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How to feed a small puppy 1 month

How and what to feed your puppy so that he grows up healthy?

Balanced, proper nutrition means a lot to dogs. If the owner knows how to feed the puppy and follows the recommendations of the veterinarians, it is highly likely that the development will go right, the pet will be cheerful and live a long time. For feeding, ready-made feed and natural products are used, mixed nutrition is also practiced. There are plenty of disputes around this issue, it is difficult to accept one of the parties, natural and so-called artificial nutrition has advantages, the owner will have to decide.

Feed. how to give, what is convenient and useful

The main advantages of feed are ease of use and tremendous time savings. The problem of how to feed a small puppy is removed completely. The only thing that has to be done is to divide the food into portions and give it on time. There are different types of food, designed for puppies of different ages and sizes, they contain vitamins and minerals in a balanced amount.

The food must be soaked before serving. It takes about an hour to soak 100 grams of feed; for this amount, 300–350 ml of water is taken. To prevent the food from souring, it is recommended to soak it before each feeding.

Mixed feeding

With such a diet, cereals must be abandoned, only meat is combined with food, if desired, with stewed vegetables.

In the morning, food is given, and in the evening, after a walk, meat. only 5 hours after the food, no more than 3 times a week.

At night, regardless of the dietary scheme, it is always advisable to give only meat, without vegetables and cereals. this will ensure healthy sleep and allow the dog to run less to the toilet.

It is often asked how to feed a month and 2 month old puppy. The products listed above are given regardless of age, the main thing is to observe the rate and frequency of feeding.

Natural products. what to give, how much

Natural feeding provides for feeding with meat, cereals, vegetables, boiled eggs, cottage cheese. so that the puppy gets everything it needs for development.

Half of the daily diet is meat, another 40% is porridge and 10% is vegetables. Additionally, eggs and fermented milk products (cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, whey) are introduced, the meat can and should be periodically changed to fish.

Meat. To feed a puppy, he is given lean meat: rabbit, veal, beef and turkey. It is advisable to freeze it for 2 days before serving. in order to kill harmful microorganisms. Meat is given thawed, raw. The third part of the one-time norm can be mixed with cereals 5 minutes before they are ready. A porridge that smells of meat will be more pleasant for the puppy, and gradually he will get used to it.

Fish. The fish is given boiled, boneless, usually a couple of times a week. you need to see if the dog likes it or not.

Groats. Porridge is cooked in a broth of vegetables or bones, milk, water. Puppies can be given oatmeal, rice, buckwheat. The cereal is cooked for 15–20 minutes, the liquid should cover it by 1.5–2 cm. The possibility of adding meat is described above.

Vegetables and greens. If you ask the veterinarian what you can feed the puppy, he will say that he needs to be given zucchini, broccoli, if the season allows, parsley, sorrel, dill. Pumpkin and carrots are also helpful, but orange vegetables are potential allergens, so they are given in small doses, with great care. Vegetables are fed boiled or stewed, greens. raw, but well washed. Only an apple can be given raw, but peeled, no more than a quarter a day.

The puppy may not want to eat vegetables in their pure form, therefore, if it resists, they can be mixed into porridge, like meat, after cutting or mashing in mashed potatoes.

Dairy products. They should be free of preservatives and dyes, that is, for feeding puppies it is better not to buy them, but to do them yourself.

Eggs. Eggs of quails or chickens are given about 2 times a week, before serving they must be boiled.

How to correctly calculate the amount of food and meals

With ready-made feed it is easier. the dosage has already been calculated, it is indicated on the package. To calculate a one-time portion of natural food, you need to take 5-10% of the dog’s weight, that is, to feed a puppy up to 2 months old, which weighs about 4 kilograms, a 200-gram portion is prepared. precisely, the volume is calculated according to the needs of the dog: if it does not finish eating, it is better to reduce the portion, if it is noticeable that it remains hungry, it is worth adding food.

Growing dogs should eat often, literally by the hour:

  • you need to feed a puppy at 1-2 months 6 times a day, at three-hour intervals, starting from 7 am until 10 pm;
  • A 2–4 month old puppy is given food 5 times a day, from 7 am to 10 pm, but at larger, equal intervals;
  • 4-6 month old puppy. 4 times a day, again at increased intervals;
  • 6-10 months. 3 times;
  • 10-12 months old. only 2 times, at 7.00 and at 21.00.

