glutton, then the pellets are left in a bowl for the whole day. It is important to give them according to the norms, without excess. Do not mix them with natural food. The transition to meat and vegetables is permissible no earlier than 2-3 months, within 1-2 weeks.

Gradually, the granules are replaced with natural products. If the dog feels good, there is no indigestion, allergies, refusal to feed and sleep disturbances, then it is transferred to a constant diet of meat, vegetables, cottage cheese and cereals.

Puppy weight and serving size

In each case, everything is calculated individually. Many people want to see a well-fed puppy, but it badly affects his joints, stomach, heart and respiratory organs.

If the dog is overweight, the paws “float”, the load on the body increases significantly. Ligaments suffer, although they are extremely elastic in young dogs.

It is not uncommon for pets to beg for food when the bowl is already empty. The puppy should eat his fill, however, the portion size should be adjusted. If he sleeps normally, is active, cheerful, goes to the toilet normally, then he does not need extra food.

It is also possible to determine the normal condition of the puppy if its outer edges are well felt without effort. In this case, the sides should not be sunken. Another good indicator is stable weight gain, normal movement and straight limbs.

With dry food, everything is much easier. It already has a balanced composition that allows the little French Bulldog to fully develop.

On the packs, the manufacturer always indicates the consumption rates, taking into account the age of the puppy, breed characteristics. For dry food, the average daily portion of a 3-month-old puppy is about 70.75 g.

What you can’t feed a French Bulldog

Dogs, including the French Bulldog, should not be given the following products:

  • Potatoes (it is useless for the dog’s body);
  • Flour products (for example, pasta and butter loaf);
  • Sweets (cookies, candy, etc.);
  • Any smoked, pickled, or salted foods;
  • Tubular or hard bones;
  • Sausage and sausages are also prohibited;
  • Pork and fried beef should not be given;
  • Any foods that are spiced, ketchup or mayonnaise.

How to feed an adult French Bulldog

  • Meat (30 to 70% of the diet). What kind of meat can a French Bulldog eat? As in any other dog, you can give lean beef, horse meat, lamb, rabbit meat. In this case, raw meat can only be given defrosted. You can also feed meat by-products (liver, heart, etc.). If you do not know how much meat to give a French Bulldog per day, be guided by an indicator of 20 grams of meat per 1 kilogram of dog’s weight.
  • Groats (from 25% to 35% of the diet). What cereals to give a French Bulldog? Buckwheat, rice, barley groats, oatmeal. From time to time, you can give some peas. They are prepared like ordinary cereals for humans, meat or vegetables are added at the end of cooking.
  • Dairy products (from 20% to 30% of the diet). Can a French Bulldog eat milk? It is not recommended for adult dogs to give milk, due to its poor digestibility. But you can and should give the dog such dairy products as kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt. over, if your bulldog does not tolerate fatty foods, then he should be given dairy products with lower fat content.
  • Vegetables (15% to 20% of the diet). Of vegetables, dogs can be given pumpkin, bell peppers, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage, beets. Several different vegetables can be added to the porridge at a time. It is important to give them because vegetables are source of all essential vitamins.
  • A fish. French Bulldogs can be given fish, sometimes even instead of meat. But river fish can only be given frozen or boiled, sea fish can also be raw (but it is better to freeze too). In this case, all bones should be pulled out of the fish.
  • Fruit. If your dog likes fruit, you can give them as a treat. Sometimes the fruit is even used in puppy training.
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Note that since dogs are meat eaters by nature, the more meat in the diet, the better. However, not everyone can afford to feed even such a small dog as the French Bulldog with meat alone. And yet, do not give the dog meat and dairy products in one feeding, give them separately.

French Bulldog named Oppo. Photo Leonardo Rizzi.

How to feed a French Bulldog

Once fighting dogs have now become decorative, they still need good and proper nutrition. Therefore, the Dai Lapu website told in detail how to feed the French Bulldog from natural food, set an example of the diet and answered all questions related to the dog’s nutrition. About all this further.

What to feed your French Bulldog puppy

Read about this in detail in the article: how to feed a puppy depending on age. By clicking on the link you will find out what you can feed a puppy at the age of 1-, 2-. 3-, 5 months, what you can’t feed a puppy in general, how to feed him correctly (how many times a day and with what portions), also an example of a feeding schedule for babies of different ages.

