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How to find a muzzle for a German shepherd

How to muzzle your German Shepherd

It is easier to start any training at puppyhood, but this magnificent breed is great at learning the skills later.

Types of protective ammunition

Ideally, you should have several types of muzzles for different life situations, but this is too expensive. It is better to choose the most convenient option for a particular shepherd. Each ammunition has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can consider the most popular ones.

Metal muzzle for a shepherd

The advantages of such an item include:

  • reliability;
  • strength;
  • convenience for the dog.

Correctly selected ammunition does not touch the muzzle, is well fixed and serves for a long time. It allows the dog to open its mouth inside the “cage”, which allows the animal to breathe normally in the heat.

There are several disadvantages of this design. The metal body on a massive dog can injure another dog while playing. The owner can receive a tangible blow to the leg with this construction.

For the dog itself, a metal grill can be dangerous during frosts: the tongue easily sticks to it.

You can recommend such a muzzle to a shepherd dog for a warm season for quiet walks or trips on public transport. It is better to choose those designs in which there is a fabric pad between the dog’s face and the metal grill.

How to choose a muzzle to fit

However, it is not always possible to force an unprepared animal to appear in an unfamiliar place, and sometimes it is simply difficult to take out a large dog. In this case, you need to understand how to find out the size of the required ammunition. Main settings:

  • Girth of the muzzle. measured with a tape measure, stepping back 1 cm from the mowing line of the eyes.
  • Muzzle length. measured from the nose to the 1 cm mark from the eyes.

This distance of 1 cm is necessary for the shepherd dog so that the structure does not interfere with looking, i.e. would not touch the eyes. The girth of the muzzle should be measured with the mouth closed, but then add to the size from 3 to 7 cm.This will allow the animal to breathe.

The correct size of the muzzle can be confirmed after fitting. Remaining design marks on the face indicate the wrong choice.

Why does a dog need ammunition on the face

There is a law that requires the dog owner to muzzle the dog in public. An adequate owner himself will not take a dog with him without this accessory. When examined by a veterinarian, this detail helps to calmly carry out the examination and procedures. Often, owners of excessively active animals wear a muzzle so that the pet does not pick up hazardous waste. In addition, an aggressive dog simply needs to be deprived of the opportunity to “try on a tooth” passing people. Sheepdogs, like dogs of impressive size, should appear in public places in muzzles.

Leather muzzle

Leather ammunition can be closed. solid or open, which is made of riveted leather belts. These devices have a common advantage. naturalness, but this is also a disadvantage.

Leather. has a strong odor, which is not too pleasant for shepherd dogs with their sensitive sense of smell. In addition, the material does not tolerate water well.

After playing in wet snow, the skin of the accessory dries up and deforms. The muzzle loses its attractiveness. If it is made of belts, then the gaps between them can become wider, which affects the main function. protection.

The main difference between the two types of muzzles made of leather is that the closed version prevents the animal from opening its mouth, which can lead to heatstroke. The belts are breathable and do not chafe the skin of the shepherd.

A closed leather muzzle should be worn for a short time and make sure that the dog does not overheat. Proper harness ammunition is a great choice:

Stretched straps will not protect against poisoned bait or outdoor debris, so this muzzle should be updated frequently. This is one of the most comfortable models for a shepherd.

How to choose a muzzle for a German shepherd

find, muzzle, german, shepherd

In order to figure out how to choose the right muzzle for a German shepherd, you need to know about the features of different types of ammunition. Consider this or that protective device, taking into account the nature of the particular dog and the conditions for which you need to purchase this accessory.

How the muzzle should sit

If the design is designed for an open mouth, then you need to offer the shepherd a treat without removing the ammunition. If the animal can open its mouth and stick out its tongue, then the choice is right. On structures with rivets, check their strength so that the thing will last longer.

For Veo. East European Shepherds, it is better to use additional parameters:

  • girth of the neck;
  • distance between the back of the head and ears.

These measurements will help you calculate the length of the fixation straps.

