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How to make your dog obey


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It is difficult to say for sure why the dog is addicted to this activity. Why does she like biting your fingers and ankles so much? Journey Dog Training’s Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Kayla Fratt, shares, “Age may be one of the main reasons puppies are considered to be better at it than most dogs. They know nothing better than playing with teeth and biting ankles. having fun “.

According to Kayla, animals can grow out of this state, however, ignoring their bites, you will not succeed. Why? Where is the guarantee that ignoring will lead the pet to stop doing this? Fratt continues: “Older dogs (depending on breed, training and personality) are also more likely to playfully bite and even rip clothing.” Add to this their mood and emotions: a tired, moody, or anxious dog may feel the need for bites. Kayla Fratt sums it up: “This is why bites are most commonly seen in dogs that are weighed down or overwhelmed.”.

What can be done

Frequent bites can occur for a variety of reasons and be personally painful to you. With this in mind, it’s important to teach your dog how to behave properly. Rest assured that by making an effort, you can get your pet to stop doing things you don’t like.

Let your dog know that by doing this he is hurting and upsetting you. How can this be done? Daniel Muehlenberg, a professional dog trainer, advises: “The next time the dog wants to bite you (even if not hard), do not remove your hand: leave it where it is. For what? To say a clear” Ay, ay! ” (in a sad voice) This is how you can get your puppy to stop biting you. “.

According to Daniel, you should praise your pet for letting go of your hand. Muhlenberg says, “Keep playing with her and petting the dog.” Continue to stick to this approach. Keep saying “Ay!” whenever the dog bites you so that the pet realizes that such “playfulness” is hurting you.

Experts tell you how to stop your dog from biting people

Do you have a pet? If so, chances are you are well aware of his habits and manners. Dogs love to bite their owners’ clothes or fingers, and while this may seem minor, it is still important to wean your pet from this behavior. Experience shows that this habit cannot be ignored, as it can subsequently spiral out of control. So, if you notice a similar habit for your four-legged friend, remember: the sooner you can make him stop, the better.

One more moment

It can also be helpful to redirect their attention away from your fingers or ankles to something else. Daniel Muehlenberg, a professional dog trainer, shares: “The purpose of this approach is to show the puppy what to bite on a toy (as opposed to human skin). it’s quite normal. Show him that pulling on clothes is useless. When he starts playing or biting, redirect his attention to the toy. “.

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What else can you do? Leave immediately. This will also show your dog that biting does not result in your positive reaction. Richard Cross, an expert on dog behavior at The Dog Clinic, advises: “If the dog starts to touch you with his teeth, just get up and walk away. You may need to do this several times, so be consistent and patient.”.

Keeping calm

Dogs of all ages are more likely to bite if they have pain or any negative sensations. So stay calm. another way to help them get rid of this habit. “When you are playing with your puppy and you see that moment is coming, act boldly. It’s time to end the game session. ” says Nicole Ellis, professional dog trainer and pet lifestyle expert.

Instead of just throwing the ball or running after them, take a more serious approach. Train them in commands such as “sit” or “lie down”, and all the while stay calm: animals often adopt the traits of their owners. “When the dog starts to calm down, tell him how good he is.” says Ellis. Why is it important? She continues: “The pet will enjoy the praise incredibly. This will encourage him to continue to consider your reaction. “.

By applying these recommendations, you will certainly feel the benefits. Your dog is aware of what biting is. not at all as happy as she thinks. She won’t get what she wants. Once this bond is established, the pet will use other ways to please its owner.

How to make your dog obey: living by the rules

Do not humanize the dog, do not shower it with excessive affection, do not surround it with excessive care, just create a life for it according to the rules, because everything is good in moderation. Excessive affection and care can play a very bad joke with you: the dog will exaggerate its importance. and then hold on.

If you’re against physical punishment, that’s not bad at all. But if the dog doesn’t obey, in some cases a spanking will not hurt.

Do not blame the dog for your laziness, unwillingness to do everything regularly and systematically. Don’t make your life together a nightmare. Just calmly and thoughtfully teach your dog how to live by the rules of your home. Physical punishment and screaming alone will not achieve anything.

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Think about how clearly and correctly you understand the actions of the dog. She not only reacts to commands, but is also able to feel your inner energy, feel emotions, and perceive intonations. Never yell at the dog, do not communicate with him in an agitated state. And being offended by a dog is generally the height of human stupidity.!