How to feed your French Bulldog properly

There is a lot of controversy about proper feeding of dogs. Some people think that it is not worth giving cereals, others are against dairy products, etc. But whatever it was, it is very expensive to feed with meat alone, so the diet is made more varied. See what your bulldog likes best, give more and more (if these are not prohibited foods).

What can you feed your French Bulldog?

First of all, keep in mind that your pet’s diet primarily depends on its lifestyle. For active dogs, constantly walking on the street and engaging in workouts, nutrition should be more high-calorie than that of a “room” dog, which mostly sits at home due to insufficient attention of its owners.

How many times to feed the French Bulldog

How many times to feed your puppy read here. And an adult French Bulldog can only be fed twice a day, morning and evening. In other matters, it is possible and more often, if you have the opportunity. over, if more often, then the portions should be smaller, especially if your pet is not too active. If you overfeed, the French Bulldog can very quickly become obese.

Dry food for the French Bulldog

Read on this topic in detail in the article: how to choose the best dry food for the French Bulldog (selection criteria, list of good brands, etc.).

How to feed your French Bulldog puppy. natural food or specialized food

The health of any pet depends on the diet. French Bulldogs are no exception. Dogs of this breed have a physiological feature. a curved esophagus. They swallow food without chewing, so it’s important to keep it light.

A balanced diet for the French Bulldog is the key to its health

  • Basic Rules
  • Choosing a feeding place and utensils
  • Natural food
  • Products
  • Specialized feed
  • Mixed diet
  • Power frequency
  • Approximate French Bulldog menu by age
  • Feeding your French Bulldog before 1 month of age
  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 3 months
  • 4-6 months
  • From 6 months to 1 year
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Water
  • Prohibited foods for the French Bulldog

Specialized feed

French Bulldogs are not contraindicated in ready-to-eat foods. But it is important to choose only high quality products. Feed can be fed both dry and wet. They must meet the following requirements:

  • Be high in calories;
  • Contain vitamins and fatty acids for vision, heart muscle function;
  • In the lists of components, meat products should occupy the first line;
  • All preservatives are of natural origin;
  • Lack of soy and wheat.

High-quality feed should contain all the necessary vitamin and mineral complex.

Dry granule feeding begins from three weeks. The disadvantage of this type of feeding is the need for a long selection of feed. It is not always possible to find the right one the first time.

What kind of food to give? It is necessary to choose super premium and holistic classes. The size of the pellets should correspond to the small growth of the pet.

Finished feed. a fully balanced product

Power frequency

The number of feedings depends on the age of the dog. The smallest puppies eat five times a day. The older they get, the lower the frequency.

The packages with dry food indicate how much product should be given to the pet in grams, depending on age.

Basic Rules

French Bulldogs are whimsical in food. They often have food allergies and a tendency to obesity. To avoid such problems, you need to make the right diet. Nutrition can be based on ready-made dry food or natural products. If the pet eats regular food, the owner needs to control the weight.

The French Bulldog’s diet should be 60% animal protein. Puppies need protein for skeletal growth and proper development of internal organs. The dietary regimen directly depends on the age of the dog. It is supplemented with new products as the animal matures.

You need to feed your pet at the same time, this helps to establish the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Choosing a feeding place and utensils

Puppies under one month old are fed from flat dishes. It should be placed in a secluded place where nothing will distract or frighten the baby. Dishes should be purchased depending on age, you should constantly change them as you grow.

It should be borne in mind that puppies love to play with dishes, they often turn them over. Therefore, it is most convenient to place the dishes in the holder. Special tabletops with bowl holes available.

Bulldog bowls should be purchased flat or shallow

Natural food

If the owner of the dog has a lot of free time, he can feed the pet with natural products. The diet should consist of:

  • 70% proteins;
  • 15% carbohydrates;
  • 15% fiber.

The proportions are based on the needs of a dog with a normal activity level.

3 months

At the age of three months, the puppy already eats all types of fish and meat. He is given fruits and vegetables, berries are added. The volume of kefir gradually decreases, the protein is compensated by meat. Porridge should be boiled less liquid.

Vitamins and Supplements

Lack of water can cause pets to develop serious health problems. Most often, diseases occur gradually, in the early stages they are not noticeable. There should be no water restrictions. The puppy should drink any time he wants. The water needs to be changed three times a day.

It is important that the dog has constant access to water.

1 month

At the age of one month, the puppy is given omelets and porridge in broth. Small pieces of boiled meat can be added to them.

