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How to make a cat give birth faster

An adult cat in a new home. how to help with adaptation?

An adult cat in a new home. how to help with adaptation?

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In life, there are situations when it is difficult to walk past an animal and not give him help. Unfortunately, not only small kittens, but also adult animals have to move to a new home. It often happens that the owners, for some reason, can no longer keep a cat or cat, especially for older people who have age-related health problems that do not allow them to pay due attention to the pet.

Sometimes the animal is taken by relatives, and sometimes by strangers, caring people. But after all, an adult cat or a cat, these are animals with an established character, with their own habits, which do not always easily and painlessly endure moving and getting used to a new home. over, cats generally tend to become attached to their place of residence. There are many cases when the cat stubbornly did not want to leave the house. Some cats run away from home if a move is planned. And a new place of residence is always a great stress for them. An adult animal in such a situation needs to be helped to adapt to a new home.

There are several important rules, following which will help an adult cat or cat adapt in a new home. To begin with, you will have to be patient in order to calmly endure all the whims of the new tenant. Cats generally tend to keep their distance, and even with strangers at all. No wonder there is a comic saying that a cat is the only animal that has domesticated itself. Therefore, if an adult cat came to you for the first time, you should not overdo it with communication, and even more so. forcibly take it in your arms and squeeze it. If the cat doesn’t mind, you can pet it a little.

It is necessary for the animal to calmly examine the territory that is new for it, without fear to look into all corners. A new settler can hide in a secluded place and sit there for a long time. In this case, you do not need to pull him out of the shelter. Let the animal calm down and get comfortable with new smells and sounds.

Of course, it all depends on the character of the cat. If the cat has an affectionate, purring disposition, then it will be easier for him to get used to a new habitat and to a new owner. And if the cat is wild and has lived all his life on the street, then it will be much more difficult for him to adapt.

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The main thing is to immediately provide the cat with a tray and bowls of food, and show him where they are. If the cat is accustomed to the litter box, then he will immediately realize what is what and there will be no problems. Do not forget about the scratching post if you do not want the upholstered furniture to turn into rags.

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It is more difficult if there are other animals in the new home. The cat will have to get used not only to a new place, but also to new neighbors. Therefore, at first, if possible, it is better to settle an adult cat in a separate room, where it will be relieved of the annoying curiosity of other pets. It is better that both the tray and the food bowls are in the same room where the new settler is adapting. Although, of course, not everyone will agree to the presence of a cat litter in the room (especially if it is the master’s bedroom).

But, as mentioned earlier, here you need to be prepared for everything. Cats in a new place may not go to the litter box for the first time, but in general wherever they want, show aggression, tear the wallpaper and generally do worse things, just to show everyone how unhappy they are with what is happening and draw attention to their trouble.

Only sincere love for animals can help here. As practice shows, over time, even the most capricious cat and the most stubborn cat, if they are treated with affection and patiently taught to behave, change for the better and fit perfectly into a new home.

And an adult animal can become attached to new owners as sincerely as a small kitten. Sometimes such “settlers” are much more affectionate and obedient than the native feline inhabitants of the house. Sometimes the fears when an adult cat moves to a new house are completely in vain and the animal after a few days feels and behaves as if it has lived here its entire conscious life.

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It is better to place a house for a lambing cat with offspring in a quiet room, where it is desirable to restrict the access of children, guests and animals. The room should be free of drafts and warm. it is undesirable for the temperature to drop below 26 ° C. In the first days after birth, kittens have no mechanisms for regulating body temperature, and cold can harm them.


Once again, do not take kittens in your arms. Firstly, the extra psychological stress caused by childbirth can lead to the fact that the cat can abandon offspring. Secondly, the kittens’ immune system has not yet been formed, and they can easily pick up the virus. Therefore, if it becomes necessary to take the kids in your arms, you should first wash your hands thoroughly so that they do not have smells of perfume, cream and other aromas; it would be nice to wear sterile gloves. For the first week, kittens do not see or hear anything, but they know the world by smell.

As a rule, the cat herself does an excellent job with the hygiene of the kittens: for the first month she will look after them herself, lick them, and she will maintain cleanliness in the house.

Nutrition and health care

Childbirth is very stressful for the cat’s body. Therefore, after them she must be watered and fed. Do not be surprised that she will eat twice as much. this is normal, because in order to feed kittens, she needs a lot of strength and energy.

You need to feed your pet with a special feed with m nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Special foods for lactating cats and kittens are available in the Royal Canin, Purina Pro Plan, dry and wet food ranges.

Food and water should be placed near the nest of cats and kittens. At this time, the cat also consumes more fluids than usual, since it loses a lot of water with milk.

During the first two weeks after giving birth, the cat will have dark clotted discharge that should be monitored. If they do not brighten and do not end, it is necessary to show the animal to the doctor.

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Toys and first steps

At 13–15 days, kittens begin to crawl and quite consciously study the world around them. They already see, hear and pay attention to each other. Their first toy can be, for example, a small ball. from any touch it will roll and become the first game of kittens.

The cat gave birth to kittens. What to do?

As a rule, the cat itself does an excellent job with the newly appeared offspring. The owner only needs to help her a little: allocate a quiet and warm place, provide full and healthy food, monitor her health, start complementary feeding on time.

Resuscitation of kittens during childbirth

Sometimes kittens are born very weak and need emergency help to survive. To stimulate the lungs, aspiration of amniotic fluid from the nasal and oral cavities is necessary with a syringe or a special baby suction. If breathing does not appear, then tracheal intubation is needed, but this can only be done by a veterinarian.

To improve blood circulation and revive the kitten, wipe it with a sterile napkin and do an intensive massage. In no case should you use ammonia!

How to help your cat during labor?

Such a pet must be shown to a veterinarian so that he prescribes the correct treatment and prescribes immunomodulators and vitamins.

Restrictions on walking

The first days after giving birth, the cat almost does not leave the nest with the offspring, but as the kittens grow older, she begins to go out for walks. Since by its nature a cat is a nocturnal predator, these instincts periodically wake up in pets, and then you can wait for walks in the morning.

If the cat is accustomed to walking on the street, for a while such walks should be limited: kittens’ immunity is very weak, and on its fur a cat can bring not only viral diseases, but also parasites, which are deadly for babies.