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How to make a dog mask with your own hands

Making a dog mask with our own hands

Does the child have a matinee in the kindergarten? Or did the school decide to have a themed holiday? In these cases, sometimes a carnival mask for a child is badly needed.

Sometimes you need to make it in a short time, but there is simply not enough time and energy to come up with something new. In this case, you can use ready-made patterns, ideas and tips.

Animal masks for printing on a color printer.

These paper dog models are designed to be printed on a color printer. These templates represent the simplest way to make animal faces.

To make them, you need to save the images on your computer, and then send them to print.

After printing the images on an A4 sheet, it is worth cutting them out of the sheet along the contour. After that, the masks should be glued to the cardboard so that they do not bend. Then use scissors to cut out the slits for the eyes. The masks are held on the head with an elastic band.

You need to thread it through the holes on the sides of the muzzle. The holes for the elastic can be punctured with a hole punch. then they will be smoother. Putting on the product, you should skip the elastic band on your ears.

Muzzles of adult animals:

make, mask, your, hands

These masks are usually loved by children and take a little time to make. Their only drawback is that they are printed on a color printer.

Templates for printing on a black and white printer.

If you don’t have a color printer at home, you can use black and white samples and then color them.

[HOW TO MAKE] Skull Mask Tutorial

Paper model of a character from the Bremen Town Musicians:

How to make a dog mask out of foam rubber with your own hands, you can read below.

How to make a dog’s face with your own hands

It is known that the next 2018 is the year of the dog, which is why templates for this animal will be proposed. The dog is distinguished by its obedience and devotion. It’s great if the dog’s mask will be present in the kid’s carnival costume.

Making a dog mask with your own hands is not difficult at all if you use ready-made ideas.

Foam animal.

This mask of a funny dog ​​with your own hands implies an increased level of complexity, requires the commitment of time and effort. Therefore, if the product needs to be made in a short time, it is better to use paper patterns.

To make this dog with your own hands, you will need a foam rubber sheet with an area of ​​1 square meter and a thickness of up to 2 cm.The dog is made according to the instructions:

  • First, it is worth making a base hat under the child’s head. To do this, you need to correctly measure the circumference of the child’s head so that the hat does not press on his ears.
  • From the sheet you need to cut a rectangle 25 cm by 35 cm in size. Make a dome out of it. This is part of the future muzzle. Glue all the ends with glue and stick to the head. Shape the nose and curves of the muzzle using glue and squeezing with your fingers. For the lower jaw, use a 12 cm x 14 cm foam rubber rectangle.
  • This dog has rather large cheeks. They are made from circles with a diameter of 12-14 cm.It is necessary to draw the projections of the cheeks on the face with a pencil and paste the previously made circles into them.
  • How to make animal ears? To make the ears, you need to cut 2 rectangles from the foam rubber 25 cm by 10 cm in size. Both future ears should be rounded with scissors. Ears at their ends should be smeared with glue and put on the muzzle.
  • This funny dog ​​mask has eyebrows on its head. They should be cut out of a sheet of foam rubber in the form of a pair of narrow visors 3 cm wide and 10 cm long.They must be glued above the eyes.
  • For the animal’s whiskers, cut out a pair of rectangles measuring 25 cm by 10 cm. Similar to the situation with the ears, they must be rounded. Then cut like a fringe. After that, stick on the muzzle in the appropriate place in the direction from the nose to the cheek.
  • The dog can be painted in any color at the request of the master.
  • Cheerful dog with ears is ready!

How to make a mask with your own hands

When the whole family is at home, and spending time outdoors is not recommended, the master’s affairs are realized much faster than usual. Oddly enough, the same situation develops with your favorite pastimes: unheard of. they get bored. A masquerade can add variety to everyday life. over, for the activity it is not at all necessary to organize a festive table; favorite children’s songs, a couple of riddles and, of course, magical images. Participants will be able to have fun not only during the event, but also during its preparation. After all, not every modern parent, let alone children, knows how to make a mask out of fabric or paper with his own hands. Are you interested? Leopony is already ready to talk about the creative component of the home carnival step by step

You will need: cardboard. 1 pc, felt fabric. purple (20 cm by 20 cm), orange (5 cm by 5 cm), pink (10 cm by 10 cm), fluorescent gels, pencil. 1 pc, scissors or a stationery knife. 1 pc, satin ribbon. 1 m, watercolor or acrylic paints. 1 pack, white A4 sheet. 1 pc, glue stick.

