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How to feed a husky puppy for 3 months

1 to 2 months

It is from this age that active complementary feeding begins. Buy two bowls (for food and water) and a special stand. It will help regulate the location of the containers: they need to be lifted as the dog grows. To avoid curvature of posture, bowls should be at the level of the puppy’s muzzle.

At this age, the husky needs to be fed 7 times a day. Here’s a sample diet:

First feeding Rice porridge with milk. 150 ml, half an egg
Second Cottage cheese. 150 g (you can add sour cream)
Third Thick soup with meat and buckwheat. 200 g
Fourth Sour milk. 150 ml
Fifth Grated carrots with meat
Sixth Milk porridge. 150 ml, half an egg
Seventh Minced meat with vegetables. 100 g

Feed your little husky liquid porridge made from ground oatmeal or semolina. Gradually bring it to the thickness of sour cream. Porridge can be boiled in milk or added during feeding. At a month and a half, the dog is already able to assimilate oatmeal or buckwheat in meat broth. From time to time, give the puppy oatmeal in boiled milk.

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  • Buckwheat porridge in meat broth. We wash and boil the beef or chicken meat, take it out of the broth. We pour buckwheat into it at the rate of 1 to 2 (for a glass of cereal, two glasses of liquid). Cook for 25 minutes. Finely chopped pieces of meat can be added to the porridge.
  • Rice porridge with meat and vegetables. Boil rice using the same recipe. Chicken stomachs can be used instead of beef. Mix 4 parts of the finished porridge with the same amount of finely chopped meat and 2 parts of grated carrots.
  • Oatmeal with egg. Boil a glass of rolled oats in two glasses of 2.5% milk. When the porridge has cooled down a little, add a chicken egg into it.

For full development, you can add finely ground eggshells or bone meal (on the tip of a knife), fish oil and vitamin preparations for puppies to food.

Pavel, Novosibirsk

“I fed my puppies as follows: I cooked meat trimmings, steamed oatmeal in broth, and added a little raw meat there. Only beef is obligatory, after lamb or pork there will be diarrhea. If there is game, then it’s generally good. Once or twice a week, you need to give a raw egg, grated carrots, cabbage, any vegetables. You need to feed 3-5 times a day, little by little, so that the bowl is always licked. If the puppy leaves food, reduce the portion. Laika eats little at all, surprisingly. Be sure to give vitamins (available at any veterinary pharmacy). Let him gnaw on beef bones, but not boiled ones. “.


2-3 months

It is at this age that it is recommended to take the puppy from the mother. Two-month-old huskies are already feeding on their own and exploring the world with interest. First, boiled meat and fish (pre-frozen) are added to the pet’s food. Teach the husky to raw vegetables, add grated carrots, apples and other fruits to the porridge.

Food should be varied, but not bulky. Don’t overfeed your puppies with coarse, poorly digestible food.

Under the weight of a stuffed belly, the back may sag, the skeleton will deform, and the legs will bend. Remember: huskies eat less than other dogs. Therefore, pay attention to the quality, not the quantity of food. At the same time, if the puppy has an enviable appetite, then the number of feedings should be increased.

To strengthen teeth, serve stews, tendons, and bones raw (not tubular). By the age of 3 months, the puppy is able to absorb all the foods.

You need to feed 2-3 month old puppies 5-6 times a day:

First feeding 150 ml milk porridge with egg
Second 200 g cottage cheese (sour cream can be added)
Third 150 g of meat in the form of small pieces (or 200 g of fish) and 50 g of vegetables
Fourth 150 ml of yogurt or kefir
Fifth 50 g of vegetables and 150 g of boiled meat (or 200 g of fish)
Sixth 150 ml milk porridge

Development features

If you feed a husky puppy correctly, the pet grows quickly and develops well, turning into a physically strong and tireless dog. By two months, the baby’s weight should reach 5.5 kg, and the height at the withers. 35 cm.At four months, the dimensions increase to 11.5 kg and 47 cm.By six months, your pet should gain a total of 16 kg, and grow to 54 cm at the withers. When taking measurements, remember that bitches are usually smaller than males. If your girl does not meet the specified parameters, do not worry.

