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How To Shave A Cat At Home With A Clipper

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How to trim a cat or cat at home: instructions

Below is the sequence of actions to be followed:

  • First of all, shorten the claws of the cat using special tongs. You should first disinfect the instruments. After that, lightly press on the pad of the pet’s paw, and gently and at the same time quickly remove the claws without touching the skin. Thanks to this, you will be able to protect yourself from pet aggression and scratches during a haircut.

How To Shave A Cat At Home With A Clipper

  • If this is the first time you are trimming, it is advisable to use the help of a second person who will gently hold the cat from the sides. Some animals will behave quite aggressively. For such individuals, special plastic collars are sold in veterinary clinics that allow you to fix the cat’s head in one position and prevent it from biting. As for the limbs, you still have to hold them.
  • After the animal is laid on its side, and its legs are securely fixed, the machine can be started up. Begin to remove the fur from the sides, while doing it gently and slowly. If the cat feels the excitement of the owners, it will also experience stress, begin to break out and scratch.
  • After the sides, you need to go to the back and stomach. Particular attention is paid to cats with mammary glands: if you use scissors, it is important not to injure this sensitive area, so try to relax the animal as much as possible. You can move along the growth of the coat or against it.
  • It is recommended to remove the remaining hairs with small scissors, since you should not slide the machine over the skin of the animal: this causes discomfort and microtrauma.
  • During the procedure, slightly pull the skin of the animal, especially if the haircut is done with scissors. This will prevent cuts.
  • At home, the tail and paws are usually left intact, however, if you wish, you can shave the hair off the tail with a clipper, leaving a small brush at the end (this is a great option for show breeds).
  • Procedures the cat should be washed in warm water; if desired, a small amount of mild animal shampoo is added to the water. Next, the pet is dried with a hairdryer, which is set to the most silent mode.

What is it all the same to cut. with a clipper or scissors? If you want your pet to look really attractive and neat, it is recommended to alternate between the use of scissors and a clipper. With scissors, you simply trim what the automatic device failed to remove. Cutting long-haired animals exclusively with scissors will be long, dangerous, and the result may not be accurate enough.

Can wet wool be cut? If you use a clipper, it can work on dry animal skin. Have you decided to do with scissors? In this case, it is recommended to slightly wet the coat and comb thoroughly: this way it will be easier for you to remove unnecessary vegetation. Regardless of the breed, you should not cut the animal too short (it is better to leave a couple of millimeters of wool). Thanks to this, you will ensure normal thermoregulation, in addition, avoid injuries to the skin.

How to trim a cat and cat at home

How to trim a cat and a cat at home? This is a responsible event that can be a real stress for your furry pet if you do not do everything professionally and competently. Below are instructions that will help you to give your pet a neat look without visiting a specialized veterinary clinic.

Grooming tools for furry cats

Most often, for this hygiene procedure at home, sharp, well-sharpened medium-sized scissors are used. Can a cat be trimmed with a regular clipper? A clipper is the most convenient in this procedure, because it is almost impossible to injure an animal with it. Its only drawback is the noise during operation, which can scare the cat. That is why it is recommended to choose the most silent models.

In addition, you will need the following tools and accessories:

  • A comfortable comb (preferably with soft teeth that will not cause unnecessary disturbance to the pet).
  • Hydrogen peroxide (if you accidentally hurt your cat).
  • Scissors (if you nevertheless decide to use this tool, it is desirable that the scissors have rounded ends).
  • Convenient horizontal surface (e.g. desk).
  • An unnecessary towel to put on the desk (after that, you just collect it and throw it away).
  • Favorite cat toy (with the help of it you will distract the animal from the not too pleasant process).

Which clipper is recommended for grooming a cat

Currently, the choice of professional tools for cutting furry pets is huge: some owners are trying to save money and buy the cheapest option. This is their mistake: an inexpensive trimmer will hurt to pull out hairs or burn delicate skin, in addition, such models quickly become unusable.