In addition to knowing how and what to feed your puppies, remember that by giving them food, they can be disciplined at the same time. A bowl of food is placed for 15–20 minutes, then it is taken away, even if the dog did not have time to eat everything. This relieves the owner of the need to clean up sour and dried food, and teaches the dog to gorge on what they give.

Clean water should be constantly with the dog, a separate bowl is placed for it.

Proper feeding is a guarantee of health for life and educational moments that are undesirable to miss.

How to feed a puppy for 3 months

In addition to everything previous at the age of 3.5 months, it is time for the puppy to start giving cartilage, soft calf bones. This is because the baby’s teeth begin to change and so that the jaws and bite are formed correctly, it is recommended to give the above. Note that at this age, you should not take bones or toys from the baby’s mouth, since you can spoil the structure of his teeth. All new teeth usually grow by the age of six months, and during the growth, the puppy’s tooth may eat poorly, be lethargic, and even the temperature may rise.

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What you shouldn’t feed your puppy

We already know how to feed a puppy, but you should also know what you can not feed a puppy. There are not so many junk foods, so they are easy to remember. These include:

  • raw river fish and raw chicken;
  • sausage, sausages, hard bones;
  • everything smoked and salted, also pickled;
  • fried beef and pork;
  • sweet (candy, cake, etc.);
  • everything with spicy seasonings;
  • everything with ketchup or mayonnaise (salads from the table).

In general, the food for the puppy should be as natural as possible. Remember, proper nutrition will save your pet from many digestive problems, and although we have already described how to treat diarrhea in dogs, it is better to prevent it. Only by proper feeding can you grow from a small puppy into a completely healthy and strong dog.

What can you feed your puppy?

The list of food items depends on the age of the pet. To summarize: a month-old puppy can goat’s milk, cow’s milk with the addition of an egg and a white loaf, a little low-fat cottage cheese. At 1.5 months, minced meat, cereal porridges (in milk or with minced meat and boiled vegetables) are added to these products, and after 2 months of age, sea fish is already added (to make meatballs out of it). After four months, the baby is already able to do almost everything, the main thing is natural (not fried, salty). But about what you can not feed the puppy, we are below, be sure to check out the list of unwanted foods.

How much to feed the puppy

If we can tell you how to feed the puppy and how many times to feed, then only you can determine how much to feed the puppy. After all, everything here is very individual and depends on the breed, if, for example, a Chihuahua even at 10 months is no bigger than a cat, then a German shepherd puppy will already grow many times larger. In general, when feeding homemade food, determine the portions yourself, everything that the dog has not eaten in 15 minutes is superfluous and should be removed. When feeding with dry food, everything is easier, because the feeding rate is indicated on the package, but more on that later.

How to feed a puppy for 1.5 months

First of all, a 1.5 month old puppy can be fed with everything already listed above for a month old baby. This is minced meat, various cereals (rice, semolina, crushed oatmeal), cooked vegetables, mashed. Also, the doggie can already be given fresh raw liver (source of iron and vitamins) in small portions. Food should be given warmed up (up to about 40 degrees) so that it is neither cold nor hot. Food should always be fresh, you cannot cook one porridge and then feed it for several days.

How many times to feed a month old puppy

After reaching the age of 1 month, the number of feedings of the puppy should be reduced to six times a day. For example, a feeding schedule would look like this:

  • at 7:00. cottage cheese or oatmeal in milk;
  • at 10:00. porridge with meat and vegetables;
  • at 13:00. milk;
  • at 16:00. porridge with meat and vegetables;
  • 19:00. porridge with milk or milk;
  • at 22:00. meat.

The time schedule may fluctuate, but at the end of the day it is better to give it meat, so the puppy will sleep better and go to the toilet less. By the way, change the cereal for porridge from time to time, and the night’s sleep of the baby should last at least 6 hours.

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The little rottweiler just ate the curd. Photo teas Smith.

How and what to feed your puppy?

What to feed your puppy

When a small pet appears in the house, the question arises, how to feed the puppy? In this article, the site “Give Lapu” will not only tell you what you can and what you can not feed the puppy, but also give recommendations on how to feed the puppy correctly, how much to feed him. All this is divided into different age categories, because the list of foods available for nutrition for dogs expands as the pet grows up.

