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How to remove an unpleasant smell from a dog


The nature of the smell of boxers is not endocrine, but intestinal. they are prone to flatulence.

“Smart spray”

remove, unpleasant, smell

The dog odor liquidator of the Russian company “Api-San” is sold in flat bottles with a spray bottle with a volume of 200 milliliters.

The product is applied to the surface and wiped with a rag. If you use it in the evening, the smell will disappear by the morning.

Refusal from a hairdryer

Some dogs are afraid of the sound of the device. Hot air can dry out the skin. If the room is not hot, the pet will freeze after the hot air. Small indoor dogs are sensitive to temperature changes. Therefore, it is better to refuse quick drying. You can dry your pet with a microfiber towel. It will absorb moisture better. The dog is completely dry after 2 hours.


Curly-haired owners of curly trimmed wool are hunters by nature, easy to train, friendly.

What breeds are devoid of a specific smell

Indoor dogs do not cause odor problems if they are not bathed too often.

Old age

Dogs of very old age can hardly move, so they do not have enough strength to lick wool.

Essential 6 spot on dermoscent

Drops are applied to the withers of the dog and are intended for the care of the coat and skin.

Drops are packaged in 4 ml pipettes. One package contains 4 pipettes. Just one dose per week is enough. Economical consumption and efficiency pay off the high price of the product.

Dog Bad Smell. 14 Ways to Eliminate Dog Hair Smell

For a dog’s coat to smell. if not flowers, then at least just cleanliness. you need.

  • Wash the dog with special “dog” means every 10-30 days, in accordance with the breed. Wash out shampoo thoroughly and be sure to use conditioner.
  • Dry the dog after washing or bathing in ponds with a hairdryer or a special microfiber towel that absorbs water as much as possible.
  • Brush your pet’s ears and teeth regularly. Preferably, using a special paste.
  • Wipe the pet’s hair with a vinegar solution (approx. 1 tbsp / l per 1 liter of water). Hairless dogs can be wiped with chlorhexidine (at the same time treat all skin inflammations).
  • Brush your dog regularly. remove undercoat that collects moisture and spreads an unpleasant odor.
  • After a walk, it is imperative to wash your paws, muzzle, belly and area near the tail.
  • Trim under the tail. so that fecal particles do not stick to the wool in this area. Don’t forget that even the smartest pet can’t use toilet paper.
  • Feed your dog properly. taking into account the balance of all nutrients. Remember that the lack of certain substances with food leads to metabolic disorders and, as a result, disruption of the work of the sweat glands. Change your dog’s diet completely. for a correct and balanced one, give up allergic foods, and, perhaps, this step alone will significantly reduce the size of the odor problem. Do not feed your pet raw meat / fish. cook without salt and steamed. This will save your dog from worms and the following problems with them, including smell.
  • Timely examine the dog at the veterinarian and take tests. Remember: a healthy dog ​​smells, but does not stink. The unbearable smell of “dog” is a signal of the body about ill health.
  • Be a caring host. That is, treat the dog carefully, paying attention to her mood changes. The smell can also be a protective reaction to stress or fear, in which the sebaceous glands begin to actively produce an unpleasant “odor”. Eliminate the causes of stress and fear. Do not scold your pet, much less use force.
  • Use additional products when bathing your pet. For example, Doctor shampoo (by the way, it perfectly heals inflammation on the skin).
  • You can also pay attention to the dog “deodorants”: OdorGone, Smart spray, Faithful friend, drops “Essential 6 spot on dermoscent”.
  • Wash your pet’s clothes and mattress cover / bedding often. At least once a week! And also wash his toys and remove the “stash” in the corners.
  • Walk your dog more often and longer. so that she fulfills her natural needs not on the carpet in the apartment, but under a bush on the street.

How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in an Apartment. 9 Methods to Get Rid of Dog Smell in Rooms

To remove the smell of “dog” from the rooms, you need.

  • Regularly do wet cleaning with the addition of disinfectants.
  • Vacuum all areas of the apartment where wool accumulates (one of the sources of odor).
  • Wipe the floor after washing with a vinegar solution.
  • Wipe furniture with ammonia or vinegar solution.

So, the reasons for the appearance of a “doggy” smell in your home.

