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How to make a do-it-yourself playpen for a puppy

Wooden box

You can also use a wooden box as a lounger, but you just need to decorate it beautifully. Sand the edges, paint or open with varnish. Or even sheathed with fabric.

Simple elegance

Here’s another simple classic design that really shows how important great paint is! This step is easy, so if you’re lucky, the dog house will be ready and livable after about five hours of operation.

DIY instructions and project credit. RemoveAndReplace

Chest of drawers

A bed for your pets can be organized and in the chest of drawers it is enough to remove a few drawers and cover it with a small mattress.

Design options for a dog bed

In fact, there are a lot of options for decorating your pet’s resting place, and you should choose from the preferences of the animal itself. Let’s take a look at some of them:

free DIY dog house plans

Your dog gives you unconditional love and affection on a regular basis, so why not show him a little love by giving him a great open space to call his own? Whatever your budget or building skill level, there are many kennel plans available to suit any breed!

We’ve searched the internet and put together 20 of our favorite DIY kennels that will make your dog the envy of his dog garden or dog walking team.

What you need to know

The bed for the dog is arranged in the same way as for the cat. But, in order to properly make a bed for a dog, you need to keep in mind that:

  • The dog was domesticated by man many earlier than the cat. If domestic cats freely interbreed with wild forest cats and give viable fertile offspring, then there is nothing to hear about dog-wolf hybrids. Therefore, the genetic ties with the progenitors (ancestor memory) are much weaker in dogs than in cats.
  • Dogs are exclusively terrestrial animals. A poodle or lapdog can jump on a closet, but cannot climb a tree.
  • Dogs’ claws do not retract. They are thicker, sturdier, less curved than felines and therefore almost never tangled or get stuck.
  • Skin glands of dogs, by their nature active pack hunter-beaters, are more developed than those of cats. ambush predators. If a wild cat needs to hide and wait in order to feed itself, then a wolf or a wild dog must clearly mark its path so that the leader can properly organize the hunt of the pack.
  • A flock of predators of the canine family in nature is a terrible force: neither a bear, nor a tiger, nor a wild buffalo or an elephant can cope with it. Dogs do not need to disguise themselves on vacation. On the contrary, the members of the pack must sense each other. All dog lovers could smell the dog, but who ever heard that it smelled of cat? Therefore, dogs are not as neat as cats: they do not wash and toilet skills are less developed.

At home, these differences are less pronounced and a bed for a cat will generally work for a dog of the same size. The main difference is the padding. A synthetic winterizer or holofiber is unambiguously not suitable: they firmly hold the grease in themselves and fall off from it. Furniture foam rubber of brands from 35 to 45 is more suitable. But the best option is coconut fiber. It is practically eternal under the dog, and the padded bed does not need to be washed: it is enough to rinse it vigorously in hot water or rinse it under a strong hot shower; the coconut padding dries quickly, almost simultaneously with the fabric. You can often buy coconut fiber much cheaper than a new one at a car service. Coconut is also used to make the upper upholstery of car seats.

Note: The upholstery fabric for a dog bed will work the same as for a cat bed, except for fleece, flock, microfiber, etc. fluffy, retaining grease and other secretions. Jeans, linen, any synthetics will do. thanks to the same skin glands, dogs are not very sensitive to static electricity, they are smaller than us. Experienced villains know that it is unrealistic to lay down a guard dog with a stun gun.

The second is the origin of the dog breed. We will touch on some of the nuances of this kind further, but for now we will not wind a mustache: the dogs of indoor decorative breeds have almost completely lost the memory of their ancestors and, resting, sometimes fall apart in the most shameless way, see fig. on right. Therefore, a bed for a miniature indoor dog should be about the same size as for a medium-sized mongrel.

How to make a large bed for a small dog, see the video below:

Features of homemade models

When wanting to purchase an aviary, most breeders are faced with a wide range of structures made using different materials. Unfortunately, many are stopped by the high price of this product. It is not worth spending money at all, since it is not very difficult to assemble a playpen for a pet on your own.