The normal development of the puppy can be judged by the timely change of milk teeth. At about 3.5 months, the middle and extreme permanent incisors appear, then the canines. False roots grow at six months of age. By the age of 7 months, the puppy should have changed all of its teeth. If this does not happen, or the enamel is fragile, it means that the little husky lacks vitamins and mineral salts in food.

Puppies of this breed are born with hanging ears, which usually stand up at the age of one or two months. Sometimes later. If by six months the husky’s ears have not risen, then the defect is unlikely to disappear in the future.

Improper diet from 1 to 8 months leads to developmental deficiencies in the dog, which cannot be corrected in the future.

Vitamins and Supplements

With the beginning of the change of teeth, little huskies often gnaw the plaster. This is due to a lack of calcium against the background of active skeletal growth. At this time, puppies, in addition to soft bones, need to be given a mineral supplement in the form of glycerophosphate or calcium gluconate. Fish oil is also useful for huskies. And don’t forget to feed your puppies with special vitamin supplements.

When to introduce complementary foods

From birth to 20 days of age, puppies eat only breast milk. At about 15-20 days of life, the digestive tract of Laikas is already capable of assimilating semolina porridge and cottage cheese cooked in milk. After 20 days, finely chopped lean meat is added to the food. It is from this time that feeding begins.

However, if the litter is large and the bitch does not have enough milk or poor lactation, the puppies have to be fed from 10, and sometimes from 8 days of age. For this, the following mixture is suitable: carefully combine half a glass of milk with one egg yolk.

Feeding your puppy at 1-3 months

An important role is played not only by what it costs to feed a dog of the husky breed at 1 month old, but also how. For such a baby, 7 meals a day are required. The diet should include the following foods:

  • soup;
  • minced meat with vegetables;
  • cottage cheese;
  • boiled eggs;
  • porridge.

Feeding a husky for 2 months corresponds to the nutrition of a month-old animal.

Slightly different food for a pet of 3 months. He must eat the following foods:

Feeding your puppy at 1-3 months

  • milk. 750 ml;
  • groats. 200 g;
  • meat. 300g;
  • vegetables. 100g;
  • fish. 400 g.

3-month-old dogs should receive food throughout the day in 6 meals.

Recipes for a husky puppy

Consider how and what to feed your pet, what dishes to cook for him. There are three simple recipes:

  • oatmeal porridge with egg. It is necessary to cook rolled oats in water. Serve with boiled egg;
  • rice porridge with meat and vegetables. Boil rice with the addition of boiled meat and grated carrots;
  • buckwheat porridge in meat broth. It is necessary to boil the meat and cook buckwheat in this broth. After cooking, add pieces of meat there.

Rules for the monthly feeding of husky puppies. Homemade food recipes

Laikas are considered one of the most popular breeds among dog breeders. The reason for this popularity is clear. they are very kind, sweet and active. A dog’s health is directly related to its nutrition and activity level. This is why feeding your puppy plays an important role in the development of the husky.

Diet for husky puppies over 6 months old

For adult dogs, you can replace milk with yogurt and cottage cheese. Meat and dairy products during this period should be given equally. 0.5 kg per day. If you do not plan to feed the animal with meat on a specific day, you can give 600 g of fish. As for the norms of consumption of cereals and vegetables, they are 500 and 200 g, respectively.

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Choosing a way to feed your puppy

There are three main positions in the formation of the diet for dogs of this breed.

The first method is feeding exclusively factory feed, which is considered convenient and inexpensive. Alas, the dog’s body can be seriously affected by such nutrition. But if the food is balanced and includes micro and macro elements, then such food will be to the liking of the dog. This food can be fed to both adult dogs and puppies. Many beginner dog lovers have a question: “How to feed a husky puppy with this food?” They eat food very well, but it must first be moistened with water. You will need to give the animal and just clean fresh water in sufficient quantities.