  • “The odor of the breed.” Yes, it also happens. Not all dogs, alas, smell like flowers and vanilla shampoos. Actually, such dogs simply do not exist. If only immediately after a shower and only for a few hours. In general, dogs are highly odorous and practically odorless. For example, spaniels and shepherd dogs are the most “odorous” of all breeds, but in crested Chinese pebbles, the smell appears only if the dog has not been washed for 1-2 months.
  • Hygienic reasons. Again, you will be surprised, but the dog should be washed. Optimally. once a month, if your affectionate and gentle animal is indoor. Less often, if the animal lives on the street. Natural fats accumulated in the wool give off a very unpleasant odor over time. And yeast fungi living on the skin and multiplying aggravate this trouble. Teach your pet to bathe from “infancy”, and the problem of smell will be solved by 50%.
  • Wrongly chosen bathing products. Not everyone knows, so take note of the owners: human pet shampoos are not suitable! The acidity of these products is not for the wool and skin of tetrapods. Choose a shampoo for your pet personally. Don’t skimp on shampoo! Cheap products do not remove odors well, dry out the skin too much and spoil the coat. And in addition to the shampoo, buy a special product that will restore the structure of your friend’s coat and eliminate the unpleasant odor. The choice of such funds is quite wide today. Remember that a powerful alkaline bathing agent (and even without balm) disrupts the production of sebum and, as a result, a strong odor.
  • Blockage of the paraanal glands. If you notice that the pet is intensively licking the area around the anus, riding on the priest, trying to bite itself for it, or itching for no reason. it’s time to clean the glands. Otherwise, inflammation may start. The smell with this phenomenon always appears, and, of course, not the most pleasant.
  • An abundance of sulfur in the ears or otitis media. If the dog is not accustomed to cleaning his ears, then the smell from them will haunt you constantly. But even worse, if otitis media begins. this smell is very specific, it is difficult to confuse it with the usual “sulfuric”. If you have any doubts, it is better to consult a veterinarian.
  • Smell from the mouth. Again, the dog should be trained to brush its teeth. In addition, special toys, food and treats can be used to remove plaque. But only a specialist can remove tartar.
  • Seborrhea. It is peculiar to specific breeds and gives a rather intense smell “at the exit”. Seborrhea is noted, as a rule, in all hunting breeds. The reason is simple. intensive work of sweat and sebaceous glands, as well as increased production of sebum (approx. 30% stronger than in other breeds), as protection against getting wet.
  • Improper digestion. Feed your dog right! From irregular and illiterate feeding, unsuitable feed, human products and “nibbling”, allergies and disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract begin. And, accordingly, skin problems. Everything here is like with people: if you eat all kinds of “nonsense”, then pimples on the face, excess weight and heavy sweating will follow endlessly. Often there is a smell from dogs that are fed fish or “fish” food.
  • Seasonal reasons. The smell of the dog is always intensified in the summer. First, the pet is hot. You can put on shorts and a T-shirt, but the dog has nowhere to undress. In addition, in summer, dogs often plunge into all rivers, shallow bodies of water and even puddles near the house to cool off. And when wet, wool always smells sharply sour. And various microorganisms multiply more actively in wet wool, which also does not add aroma.
  • Physiological reasons. For example, hormonal surge, obesity, metabolic disorders and other human “sores”. However, it should be noted that males are initially more odorous than girls. An exception is the period of heat. Therefore, if the bitch has a smell outside the estrus period, consult a doctor (this is a symptom of serious problems in the “female line”).
  • Diseases. If you bathe your pet regularly with medicated shampoo, dry it properly, feed it, walk it, and it still smells, see your doctor. A strong foul odor can be a symptom of infection, liver or gastrointestinal tract diseases, ears, allergies, abscesses, and even cancer. Remember that a sweet or “antifreeze” smell from the mouth of a pet is a reason to urgently go to the veterinarian.

How to get rid of the smell of a dog in an apartment. 33 ways to get rid of a dog smell

A team of professionals in various fields

You can’t help but love dogs. These devoted four-legged ones bring so much joy to the house that boredom and despondency leave it on the same day and never return. True, along with joy, dogs also bring a specific smell, but now the owners cope with it without difficulty.

As for the reasons for the smell of a dog directly in the house, there are two of them:

Identifying the cause of the dog smell in the apartment. why it smells like dog?

First of all, you should find out. where, in fact, smells?

How To Remove Bad Smell From My Dog? | Healthy Clean Pet

The smell can appear both from the pet itself and from its bed. And also from furniture, carpets and other corners where you can sleep, bury a chicken leg or lift a paw. The same goes for cat smells in the apartment.

Well, and of course, it is equally important to find the reason for the appearance of this smell.

