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How to get rid of a ferret at home

Scare away

It is not necessary to catch the predator, it is enough to simply drive it away from the site. There are several options for how to permanently scare an animal away from your yard.

Getting rid of the wild ferret in the chicken coop

Many poultry farmers know firsthand about such a problem as rodents or predators in the chicken coop, which cause enormous damage to the farm. Getting rid of them can be difficult at times.

This article will consider effective ways to expel one of the representatives of the predatory fraternity, the ferret, from the poultry house.

About ferrets

Before you start fighting a pest, let’s get to know him better. The ferret is a carnivorous mammal that belongs to the weasel family. It is an animal with a long body (about half a meter) and a tail up to 20 cm long. It has disproportionately short limbs, so the body looks squat. The head is oval, elongated. The muzzle is blunted with a characteristic pattern in the form of a dark-colored mask. The body is covered with thick fur of various colors. from light beige to dark brown (albinos also exist). Especially thick and fluffy hair. on the tail.

The animal is very active, nimble, dexterous. Easily moves through trees, digs deep holes, swims well, can crawl into very narrow cracks.

The animal has a unique ability for a wild animal. it is absolutely not afraid of humans. Therefore, for several millennia, it has even been kept as a pet. He is smart, can learn various tricks, does not take up much space. In general, the ferret is a pretty cute and cute creature, but for poultry farmers it can be a real punishment. Settling in the vicinity of human dwellings, he attacks domestic birds (especially merciless to chickens), eats eggs, sometimes leaving a completely ruined chicken coop. His visits take place at night. In one visit to the poultry house, he is able to destroy up to 15 birds.

Live trap

The livestock can be purchased or made with your own hands. This will require a box or box slightly larger than the animal, equipped with a self-closing door. A bait is placed inside it. a part of a bloody chicken carcass. The door should be adjusted so that it falls down when the predator enters the trap.

There are many detailed schemes for making a trap for live bait. For example, you can see the version of its manufacture in the video.

live trap for ferret, mink, weasel


The ferret is quite difficult to catch alone, because it is very dexterous, smart and careful, moreover, it has sharp teeth and claws, which can harm a person. However, one way to deal with it is by fishing “hot”. You will have to guard at night and when the ferret appears, catch it by hand, after putting on an old coat or other heavy cloth and protecting your hands with gloves.

It is necessary to prepare a cage in advance, in which the caught animal is placed. What to do with it next is up to you. You can try to tame it and keep it in a cage like a pet, or deal with it in another way, the most humane of which is to take the animal out a few kilometers from your place of residence. This method is not very reliable, since it will not be very easy to cope with a dexterous animal. In addition, you can run into scratches and bites. The safer methods for you are traps and live traps.


You can remove the smell by boiling the trap in water with the addition of spruce needles for 30 minutes, or by smearing it with chicken droppings. In the future, the trap can only be taken with thick gloves.

Also, traps can be placed in the hen house in the evening, covering them with bird feathers. Or place them around the lure in the form of a chicken carcass. Traps will need to be cleaned in the morning so that birds do not accidentally hurt themselves. You can also try to find a predator’s hole and set a trap near it.


  • ultrasonic;
  • light and sound.

Ultrasonic devices affect animals by emitting low-frequency sounds that are unpleasant to the hearing of a predator. As a result, he does not come close to the place where the source of discomfort is installed.

For example, one of these devices is the Fox. This is a small device with dimensions 74x118x22 mm. In addition to generating high-frequency ultrasound, it also flashes a bright red light. Safe for humans and pets (except for hamsters). Due to the fact that the frequencies of ultrasound are constantly changing, pests do not become addicted to it. Repeller “Fox” In addition to ferrets, it also acts on rats, mice, moles. “Lis” can operate from an outlet or batteries. Installed on a vertical surface or attached to a wall.

You can use other devices of the same principle of operation: PR-4, Tornado, Typhoon LS 800, WK-600, CHISTON-4 BIOSTRAZH, Grad A, Greenmill. They differ in design and range.

The principle of operation of light and sound scarers consists in blinking and sound noise when an animal approaches. They are equipped with a motion sensor. The device starts working at the moment when a warm-blooded creature enters its range. the infrared sensor is triggered. After that, the device begins to generate sound and light that can scare the animal away. Powered by mains and batteries. Has a compact size. Such a repeller can also include an ultrasound generator. For example, as a device “Tornado-1200”. Repeller “Tornado-1200” It is designed for a range of 1.2 thousand square meters. m.When a ferret hears ultrasound and simultaneously sees flashing lights and loud sounds, he experiences anxiety, and sometimes pain, so he tries to escape from this territory.