Stages of making a pig mask:

On the felt fabric, draw the upper part of the pig’s face, and then cut it out with scissors or a clerical knife; 2. Make oval holes at the place of the eyes; 3. From pink paper, create 2 inner parts of the ears in the form of triangles, the patch and nostrils in the form of ovals, and cut the bangs out of orange felt in a wave; 4. Using glue, attach the prepared exterior elements to the muzzle;

The most expensive carnival costume sold on the Internet was worth 1 million. It is noteworthy that the priceless masterpiece looked like rainbow springs of a slinky.

Stages of making a dog mask:

Draw a dog’s face with a pencil on a white A4 sheet; 2. Make oval holes at the place of the eyes; 3. Paint the mask with acrylic or watercolors; 4. Cut out the muzzle with scissors and glue it on cardboard of the same shape; 5. After complete drying, cover the craft with another layer of paint for an even coating without gaps; 6. The tapes are attached to the paper mask of the dog in the same way as to the felt one; 7. Use fluorescent gels for decoration;

An excellent addition to this evening will be a thematic mosaic. How to do it yourself, read online on Leopony in the article How to make puzzles with your own hands

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How to make a dog mask with your own hands

With the New Year holidays approaching, which are always accompanied by carnivals, theatrical performances, matinees and costume parties, there is an urgent need to purchase carnival masks and costumes.

The upcoming 2018 is the Year of the Dog, which means that you simply cannot do without a carnival mask of the symbol of the coming Year of the Dog.

The news portal “Vtemu.by” in this article has prepared for you a few simple master classes for making do-it-yourself dog masks. Ready-made masks will be great companions for your kids at children’s New Year’s parties and theatrical performances.

Do-it-yourself Dog mask from a disposable plate

Another not difficult option for a homemade Dog mask is to use a disposable cardboard plate as the main material.

In the plate we make slots in the form of a peephole. Then, using the applique technique, we glue the spout, tongue, forelock and ears to the plate. Draw antennae with a marker. We glue a stick to the bottom of the mask, for which it is convenient to hold the Dog mask in your hand.

DIY Dog Mask

To make such an interesting volumetric Dog mask, you will need: a thick sheet of white paper, scissors, glue and an elastic band.

Cut out the dog’s face from a thick sheet of white paper, cut two circles in the eye area. Cut out ears from scraps of white paper.

We color the Dog mask to our liking with multi-colored markers.

In the temporal parts of the mask, we make two small diagonal incisions in the form of an oblong triangle and glue them together. Thus, the mask will turn out to be voluminous.

Now we glue the ears prepared earlier to the mask.

DIY paper dog mask

We bring to your attention a collection of funny masks of Dogs of different breeds, colors and with the possibility of coloring at your discretion.

To make a Dog mask with your own hands, you need to print any template you like on a sheet of thick paper. You can choose a template in colors, or you can only with a contour and give your child the opportunity to independently decorate his carnival mask of the Dog.

DIY felt dog mask

Homemade felt carnival masks always have bright colors and fit perfectly to the face.

To make such a funny Dog mask, you need felt of the right colors (it all depends on what color you would like to have a carnival mask), scissors, glue and a pattern.

On a sheet of white paper, make a sketch of the future mask (pattern) and then transfer it to felt. Decorate the mask with patches of felt using the applique technique. Sew on the elastic and the mask is ready.

DIY paper mask is very simple

Round, rectangular, oval. paper masks can have any shape. The accessory can be made very easily and simply by your own design or using a ready-made template.

If you want to make a paper mask with your own hands, then first decide on its design, the choice depends not only on personal preferences, but also on the theme of the event for which the mask is made.

