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How To Know How Many Kittens A Cat Has

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Coloring can tell you how to find out the sex of a kitten.

Oddly enough, the color of the coat can most likely help and suggest how to distinguish a girl’s kitten from a boy.

Tortoiseshell (tricolor. black, white, red) is a 100% indicator that this is a female, that is, a cat. This is because these colors are carried by the X chromosome and 2 X chromosomes are needed for the appearance of tricolor. Thus, tortoiseshell color is found only in cats as females have two X chromosomes, while males have only one X chromosome. Cats cannot have three coat colors at the same time, except in the case of a rare genetic disease.

Red color is a male marker, so most often these are cats.

They also say that you can find out the gender by the face. However, I do not believe in this method and I urge you to first try the 5 above.

How to tell a boy’s kitten from a girl’s

In order to find out the sex of the kitten, you need to put the baby on a warm towel on the tummy and gently lift the tail. There are several differences that are present in babies from birth. By correctly defining them, it will not be difficult for you to distinguish a boy from a girl.

How to determine the sex of a kitten. How to tell a cat from a cat

Tactile probing of kittens’ genitals

Genital palpation is an effective method of sex determination almost from birth. This method will help tactilely determine the presence of testicles in a kitten. Even a toddler of several weeks old can do this.

To determine, you will need to gently hold in the indicated place with two closed fingers (index and middle). If the kitten is male, then you will feel pea-shaped formations (3-5 mm in diameter) in this area.

Distance between anus and genitals

Consider the photos below. These are close-up photos of 3 week old kittens (1 month old). On the left is a boy, and on the right is a girl.

You need to pay attention to the distance between the anus and the genitals. In males, the distance is greater than in females. For clarity, consider the following picture.

What will you learn from the article

Agree, it is quite difficult to determine the sex of a small kitten, especially a newborn. You have to seek the help of a veterinarian or wait 10-12 weeks (2-3 months) before the gender is evident. Learn to do it yourself earlier.

The article contains all the necessary information for the owner of the animal, supported by a photo in order to learn how to distinguish a cat from a cat. It will also be useful to learn how to properly feed a kitten at 10-12 weeks.

Genital shape

Consider the photos below. These are close-up photos of 3 week old kittens. On the left is a boy, and on the right is a girl.

Still, in this matter it is preferable to look not in the eyes, but under the tail. If under the tail you see a conditional colon (“:”), then in front of you is definitely a cat, and if an inverted letter “i”, then, accordingly, a kitten-girl.

You need to pay attention to the shape of the genitals. In a boy kitten, the shape of the genitals resembles a point, and in girls. a vertical line.

Do’s and Don’ts when you first try to identify a cat or cat


Keep the kitten carefully.

Put the kitten on its stomach and lift its tail.

If possible, wait until 3-4 weeks of age.

Make sure mommy cat doesn’t mind your actions.

Keep manipulation time to a minimum to avoid stress.

You can’t:

  • Carelessly holding a toddler
  • Don’t lift the kitten by the tail
  • If possible, do not pick up the kitten until 3 weeks of age. If you hold the kitten in your hands for a long time, then your smell may appear and the mother cat may refuse the baby. This will lead to the fact that you have to feed the kitten without a mom.
  • Do not take away from feeding
  • Thermoregulation in very small pussies (up to 1 month) is not developed, so do not hold it on your hands for a long time, as this can lead to hypothermia even in a few minutes
  • Don’t try to put pressure on your genitals

Manifestation of the shape of the testicles in male kittens at 3 months

Part of the male cat’s genitals are the testicles, which are located between the anus and the penis. Almost imperceptible at birth, they begin to appear and grow in furry at the age of 10-12 weeks from birth. The photos below will help you visually understand this issue.

How to determine how many kittens a cat will have?

A healthy, not neutered cat will certainly become pregnant if its owner did not take care of preventing this in time. Quite often, a cat’s pregnancy is desired. With its onset, the owner has many questions. For example, how to find out how many kittens a cat will have and how to take care of her.