This model of the repeller can be installed on the wall or suspended from the ceiling. It comes with a remote control, thanks to which the device can be controlled within a radius of 6 m.

How to get rid of a ferret

There are several ways to combat predators. You can catch them, scare them away, use traps, folk remedies, special deterrent devices. We propose to consider each of the methods in detail, having understood their advantages and disadvantages.

Drinking plenty of fluids

Try to drink as much liquid as possible in order not to “break the cough”.

If you do not have special tinctures, herbs and honey, it doesn’t matter. Even regular tea will help keep the mucus thin and prevent dry coughs.

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Black pepper with honey

Pepper stimulates blood circulation and improves mucus drainage, therefore it is considered the best way to get rid of coughs, especially wet ones.

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Take a teaspoon of freshly ground pepper, two tablespoons of honey and pour boiling water over it. Let the medicine sit for 10 minutes, strain and drink a couple of sips before bed.

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Herbal infusions

To treat cough at home, you can use a pharmacy chest collection or prepare it yourself.

Medicinal herbs for cough: yarrow, mint, coltsfoot, plantain, chamomile, linden, clover, mallow, flax seeds, oregano, wild rosemary, valerian, motherwort, chamomile, fireweed, lungwort, sage, elderberry, dill, pine buds etc.

To prepare an antitussive infusion from these herbs, it is enough to take any three dried plants in equal proportions, pour boiling water over and let it brew for 15-20 minutes.

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Propolis is a bee “glue” produced by insects for a variety of purposes, from disinfection to street finishing.

TIPS/TRICKS. How to Reduce Ferret SMELL | Ferret Care

Propolis has antibacterial, antimicrobial, immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory properties. All of them will be needed to treat cough at home.

Add a few drops of propolis to warm milk or water and drink before bed. If you do not want to take propolis inside, you can triple the steam bath and breathe in its vapors, covered with a towel.

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Home remedies for cough

Do not rush to take cough medicines, the effectiveness of most of them has not been proven, but the list of side effects is decent. In addition, it is not recommended to give pills and cough syrups to children under six years old, and from 6 to 12. only after a doctor’s examination. And then the good old non-drug remedies come to the rescue.


Licorice promotes sputum discharge and quickly softens mucous membranes.

To prepare the broth, it is enough to grind dry licorice roots (10 g) and pour boiling water over them (0.5 l). Cover and let it brew for about an hour. Take half a glass three times a day.

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Thyme and thyme tea

In Germany, thyme is officially approved for the treatment of coughs, upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis and whooping cough.

Most Common Mistakes New Ferret Owners Make

Tea with this plant helps to relax the trachea and reduce inflammation. You can also make thyme and thyme tea by steaming a handful of dried thyme leaves and two teaspoons of chopped thyme leaves in a glass of boiled water. Just let the drink steep for 5-10 minutes, strain and drink with lemon like regular tea.

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Mustard plaster

Not sure how to cure a cough quickly at home? Apply a mustard compress to the bronchi.

You can use pharmacy mustard plasters, or prepare them yourself. To do this, mustard (1 teaspoon) must be diluted in hot water (180 ml) and moisten a linen towel in the resulting mixture. But do not immediately apply a compress, it can burn the skin. First you need to lay a dry napkin or cloth on your chest, and only then put a mustard plaster. After 2-3 minutes, the procedure must be completed.

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  • Afobazol
  • Ambroxol
  • Amoxil
  • Bifren
  • Detralex
  • Gidazepam
  • Glycised
  • Chlorhexidine
  • Clotrimazole
  • Levomekol
  • Loratadin
  • Mucaltin
  • No-shpa
  • Nurofen
  • Omez
  • Pancreatin
  • Suprastin
  • Ceftriaxone
  • Urolesan®
  • Viagra

Acne masks

You will need: one glass of kefir, a glass of oatmeal, a little lemon.

Preparation: Mix kefir and oatmeal, previously crushed in a blender, add a drop of lemon, apply the resulting mass on your face for 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure daily for a month.

You will need: two teaspoons of quality honey, one yolk, lemon (a couple of drops). Preparation: mix everything, apply for 10 minutes. Three to five procedures are enough.

You will need: a bar of laundry soap, one teaspoon of fine salt. Preparation: grate the soap and beat until lather with a little water. Mix the resulting foam (one tablespoon) with salt and apply for 30 minutes, then rinse. Perform the procedure three times a week for a month.

Ways to Get Rid of Acne

How to get rid of acne at home?