For domestic dogs, there are two types of enclosures. portable (for travel, going to the sea, nature) and stationary. The first structure is compact and easy to transport, but not quite suitable for everyday use in an apartment. The second option is more like a room for an animal, where there is a place to rest and sleep, an area for games, food, and also equipped with a toilet for small dogs.

The playpen is open at the top, assembled from rods or slats, so that the animal can observe what is happening in the room. The owner also sees what his pet is doing. Intricate toys, teething boxes for dogs must be placed inside the arena so that the animals do not suffer from boredom.

Usually aviaries are created from separate modules so that they can be removed if not needed, and then placed again, adding sections as the dog grows, increasing its personal space. The pet will be comfortable if the size of the structure is of sufficient area, so playpens are made at least 2 m² for small breeds. For puppies, 0.5 m² of territory with a wall height of 45 cm is enough.

Larger animals take up more space.

Home aviaries can be made in different shapes, but the quadrangular version allows the most efficient use of the space of the apartment. By the type of materials used, there are structures:

  • metal;
  • wooden;
  • fabric;
  • plastic.

Often, owners prefer metal arenas, as they are easier to wash, the metal does not saturate the smell, and is durable. You can assemble a metal enclosure with or without a roof. Such houses are taken to the dacha in the summer season. Used to prevent the dog from getting lost, not to fight with other animals.

Tent-shaped fabric aviaries are usually used during outdoor recreation for small pets, for example, Yorkies, Chihuahuas. These tents are lightweight, easy to unfold, assemble quickly and compactly, and are inexpensive. Among the negative qualities are the rapid wear of the fabric, the need for washing.

When choosing or sewing on your own, you should pay attention to the presence of special s for placing accessories for pets. This will provide additional ease of use. The presence of clamps to secure the aviary to the ground will ensure the safety of the pet. The roof of the tent is made detachable, then it is easier to look after the dog.

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The owners note that the aviary allows you to discipline the puppies, to train them to the toilet faster. The dog stops marking the territory where he wants, begins to relieve himself in one place.

However, it is often not recommended to close pets for a long time in a structure restricting freedom, since the animal will become weak, painful, and may acquire such bad character traits as cowardice and aggressiveness.

How to make DIY toys for dogs?

make, do-it-yourself, playpen, puppy

Dogs of all ages and sizes love to play. In order to cater to your pet’s preferences, it’s best to use homemade tools for fun. Toys can be designed for physical or intellectual development. Before making it is important to consider the size of the dog and its level of activity.

Making toys for large dogs

Big pets need special toys. And it’s not only about size, but also about durability. Use safe materials to prevent the dog from getting hurt or poisoned if the product breaks. You can give the dog a homemade soft toy or a ball to be torn apart, which will last a couple of days. It is worth remembering that any game should not only amuse, but also develop the dog.

If your pet loves to gnaw and crush everything, then he needs a durable toy. Such options must be made from pieces of polypropylene pipes with plugs. It is enough to make a hole in the body of the pipe and put dry treats there. As a result of the game, goodies will gradually fall out.

The game is suitable for dogs that are left alone for a long time.

A more complex and interesting option is making a tug rope. To do this, you need to prepare three tennis balls and a long scarf. Alternatively, you can use a few wool shreds or scarves, which should be stapled together. Step-by-step manufacturing:

  • tie a secure knot at one end of the scarf;
  • mask the balls in the folds of the fabric;
  • additionally tie knots to fix the balls;
  • place the last ball closer to the second edge of the scarf.

The game involves the direct participation of the owner. It will take a lot of free space for the dog to be comfortable to show its capabilities.

This is a great idea for a walk. The game is suitable for owners of several pets of approximately the same size. You can train them to tug-of-war together.

What to make for the development of intelligence?

Homemade toys can be fun as well as smart. Interactive products develop intuition and ingenuity. It is very interesting to play such games with a dog. non-standard solutions of problems often amaze the owners. Toys are short-lived, but all parts in them can be changed during wear.