What determines the number of kittens in a litter

First, you need to know what factors affect the number of kittens that a cat can give birth to. There are many of them, they are very diverse. The main ones are:

  • Breed. It has long been noted that the more thoroughbred a cat is, the fewer kittens it will have in one litter. It is not uncommon for a thoroughbred mother to have only one kitten.
  • The age at which the pregnancy occurred. A young cat, especially if this is her first lambing, will give birth to one to three kittens. In the same limit, the number of babies will keep cats up to the age of three. From the fourth year, the peak of sexual activity and reproductive function occurs. Accordingly, the litter also increases. At the age of 4-6 years, the pet will bear and give birth to 4 to 12 kittens. After that, a decline sets in, the chances of getting pregnant decrease, and if an interesting period comes, then again, the kitten will most likely be only one.
  • Genetic predisposition. The multiplicity of a cat is almost always inherited. If her mother often gave birth to many kittens, then she will give birth more than usual.
  • Partner’s sexual activity. The more active the cat, the greater the chance that the cat will bring numerous offspring.
  • And hormonal disorders and diseases of the genitourinary system significantly reduce both the ability to prolong the birth and the number of kittens born.
  • The number of times a cat gives birth to is also significantly affected. Frequent pregnancies deplete the body, and each subsequent lamb will be smaller and weaker.
  • Nutrition and weight of the animal. With a balanced diet and normal weight, a cat gives birth to 3 to 8 kittens per lambing. An inadequate diet and weight problems, on the contrary, lead to the fact that there are few kittens. Sometimes infertility occurs at all.

How many kittens a cat is carrying: ways to determine the number of fetuses

A cat’s pregnancy lasts about 65 days. Already in the third week of an interesting position, her tummy is rounded. At this time, the kittens can be felt by lightly massaging the mother’s belly. Although veterinarians do not advise doing this in order to avoid negative consequences for both babies and their mother. There are safer ways to find out how many kittens a cat will have this time:

  • Folk. not the most accurate, but safe and simple. You just need to count the number of mammary glands of the cat and subtract the number 2. The resulting figure means the number of future kittens.
  • Medical. veterinarians advise to simply do an ultrasound scan to the cat. It is usually prescribed in the second month of pregnancy. With the help of ultrasound, you can find out the exact number of kittens without causing harm.

So when the signs of pregnancy in a cat are already visible to the naked eye, you can safely go to an appointment with a veterinarian, who will send the expectant mother to an ultrasound scan. Do not neglect the achievements of medicine, because the health of a domestic cat is very important, especially if she is pregnant.

How to determine how many kittens a pregnant cat will have?

It is not possible to visually determine the number of kittens at the stage of pregnancy. The size of the abdomen, like in women, for example, is not yet an indicator. After all, a large belly in a pregnant cat can be associated not only with the number of embryos in it, but also with the amount of amniotic fluid.

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But you can try to guess how many kittens a cat will have in the future. In this case, you can use the old “grandmother’s” method, namely, somewhere in the fifth or sixth week of pregnancy, you need to take a closer look at the cat’s belly. At this time, some of the nipples should turn pink and swell (become bare), and by this indicator it is roughly possible to find out that how many nipples are “exposed”, so many kittens will be. Of course, this will not be a 100% percentage result and errors are possible, but still.

In our time, of course, the determination of the number of kittens, possibly by ultrasound, which is done in veterinary clinics. This procedure is painless and harmless. Therefore, after 15 days from the moment of conception, veterinarians can already track the progress of the pregnancy, and from the 20th day, the fetal heartbeat is already detected.

And there are also cats that seem to be visually pregnant, but in fact they are just fat)) at one time such a frequent visitor came to us, she even climbed through the window to pull something from the table. We all thought. when it’s already lambing?

Well, this is already a real gluttony). It is still very fortunate that she is still able to crawl or squeeze through the window. Of course this is just a joke, but really excessive obesity in cats can visually look like pregnancy. Romchica thanks! more than a year ago

In my opinion, one cannot say anything for sure without an ultrasound, and an ultrasound with a large number of fetuses is often mistaken. It seems that ultrasound will not count 15 kittens, he will say that there are just a lot.

How to determine how many kittens a cat will have

Cat pregnancy: how to identify the signs? How long does pregnancy last in cats??

Did your cat’s pregnancy take you by surprise? Are you more worried than your favorite pet? No need. in this article you will find all the necessary information about this wonderful period in the life of your pet. Th

How to determine how many kittens a cat will have

Normal number of kittens in a litter

The question of the number of babies in a litter is of practical importance for the owner of a pregnant female: it makes it possible to simplify childbirth and to have an idea in advance of how many babies need to be attached to good hands.

Long-term experience of keeping domestic cats shows that the average pet living in favorable conditions gives birth to 4 to 6 kittens. Of course, this figure can change in one direction or another, but this deviation is insignificant.