You will be surprised, but the most common reason is the laziness of the owners.

How to remove doggy smell from carpet and furniture. 10 effective ways and means

It should be noted that on carpets and furniture, the smell appears in 2 cases:

  • The dog lifts its paw more often in the apartment than on the street.
  • The dog is rarely washed, and the smell from it “eats” into furniture and carpets.

Follow the steps above before removing odors from your apartment. Otherwise, any cleaning will be pointless.

  • Remove puddles as soon as they appear. Smells of urine stuck in the upholstery or carpet only get worse over time. Do not smear the puddle. soak it up with paper towels as much as possible, and then treat with special / means and after half an hour remove the remnants of the product with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Spread a thin layer of baking soda on the carpet (piece of furniture). after 4-5 hours remove with a vacuum cleaner.
  • For non-woven surfaces, you can use a mixture of baking soda (2 tablespoons / L), peroxide (20 ml) and regular dishwashing detergent (1 tablespoons / L). This mixture should be applied to the “odorous” area, rub in and rinse off after a couple of hours.
  • Rinse the stain with a solution (approx. weak and without grains!) Of potassium permanganate. It helps neutralize ammonia.
  • Use household products to remove odors. For example, whiteness, Domestos or Vanish, as well as Mr. Muscle and Mr. Proper. You can drop a couple of drops of citrus essential oil into chlorine products.
  • Dilute vinegar 1 to 1. treat the desired area, after drying, repeat.
  • We dilute 15 drops of iodine in 1 liter of water. we process a wooden surface, wipe it with a dry cloth.
  • Rubbing alcohol can also be used. Spray it from a spray bottle to the desired area, rub it in, soak it in with napkins until the alcohol is completely eliminated.
  • For fabric surfaces, you can use household / soap. We rub it on a grater, mix it with water to a state of “gruel”, apply it to the fragrant area and wash it out after 10 minutes.
  • Lemon juice or peel from fresh lemon. We just wipe the furniture with juice or a crust, and after 15 minutes. with an ordinary damp cloth.
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You can also use the following tools:

  • Apples. The recipe is simple: cut an apple in half and put it on an area where there is an unpleasant odor. Absorption of aromas by fruit lasts up to 6 hours.
  • Sprinkle cornstarch on the floor. vacuum after 3-4 hours. It absorbs odors as effectively as baking soda.
  • Add to a spray bottle with warm water 4-5 drops of essential oil (aroma. according to your “taste”), spray in the room. on curtains, carpets and floor. The advantages of the product are a pleasant aroma, as well as an antiseptic and antifungal effect.
  • Use furniture covers. Easier to wash than upholstery.
  • Use special products from vet / pharmacies that remove organic odors. These products do not mask, but completely remove microorganisms that are sources of odors. For example, Vaportek and Le Artic, BIO-Zh and Zoosan, Bio-GM, UF2000, Ultrasan, Nature’s Miracle Pet Stain Odor Remover or ORANGE-OXY. These products are safe for both your pets and household members.

We will be very pleased if you share your experience or the results of recipes for removing dog odors in an apartment.!

How to get rid of tartar

One of the most common causes of bad odor is tartar. It is a plaque at the base of the teeth that hardens and becomes stone over time. Tartar formation occurs as a result of the consumption of soft, liquid and processed foods. Dogs are by nature not designed for such delicate food, so plaque remains on the teeth and is not cleaned out by the hard fibers of food.

Another real way to get rid of tartar is tomato juice. Add a few tablespoons of tomato juice to your dog’s regular food. And after a couple of days, wipe the animal’s teeth. the tartar will come off with ease.

But if the tartar is old, you can get rid of it only in a professional office. The veterinarian under anesthesia cleans the teeth of the animal with a special machine.

Why does the dog smell from the mouth?

The presence of bacteria, microbes, inflammation in the oral cavity leads to the appearance of a putrid and terrible smell from the dog’s mouth. This often happens with young dogs that have teeth changing. The fact is that after the loss of milk teeth, molars grow, and if this process fails, gaps may appear between the teeth, in which food gets stuck. It rots and decomposes, which leads to an unpleasant odor.