How to choose a collar and leash for your German Shepherd

Like any other breed of dog, the German Shepherd needs a muzzle, collar and leash. We talked about the muzzle separately in another article, here we will focus on the collar. This is especially necessary in cases where the animal lives in the city and the owner takes her for a walk in a public place. These are the safety rules, and every dog ​​breeder should know about it.

Therefore, in this article we will analyze in detail the types of collars and their purpose, as well as consider what leashes are on sale, and how it is better to choose a collar and leash for your pet.

Collar stun gun

Ammunition with a built-in stun gun. Quite a dangerous tool in education and behavior correction. It must be used with extreme care and under the supervision of an experienced dog handler. Application for puppies under one year old is not allowed! The product can easily break the psyche of the pet and cause injury. It is used in emergency cases, when the shepherd becomes simply uncontrollable, rushes at people, other animals, does not comply with the norms of behavior.


Products made from synthetic materials are very practical and versatile. They combine the qualities of all other materials: they do not stretch, do not tear or get wet. In addition, they are easy and simple to care for. Synthetic ammunition is suitable for any purpose of use, from ordinary walks to education and training.

Genuine leather accessories are the most expensive in their price segment. This is highly justified. After all, on a dog they look noble and beautiful. But the skin tends to stretch under the influence of moisture. Therefore, such devices are best used at an indoor exhibition.

Before choosing a harness, you need to pay attention to the ring, fastener and fastener. They should be made of metal so that a powerful animal like the German Shepherd doesn’t get off the leash.

Collars for daily use

The ammunition for daily use is necessary during walks, and also serves as a decoration for the animal. Usually this collar is wider and stronger in shape and size than other types. It can be worn on both an adult pet and a young puppy.

Of course, such accessories can be left on the pet’s neck without removing it. Of course, this is done if the product does not injure the skin and coat of the dog.

Accessories for regular use can be with luminous or LED inserts. They will be needed if the owner walks the pet in the dark. So he will better see the route of the dog. In addition, collars with built-in GPS trackers have recently appeared. They track movement and send a signal to any connected device.

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It is important to remember that the collar for daily use should not put pressure on the shepherd’s neck. Two fingers should pass freely between him and the neck. Then he will not strangle the animal, and give him discomfort.

Choke collar

A product made in the form of a stranglehold. If, while walking, the animal tries to run faster than the owner, breaks off the leash, wants to pick up something from the ground or drink from a puddle. Such ammunition, stretching, presses on the respiratory tract, thereby preventing the pet from breathing. If the shepherd behaves calmly, the stranglehold is loosened and the collar looks like a regular accessory. Most often, the product is used for the dog to walk alongside, in a stretch, like at a show. You can use such a collar only from the year of the dog’s life and not for a long time.

Nicknames for beautiful girls

If you are the lucky owner of a German shepherd girl (bitch), do not rush to give her a cute and calm nickname. Especially if the dog will be involved in official work. As practice shows, girls are even fiercer and more aggressive than males. It should be a louder and even harsher name. Fortunately, there are good choices among the options available.