Anyone can make beautiful and high-quality paper masks with their own hands, the process is quite simple. In order to make a festive accessory, you will need paper, scissors and several elements for decoration, including colored paper and paints.

How to make a paper mask. the easiest option

The easiest way to make paper masks with your own hands is to work on a ready-made template, just choose one of the templates you like, print it and cut it out with scissors. The template is glued to cardboard or laminated, holes are made along the edges and elastic bands are tied to hold the finished mask on the face. That’s all. a beautiful paper mask is ready, it took a few minutes to make it.!

Next, you should proceed with the design (if you print the drawing on a color printer, you can do without additional decoration altogether). Paper masks are designed in different ways, using paints, felt-tip pens, beads, etc., it all depends on your imagination.

Hunde Maske basteln mit Lena �� How to make a dog mask �� как сделать маску собаки из бумаги

Methods for decorating paper masks

Paper masks can be painted with paints, and it is better to use acrylic paints, including those with the effect of sequins, gilding or silver. Another option is special pearlescent gels, which include glitters.

Answering the question of how to make paper masks, you need to decide on the type of material. A good option is to use Whatman paper, firstly, it has sufficient density, therefore it keeps its shape perfectly; secondly, it is easy to cut and bend. In addition, whatman paper is convenient for drawing, the image fits perfectly on it and colored paper is glued. And in order to glue the parts, you can use the most common stationery glue (or paste).

Make masks with your children

This is a very interesting and exciting process, so let your child create with you, and not just watch how you cut and decorate the product. Joint creativity brings parents and children closer together and perfectly dilutes leisure time.

Choose the mask you like with your child and print it. If you do not have a printer, then the picture with the mask can be used as an idea by drawing the mask yourself.

Masks Master class Materials and tools Modeling design Papier-mache DIY animal masks Newspaper paper Glue Waste material

In this master class, I will show you a general algorithm for modeling the masks of some animals from junk material. It is the same for most masks, as you will soon see for yourself.

Materials that we will use: 1. Five-six-liter plastic containers 2. Packages from juice 3. Newsprint or craft paper 4. Flour paste From the tools we need a stapler and a glue gun.

I brew flour paste from the calculation. 3-4 rounded tablespoons for 1 liter of water

The funnels from the above plastic containers will serve as the basis for all our masks. The photo shows how a plastic template for a mask can be cut out of such funnels.

In plastic masks, they pierced holes in the eye area with an awl and cut holes for the eyes with small scissors. Cut the prepared juice packages in half and give these halves their original shape, as in the bottom photo.Such cardboard blanks will serve us to form the appearance of the masks of our animals.

In this photo you can already see how to design future masks with such halves from cardboard juice containers. It is important what size such a half should be cut. for the dog and the wolf. more authentic, for example, but for a hare and a cat. shorter, because they have muzzles. shorter.

In this photo, you can already better imagine how this happens and how the juice packs have transformed with us into such models of future masks. Therefore, never rush to throw away the cardboard juice containers. This is a great material for modeling, especially since they are made of high quality cardboard.

We trace the process of modeling a mask of a dog and a cat, as I said above.

Now you probably already guessed that we attach such details of the muzzles to the plastic base with a stapler on the sides. Compare the length of muzzles cut from cartons.

So the ears were cut out for a cat and a dog from a cardboard box.

We made cuts in the ears with scissors so that you could string them onto the base of the future mask, and then fasten them to the plastic base with a stapler.

Look carefully at the photo of how the ears of animals are attached to the plastic blank with a stapler. Pay attention to which part of the cut ear half will lie on top of the base, and which half will go behind the inner layer. So we fasten the ears in all masks.

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We give the ears the bend that is needed for each type of animal.

When the design of the masks is ready, you can glue the masks using the papier-mâché technique from paper strips dipped in flour paste.

How to make noses and round the faces of our masks, I will show below with examples of masks of a wolf, a bunny and a fox.

We paint the masks glued using the papier-mâché technique and dried with acrylic or gouache paints.