Acne is a serious problem that can be encountered at any age. over, it delivers not only physical discomfort (this is soreness, and sometimes bleeding), but also psychological: because of acne, many face difficulties in communication, lose self-confidence, become “hostages” of emerging complexes. Today we will tell you how to get rid of acne at home.

Specialists from various fields of medicine argue that there is no single answer to the question of the causes of acne. But the method of treatment will depend on the cause of the unpleasant phenomenon.

If you have a pimple or inflammation has covered the entire face, this may mean that:

You are eating poorly and / or have gastrointestinal problems. Overuse of fast food, fried foods, and overeating in general cause skin problems. In addition, acne is a reason to visit a gastroenterologist, since rashes may indicate the presence of an ulcer, gastritis, cholecystitis.

Visit a doctor, get tested, revise the diet: eat more vegetables and fruits, but less flour, fast food and semi-finished products, if possible, refuse “heavy” food. mayonnaise (including dressings based on it and sauces), smoked meats, sausages, potatoes fries and so on.

You are not taking good care of your skin. The use of creams that are not suitable for the skin type, improper cleansing, and the abuse of cosmetics can all lead to breakouts. Even shaving gels can cause acne in men.

Cleanse your face twice a day: morning and evening. Do not be lazy to wash off your makeup before bed! Visit a beautician to determine your skin type and find the right skin care products.

ferret, home

If you have acne, do not cleanse your face at home. This only injures the skin and increases the inflammation. For the same reason, it is undesirable to use face scrubs.

You have a hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance is one of the most common causes of acne in adolescence and in adults. Women may suffer from acne during menstruation, after pregnancy, or at other times when hormonal imbalances occur.

Visit an endocrinologist and gynecologist, undergo tests for the level of hormones in the blood. Please note that hormonal imbalance can lead to serious health problems. for example, to polycystic ovary disease and mastopathy in women, so you should not postpone the issue.

As you can see, often the appearance of acne depends on health problems. But in order to find out the exact reason, it is better to consult a dermatologist, who will most likely send you for tests or an appointment with other specialists.

However, sometimes the problem can be solved more easily using proven home remedies.

Acne tinctures

Acne tinctures can be used as lotions: wipe problem skin with them twice a day.

  • One of the most effective folk remedies for acne is chamomile infusion. Pour a teaspoon of chamomile with a glass of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes and strain.
  • Another remedy known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties is aloe juice. For the lotion, you can use pure (freshly squeezed) juice or diluted (with water or, for example, potato juice at a rate of two to one).

Folk remedies for acne

Getting rid of acne is half the battle, because after they disappear, deep scars and pits can remain on the skin. post-acne. It is believed that folk remedies help from the marks after acne:

  • Applying sandalwood paste is considered one of the most effective ways to get rid of acne marks. To make it, you need sandalwood powder, which you need to soak in water (you can also use rose water or milk) overnight. The paste is applied to problem areas and washed off after it dries (after 10-15 minutes);
  • Lemon juice is also good for getting rid of scars. just rub lemon into problem areas. However, it is quite aggressive and should be used with caution in its pure form if you have thin, sensitive skin;
  • Pour the parsley broth into molds and freeze, and then wipe your face with it for two to three months daily. To prepare the broth itself, pour finely chopped parsley with a glass of boiling water and leave for 30 minutes.
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How to get rid of a ferret at home? Effective methods

Unfortunately, many poultry house owners have faced the problem of a devastated chicken coop at least once in their lives. The signs are the same: sucked blood, severed heads and gnawed paws. This is a ferret’s job. At first glance, this is a funny animal with a cute and pretty face. But behind this mask is a dangerous predator. He considers it a matter of honor to destroy all the birds in the area.

At the first signs of the appearance of this animal, you must immediately begin to fight it. By taking all the appropriate measures, you can prevent further casualties. So how do you get rid of a ferret? Poultry farmers offer many options for dealing with this animal. They use both homemade traps and hunting traps. In addition, there are many other methods of dealing with this predator.

Ferret signs

This predator is active at night. You can catch him red-handed only early in the morning or at night. The behavior of the bird, if it survived, can indicate the presence of an outsider in the chicken coop. If, when you enter the hen house, the birds do not leave their roosts, then you can be sure that a guest came to them at night. Therefore, immediately you need to think about taking some measures to protect your pets.

Having made his way into the hen house and killing at least one hen, the ferret considers the entire nursery to be his property. From that moment on, all living creatures are considered a strategic reserve for the animal for the future. Of course, you can replace the killed bird, but other birds are in great danger. Therefore, everything must be done in order to decide how to get rid of the ferret forever. After all, this thief will definitely find a way to cope with the new livestock of poultry.