Letter Nicknames for girls (bitches)
BUT Alpha, Alma, Iris, Ariadna, Addy, Alaida, Azari, Adeline, Alta, Aza, Amanda, Quince, Alba, Ada, Azara, Harp, Astra, Adele.
B Bagheera, Berta, Basta, Barbara, Bambina, Betty, Bonna, Bonita, Becky, Berita.
IN Walda, Venus, Virta, Vlada, Vienna, Blizzard, Varna, Vesta.
D Gabby, Galatea, Hekla, Gloria, Greta, Gamma, Thunderstorm, Gerda, Glory, Gretchen.
D Daisy, Dina, Donna, Derika, Gypsy, Haze, Damka, Domenica, Dalma, Dara, Jackie, Gemma, Delta, Dalla.
E Egoza, Eva, Efina.
F Josephine, Giselle, Julia, Jacqueline, Jeanne.
Z Zara, Fun, The idea, Zlata, Zolda, Zidda.
AND Irma, India, Spark, Indus, Truth, Isis, Isolde.
TO Kaira, Blot, Cobra, Drop, Kasiopeya, Katana, Carmen, Cassie, Doll, Cassia.
L Linda, LADA, Lady, Lala, Lizzie, Leila, Laima, Lucia.
M Mary, Mallow, Milady, Ma’am, Madonna, Monica, Dream, Blizzard, Malta, Maggie, Miranda.
H Nera, Nelly, Nevada, Nora, Nymph, Naira, Nika, Nicole.
ABOUT Oda, Olympia, Osta, Octave, Ocher, Oreanda.
P Prima, Palm, Pallet.
R Rada, Rose, Raquel, Rhyme, Rona, Rapier, Riesel, Rusty (Rustinella)
FROM Sabrina, Signora, Susan, Cindy, Arrow, Sandra, Selena, Silva, Stella.
T Tanta, TAIGA, Tina, Tequila, Tera, Thames, Tiffany.
Have Ulana, Undine, Ustilada.
F Felicia, Florence, Fortune, Fairy, Frida, Flora, Felada.
X Charisma, Charter
C Queen, Celsius.
H Chara, Enchantress, Chizara.
Sh Shadrin, Shammi, Shaina, Sheina, Rogue.
E Elba, Hellas, Etna, Elsa, Emma, ​​Angie, Era, Esther, Elite, Esmeralda.
YU Unita, Utah, Yuzhanka, Yugra.
I Janina, Janetta, Bright, Jasper.

How to choose nicknames for puppies?

“Give a great puppy a bad name and you can safely drown him!”. this is exactly how the inhabitants of foggy Albion speak about the choice of a name for dogs. And it’s hard to disagree with them, because the name is just as important for an animal as it is for a person. With the name that you give him, the pet will live its whole life and, moreover, as practice shows, its meaning is reflected in fate. Therefore, the choice of a name for a dog should be taken very seriously, and even more so if it is a German shepherd.

So, what is worth remembering if you are going to purchase a German shepherd puppy. Firstly, this is a large and service dog, so its nickname should be as sonorous, short and clear as possible. It should be different from all common words and work commands. What is it for? Just imagine a critical situation when you need to give a dog an urgently needed command. How do you do this if the animal’s nickname consists of several words or is too difficult to pronounce?

If a puppy was given a complex long name according to the passport or from the nursery, you can come up with a daily work nickname. Let it be difficult and long for a passport or for exhibitions and titles. The main thing in work is convenience and functionality. The nickname should be sonorous and short so that it is easy to pronounce.

Secondly, the name must fit the dog. Agree that nicknames, for example, Funtik, Pupsik, Dogi or Archik, are not very suitable for a German shepherd. It is very good if the nicknames for the German Shepherd somehow reflect the essence of the character of the dogs, their demeanor, their appearance or their color. Fourth, you should not call a service dog by a human name from your everyday life. The animal should know well when they are talking to him, and not to a passing neighbor.

Summing up the above, let’s outline the basic rules when choosing a nickname for a German shepherd puppy:

  • The name of the dogs should be suitable for their character, appearance, peculiarities of their use. For example, the nickname Black can be given to a black male.
  • Choose a sonorous, well-pronounced name that doesn’t sound like a command or everyday work word.
  • If the passport contains a monosyllabic and two-syllable name, for example, according to the mowing line of the mother or father, as well as the name of the nursery, then be sure to come up with a working everyday nickname. It should be short and clear.
  • Do not call your puppy by a human name from your environment or frequent use.
  • The nickname of a German shepherd should not be funny, offensive, contain rude or obscene words.

Do not forget that German Shepherds are confident and determined dogs, they will become excellent guards and loyal companions for you. Consider these features when choosing a name.

If a puppy has already appeared in your house, but you still cannot find a suitable name for him, do not rush. Take a closer look at your pet, perhaps you will see after a while its some unusual character traits, some peculiarity of behavior. If you are superstitious, do not choose your previous pet’s name for your new pet. Or if you have negative emotions with some names, we also do not recommend using them. Find out an example of a good meaning of a nickname in the video from Polit Russia.

