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How to feed a toy terrier puppy

How to feed a toy terrier puppy

If a Toy Terrier dog appears in your home, puppy nutrition should be the first issue you should consider.

In order for your puppy to grow up healthy and strong, it must be carefully looked after and properly fed. Therefore, it is especially important for its owners to know what to feed the puppy with.

Somewhere before the age of 3 months, puppies develop the correct attitude to food and the formation of taste. It is at this age that the baby is so important to accustom him to healthy and wholesome food. Reorganizing the feeding of toy terrier puppies in adulthood or accustoming them to new products can be very, very problematic.

It is very important that the puppy’s nutrition is balanced and contains sufficient amounts of minerals, vitamins, animal proteins and plant substances. If this rule is followed, the dog’s diet can be monotonous. Diet isn’t important to dogs.

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First of all, every dog ​​owner should decide what to feed that terrier puppy he will be. ready-made feed or natural self-prepared food. Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and cons of dry food and natural food

The advantages of ready-made feeds are their compactness, easy transportation and convenience on the road, they do not require time from the owners to prepare and initially contain all the vitamins and nutrients the dog needs. The disadvantage of such nutrition is in the price, “staleness” of the food and the fact that the owner never knows exactly what he feeds his animal and relies only on what the producers write on the food packaging.

The advantages of cooked food are that it is always fresh, you know exactly what it is made of, what your baby is eating, and that his diet consists of fresh and healthy foods. As a rule, such food comes out more budgetary than food with ready-made feed.

The disadvantages are that cooking fresh food requires time and effort from the owner. over, such food cannot be prepared for future use.

How to feed your toy terrier puppy is up to each owner individually. With any of these options, it is important to choose the right food. If it is dry food, it should be specially formulated for that breed or, as a last resort, for small breed dogs. You should also focus on the age and degree of activity of the animal.

What you can and cannot feed your puppy

If you decide to cook food for your pet on your own, it is important to know which foods should be present in the diet of this breed, and which ones should not be given.

Foods that are necessary and useful for a terrier include meat, dairy products and cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Low-fat types of meat are preferable, ideally raw finely chopped beef (veal).

Porridges at a young age are given to a puppy in milk, and from a year old they are already boiled in dogs. It can be well-cooked rolled oats, rice or buckwheat.

Cottage cheese can be diluted with milk or kefir, or given the dog these products separately. However, it is not recommended to give milk to an adult dog. It is only useful for puppies under 1 year old.

Vegetables, herbs and fruits are recommended to be given to the dog raw and finely chopped.

All prohibited foods include sweets and chocolate, spices and spices, fatty meats and bones, canned foods and smoked meats.

The dog’s food should be warm, but never hot or cold.

All this deserves attention and understanding on the part of the owners, because it is proper nutrition that will help you grow a healthy and active dog that will delight you for many years.

Which dry food is best for a toy terrier.

Opponents of feeding dogs with dry food appeal to the addition of low-quality by-products to ready-made dry food, replacing animal fats with vegetable fats, additives in the form of flavors. Yes, these claims are not unfounded, but they relate to economy class offers. These highly advertised foods are affordable and can be found in every supermarket.

There is a classification of ready-made food for dogs of industrial production, which will help you in the dilemma “which dry food is best for that terrier.” Grade of industrial dog food is influenced by the presence and percentage of protein and fat.

Industrial feed class Protein Fats
Economical eighteen% eight%
Middle nineteen% 7%
Tall 22% eleven%
Super 25% fifteen%
Ultra (premium).class thirty% twenty%

For a decorative breed, “super” and “premium” class fishing line is suitable.

General questions about the nutrition of the Russian toy terrier.

“How often should a Russian toy terrier be fed? Does the regularity of feeding depend on age? “

Утро Русского той терьера\Russian toy terier GoPro.

Answer: The regularity of feeding that terrier directly depends on the age of the small dog. According to leading veterinarians, the ideal feeding scheme for the Russian Toy is as follows:

  • 1-2 months. 6 times a day
  • 2-3 months. 5 times a day
  • 3-4 months. 4 times a day
  • 4-10 months. 3 times a day
  • 10-18 months. 2 times a day.

Starting from the age of 1.5 years, it is permissible to leave only one feeding a day, but this is not suitable for all dogs, so you can continue to feed your pet twice a day.

“How do I know how much my toy should eat? What is better: to give a little more food or vice versa. to underfeed? “

Answer: It is best to observe the measure in everything. If, after eating, the sides or stomach begin to bulge out at the little toy, you have overfed the baby. Then it is worth giving less food. But it’s not worth starving a toychik either. If you notice that the toy terrier is not full, behaves restlessly or, on the contrary, has no strength even to play, then the portions of food should be larger.