Required materials for manufacturing:

  • plastic and polypropylene pipes with plugs;
  • wooden bars;
  • tennis balls;
  • dense fabric;
  • metal rings and pins;
  • boxes made of thick cardboard;
  • dog treats.

A simple and interesting option involves the use of a plastic box or bucket. You need to put small items inside, for example, rolled up socks, rubber toys, paper circles. Dry large feed pellets can be scattered between things. The essence of the game is to find all the pieces of the treat. As a result, the room will be a mess, but the dog will be delighted.

For a small dog, maze entertainment is suitable. Pipes can be twisted from cardboard or boxes with cut bottom. It is more laborious to sew a product from dense synthetics. In the latter case, you need to insert metal hoops to maintain shape.

The game consists in finding goodies that can be poured on the way to the floor or in side s.

An excellent version of the game for animals that are in an enclosed space for a long time. The host’s participation in the game is mandatory. The maze is great for training.

A simple toy with treats can be made from a simple tennis ball. Two longitudinal cuts should be made crosswise, and dry granules should be folded inside. The length of the game depends on the size of the hole. In the process of kicking and tossing the ball, treats will spill out.

To complicate the task, you can hang the ball on a rope or elastic band. The dog will have to play more actively, because it will be possible to get a treat only in a jump.

The game is suitable for active small dogs and all breeds in adolescence. Hang the toy not very high so that the pet does not lose interest.

Bigger and more active pets will appreciate the more challenging plastic bottle game. You need to remove the lid and place the treats inside. Choose pellets that are sized and shaped so that they don’t spill out quickly. The game making process is presented below.

  • First of all, you need to make a bottle holder. From a thick metal rod, assemble two supports and a crossbar. The structure must be stable and durable.
  • The bottom of the bottles must be pierced with a hot knitting needle and strung on the pin. 3-4 bottles are enough at some distance from each other.

During the game, the dog will learn to coordinate its actions. Savvy animals reveal the secret within 15-20 minutes.

It is noteworthy that the dog will not be able to gnaw the bottle, which means that such a design will not do any harm. Strongly active shaking prevents treats from falling out, which the pet will need to guess about.

For an adult dog, you can make an interactive puzzle from a metal mold for muffins and tennis balls. Spread out the treats and cover with balls. The pet should take turns to get the obstacles from the form and find goodies. Breeds with narrow and long snouts will follow the rules of the game with great comfort.


An active dog will not be interested in such a game. The pet will simply flip the muffin mold over and eat the treats that are released at the same time. If you wish, you can fix the game on the floor with double-sided tape.

When choosing an intellectual game, it is worth considering the characteristics of a pet so that it is interesting.

Stuffed Toys

Most dogs just love to flap and wear something in their teeth. Homemade soft toys are great for these purposes and help to protect the owner’s things. It can even be made from wearable scraps of thick fabric or old things. It is imperative to use stuffing material. Below is a step-by-step instruction for such a device.

  • First of all, you need to make a pattern for the desired product. Bone-shaped toys are especially popular among pets, but you can not be limited to this.
  • Then you should make a mark on the fabric. To do this, circle the sample and leave 1-1.5 cm of seam allowance. You can cut two parts of the toy at once. If there are additional complex parts, then pin them together.
  • Then you need to sew two parts from the wrong side, leaving a hole for the filler.
  • Turn the workpiece right side out and stuff.
  • Bend the edges of the hole slightly inward and sew.

It is worth considering carefully the choice of filler. For example, instead of foam rubber, it is better to take pieces of cotton fabric. in the event of a rupture, the dog will not eat the harmful material. For puppies, use dry rice as a filler.

Homemade options for active games

When organizing the dog’s leisure time, you can use the means at hand. The easiest option is to tie a treat to the end of the stick. A more difficult way is to sew a soft toy of an interesting shape.

In the manufacturing process, it is important to use only safe materials, since, for example, synthetics can be harmful if accidentally swallowed.

