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How to identify a false pregnancy in a dog

First pregnancy

This is an especially difficult test for a young dog. The first pregnancy may last longer than subsequent pregnancies and may be more difficult.

The owner of a young bitch should not rely on “nature”, since domesticated animals are not at all the same as in natural conditions. And not everyone survives in the forest, but only the healthiest and strongest.

Therefore, you need to plan your first pregnancy for three to four months.

During this time, the animal must have well-developed muscles, drive off excess fat, carefully select a diet, make all vaccinations and destroy fleas and worms in time.

After the first birth, the dog may behave too restlessly: jump up, run around the room or the enclosure, as if “not knowing” what to do with the puppies. The owner does not need to worry, it will go away in 7-10 days. It is necessary to put the dog to the puppies and make sure that it does not accidentally injure the kids.

The anxiety of a dog who has given birth for the first time is often associated with the fact that she has a lot of milk, and too small puppies are not able to suck it all off. When they get stronger the dog will calm down.

How long does pregnancy last in dogs??

Normal pregnancy in dogs lasts 60-62 days. However, viable puppies can be born earlier. from day 58, or later. up to 72 days. This may be due to the individual characteristics of the bitch’s body.

The cause of premature birth before the 58th day may be trauma, latent disease, poor readiness of the bitch for pregnancy: exhaustion, excessive obesity, too young or too old organism.

If the bitch has not given birth on her own before 72 days, then she will need prompt help (caesarean section).

Dog pregnancy: everything an owner needs to know

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Pregnancy of a dog is the period of development of a fertilized egg in a future puppy, up to the moment of his birth. For the animal’s body, this is always stress and during this period chronic diseases may worsen or new health problems arise.

The load on the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys increases.

False pregnancy in dogs: symptoms and treatment

This is a syndrome of physiological and mental disorders in the female’s body, which are caused by abnormalities in the activity of the gonads.

Outwardly, a false pregnancy is very similar to a normal one: the pigmentation of the mammary glands changes, the belly grows, and colostrum appears. However, in reality, there is no pregnancy.

The only sign by which an inexperienced dog breeder can distinguish a false pregnancy is the absence of fetal movement in the dog’s belly. Experienced cinematographers also notice the bitch’s excessive agitation. She’s going crazy. With special enthusiasm, he builds a “nest” for himself, with special care takes care of pseudo-puppies: soft toys, etc.

She goes to the street reluctantly, and upon her return she immediately rushes to look after her “puppies”.

With such manifestations of motherhood, you must contact your veterinarian. However, the owner can also hasten the end of the imaginary pregnancy. To do this, you cannot express milk from the mammary glands, you need to exclude dairy products from the diet, more often distract the bitch from her “maternal concerns”, give sedatives.

You can read more about this in the article: False puppies in dogs.

Dog pregnancy by day: signs and symptoms

How to tell if a dog is pregnant? The signs of pregnancy depend on the length of time. So until the third week, practically no changes are noticeable, except, perhaps, drowsiness and apathy.

How to Identify a False Pregnancy in Dogs 2020 ! Dog Health Tips

  • By 25-30 days in the area of ​​the mammary glands, the skin swells and the glands themselves become clearly visible or pink in dogs with light skin. Behind the ribs, there may be a noticeable increase in the abdomen.
  • With the help of ultrasound, pregnancy is diagnosed from 21-24 days. It is already possible to see amniotic bubbles with embryos on the screen of the ultrasound machine.
  • Signs of pregnancy become apparent after the 29th day. The mammary glands are greatly enlarged, and 7-10 days before childbirth, experienced mothers have milk. Only a dog with a first pregnancy can produce milk during childbirth or a few hours before.
  • From the 33rd day, the weight of the expectant mother begins to increase dramatically.
  • At the 6-7th week of pregnancy (between 38-45 days), individual fetuses are probed in the uterus, the ribs and bones of the skull of the embryos are different. During this period, using X-rays, you can accurately determine the number of puppies. This is especially important for large litters.

Termination of pregnancy in a dog

As for the consequences of unplanned mating and the possibility of abortion, veterinarians in this matter are divided into two camps. Some believe that it is better to get rid of unnecessary puppies, others that for a bitch a healthier process is childbirth, and not termination of pregnancy.