In addition to natural nutrition, ready-made food will also be mentioned (from what age you can give dry food to a puppy, which brands are better to choose).

Natural food

First of all, you need to decide in advance on how exactly you will feed your young ward. The owners can choose between two standard options. ready-made industrial feed or natural food. Many people refuse to use the former. There may be many reasons for this. Someone is not sure about the quality of the finished products, but to someone high-end branded feeds seem unreasonably expensive. In this case, the best solution is simple, natural food.

You need to immediately understand that not all natural products are allowed to be given to husky babies. There are several of the most relevant items that must be present in the diet of young dogs. Let’s take a look at them in order.

  • Meat. It’s no secret that meat products are the main sources and suppliers of protein, which is simply necessary for a growing body. This component must be present in an amount of at least 70%. But you need to remember that you cannot give fatty husky meat. These include lamb and pork. Better to go for beef, chicken, or diet turkey. The puppy will definitely not refuse such delicacies.
  • By-products. This refers to the internal organs of animals, namely: lungs, heart, liver, spleen, trachea and other details. Such food consists of vitamins and microelements necessary for the dog’s body. The scar will provide invaluable benefits to the health and condition of the puppy. Experts recommend adding it to the diet of little huskies. You should feed your babies offal on a regular basis, but you don’t need to do this every day. Otherwise, the animal may suffer from hypervitaminosis.
  • Bones. These foods should not be considered complete and balanced meals. Sometimes you can pamper a puppy with a large and juicy bone, but you cannot feed him only with this every day. By chewing on the bone, the baby will strengthen the jaw muscles, as well as clean the teeth from plaque. The bones should be given to the husky until their teeth change. It is not recommended to give such treats to adults. they can harm both teeth and stomach.
  • Cartilage. These are real suppliers of collagen, vitamin complexes and useful microelements. All of them have a direct impact on the correct development of a healthy body of a young dog. Experts recommend giving puppies cartilage along with meat leftovers. these are real healthy delicacies.
  • Fish. Husky is allowed to give only sea fish. It contains a lot of useful components. It is not recommended to give river fish to the dog. various parasites often “live” in them.
  • Porridge. Most often, small huskies are fed with types of cereals such as oatmeal, rice and buckwheat. It is necessary to give cereals to babies, since it is such nutrition that has a beneficial effect on the activity of the gastrointestinal tract in a growing body. It is advisable to calculate the nutrition of the puppies in such a way that cereals account for at least 10% of the daily volume of food consumed.
  • Dairy products. These treats contain very important components, for example, calcium. It serves as a real building material in the musculoskeletal system. It should be borne in mind that it is permissible to give husky puppies only low-fat fermented milk products. For example, the fat content of kefir should be exclusively zero, and cottage cheese should not exceed 10%. An important condition is that such food must be fresh. Sour milk treats can be given to babies in the morning. This way you can completely replace other breakfast foods.
  • Eggs. Husky puppies are not prohibited from giving the yolk of a chicken egg or a whole quail egg. It is permissible to present such delicacies to dogs no more than several times a week. Try to follow this rule if you do not want to harm your pet’s health.
  • Vegetables. Everyone has heard about the usefulness of vegetables. They contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for any organism (especially a growing one). Veterinarians strongly recommend adding cabbage to the husky’s diet. This product effectively stabilizes the digestive system of dogs. It is also permissible to give puppies a tomato, carrot, pumpkin and beans.
  • Vitamin complexes. Such additions to the main “dishes” should be purchased only after consulting a veterinarian.
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The list of natural foods allowed for husky puppies is good news.

Hosts can create a balanced diet for their furry charges and from time to time make the menu more interesting and varied.

What can you give?

Representatives of this ancient sled breed are famous not only for their endurance and strength, but also for their unpretentious care. Purebred handsome men do not require special treatment. They should be cared for in the same way as most other breeds of dogs. If a cute husky puppy has settled in your house, then it needs to be fed according to all the rules.

At home, such animals can grow up absolutely healthy and active only if you take care of high-quality and safe food for them.

It is worth considering in more detail what little fluffy fidgets usually eat, and what it is better to never give them.

What and how to properly feed husky puppies?