  • Sometimes bad breath can result from trauma to the mouth. If the dog has damaged the mucous membrane with a sharp bone, stick or piece of glass, an inflammatory process begins in this place, which leads to an unpleasant odor, suppuration and the appearance of erosion.
  • Another common problem that causes dogs to have bad breath is tartar.
  • If a dog’s mouth odor is ammoniacal, then the animal has renal failure. The smell of acetone speaks of diabetes. The presence of these diseases can be checked by the amount of water drunk per day. If your dog is drinking an unusually high or frequent drink, you should go to the vet.
  • Sometimes a bad odor can be caused by a simple change in diet.
  • A putrid odor from the mouth of an animal can come from the infection of the body with parasites. Worms, tapeworms and ascaris eggs lay larvae, which are the cause of the smell.

Whatever the nature of the appearance of amber, you need to show the animal to the veterinarian. He will be able to assess the condition of the dog and determine exactly whether the unpleasant smell is a symptom of the disease or it is a slight deviation from the norm. In case the doctor does not find anything serious in your pet, you can try to get rid of the unpleasant odor yourself.

How to get rid of bad breath from your dog

Bad breath in a dog is a fairly common occurrence that many dog ​​breeders encounter. Often this is a consequence of improper nutrition, plaque on the tongue and teeth of the animal, food debris in the mouth. But sometimes it can indicate serious problems in the digestive tract of the dog. So, dog halitosis is bad breath. The reasons for its occurrence and ways to solve this problem.

How to freshen your dog’s breath

An unpleasant, putrid, or rotten smell from a dog‘s mouth can be caused not only by tartar. Here are some ways to help you freshen your dog’s breath.

  • First, inspect the animal’s mouth and make sure there are no obvious wounds or damage. If there are any, it is imperative to treat them with antiseptic drugs. It can be hydrogen peroxide, iodine, chlorophyllipt, or potassium permanganate solution. Monitor the wound and do the treatment several times a day. The proverb “Heals like on a dog” in this case does not work, because the mucous membrane does not have constant access to air, the wounds in the mouth heal very slowly.
  • Sometimes a dog may have bad breath from eating from a trash can. If you let your dog go for a walk without a leash, try to watch what your dog picks up or wear a muzzle on it. Sometimes the usual isolation from the trash can is enough.

If all of these methods do not help you to cope with the unpleasant odor, the odor is most likely indicative of stomach, liver, or kidney problems. Be attentive to your animals to help your pet in time.

Causes in older animals (10 years and older)

With age, dogs’ metabolism slows down and the body’s resistance to various systemic diseases decreases. In addition to the above reasons, you can add the following:

  • Diabetes. In many animals, the onset of this disease occurs precisely in old age. In addition to bad breath, the pet will experience general weakness, decreased appetite and increased water intake (due to dry mouth).
  • Pathology of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Problems with any organ of the digestive system are manifested by a bad smell on the pet’s exhalation.
  • Respiratory problems. When the infection enters the upper respiratory tract, the stench from the animal’s mouth may well occur. In this case, you must urgently consult a doctor. This is how not only a cold manifests itself, but also the plague (leading to a fatal outcome).
  • Disease of the genitourinary system gives a specific odor from the mouth of the animal. In addition, there is a deterioration in the general condition, appetite is lost and there is a clear anxiety when going to the toilet.

Bad breath in a dog

If the dog has a strong and unpleasant odor from the mouth (halitosis), it is necessary to find out the cause and eliminate it in order to avoid serious consequences associated with the pet’s health.

Possible reasons

When a dog suddenly has a strong odor from the mouth, it is unacceptable to ignore it. The reason may lie both in a harmless external effect on the animal, and in a progressive serious illness. First, you need to analyze all changes in the diet and observe her behavior. Sometimes this is enough to understand why the smell appeared and eliminate its cause.

Common causes in adult dogs (1-9 years old):

  • Diseases of the oral cavity: stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontal disease. In adults, this is the most common cause of bad odor. Due to the effect on the mucous membrane of harmful bacteria, wounds and ulcers may form in the pet’s mouth, which must be treated. It is also necessary to exclude the fact that a foreign body has entered. If the owner cannot carry out the examination on his own, he must resort to the help of a veterinarian.
  • Carious lesions of teeth and tartar. When a dog’s teeth are unkempt and tartar forms on them, the gum moves away from the tooth, creating a so-called “” where food gets into and subsequently decomposes. The stench from the pet’s mouth will not keep you waiting long.
  • Helminthic invasions. When a dog’s body is affected by parasites, internal organs are affected. In this case, a very different smell from the mouth of the animal may appear.
  • Tumors in the oral cavity. When a tumor decays (necrosis), conditionally pathogenic microflora is activated. This provokes “amber” from the dog’s mouth.
  • Allergic reactions. Against the background of allergies, a malfunction occurs in the body, in particular the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, the skin of the animal deteriorates, scratching, eczema and a fetid odor from the mouth appear.