If you need to remove hairs in hard-to-reach areas, we recommend choosing a small trimmer with blades no more than two centimeters long. Such devices are designed to treat the face and ears, with the help of them you can remove excess hair under the tail. This is an auxiliary tool that is needed for a thorough haircut, for example, before exhibitions.

For a thicker coat, a powerful machine with wide blades is suitable, which is able to remove even balls of matted hair from the Persians. In this case, it is important that the manufacturer carefully sharpens the blades, otherwise, after each manipulation, the machine will have to be given to the master.

The power of the device for Persian breeds should be 45 W or more. Machines with less power will simply not cope with thick hair, they will overheat and break down already during the first procedure. If your pet has short hair, you can get by with the 20W model.

It is recommended to purchase a version with the ability to automatically adjust the blades without the need to replace them. In this case, the minimum length of the blades is 0.5 mm (which means that after shearing with such a machine, the length of the animal’s hair will be approximately 0.5 centimeters). It is dangerous to buy products with small blades, because at home, in the absence of sufficient experience, you can simply injure the animal.

The best option is a typewriter that works on the mains, since the batteries are quickly discharged, especially during prolonged work with breaks (for example, if you will be distracted by conversations and calming actions).

Do not forget that the trimmer should be as quiet as possible (you can check this when buying, comparing the work of several models), and also lie comfortably in your hand. You should not choose devices made of too slippery and heavy material, in this case you will not be able to carry out a haircut with high quality.

Before buying, turn the device on and off several times: during operation, it should not get very hot, otherwise you will have to constantly take breaks, and this is not very convenient.

How does a cat change after a grooming

Be prepared for the fact that after the procedure in long-haired animals the initial shade of the coat will slightly change (it will become slightly darker or lighter). In some cases, the haircut also affects the growth of the coat: it becomes more intense or slows down somewhat.

If you carry out this hygienic measure correctly, the cat’s behavior will not change, however, with rude and careless actions, the animal can experience severe stress, which will subsequently make it more fearful and distrustful of its owner.

How often should you cut your hair?

The frequency of this hygiene procedure depends on the breed of the cat, its type of coat. On average, a cat grows back completely in six months. Most veterinarians recommend trimming your pet for hygienic reasons several times a year. If the cat has hairballs, you can simply cut them off with scissors.

You should not abuse the haircut, because wool is the natural protective cover of many animals, especially in the cold season. If your pet does not tolerate manipulations with scissors and a clipper, it is recommended to entrust this task to a professional: veterinarians in clinics know how to calm an aggressive animal and carry out the procedure quickly and in the least traumatic.

It is most advisable to trim long-haired animals before the onset of heat, since fluffy pets do not tolerate high temperatures.

What to do if you accidentally hurt your cat?

Sometimes, even the most careful actions can lead to injury. What if the cat gets hurt? You need to have iodine or hydrogen peroxide on hand with cotton swabs. Apply a small amount of antiseptic solution to cotton wool and gently lubricate the skin around the cut to stop bleeding, you can press a dry cotton swab to the wound for a few minutes.

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Please note: in such an unpleasant situation, you should not panic. It is advisable to calm the animal by saying to him in a low voice gentle words that you are used to saying in a normal situation. During a haircut, in no case should you raise your voice to the cat or talk in raised tones with your partner, make sharp movements and even more so use physical force (we are talking about blows, pinching and other actions).

Thus, grooming a cat and a cat at home using a clipper and scissors is, first of all, a hygienic measure aimed at maintaining the neat appearance of the pet. If you are going to prepare your cat for a show or other important event, it is recommended to sign up for a decorative haircut with a professional master. In clinics, decorative haircuts for cats are done using mild anesthesia or sedatives. However, it should be remembered that constant exposure to such medications can adversely affect the health of the pet.

How to trim a cat with a clipper

The cat clipper should be turned on in advance so that the pet gets used to its sound, is not afraid. Likewise, the cat is clipped from the sides. They treat the back and abdomen, especially carefully trim the nipple area.