Husky dogs are among the most famous and popular in the world. First of all, people fall in love with these adorable creatures for their magical appearance. Despite the complex nature and increased activity, these dogs have not ceased to be in demand.

If a husky puppy is born in the house, then he needs to provide competent care. One of the most important points is proper feeding of the baby. Today we will look at how to feed little huskies according to all the rules.

Ready feed

Many owners prefer to feed their huskies with ready-made dry food. This kind of food is good because it does not need to be cooked or cooked in advance. All that is required of a person is to pour dry granules into the pet’s bowl. Ready-made treats last longer and can also contain all the necessary components. True, you need to carefully select such products. Dog food must be of premium class and not too cheap. The cheaper the dry food, the lower-quality ingredients it contains.

It is important to pay due attention to the composition of the selected dog food, namely:

  • in the list of all components, meat should be first;
  • the type of meat must also be indicated; it is permissible for young husky to buy only those types of feed that contain meat components from beef, chicken or turkey;
  • food with fish is allowed to be given to babies, but it is advisable to combine them and alternate with meat granules; be sure to look at the type of fish used in the manufacture, usually it is indicated on the package; fish, like meat, is most often mentioned first;
  • high-quality and healthy feed may contain a preservative represented by vitamin E;
  • the feed must be enriched with proteins;
  • it is not recommended to purchase dry food in which the grain components are listed first; if you notice such an oversight in the composition of the product, then it is better to refuse to buy it, since it can harm the puppy’s digestion;
  • it is recommended to buy only those feeds that are free of flavorings, flavor enhancers, dyes and preservatives.

You can buy wet food for your husky puppy, not dry. It can be sold as canned food or small sachets with chunks in gravy. Such delicacies should also be well-composed without unnecessary chemicals, dyes and flavoring enhancers.

You should only buy branded wet food from reputable manufacturers. They, like dry options, should be premium or super premium.

How to give cerelac to a puppy.| German Shepherd | food |small puppy| 1 MONTH OLD | 2 MONTH OLD.

Yes, such food will cost a lot, but a young dog will be well-fed and healthy.

Features of the breed

Alabai is a very large and massive dog bred in Turkmenistan to protect livestock and humans. It is not for nothing that the pet is called a wolfhound, thanks to the lightning-fast reaction, fearlessness and devotion to the owner, the brave animal, without hesitation, rushes at the enemy and drops him to the ground.

IMPORTANT!! Alabai is one of the oldest dog breeds, bred over 4,000 thousand years ago.

A massive animal in adulthood has a calm character with a balanced nervous system. Unlike other dog breeds, Asians do not express joy with wild leaps and loud, perky barks. A phlegmatic dog greets its beloved owner very worthily with a restrained wagging of its tail and lowering its large head into a human hand.

A feature of the large breed of dogs is the late onset of physiological maturity. In most individuals, this period falls on 2-3 years, up to this age, complex trainings and excessive physical activity are not recommended due to the risk of impaired development of the musculoskeletal system.

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Alabai, due to their large body weight, have a predisposition to diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, metabolic disorders and skin pathologies.

With a competent diet, the correct dosage of portions and regular moderate physical activity, you can avoid common diseases and raise a healthy and strong pet.

Alabai are practically omnivorous animals that can eat natural or dry industrial feed. A large dog eats meat and dairy products, vegetables, fruits and cereals with pleasure. Despite their impressive height, young and adult Alabaevs should not be overfed in order to avoid an increase in the load on the musculoskeletal system.

An important rule when drawing up a diet for the Central Asian Shepherd Dog is to comply with the norms and proportions of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, depending on the age and physiological state of the pet.

1 month

Monthly babies can already be fed once a day with oatmeal, rice or buckwheat porridge. At 1 month, a 6-time feeding is introduced, the first time the puppies should eat no earlier than 7 a.m., the last meal. at 10 p.m.

Between feedings, babies are given 100 ml of goat’s milk mixed with raw egg and honey. Meat is issued in the form of minced meat, decorated in small balls.

At this age, it is necessary to add one new product per day every day, babies should eat raw meat, dairy products, fresh carrots with vegetable oil, a rye loaf, fruits and dried fruits.