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“Which is better: homemade food or industrial food? And what to prefer: dry food or canned food “?

Answer: It is very difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this question. There are different points of view on what is better to feed the toy. It’s up to you to decide. Both homemade food and industrial food are equally useful if you follow the feeding rules, feed the Russian Toy Terrier healthy and fresh food, do not allow prohibited foods into the dog’s diet, choose high-quality food that meets the needs of your dog. As for dry food and canned food, it’s up to you to choose again. It is only important to remember about the rules for feeding decorative dogs, which must be observed for each type of diet.

General information about feeding Toy Terriers.

Restrain yourself from pampering your pet with treats from your table. Nothing good, even the most expensive sausage or chocolate candy will not bring your pet, but on the contrary can lead to disorders of the digestive system. Please note that any spice or seasoning that we often generously add to food is contraindicated for dogs. Only salt, and even then in a small amount, can be used as a food additive.

In addition to food, make sure that the animal always has sufficient fresh water.

The miniature size of the decorative terrier is more than compensated for by its activity and energy. One gets the impression that the little dog is everywhere, even on your plate.

The gluttony of a miniature dog can confuse you. Where does everything fit into it? Do not follow the lead of the beggar, no matter how piteously or ridiculously he begs for delicacies. Wean not only the pet, but also yourself from the habit of feeding the animal with tasty morsels from the table.

Remember the school course in biology, the dog is a predator by the way of feeding. And it doesn’t matter what height and weight she is. And who is the predator? One who eats meat. So do not make the typical mistakes in feeding that terrier, do not give him millet porridge. You wouldn’t offer meat to a cow, would you? Otherwise, do not be surprised at the appearance of a whole bunch of diseases and loss of hair and teeth in a pet.

The maximum amount of protein that a pet needs is in meat. When a tiny living creature snarls a piece of meat with a growl, the owner has a feeling of pride in his own, albeit small, but a predator. But feeding that terrier with meat alone, not only will not provide a rational menu, it will also hit the owner’s

The menu for that terrier should not consist of only meat, the nutrition is then inadequate and does not provide the animal’s needs for vitamins A, C and D, phosphorus and calcium. Since there is no fiber in meat, the intestines will not be able to function properly. An exclusively meat diet lowers immunity, promotes the leaching of calcium from the bone, which leads to fragility of bones, constipation and other problems.

Many owners make the mistake of stuffing them with minced meat. The physiology of a dog requires a whole piece of meat, which the animal swallows, having previously torn it off with its molars. When the dog eats meat, he makes movements that are similar to chewing, but this is how he bites a large piece into small pieces. Dogs can’t chew.

The basis of the diet for feeding, yes, should be meat. Ideally, if its percentage in the total volume is 50%, but not more.

How to feed a toy terrier at 2 months

Below you can see the approximate diet for a puppy at eight weeks of age fed six times:

  • Curd diluted with kefir.
  • Finely sliced ​​meat (beef, veal).
  • Milk porridge (well boiled).
  • Boiled meat with vegetables.
  • Boiled meat with 1/3 teaspoon of vegetable oil.

The very first food a puppy can eat is breast milk. As a rule, after the birth of a baby, the question does not arise: “How to feed a toy terrier puppy?” He is usually with his mother for 2 months. Until the age of three weeks, mother’s milk is sufficient, and then the puppies begin to feed, giving them three times a day a pea of ​​beef. “

To do this, finely scrape the meat from the frozen piece, heat it to room temperature. In addition, at this time, the baby should receive one ball of low-fat fresh cottage cheese. When we talk about how to feed a toy terrier puppy, it is important to remember that up to two months the puppy cannot be weaned from its mother.

Basic rules for feeding a toy terrier

So, we figured out the question of what you can feed a toy terrier (a puppy and an adult animal). Every owner who wants a pet to be healthy and cheerful should remember some simple rules.

You can only feed your dog freshly prepared food (if you have chosen natural products), leftover food should not remain in the bowl.

The animal must have access to fresh water at any time of the day.

If your dog eats homemade food, minerals and vitamins should be added to the diet.

And one more rule. Do not forget that such a baby as a toy terrier belongs to the canine, that is, it is a relative of the wolf. Therefore, 2/3 of the diet should be protein foods. meat, fish, offal, eggs.