It is not uncommon for a cat to give birth to 10 or even 15 live cubs per lamb, but this is rather an exception to the rule. It is difficult to guess how many kittens a cat can give birth to. Experienced breeders believe that the size of the offspring depends on the number of milk nipples in the female. To do this, you need to count them and subtract the number 2. This method of determination is not absolutely reliable, but it can be adopted.

Physiologically, the size of the offspring is determined by the number of places where fertilized eggs attach to the walls of the uterus, which in cats consists of two horns. Therefore, young and old females give birth to fewer kittens than animals at the optimal reproductive age.

It is also known that street cats in the yard give birth to more babies at one time than well-to-do pampered domestic beauties. Scientists explain this fact by the weakening of the genetic

How to understand how many kittens a cat will have. Important questions for the breeder: how much does a cat give birth for the first time and then, which affects the number?

Owners of domestic beauties are often interested in the question of how many kittens a cat gives birth for the first time. This problem is relevant not only for breeders who breed purebred animals. What determines the multiplicity of an animal or, conversely, why one kitten is born. such questions are of interest to owners of ordinary pets.

How to tell when a cat will give birth

Owners of a pregnant cat should determine in advance when their pet will give birth. The fact is that pets sometimes need human help to give birth to offspring. The intervention of the owner often even saves the life of the kitten, especially if the cat is giving birth for the first time or if it has certain deviations or health problems.

Determine the date of conception and calculate the approximate day of birth. Knitting can be repeated within 3-4 days, and this is important to consider. Pregnancy in cats usually lasts 58 to 72 days. In part, its duration may depend on the number of kittens, as well as on the condition of the cat. In particular, stress in the late stages can lead to a delay in labor. If your cat has given birth before, consider the length of her previous pregnancy, as this time she may be the same.

Pay attention to the cat’s belly. Already in the sixth week, it becomes quite large, and after another week, looking closely, you can notice the movement of the kittens. This indicates an impending birth. As a rule, about a week before lambing, the mammary glands increase significantly in size. Keep track of these changes to determine your estimated due date.

Observe the cat’s behavior. 1-2 weeks before giving birth, the animal usually starts looking for a nest, worries, rummages through the cabinets, tries to get into the most secluded places. The cat lays down in a certain place, but then rises and starts looking again. 1-3 days before giving birth, the animal becomes inactive, sleeps a lot. Some cats start petting their owner more often than usual.

Monitor your cat closely during the last week of pregnancy. Measure her temperature rectally: immediately before the birth, she will drop to about 37 degrees Celsius. 1-2 days before delivery, the mucous plug leaves.

You cannot determine the number of kittens, only visually. You don’t really need to look after, everything is as usual, only there is more food) carry less on your hands, and stroke your tummy as often as possible, they are pleased. If your cat is giving birth for the first time, then it is advisable to help, firstly, equip her with a place protected from prying eyes, they love it in closets or drawers, specially lay it for her and when she is there, try not to plan again. When the contractions begin, you need to help, lightly running your hand over your stomach from top to bottom, pressing a little, just a little, well, you yourself will feel it. When she is delivered to post herself, she would do everything else myself!

In general, cats themselves can do everything, but ours, from whom we took about 10 births, got used to us and requires our presence)

Take it to an ultrasound scan, and they will determine how much. Care as usual, do not restrict the stern. If you are feeding drying, then buy food for pregnant cats.

Shortly before giving birth in vet. An ultrasound scan can be done at the clinic. But why make a “pregnant woman” nervous? Who cares how many there will be, the main thing is that they are healthy. Feed your cat vitamins for pregnant animals, let’s eat what she loves, and she will give birth herself. Some animals don’t like it when humans interfere with the birthing process. Nature will do everything herself. Good luck.

A cat usually has 3.5 kittens (young 1.2), and the process of birth in cats usually proceeds very easily and quickly, especially in mongrels.

Pros determine the number of kittens per eye =) And so take them to ultrasound. The food should be varied in vitamins. Pamper your pussy with meat, fish, milk. Special care for the cat is not required and they often give birth themselves. Just before giving birth, a cat should put a box or a basket with a soft cloth inside in a warm, dark place (for giving birth and raising kittens in the first days of life)

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Cat pregnancy: how to identify the signs? How long does pregnancy last in cats??