Don’t keep your dog mentally tense. So close and to nervous breakdowns, as well as mental disorders. It is because of the constant psychological oppression that the dog can pull the leash, trying to run away, and not approach you on the command “Come to me!”. Perhaps she feels bad with such a master, she does not want to see or hear you.

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What to do if the dog does not obey

Not understanding why the dog does not obey, many owners are at a loss and do not know what to do. How to make the dog obey, follow the commands and come to you at the first call? There is simply no universal answer for all occasions, but you must solve certain problems.

Below you will find a few tips on how to teach your dog to obey and what to do if the dog does not obey, although you put a lot of effort into raising it.

How to teach a dog to obey: the rules of training to order

Solving one specific problem, as a rule, will not fix the situation.

If the dog does not obey, it is necessary to change the entire system of relationships, only then can one hope for significant progress for the better.

Remember the following basic rules for teaching order.

If necessary, punish the dog in a timely and correct manner (only at the moment of committing a “crime” or immediately after it).

Your educational actions should be constant and decisive: if you prohibit something, then forever, and not from time to time.

Make your dog obey the first command you give. If unresponsive, apply reasonable punishment. This rule must be observed everywhere and always: at home, on a walk, in the process of training, education, etc.

Try to control the behavior of the dog selectively when it is really necessary, without bothering him with a huge number of commands.

If you have given a command to the dog, he must follow it. Once or twice, allow me to ignore the demand. and the first steps to disobedience are provided to you.!

Do not tune in to the fact that you have to constantly jerk the dog, not allowing something and weaning from something. Just from the very beginning, try to properly build relationships according to the family hierarchy. Do not rely only on punishment: it is far from always necessary, in most cases other measures can be dispensed with.

The dog stopped obeying: the problem is in the owner

If you are patient and persistent, nothing should stop you. not the characteristics of the breed or the past life of the dog (if you acquired it as an adult or took it from a shelter), not gender, size or age.

You do not need to be a professional dog handler for this (but you need to involve him for help). The main thing is to take a responsible attitude to the upbringing and training of the dog.

Many of us have probably at least once asked ourselves the question: how to make a dog obey, why do some owners of a dog have gold, while others have real fiends of hell? Paradoxical as it sounds, but if the dog stops obeying, the problem is in the owner.

The thing is that all owners are different, each has its own approach to education and training, and some have no approaches at all. Some know how and have time to react to the wrong behavior of the dog in time and try to eliminate possible causes, analyze and correct their mistakes in the upbringing process. Others do not want to or cannot do this, letting things go by themselves, which creates even greater problems.

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Why the dog does not obey the owner on the street

What to do if the dog is mentally unstable, hyperactive, dirty in the house, constantly demands food from the table, does not obey, is afraid or, conversely, terrorizes everyone? What to do if at home she will obey commands, but on the street the dog is not in any? What to do if the dog “flies” on a leash, constantly climbs somewhere and rowing something? somehow carries out commands at home, but on the street in any? What to do if the dog does not obey the owner to such an extent that it can show its teeth or even bite, and barks alone for hours? These and many other questions are of constant concern to dog owners.

Try using a cage. Cover your dog in it when you leave the house, and at night when you sleep and cannot control its behavior. Forbid sleeping on beds, armchairs and chairs. If possible, remove the dog from these places, when trying to occupy them, use the firm command “No!” With a strong obsession of the dog, try to ignore it, then there will be a chance that the dog will wait for you to pay attention to it. Set the feeding schedule on time, observing the holding system before meals. Train your dog to cleanliness, correct movement on a leash. The main thing is to understand yourself, your possible mistakes and shortcomings. Everything will definitely work out if you really try to understand the dog and really want to help him. Dogs, as a rule, are very quick-witted creatures and are well aware of many tricks and ways of influencing humans. Get ready for this!

How to make your dog obey: understand the reasons

If the dog doesn’t obey, be sure to understand the reasons why this is happening. Either she really doesn’t want to obey, or she doesn’t understand what you want from her. Try to apply other methods and techniques of teaching, try to treat the upbringing process not in a formulaic way, but in a creative way. If the reason for the disobedience is the dog’s unwillingness to obey, analyze how you fit as a leader by asking yourself the following questions.

What causes obedience problems? There are many reasons. For example, no one is involved in the upbringing and training of a dog, its life is on its own, the dog learns everything on its own. You forgive and allow him everything, and when it becomes a problem, you think about the situation.

As you can see, things are not so simple. The main thing is to understand the reasons for the dog’s disobedience and start working on raising both her and yourself. You will be able to gather your strength. everything will work out!