What to do next?

How to get rid of a ferret in a chicken coop if it has already been caught? As soon as the thief got into the cage, his fate directly depends on the will of the farmer. But remember that when frightened, a rather unpleasant smell comes from the animal. The stench is exuded by the anal glands of the animal. How to get rid of the ferret smell in this case? It is necessary to wash your hands well with soap, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the water. Fortunately, this strong unpleasant smell disappears quickly.

When choosing what to do next with the animal, remember that the animal acts according to its nature. There is no malicious intent in the ferret’s deed. Therefore, before harming an animal in a fit of rage, you should think carefully about your act.

How to get rid of a ferret in a chicken coop? You can try to tame the ferret. You can keep it like a pet in a cage. But many people prefer to use a more humane method. the animal simply needs to be taken out a few kilometers from your place of residence.

This method of catching the animal is not very reliable, because it is quite difficult to cope with a dexterous ferret on your own. In addition, you can be scratched and bitten. Therefore, it is better to resort to a safer method using a live trap or trap.

Pets can help too

How to get rid of ferrets in the country? Pets. cats and dogs. can help you with this. Directly at the entrance to the barn, you can place a booth with a dog. The dog can also be tied up in the vicinity of the ferret burrow. But remember that in this case, you cannot use poison in the fight against a predator. After all, it can be quite dangerous for your pet. It is rare when a dog can catch a cunning ferret, but it is quite capable of scaring him with its presence or smell. In addition, you can understand that uninvited guests come to your barn at night. The cat will also help scare off the ferret. It can be launched into a chicken coop. But remember that your pet can be hurt by the sharp teeth of the ferret.

How to get rid of a ferret in a chicken coop?

The ferret is nocturnal, so you can try to watch for it at this time of day. But this animal is quite agile and dexterous. It is almost impossible to catch it alone. In addition, you should worry not only about the safety of the bird, but also about your own. After all, defending itself, this predator can attack a person.

Want to catch a ferret yourself? Then you need to act according to the following scheme:

  • Seeing a ferret, a heavy raincoat or coat is thrown over it.
  • The animal is quickly wrapped in a cloth and placed in a pre-prepared cage.

It is necessary to get the animal out of the cage with thick gloves so that it does not bite through the tissue and human skin. The predator needs to be held tight. If a dexterous predator has bitten you, you need to pinch the animal’s nose, while a small wooden stick is inserted between the teeth. By scrolling it, you can unclench the ferret‘s jaw, freeing your hand.


  • light and sound;
  • ultrasonic.

Light and sound scarers create sound noise when an animal approaches and flash. They are equipped with motion sensors. The operation of the device begins at the moment when a warm-blooded creature appears within its range of action. At the same time, the infrared sensor immediately triggers, which provokes the generation of light and sound, which scare away the predator.

The device is compact in size, it can work both from batteries and from the mains. Some models may also include an ultrasound generator. Ultrasonic devices emit low-frequency sounds that scare away animals. Therefore, the predator will not come close to the place where the device is installed. In addition to ferrets, this device works on mice, rats and moles. There is a wide variety of models. Such a device is safe for pets (except for hamsters and decorative rats) and people. It works both from batteries and from the mains.

Catch trap

Many people don’t know how to get rid of a ferret at home. Experienced farmers recommend using traps. This method is effective and has been repeatedly tested in practice. At the first alarm bells, it is necessary to place the hunting traps correctly. But remember that a small, nimble predator is quite cautious. In addition, he has a good sense of smell. Therefore, the trap must be treated with a special solution that will well erase the smell of human presence.

  • manure;
  • slaked lime;
  • dried lizard skin;
  • can be boiled in spruce needles.
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After processing the trap, it can only be handled with gloves. Before setting the trap, it is necessary to survey the area well. If the animal settled in a hole next to the poultry house, the trap must be placed at the entrance to the tunnel. The trap can be camouflaged with a bunch of bird feathers. This inquisitive predator will definitely want to explore such a place.

The use of homemade products

If you follow all the rules when making homemade products, then they will protect the chicken coop as well as the original devices. There are two options for homemade traps:

  • To make a homemade trap, you need a box or cage. A bait must be placed inside this object, you can use a piece of fresh meat as it. In this case, the door needs to be configured; when the animal gets inside, it should immediately close. After catching the animal, we get rid of it immediately, it is better to take it far into the forest and release it;
  • You can use a regular metal bucket as a trap. The bait is placed at the bottom of the bucket. a dead chicken carcass. Traps are placed around the perimeter. Even if somehow the ferret manages to bypass all the traps and get into the bucket, anyway, when pulling out the prey, it will back up and fall into a trap.