Did your cat’s pregnancy take you by surprise? Are you more worried than your favorite pet? No need. in this article you will find all the necessary information about this wonderful period in the life of your pet. Th

How many kittens does a cat give birth for the first time??

Probably, every owner of a cat sooner or later has the question of how their pet will bring offspring. For a cat that walks by itself, this problem is not so acute: it is likely to cope with childbirth without human help. The situation is different with the birth of a cat living in you at home on a sofa.

If your cat is getting ready to become a mom, you need to know how the cat’s birthing process goes and how you can help her during this time. And many inexperienced owners are interested in how many kittens a British or, for example, a Siamese cat gives birth for the first time.

The onset of labor can be signaled by a decrease in the cat’s body temperature, which begins about a day before the event. The normal temperature in a cat is 38.5 ° C, and before the onset of labor it drops to 37 or even 36.6 ° C.

A cat’s birth takes place in three stages. First, the uterus begins to contract and its neck opens. The second stage is the actual birth of a kitten. The cat’s abdominal muscles contract and push the kitten out of the womb.

Most often, it is born in the amniotic fluid, which the cat removes and then licks the baby. In the third period, the placenta leaves, and the cat, as soon as the kitten begins to breathe on its own, gnaws through the umbilical cord and eats the placenta. Mom pushes the kitten to the nipple, and she can rest. This period lasts from 30 minutes to 4 hours, after which the cat resumes labor and the rest of the kittens are born in the same way. However, often there may not be such a rest period, and kittens can give birth immediately one after another.

It is important to ensure that the number of placentas released strictly corresponds to the number of kittens born, since the placenta remaining in the uterus will cause a serious illness of the cat.

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Often, a cat can have a so-called interrupted labor, when between belly

How to live if a cat is in heat?

A cat’s flow is a natural period of an animal’s life, characterized by a certain physical and psychological state of the individual at the time of the desire of the male. If the future owner of the pet was puzzled by the question of how to choose a kitten and, after much doubts and hesitation, opted for a female, then the first difficulty he will face is the cat’s estrus. This is a serious matter that you need to carefully prepare for, because the pet will have not only physical changes in the body, but, possibly, changes in normal behavior. over, it should be noted that a change in behavior for a number of breeds can lead to aggression, and this is already dangerous for the person himself.

To everyone, everyone who has cats! Help!

Girls, help! The cat began to give birth yesterday, the water left, a little blood. everything is as usual (her third birth), but until today we did not wait for the kittens. She lies calmly, would not say that something bothers her, she can go out a circle around the room and back to her birth. A lot of blood ran onto the bedding in a day. There is no temperature, my nose is wet and cold, I feel my stomach. I growl and squint happy. There is no generic activity. What to do? I’ll make a reservation right away that I live in an area where a veterenarist at night with an ultrasound machine is something from the realm of fantasy!

You need to get to the vet. I missed my cat so, the deadlines have passed, her kittens have rotted there. In the vet clinic, they injected oxytocin (stimulating). She gave birth, but the dead. It’s good that my cat survived, we were very worried (

Nothing wrong. This happens. Once my cat gave birth to one kitten, we decided that everything was behind us, especially since the cat felt wonderful, and a week later she gave birth to another, dead. Perhaps, in your case, the kittens will die, but she will still give birth to them herself. But if you’re worried, take her to the vet, let them see.

My cat is also preparing to become a mom for the third time. I really like to put my hand on her tummy and feel the babies move 🙂

The second birth was more difficult. She had contractions in the evening. All night I tried to give birth, while purring, my nose was wet and cold. I sat with her all this time. In the morning she could not stand it, went to bed, left her husband with the cat. In the afternoon she gave birth to one kitten. I felt the stomach, so there were still kittens, however, they were moving. In the evening she began to contractions again, again all night trying to breed

How to understand that a cat is giving birth

If a cat is pregnant, how she behaves is quite understandable, but if not, then you should refer to the search on this site and get a detailed explanation in another article of this project. As for childbirth in cats, how to understand what it has begun and what to do in a similar situation for pet owners at home, you can learn from this article.

It will not be superfluous to find out what the precursors and signs of feline birth are, on what day is the rate of delivery in cats for the first time and how many days before the birth, milk appears in cats.

You should be aware that a cat can start giving birth 60-65 days after mating. So, worry in advance to prepare a place for her to give birth, and then a house for mom with kittens. You should definitely introduce her to this house, it can be a box without a top with rags put there. When the time comes, the cat begins to look for a quieter and warmer shelter, it can climb into a wardrobe, or even on your bed under a blanket.

