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How To Identify A Small Kitten Cat Or Cat

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Boys and girls: how to find out the gender of a kitten

It is necessary to determine the sex of a kitten even in infancy, in order to take it into the house as early as possible and teach it to everything. to the tray, bowl, to the owners.

Therefore, you will have to wait until the animal is three months old, at this age the genitals will begin to transform and it will be possible to find out the sex of the kitten.

To take a kitten in your arms, you need to properly prepare. get rid of the mother-cat for a while, wash your hands with warm water and soap without a pungent odor.

In our progressive age, it is enough to have a smartphone in hand to take a picture of the animal’s genitals, which can then be viewed to determine gender.

In cats, this distance is practically absent; in cats, a few millimeters remain between the penis and the anus, testicles will grow there.

For those who love associations, the sex determination of a kitten can be expressed as follows: a cat has a colon’s genitals, a cat has an inverted letter “i”.

However, this method often misfires, because the testes may still be in the abdominal cavity, and girls, due to the structural features of the body, may have small tumors, swelling and other bulges.

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Until recently, they thought that the cat, did not even determine the sex, because the previous owner assured us of this. Seg

How to determine the gender of a kitten. How to tell a cat from a cat

Agree, it is quite difficult to determine the sex of a small kitten, especially a newborn. You have to seek the help of a veterinarian or wait 10-12 weeks (2-3 months) before the gender is evident. Learn to do it yourself earlier.

The article contains all the necessary information for the owner of the animal, supported by a photo in order to learn how to distinguish a cat from a cat. It will also be useful to learn about funny names for cats, as well as how to properly feed a kitten at 10-12 weeks.

How to determine the gender of a kitten?

Not every domestic cat owner, even the most experienced one, can determine what sex a small kitten has. It is especially difficult to find out belonging to one or the other sex in newborn kittens. Some owners turn to a veterinarian for help to resolve this issue, but the rest have to wait from 10 to 12 weeks, when the sex of the kitten is already obvious. Therefore, to understand this issue and learn how to independently recognize who he is: a cat or a kitty, will be useful information and skill for any lover of felines.

How to determine the gender of a kitten?

It would seem. what is difficult in determining whether your kitten is a boy or a girl. He is not some kind of parrot, but a mammal, everything is clear and visual. But in fact, it is not so easy to find out the sex of a small kitten, and sometimes annoying mistakes happen. How to determine the gender of a kitten?

Everybody knows that in order to determine the sex of a kitten, you need to look under its tail. There are testicles. a male, no. a female. It is easy to say this when the kitten is short-haired, and all the primary sexual characteristics are, so to speak, “present.” With kittens of long-haired breeds it is more difficult. In addition, in most male kittens, the testicles do not descend into the scrotum immediately after birth, but at the age of 4-12 weeks.

This may seem counterintuitive, but in a newborn kitten it is easier to determine the sex than in an animal that is several days old. In newborn kittens, the wool has not yet had time to dry and rise, which means that the “view” will be better.

So, gently place the kitten’s belly in your palm, gently lift the tail and look under it. There will be two holes under the tail: one of them (the one that is located higher, closer to the tail) is anal, and the second is urogenital. In females, they are located almost side by side., at a distance of no more than 5 mm. In males, the distance is about 1 cm and may increase with age.

At the age of about 10 days, when the kitten is already fluffy, you can determine its sex by the same distance between the anal and genital openings (in females it will still be smaller), as well as by the fact that in males the strip between these holes is hairy, while in females it is practically hairless, “bald”.

When the kitten grows up, it will be possible to determine its gender by the shape of the urogenital opening. In cats, the genital opening (vulva) is

How to tell a boy’s kitten from a girl’s

In order to find out the sex of the kitten, you need to put the baby on a warm towel on the tummy and gently lift the tail. There are several differences that are present in babies from birth. By correctly defining them, it will not be difficult for you to tell a boy from a girl.

Consider the photos below. These are close-up photos of 3 week old kittens (1 month old). On the left is a boy, and on the right is a girl.

You need to pay attention to the distance between the anus and the genitals. In males, the distance is greater than in females. For clarity, consider the following picture.

Still, in this matter, it is preferable to look not in the eyes, but according to

How to determine the gender of a kitten

Usually the desired gender of a kitten is discussed long before it appears in the house. Some future owners want to have a kitten in the house, rightly believing that they are cleaner, and by nature, female cats are rarely aggressive. Problems with the appearance of offspring are now being solved in many ways. from radical (sterilization) to the use of contraceptives, which can be purchased at any of the veterinary pharmacies.