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You can hang a toy on a string in the puppy enclosure. The structure must be strong enough to withstand the pressure of small paws and teeth. Find a strong rope of the right length and a tennis ball. Use an awl, a stationery knife or analogs that will be convenient to make holes with as tools. The step-by-step manufacturing of the structure looks like it is described below.

  • In the ball, you need to make 2 holes on opposite sides. The diameter of the groove should be slightly smaller (1-2 mm) than the diameter of the rope.
  • Pull the rope through the holes so that one end is slightly shorter than the other.
  • Tie knots on the rope as close as possible. they will prevent slipping.


This toy is suitable for a dog of any size and age. Rope can be made from rope or fabric scraps. Trims of fabric should be soft and 3-5 cm in length. When using the “Lotus” technique, you can make universal equipment for games at home. The step-by-step instructions are as follows:

  • lay out two pieces of fabric or rope crosswise on a flat surface;
  • the lower end of the upper strip at an acute angle must be placed on top of the lower strip so that both ends of the upper strip are directed to the right;
  • the upper tip of the lower strip should be positioned over the two previous ends so that it is directed upwards;
  • the upper end of the upper strip must be positioned over two parts of the other strip so that it is directed to the left;
  • put the upper tip of the lower strip on top of the lower end and pass between the parts of the upper strip;
  • pull all 4 tips gently;
  • repeat braiding to the desired length of rope.

Choosing the size of the rope for the dog is quite simple. the distance should be 4-5 cm more than the grip of the jaw. In this case, the dog will not be able to accidentally swallow the toy during the entertainment. Tie multiple knots at the ends to further limit biting.

Arena shape

Ideally, a dog playpen should be square or close to it. The minimum size of the playpen is 1.5 × 2 m. But the larger the playpen, the faster the puppies will learn to go to the toilet in a certain place, and sleep and play in another. If there is not enough space, then the puppies trample where they went to the toilet. And no matter how hard you try to remove all the piles at once, children will still get very dirty and have a characteristic smell of urine and poop. In such an arena there will be a favorable atmosphere for all kinds of bacterial infections.

If your playpen is smaller than the recommended size, then when the puppies are able to stand fairly confidently on their feet, they will need additional walking space. 2-3 times a day for 20-25 minutes they will have to be released into the apartment and watch that the puppies do not chew on anything and do not suffer themselves. If your playpen is large enough, you will still have to release puppies, from about the age of 48 days.


Pay attention to the 7-9 cm wide side that runs inside the arena, along all the walls. This detail allows the owners to sleep peacefully at night, because the puppy, rolling behind the mother, will not be damaged, it will just be in the space between the bitch’s back and the wall. The height at which the side is attached is 7-9 cm.

It is very convenient to lay a single piece of linoleum under the entire corral. The edges extend outward and are attached to the walls to form a trough. This will protect the floor from scratches and urine leakage. Never make a floor from several pieces of linoleum joined together. As soon as the puppies find the junction (and this will happen very quickly) they will immediately begin to gnaw at the linoleum.

If the room is poorly heated and the floor is not heated, then the arena must be additionally insulated. A piece of insulation is laid under the linoleum. An infrared lamp is suspended from above so that the temperature under it is approximately 28 degrees.

While the puppies are small, special faux fur rugs are laid on the linoleum. An absorbent diaper or a layer of newspaper is placed under the mat. The synthetic fiber surface quickly lets moisture in, but does not let it out. Thus, the puppies always have a warm, dense and, most importantly, dry litter, and the paws on such a surface do not slip. The mat is easy to wash, dries very quickly, does not absorb odors and retains a good appearance for a long time.

If it is not possible to purchase rugs, then small padding blankets can be laid on the floor of the arena. If the bitch has profuse discharge, then human diapers are laid over the blankets. When the discharge becomes less, diapers are replaced with bed linen and all kinds of rags. As they become dirty, they are replaced with clean ones, and the dirty ones are washed in a washing machine at a high temperature.