As you can see, feeding a toy terrier is not difficult, but you need to approach this issue responsibly so as not to harm your pet. Usually, the breeder provides detailed information about the puppy to the new owners, but if this does not happen, consult with your veterinarian in addition on this matter. In addition, it is necessary that a specialist prescribes the necessary vitamins if you feed your baby with natural products.

From how many months can a toy terrier be fed dry food?

The ready-made dry food for toy terrier is a balanced diet. Additional feeding is not required in case of feeding with this ready-made food.

Feeding the pet is allowed both dry granules and soaked. Just be aware that chewing dry granules with a Miniature Terrier helps to cleanse canine teeth from plaque and tartar.

Without pursuing the goal of making an advertisement for dog food, we will tell you about the peculiarities of feeding those terriers with special food.

-ease of use is evident. You are not connected with the choice of fresh products for cooking, there is no need to heat up ready-made food, there is no need to rattle pots in the kitchen. At any time, whether it is a trip to nature or a summer cottage, take a bag of granulated dog food and are not afraid that the food will spoil on the way.

Dog Nutrition Basics

Products. Don’t feed your dogs food from your table. A separate menu should be drawn up for your pet, and the only way it differs from the menu of an average person is that it should be absolutely healthy. How many things are in these words, right? These are such products as: sea fish, lean meat, low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, fermented baked milk, chicken yolks, quail eggs, vegetables, fruits, honey, seaweed, cereals, etc. And no sausages, fried, smoked and canned food. We have already discussed all these products in more detail in one of the previous articles on the rules of feeding dogs. Therefore, I do not want to repeat myself, but I invite you to read. here.

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Feeding frequency. Despite the tragic, pleading, heartbreaking gaze of your dog, you must feed him on schedule. An adult dog needs to be fed twice a day. in the morning and in the evening, preferably after a walk. And don’t fall for her antics and pleas. Otherwise, you risk endowing your dog with obesity, various diseases and pampering. How many times a day you need to feed a dog, depending on age, read the article on the approximate feeding schemes that were written earlier in the blog.

Nutritional balance for dogs. Many dog ​​owners feed their pets from their table with the expectation that the dog thus receives the necessary nutritional components. They say that everything that the body needs will be taken, and everything that is not needed will go away. But, everything that is not needed does not always go away, but accumulates in the body and, as a result, we observe allergies and other diseases. Therefore, it is still better to balance the nutrition for dogs according to their menu, where there is no large amount of salt, sugar, no spices, preservatives, fatty, fried, smoked, etc.

To get even a little closer to ideal dog feeding, remember how wolves eat. Firstly: they eat herbivores and, first of all, they tear apart the victim’s stomach in order to get half-digested grass, cereals. Let’s conclude: we feed the dogs with cereals (boiled or scalded in boiling water). Further, the wolves eat the meat of the victim and ATTENTION: leave bones! The meat of wild herbivores is not fatty, since these animals are in constant motion (remember the field hare, roe deer, bird or wild boar). Therefore, a domestic fat immobile pig will only harm the dog.

Bones should not be given to dogs!

To understand how much a particular pet is omnivorous, herbivorous or predator, in order to compose the right menu for it, you should analyze its teeth. Animals such as a cow, horse, goat, rabbit, and hamster have mostly teeth that help them pull out and grind grass, vegetables, and cereals. They have no fangs. This means that there is no need for the goat to eat meat. In cats and dogs, the teeth are designed to pull out a piece of meat. This means that these pets should be given mainly fish and meat dishes for breakfast and dinner. And only a small percentage of cereals, fruits, vegetables to maintain the stomach in the necessary condition.

And here is a task for you for your leisure time: what percentage of meat should be in a person’s daily diet, based on the number of teeth special for this product? After all, a person has fangs, incisors, and teeth for grinding grass and cereals. Man is considered omnivorous. How many percent are we predators, and how much herbivorous? Here, nature itself tells us the perfect balance of nutrition.

Many people write about dry food, where the nutritional balance is ideally matched for almost every dog ​​breed. I am an advocate of natural products, so if you please, I will not bother with writing about dry food. For this, I may highlight a separate article.

So, we’ve covered the basics of dog nutrition. And now back to the question. how to feed the toy terrier. In this case, everyone is interested in a clear menu with prescribed products. I have not a toy terrier, but also a small dog. And I, on the basis of the menu of my favorite, will try to compose a menu for a toy terrier. And of course, I will take into account all the necessary characteristics of the breed.

The better to feed a Russian Toy puppy?