To make the masks look prettier, you can glue them with a hot pistol to the withers from suitable pieces of fur.

And now you can trace how the wolf mask turned out. The algorithm for modeling a wolf mask is exactly the same as that of a dog and a cat.

The wolf’s muzzle is long. it means that we cut out the wolf’s face from the half of the juice package that is this length. We also cut out the ears with pointed tips. and we fasten everything with a stapler to the plastic base.

And now you can glue the blank of the wolf mask using the papier-mâché technique. See what a glued mask looks like from the inside.

The nose of the wolf can be added with pieces of toilet paper dipped in flour paste. In the same way, you can make a rounding out of toilet paper on the face.

The glued mask can be treated with wood putty, and after the putty dries out. sand with sandpaper. But this is not necessary, the main thing is to carefully glue the mask.

Here’s another mask ready. dyed and decorated with a piece of fur on the crown.

This is how the finished wolf mask began to look.

The fox has a sharp muzzle, which means we will cut out the same sharp muzzle from the packaging cardboard. We make cuts with scissors, as in the second picture, and narrow the wide middle part a little with scissors. This will make it fit better on the plastic base. As in the cases described above, we stapled the cardboard muzzle with a stapler on the sides and on the frontal part to a plastic funnel.

Let’s remember again how we fastened the ears on the cat’s mask. Using the example of these photos, look carefully which half of the incised fox’s ear was attached on top of the plastic with a stapler, and which half of the ear was attached to the lower, inner side of the plastic. When we attach the ears with a stapler, then we give the ears the necessary concavity shape a little, and then we fasten it.

Just like the wolf, they added a spout made of toilet paper dipped in flour paste to the fox already glued using the papier-mâché technique.

When the glued mask is dry, paint it with acrylic or gouache paint.

And here she is, our beauty. dyed and unkempt.

Let’s trace the sequence of actions for modeling a goat mask.

For the goat mask. half of the juice container. in the place where the nose is, pulled back, as in the photo.

The goat’s cardboard face was stapled on the sides and forehead to a plastic funnel. And horns for a goat were cut out from another juice package, as shown in the photo.

At the bottom, cuts were made in the horns with scissors so that it was easy to plant the horns on the goat’s head and fastened them with a stapler. Cuts were also made in the cut out ears of the goat. as in the photo.

Stapled the ears to the plastic head of a goat.

Now you can glue the goat using the papier-mâché technique. The horns are “bandaged” with paper strips dipped in flour paste. and this should be done so that on the inside the horns do not lose volume and, as it were, remain hollow inside.

Dyed, trimmed the goat mask with fur. Now it will be possible to carol in winter in such a mask on Christmastide.

Cut out from the juice packaging the muzzle for the hare and, accordingly, long ears.

Attached the ears and face of the bunny to the plastic head with a stapler.

The photo clearly shows how to properly staple the ears on the hare’s mask.

We glued the rabbit’s mask using the papier-mâché technique and added a muzzle and nose to it from toilet paper dipped in flour paste.

We painted the hare’s mask and glued its fur withers.

I hope that the algorithm for performing the bear mask is already clear to you and you can make it yourself.

This is what a bear mask made of waste material looks like.

It is from this garbage that we got our theatrical and carnival masks.

Passionate about creativity. In the classroom of my circle.

Dog, wolf, bear masks

Yeah, not a weak crowd of motley animals here lined up for masks. But what can I say. The “faces” of all kinds of fairy-tale characters are very similar to each other and they are similar, of course, in that they are adapted, human-like. And the masks that we may need for a carnival or a performance are also of the same type. a person’s face with some features that hint at a well-known, stylized image. So, as a fact, accept that a dog’s mask is almost one. In-one is similar to a cat mask. The schemes are completely similar. So, we read here about the stages of making a cat mask and, having made the most minimal changes in the pattern, now we will move from felines to canines.

Here it is a pattern. only the length and width of the nose have been changed.

For the wolf, you need the same pattern, but gray cardboard, we will make frowning eyebrows and triangular ears upright.