For interruption, the drug Mesalin is used. It is an estrogenic drug or a steroid hormone with an active substance. estradiol benzoate. It is injected intramuscularly on the 3rd and 5th day after mating, and if the mating time is unknown, then also on the 7th day.

Contraindications for this drug have not been established officially, but it has long been noted that after its use, inflammation of the uterus, bleeding, frozen pregnancies, prolongation of estrus duration, various hormonal disruptions are possible.

Therefore, many veterinarians still advise giving birth to a dog, and placing puppies in good hands.

How to test your dog for pregnancy

It is enough to go to a modern veterinary clinic, where the doctor will take the dog’s blood for analysis.

The study will be carried out to identify the hormone relaxin in the blood. With its high rates, you will know for sure that the dog is pregnant.

This test is best done 3-4 weeks after mating. Experts say that it is at this time that you can get a 100% result.

How to care for a pregnant dog

  • If you deliberately tied the dogs, the bitch needs to provide proper conditions in advance. At the first signs of pregnancy, it is recommended to gradually rebuild the diet. Set aside a large, cozy place for your pet. In the future, the pet should not feel cramped and discomfort.
  • You can increase the habitat of the animal. Pregnant dogs can be too picky about bedding. The pet can keep within a long time. Provide the bitch with a soft pillow or blanket. Do not force your dog to eat those foods that he began to refuse. Otherwise, the animal may develop allergies or dysbiosis.
  • In the early stages of pregnancy, the dog must be provided with a complex of essential vitamins and minerals. The composition should contain magnesium, calcium and ascorbic acid. Such products can be produced as a pet treat or as a dietary supplement.
  • If the dog wants to spend more time outdoors, do not limit it in this. You will have to indulge almost all the whims of your pet. Fresh air and pleasant sunshine are essential for the animal. Thus, in the body, the correct synthesis of enzymes occurs.
  • When going out for a walk, visit calm places. The bitch needs silence, nothing should disturb her. Do not allow your dog to lie on a cold surface for a long time. If you take your pet with you everywhere and often drive a car, such actions should be reduced. The dog may be seasick.
  • It is important to protect the animal from active play with children and other dogs. Pay special attention to your pet, if possible, avoid stairs and similar dangerous surfaces. It is recommended to find a veterinarian in advance who will monitor the pregnancy and deliver on time. You should immediately consult a doctor if something happens.
  • If you have a small breed pet, pregnancy should be closely supervised. Many small dogs cannot cope with childbirth on their own, so surgery is inevitable. Don’t worry, this is a common practice for specialists. After that, it is important to monitor the condition of the animal.
  • During pregnancy, the animal most often exacerbates diseases, the risk of contracting ailments increases. Consider all kinds of chronic deviations. Take good care of your dog and give it due consideration.
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How long does pregnancy last in dogs?

If we take the average value, the dog carries puppies in the womb for about 60-65 days. Conventionally, pregnancy lasts 2 months. There are some deviations that depend directly on the breed, lifestyle and nutrition of the animal. Sometimes pregnancy lasts up to 71 days. Each organism has individual characteristics.

Common signs of pregnancy in a dog

  • A month after mating the animals, it becomes clear in what position the dog is. After this period, the pet’s hormonal background returns to its previous course. The bitch’s behavior becomes what it was. After 5 weeks of gestation, puppies begin to grow actively. The dog’s belly is noticeably rounded.
  • A pet can often toss and turn in a dream or for a long time to fit in its place. Currently, according to experts, a dog can determine the normal course of bearing puppies. The pet must have an excellent appetite. In this case, it is important to plan a hearty and balanced diet. If all is well, the bitch will eat for three.
  • It is important to know that the pet will take good care of its belly and let only the owner come close to it. If the dog before pregnancy was immune to strangers, then during the gestation of puppies, such reflexes can be exacerbated. The bitch gets aggressive, be careful. Not all animals are pleased when they touch their belly.
  • The abdomen acquires increased elasticity and firmness, this phenomenon protects the puppies from possible damage. Nipples can change color, swell and change temperature. Colostrum is often excreted. From the genitals after urination, sometimes translucent discharge appears. Don’t worry, this is absolutely normal.
  • 6 weeks after mating, you can listen to the heartbeat of babies using the device. The puppies start to move, you can feel it by touching the bitch’s belly. Veterinarians do not recommend using an ultrasound scan earlier than 1 month later. At this time, you can accurately determine the number of babies and their state of health.