Stretch the skin to avoid cutting from the blade. Cut carefully around the private area.

At the very end of the work, it is better to cut the wool with scissors, since the contact of the machine with the skin can cause wounds and microscopic scratches. After a haircut, the cat must be bathed with shampoo to remove the remains of hair and dirt. Dry with a hairdryer, towel.

Additional tools

For a high-quality and prompt cat haircut, you will need not only a tool for cutting hair (a clipper or scissors), but also a few additional things:

  • Comb-comb for preliminary and subsequent separation of strands;
  • Special attachments for the machine. if the coat is long, attachments should be at least 3 mm long, it is better to take veterinary ones;
  • Simple hairdressing scissors (regular or thinning);
  • Means for disinfecting wool and skin. sudden movements of your pet are possible, which often leads to cuts and injuries. To prevent infections and inflammations, it is important to immediately treat the damaged area;
  • A special high table or an ironing board, on which it will be convenient and safe to work on the cat’s hair;
  • Hydrogen peroxide, cotton wool for disinfecting possible cuts;
  • Pet food.

In the course of work, it is important to create a soft, calm, harmonious environment. after all, you are dealing with cutting tools. Cats need to feel peaceful. The movements of the typewriter should be blurred, calm.

A good solution is to attract a partner who will hold and pet the cat. It is also important not to tease the cat if it is angry, not to involve in games or annoy with distractions.

Aggressive cat

What if the cat behaves aggressively, does not allow itself to be cut, twitches and is nervous? There are several options:

  • Choose another date for a haircut, when the “restless” days or fear of the tool will pass;
  • Give a sedative to the cat if it is not given. inhibition of the nervous system and general relaxation after taking the medication will simplify the solution of the issue, reduce aggression.

An experienced master cuts cats using his own methods of handling animals, so as a last resort there is always an option to call a specialist.

How can you cut the hair of cats

Grooming is very popular today. Salons appear, often specializing in the feline family. They are served by visiting masters at home. Consider the options for performing this procedure and find out how to trim the cat yourself, with a different set of tools, techniques and techniques.

Depending on the breed of the cat, the density and amount of hair is very different. In accordance with this factor, the most suitable cutting tool is chosen:

  • Scissors, preferably with curved ends, for safety;
  • Hair clipper. preferably for animals, but you can also work with an ordinary clipper for people.

The process of cutting a cat with scissors

In order to trim your cat at home, it is important that someone help you keep it the first time. The cat is laid on its side, the limbs are held. You can use a plastic collar for safety.

Scissors should immediately trim tangles and any areas of matted hair. Then proceed directly to the haircut:

  • Work on the head. Usually the head is not cut baldly, leaving a lush hairstyle, but it is better to immediately cut the excess regrown strands and wool. It is important not to touch the mustache, but it is better to remove the “whiskers”. it will be easier for the pet to eat and maintain cleanliness.
  • Remove excess volume from the body, neck and behind the ears, paws and tail.
  • Pay special attention to the intimate area, it is important not to damage these areas with scissors.

After finishing, you should wash the cat and dry thoroughly with a hairdryer, removing excess hair.

If the cat is injured

If it was not possible to avoid injury from scissors or a clipper when cutting a cat, urgent measures are taken to eliminate the consequences:

  • Wipe the cut site with a disinfectant;
  • Apply a healing ointment with a bandage or plaster, it is better to apply a bandage so that the patch does not fall off when moving.

In the case of deep and lacerated wounds, surgical intervention is required. it is better to take the cat to the veterinarian or call a doctor at home. Especially dangerous are eye injuries, in this situation, immediately consult a doctor.

Haircut in several steps, with breaks

Sometimes it is necessary to trim in several steps if it is not possible to shorten the length of the coat in one go. You can take a cat during the day to continue grooming, so it adapts even faster to the unusual actions of its owners and allows itself to be trimmed faster.

This option is optimal in the case of a very mobile and curious kitten that does not like to sit still for a long time, which needs to be reassured.