Alabaev’s menu in 1 month: 150 g of raw meat, 100 g of cottage cheese, 100 g of cereals, 200 ml of milk and fermented milk products, 100 g of vegetables, sunflower oil, nuts.

6 months to a year

From 6 months to a year, two feedings are introduced with a constant increase in the portion. At this time, the formation of muscle muscles and bones is still underway, at 1 year old the young already resemble an adult animal. It is very important to give your dog vitamin and mineral supplements up to 2 years of age.

A one-year-old Alabai eats no more than 2 liters of feed at a time, in winter the volume of food is increased by 10-15%.

The daily diet of a Central Asian shepherd dog at 1 year: 750 g of meat, fish or 1500 g of offal, 1000 g of cottage cheese or 1 liter of fermented milk products, 500 g of vegetables or 500 g of boiled cereals, 100 g of bran or 150 g of rye flour.

A massive and graceful Central Asian Shepherd Dog cannot be raised on porridge or cheap industrial feed alone. The fresher and more varied the feeding, the healthier and more cheerful the growing dog will be.

Vitamins and Supplements

When raising a beloved puppy on ready-made super-premium food, additional introduction of vitamins and mineral supplements to the diet of a small dog is not required, since a high-quality food contains all the elements necessary for an animal. Over-saturation of the body with vitamin or mineral substances leads to the development of hypervitaminosis and the development of systemic pathologies.

A natural diet is not able to fully provide the body of growing young stock in all important nutrients, therefore, in order to form the correct skeleton, muscles and prevent rickets, it is recommended to give your pet vitamin and mineral supplements in dry or liquid form.

The dosage of drugs should be determined by a veterinarian, taking into account the age, physiological state and individual characteristics of the puppy.

Water is one of the main components of a small pet’s diet, so the dog must have constant access to a bowl of clean water.

At the age of up to 6 months, an Alabai puppy must drink from dishes installed on a stand with brackets. From six months it is permissible to water a large baby from a steel bucket.

Up to a month

Newborn Asians for up to a month feed on breast milk of their mother or foster mother 9 times a day.

  • From 2 weeks of age, babies can be given 50 g of calcined cottage cheese, diluted with kefir or yogurt and 100 ml of goat whole milk.
  • From 3 weeks, raw scraped meat, scalded with boiling water, is introduced into the evening feeding.

Ready feed

The experience of raising Alabai puppies on ready-made industrial feed is widespread and quite successful, although veterinarians advise feeding babies with exclusive natural food for up to 3 months. Breeders most often use high-quality super-premium food for feeding very young Central Asian shepherd dogs, which are prepared according to an original recipe from high-quality products with the addition of vitamins and microelements.

When choosing ready-made feeds, you need to pay attention to the line for puppies of large and giant breeds of dogs.

The daily dosage of the required amount of food is indicated on the manufacturer’s packaging, which greatly simplifies the calculation for the owner. When feeding the Alabaevs with ready-made feed, it is necessary to carefully monitor the filling of the bowl with fresh drinking water in order to avoid the development of urolithiasis.

The advantages of industrial feed:

  • Ready-made feeds, when the dosage is correctly observed, fully satisfy the dog’s need for all nutrients.
  • There is no need to calculate the amount of feed yourself.


  • High-quality super-premium feeds have a high price.
  • The owner does not know what products were used to prepare the feed.
  • The presence of preservatives in the finished feed that negatively affect the health of a young dog.

Choosing a place and utensils for feeding

It is recommended to start choosing a place and utensils for feeding your future pet even before purchasing a cute well-fed puppy. Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are giant dogs that are usually kept outdoors in spacious open-air cages with an insulated booth.

What to feed 1 month old Shihtzu puppies

Adult Asians eat from large deep bowls with a volume of 2.5 liters and drink from buckets, but to feed the young, you need to purchase smaller dishes.

  • Ceramic utensils are not suitable for Alabai due to the fragility of the material and a sufficiently large weight.
  • Plastic dishes are dangerous by the release of toxins when in contact with hot food.
  • The best option is considered to be stainless steel dishes.

Crockery for young Alabai should be installed on a bracket with supports, the height of which is determined by the level of the withers or elbows. A growing pet should stretch upward while eating, a downward tilt of the head is unacceptable. As you grow, it is necessary to increase the distance of the bowls to the floor to form the correct posture and exterior of a massive pet.