How to name a German Shepherd: variations of suitable nicknames for a dog

The German Shepherd is considered to be one of the most beautiful dog breeds. It is not surprising that there are so many admirers and lovers of these handsome men all over the world. If you are one of them and are already thinking about purchasing a puppy, then for sure the question of how to name a German shepherd will be relevant for you. We invite you to find out beautiful and suitable nicknames for dogs of girls and boys, German shepherds. We are sure that after our review you will definitely choose the right name for your pet.

Nicknames for strong boys

You have or will appear a German shepherd dog, then it’s time to find out what names you can pick up. Boys of this breed are incredibly brave, loyal and often ferocious. All belligerent and formidable names are suitable for them, especially if the dog is a service dog.


Letter Nicknames for boys (male)
BUT Antey, Air, Axel, Azart, Aramis, Altai, Diamond, Atlas, Ampere, Cupid, Arnie (Arnold).
B Bars, Baron, Dune, Buran, Basalt, Bard, Black, Boss, Bruno.
IN Jack, Wolf, Leader, Varyag, Knight, Volcano, Viking, Volt.
D Harold, Vulture, Gideon, Gilmore, Grant, Thunder, Goliath, Grim, Gray.
D Jared, Gene, Dzhulbars, Domenik, Dantes, Dinar, Dobrynya, Joker, Savage, Dick, Jack.
E Enisey, Elizar, Huntsman.
F Gerard, Jacques, Gesture.
Z Zador, Zach, Zeus.
AND Ikar, Ingus, Irtysh, Irbis.
TO Quint, Claude, Clark, Kazbek, Kaiser, Cardinal, Corsair, Kant, Consul, Colt, Chancellor.
L Lord, Locke, Fierce, Lars, Lucky.
M Tycoon, Milan, Muscat, Mars, Moor, Milord.
H Nord, Neman, Newton, Norman, Nick.
ABOUT Orestes, Oscar, Otis, Orion, Orpheus, Olympus, Otto.
P Perseus, Paladin, Partos, Pirate, Pierre, Pier.
R Renold, Rex, Ramses, Richard, RIO, Ricky, Ralph, Roger, Richard, Redmond.
FROM Set, Spartacus, Sultan, Suleiman.
T Typhoon, Topaz, Titan, Tigran, Tamir.
Have Hurricane, Urgan, Wizart.
F Fargus, Farhat, Flipper, Phobos, Falkor.
X Charon, Hart.
C Cicero, Tsimbal.
H Champion, Charlie, Chucky, Chengis.
Sh Sherlock, Sher Khan, Sheriff.
E Elhan, Elf, Esenhower
YU Yustan, Yulan.
I Jaguar, Ardent.

Quiz of values ​​”Write the name of the dog and its meaning”:

“Dear readers, we invite you to start an exciting quiz about the meanings of dog names. For example, Adele means noble, kind. We are waiting for interesting options from you! “

Ergonomic metal muzzle for all breeds of dogs


Professional equipment for dog training

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How to Find Your Dog’s Muzzle Size

Types of muzzles

The main materials from which this piece of ammunition is made are leather, metal, plastic. The following types of muzzles for shepherd dogs are presented on the pet accessories market:

  • Police officer training. It is used to train the German Shepherd in protective guard service. Features. durability and safety. Made of leather with metal inserts that provide reliable protection against animal attacks. The sufficient number of holes allows the dog to breathe freely. A special nose pad inside the item protects the animal from injury. The metal plates, located vertically on the front panel and on the sides (additional), help to maintain the shape of the muzzle, contribute to a secure fit. In case of aggressive behavior, the dog will not be able to remove it. The only drawback is the most expensive of all muzzles.
  • Leather mesh. Made of strips of leather or leatherette, fastened with metal rivets. Leather is a soft, pliable material, does not freeze or overheat, does not cause allergies. A popular type of muzzle at an affordable price. Putting it on your dog, you can be sure of its comfort and safety. The disadvantages include fragility, since the skin dries out and cracks when it gets wet, and the rivets rust. When choosing, you should carefully examine the item, pay attention to the quality of the material. Rivets should not contain traces of rust, nicks that can injure the dog.
  • Leather deaf. Securely fixes the mouth, closing it to the very eyes, there are ventilation holes. The straps for fixing on the back of the head and an additional one on the forehead prevent the dog from removing the muzzle. It is recommended to choose this type of muzzle for training, it can be used in any weather, it does not rub the animal’s face. Among the disadvantages is tight fixation, which does not allow the dog to breathe with an open mouth, therefore, it is not recommended to wear it for a long time in the hot season, air exchange may be disrupted, and the pet will receive heatstroke.
  • Metallic mesh. Provides the best air access for the pet, you can freely drink water and take food in it. Well suited for cases when the dog has to spend a long time in the muzzle. It is advisable to select an item for purchase equipped with special linings. This will prevent the metal from traumatizing the dog’s face. The disadvantage of this type of accessory is that the dog can accidentally injure people and other animals. Cannot be used for training, in rainy and cold weather.
  • Plastic. The lightest, it is very easy to train, easy to use and maintain. The basket design allows the animal to breathe freely. When worn for a long time, it can chafe the skin, is not strong enough, and it can crack on impact and low temperatures.

How to choose the right muzzle for your shepherd

With the advent of the dog in the house, you should take care of the appropriate ammunition for her.

  • easy;
  • durable;
  • convenient;
  • safe;
  • well ventilated.

The sizes are taken into account in accordance with the structure of the skull in a particular breed of dog. To choose the right muzzle for your German Shepherd, you need to measure:

  • circumference of the muzzle below the line of the mowing eyes;
  • length from the nose to the mowing line of the eyes;
  • the height of the muzzle from the chin to the nose (plus a few centimeters to account for the open mouth);
  • the girth of the neck directly behind the ears;
  • distance between the back of the head and eyes.

For adult German Shepherds, as a rule, the length is 10 cm, the circumference is 28 cm, the neck girth can be up to 64 cm. The correct size of the accessory ensures its comfortable use. After removing the muzzle, the pet’s skin must be carefully examined, the presence of traces from the belts indicates that the size of the item was chosen incorrectly.

Circumstances in which the muzzle must be worn:

  • Passing a general training course, protective guard service.
  • Treatment of injured dogs, performing manipulations accompanied by pain. Even a calm dog may show signs of aggression when in pain.
  • Walking in public places, transportation in transport.
  • The appearance of a new animal or a stranger in the house.
  • To prevent conflict situations between the owner and others, even if the owner is sure that the dog will not bite.
  • Adult dog, just brought into the house.
  • So that the pet does not pick up edible items from the ground, does not spoil property.

Muzzle training

From 5-6 months of age, an adult dog or puppy should be gradually accustomed to the muzzle. At first, the correctly chosen accessory can be worn for a few minutes, each time increasing the time the pet is in the muzzle. When trying to remove the muzzle, the animal is distracted with a favorite toy, a treat. You cannot use the item as a punishment. In order for the pet to quickly get used to the muzzle, you need to use such positive methods (play, walk).

The muzzle is a mandatory item of ammunition, therefore, its choice and the subsequent training of the animal must be taken with responsibility.

Best Muzzles For German Shepherds in 2020

How to feed your German Shepherd. the right diet

German shepherd nutrition should be taken very seriously, especially if you are the proud owner of a very small puppy. Only if the diet is correctly selected will your pet grow energetic and healthy, develop correctly and bring a minimum of problems.