Toy Terrier puppies can be fed ready-made feeds or natural foods. In both cases, the food must be of high quality. The diet of puppies differs in the frequency of feeding: they eat more often than adult dogs. At the same time, they need much less food than mature relatives. The food itself also differs: babies are given chopped food, gradually increasing the size of the pieces.

Vitamins and supplements

If the animal eats natural food, it is necessary to regularly give him vitamin complexes and nutritional supplements. The most appropriate time to take these drugs is autumn and spring. You cannot take them uncontrollably. The misuse of these remedies is no less harmful than their absence in the dog’s diet. Vitamin complexes and nutritional supplements must be agreed with your veterinarian. Well-proven “Vittri”, “Beafar”, “AED”, “AVZ”, “Kanina”, “Gimpet”.

What you need to include in your daily diet?

In order for a pet to maintain health, be active and vigorous and delight its owner for many years, it constantly needs to be fed with a certain set of products. Every day, the diet of representatives of this breed includes:

  • meat;
  • porridge;
  • vegetables;
  • not too sweet fruits and berries;
  • fermented milk products.

You need to cook your pet yourself only from fresh, good quality products. It should be borne in mind that representatives of this breed are selective in food. Information about what is allowed for these animals is presented in the table:

Products allowed by toyama Share in the diet,%
Meat fish Mutton 33-50
By-products (liver, kidneys, heart, scar)
Saltwater fish and seafood
Cereals Rice 20-35
Vegetables Carrot 20-25
Bell pepper
Greens Dill
Fermented milk products Kefir 5-10
Cottage cheese
Fruits Bananas
Berries Blueberry
Complementary Products Yolk. 3-4 times a week
Vegetable oil. a few drops, 2 times a week

Ready feed

When caring for your pet, it is important to provide it with a balanced diet. When developing a feeding scheme for a puppy, several points must be taken into account:

Small toys should not be given exclusively hard or soft foods. It is better to alternate the varieties of ready-made feeds (dry, wet, canned). It is recommended to transfer the baby to soft ready-made products no earlier than 1–1.5 months. Dry food is included in the diet only after the completion of the process of changing teeth. This is allowed if the crumbs do not have chronic pathologies of the oral cavity and the bite is correctly formed.

The list of best-selling ready-made puppy foods of this breed includes: “Eagle Pack”, “Holistik”, “Acana”, “Orijen”, “1st Choice”, “Monge”, “Eukanuba”. Information about how often you need to feed toy babies is presented in the table:

Щенки той терьера кушают корм / Puppies toy Terrier eating food

Puppy age, months Daily frequency of feeding, times Feeding time, hours
Up to 2 6 7.00, 10.00, 13.00, 16.00, 19.00, 22.00
2-4 five 7.00, 10.00, 14.00, 18.00, 22.00
4-6 four 7.00, 12.00, 17.00, 22.00
6-12 3 7.00, 13.00, 21.00
Over 12 2 7.00, 21.00
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Feeding a toy terrier at home: how to feed a puppy and an adult dog. ready-made food or natural food?

Having made the decision to get a toy terrier, you should think about the nutrition of the dog. The principles of feeding a puppy and an adult dog differ: if a growing body needs a balanced meal for proper development, then a sexually mature pet needs food containing all the necessary elements to maintain good physical shape. Going to the nursery for a four-legged family member, you should find out what to feed the toy terrier, what products are contraindicated for him, and which ones are allowed to be given only occasionally.

Super premium feed

This is an elite food containing first grade ingredients. They contain:

  • chicken, turkey, lamb, chicken meat;
  • chicken eggs;
  • rice;
  • beet pulp;
  • offal of the first category.

In the production of some feed, food additives are used that are used in the manufacture of food for humans. Elite food has a number of advantages:

  • do not require supplementing the menu with vitamin complexes;
  • take into account the peculiarities of digestion, metabolic processes, the dog’s needs for vitamins and minerals;
  • absorbed by more than 80%;
  • do not contain chemical components;
  • do not provoke allergies.

Thanks to a special heat treatment technology, proteins and fats are preserved in the feed in the most natural form. Vitamin E is used to stabilize high-quality fats. From the elite feed available, toy owners choose “1 st Choice”, “Trainer”, “Josera”, “Monge”, “Brit Care”, “Gina”, “Eukanuba”.

Prohibited and unwanted foods

Representatives of this breed cannot be offered:

  • fat meat;
  • river and raw fish;
  • pasta, confectionery and baked goods;
  • sour cream, cream and butter;
  • citrus;
  • sweet, pickled, salty, smoked, spicy dishes;
  • Tea coffee;
  • grapes;
  • tubular bones;
  • potatoes;
  • legumes;
  • pearl barley and barley porridge;
  • egg white;
  • milk;
  • Exotic fruits.

