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How to make a cat lose weight

Why does a cat lose weight with a good appetite: possible reasons

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Many breeders panic if they see that a cat is losing weight with a normal and balanced diet.

In most cases, there is no concern. if, for example, your pet leads an active lifestyle, is often in motion. He simply has a normal metabolism, and all calories are burned.

A thin kitten is not always a cause for concern.

Waiting for a baby or a teenage kitten to gain weight and the appearance of roundness is useless.

Until about 8-10 months, they form a skeleton, spine, posture. During this period, the animal is, so to speak, “stretched” to the desired size, and after formation it can begin to gain weight.

If you have an adult animal, and it is losing weight with a healthy diet, then the reasons may be as follows:.

Dangerous symptoms with good appetite

The presence of blood in the feces of a cat should alert the owner.

  • Lethargy and apathy;
  • blood and obscure impurities in the urine;
  • absence of stool or its contraction;
  • frequent diarrhea;
  • bloating.

As mentioned above, this may be due to helminths, as well as internal and infectious diseases.

Safe and dangerous symptoms of cat weight loss

If your cat eats normally but is losing weight, then you shouldn’t worry. Loss of appetite can be accompanied by the following harmless symptoms:

How to Help Your Cat Lose Weight | Cat Care

  • The cat moves a lot, often plays.
  • A pet at a respectable age leads a measured and sedentary lifestyle.
  • Diarrhea, but not more than two days. a sign of mild animal poisoning.
  • Stress caused by a number of factors. After a few days, everything will be restored.

It should also be noted that many owners forget to check the indicators of the weight norm for their pet, taking into account its breed and age.

How much weight should a healthy cat have??

For many adult cats, given a particular breed, the normal weight category is 2.5 to 7 kg. A mature cat should be fit and a little lean depending on the breed and its lifestyle. In no case should you overfeed the animal, otherwise it will have health problems.

Summer period

Cats outdoors in summer due to active games may simply not have time to eat well.

As a rule, in the warm season, many animals lose not only wool, but also weight. In the heat, the cat does not really want to eat, its food intake is reduced, because of which it can lose weight.

Why the cat has lost a lot of weight, but eats well: he is sick?

Some owners are faced with various changes to their pets for unknown reasons. It often happens that a cat loses weight with a good appetite. On the one hand, the animal feeds, which means everything is in order. But, on the other hand, it is completely incomprehensible why he does not maintain his weight, but loses it. Are there any concerns in this case?

Old age

If your pet is already of considerable age, then do not expect that he will eat the same portions as a young one. Older animals spend less energy, sleep more, and therefore eat less.

Old age is not a joy, if you sit down, you won’t get up.

It’s another matter if a cat is rapidly losing weight for unknown reasons. this is a good argument to check it with a veterinarian for chronic diseases.

Why is weight loss

If a cat eats a lot, but loses weight, there are a number of reasons:

  • Worms. Helminths or worms destroy the animal’s body from the inside. Even if the cat eats a lot, the pet loses weight. Helminths get inside the animal from dirty shoes, unwashed hands, and a dirty litter box. Cleanliness and hygiene will protect the cat. To combat worms, special products are sold, taken on average for about six months.
  • The defeat of the internal organs. The answer to the question why the cat is losing weight will help the analysis in the vet clinic. Disturbances in the digestive system are also noticeable externally. This is an impurity in urine and stool consistency, an unusual color. During the period of illness, the pet’s appetite decreases, he eats little.
  • Stress. Having a new pet can be a problem. The cat’s health is under serious stress due to nervous experience. Therefore, the once fat cat may begin to lose weight in a couple of months. Any change for a pet is a long-term addictive.
  • Summer heat. If the cat loses weight in the summer with a good appetite, this is normal. In the summer season, the fluffy animal sheds its fur, and due to temperature loads, it eats less than in frosty winters.
  • Age. The old cat eats less than the young one. This is due to low mobility. An older cat who is losing weight should still be checked with a veterinarian, but for animals that sleep most of the time, weight loss is common.
  • Tumors. Neoplasms on the body, and even more so in the body, are not easy to detect. With benign tumors, the cat should not lose weight.
  • Feed. The quality of food determines the weight of the animal, how quickly it loses weight, how much it eats, and affects the processes in the body. Do not drastically change the cat’s diet from dry to liquid or homemade food. Even a dog that is less picky about food will not begin to recover from this. Changing the menu for a pet is a consistent and long process, in which it loses weight anyway.
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How to feed your cat with natural food?

The menu consists of two types of dishes. These are meat and dairy products.

The fermented milk set consists of low-fat cottage cheese and 1% kefir. On average, cottage cheese is served “on the table” to the cat 1-2 times a week.

What is the optimal weight for an adult cat?

Depending on the breed, the weight of the pet varies from 3 to 7 kg. Mature animals are usually fit and thin, especially if it is a male who is losing weight and gaining weight all the time. The lifestyle of a healthy cat is active and dynamic. After “games” the pet wants to drink a lot, the animal eats abundantly, which has a positive effect on the digestive processes.

Dangerous symptoms of weight loss include:

  • Lethargy, apathy. Mood swings are evidence of anxiety. The cat is bad and she cannot find a place for herself, does not play and refuses food.
  • Blood, frequent diarrhea. If the cat has lost weight and at the same time there are extraneous inclusion in the urine and diarrhea, you need to go to the clinic and do tests.
  • Bloating. Do not confuse heavy weight and a bloated belly. The cat may get worse and worse due to internal swelling, infection, infection, due to which he does not eat.

When you shouldn’t panic?