Ultrasound for a dog to detect pregnancy

An ultrasound scan will allow you to revise the pet’s lifestyle, adjust her diet. If you need a very accurate diagnosis, then go for an ultrasound when the dog is at a later date.

Ideal. 37-44 days following mating. After the examination, the doctor will immediately say how correctly the babies are formed, whether they will be born healthy, how the pregnancy in general proceeds.

When exactly can pregnancy be detected?

It is possible to determine whether a dog is pregnant or not within 10-14 days after mating. obvious signs will be visible only after 30 days following conception.

However, experienced dog owners and veterinarians are able to detect early pregnancy (up to 2 weeks). Because the animal’s behavior changes, interests in food, etc.

During the first pregnancy, the belly does not always round out after a month. This can happen just before childbirth or 1 week before birth.

We live in the modern world, so you shouldn’t wonder how successful the mating of pets was. Contact your veterinarian, he will conduct a light examination, do an ultrasound scan and tell you the result.

How to tell if your dog is pregnant

A dog needs human care and attention, especially if it is pregnant. But how to determine that a four-legged pet is in a delicate position? Many bitch owners are faced with this question. It is after the detection of pregnancy that it is necessary to revise the diet and daily routine of the animal.

How to stop a false pregnancy in a dog

False pregnancy (or, more correctly, gestation) can occur in any healthy dog, so each owner should know in advance what to do in this situation and how to help his pet.


Symptoms of false pregnancy are divided into physiological and behavioral. A bitch may have all the symptoms of the syndrome at the same time, or any one. The severity of symptoms is different, depending on many factors of the pet: breed, age, temperament and even the conditions of the animal.

Physiological changes in false pregnancy in dogs:

  • swelling nipples;
  • the belly sags and rounds;
  • the mammary glands are enlarged;
  • lactation (milk) appears;
  • the color of the selection from the loop changes;
  • the temperature rises to 38.5-39.5 degrees.

Behavioral signs of false pregnancy in dogs:

  • decreased appetite;
  • lethargy and depression appear;
  • many dogs have gag reflexes in the morning;
  • on the street, the pet is inactive and prefers loneliness;
  • at home, the bitch begins to prepare for the future appearance of “puppies”. whines, hides in the dark places of the apartment and builds a den for herself;
  • when communicating with the owner, the dog becomes nervous and excited;
  • the pet brings a “puppy” to its “lair” in the form of a favorite toy, sock or even a master’s slipper;
  • the dog begins to nurse and take care of the “imaginary offspring”;
  • sometimes the pet shows aggression if they want to take the “puppy” away from her.

Poor appetite

What to do and how to treat?

Veterinarians recommend spaying your pet. Indeed, most often this method is the most effective. There are situations when the owner, for whatever reason, refuses to sterilize a four-legged girlfriend, then you can try to independently minimize or even eliminate the signs of imaginary puppies in the dog by adjusting the diet and walking the animal.

Owner actions to prevent false pregnancies in dogs:

  • On days 9-11 after estrus, for 5-7 days, it is necessary to reduce the amount of daily food for the dog at least 1.5-2 times.
  • Be sure to limit your intake of liquids, meat products and milk. Such a diet will not harm the body. But such a diet is necessary to suppress lactation in a bitch.
  • Play more outdoors, run with your pet, increase physical activity, if there are no contraindications. The more the dog spends energy on walks, the less he will “bother” with taking care of imaginary puppies.

Such simple actions will help prevent a false pregnancy. Imaginary hypoxia will either not develop at all, or it will manifest itself, but not with such pronounced symptoms.

Veterinarians prescribe medication for dogs to stop false pregnancy symptoms. Diuretics are used to help reduce the formation of colostrum in the animal’s body.

They also practice treatment with hormonal drugs. With their help, the amount of prolactin (the main hormone involved in the development of pregnancy symptoms) is reduced.

Medication should be carried out only under the supervision of a veterinarian, so as not to harm the pet and prevent drug overdose. In many cases, a false pregnancy can go away on its own without treatment within a week.

At the vet

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Prohibited actions of the owner in case of false pregnancy in dogs:

  • With an imaginary puppy, in no case should you punish your pet. A mental disorder may occur in the animal. A bitch during a false pregnancy cannot control her behavior, as it is determined by hormones.
  • If milk begins to appear in the pet, it should never be expressed. Otherwise, in the future, it will come in even more.