German Shepherd puppy. the basis of the diet

In order for a small puppy to become a strong healthy dog, he needs proper nutrition from the very beginning of life. Like most newborn animals, a shepherd needs breast milk from birth, so when choosing a pet, you should give preference to those who have already lost the habit of the nurse. If you get a dog while you are still very small, you will have to feed it yourself. In this case, feeding a German shepherd puppy should be done according to the following principles:

  • The first fourteen days of a puppy’s life, it is necessary to feed it only with milk using a baby bottle, a syringe without a needle or pipette, quite often, but in small portions. Milk should be given warmed up to 27-30 degrees, goat, cow or sheep will do. The daily amount of food should be 2/3 cup. It is important that feedings take place at the same time at regular intervals.
  • After your puppy is two weeks old, start gradually increasing the portions, while reducing the number of meals to six. The daily volume of food must be brought to two glasses over time.
  • In a month, the pet’s diet is enriched with meat, cereals, cottage cheese, soups and vegetable purees.
  • From two months to four, the shepherd should eat five times a day, the daily food intake is 3-3.5 glasses. From four months, the number of meals is reduced to four, its daily volume increases to a liter. After six months, the dog should eat three times a day, the food rate is up to 1.5 liters. In the year, the shepherd is transferred to two meals a day.

With regard to what to feed a German shepherd puppy, there can be two options. traditional, natural food or ready-made (dry, canned food). Each of these options has its own merits. If you take ready-made food, you will no longer need to think over the menu and waste time on cooking. However, such feeds are not always balanced, especially when it comes to cheap ones. In terms of quality, they can meet the needs of the dog, however, their cost is quite high.

When feeding your pet natural food, you will know exactly what it is eating. In addition, real meat cannot be replaced by any, even the highest quality feed. The main disadvantage of this type of food is the time required.

The owner of the shepherd dog must carefully ensure that his pet receives all the necessary substances with food. Protein should occupy about thirty percent of the daily value. A dog needs about 16 grams of fat per kilogram of live weight, and 2.5 grams of fat.

It is important to monitor the amount of calcium in the diet of a shepherd dog. Since its excess in this particular breed can cause pathologies in development. For this reason, puppies should not be given vitamins that contain calcium. An excess of vitamins A and D is also undesirable.

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Main products for a shepherd puppy:

  • Meat. You can give a puppy almost all types of meat. pork (but not fatty), poultry, beef, horse meat. To better digest the meat, it is better to divide its daily allowance into parts and give them at different meals. It is better to give poultry to puppies under two months of age only boiled. From four months, it is allowed to include offal in the menu. All their types, except for the liver, can be given raw, while it is desirable to grind them, so they will be absorbed much better. Raw bones are allowed to be offered to dogs from one and a half months. However, they must be large enough that the puppy cannot chew them.
  • A fish. You can enter this product from four months. It is allowed to offer it no more than a couple of times a week. On the days when you give your pet fish, meat should be discarded. It is best to use marine fish species, river fish can also be given, but only in boiled form.
  • Eggs. They are allowed every three to four days and only boiled. Milk products. For shepherd dogs of any age, cottage cheese, homemade yogurt, fermented baked milk, kefir are perfect.
  • Porridge. They can be cooked with milk or water. Rice, millet, oatmeal, oatmeal and buckwheat porridge are considered the most useful, but it is better to refuse semolina. it often leads to intestinal blockages.
  • Vegetables and fruits. You can start giving them from one and a half months in any form. The most suitable are carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, cabbage, beets. Fruit can be offered as a delicacy, no more than three times a week and in small quantities. It is recommended to add very little vegetable oil to vegetables, especially carrots; before serving, it is advisable to finely chop or grate them.

Additionally, the puppy needs to be given mineral supplements, as well as vitamins.

How to feed an adult shepherd

The diet of shepherd dogs must be closely monitored. It practically does not differ from the diet of an adult puppy, which was described above. The German Shepherd should be fed twice a day. Such a meal schedule is necessary to facilitate the digestion and digestion of food.

You can feed the shepherd dog both natural food and feed. Both of these methods are good in their own way. Which one to choose, the owner must decide on his own based on the presence or absence of free time, financial capabilities and, of course, the preferences of the pet.

Those who are determined to feed the dog food as the main food should know that only super premium and premium food can provide the dog with the maximum amount of all the necessary substances. At the moment, there are many types of such products, even designed specifically for shepherd dogs.

It is important to remember that shepherd dogs that eat food need more water than those that eat natural food. Therefore, make sure that the bowl of such a dog is always filled with water. If you decide to transfer your pet to regular food or, conversely, from natural food to dry food, this must be done smoothly (the transition should take at least a week).