The activity of the animal is the best evidence of the state of health. A cat that constantly plays, runs, sleeps little and constantly asks for food is not subject to risks and periodically loses weight. The morning volume of food is burned in a matter of hours and therefore the pet will ask for more in the afternoon. But you shouldn’t overfeed your cat.

Old cats are already getting cold to play, losing weight and it’s not a matter of illness. With age, the cat moves less and less and studies, more often observes and evaluates. The fewer movements, the less energy is burned, and accordingly, a minimum of food will be needed.

Mild poisoning for cats is a common situation, especially if the pet eats the same food as the owner. Diarrhea for two to three days does not mean a serious illness. If the problem has dragged on for more than a week, it is wise to see a specialist.

Animals experience stressful situations more difficult than humans, but faster. The introduction of a kitten, puppy, baby, a scary cat plush toy or a new person in the house can completely destroy the appetite and lead to the animal losing weight. Do not panic: after a couple of days, the cat will return to its usual eating schedule.

How to feed your cat properly?

If the cat has lost a lot of weight, the owner may have made the wrong daily diet and menu for the pet. There are a number of rules thanks to which you can maintain a stable weight of the animal and protect the family pet from threats:

It is important to choose only one food option, otherwise the cat will not only lose weight, but may also get sick. This is a branded industrial feed or natural food. You can find branded feeds by labeling holistic, premium and supreme. These are classes that confirm compliance with high production standards.

Natural food and industrial feed must not be mixed. The cat develops one type of digestion, aimed at “artificial” or natural food. Your cat needs more moisture to digest the biscuits. With a constant change in diet, the digestive system cannot adapt in a timely manner, which causes the stomach and intestines to suffer.

Why does a cat lose weight, but eats well?

When the animal feeds steadily, but does not gain weight, the pet owners sound the alarm. Many people believe that if a cat eats, then weight gain is a natural process. This is not entirely true. Animals, like humans, are active and dynamic, which burns extra calories and contributes to the fact that the pet loses weight. When a cat is losing weight, but eating well, this is normal. With active life, weight loss is ensured by a normal metabolism. The situation is different with sedentary cats.

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Do not expect an active fat gain from a kitten. In kittens the first 9-11 months, a skeleton, posture is formed, the baby gets fat and thinner. Young cats and cats become soft and plump 1-2 years after birth.

Why does a cat need weed?

An indispensable ingredient in the diet of a cat that is losing weight is green grass. It is a natural food that has a positive effect on the functioning of the digestive system. The herb contains zinc, manganese, pantothenic acid and vitamins of various groups, which are necessary to rid the body of parasites and strengthen immunity.

Constant monitoring of the weight, the fact that the cat is losing weight or gaining weight is the right decision. This is an indicator of the development of the body, the appearance of symptoms of diseases and other problems. A well-designed diet will help protect an adult cat and keep a kitten safe.

How to Help Your CAT Lose Weight! Pet Obesity / Cat Lady Fitness

Feeding a cat if it is losing weight is deliberately dangerous. A fat and fluffy animal looks cute and even adorable, but for the animal it is an extra load, decreased activity and the risk of various diseases that proceed in a passive form and may be invisible at the initial stage.

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Castrate and before puberty, will mark once. write wasted, and after castration can mark

Can. But rarely. I can count such cases on my fingers. Helps almost always.

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All men are so kind to cat eggs. Probably they represent themselves in their place 🙂

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the only unpleasant moment. all in different ways after anesthesia depart. it is necessary to control and be with the animal after anesthesia for half a day and that’s it. And then they can get up and fall, lose their orientation

Castrate and before puberty, mark once. write wasted, and after castration can mark

Rave. My two street cats were picked up by the one-year-olds and tagged in such a way that it seemed they didn’t need anything else in their lives. only piss the corners. The very next day after castration, they stopped marking.

Even the tray can be changed less often, since the smell will appear only when the cat is full of litter.

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But in general, it is rare if a cat marks after castration. I forgot to say: he can mark for another six months (even the Vets warn about this). Then it passes. But mine were not tagged.

Cats (females) become sexually mature (capable of mating) at about 6 months of age. Less often earlier. Consider. Skip the moment and get a pregnant cat and a choice: either to drown / distribute the kittens or neuter the pregnant cat (technically possible) while getting rid of the kittens.

But in general, it is rare if a cat marks after castration. I forgot to say: he can mark for another six months (even the Vets warn about this). Then it passes. But mine were not tagged.

Everything is correct. It is necessary to castrate. Explain to your husband that the cat’s testicles will stay in place. They are simply incised and the testes are removed. Over time, adipose tissue can grow and they even take shape. At mine it is quite clear what it is. cat))).

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And the cat will also need to be neutered unambiguously later, so that it is healthy.

the only unpleasant moment. all in different ways after anesthesia depart. it is necessary to control and be with the animal after anesthesia for half a day and that’s it. And then they can get up and fall, lose their orientation

Before the operation, it is necessary to proglist. It is desirable to donate blood, ecg. This dramatically reduces the risk of complications from anesthesia. After surgery, the cat should not be placed on a hill (sofa, bed, chair.) Will fall when trying to get up and jump off. Lay an oilcloth under it, most likely it will wet itself while it moves away. This is if you immediately take away from the clinic, still sleeping. Cover from above, so as not to get overcooled. The doctor will tell you everything.

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I read all the comments, thanks for the advice. I have the same problem, the cat marks everything around, tired of walking around and cleaning up after him. And in addition, I have a matched street kitty, she is 4 months old. We will sterilize both.

    my cat has just turned 5 months old (if you need a Scottish Straight breed), and he jumps on the second cat from behind and grabs it by the scruff. What to do? This is normal?

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