If the plot of the performance allows, you can make a mask attached to the hoop.

Bear. well, the same thing. brown cardboard and round ears. and here he is. Mikhailo Potapych.

Let’s make a WHITE bear mask again. In general, he looks like a brown one, but he looks more severe and, how to put it, is not for us an ordinary hero of fairy tales familiar from childhood.

Nevertheless, dressing up for the New Year’s carnival with a white bear will be quite in the subject.

So, the pattern is the same, only the nose is more authentic. Detail (face) on A4 cardboard sheet. designed for an adult will take up as much space as in the picture.

Next, we act according to the studied scheme. We put darts on the forehead and on the nose and glue it, pinch the bridge of the nose with a stapler, glue triangular inserts on the temples, glue the round ears. It is better to strengthen such a mask on the head with an elastic band threaded through the holes in the temples. I do not recommend using a headband.

We will stick the nose of our mask black and shiny.

I don’t know if it’s true, but they say that it is absolutely impossible to notice a bear among the polar snows, so it merges with the surrounding whiteness, only the nose gives it away. but the bears got used to it and cover it with a paw when they lie in wait for the victim.

Such are the masks of a dog, a wolf and a bear.

We advise you to read more about making masks from cardboard with your own hands.

Where is it better to use such masks

The mask is the main attribute of theatrical performances, complementing the images of carnival and New Year’s costumes, newfangled themed parties.

At the same time, not so long ago, there was a tendency to decorate the walls of premises with decorative animal heads using the origami technique. Such products have geometric outlines and serve as bright accents of interior design.

Design ideas

Depending on the purpose (New Year’s or theatrical), the paper wolf head can be decorated in different ways. When decorating a craft, you can pay attention to the following tips:

  • The product will look bright and attractive with rich contrasting colors.
  • The product for a children’s New Year’s party can be decorated with sparkles. To do this, grease the necessary fragments with glue and sprinkle with glitter.
  • For decor that mimics animal hair, you can use cotton wool and pieces of faux fur. For the manufacture of mustache and eyelashes, use wire or cut them out of thick paper. Wolf teeth cut from white cardboard.
  • Painted and varnished mask will become more attractive and last a long time.
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For the convenience of attaching decorative elements, you can use a glue gun with silicone glue

make, mask, your, hands

How to make a paper wolf mask as an applique

A wolf head mask made of paper can be made in the form of an applique. This technique is interesting in that the mask is semi-volumetric due to its multi-layering. Another distinctive feature is that the craft is made of bright colored paper, which eliminates the need for dyeing.

Transfer the details of the craft that are shown in the photo to the back of colored paper and cut them out.

Make side cuts on the main part to create volume.

Sequentially glue the parts on top of each other, forming the image of a wolf’s face.

Glue the side cuts to form a volume.

The elastic band for fastening should be of a comfortable length and not squeeze the head

Using the applique technique, you can make a voluminous animal head. For example, as shown in the following photo.

The basis for the volumetric model made using the applique technique

How to make paper wolf masks

You can make a wolf mask with your own hands according to your own sketch, or you can print the finished template on a color printer or paint it with paints yourself.

Ideas for making masks with step-by-step instructions

Children love to play and try on the images of animals. Therefore, even the simplest mask will bring a lot of joy to the child. For theatrical performances or matinees, you can create a more serious accessory.

Simple diagrams of how to make paper wolf masks

The eve of New Year’s holidays, children’s theatrical performances or themed parties for adults is a time for creativity and imagination. A wolf head mask made of paper is made according to simple schemes. We will consider master classes and instructions for creating simple and voluminous options further.

Volumetric mask making instructions

A wolf mask for children can be made of thick paper. You get the head of a wolf with a voluminous nose. At the same time, the mask does not cover the face, which will allow children to play without removing the costume.

To make crafts, you need paper, a color or regular printer.

  • The template needs to be printed and glued, according to the diagram, with your own hands.
  • To give the product strength, it is recommended to strengthen the drawing with a second layer made of cardboard.
  • If the drawing is black and white, color and decorate it.
  • To make the mask fit better on the child’s head, you can replace the paper tape with an elastic band.