If you are setting up a protective trap and bait, be careful not to be caught by your favorite pets. It is best to keep a close eye on them, not to let them into the territory with these devices.

How to get rid of a ferret in a chicken coop

It is difficult to discourage a ferret from getting food all the time. Any measures you take to combat it, the predator will perceive as obstacles, and easily overcome them.

Important! In ferret physiology, the most important organs are the organs of hearing and smell. They compensate for his poor eyesight. The following precautions can be applied:

  • remove garbage from the yard (boards, boxes);
  • repair the chicken coop;
  • get a dog;
  • firmly close all loopholes in the house at night.

But what if preventive measures have proven ineffective? In this case, there is only one way out. you need to fight the beast in order to protect your livestock. Here’s how to get your ferret out of your chicken coop.

Folk ways of fighting

Important! Popular measures to combat ferrets, martens, weasels are sometimes used by the owners of a small farm, but there is no official confirmation of the effectiveness of such protection.

It is recommended to grease the surface of the walls of the building with tar. The substance should scare away the predator, but not all animals are afraid of the tar smell. If the foundation of the building is not sufficiently strengthened, the ferret will dig a tunnel, bypassing the area with tar.

There is an opinion that the smell of a goat’s skin drives away the ferret. The smell of the goat is said to be intimidating to all members of the weasel family. It is difficult to get rid of the animal in this way. The method is more correctly attributed to preventive measures in a well-insulated poultry house.

The folk way is to catch an animal with a strictly heavy coat or jacket. Special dexterity is required of a person. The animal must be quickly covered and wrapped in a coat. The ferret should be pulled out by the withers, after putting on gloves and mittens.

It is unacceptable to involve children in the case. Catching a ferret with a jacket or coat is dangerous. it is undesirable to arrange it. A wild animal carries many diseases, so it is advisable not to allow contact.

How to catch a ferret, weasel or marten and get rid of a predator in a chicken coop

Catching a ferret in a chicken coop is the primary task that poultry farmers face if a predator is in their household. The fact that hunting is a natural instinct is a weak consolation: an urgent need to get rid of the animal. There are several ways to deal with ferrets, martens and weasels that have chosen the poultry house.

Each farmer chooses the most convenient option. It is in vain to hope that the ferret will leave on its own: having visited the chicken coop once, the predator will never forget the road there.

With a trap

In order to catch a ferret in a trap, you need to place a bait in it: it can be feathers or a chicken previously strangled by the animal. An effective way is not placing the carcass in a trap, but hanging it over the trap, which will disperse the predator. Thus, he will quickly fall into the trap.

It should be said here that the trap should not have a human smell. Having sensed it, the predator will not climb into the trap. There are several methods to eliminate odor:

  • grease the trap with lime;
  • rub with a solution of boiled spruce;
  • manure.

Move the trap while wearing heavy-duty gloves.

Important! Special attention should be paid to the placement of traps if you have pets, as they can also become interested in the bait and fall into the trap.

How to avoid the appearance?

Getting your ferret into the house can be made as difficult as possible. To do this, first, a concrete floor is poured, since the main way of penetration of a predator is by digging. You can also make a wooden floor, but sheathe it with sheets of material that the ferret cannot gnaw through. You need to check for gaps in the walls, near the floor, as well as between the roof and walls.

The ventilation holes are covered with a mesh, and the reliability of the roof is also checked. If the owners do not have the opportunity to make a strong floor, then the poultry house is fenced with a fine mesh, burying it half a meter into the ground. It is worth keeping an eye on the cleanliness of the entire site. landfills of construction and organic waste attract the animal, and he will gladly settle nearby.

Is it possible to catch and tame the beast?

The ferret is an intelligent and cunning animal that, over time, lends itself to training, he is able to perform various tricks. At first, the animal must be kept in a cage, and then it can be released freely. Among other things, a domesticated ferret can scare away its wild brethren.

ferret, home

How to get rid of a ferret

How to get rid of an uninvited guest? First of all, ferrets are very cunning and cautious animals. In view of what, to catch it, you need to make a lot of effort.

Important: It is much easier to prevent a night thief from visiting. For this, it is recommended to build poultry houses on piles.

To begin with, you need to competently think over the location of the chicken coop, and it is advisable to fence its territory with a mesh with a small mesh. Dig it into the ground at least 50 cm. Then start finishing work on the pen itself. Reinforce the walls from below with sheets of metal to prevent the ferret from entering the house.

In the event that the thief found the entrance to the nursery, you will need to take drastic measures.