When the puppies grow up and begin to learn to walk, a layer of newspapers or diapers is laid on top of the linoleum, and rugs are laid on top, which can be purchased at OBI, Ikea or on the construction market. Thanks to the mat, the paws of the puppies do not move apart, and all the moisture is absorbed by the diapers. Rugs are easy to machine wash and dry quickly.

As they grow older (closer to 2 months), thin bedding will become irrelevant, puppies will easily knock them down in games, and a more weighty option will be needed. Then a layer of newspapers is laid on top of the linoleum, and foamy bathroom rugs are laid on the newspapers.

The size and number of rugs must be calculated so that there are 3-4 rugs in the arena at the same time, and the same number were in stock. As they become dirty, part of the rugs is taken out, and they are replaced with clean, dried ones. During the day, the process of changing all rugs is repeated about 2-3 times.

Source materials

It is best to use a laminated chipboard as a material for the arena, it is easy to clean and disinfect, has a smooth surface that is difficult to catch with a tooth and on which there are no splinters. Connection. a bar in the corners (inside) with self-tapping screws. Reinforced with corners on top.

A very important point: all fasteners must be made in such a way that the puppy does not have the opportunity to gnaw screws, latches and other glands!

If you are making a playpen made of wood or plywood, then immediately you need to impregnate it with something non-toxic, such as “Aquatex” or the like, so it is neater and more practical.


The walls of the arena must be solid. Lattice walls or walls with slots (fence) are very often the cause of various injuries. They also do not protect puppies from drafts. And the absence of drafts is essential when raising puppies of any breed.

The height of the walls depends on the length of your legs. Make the walls so that it is convenient for you to step over them, but at the same time, so that the grown-up puppies cannot climb over or jump over them, about 70cm.

A dog playpen should be a stable reinforced structure that can withstand the daily jumping of a dozen puppies on one of its walls. Most often, the wall in which the arena door is located is affected.

A door is made in one of the walls (usually short) with an indent of about 20 cm from the corner. The lower edge of the door is located at a height of 18 cm from the floor, the upper edge is not below the walls of the arena. The door is hung on 2-3 hinges. Two valves are installed on the inner side (one is not enough. they will be kicked out).

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There is a 10-18 cm threshold under the door so that little puppies do not fall out, and the bitch can freely enter and exit the arena. Soon, when the bitch begins to restrict feedings, and the puppies try to climb over the threshold, the door simply closes and the bitch starts inside at her request.

Some make a plexiglass door so that the bitch can see the puppies, and they can watch what is happening in the room, it is important for them for socialization.

Playpen care

Every morning you will need to carry out a complete cleaning and cleaning of the arena. Puppies are taken out of the playpen and transferred to another room.

How to build a cheap DIY temporary dog playpen with parts you may already own

All dirty newspapers, rags, rugs, etc. are removed. The floor and walls of the arena are cleaned with disinfectants (Domestos, Allaminol or Parvovirucide from The Animal Health). After using any of these preparations, the floor and walls of the arena can be treated with a special preparation to eliminate unpleasant odors. Remember, all detergents are toxic to puppies, so be sure to wash the playpen clean! The room is ventilated during cleaning.

After the playpen is washed, it is wiped dry (most conveniently with a cheap microfiber cloth) and left to quartz. A special UV lamp is used for quartzing. After 15 minutes, the window is closed, the entire arena is covered again with clean newspapers, rugs, rags and, as soon as the temperature in the room reaches a comfortable one, the puppies are sent back to the playpen.

By the way! For those who have fecal odor causing nausea, you can purchase a special spray foam that is sprayed on the feces. As the manufacturer promises, after this procedure it is a pleasure to remove poop;) The spray is called Scoopy.

Collapsible plastic

Try to make a soft corral for your dog from a profile pipe:

We cut the pipes to the height you need. Leave 5 cm on each side to fit the details! 2. Insert each part (pipe segment) into a fitting (pipeline connecting part). Ideally, the pipes should be preheated to hold them tightly, but this is not necessary! The main thing is to show strength! 3. We connect the tees with segments of about 5 cm.

The best kennels for dogs and puppies in an apartment: how to do it yourself cheaply and efficiently?