Others believe that a small feline man must appear in their house, gradually turning into a huge imposing cat, a serious mustachioed handsome man. Future owners most often do not suspect that a growing cat will definitely break free.

With the onset of puberty, natural instincts prevail over the love of delicious food and a cozy chair. On the street, the cat is in danger, so the owners of Kotofeevich, who want their pet to live to a ripe old age, are forced to sterilize him. In any case, the choice of a kitten’s sex remains with its future owners.

How to identify a small kitten cat or cat

Best position for sex determination

It is better to determine whether a cat or a cat is in front of you as soon as possible after their birth. This will make it easier, how to determine the sex of a kitten when he turns 1 month.

This is due to the fact that the baby’s coat is not yet thick enough to cover the genitals. It is especially difficult on the later lines to determine the sex of furry pets.

Did you know? Cats spend an average of 2/3 days sleeping. That is, a nine-year-old cat during its life is in an active state for only 3 years.

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Before determining if a cat or a cat is in front of you, you need to wash your hands thoroughly. The soap should be fragrance-free. You need to pay attention to the shape of the animal’s genitals and the distance between them and the anus.

First you need to give the cat-mom some kind of treat or calm her down with affection. After all, she may be against someone touching her offspring.

A small animal must be handled as carefully as possible. Hands should be dry and warm. You should put the baby on a heated film or your palm with your stomach down.

Hold it in your hands for a long time. If the kitten is up to 3 months old, then there is a risk that if the baby smells of a stranger, the cat mother may refuse it.

Cat or cat? Color will tell

The sex of a kitten can also be determined by color

You can also determine the sex of a grown kitten by indirect signs, for example, by color. Experienced breeders of fluffy cats know how difficult it is to determine the sex of a kitten at 1 month old by the shape of the genital opening. by this age, the kitten’s coat becomes thick, and the genitals are not yet developed.

Tortoiseshell color is inherent only in cats, this is due to the inheritance of genes of red and black color. These genes are only found on the X chromosomes, and an animal with two X chromosomes is a female. In very rare cases, cats are tricolor, but they are infertile, since their genome carries an extra X chromosome. In their behavior, they are no different from other cats, but they are not capable of reproduction.

Newborn kitten: boy or girl?

Sex is determined by the shape of the genitals and the distance between the anus

Determining the sex of a kitten immediately after birth is easier than at the age of two or three weeks, since its coat is not thick enough and does not cover the genitals. When he gets a little older, it will become more difficult to see the differences, especially if the kitten is fluffy.

Before determining the sex of a newborn kitten, you must wash your hands with perfume-free soap and dry them thoroughly. Hands should be warm and free of foreign odors. The sex of a newborn kitten is determined by the shape of the urogenital opening and the distance between it and the anus, while you need:

  • Calm the mother cat with affection or treats;
  • Gently take the kitten and put it on your palm or a heated diaper on your stomach;
  • Raise the tail and examine the anus and urogenital opening;
  • In newborn cats, these two holes are shaped like a colon: two points of approximately the same size and shape at a distance of a little more than a centimeter.
  • In cats, the genital opening in the form of a slit is located almost next to the anus, and an inverted exclamation mark can be seen under the tail.

See the pictures and photos above for how to determine the sex of a kitten.

When determining the sex of a kitten, in no case should you:

  • Detach the kitten from the feeding process;
  • Hold it by the scruff or paws, roughly raise the tail;
  • Nerve a kitten or a mother cat;
  • Feel or press on the genitals;
  • To hold the kitten in your arms for more than a minute. at this age the kittens freeze very quickly, it must be returned to the mother as soon as possible.

Determination of sex by external signs

Kittens at the age of six months begin to acquire the features of adult animals. The cats become graceful, with smooth body lines and a neat muzzle. Males are larger, with a wide bone and a large head.

However, depending on the breed and heredity, there are exceptions, therefore, it is possible to determine the sex of a kitten by external signs only in conjunction with more reliable methods.

Determining the sex of a kitten by tactile probing

As soon as the kitten is 2 months old, you can determine its gender by tactile feeling. This requires:

  • Lay the kitten on its back;
  • Gently run two fingers along the groin area from the lower abdomen to the anus;
  • The cat should have pea-sized testicles in this area.