She can follow you and purr as if asking for help. If your pussy is thoroughbred, then you need to prepare a cat’s first aid kit, and if it is noble, then you may not even be involved in the childbirth process. And you will find the addition of the family after all that happened. If this does not happen, prepare:

Cats have signs of labor in the near future, experienced breeders are immediately visible. For example, the expectant mother begins to behave restlessly, looking for a secluded place in the closet, under the battery, in some box with things. This behavior should tell you that delivery is coming soon, and you need to try not to interfere with her. Although you need to be on the alert to help her at the right time.

In addition, a pregnant cat can walk on your heels and rub. Very often she will lick herself, she will have colostrum and breast enlargement, temperature

A common case when a cat’s pregnancy is delayed for about a week. However, kittens born prematurely are less likely to survive. It is quite difficult to understand that your pet is pregnant in the first month, since the cat only gains a little weight and only some cats may vomit.

The belly begins to noticeably increase only by 35 days of feline pregnancy. Cats are not advised to be given drugs or vaccinated during their entire pregnancy. This can have a negative impact on the cat and her future babies.

Cat owners can make their pet’s pregnancy more comfortable and help avoid complications. To do this, you need to remember the nutritional needs of a pregnant cat. So, in the first two weeks, the amount of food should be increased by about one tenth. From the third week, the amount of food should increase by 1.5-2 times. And after the seventh week. on the contrary, decrease.

If the cat prefers natural products, then remember that half of the diet should be boiled meat. In addition, it is important that the cat eats boiled fish, boiled eggs, cereals, vegetables and fruits.

The cat should not be overfed and its diet should be balanced. It is necessary to remember about the increased need for proteins, vitamins and minerals. The cat should now eat 3 to 5 times a day. If the cat was fed ready-made food before pregnancy, then this should not be stopped, but you just need to switch to a similar food for pregnant and lactating cats.

Since the cat is not as agile during pregnancy as it used to be, you should limit its ability to jump from a height. Otherwise, even a small jump can turn into an unpleasant fall.

For all questions, you can and should contact your veterinarian. He will determine the pregnancy, help you choose the right feeding diet, help

How to understand how many kittens a cat has in its tummy. How many cats carry kittens: useful information

You finally brought your cat home after mating. But do not immediately rush to the pet with the question of how many kittens the cat is carrying, and feel her belly. Perhaps conception has not even happened yet. “When will it be?” Perhaps you ask impatiently. Conception in a cat. This, so to speak, is a delicate matter. It is not happening as fast as it seems. If the cat you have chosen for mating has “worked out” with your pet, conception will occur 24-50 hours after the first sexual intercourse. When this happens, the pregnancy countdown will begin. And the next question will appear. About how many kittens the cat is carrying (in the sense of “how long it will last”). Answer: the duration of the entire pregnancy is 58-72 days, i.e. Almost 2 months. Why such a fluctuation in terms. From 58 to 72 days? And it depends on the number of kittens in the cat’s tummy. The fewer there are, the longer the pregnancy lasts, and vice versa. The more kittens, the shorter the period of their bearing will be. The duration of pregnancy in cats is not the same. Therefore, to within a day, it is impossible to answer the question of how many kittens a cat is carrying (for example, 60 days or 8 weeks, as they often write on the Internet). Each cat breed has its own surprises both during pregnancy and during childbirth. One cat can have different gestation periods, even if the number of kittens born is the same. Anyway, watch your pet.

It has been 20-30 days since conception. The cat becomes sleepy, inactive, and at the same time, her appetite improves. On the abdomen, you can clearly see the raised and pinkish nipples. The abdomen increases, becomes round, strong, elastic. And so far, the question of how many kittens a cat is carrying kittens cannot be answered one hundred percent.

1-3 weeks

During this period, the cat’s pregnancy leads to some loss of appetite and drowsiness. First good for

Pregnancy in cats: a note to the responsible owner

Waiting for kittens is an amazing period of a female’s life, filled with tenderness and care for future offspring. Inside the four-legged mother, there is a real miracle of transformation of small cells into fluffy purrs, quickly scattering around the house. Of course, a caring owner has many questions about the health of his ward: how long a pregnancy lasts in cats, how to plan a calendar of medical examinations, what are the features of the “interesting position” of tailed family members.

How long does pregnancy last in cats??

