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How to mix dogs correctly for the first time

Artificial knitting in dogs

Artificial insemination is required when physical contact of animals is impossible due to some circumstances. The key to the success of such fertilization is the day of ovulation; without a test for readiness to mate, it makes no sense to carry out the procedure. There are 4 types of unnatural knitting:

  • Surgical. It is performed only by a physician qualified as a surgeon. Has all the consequences of abdominal operations. The veterinarian injects semen into the uterus through an incision in the abdomen using a catheter.
  • Endoscopic. Performed by a veterinarian using an endoscope. Has a high success rate with minimal injury. Performed without anesthesia, therefore not suitable for aggressive and hyperactive dogs.
  • Intrauterine. Produced by a veterinarian or a qualified livestock technician. With the help of special catheters, sperm is injected into the cervix or cervical canal of the uterus.
  • Vaginal. Simple method available to breeders, but has the lowest percentage of positive results. Sperm is injected with a syringe or a special syringe.

Sperm are used both fresh and frozen. It is more effective to use fresh, frozen is used only if the manufacturer is abroad.

What is knitting?

Mating or mating is the process of mating a male and a female (male and female) for the purpose of fertilization and obtaining further offspring. If you plan to receive documents for pedigree puppies later, the owner must comply with several conditions.

And one of the main criteria is the mating frequency. The Russian Cynological Federation recommends to breed dogs no more than once a year. As a last resort, pregnancy is allowed twice a year with the condition that the subsequent bearing of offspring will not be earlier than 12 months later.

Preparing the bitch for mating

Puberty in dogs begins at 8-10 months, it is during this period that the first estrus most often occurs and it is from this moment that your work begins on preparing the dog for its first mating. To begin with, you need to observe and make notes every day about the discharge, the state of the “loop”, appetite, about any change in the behavior, well-being of the pet. It is also advisable to remember and write down how the dog behaved a few days before it began to discharge, so that you can determine the onset of the second estrus.

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It is not recommended to knit a dog at an early age. this can seriously undermine not only the health of a young, unformed and immature organism, but also the psyche and nervous system of the animal. Therefore, mating should be planned no earlier than 2 years of age, however, taking into account individual characteristics, that is, your dog can complete its physiological formation either earlier or later, therefore, you should focus on the third estrus.

Having detailed records of the passage of the previous two chutes, you will be able to prepare the dog for mating in time and carry out all the necessary complex of measures:

  • a month and a half before the onset of the alleged estrus. a comprehensive bacteriological analysis to identify staphylococcus, streptococcus, herpesvirus and other anaerobic infections, which can be done in any veterinary clinic. This will allow you to identify the problem in time, carry out a course of treatment and save future puppies from death. A certificate of the results of bakanalysis must be presented before mating not only by the owner of the bitch, but also by the owner of the dog;
  • a month before the onset of estrus. a complex of preventive treatments for fleas, subcutaneous ticks, lice and other skin parasites. The most effective in this case is the use of sprays and shampoos that do not contain toxic substances;

dogs, first, time

  • a few days after professional treatment. a course of deworming with broad Spectra drugs only in accordance with the dosage specified in the instructions;
  • a week after deworming. a course of vaccinations against the most common infections, with the priority to use foreign multivalent vaccines.

All these activities must be carried out before the onset of estrus, so that at the time of mating the dog is absolutely healthy. However, this is not all. The dog should also not be thin, but not overfed, full of strength and energy, in good shape. Otherwise, all this will negatively affect both the pregnancy itself and the quality of the litter in general, as well as the health of the dog after childbirth.

Features of animal behavior

During hunting, the behavior of dogs changes to varying degrees, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.

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The first estrus in bitches occurs at 5-7 months in small breeds and 6-10 months in large breeds. The behavior changes, only for the period of estrus, after which it returns to normal:

  • The female actively leaves marks on the street.
  • May become more irritable and restless, show aggression towards other bitches.
  • Interruptions in appetite.
  • The dog can cage on others, including females.

Males mature by about 7 months, changes in behavior are possible:

  • The dog actively begins to mark territory.
  • Possible manifestation of aggression towards other males and a protective instinct.
  • Increased interest in females.
  • Attempts to mount on other dogs, including males, are possible.
  • The dog refuses to obey commands, shows stubbornness.