Another, no less attractive version of the voluminous head of a wolf, but with slits for the eyes, has a similar design.

make, mask, your, hands

An interesting and simple option for making a carnival accessory can be seen in the following video

Crane mask

The crane mask will come in handy if the child likes a character from Krylov’s fable about the crane and the fox. One of the provided templates will come in handy for execution. If the kid likes to paint himself, it is better to print it in black and white. The main thing is to take as a basis a fairly thick paper like whatman paper or thin cardboard.

Crow mask

At first glance, it may seem that it is enough to supplement the usual black mask with a paper beak, and the job is done. But in order for the product to be recognizable and effective, you will have to work a little more.

  • Take a paper sheet in size corresponding to the width of the face and the height of the mask, fold it in half.
  • Mark with a pencil the borders of the mask itself, mark where the slits for the eyes will be. At the location of the beak, mark another triangular slot.
  • Cut a workpiece with all holes.
  • Cut out more paper feathers from cardboard or thick enough paper. It will be best if they break a little in size and shape so that the mass turns out to be as bulky as possible.
  • Then fasten the elastic on the seamy side. So that it does not get out of the general style, you can sew a black satin ribbon to it.
  • Fasten the beak to the base.
  • Glue cardboard feathers. Before that, you need to bend them slightly in the middle. You need to start glueing from the far edges, approaching the center of the mask.


The baby bear mask has rather rounded cute features. To complete it, you will need thin brown, yellow and black cardboard.

  • First, draw the face of a bear, which looks like an inverted heart. Paint on the ears symmetrically and cut out the base.
  • Then make circles out of yellow paper, stick them on the ears, as well as parts of the muzzle.
  • Add a black triangular nose and cut out the slits for the eyes.

Sally face

Sally from the game of the same name has become a popular character for Halloween. It is noteworthy that there is nothing difficult in the manufacture of such a mask, it is enough to do everything carefully, as much as possible similar to the original.

  • It is necessary to take a face-sized foil for the base, preferably in two layers. Take the most detailed facial impression. The level of accuracy at this stage will determine the level of detail of the finished product. (similar can be done on the manikin’s face)
  • Then, using PVA glue, it is necessary to glue, on top of the impression, thin paper napkins in about 5 layers so that the mask is strong enough.
  • When the last layer of napkins is dry, you can start drawing on the mask of the eyes and the characteristic pink fragment.
  • Cut out the eye sockets, paint over the mask. It is also useful to add a few accent strokes at the mouth and eyes, circling the slots in black.
  • It remains only to measure the required length of the elastic band, fix it.


This is one of the favorite animals of small children, because many have cats at home, and children are touched by their habits. To make such a mask, you only need cardboard, glue stick, scissors and an elastic band.

  • First you need to cut the cat’s face out of black or brown cardboard.
  • Then add white details to it on the ears and at the mouth.
  • Cut a triangular spout out of pink or red cardboard.
  • If desired, you can add light tendrils.
  • All that remains is to make the slits for the eyes and add an elastic band.

detailed instructions on how to do it are presented here.

Materials for creating masks

This list may vary depending on the complexity of the particular mask design. Basic set of materials:

  • thick paper or thin cardboard;
  • glue stick, PVA glue;
  • scissors, ruler, compasses, pencil;
  • elastic band.

Additional materials you may need:

  • gouache, acrylic paint, varnish, markers;
  • various decorations (tinsel, chenille wire, rhinestones, feathers);
  • sandpaper, stationery knife;
  • strengthening compounds with epoxy resin, starch, fiberglass.

DIY paper masks

The best way to create a spectacular look for any holiday is to make a mask with your own hands. The most practical material for this is paper. It can, if desired, be painted, decorated in different ways, applied with different strengthening compounds.

Masks for children

Children’s masks for various holidays are usually quite bright. They are often decorated with different sparkles, feathers, tinsel. Some characters can be applied equally to both girls and boys, but for the most part there is some kind of separation.