Sour milk, cottage cheese, grated raw vegetables, herbs, raw meat, diced are allowed. Small puppies should be given rolled oats steamed in hot milk. Grated carrots and apple slices are recommended for puppies. During this period, feeding should be 5-6 times a day.

Complementary feeding should be started at the age of one month

Features of feeding

A small puppy spends a lot of time in a dream. He is a little awake.

As for the portions of food and determining the sufficiency of the intake of nutrients, you need to focus on the general well-being of the dog and its stool. Overeating often causes the puppy’s belly to swell and diarrhea. And the reason for this may be non-compliance with the dosage of the introduction of new food. These products should be introduced in small increments. Breeders emphasize that a young French Bulldog cannot be given two new products at the same time.

Among the representatives of this breed there are puppies with a good appetite, and there are also darlings who refuse to eat according to the regime. In such cases, you should not feel sorry for the dog and change the proposed dish for another. Doesn’t eat? You remove the plate of food, and after a certain time you reheat it and give it again. And if this is not a disease, but just a whim of a young dog, then he should eat the prescribed portion.

Sometimes it happens that the puppy does not eat the prescribed portion. Perhaps it is really great for him, given the constitution. An overcrowded intestine often causes vomiting, leading to rickets, as excess weight overloads the dog’s paws. Overfeeding is always worse than undernourishment.

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And one more important rule of organizing food for a French Bulldog puppy: do not give him the leftovers of your meals, do not throw food on the floor and do not let him beg for anything.

Feeding mode

Usually pedigree puppies are bought at the age of 2-3 months. If this happens earlier, then keep in mind that up to two months old, the young French Bulldog needs to be fed 6 times a day after about three hours. Until the age of three months, the regime is adjusted, and the dog eats five times a day. During this period, food cooked in milk should not be present in the puppy‘s diet more than twice a day.

Up to six months of the French Bulldog should be transferred to four meals a day, and already from eight months to a year, a three-time feeding regimen is established for the dog. And only after a year, the French Bulldog should eat, like all adult dogs, twice a day. This regime must be maintained for the rest of your life.

What to feed your French Bulldog puppy

Taking a puppy of this breed from a breeder, an attentive owner tries to provide him with the most comfortable conditions for growth and development. And the basis for this is proper nutrition. What should you consider when preparing food for your pet every day? What should i avoid? Find out in detail.

French Bulldog puppy diet

The optimum temperature for a puppy’s food is 35-37 degrees. A dog’s daily diet consists of two-thirds of animal proteins in the form of cottage cheese, meat, fish and a third of plant products. As for the meat component of the puppy’s menu, it is mainly boiled beef. You can also offer him by-products: heart, liver, kidneys, ears, brains, udders, lungs.

Please note that during the change of milk teeth to permanent ones (and this is a period from 3 to 7 months) to a young dog, only tendons and soft bones can be given. Hard bones at this time are extremely undesirable, since they overload the dog’s immature teeth, break the bite. It is better not to give bones to the dog in general, since they complicate the work of the gastrointestinal tract. If the puppy is inactive, phlegmatic, then such food can lead to the development of gastritis in him.

The menu of a young French Bulldog should include soups based on fish or meat broth with vegetables and cereals. The fish should be given to the dog boiled, without bones, combined with porridge, vegetable puree with oil. As for the types of cereals, give preference to rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, semolina, millet. All these cereals can be cooked in milk. If your puppy is inclined to be overweight, then do not overdo it with semolina. It promotes weight gain.

As for dairy products in the diet of a young dog, these are kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, soaked cheese, curdled milk. Make sure the foods are not too greasy.

Vegetables in the diet of a young pet are grated carrots with sunflower oil, or better with sour cream. Boil pumpkin, rutabagas, cabbage, beets, zucchini for the dog. This way you get rid of nitrates in vegetables.

You can offer the French Bulldog puppy in small quantities grapes, citrus fruits, raisins, dried apricots, walnuts. These are great natural dietary supplements.

A young dog should not be given pork, fatty foods, raw river fish, flour products, pickled foods, herring, fried, potatoes, beans.

How to properly feed French Bulldog puppies 1-4 months

Puppies are taken at an early age of up to two months. Therefore, the owner should clarify, taking the dog, what it was fed. It will take a couple of weeks for your pet to adapt to the new environment without an upset stomach. After that, they gradually try to transfer to a diet suitable for the owner.