If you still have not found an actual way to trim your cat at home, you can simply leave it with the existing cover. Then you will have to constantly collect the falling hair and fight fleas.

How to trim a cat’s fur with a clipper and scissors yourself

Every owner of a cat or cat sooner or later faces the need to trim the animal. For example, if your pet is very fluffy, and sometimes you need to free a certain area of ​​hair for a surgical operation. Often a haircut is needed because the coat is heavily soiled or fleas. After reading this article, the owners will learn how to trim a cat at home.

Secrets of grooming at home

The owner of the cat can trim it himself, or can contact a specialized salon for a professional grooming of the animal at any time. However, this is often not possible due to the lack of a salon in the city. Grooming includes not only grooming cats, but also comprehensive care in general, which includes the following procedures:

  • Cut your claws;
  • Comb out tangles from wool, untangle matted areas;
  • Ear cleaning;
  • Eye wash;
  • Cutting hair between the toes, on the paws;
  • Removal of calculus and formations, cleaning the oral cavity;
  • Excretory gland cleaning and other services.

The very word “grooming” comes from hippology. the science of horses. A groom was a professional groom who looked after horses. Today, this is the name for specialists in caring for any animal.

How to properly shave a cat or cat at home

Grooming (shaving) of cats and cats is a procedure that can be used for medicinal and for some other purposes (hygienic grooming, etc.). Let’s see what these cases are, is it possible and how to properly and beautifully shave a cat or a cat at home.

What will be described in the article is based on the author’s personal experience, as well as on the experience of other cat breeders and on theoretical knowledge of the physiology of cats. Somehow groomers mistakenly shaved my cat under 3mm instead of combing out shedding hair as I requested. As a result, my mood was ruined for a long time, and we see the consequences to this day. I must say that personally I am opposed to shaving cats for the sake of beauty or the convenience of the owners, but I cannot help but notice that many other owners, including professional breeders, practice this procedure. Therefore, let’s look at the problem from different angles.

Is it possible to shave a cat on a bald head?

The answer to the question whether it is necessary and possible to cut the hair of cats is both “yes” and “no”. It is definitely impossible to completely shave a cat to zero. But a 3 mm haircut is sometimes shown. There are situations in which a cat needs to be shaved. This is, first of all, medical indications for such a procedure as a hygienic haircut:

  • Foci of fungus and other skin infections;
  • A large number of tangles, when they are easier to shave than cut;
  • Weeping wounds and ulcers: shaving in such cases is indicated on the affected areas, so that it is easier to apply medications;
  • The animal got so dirty that it couldn’t be washed;
  • Shaving individual areas before surgery and ultrasound;
  • The animal sheds heavily and swallows a huge amount of wool, which poses a threat of blockage of the gastrointestinal tract: in this case, you can shave until the cause of excessive shedding is eliminated.

Shaving, indeed, allows you to stop the strong shedding when the house is literally buried in wool. In our situation, it helped: we came to the groomers with a request to comb out the wool, but in the end they solved the problem radically. Naturally, if the cat is prone to such molting, as soon as the fur grows and the season comes, the problem will arise again. THOSE. Shaving, in fact, does not solve the problem, but only hides it: short hairs continue to fall out, but this is no longer noticeable.

What will happen if you shave a cat on a bald head directly depends on the color and individual traits of the cat’s psyche, as well as on the conditions in which it lives. For example, cats of smoky colors are cut and shaved with great care, but it is impossible to cut and shave color-points. Many who are now reading these lines will object, they say, they have points, they were shaved. and everything is in order. Yes, some points are fine. But in the classic version, the points darken after that. Tested on my and many other cats. Smoky and tipped colors are also at risk of spoiling.

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As for other conditions, many cats psychologically have a hard time shaving and its consequences. And also, because K. In cats, after shaving, the heat exchange is disturbed, which is maintained by the hair, for the first time after the procedure, the cat may freeze, even despite the warmth around.

Why does a cat need wool?