Dog Health Reasons (Internal)

Causes of bad breath in puppies

  • Violation in the change of milk teeth. If the sequence and position of the teeth in a small puppy is violated, a space is formed between them in which food gets stuck. This contributes to its decay and the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria. Due to the products of their vital activity, when the pet exhales, it smells unpleasant. This feature is typical for representatives of small breed puppies.
  • Injury or foreign body in the mouth. Puppies are very curious and can chew on anything. Thus, the mucous membrane can be injured and not heal for a long time. Bacteria are actively multiplying and smells unpleasant from the mouth.
  • Painful conditions of the body as a whole are not excluded. Despite its youth, the animal can get sick. If the veterinarian does not find an injury to the oral cavity, prescribes a series of examinations, with the help of which the cause will be identified.
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How to determine the cause by the nature of the smell

Sometimes the smell can suggest the reason for its appearance.

  • Putrefactivesmell (rotten) observed with serious pathologies of the liver or intestines. Sometimes the cause is a tumor in the mouth.
  • The smell of acetone from the mouth is typical for dogs with diabetes mellitus. With increased fat metabolism, ketone bodies are formed, which give such a picture.
  • Ammonia stench may indicate diseases of the genitourinary system. The slowed down excretion of metabolic products causes the active production of ammonia by the tissues.

External causes that can be corrected and eliminated

  • The presence of an excess amount of protein in the diet. If your pet eats too much meat, a nitrogenous substance is formed during its digestion, which gives an unpleasant odor from the mouth. It can be eliminated by reducing the daily dosage of meat and bringing the balance of the diet back to normal.
  • Switching to tap water. If the dog abruptly switches from filtered water to chlorinated water, a reaction in the form of “amber” from the mouth is possible due to the resulting dysbacteriosis. In this case, it is necessary to return the purified drink to use.
  • Imbalance in the diet, lack of vitamins. Your dog should be getting enough vitamins and minerals. Otherwise, the body can malfunction in any of its systems. You can fix the situation by adjusting the menu.
  • Leftover food behind flews in dog breeds with a short muzzle (bulldog, boxer and others). Representatives of such breeds often do not completely swallow food, it accumulates in the folds behind the cheeks, begins to rot and a bad smell forms.

If, after adjusting the nutrition and water regime, it is not possible to remove the unpleasant odor, a consultation with a veterinarian is necessary.

Bad smell from the dog. Causes and remedies

For many, the idea of ​​having a dog never turns into a positive decision. The reason is the specific smell of the animal.

Do you think that the most effective way to get rid of the dog smell is not to have a dog? Don’t go to extremes.

All dogs have their own distinctive scent, but normally this scent should be subtle. If the owner’s clothes, the interior of the car and the apartment smell like a dog, it is necessary to look for a problem and ways to solve it.

By the way, in the opinion of the interviewed dog owners, the shepherd dog is considered the most “fragrant” of the breeds. Toy Terriers deliver the least trouble to the owners in this regard.

Proper dog nutrition

On our resource you will find a large number of articles on the correct nutrition of a dog. We will not dwell on this topic in detail, we will touch only the obvious things:

  • The pet should not feed from the common table
  • The dog’s diet should be formulated in such a way that it receives all the necessary proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins for normal functioning.
  • Do not offer raw meat to your pet. Otherwise, you risk infecting the dog with helminths.

Stinky Dog? 5 Home Remedies That Work!

Maintaining dog hygiene to get rid of odor

The most common sources of pet odor are mouth and fur. If the dog develops an unpleasant odor from the coat, it is most likely that you need to pay attention to the pet’s hygiene.

The dog should be washed as needed, but at least once a week. Be sure to get a dedicated dog shampoo.

After bathing, you can wipe the pet’s coat with a solution of vinegar and water in a 1: 1 ratio.

Do not under any circumstances spray your dog with eau de toilette. Remember that animals have a very keen sense of smell. This procedure can be worth your pet’s scent.

Bad smell from the dog’s mouth is also the result of inadequate grooming. Brush your pet’s teeth every other day. Use a special paste for the procedure.

Be sure to treat your dog’s ears. Experts say that often it is from the ears that the unpleasant smell of the dog emanates.