Dog lovers understand that sometimes it is better to limit the chaotic movement of their pet in the apartment. To do this, it is best not to lock in the bathroom or on the balcony, but to build a home aviary for your beloved dog with your own hands.!

Aviaries differ depending on what breeds they are intended for and where they will be located. There are soft, collapsible and metal aviaries. Which one to choose depends on your skills and money.

For small dogs

To settle a small lap dog in the aviary on a permanent basis is an excellent solution. After a while, the doggie will get used to the fact that he has his own house, with food, a bedroom and a place for a toilet. So he will not write in the corners and interfere with the owner’s sleep, he will not mess with you in your absence. For games, and upon returning home, you can always release it.

A home enclosure for a small dog shouldn’t be super expensive: you only need 2,000 rubles maximum and 2-3 hours of free time!

You will need a portable aviary if you are planning a picnic with your pet. The fact is that domestic dogs in nature can get confused and either run away, or fall into a stupor from fright. To keep the nerves of yourself and your pet, introduce him to the world around him gradually: within the enclosure.

For puppies

A dog who has just given birth needs a cozy and secluded place. In it, she will be able to lie down without worrying about the safety of her puppies. The latter will also need a quiet place for the first time, separating them from the still unfamiliar, huge and scary world.

When the puppies grow up a little, the owner is already aware of the need for a room enclosure. The fact is that growing up kids are extremely active, they love to try everything to the teeth, they can create a lot of destruction in the apartment.

The enclosure will also be useful when teaching foolish kids to the toilet. many recommendations on how to do this begin with the words “Place the puppy in the enclosure.”.

Pets are jealous of the owner’s attention. they love him faithfully! But sometimes this jealousy can become dangerous, especially if a defenseless kitten, another puppy or a child appears at home. The animal is likely to be nervous and protest. To help all family members adapt to the new situation, it is worthwhile to equip an aviary for a while.


Home aviaries are less popular and sometimes bewildering their existence. But you can’t do without them if:

  • a dog living in an apartment has puppies;
  • for a newly arrived puppy to the apartment
  • other animals or children have appeared in a house with a dog;
  • a lap dog lives in the house;
  • you are planning to go out into nature with your pet.


Every morning (if you have puppies) and 2 times a week (if an adult), you need to carry out a complete treatment and washing of the aviary (especially a puppy). Throw away all dirty diapers without mercy. The floor and walls of the arena can be washed with something disinfecting, but after that be sure to walk 2 times with plain water and ventilate the room! Otherwise, puppies or little dogs will be poisoned.!

Be sure to wipe dry and re-cover.


If the room is poorly heated, then it is better to insulate the aviary. Place a piece of insulation or synthetic winterizer under the linoleum.

  • While the puppies are small, you can put a diaper (or newspapers) on the linoleum, and a foam mat on top. It will allow moisture to pass through, but will remain dry on its own. Thus, the puppies will always have dry litter, and the paws on such a surface do not slip. The mat is easy to wash, dries very quickly, does not absorb odors and retains a good appearance for a long time.
  • Metal

    The simplest and cheapest option with your own hands for small dogs in an apartment is a metal enclosure made from a chain-link mesh. How to do it right:

    • Soft metal mesh,
    • metal rods,
    • wire,
    • pliers,
    • door hinges.

    To make your own do-it-yourself mesh home, you must:

    • Choose a shape. The simplest and most convenient is a rectangle. Next, you need to make a frame from rods.
    • We cover the frame with a mesh (except for one wall. there will be an entrance).
    • We connect the mesh with the rods with the help of wire segments broken in advance into equal parts.
    • We put the remaining “wall” on the door hinges. this will be the gate.
    • It is better to cover the floor with a thick oilcloth and lay with diapers. this will make it easier to clean up after the babies.
    • Put toys, a bowl inside, arrange a sleeping place. For the toilet of the lapdogs, you will need a regular tray or a diaper. For males, it is advisable to build a special post so that they can realize their instincts and mark.