Choosing a way to feed your puppy

The second method is to include only natural foods in the diet:

A great way to raise a healthy pet, but very time consuming. The owner will have to prepare food for the animal on his own.

The third way is mixed. This is the most popular method with breeders. Its essence lies in the use of natural food and feed for nutrition.

Approximate feeding scheme by month

Such instructions will allow you to correctly calculate how to feed your pet.

To get carbohydrates, you need to feed your pet with cereals.

Choice of finished feed

The modern market offers 4 main classes:

Most feeds on the market are economy class and contain soy

  • economy;
  • premium;
  • super premium;
  • holistics.

Most feeds on the market are economy class and contain soy. They are affordable, but have a low nutritional value, which will make it difficult for your pet to get enough. It is advisable to pay attention to the last three groups. They are more expensive, but the quality of the products is much better.

What you shouldn’t feed your puppy?

Give up the idea of ​​feeding your pet foods that you eat yourself. It is undesirable to feed huskies with spicy, salty, fried foods. This food is poorly digested, so the pet runs the risk of getting gastritis.

The pet will be active when consuming carbohydrates. the main sources of energy

Foods that are heavily advertised on television are not good for your dog. During their manufacture, not real, but soy meat is used mixed with waste.

Prepared dog food

Dog breeders advise using such dry food for feeding huskies:

  • Duck’sFarm contains chicken, trout, salmon, rice, barley, oats and beet pulp. The composition is supplemented with seaweed, cranberries and nettles, psyllium husks, prebiotics and beta-carotene. The product is rich in nutrients. The line contains wet food (canned food) that huskies love. However, Duck’sFarm contains corn gluten, but its amount does not exceed 3%.
  • Acana consists of poultry meat and meal (chicken and turkey), offal, chopped herring, eggs and flounder. The composition is supplemented with lentils, peas, beans and chicken cartilage, algae, vegetables, fruits and berries. The concentrate is rich in composition, does not contain corn, wheat and sugar beet. However, it is expensive.
  • Eucanuba contains poultry, grains (wheat, rice and barley), healthy fats, beets, dry eggs, prebiotics and minerals. The advantage of the feed is animal protein, many vitamins and minerals. Cons: the composition contains wheat, preservatives are not indicated, the origin of animal protein is unknown (from poultry or by-products), as well as the high cost.
  • Now Fresh with turkey, salmon and duck, potatoes, peas, flax seeds and vegetables, fruits, herbs, oils, amino acids and calcium carbonate. Pros: The presence of animal protein and the absence of grains. Also present are tocopherols, which are natural preservatives. However, the price of the product is high.
  • Grandorf is a holistic food that contains rabbit and turkey meat, sweet potatoes, dried spinach, apple, chicory extract, flax seeds, glucosamine and chondroitin. The product is rich in nutrients and there are no harmful chemical additives. Its cost is relatively low.
  • Pronature (holistic) consists of chicken flour, corn, oatmeal, fats (chicken and fish), flax seeds, beets and calcium carbonate. Advantages of the feed: a lot of animal protein and the presence of natural preservatives, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Disadvantages: the percentage of components is not indicated, corn is present.
  • You can supplement the list of the best food for huskies with the following products: Mongo, ProPlan, Now, Go. These concentrates are expensive, so it is recommended to choose those that do not contain corn and other grains, as well as chemical additives.

    Important! Sometimes, after the introduction of a new feed into the diet, the husky refuses to eat, it develops allergies (itching, crusts, redness on the ears and hair loss) and indigestion. Then you need to contact a veterinarian who will prescribe treatment, pick up another concentrate and draw up a diet for the duration of therapy.

    What can not be fed?