After walking, do not forget to wash your dog’s paws, belly and the area around the tail.

Causes of bad smell from dogs

  • Violation of hygiene rules
  • Poor cleaning
  • Improper nutrition
  • Disease
  • Stress

Depending on the reason behind the bad smell from the pet, the decision depends on how to remove the dog smell. Well, now in order.

Dog diseases cause bad odor

If cleaning, caring for the pet and proper diet did not help get rid of the unpleasant smell from the dog, then it is time to sound the alarm. Be sure to contact your veterinarian in order to rule out possible diseases.

Your pet will have to undergo the necessary tests. Do not delay your visit to the doctor, the stench can be the cause of serious illness. The sooner you find the cause, the more likely your pet is to return to a healthy life.

House cleaning against unpleasant odors

How to remove the smell of a dog in an apartment? Pay special attention to cleaning.

If your pet tends to leave puddles in the house, they should not only be wiped off with a paper towel, but also treated with a disinfectant.

Alternatively, damp carpet stains can be treated with lemon juice or vinegar. In this case, it is very important to wipe the carpet not only from the front, but also from the wrong side.

Vacuum and damp regularly. Pay particular attention to the cleanliness of the dog’s bedding and bed. Very often this place is the main epicenter of an unpleasant odor in the house.

Dog stress and bad smell

It is known that smell is a kind of defense reaction of the body. Your dog may be under severe stress, fear, or very anxious. This can cause the sebaceous glands to release a bad odor.

Try to provide your pet with a normal emotional background.

Very often the dog, feeling anxiety or fear, leaves puddles in the house. Do not swear, it is best to contact a zoopsychologist.

And remember, if the pet is well-groomed, properly fed, healthy, grows in care and love, you are unlikely to be bothered by the problem of an unpleasant smell from the dog.


It is known that dogs practically do not sweat, so the smell of dog should not be compared with the smell of sweat. Each animal has a set of scent glands that work as intended. In the animal kingdom, individual smells are very important, they serve as a tool for communication and protection. The main sources of smell (not only dogs) are:

  • Skin glands that lubricate the coat. It depends on the number and sensitivity of the glands whether the breed will be classified as smelling or not smelling. Most dogs bred to work on water or in harsh climates have more fat glands. The skin of very short-haired dogs is also only protected by fat, so most short-haired dogs have a strong odor. In tetrapods without undercoat, the grease for wool is released more intensively, so they have a strong smell of wet wool.
  • Sweat glands located between the toes. Dog sweat smells very differently. Some owners complain that their paws smell like dirty socks, while others, the scent is reminiscent of baked goods or popcorn. The reason for this range is that the smell of sweat is the smell of an individual footprint, but here everything is like that of people, because bipedals also smell differently. To eliminate the odor from the paws, it is enough to wipe them after a walk. By the way, in winter and summer, the smell from the paws becomes stronger.

Note! Almost all healthy dogs do not have a strong odor with proper care, with the exception of tetrapods, for which this aroma is a breed characteristic.

A dog’s body is covered with thousands of hairs, each of which is associated with a hair follicle. Each follicle works in symbiosis with nerve endings and sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands do not in any way affect the cooling or warming of the dog, but through them the animal’s body removes toxins. This property is especially noticeable if the dog is sick or undergoing aggressive treatment. Be that as it may, if a puppy smells like a dog or an adult odorless dog suddenly begins to exude an unpleasant aroma, this is a reason to take blood tests and check how the animal’s condition is normal. If blood tests indicate clear abnormalities, it is best to see a doctor before deciding what to do.

Note! With the help of the sebaceous glands, the dog secretes a special secret containing pheromones that attract animals of the opposite sex. In sterilized dogs, this feature is practically not manifested.

On the eve of, during and after the end of estrus, a very bright, unpleasant odor can come from the dog. This problem is partially solved by washing, as dried blood gives off a rotting smell until it decomposes completely.

The offensive odor may not come from wool or leather at all, which is often overlooked by inexperienced owners. If you notice that the pet has a scent, smell it separately:

  • Ears can give off a strong odor for a number of reasons. Dirt, plaque and earwax. this mixture has a very unpleasant odor. This problem is eliminated by regular cleaning of the ears. By smell, you can catch the incipient otitis media, in this case, a sweetish aroma is felt. In case of improper nutrition, especially if the dog eats smoked meats and sweets, the smell from the ears becomes simply unbearable.
  • Eyelids. mild inflammation or onset conjunctivitis can also cause a very unpleasant odor that appears to come from the dog’s skin. To check your suspicion, you need to rinse the pet’s eye with strong tea or clean warm water, if the smell has become less noticeable, you need to treat the eyes.
  • Mouth. an unpleasant odor can appear due to the appearance of tartar, rotting teeth, inflammation of the gums, disruption of the digestive tract or metabolism.