Feeding: mode and features

To accustom the dog to food in a new place, they begin with two bowls: water is poured into one, it stands constantly; the other is filled with food at the time of feeding. Many owners ask themselves: how many times should food be introduced into the diet of babies so as not to overfeed them??

Puppies grow especially intensively for the first three months, so they adhere to the feeding regime depending on age:

  • 1-2 months. 6 times;
  • 2-4 months. 5 times;
  • 4-6 months. 4 times;
  • 7-12 months. 3 times.

When organizing food for a puppy, you should adhere to the rules: it is forbidden to feed the leftovers from the table and allow to beg for food. Eating should be adjusted strictly by the clock at regular intervals. You should definitely rest from food at night. This is due to the fact that when overeating in French Bulldog puppies, diarrhea and bloating are observed. Excess weight puts stress on the legs.

Since it is difficult to balance the diet on your own, it becomes unclear what kind of food is best to feed your pet. Therefore, we will consider the options in order to choose the most suitable.

Dry food

Raise your dog properly using dry food. It is matched for size and age. Be sure to pay attention to the words on the packaging. for puppies. It is best if you choose premium or super premium food that fully meets the needs of the growing body and does not cause allergies.

You should choose feed with an indication of the content of proteins, fats on the label. This is important for French Bulldog puppies. their diet should not be high in protein. It is worth paying for the age category indicated on the package.

If the choice is made in favor of dry food, no other products are added. When this is not taken into account, the balance of nutrients is disrupted, leading to malfunctioning of the kidneys and liver. It is recommended to moisten dry food with warm water for up to two months, with a gradual transfer to a drier one. Your dog has a need for extra drinks when eating dry food, so check the bowl regularly for water.

You can find information on how much food your pet needs on the packaging. But for each dog it is individual. Therefore, they are guided by the puppy: he should not be thin or fat.

How to feed a French Bulldog puppy. menu

The first two months the puppy needs six meals, every three hours with a break for the night. After this, feedings are reduced up to five times, with the inclusion of cereals in milk in the diet no more than two times.

Whenever possible, you should try to get the puppy on raw foods rich in vitamins. When cooking, food is prepared separately, since two-thirds of animal proteins must be introduced into the daily diet: cottage cheese, meat, fish and one-third of plant foods.

The puppy’s diet must include the following foods:

  • Raw or boiled beef. Shot finely and introduced into the diet every day.
  • Boiled poultry without bones.
  • Soups and cereals. Replenish the energy costs of the puppy’s body, sometimes in small portions. They do not give semolina, as it contributes to the appearance of excess weight.
  • By-products. It is allowed to replace part of the meat after 6 months, boiling to avoid infection with worm larvae.
  • Milk products. Sour cream, cheese are perfect. Cottage cheese has a positive effect on the formation of bone tissue, therefore, it is given up to 7 months semi-liquid, watering with kefir or yogurt. It is better if such products are low-fat.
  • A fish. It is enough to pour boiling water over the sea water, clean it from bones. If given raw, ferrous preparations are added, since the use of certain types of fish leads to the conversion of iron into an indigestible form, which manifests itself in anemia in the puppy.
  • Vegetables. You can stew zucchini, cabbage. Shabby carrots with butter, boiled pumpkin. Fruits, greens are given fresh, accustoming from a young age.
  • Greens. Parsley, celery, sprouted cereals in winter.

Prepare calcined curd on your own. To do this, you need to heat kefir or milk until it boils, add 2 tablespoons of calcium chloride per 1 liter. When curled up, you need to fold it through cheesecloth.

The temperature of the dishes should be room temperature, but not cold. After three months, it is worth excluding milk porridge from the diet.

The puppy should be given tendons and soft bones in the period of 3-7 months, as teeth change. It is better to exclude hard ones, as they disrupt the work of the stomach and change the bite.

Foods that are excluded from the puppy’s diet:

  • Pork and lamb;
  • Raw foods, legumes, potatoes;
  • Salt in large quantities;
  • Loaf, rolls;
  • Fatty foods, with the exception of sunflower oil;
  • Confectionery sweets.

For French Bulldog puppies, it is important to eat right, as excess food leads to excess weight and metabolic disorders. If the puppy is inactive, limit the diet to prevent overeating. You can check if the dog is overweight by squeezing lightly from the sides. When the ribs are felt, do not worry. the puppy is developing well.

If the puppy eats well during the growth period, this forms strong bones, muscles, and the dog will delight the owners with good health.