There are a number of methods that can help prevent the appearance of false puppies in a dog. It is especially important to observe preventive measures for animals that have already had incidents of a similar pathology. Experienced breeders recommend that you mark the calendar every day after estrus. From 4-5 weeks, reduce the daily feed portion by 20-30%. In addition, observe the condition of the nipples, lubricate them with any natural oil when any changes appear. It is important to increase physical activity, engage in active training. Any intellectual, cognitive activity requires full concentration of attention and mental strength.

The most reliable way to prevent false pregnancies is to sterilize. After the operation, the hormonal background is normalized, the risk, the risk of oncological and inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system organs is significantly reduced.

Treating an imaginary pregnancy in a dog

Therapy for falsehood begins with a diagnosis. To exclude a real physiological pregnancy, abdominal palpation is performed, and urine, discharge from the bitch’s loop for chorionic hormone is also taken.

The most informative method is ultrasound of the uterus and abdomen. It allows not only to exclude post-diestral syndrome, but also to identify possible problems with the reproductive system of the dog. Depending on the characteristics of behavior and external changes, drug or behavioral therapy is prescribed, treatment with folk remedies (correction of nutrition and behavior).


The onset of a false pregnancy usually occurs 4-5 weeks after the end of estrus, it lasts from 30 to 60 days. The dog’s physiology begins to change, behavioral deviations occur. The main signs of an imaginary pregnancy are:

  • an increase in the size and shade of the mammary glands, nipples;
  • formation and excretion of milk (lactation);
  • an increase in the size of the abdomen;
  • highlighting a transparent or whitish shade from the loop.

In addition, the behavior of the dog also changes. The animal becomes restless and fearful. He begins to form a family nest in a secluded corner of the apartment, drags clothes and soft toys, fabric there. Often, appetite decreases, interest in any toys, walks and training is lost. In rare cases, the dog’s aggression intensifies. it does not allow the owner to approach itself, protects non-existent offspring.

Hormonal drugs

Hormonal medications are used exclusively when there is a threat to health, because they themselves can cause negative consequences. Medicines used to correct the condition of a dog during a false pregnancy usually contain progesterone, estrogen and androgen. Hormonal drugs are effective enough to combat mock pregnancy in dogs.

Causes of occurrence

The main reason for the occurrence of false schenia is a dysfunction of the ovaries. This can be caused by pathological processes occurring in the animal’s body, such as tumors and inflammatory formations. Dysfunction of the ovaries can appear as a result of changes in metabolic processes in the tissues of the organ, pathology of the thyroid gland, pituitary gland.

The ovulation process is not regulated, since hormones have ceased to be released in sufficient quantities, because of this, the functionality of the ovaries suffers, the corpus luteum does not decrease, and therefore progesterone continues to be synthesized. Hormonal activity can be influenced by kidney and liver diseases, as well as stress.

An important reason for the emergence of pathology can be “flock memory”. Female predators in the wild puppies at almost the same time, since it is easier for the flock to protect the offspring. The phenomenon is as follows: unfertilized females at the psychosomatic level can feel signs of pregnancy and lactation.

Researchers come to the conclusion that the complex of psychoneurohumoral regulation can cause the development of falsehood. In this case, the bitch is genetically ready to become a mother in the absence of fertilization.

Differences between false and real

The main signs of real and imaginary pregnancy in dogs are similar, and therefore not every dog ​​breeder will be able to distinguish them from each other. Pay attention to the following points:

  • Was there a planned mating.
  • Did the bitch mate while walking.
  • Has a pet been falsely reported earlier?
  • The animal is spayed or not.

Doubts should appear if there is uncertainty on at least one point.

What it is

In most cases, physiological processes in animals follow the same pattern. The period of preparation of the pet’s body for fertilization can be divided into four stages.

The initial preparation period, which lasts about a week, is called proestrum. At this time, mammals undergo changes in behavior and physiology, which are due to the adaptation mechanism.

In the ovaries, follicles begin to mature. sex cells, which are surrounded by several layers of epithelium. They cause the release of hormones such as progesterone and estrogen into the animal’s bloodstream, which determine the behavior of the bitch during estrus.

At the same time, the mucous membrane of the reproductive system is being prepared for embryo attachment. Due to the action of hormones, new oocytes stop maturing and leaving, instead, white bodies begin to reduce from the last ovulation.