    Laika should not be fed with spicy, salty, spicy or fried foods. These foods stress the dog’s digestive tract and increase the risk of gastritis.

    Also, the pet is forbidden to give such products:

    • confectionery (sweets, cakes, pastries and cookies);
    • flour products (pies, loaf, dumplings and pasta);
    • pork;
    • corn;
    • smoked products;
    • fermented milk products (for huskies older than 4 months).

    These foods increase the risk of obesity and digestive disorders. Your dog’s eyesight and sense of smell may deteriorate, and many other problems appear.

    Economy-class food contains soy meat with waste. Such food has a bad effect on the condition of the kidneys, liver and can cause allergies. It is not recommended to constantly feed Laika with concentrates, even if they are expensive and of high quality.

    Interesting! Likes need to arrange a fasting day once a week. Then they are given only crackers and water. A hunger strike allows you to cleanse the body of toxins, toxins and increase appetite.

    What to feed during pregnancy and after childbirth?

    The calorie intake of a puppy bitch needs to be increased. It must be fed with foods that contain a lot of proteins, carbohydrates (mainly complex) and coarse dietary fiber.

    It is necessary to increase the calorie content of the diet gradually, by about 12-15% per week. This should be done from the 4th week, when the active intrauterine development of puppies begins.

    At the 6th week, portions of food are reduced, and the number of meals is increased up to 4-5 times. So it will be possible to avoid the increased load on the stomach, which is compressed by the enlarged uterus.

    On the 55-53th day of pregnancy, the husky is transferred to a light diet. The amount of meat in the menu is reduced and supplements that contain calcium are removed.

    1-2 days before giving birth, the puppy’s appetite decreases, or she refuses food altogether. This is normal.

    Interesting! Immediately after giving birth, the female eats the afterbirth, which contains a lot of useful substances. Hormones in its composition activate the production of colostrum.

    You need to feed the female after giving birth in 5-6 hours. You can cook her a liquid rice porridge, which is seasoned with vegetable oil. This dish prevents constipation and normalizes stool.

    The diet of a nursing husky is increased by 1.5 times. To do this, the owner increases portions and replenishes the menu with more high-calorie foods.

    After giving birth, the dog needs to be fed with semi-liquid and mashed food. She needs to be given low-fat dairy products. Vegetables and fruits are given a week after childbirth. Fish and cottage cheese will be an excellent source of protein for a nursing mother. After 5 days, you can enter lean chicken, turkey or rabbit meat into the menu.

    Vitamin and mineral supplements, which will be prescribed by a veterinarian, will help support the mother’s body. They usually need calcium.

    What vitamins and mineral supplements should be given

    If the breeder feeds the husky with natural products or premium concentrate, then there is no need to buy vitamin and mineral supplements. If food is poor or immunity is weakened (prolonged molting, lethargy, decreased appetite and frequent colds), then vitamin support is necessary.

    The following veterinary drugs will help to solve the above problems:

    • Anivital Cani Derm improves the condition of the coat;
    • Animal Essentials Ca, 8 in 1 Excel Ca Natur Vet Omega-Gold is prescribed for huskies with a lack of calcium;
    • Farmavit NEO, UNITABS Mama Careс B9, Polidex irrigation for puppies;
    • Goodfishmeal fishmeal is suitable for huskies of all ages.

    These supplements are recommended to support immunity, especially in winter and early spring.

    How to feed a husky puppy?

    One month old puppy mainly eats mother’s milk, supplemented by cow’s milk. They also give sour cream and cottage cheese. Then the main sources of proteins (meat and fish) are gradually introduced into the diet. First, the products are chopped through a meat grinder, and as they grow older, they are cut with a knife.

    Further, the diet is supplemented with cereals. Puppies are fed with oatmeal or barley porridge, which is cooked in a mixture of milk and water. Boil vegetables for a short time and grind them before serving.

    Bone meal helps to strengthen bones and teeth. It is added to ready-made food and there are enough portions at the tip of a knife. You can replace bone meal with crushed eggshells.