Determining the sex of an adult animal is quite simple. a cat can be easily distinguished from a cat by its external genitals. In small kittens, external differences are much weaker. Nevertheless, there are ways to determine the sex of a kitten from the very first days.

The cat marks, and the cat walks by itself

The sex of a kitten can be determined by habits

The behavior of animals of different sexes is also different. Clear differences appear with the onset of puberty, that is, at seven to eight months. At this age, the character of young animals is finally formed, the temperament and style of behavior is clearly manifested.

You can distinguish a cat from a cat at this time by habits. Cats begin to mark and protect their territory from relatives, to show interest in cats. In cats, the first heat begins, which can be determined by the characteristic behavior: the cat bends its back, fins.

The behavior of adult animals also differs: cats become lazy, sleep more, and are more kind to petting. Cats, on the other hand, demonstrate independence, and sometimes even aggression towards people. Cats are much cleaner. they constantly lick their fur, problems with litter training in cats occur much less often.

Precautions for gender determination

Finding out the sex of a kitten or an adult cat, you should not be rude and too persistent. Cats are freedom-loving animals, and before any manipulations, it is better to first make friends with the animal, gain confidence. So you will not harm the kitten and will not learn in practice that he has teeth and claws.

Sex determination by color

Cat breeders claim that even a certain color of a kitten’s coat can be a sign of its gender. over, the most self-confident breeders claim that they can recognize who is in front of them. a boy or a girl, by the appearance of a kitten, based on the shape of its face, body and behavior.

It is not difficult to understand by the appearance of an adult animal its gender. Even the look of a cat and a cat is noticeably different. The cat always looks impudent and self-confident, but the cat’s gaze is always slightly wary. She walks more carefully than the cat. The cat’s gait can be called business-like, purposeful. It is immediately evident that he is in a hurry somewhere for his cat affairs.

Some coat colors are only found in a certain gender.

For example, if a kitten’s fur coat has a “tortoiseshell” color, that is, there are three or more colors in it, then we can fairly accurately say that this is a small cat. This is a feature of the genetic set obtained from the parents.

Although nature is sometimes wrong too. Several times the appearance of “tortoiseshell” seals was recorded, but they had a defect. they are naturally sterile, they did not have offspring. But if the kitten is red, then for sure a real impudent Kotofeevich will grow out of it. But here nature can also joke. red-haired cats are very rare.

How to recognize a cat or a cat. Cat or cat: how to determine gender?

British cats often have a wider muzzle, in contrast to cats.

A cat can also be distinguished from a cat by color:

  • Easy to spot a kitty at birth. If the kitten was born with a tricolor or with a tortoiseshell color, you can be sure. this is a cat. This color combination is ensured by the presence of two X chromosomes only in cats;
  • Unlike a cat, cats can also be calico at birth;
  • Cats differ from cats in the presence of red flowers in color. Only cats are cinnamon colored.

Determined by gender

This method is most correct when determining the sex in adult cats and even when identifying the difference between a newborn cat and a cat.

  • When you are going to inspect, first wash your hands with an odorless product with warm water. Caress the kitten with warm hands so that he feels calm and does not get nervous.
  • If the baby calmly walks towards your hand outstretched in his direction, then he trusts you, and you can confidently study him.
  • Place the baby on a warm palm with your stomach and gently lift the tail.
How To Identify A Small Kitten Cat Or Cat

Methods for determining the sex of a kitten at 2. 3 months:

  • Inspect tactilely. With your index and middle fingers, you need to feel the place where the testicles should be located. In a kitten, a cat, unlike a cat, will feel small balls (about 5 mm in diameter).
  • Take a look under the tail:
  • In a kitten cat, the genitals and anus look like a colon. And in a small cat, the genitals look like a slit. And visually everything looks like an inverted exclamation mark.
  • The distance between the anus and the genitals in cats is much smaller (about 1 cm) than in cats. Upon reaching 3 years of age, cats will form testicles in this place.
  • Cats have thick hair between the anus and the genitals, cats have practically none.

An example of how to distinguish a cat from a cat using this method can be seen in the photo and.

It is easy to distinguish a cat from a cat in pictures:

  • Colon. cat
  • Inverted exclamation mark. cat
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How to recognize a cat or a cat? Determining the sex of the kitten.

How to recognize a cat or a cat and determine the gender of a kitten is very easy indian viagra generic.

It is enough to look under the tail of the kitten and compare what you see with the photos below.

Male and female are quite distinctly different from each other.

This is how the sex of the kitten is determined.