For those who are concerned about how to feed a German shepherd with natural food, we can advise you to do it according to the following scheme:

  • 1/3 of the daily food volume is meat. You can give it fresh, scalded or boiled. It can be replaced with fish once a week.
  • 1/3 of the daily amount of food. dairy products and vegetables. Whole milk often causes diarrhea in adult shepherd dogs. If your pet also reacts negatively to it, it is better to exclude this product.
  • 1/3 of the daily amount of food. porridge. First of all, you should pay attention to buckwheat, millet and rice.


This muzzle-loop reliably fixes the jaw of a shepherd dog in a closed form. Made of fabric or leather and secured with two straps at the back of the head.

Advantages: due to its lightness and ease of putting on, it is indispensable when walking in crowded places.

Disadvantages: wears out quickly.

Varieties of accessory

Many people prefer practical and comfortable fabric muzzles. In addition to this type, there are other types:

  • soft nylon;
  • mesh metal;
  • deaf leather;
  • Leather baskets;
  • plastic;
  • loops or bridles;
  • police training.

Consider in detail the pros and cons of these types of muzzles.


This muzzle is very convenient for frequent and strenuous workouts due to its lightness. It is designed in the shape of a basket and allows the German Shepherd to breathe freely.

Advantages: it is used in all weather conditions, it is good to swim in it. Through this product, the pet will not be able to bite anyone. Such a muzzle is easy to care for. It only needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Disadvantages: May crack from sudden impact or low temperatures. Rubs over leather when worn for too long.

Mesh metal

This species is one of the most suitable muzzles for the German Shepherd. It is made in the form of a lattice that completely covers the mouth to the very eyes, but allows the muzzle to be free inside. In some types of this accessory there is a lining that prevents the metal from rubbing the skin of the animal.

Advantages: in addition to being durable and does not require daily maintenance, another huge plus is that it is suitable for hot weather, since the dog breathes freely in it. And the grill protects against possible pet bites.

Disadvantages: Due to certain weather conditions (frost, rain) it cannot be used. Also, be prepared for all kinds of bruises and bruises. an accidental blow with a metal muzzle is extremely painful. If a lining is attached to the grill, then due to the accumulation of moisture, diaper rash on the dog’s skin may appear.

Deaf leather

With this muzzle, you can easily replace the metal one. It is made according to the same principle. it covers the entire mouth to the very eyes, securely fixing itself with a strap on the back of the head and an additional strap on the forehead. This is a great training option. Many models have ventilation holes for the convenience of the animal.

Advantages: applicable in any weather, without rubbing the shepherd’s face. In it, the dog will not pick up anything from the ground. In this muzzle, the pet does not bite anyone or injure anyone with an accidental blow.

Disadvantages: Too dense surface makes breathing difficult, preventing the German Shepherd from breathing with its tongue sticking out. It shouldn’t be worn on long hikes or in too hot weather.

We teach the dog to a new thing

After you put on the collar on the shepherd dog and fastened the leash, you should use the command “Sit” to sit it near the left leg and put on the muzzle. Watch closely the behavior of the dog, if she is unhappy and tries to pull off a new thing, give the order “Fu”. Make your pet sit like this for at least 15. 20 seconds, then praise him and cheer him up with stroking. Gradually increase the time to a minute, with a calm reaction, say the command “Near” and go outside. Whenever you try to dispose of a new accessory, stop immediately and issue a prohibiting order.

The German Shepherd just loves to walk, so she will not only quickly get used to the muzzle, but she will also start to get into it with pleasure, if only you would go for a walk with her.

German Shepherd muzzle

Have you already taken the first walks with your pet? So, you know that you just need to put on a collar and leash for your German Shepherd before the hike. But do not forget about a very important attribute for walking, especially for such a large breed. the muzzle.

Many believe that this need is not justified, for each owner his beloved dog is the kindest, but this is not so. In this article, we will tell you why you need a muzzle and which type is best for your dog in any given case of her life.