    It is recommended to supplement food with vitamins. Especially useful for huskies puppies fish oil.

    Many useful substances, including fiber, contain vegetables and fruits. It is recommended to grind them before serving. Babies are fed raw carrots, apples and other plant foods.

    If the puppies are fed with ready-made mixtures, then the product must be given correctly. Before serving, the food is moistened with warm boiled water. Do not leave the product wet for a long time, because it will deteriorate.

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    Important! Puppies eat often, but in small portions. When overfeeding, the husky becomes passive, sleeps a lot and quickly gains weight. Because of this, the load on the spinal column increases, the back sags, and the legs become crooked. To avoid this, you need to control the amount of portions.

    Diet at 4. 5 months

    At this age, dogs should consume less milk. about 500 g. And the amount of meat in the diet increases to 400 g. Otherwise, the diet for a husky puppy looks like this:

    • fish. 450 g;
    • vegetables. 200 g;
    • groats. 280 g.

    Weight of a 5 month old puppy. 15 kg, height. 52 cm.

    Organic products

    When choosing a natural type of food, the husky needs to be fed with the following products:

    Puppy Growing Up: 3 Month Old Husky Puppy TIME-LAPSE ️

  • The basis of the dog’s diet is meat, the best choices are turkey, rabbit, beef, game and horse meat. It is better to give the product after cooking (2-3 minutes) to avoid contamination with worms and other pathogens.
  • Fish of the Salmon family: Freshwater crucian carp, perch and roach are also acceptable, but they are too fatty, so their numbers are controlled. Laikas are fed with boiled fish, which is cleaned of bones in advance. Sometimes you can treat your pet to a jerky or dried product. With regular use, the dog will be energetic and its coat is thick and shiny.
  • Heart, liver and kidneys are fed to dogs along with cereals. By-products are liked by huskies and contain many useful substances. They are lightly boiled to avoid helminthiasis.
  • Seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries. Fresh, boiled / steamed or dried foods are suitable for feeding huskies. Grind them before serving.
  • Cereals Dogs eat porridge made from buckwheat, rice and barley. The dish should be cooked in water and without salt or in a mixture of water and milk.
  • Dried fruits, nuts and fermented milk products (cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir and fermented baked milk). The first 2 products are chopped with a knife or blender before feeding the dog. The volume of fermented milk products for adult huskies is controlled, since with excessive use, diarrhea occurs.
  • Bones and tendons give the huskies fresh. The boiled product complicates the functionality of the pet’s gastrointestinal tract.
  • Chicken or quail eggs are fed raw.
  • Vegetable oils provide the body with healthy fats and are fresh added to food to enhance nutritional benefits.
  • Dog breeders advise preparing a portion of food for a day, for a maximum of 2 days. Store the additive in the refrigerator. Reheat the dish before serving to keep it warm.

    It is also important to ensure that the husky always has clean water. Change it 2-3 times a day.

    Interesting! In addition to natural products, it is recommended to supplement the husky diet with dry food, as it is rich in nutrients.

    Feeding your puppy at 1-3 months

    At this age, they begin to feed the animal so that it gains weight and develops quickly. You need to purchase two bowls. one for food, the other for water and make a special stand for them. Babies need to be fed up to 7 times a day. The diet should contain soups, minced meat with vegetables, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, various cereals. As a delicacy, it is allowed to give a small piece of apple, cucumber or cheese.

    How to feed a western husky puppy at 2 months old at home? At this time, the food is similar, but more meat is added to the diet. It is useful to give a large bone with meat leftovers so that a two-month-old canine baby learns to work with his teeth and independently tear off the product.

    Puppies up to one month old need breast milk

    Upon reaching the age of three months, dogs should be given milk, meat and fish, a variety of vegetables and cereals. Gradually, with age, the amount of meat products must be increased. It is important to choose ready-made feeds exactly according to age. It is necessary to carefully study the composition so that the pet has enough of all the necessary elements.