Although, to be honest, when kittens are very small (less than 1 month old) it is sometimes difficult to determine their gender. There was also an embarrassment in my practice: the kitten was taken as a boy, and after a couple of weeks it became obvious that it was a girl. To the credit of the owners, it should be noted that the fact of the transition of the Bobblehead to Lyalka did not excite them much. ? Lyalka is loved and cherished.

For those who are determined to have only a cat (or a cat) in their house, I recommend taking older kittens at the age of 2.5 months. By this time, the kitten’s genitals will begin to actively form and you will not have to play roulette.

P.S. By the way, about roulette. For risky and lucky fans of this kind of “sport”. roulette without registration. The bluebird of happiness is practically caught! Excitement. which of us has not heard this word. But the casino, unfortunately, is not always available to a real gambler. There is an exit! Today you can play without leaving your home.

How to determine the sex of a newborn kitten?

In order to understand what gender your cat gave birth to a little miracle, you need to do a simple and banal action. You just need to look under the tail of the cat.

It is very easy for a short-haired animal to understand its belonging to one or another sex, but if your horse was born with long hair, then here it will be more difficult for you. The long hair of the animal can partially cover the genitals, and you will not be able to determine who you have: a boy or a girl. However, with experience, you can easily understand this issue. See also how to name a cat a girl.

Has your favorite cat brought some kittens? This is good, because then you shouldn’t have a problem with the definition. You can visually compare the genitals of little cats.

Upon reaching 10 days from birth

At this age stage, small cats already have a well-defined coat, however, cats will have bald patches that are located between the genitals.

In females, there is little space between the holes and there is no hair between them, but in male cats, the distance between the genitals is greater, and there may be fur between them.

There are three types of ways to understand gender. How does a cat differ from a cat?

The cat has two holes under the tail. one of them is anal (for those who are not familiar with this term. the exit of the rectum, from where the animal defecates), and the second, looking like a small slit, is the genitals. They are very close to each other. the distance between the holes is not more than 5 mm.

If the baby is a cat, then the second hole looks like a point and it is located much further from the anus, at a distance of about 1 cm. When the cat grows up, it will have testicles in this place. In a newborn cat, the scrotum is still empty, the testicles will descend there later. They usually become noticeable when the baby reaches four weeks of age.

It is much easier to determine the sex of kittens if the cat has given birth to several kittens of different sexes. Comparing babies, it is much easier to see the differences between kittens. If the kittens have reached the age of two weeks, then in cats between the anus and the genital (vulva), you can see a strip of hairless. In cats, all this distance is covered with fur, under which the scrotum is clearly felt, and sometimes the testicles in it.

Gender determination: what not to do

The sex of the pet becomes apparent only at the age of 2 months and later. To find out in advance, you can consult a veterinarian or try to independently determine the sex of a small pet, following these tips.

So, what should you do in no case:

  • You can not lift the baby by the tail and keep him in a careless position;
  • You can not take the baby away from feeding or hold the pet in the hands for a long time until one month of age, otherwise the mother will stop feeding him; besides, it’s stressful for the baby;
  • If you hold a newborn pet in your arms for a long time, this can lead to hypothermia, since the thermoregulation of kittens is not working as it should.
  • Determining the sex, you can not put pressure on the baby’s genitals.

There are many different instructions on how to determine the sex of a kitten, including these methods are shown in detail in the photo and. The main tips are:

  • Calm your mommy cat down first. She will worry and try to protect her offspring. Therefore, before conducting an examination, it is better to give the cat some kind of treat.
  • The pet must be kept carefully and carefully so as not to cause discomfort and damage to it.
  • To determine the sex of a kitten per month or 2 months, it must be placed on its stomach and its tail raised.
  • It is advisable to do everything quickly so that the baby or his mother cat does not have stress.

The main arguments for the cat are as follows:

  • The cat will never mark territory. The cats do not have a specific smell (although in fairness it should be noted that castrated cats do not smell on time either).
  • The cat does not fight during heat (whereas cats arrange street fights with other cats for the “lady’s heart”).
  • Most cats love to sit in their arms, purr, chat with their owner.

What are the differences between a boy and a girl: 5 main signs

There are several ways to determine the sex of a kitten in a month and at a different age, there are slight differences even at the moment of birth (see Photo). There are standard methods that give a 100 percent guarantee. There are also folk methods. for example, sex determination by facial features or by behavior. Such extraordinary methods, of course, do not allow you to predict 100 or 99 percent of the sex of the kittens in front of you.