Trust me, if the smell comes from the above places, you will immediately understand it. Especially often the smell of dog is confused with the smell from the ears. By the way, in dogs with saggy ears, the owners have been struggling with the dog smell for years instead of changing the type of food and fixing all the problems at once.

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Note! Fluffy dogs can smell like urine or feces, as the four-legged can stain their fur while recovering. The problem is solved by examination and hygienic grooming for dogs.

Bad smell from skin, ears and paws can be caused by inappropriate nutrition. We are not talking about a violation of the elementary rules for making a diet, but rather about an unsuitable feed or food composition. Each dog is different, the animal may have lactose intolerance, not digesting seafood, or allergies to chicken meat. The owner buys expensive good food, not knowing the characteristics of his pet, and gets the opposite effect. You can check your guesses empirically. by changing feed or excluding suspicious (from your point of view) products.

Note! Your dog may not emit an odor, but unclean bedding can give off a very pungent odor. The animal sleeps in its place and smells unpleasant upon waking up. Oddly enough, many owners overlook such a simple reason. Do not forget that not only bacteria, but also parasites can multiply in litter discounts.

The smell of a perfectly healthy dog ​​can increase dramatically for a number of reasons:

  • Wool wetting. the smell intensifies during drying, the smell spreads with fumes. Usually, after complete drying, the smell remains the same or gets into.
  • Seasonal shedding. the undercoat, which the dog carried all season, is generously saturated with sebum. When the undercoat begins to be rejected, the odor increases.
  • Dirty coat. frequent bathing is not recommended for most dog breeds, but if the dog is not washed at all, the concentration of sebum increases, which increases the odor. From the point of view of physiology, there is nothing wrong with that, the only problem is with the comfort of the owner.
  • Physical activity. the smell increases due to the acceleration of metabolism, and hence the excretory system.
  • Hormonal surges. during puberty, estrus and sexual heat, dogs smell stronger, this is due to a natural disruption of metabolic processes. It has been noticed that, for hormonal reasons, males smell much stronger.

A foul smell from a dog may not have a physiological basis. Some four-legged animals tend to fall out in stenchs, such as rotten meat or carrion. In this case, the owner will have to wash the dog and start looking for the root causes of the incorrect behavior. Veterinarians advise against the use of scented shampoos, as the odor can only increase the urge to stench.

All of the above reasons can be called normal, that is, predictable. In such cases, the owner can only do one thing. observe the rules of hygiene as much as possible. There are more serious reasons, we will understand them below.

Dog smell like a symptom

As a symptom, you should take a persistent smell, which hits the nose sharply and appears suddenly. It should be understood that an increase in the smell of the skin indicates that you missed the development of the disease and certain changes have already occurred in the body.

Your attention should be drawn to any changes in the skin and coat: loss of shine or tousled coat, peeling, severe itching, bald patches, scratching or wounds, greasy spots. You need to pay attention to the abundance of lubrication, if too much of it is a sign of metabolic disorders. The second reason for excessive lubrication is too frequent bathing or inappropriate shampoo. The reasons for the changes occurring in the coat and skin are very varied. You are lucky if the case is in allergies or parasites, in the worst case, by examination, ailments of internal organs or systems can be revealed.

What if the coat and skin look normal? First, bathe your pet and follow the trends, if the smell has changed to sweetish, you need to take a blood test with biochemistry. You should be interested in liver function tests. With violations of the liver, in addition to the sweetish smell of dog, the dog periodically (not constantly) has a digestive upset and a strong odor from feces.

If, during the examination, you suspect that an unpleasant odor comes from the mouth, you must:

  • Show the dog to the veterinarian or examine the teeth and gums yourself. On the mucous membranes, you need to look for blisters, rashes, sores, red spots.
  • Tooth decay is also accompanied by a very unpleasant but easily distinguishable odor. If everything is in order with the mouth, the reason is in the disease of the gastrointestinal tract system.
  • Does the smell come from your ears? It is necessary to exclude otitis media and ear mites. The fact is that the smell gives out the parasites earlier than the discharge or other signs. If your pet has been in contact with a possible carrier of the parasite, it is better to carry out preventive treatment without waiting for the worsening of the situation.