Among other things, the release of testosterone at the sight of a running female drives the dog crazy. the pet does not hear and does not see the owner at this moment, does not respond to commands, there are often cases of escaping after running females.

Puberty occurs much earlier than reproductive readiness. You can not knit too young animals.

Signs of readiness for knitting

If you kept a diary in which you wrote down how the previous estrus went, then you can predict the beginning of the next one with a slight error, but in order to determine when it is time to lead your beauty to the “groom” you need to know some signs:

  • 12-15 days from the onset of estrus;
  • The “loop” is maximally enlarged, soft to the touch;
  • discharge of a yellowish-pink color;
  • the bitch is actively flirting with the males;
  • becomes in a pose and takes away the tail during courtship of males, when stroking the rump or touching the “noose”.

All these signs mean that the bitch has begun the ovulation period, which lasts an average of 3-5 days, it is at this time that she can be knitted, but you should not do this on the first day, otherwise you risk or get fewer puppies than it could be in the litter, or they will not be at all.

It is worth knowing that there are dogs that have practically no discharge throughout the entire estrus, or they are not bright enough, or vice versa, brighten slightly by the time of ovulation. There are cases when the “loop” during the entire estrus remains rigid and does not change size, or the bitch shows increased aggression towards the partner. All these are the individual characteristics of your pet. only you can know about them, and if you do not keep a diary, then no specialist, even with the greatest experience, will be able to help you.

On the day of mating, experts do not recommend feeding the dog with anything if it is scheduled for the morning. this is the most optimal time, because the dog rested at night, its stomach is empty, and the morning exercise and a short walk will allow it to empty and slightly invigorate. Do not give any physical activity before knitting.

Preparation for mating

If the mating of dogs is carried out for the first time, the owner needs not only to figure out what this process is and how it is carried out, but also to figure out how to prepare the animal for it. The first step is to find the right mating partner. Further preparation for mating assumes that the following conditions are met:

  • it is necessary to decide on what day the first mating of a dog and a bitch will take place;
  • draw up an agreement in which, in addition to the mandatory parameters, additional conditions are prescribed;
  • owners need to make sure there are no health problems in pets.
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Preparation for breeding dogs begins with a veterinary examination and identification of the health status of the pets. To make sure that there are no serious diseases, you must pass the following tests:

  • clinical blood test;
  • testing for latent infections: herpes, streptococci, staphylococci.

After carrying out a physiological examination, the doctor must issue a conclusion on the satisfactory state of health of the animal.

After determining the exact date of mating, the owner needs to carry out preventive preparation of the pet:

  • 30 days before mating, dogs need to be treated for fleas, ticks and lice;
  • it is recommended to expel the animals in 25 days.

To determine the exact day of ovulation, it is necessary to identify the level of progesterone in dogs. A similar analysis can be done in any veterinary laboratory. To increase the chance of successful mating, it is recommended to choose not the first day of egg release, but 2-5 days.

Place for knitting

The place for mating should be prepared in advance, and it is the “bride” that is taken to the “groom”, and not vice versa, because in a new place the dog may feel insecure, confused and refuse to knit, especially if the bitch has some individual physiological characteristics. weak smell, aggressiveness, etc.

The location should be selected taking into account the size of the breed. for small and medium-sized breeds a spacious room is more suitable, and for large breeds it is better to fence off a small piece of land so that the dogs have a place to “groom”. A place for mating dogs of small and large breeds should be as isolated as possible from strangers and dogs, with a non-slip coating. If we are talking about a room, then it is necessary to lay a carpet or a carpet on the linoleum, and in the winter on the street it does not interfere with sprinkling ice with sand. Take care of the safety of your pets, so that later you do not regret the missed mating and injuries received by playing animals.

The first to go to the place of mating is the “guest”, who is given 5-10 minutes to get to know the territory, and only then the dog is launched. If he is experienced, then before starting to make cages, he takes a little care of the lady.

How dogs are mated for the first time

Knitting will definitely go through properly if you familiarize yourself with its main features.

The optimal period for information is considered to be the ovulation period in the female, which begins after 10-15 days of estrus. To guarantee the achievement of the result, it is better to repeat the process itself a day after the sexual intercourse has occurred.