Method 1. look at the distance

Having lifted the kitten’s tail, you need to look at the distance between the genitals and the anus. For boys, this distance is greater, for girls. less (see photo). In males it can be up to 10 mm, while in females this distance is almost half less.

At the age of 14 days, an additional sign appears. the place between the genitals and the anus in cats is covered with fluff, while cats have no hair there.

In order not to scare the animal, you should not hold it in this position for too long. If you can’t see it, take a photo on your phone so that you have time to consider everything in detail.

Method 2. pay attention to the shape

At the age of a month or 2 months, differences in the shape of the genitals can already be replaced. How can you determine the sex of a month old kitten, knowing these differences? If you look under the baby’s tail and look closely, you can see either “:” or the letter “i” upside down (see Photo). If you saw the first, then most likely in front of you is a boy. If the second is a girl.

Method 3. Genitals

Starting at 12 weeks old, developing testicles can be seen under the kitten’s tail. Until this age, this sign is almost invisible.

4 way. tactile

Many people think about how to determine the sex of a newborn kitten and not wait until he grows up. The most effective in this case will be the tactile method associated with probing the genitals. The detailed will help to determine the place of probing. Where it is shown how to determine the sex of a kitten even at the age of 1 day. Using this method, in boys, you can find formations in the form of peas no more than 5 mm in diameter. these are developing testicles.

Determine gender by color

If you are thinking about how to determine the sex of a kitten, then you will be interested to know that there is a way to determine it by color (see photos of typical colors of boys and girls). Surprisingly, sometimes the color of the coat really tells correctly who is in front of us. a cat or a kitty.

So, a tricolor or tortoiseshell coloration with black, red and white colors ensures that we have a cat. These colors are transferred thanks to the X chromosome, and in order to get a kitten of tricolors, 2 such chromosomes are needed.

Red is a sign of a man. Most often (namely in 99% of cases) cats are red. But some can determine the sex of a kitten simply by its face. It is believed that males have coarser and larger facial features. But such methods are not supported by anything, therefore they cannot be considered good.

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Unusual ways

There are several more “folk” methods for determining the sex of a small kitten. For example, cats are believed to have a wary expression on their faces. Cats have a self-confident look.

Another way is to watch the babies eat. It can be used at a time when kittens are already starting to eat from a bowl. So, to determine the sex of a kitten per month, pour milk into a saucer and see: if the kitten lifted its tail up while eating, then this is definitely a boy. Of course, such methods are not 100% guaranteed.

At the vet

The only way that gives a 100% guarantee is DNA examination. Having decided on this, you don’t even need to think about when you can determine the sex of a kitten and how to do it. It can be carried out at any age and you will definitely get an accurate answer.

This method is very expensive. And in most cases there is no particular need for it, since you can just wait a little. And we already know how to determine the sex of a month-old kitten or baby at 2 months.

Cat or cat: who to choose?

What are the differences in the behavior of cats and cats? Often the behavior of females and males is markedly different. But such differences are clearly manifested only in an older age. after six months. It is then that the animal forms its own character, style of behavior and temperament.

Cats begin to mark their territory, in cats after 7-8 months estrus begins. The cat meows, bends its back.

It is believed that cats are lazier than cats. They sleep more, love affection. Cats are more independent and sometimes aggressive (especially during the period of gestation or raising offspring). At the same time, girls are cleaner, they quickly learn to potty, while boys will have to suffer. Cats are more often called lazy, and cats are considered more loyal to the home.

When to determine gender

When can you determine the sex of a kitten? It is believed that the sex of the baby can be determined at any age. Signs are clearly visible already in the first month of life. Experts, on the other hand, may notice the differences on the very first birthday. Wondering at what age you can already start determining the sex of a kitten? Check out popular guidelines for what, when, and how to do to understand whether your kitty was born a boy or a girl. Tips are backed up by photographs and even.

How to determine the sex of a small kitten. Useful Tips

Many prospective pet owners know what gender they want before buying a pet. So, for example, it is believed that cats are lazier in nature, while cats grow up to be hardworking (here we mean catching mice). But how to determine whether it is a boy or a girl, if we have a month-old (or even younger) baby?

How to understand from a small kitten who will grow out of him. a cat or a kitty? The question of how to determine the sex of a kitten worries both novice breeders who have acquired offspring for the first time, and people who are looking for a pet. Let’s find out at what age you can determine the sex of a small kitten and how to do it.