    Choosing a way to feed your puppy

    There are three completely different ways of feeding a husky puppy. The choice of the most suitable one can be agreed with the veterinarian:

    • Use of dry industrial feed. The easiest way is to pour the food from the pack into the bowl very easily. However, it is worth remembering that in such a case, it is necessary to choose high-quality professional feed so that the baby has enough of all nutrients and trace elements.
    • Feeding with natural food. The diet includes proteins in the form of meat and fish, as well as various cereals, vegetables, dairy products. It is necessary to prepare food daily, you cannot feed the puppy with old food. Food from the table is also not suitable for feeding a baby.
    • Using both options. In this case, many owners combine both food options. At a very young age, they are fed natural food, at an older age they add dry food to the diet, which remains for the puppy for a full day, and then is used as a reward during training.

    All methods have both positive and negative sides, so it is important to immediately solve the nutritional problem and choose what is best for the pet.

    There are several different types of dry food. it is worth choosing the most suitable

    When to introduce complementary foods

    Complementary feeding for puppies begins to be introduced from the moment when they are one month old. Previously, babies were not yet able to eat other foods besides milk.

    In no case should you feed the dog from the table.

    Menu for a puppy aged 6 months to 1 year

    In the period from six months, it is recommended to reduce the number of feedings, but increase the amount of portions. Milk can be replaced with cottage cheese, yogurt. The amount of meat and dairy products per day should reach about half a kilogram. Instead of meat, you can give fish, but lean. Cereals and various vegetables are also important in the diet.

    For an adult dog, the portion should be much larger.

    Recipes for a husky puppy

    A natural diet involves preparing a variety of foods. There are many recipes. The simplest ones are:

    • Buckwheat porridge in meat broth. For the broth, you need to take veal or beef, boil it, and then remove it from the water. Pour buckwheat into it and boil until tender. about 25 minutes, you can simply pour the broth into the cereal and leave overnight. Cut the meat into small pieces and add to food.
    • Rice porrige. The product is prepared in the same way, only by-products are allowed instead of meat. After cooking, they are also cut and added to the porridge. You can grate carrots to add nutrients.
    • Hercules. To prepare food according to this recipe, it is necessary to cook rolled oats in milk in a ratio of 2: 1 (liquid: cereal). After the porridge has cooled, you can add an egg to it.

    There are many options for how to cook food for black and other puppies, so you can choose the most suitable one yourself. At the same time, you can prepare food for a husky 8 years old, absolutely the same. an adult dog will gladly eat such cereals, the main thing is to add more meat to them.

    From birth to a month

    How to feed a husky if she is still very small? Food from birth to one month old mainly consists of mother’s milk. In this case, it is the most useful product. However, it is not always possible to feed monthly babies in this way, so you can ask the breeder what he fed them.

    You can give the dogs warm cow’s milk (heat up to 20 degrees), a small amount of honey and raw yolk should be added to it. 1 spoon per liter.

    Meal frequency

    For adult dogs, two meals a day are usually sufficient to replenish the calorie supply they need. Puppies need to be fed more often, especially at a young age:

    • Up to two months, babies are fed up to six to seven times a day.
    • At the age of 2 to 4 months, meals should be up to 5 times a day.
    • From 4 to 6 months, babies are given food up to 4 times a day.
    • Up to a year they feed three times a day.

    At the age of one year, you can switch to a diet for adult dogs. In addition, it is worth remembering that the portion should increase with age. It is recommended to give food strictly according to the schedule so that the dog remembers the time. You need to feed the animal one and a half to two hours before the walk.

    How to choose the right quality dry food

    Nowadays, there are quite a lot of dog food produced. However, not all of them are suitable for husky puppies, they will be useful for their development and health. First, you should carefully study the assortment so as not to be mistaken with nutrition.