The dog may start to estrus at the age of six months, but it is better to wait with mating up to 15-18 months.

If a bitch has not yet been mated, she should only be matched with a male who has already had the experience of successful mating. It is important to introduce the animals in advance, because this will have a positive effect on both mating and subsequent pregnancy. It is also recommended that the bitch does not go to the toilet for some time after mating.

Mating is carried out only on the territory of the dog.

If the mating is successful and the desired result is achieved, estrus will stop immediately, without the need to allow the animal to lie down on its stomach. With proper mating, pregnancy will occur approximately 2 weeks after intercourse.

Signs of readiness to mate. Mature dog behavior

When asking the question, “How do you breed dogs for the first time?”, Be prepared to explore several signs that indicate that your pet can be mated with another. It is very good if a caring owner observes the bitch in previous periods of “festivities” or records the results of her behavior. In this case, you can predict the time of the future estrus by some “symptoms”.

Currently, there are several typical signs of a bitch’s readiness for mating:

  • The dog’s loop grows in size and becomes soft to the touch;
  • The animal has characteristic discharge of a yellow-pink color;
  • The bitch’s appetite increases, and she begins to seek the attention of the opposite sex, taking a pose and moving her tail to the side;
  • She repeats similar actions at the moment when the owner strokes her rump or touches the “noose”;
  • If 1.5-2 weeks have passed since the first day of estrus;
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Any such symptoms indicate the onset of ovulation, which lasts 3-5 days. the ideal time for mating. If you know on what day it is better to start mating, you can preliminarily agree with the owner of the dog and inform him about the upcoming mating.

It is important to note that experienced dog breeders do not recommend mating a girl on the first day of ovulation, since the risk of missing puppies will be maximum.

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Key mating rules

If you intend to mate a dog, pay attention not only to the technical parameters, but also to the choice of a suitable partner, the stage of preparation for mating and a number of other important points.

If you intend to happen to your four-legged friend with another dog, wishing to preserve the breed properties, try to be responsible in choosing the ideal partner. You need to know that you will have to bear all the costs of preparing the bitch for mating, caring for the expectant mother during pregnancy, as well as taking care of the future offspring.

As for the owners of the dogs, they are ready to accept almost any offer, however, if there are any flaws in your dog, most likely, the deal will end in failure.

When choosing the right partner, you can seek help from local veterinarians, dog handlers, handlers and other breeders who have devoted the lion’s share of their lives to dog breeding. But do not try to pass all your responsibilities onto someone else besides yourself. You should get to know the dog personally, otherwise you may have to ask the question later: “Why does the puppy have too big ears or small paws, uncharacteristic for the representatives of his breed?”.

A number of certificates and awards can be a good evidence of the high breed qualities of a partner. But nowadays, the purchase of such documents is practiced, as a result of which worthy individuals are left on the sidelines. In order not to become a victim of deception, be sure to consult with a veterinarian who will tell you which dog is ideal for breeding, and which one will give sick puppies with mental and other disabilities.

An important feature: if you are evaluating the external breed properties of a dog, consider any shortcomings. Don’t forget they don’t look like bitches.

How to help if you can’t

First, the dogs are left alone for 20-30 minutes so that they can “get to know” and get used to each other. Next, the mating itself takes place, during which some problems are possible, so the owners should know how to help their pets.

  • After the dog has started mating, it is better for the owner to hold the bitch’s head for the first time.
  • If the dog is too short, it is recommended to put something soft under his paws, for example, a pillow. If the bitch is small, you need to substitute a knee under her stomach, raise and fix in a certain position.
  • After the dog enters the bitch and the start of active jerking, it is recommended to press it a little against her. Thanks to this, the penis will definitely not slip out.
  • At the end of ejaculation, clumping begins (dogs press their genitals against each other, looking in opposite directions) due to the active enlargement of the penis and a sharp contraction of the vagina. This process usually lasts 20-30 minutes.
  • Help the dog to swing the leg so that the dogs are sideways or backwards to each other.
  • If the mating fails, it can be repeated the next day.

If the dogs are purebred, in order to obtain offspring with a pedigree, it is necessary to register a mating in a canine organization, go through all preliminary tests and procedures.