Arguments for cats:

  • Lack of kittens.
  • A self-confident leader will appear in your house.
  • The cat will accompany you everywhere and always around the house, watching with interest the cleaning, washing or cooking.

Of course, the divisions by character between a cat and a cat are conditional. Having surrounded the baby with care and love from early childhood, it is possible to raise a loyal and affectionate pet from a cat (which, in theory, should be a self-confident independent leader). It is not so important who you choose. a boy or a girl. this pet will sincerely and faithfully love you for many years and will undoubtedly bring joy to the house.

Determining the sex of a kitten by the shape of the genital organ

First you need to wash your hands well and wipe dry. It is unacceptable for hands to be cold and smell strongly of foreign odors.

The sex of a kitten can be recognized by the shape of the urinary opening and the distance from the opening to the anus of the animal.

Now step by step:

  • – reassure the mother of the kitten, do not give the cat a reason for alarm;
  • – take the kitten in your arms so that its belly lies on the warm palm of your hand;
  • – lift the kitten’s tail, look at the anus and urinary opening.

In small cats, the anus and urinary opening look like two vertical points of the same size, with a distance of about 1 cm between them.In small cats, the urinary opening looks like a small gap, and it is located next to the anus.

Look at the kitten sex determination chart

To determine the sex of a small animal, you cannot do the following:

  • – take the kitten during feeding;
  • – lift the kitten by the scruff, legs or tail;
  • – disturb the mother of the kitten and the animal itself, if, for example, it is sleeping;
  • – press on the genital area of ​​the kitten;
  • – carry or hold a newborn kitten in your arms for more than two minutes.

Newborn kittens should always be with their mother cat.

Determining the sex of a kitten by coat color

If, nevertheless, the sex of a small kitten was not determined, you should not despair, because the sex can be determined by the color of the animal. Many experienced breeders of cats and cats can easily determine the sex of a two to three week old kitten. The color of the animal in the form of a turtle means that the kitten is a kitten.

The secret is hidden here in the chromosomes, that is, in the genes. Genes for black and red color are found only on the X chromosomes. Females always have two X chromosomes. It rarely happens that cats are tricolor, but there are such, but unfortunately they are infertile, since their genes have one extra X chromosome.

How to tell a cat from a cat. How to find out the gender of a kitten

To identify a cat or a cat, just look at the animal’s genitals. In a cat, the genitals are external, in a cat. on the contrary.

Everything seems to be simple and clear here, but try to determine the sex of a small kitten. Just here, not everything is as simple as it seems. In a small cat and a cat, the genital parts of the body are hardly distinguishable. But, nevertheless, there are several ways to determine the gender of even a newly born kitten.

The kitten was born a boy or a girl?

The sex of a newly born kitten is easier to determine than an already adolescent animal. by age, for example, a week. After all, in a newborn kitten, the genitals have not yet become overgrown with wool, and after a week of life in a kitten, especially in a breed with fluffy hair, the genitals are already poorly visible.

Determining the sex of a kitten by careful feeling

After a kitten has crossed the threshold of its life in two to three months, its gender is easy to determine by careful feeling.

Now step by step:

If the kitten is a cat, then it will be easy to feel the testicles with your fingers.

When feeling, never press in the groin of the kitten, so as not to accidentally injure him.

Determining the sex of a kitten by the external addition of the body

By about six months, all kittens, outwardly, begin to look more like adult cats and cats. Cats grow up with a more graceful body and a neat muzzle. On the contrary, cats acquire a larger head shape, and the body of the male itself is larger and more powerful than that of the female. But there are, of course, exceptions, but this is rare.

Determining the sex of a kitten by habits

Any male among cats always tries to mark his territory. these are genes. Therefore, if a kitten is constantly trying or has already begun to mark the territory, it is definitely a cat. Usually cats begin to mark the territory from 7 months. In cats, by the age of 7 months, estrus begins, that is, the cat begins to “walk”. Arching the back is constantly caressed, protruding the backside up.

Even adult cats and cats are very different in their behavior. Cats sleep most of the time compared to cats. Cats, on the other hand, constantly show how independent they are, and can even react aggressively to people. Almost all cats love cleanliness, constantly wash and always go to the accustomed toilet, which cannot be said about the representatives of the stronger sex.

And the last tip.

Having decided to check the sex of a kitten, do not be rude and persistent towards the kitten. First, make friends with the kitten, squeeze into his trust, and most importantly, the trust of the mother-cat. Love animals.