    There are four main groups of dog food. The division is based on cost and quality:

    • Economy class. The most popular and inexpensive feeds under well-known brands. Unfortunately, these foods are very low in nutrients and vitamins, but very high in preservatives and soy. For a puppy, such a diet is very meager and does not provide an opportunity to get enough.
    • Premium class. Higher quality products contain more meat. However, many brands also use soy instead of quality protein. Such food must be chosen carefully so that the puppy has enough of the necessary substances.
    • Super premium class. This food contains no soy, but contains more nutrients and more meat. This is really high-quality food, which has everything you need for pets.
    • Holistic is a modern high-quality food, which contains the largest amount of meat in comparison with all others. To eat such food, you will need very little, because it is very satisfying and nutritious.
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    Laika puppies in 1-2 months: characteristics, nutrition, walks and training

    Puppies need special care and nutrition. The optimal living conditions for babies are different from those for adults. Of course, puppies of many dog ​​breeds (for example, huskies) look like cute plush toys, but do not forget that they also need to be educated and even punished in some cases. Then, subject to all conditions, the baby will be able to become a healthy dog ​​and a loyal friend to its owner.

    What and how to feed?

    A correctly selected menu for a puppy is an important task for the owner, since his health and development will depend on what substances and products are included in the baby’s diet.

    The menu should be balanced and complete. Food should contain a sufficient amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other useful substances. vitamins, mineral compounds. He can get proteins and amino acids necessary for intensive growth of a puppy from meat, eggs, dairy products, fish, offal and cereals. Fats come from fish or fish oil. They are essential for the growth of cells and tissues.

    Sources of carbohydrates are cereals. Vegetables and fruits are essential for obtaining vitamins. An important point is that there is enough fresh, clean water in the bowl.

    It must be remembered that you cannot feed the puppy with food from the master’s table. This is because condiments are bad for the dog’s stomach. In addition, the list of prohibited products includes:

    • smoked meats;
    • spices;
    • spicy;
    • flour and sugar;
    • fatty meats (for example, pork);
    • tubular bones;
    • mushrooms.

    There are three feeding options for puppies. The first is that ready-made feed is used. This method is convenient for its simplicity, since most feeds contain all the necessary components in the right quantities, and are also adapted to the age needs of the animal. The second approach is to feed the puppy only natural foods. However, not everyone has enough time to cook separately several times a day for their pet. The third option is mixed. Most often recommended by dog ​​breeders.

    The number of meals depends on the age of the baby. During the first months the puppy gains weight and grows actively. Therefore, he is fed quite often. every 3-3.5 hours.

    Then, by 3 months, the interval between feedings is 4 hours, and the number of receptions decreases to 6. At 4 months, it is enough to feed the dog 5 times, and then until 8 months. 4 times a day, and already at 8 months of age the puppy is transferred to Three meals a day.

    How to walk?

    Spacious open-air cages or booths are better suited as housing for the West Siberian husky. Also, a puppy can live in an apartment, but he must have his own place. Walks should be long enough in time and intense in activity. The necessary elements are running, games (for example, with a ball, stick). Outdoor training can also take place for teams. It is important to remember that the husky needs a change of occupation. the puppy is given the opportunity to just run, walk on a leash, play. After all, this is still a child, and it is difficult for him to focus his attention on one thing.

    Experienced dog breeders recommend walking your pet on a leash. However, it must be long enough for the puppy to be able to run.

    Hygiene procedures

    Usually, taking care of likes does not cause any particular problems. However, there are rules and features here.

    During the moulting of the dog, you should be prepared for the fact that thick hair can be in different places of the apartment. Therefore, you need to carefully comb the puppy with a stiff brush. It is important to bathe him, but not often. However, if the dog’s coat is white, then you need to carry out this procedure as the pet gets dirty.

    At least once a year, you need to visit a doctor for a preventive examination, as well as regularly vaccinate.