To understand why it is not necessary to simply shave a cat on a bald head, let’s plunge into physiology. Wool performs not only an aesthetic function. Its main purpose is to protect against cold and heat, insects and damage. Wool helps thermoregulation (maintaining a constant body temperature) by protecting from direct sunlight and cold. Hairless cats can burn in the sun and freeze in the cold very quickly. THOSE. In the heat, they are more prone to overheating, and in the cold. hypothermia.

In winter, cats get overgrown with a large amount of wool, in the summer they shed the excess. Especially a lot of thick undercoat is shed, which helps to keep warm in winter. Having faded in the summer, short-haired cats in the heat, as a rule, do not need a haircut. But long-haired cats with too thick hair may be too hot. some owners cut them to relieve the condition.

Often, long-haired cats feel better after a haircut, but at the same time they are then more susceptible to drafts and the influence of an air conditioner, more vulnerable to weather changes. In addition, the hair grows back thinner after shearing, so it more easily falls into tangles. And the skin can become less elastic and drier. In rare cases, after shaving and clipping, the coat may not grow back at all.

In addition, the hairline creates an air gap around the cat. When the air temperature is high, this layer remains stable. There is a kind of thermos effect. Remember how in the desert people instead of undressing, on the contrary, put on fur or other warm clothes. This is done to maintain body temperature.

Therefore, if there is another way to alleviate the condition of the animal in the heat, it is better to use it. You can read about this in this article. But the topic of our article is not heat, but a haircut and shave. And it can be produced for different purposes, not just because of the heat. Let’s figure out when it is shown and when it is not.

The right tools

But suppose you have a good reason. Then you need to stock up on the right tools. You can, of course, try to shave the cat with a clipper for humans, but this usually leads to injuries and to a poor-quality haircut. Hair of humans and animals differ in structure and density, therefore clippers for cats and dogs are different in a number of parameters. And it is also better not to use an ordinary razor, that is, a machine,: the cat will resist. then you can injure both her and yourself. In addition, it is inconvenient to shave with a machine.

  • 0.5 mm (when you need to open a place for hygiene procedures);
  • 1.5-1.6 mm (when you need to remove heavily matted hair close to the skin);
  • 3.2mm (standard shave).

It is the length of 3 mm with a small plus that allows you to make sure that the coat remains soft enough and does not prick, causing itching. But if you use a knife much longer than 3 mm, then noticeable jagged transitions appear, which looks sloppy.

How to cut a cat without anesthesia, how often can you cut a cat under anesthesia

To trim a cat without anesthesia, you can invite a cat hairdresser. groomer to your house. A true master knows how to pacify even the most obstinate clients. In addition, in a familiar home environment, the animal is not so nervous if it were taken to a salon or veterinary clinic for a haircut.

Exposing a cat to the action of anesthesia in order to trim it, you need in the most extreme cases and no more than 2 times a year. Before anesthesia, it is desirable that the animal undergoes an examination, but even in this case, it is not possible to completely eliminate the risk factor for various complications.

How to trim a Persian cat at home

Although Persian cats are famous for their sedateness and complaisance, a haircut for them is a lot of stress. Even the most devoted cat during the execution with him, according to his personal conviction, can show its claws. Therefore, it is advisable to cut the cat, especially for the first time, together with an assistant. The classic haircut for the Persians is “Puss in Boots”. The head, tail (if desired, you can cut it in half or leave a small tassel at the end) and legs are left uncut. The latter are very reminiscent of boots, which is why the haircut itself got its name.

How to trim a Persian cat at home

Experienced feline barbers recommend starting trimming from the sides of the animal. The next step will be your pet’s back and belly. The tail and paw pads are trimmed last, using scissors. Particular care should be taken when cutting in the armpits and intimate areas. in these places it is too easy to injure the skin. To avoid injury, when clipping with the clipper, use at least a 3 mm attachment, and keep the animal’s skin taut in the area to be clipped. Existing tangles are best cut with scissors. After shearing, the animal is bathed or wiped with a damp cloth.