The second stage of preparation of the dog’s body for fertilization is most often called the estuary, which lasts from one to two weeks. Biologists call it. estrus.

At this time, the structure of the uterine mucosa changes, and bloody discharge occurs. Regardless of whether a dog has intercourse, stigmas are formed and an egg is released every 2-3 hours. It remains in the ovary for some time, ripening, after which it descends through the fallopian tubes.

How To Identify Dog False Pregnancy

The period after heat, lasting from 1 to 2 months, is called metoestrum. The behavior of the animal varies greatly. Under the action of the hormone gonadotropin, yellow bodies begin to form, which synthesize progesterone, which inhibits ovulation and contributes to the restructuring of the uterine mucosa.

After the phase. anestrum. This is a dormant period that lasts from 3 to 4 months. At this time, the level of progesterone decreases, and the pet’s body is rebuilt to the beginning of a new ovulation process.

If the decrease in the corpus luteum does not occur in the ovaries, hormones continue to be synthesized in the body of the bitch, preparing the mammal for pregnancy. False breeding begins from 4-9 weeks of estrus and lasts from 2 to 3 weeks. At this time, the bitch feels pregnant, although the fetus is absent.

Dog in a cage surrounded by toys

Diagnostics in a veterinary clinic

Research is required to distinguish between physiological and false pregnancies. The most accessible way of determining is probing. In most cases, a dog breeder is an incompetent person in this matter, and therefore it is required to contact a veterinary clinic for diagnostics.

There is also a laboratory method that allows you to understand whether the bitch is pregnant or not. examination of discharge from the loop, as well as urine analysis. For carrying out, you will need special equipment.

The most effective and common method for determining an imaginary pregnancy is abdominal ultrasound. If the embryos exist, they can be seen on the screen in real time. In the absence of these, the veterinarian will make an appropriate diagnosis.

Ultrasound of the dog’s abdomen

The danger of false pregnancy

If untreated, false pregnancies can cause unpleasant consequences, which in some cases become life-threatening for the dog. The pet can become seriously ill and subsequently die.

Not the worst consequence is the nervous breakdown that the animal experiences during false breeding. Many females change their behavior: they become aggressive, they can even bite their masters.

Quite often, after false pregnancy, diseases of the animal’s reproductive system may appear. They are dangerous because they are not immediately detected, and therefore the time for drug therapy may be lost, because of which the dog will have to go under the surgeon’s knife. The most common diseases are:

  • cysts;
  • oncological diseases of the uterus and ovaries;
  • purulent uterine inflammation, which can cost the dog a life;
  • inflammatory process on the mucous membrane of the inner surface of the uterus.
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Also, mastitis is often found. inflammation of the mammary gland, which brings at least severe pain. In the early stages, the disease is treatable. However, such a moment is easy to miss, because of which suppuration will begin, which is quite difficult to fight. Subsequently, the dog may develop breast cancer.

Advanced mastitis in dogs

What not to do

Some actions can aggravate the situation with the animal, and therefore it is worth being careful. This is especially true for such shy breeds as Yorkies, Jack Russell Terriers and Spitz. Veterinarians advise against doing the following things when interacting with a pet:

  • You cannot show too much affection, indulge the instincts of the animal. Active breeds of dogs (dachshunds, Labradors, Can Corso, Staff Terriers) especially suffer from this. It is recommended to switch their attention to active games, to provide long walks by changing the route.
  • You can not scold the dog and rudely take away toys from her, since she takes them for offspring and can show aggression. It can also become quite a stressful situation for the pet.
  • You should not let the animal lick the nipples and the noose, because in this way the dog stimulates milk production and hormone synthesis, which aggravates the situation. No matter how long it takes, the treatment should be accompanied by putting on a collar.
  • One cannot hope that the state will pass by itself. It is necessary to take measures: take the dog to the veterinarian so that he tells what to do, prescribes medications that will correct the situation.

The owner must be caring, do everything to make his pet feel comfortable. Treatment will help return the female to a full life.

Signs of pathology

Symptoms of false pregnancy without treatment should go away in 1-2 weeks, milk production will stop in 2-3 weeks. However, sometimes the pathology can be accompanied by complications, so you need to look after the pet.

Treatment of false pregnancy in dogs

First of all, the owner of the dog must be very careful about his pet, who is experiencing the symptoms of a false pregnancy. In no case should you scold her for changing her behavior, realizing that the animal does not “squint”, but quite seriously feels like a future mother and prepares for this event, in full accordance with instincts.