    Features of the

    West Siberian huskies have well-developed hunting instincts. This breed was bred with the aim that these dogs were able to take a trace and live in the harsh conditions of the Urals and Siberia. As a result of long-term work on crossing and selection of suitable animals, the international standard of this breed was formalized by two main groups. Khanti and Mansi dogs. Representatives of the first differ from the second in that they have a dense body, a wide head and a short muzzle. Animals from the second subgroup are more sinewy and their muzzles are somewhat longer.

    According to international standards, the West Siberian Laika is a medium-sized dog with a strong body and well-developed muscles. Its average height at the withers is about 50-60 cm, but not more than 80 centimeters. The head is in the form of an isosceles triangle with erect triangular ears. The muzzle can be long, but the skull is always wide.

    The eyes are oval or almond-shaped, hazel or brown. A chest with a strong muscular corset, a toned abdomen. The feet are strong and powerful. They are located almost parallel to each other. The tail is of medium length. An adult dog weighs on average 16-22 kg.

    The coat is of medium length. The dense undercoat layer is well expressed. Around the neck, the cover is stronger and thicker, forming a kind of “collar”. The color of the coat can be white, gray-white, gray-red, piebald, fawn, as well as black and white.

    In appearance, West Siberian huskies somewhat resemble wolves, this is especially noticeable at an early age (for example, in puppies a month and younger). However, their behavior is different. By nature, these are calm, balanced animals. They are characterized by intelligence, loyalty, intelligence, fearlessness, activity. Puppies are friendly, obedient and able to easily find common language with other animals and people.

    How To Properly Feed Husky Puppies!

    They are very energetic and playful pets. The latter features are clearly manifested as early as 1 month. Representatives of this breed are highly trainable.

    Puppies go through several stages in their development.

    • The first 2 weeks from birth. At this time, the baby especially needs the mother, since it feeds only on milk and can hardly do anything. On the 10-14th day, his eyes break off. The baby is still weak for the first few days. Can define his family. mother, brothers and sisters. The kids are very cold, so if possible, the puppy should be with the mother. And dog breeders or owners must create suitable temperature conditions (22. 25? C) for them.
    • 3rd week. At 3 weeks of age, the puppy‘s teeth begin to erupt. Gradually, he can already be accustomed to human hands. Also during this time, the puppy develops a sense of smell.
    • From 3 weeks to 3 months. It is at this time that you need to socialize the baby.

    From 3 weeks to the end of the first month, the baby begins to respond to harsh stimuli (loud sound, smell, light). This means that his senses are developing properly. Kids begin to play catch-up with each other, they can chew on everything. During this period, you can train them to use the litter box, since babies stop “going to the toilet” in the same place where they sleep and eat.

    At the age of two months, a husky puppy acquires the ability to express its emotional state through voice and behavior. The first such manifestations begin as early as 5-6 weeks of age. At this time, he is actively exploring the world, communicating with other puppies and animals. Usually at this time, the kids are prepared for the fact that the owners will take them to a new home. At least a week before that, they are excommunicated from their mother, allowed to get used to human hands, communication with people.

    From 8 to 12 weeks, it is important to wean the baby from biting. Usually puppies are handed over to buyers after two months.

    How to train?

    As a rule, puppy training begins at an early age and from the first days of a new pet in the house. This helps him to get comfortable. Raising a 2-month-old baby helps to establish a bond between the owner and the pet. it includes active games, as well as the study of commands “near”, “to me”, “sit” and so on. An important nuance is the regularity of classes.

    To better understand how to educate your dog, dog breeders recommend contacting experienced dog handlers. They will tell you how to instill in your dog hunting skills, how to properly train it to take a trail and how to properly care for it. Difficult and special training should not be done until the puppy is 8 months old. Before doing this, it is important to make sure that the pet has learned the basic commands.

    If something does not work out in self-training, then you can always visit the dog handler and consult him.

    You can look at the beautiful husky puppies further.