How to trim a cat with long soft hair

Trimming a cat with long soft hair is not an easy task. The clipper slips and does not grip the wool well. The only thing that can be advised is to be patient and cut the same place several times, moving both along and against the fur.

Is it possible to cut a British cat with an ordinary human hair clipper

Experts generally do not recommend cutting British cats. True Britons are shorthaired by nature, and if you take proper care of and regularly comb out excess hairs, your cat will be plush without any haircut.

How to trim a cat if there are tangles

To remove tangles when cutting a cat, it is advisable to use a special tool. a collar cutter, but if you do not have one, then ordinary scissors will do. Try to bring a comb under the mat, then cutting off the matted hair, you will definitely not injure the animal. Further haircuts are carried out in the usual manner.

How to trim a cat if it is not given, bites, resists, scratches

It will be much easier to cut a cat that does not want to get a haircut if you ask someone from your household to help you restrain him. You can also try to pacify the rebellious animal by attaching a large paper clip to its scruff. At the same time, the cat becomes more agreeable from the fact that it falls into childhood and it seems to him that he is in the teeth of his mother. An overly active cat is trimmed under anesthesia or using inhibitory drugs. Both can adversely affect the health of the animal, therefore, it is not recommended to inject these drugs on your own.

How to trim a British cat at home

It is not customary to trim British cats. The hair of cats of this breed is short, mats, which is why, in most cases, they do a haircut, are rarely formed. Care of the coat consists in the regular removal of the guard hair. For this purpose, a bristle or rubber brush is used. this is how the undercoat is least injured and the wool has a more well-groomed appearance.

How to trim a cat at home with a clipper, scissors, without a clipper

To trim a cat at home is the easiest and fastest way to trim a cat. If a cat is afraid of the sound made by an electric typewriter, then a good haircut is obtained using a typewriter of a different design. a mechanical one. It is more difficult to work with scissors, cutting a cat, here you need at least a little skill, otherwise you can inadvertently injure the skin of the animal. Be gentle with your pet, tell him gentle words, and the haircut procedure will be faster and more painless.

How often to have hairdressing procedures

The regularity of the haircut is determined by the rate of regrowth of the coat. As a rule, wool grows back from 3 to 6 months. The rate of growth of the coat is influenced by the breed of the animal, its age, state of health.

It is recommended to cut an average cat no more than 2. 3 times a year. If the procedure is associated with the removal of tangles, then it is carried out as they form. Model haircuts can be done more often, but you should take into account the condition of the coat, the season of the year and the health of the pet. Hygienic and medical haircuts are carried out, as a rule, as needed.

We recommend reading about how to wean a cat from tearing wallpaper and furniture. You will learn about the causes of damage to property, methods of preserving furniture, such as a scratching post, cutting nails, anti-scratching and others.
And here is more about how to train a cat to a scratching post.

Rules and recommendations on how to trim a cat at home

Grooming of domestic cats is not a mandatory hygiene procedure, but nevertheless, many breeds need to shorten the coat. A step-by-step technique on how to trim a cat at home will come in handy for many owners, because it is not always possible to do manipulation with a veterinarian. Such a procedure can be carried out for hygienic and decorative purposes, and also prescribed by a veterinarian as a therapeutic.

Popular hairstyles

The owner’s imagination and the professionalism of the haircutters allow you to give the animal a wide variety of images: from a majestic lion to a creative Dragon-dinosaur. The most common and popular haircuts among cat owners are: Lion, Puma, show haircuts Harlequin, Modern, Continental.

French lion

This type of haircut can be called universal, since it is often used both for hygienic purposes and as a model hairstyle. It is advisable to choose an option in hot summer. There are not so many difficulties in how to cut a cat with a clipper “under the lion” yourself. The wool is sheared with a tool all over the body. The hair on the limbs is left unchanged in the form of “socks” or “golf”. The base of the tail is trimmed, at the end a “tassel” or “whisk” is formed.