The pet is a living creature, not a clockwork. Therefore, just like in humans, the period of bearing offspring, like the pregnancy of a cat itself, can depend on many factors:

However, you should not let the situation go by itself. It is important for the owner to understand well how long pregnancy lasts in cats in order to exclude the occurrence of pathological processes. Normally, the duration of gestation lasts more than 2 months, or from 58 to 72 days. But in short-haired breeds, the duration of the term is reduced to 58. 68.

In addition, the more babies are expected in a litter, the less time a cat’s pregnancy will take. When the term is less than the specified range, veterinarians talk about premature birth. But the delay of a significant event up to 7 days is not a cause for concern.

To know for sure how many kittens a cat is carrying, it is necessary to take into account the following nuance: the responsible period is counted not from the moment of mating, but after 48 hours. This time is necessary for the attachment of the ovum to the wall of the uterus.

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How many kittens can a cat give birth?

Pregnancy is a very important and crucial period in the life of both the cat itself and its owner, because pets are less adapted to life than their street relatives.

know, many, kittens

Only thanks to your care and concern will they be able to experience this moment easier and more calmly, and for this, of course, you need to prepare in advance. Of course, you can surrender yourself to the hands of professionals, but many prefer to take delivery at home in order to experience the whole process on their own.

A little about cat pregnancy

Naturally, so that the birth proceeded more calmly, and you did not worry, but how many more fluffy lumps should be born, it is advisable to know in advance how many kittens a cat can give birth to. In order to understand this issue, you need to know a little about the pet’s pregnancy itself.

Usually, the entire period of gestation in a cat lasts about 63 days, the period may vary slightly, plus or minus 2-3 days, but this is no longer the point. Usually, a cat’s pregnancy is conventionally divided into several stages, but already at the first of them (approximately at the third week), you can quite clearly feel the embryos of kittens in the round and strengthened tummy of the expectant mother. It is difficult to say how many of them there will be in a given period, usually they are no more than 3 cm long.

At about the fifth week, the belly of the fluffy mother increases by another couple of centimeters, it is already undesirable to probe future kittens during this period, because they acquire a cylindrical shape and sink directly into the abdominal cavity.

By the way, a cat, like a person, can have an ultrasound scan, which will not only confirm the presence of pregnancy in the early stages, but also allow you to determine how many kittens to expect. Starting from the 6th week, the belly begins to rapidly change in size, and already at the 7th week, you can feel the active movements of future pussies. In the last week, the cat becomes inactive, and in the last days it is actively looking for a place to give birth.

How many kittens can a healthy cat give birth??

This issue is of particular concern to those owners who breed thoroughbred individuals, because you need to prepare for their subsequent sale in advance.

In addition, it is useful to know this and the owners of ordinary, even the most non-pedigree pets, because the further fate of small fluffy lumps must also be taken care of in advance, and knowing their number, it is much easier to take childbirth.

It is believed that a typical average cat, who has no health problems, eats well and lives at home, can produce 4 to 6 kittens. Naturally, this figure may vary slightly in one direction or another.

This number is called optimal and it obeys a simple calculation formula: the number of nipples minus two. Naturally, there are no strict theorems on this topic, there are cases when one cat brought 15 live and healthy kittens during lambing! This, of course, is rather an exception than a rule, but, nevertheless.

What affects the number of offspring?

  • First of all, this is the age of the future mother. If a cat gives birth for the first time, then most likely the number of kittens will vary from one to three individuals. An experienced and adult female is able to give birth from 4 to 12 kittens, but already cats aged (usually after 7 years) are not able to produce numerous offspring. Surprisingly, at this age they often begin to feel tenderness and maternal feelings for other people’s kittens, and even they are “adopted”.
  • Secondly, it is, of course, the health status of the pet. An undernourished, weakened or unhealthy animal is simply unable to bear or give birth to numerous offspring. Usually such cats have no more than three kittens.
  • Thirdly, it is heredity. A cat that was born in a large litter has a much better chance of producing more kittens when lambing.
  • Pedigree individuals are much less likely to give birth to numerous offspring.

But how do you know the exact number of kittens? Only ultrasound can tell you reliable figures with an accuracy of 99%. Of course, one can also assume about large offspring by the size of the belly of the future fluffy mother: the larger it is, the more offspring she expects. In the early stages (at 3-4 weeks), you can try to gently feel her belly and count the number of embryos.