  • remove from the diet all dairy products that enhance lactation;
  • reduce daily feed portions;
  • reduce the amount of water, and if the dog eats dry food, then switch it to natural food or wet food, so that drying does not stimulate thirst;
  • distract the dog with frequent walks, games, amusements, in every possible way to increase its physical activity;
  • remove from the apartment all small toys that the dog can mistake for his puppies, as well as isolate other small pets from her;
  • so that the dog does not lick milk, does not spill nipples, put on a blanket (it should not be tied tightly) or an “Elizabethan collar”.

If the diet and other manipulations do not help, the signs of a false pregnancy do not go away, but only become dotted, the psychological state of the animal worsens, then you need to contact the veterinary clinic for drug treatment.


If the owner believes that his dog has clearly expressed symptoms of false pregnancy, it is necessary to confirm this condition by contacting the veterinary clinic for advice.

Symptoms of False Pregnancy in Dogs

4-8 weeks after the end of estrus in bitches, the so-called period of metaestrus begins. the endocrine gland called the corpus luteum continues to work and the dog’s brain receives signals from it about readiness for pregnancy, although no real fertilization has occurred. These signals can self-extinguish, and can lead to the fact that the dog’s body begins to prepare for the production of offspring, producing the appropriate hormones. progesterone and prolactin. And the dog begins to experience a state of false pregnancy.

False pregnancy symptoms in dogs can be divided into physiological and psychological. Knowing them, the owner of the animal must provide assistance to his pet in time.

Physiological symptoms of false pregnancy in dogs:

  • an increase in the loop, swelling of the loop, gray-mucous or brown discharge from the loop (in some cases, there may be no discharge);
  • swelling of the mammary glands and the subsequent excretion of colostrum and milk from them;
  • nausea as a symptom of toxicosis, changes in appetite;
  • slight enlargement of the abdomen;
  • increased body temperature.

Psychological symptoms of false pregnancy in dogs:

  • “Nesting”. in secluded places the dog begins to build a place for future births and feeding puppies: pulls off various rags and builds a “nest” from them;
  • pronounced apathy, decreased physical activity, brother’s interest in walking and playing;
  • there may be increased anxiety, in rare cases. aggression, attempts to defend the “nest”;
  • the manifestation of maternal instinct in relation to small soft toys or small pets. attempts to lick them, take care of them, like their own puppies;

All these signs may not appear completely, but in part, but if the owner noticed such a change in the behavior and physical condition of his dog, then it is worth immediately diagnosing in order to avoid the negative consequences that the state of false pregnancy can bring to the dog.

Prevention of false pregnancy in dogs at home

If the dog has not been spayed, then no method has yet been invented to guarantee the prevention of a false pregnancy. But there are still prevention methods that can affect the hormonal system of the skuya. To do this, the owner must clearly track the time of cessation of estrus, count down 9-10 days and begin to create “unfavorable” conditions for the dog’s hormonal system for the reproduction of offspring.

First of all, you need to change the animal’s diet: reduce the portions in half, try to exclude protein and all dairy products from the feed, leaving carbohydrates and a little fat, and reduce the portions of water. In addition, increase physical activity: walk more, engage in active games with the dog, reduce the size of the bed or replace it with a smaller one, so that it is impossible to build a “nest” in it. Such measures can help the dog to avoid the onset of a false pregnancy, and if this condition does occur, then its symptoms can be transferred more quickly and easily.

Treatment methods

Drugs for the treatment of false pregnancy in dogs can only be selected by a veterinarian and only after the results of tests: ultrasound, blood test and smear for the analysis of vaginal flora.

Today, false pregnancy treatment in dogs is carried out with the help of various groups of drugs: homeopathic, hormonal and sedatives.

After completing the treatment of a false pregnancy, the owner of the dog must understand that this condition can come again, so you need to not only know how to alleviate it, but also decide whether he is ready to put the life of his pet in danger again.

How long does a false pregnancy last??

False pregnancies in dogs last differently. In favorable cases, the symptoms of this difficult animal condition can disappear in three to four weeks. Dogs can experience false pregnancy symptoms even longer. 60-90 days, in such cases, complications for their health are much more likely. If during this time the dog has not ceased to show all the signs of false pregnancy, then you must immediately contact the veterinary clinic to avoid serious complications.