Hill’s Science Plan Adult 1-6 Small Mini with Chicken.

Advantages: poultry meat is in the first place. Flax seeds, pomace from tomatoes and citrus fruits have a positive effect on digestion, skin health, and the beauty of the coat. Spinach promotes the elimination of toxins, enhances the sense of smell and vision, protects the teeth from periodontal disease. Moderate price: 1.5 kg. 966 rubles.

Disadvantages: in second and third places are corn and wheat. It is not clear what kind of animal fat and vegetable oil the manufacturer used.

Toy terrier nutrition: how to feed a puppy, how many times, suitable dry food

I will tell you how to feed puppies and adult toy terriers, I will characterize the most popular ready-made food. You will find out which foods can and cannot be given.

Brit Premium by Nature Adult’s dry food for adult dogs of small breeds

Benefits: high poultry meat. There are few vegetable glutens in the feed mixture, so the protein digestibility is high. Berries, fruits, medicinal herbs increase immunity, bind free radicals. Honda keeps joints, ligaments and teeth healthy. Low price: 934 RUB / 3 kg.

Disadvantages: in addition to natural antioxidants, it contains synthetic.


Miniature dogs are more suitable than other foods from Canadian manufacturers: Acana or Orijen.

Feeding a toy terrier puppy by month

The right choice for an owner who is raising a Russian Toy puppy for the first time is to use ready-made super-premium food. Ready meals are high in calories, contain all components in sufficient quantities with an optimal ratio. The shape and consistency of the granules allows you to clean off dental plaque and prevent their diseases. The owner buys a puppy that is 2 months old. Ask the breeder what he fed the puppy, do not change the nutrition of the puppy for 2 weeks until the baby adapts to the new living conditions. When the adaptation period is over, transfer your pet to ready-made feeds, which have the following advantages:

  • the size and shape of the granules is suitable for small dogs;
  • when chewing croquettes, they clean off plaque from the teeth, prevent their disease;
  • dry food does not deteriorate, therefore, if you need to leave, and you cannot leave your pet hungry, fill the feeder with a double portion.
  • ready-to-use food ensures the beauty of the coat and healthy skin.

Consider the composition of Monge mini puppy and junior granular food for dogs whose adult body weight does not exceed 3 kg.

The high protein and fat in the ready-made food made in Italy meets the needs of intensively growing dogs with a high metabolic rate.

Honda glucosamine and Honda contribute to the proper development of the osteo-ligamentous apparatus. KOS and MOS provide nourishment for the beneficial bacteria in the large intestine. Yucca Shidigera eliminates the unpleasant smell of puppy feces. The daily serving size in grams is provided on the back of the package.

Puppy age Live weight of an adult dog, kg Daily portion, g
2 3
2 months fifty 68
3 months 55 73
4 months 60 80
5 months 57 77
6 months 55 75
8 months 55 73

Puppies up to four months of age have the greatest growth intensity. Then the relative gain in live weight decreases, the need for feed stabilizes. The size of the daily portion of an adult dog is the same as that of a 3 month old puppy.

The bitch begins to feed the cubs from 2-3 weeks. She regurgitates some food so that the puppies are accustomed to eating solid food. At the age of 1 month, the cub continues to feed on milk, tastes the contents of the mother’s feeder. At this time, the lactating female is fed ad libitum. Weaners should be given food 6 times a day. A puppy at 2 months should be fed 5 times a day. For a three-month toya, the number of meals is reduced to four, and from 17 weeks to three. Eight-month-old toy terriers are considered adult animals, they eat twice a day. Give them 60-65% of the RDA in the morning.

If you are going to feed the puppy with natural products, multiply the dry food rate by a factor of 3, since dehydrated pellets contain, on average, 90% dry matter, and the products. 30. That is, if a two-month-old puppy needs 68 g of croquettes per day, then his peer who eats food. 200.

Farmina ND low grain food for small dogs lamb and blueberries.

Advantages: the first place is occupied by mutton. hypoallergenic meat. Croquettes contain medicinal plants that strengthen the immune system, slow down aging, and prevent excess weight gain. Filmy spelled grains (spelled) and oats contain little harmful gluten and slow starch, so fermentation processes in the intestines do not occur. Vegetables and fruits contain natural antioxidants and prebiotics.

Disadvantages: some dogs eat granules without appetite, some owners consider the price to be overpriced at 951 rubles / kg.