How to cut correctly

Before hairdressing manipulation, the animal should be bathed with shampoo and conditioner. It is best to carry out the water treatment 2. 3 days before the haircut. This will facilitate combing and the process of creating a hairstyle. To avoid injury, you should also trim your nails or put on special protective pads on the claws.

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It is necessary to carry out a haircut with an assistant. How to cut a cat with a clipper has its own rules, the implementation of which will greatly facilitate the owner’s task:

  • With the help of a machine, hair is removed from the sides, back and abdomen of the pet. As a rule, nozzle no. 3 is used, which corresponds to 3 mm. The abdomen should be treated with particular care. It is better to pre-cut the crotch and milk nipples with scissors.
  • The hair in the armpits is trimmed by changing the nozzle by 2mm. Then the back of the body is cut.
  • The tail is either not cut at all, or a “tassel” is left at the end.
  • They cut the hair on the paws, forming either short “socks” or longer “knee-highs”.
  • The shape of the hair on the head, if necessary, is done with scissors.
  • Scissors trim the mane and “tassel” on the tail.

If you have to decide how to cut a cat with scissors, if there is no typewriter, then in this option it is worth preparing for a little more difficulties. With the help of scissors, as a rule, they trim the wool after clipping with a clipper. The hairstyle when using this one tool will be uneven and unaesthetic.

After cutting, the animal must be bathed, wiped with wet wipes and dried with a hair dryer.

For information on how to trim a cat at home, see this:

The Dragon

Exotic Haircut Dragon is an unusual mohawk on the back of an animal. To give the pet an original look, the head is not cut, the fur coat on the body is cut. Along the spine and tail, the hair is trimmed in the form of triangles. You can also leave scraps of wool and other shapes, it all depends on the owner’s imagination and the professionalism of the groomer.

Reasons why a cat is cut

There are several good reasons why pet grooming is a necessary and desirable procedure. According to their purpose, haircuts for domestic cats are:

  • Hygienic. This procedure is carried out in the event that the wool is tangled, tangles have formed in it. Often the animal can get very dirty. Contaminants such as paint, varnish, building materials (plaster, cement, glue, etc.) cannot always be removed with water and shampoo. In this case, only cutting the hair will help.
  • In some cases, a hygienic haircut is resorted to in old and sick animals that are not able to care for the coat. Such a hairdressing procedure is done to avoid the formation of hairballs in the stomach. This is especially true in a hot period of time to avoid overheating of the animal.
  • With prolonged shedding, such a hairdressing procedure can relieve the pet.
  • Medicinal. A veterinarian can prescribe a haircut for certain diseases. The indications for the treatment are the following diseases: parasites (fleas, lice), dermatitis, infectious skin diseases, hyperplasia of the sebaceous glands). Sheared wool allows for more effective treatment of the skin with drugs and significantly reduces the treatment time. There is nothing difficult about shaving a cat for medical purposes.
  • Decorative or fashion haircuts. This type of hairdressing in relation to a domestic cat is a whim of the owner, nothing more than a tribute to fashion. Through an original haircut, the owner expresses the features of the feline character and disposition, individuality.
  • Exhibition. A special haircut that is carried out to shape the animal to breed standards.

The best quality haircut is done, of course, in the salon. Grooming specialists use special tools and devices that do not damage the skin. But it will be useful for the owner to know how to cut the cat himself at home, so as not to overpay every time.

For how cats are cut in the salon, see this:

What is needed for the procedure

Before being puzzled by the question of how to cut a cat himself, the owner should stock up on the necessary devices and tools. For home grooming, you will need a high, stable table on which you can comfortably position the animal. Also for these purposes a wide ironing board will do.

As a hairdressing tool, you need scissors with non-sharp edges, a hair clipper. Owners mastering home grooming are often interested in how they cut their cats in the salon and at home. There are many cat trimmers on the market. There is a tool designed specifically for clipping long-haired breeds. It features sharpening of the blades and does not injure the delicate skin of the animal.

If your pet is afraid of an electric clipper, it is better to use scissors or a manual clipper. Care should be taken when working as the risk of injury from such a tool is high.