When cats are in heat

Usually puberty begins by 7-10 months of age.

But the full physiological formation of the body for the continuation of the genus ends at about 12-14 months.

It should be noted that the time of the onset of the first estrus, as well as its regularity, depends on many factors, including the breed of the cat.

For example, in such oriental breeds as Siamese, Persian and Oriental, estrus can be observed much more often than cats of other breeds (for example, Scottish, British).

What will you learn from the article

Heat in cats is a period of sexual arousal. Like other mammals, such periods occur when they are sexually mature and ready to reproduce.

In this article, you will learn all about this condition and understand the best way to deal with your animal.

Signs and symptoms

Determining estrus in cats is easy enough. You should pay attention to the following signs:

  • The genitals of the animal are enlarged, there is no bloody discharge, but there are transparent, in principle, abundant discharge, which the cat can inherit.
  • The pet is licked more often, and urination may become more frequent than usual.
  • Sometimes there are disturbances in appetite. the cat eats less and less often.
  • Cats become more affectionate, rub against everything that is possible. furniture, owners. They also roll on the floor and wriggle. There are, of course, individuals who, on the contrary, become too aggressive during estrus.
  • The animal tries to escape from the house, using all possible entrances and exits. windows, doors, etc.
  • The animal makes plaintive, drawn-out and sometimes very loud sounds, thus calling for cats.
  • Bends its posture, lies down on the floor while actively tramples with its hind legs and takes its tail to the side.

How cats are in heat

Divided into 4 successive stages:

Proestrus is the first stage of estrus in a cat, which lasts 1-4 days. During this period, the cat is even more or less calm. There may be an increased, but not so much pronounced affection for the owner. Appetite persists, sometimes even higher than usual. The cat may make quiet throat sounds. The genitals gradually increase in size, discharge begins, but despite all this, the cat will not allow a single cat to come near.

Estrus. the second stage, lasting a week and a half. This is the heat itself, when the cat wants a cat, it becomes especially affectionate, wriggles, meows loudly, rolls on the floor. If you stroke your pet in the region of the sacrum, then she will take a characteristic position for mating and take her tail to the side. This is a normal and natural phenomenon, inherent in nature. It should be noted that during the estrus period, 3-5 days are considered optimal for mating.

Metestrus is a period of decreased sexual arousal in an animal. Lasts 3-12 days. If fertilization occurred at the previous stage, then during metestrus the cat will react aggressively to cats. Sometimes it happens that if fertilization does not occur, then it is at the third stage that cats develop a false pregnancy.

A false pregnancy resembles a true pregnancy in all respects, except that this pregnancy will not end in childbirth. Usually, a false pregnancy takes place within a month and a half. If fertilization occurred at the previous stage, then after 60-70 days the cat gives birth to kittens.

Anestrus is the fourth and final stage of estrus, unless fertilization occurs. The cat gradually calms down and returns to normal life.

Cats are in heat. How often does it happen

The leaks last year round and may recur every three weeks until the cat is spayed or becomes pregnant.

Usually domestic cats ask for a cat at any time of the year, but a particular increase in sex drive is noted in late winter. mid-spring, from about February to March.

Heat medications

Yes, there is a hormonal agent in injections (Covinan), the introduction of which can stop estrus and prevent its occurrence for an average of six months.

Please note that such a drug is very undesirable to use without consulting a veterinarian.

Firstly, these injections must be done strictly according to the scheme, not once, but over several months.

Secondly, the drug can only be used before estrus.

Consider the fact that the first injection of this drug should be done ONLY by a veterinarian, telling the further scheme of use.

Do not forget about the high risk of diseases of the uterus, appendages and mammary glands of your pet. This medication is contraindicated in cats over 5 years of age, especially if it has never been used on your cat before.

How long does a cat last in heat?

So, a cat’s first estrus occurs at the age of 7-10 months.

One sexual cycle (estrus) lasts approximately 5 days to 2 weeks.

How to help your cat in heat

On the contrary, show more tenderness and care, more often pick up, talk, stroke and comb the cat. These simple manipulations will relieve tension and calm the animal a little.

Keep in mind that active games with your pet will also help distract her at least a little from an irresistible desire to procreate. While in heat, give your kitty a good spin so that she can release her stored energy.

You can also use sedatives such as herbal infusion Kot Bayun or Anti Stress drops. They are harmless and can help correct your cat’s behavior during estrus. They should be applied following the instructions in the instructions.

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