Improper diet as a cause of unpleasant odor

Strengthening or the appearance of a dog smell is one of the first signs of metabolic disorders due to malnutrition. According to the experience of the owners, the global nature of the problem is very dependent on the breed and the way of keeping the dog.

Some pets barely smell, while others smell so bad that it’s hard to be in the same room with them. Not realizing the consequences, some owners treat their pets to muffins, sweets or smoked meats. Such delicacies almost instantly affect the metabolic processes in the body, and they, on the activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands. At best, the dog’s body will begin to release more lubricant, which will lead to a slight increase in odor.

Dry food, especially the cheap brand name, is the second cause of bad food odor. By the way, the owners note that pets kept on industrial natural food smell differently. The odor from dry food always has an unnatural aroma admixture. This may be due to flavor enhancers or colorants found in cheap dry food.

Any food that promotes fermentation enhances the natural smell to a quite tangible and pungent one. A stench can indicate incomplete digestion of food, which often happens if your dog’s diet is high in cereal or a loaf of food.

Note! Raw cabbage, boiled potatoes, pasta, and the base of any cheap food. beans are the best medium for fermentation and putrefaction.

Another product that can lead to the appearance or enhancement of the dog smell is fish, or rather, an excessive amount of it. It is not worth excluding fish from the natural diet, it is source of minerals and fatty acids, but it should not replace meat either.

The problem with all of the above reasons is that even a perfectly adjusted diet will not give instant results, that is, the dog will smell for some time. In older dogs, the smell may not go away at all, but becoming a little less pronounced is already a good result. Without the advice of a specialist, an inexperienced owner can experiment for years and not be successful. The optimal method is to feed the dog with a natural feed according to the standard scheme with gradual correction or transfer the dog to a neutral, high-quality, industrial feed.

Why a dog smells like dog: the main reasons and how to fix them

The choice of the breed of a new pet is dictated by many factors: size, habits, skills, attitude towards children and others. However, not many owners take into account in advance the fact that some breeds have a specific smell. The owner will find out that the dog smells like a dog after the fact. Further, during their life together, the owner is looking for ways to get rid of the smell and, unfortunately, often makes it worse.

To begin with, all dogs smell like dog, the deciding factor is the intensity of the aroma. People who keep four-legged for years simply get used to the smell and do not feel it, but those who have never kept dogs clearly feel the scent. Another unexpected fact is that most small dogs smell stronger than large ones precisely because of improper care. It is customary for babies (for some unknown reason) to be bathed more often, treated with forbidden delicacies, etc. In theory, the smaller the dog, the weaker its smell.

Remember! Healthy puppies up to 4 months of age do not have a specific odor.

You should be wary if the dog smells strongly of a dog, and this has not been observed before. A strong scent can be a symptom of an ailment or a sign of improper feeding. The odor can also appear in so-called odorless rocks and cannot be removed by washing.

How to eliminate dog smell?

Once you figure out the cause of the stench, you can take specific steps to prevent your dog smelling like doggy. If the exact reasons are unclear, the most extensive algorithm should be followed to eliminate the risks as much as possible. Is the dog sick? It needs to be cured and during this period the smell should not bother you. The pet is healthy?

  • Bathing without shampoo or with laundry soap. Please note that if your dog is afraid of water, the smell after bathing can only increase. The results can only be judged after the coat is completely dry.
  • Bathing with shampoo to eliminate odor if the previous point did not work. Do not blow dry the dog or blow dry with cold air, when heated, the skin will release more lubricant.
  • Replacing or stripping the litter.
  • Washing overalls and other clothing, if any.
  • Wipe down your paws after every walk, even if there is no dirt outside.
  • 1 time in 2-3 weeks we clean the ears of the pet.
  • 1 time in 2-4 weeks we carry out prophylactic teeth cleaning.
  • We clean the wool as often as possible, do not comb it out, but easily comb it and wipe it with a dry, hard towel.
  • 1–2 times a week we comb the coat well to remove dead hairs.

A few notes on bathing. You should not abuse this procedure, otherwise you will achieve the opposite effect. If you want to wash your dog, don’t use shampoo. If you can’t stand the smell. use special and high-quality fragrances for wool after washing with clean water.

By flushing off sebum too often, you yourself will provoke the dog’s body to produce even more lubricant, which will increase the smell. and fighting this will be many times more difficult.