You will need a comb to comb the coat while clipping. For this purpose, it is better to purchase a rare comb. All instruments must be individual. Before the procedure, it is advisable to treat the cutting surface with any disinfectant solution.

It is impossible to carry out high-quality self-grooming of your pet without an assistant. You can purchase a special collar that protects the owner from bites from a disgruntled pet.

A restless cat is best cut at a veterinary clinic, where it will be given sedatives if necessary. At home, you cannot use any sedative drugs.

Before trimming a cat’s fur, you should stock up on disinfectant solutions, for example, hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine to treat possible cuts.

Some of the nuances that may arise after a haircut

Owners often wonder what will happen if they cut a cat, especially for the first time. Fans of cat hairstyles should know that after cutting the coat, not only the structure of the coat often changes, but even the color. Pets with colorpoint and tipping should not be trimmed due to darkening of the coat in the abdomen and back.

A) Variation of color point color; b) Solid blue color with a distinct silvery sheen (the ends of the hair are silver tipped)

Regular haircuts can result in the coat not growing back to its normal length. After hairdressing procedures, a new fur coat may become thinner, more quickly roll into tangles.

Self-haircutting often results in skin injuries. The risk of developing inflammatory processes increases.

When grooming in a clinic or salon, an animal is often given light anesthesia or sedatives. However, the regular use of sedatives and anesthesia adversely affects the pet’s health.

Haircut procedure

  • First of all, the cat must be fixed on its side, holding its front and hind legs. If the pet is aggressive and bites, it is better to wear a plastic collar on it during the procedure. You can also attach a binder (paper clip) to the scruff of the neck. At the same time, the cat falls into childhood, it seems to him that his mother holds him in his teeth, and he behaves much more calmly. Sometimes for overly excited cats during a haircut, inhibitors, sedatives, sleeping pills or anesthesia are used. Such methods can be used only in extreme cases and always after passing the necessary examinations. But these are very unsafe methods! Never use them at home on your own. They can do significant harm to your furry friend.

A plastic collar will help keep the animal in place.

Mats from the fur of a cat can be cut with scissors.

How often should a cat be cut?

Grooming your cat is an important part of grooming and caring for your pet.

If your pet is fluffy, it makes sense to trim it before summer. After all, animals can hardly tolerate heat. The molt period should also be taken into account. It is better to do a haircut before starting it. It is very easy to understand that the cat has begun to molt, you need to slightly pull the fur. If a lot of hairs remain in the hand, this will speak of its beginning.

Clipper for a cat at home

A cat clipper is a real salvation for many owners.

Its use will speed up and simplify the process. Unlike scissors, clippers cannot injure your pet. But you should choose a device that works as quietly as possible. Too loud a sound will scare the cat, it will break out, and scratch, and cutting will become impossible.


Before you start cutting your pet, you should know some of the nuances:

    In no case should you cut the hair on the animal’s head. In the ears, on the pads and on the mustache. Trimming the hair on the head can disturb your cat’s spatial orientation. And the wool in the ears protects them from dust and foreign bodies.

Veterinarians strongly advise against shearing hair from the head of cats.

Before grooming your cat, make sure that its nails are also cut short. Otherwise, the animal is at risk of being scratched during shearing.

Several approaches are possible

You should not try to cut your pet at one time. Take breaks and pet your pet in order to calm him down and help him to more easily endure an unpleasant procedure for him. After a haircut, you also need to be affectionate and friendly with the animal. You should not laugh loudly at the haircut during or after the procedure. Your pet may have a hard time accepting such a surge of emotions from its owner.

Brushing and bathing a cat after a haircut

If the animal is too overexcited, it is better to simply wipe it down with a damp towel so as not to injure the cat’s psyche. If your cat is not afraid of a hair dryer, you can dry the coat using it. But in no case use hot air, this will cause unnecessary stress. Only warm air can be used.

We cut the cat correctly at home, if it is not given: we use a typewriter

Many have pets, often cats. In order for your cat to be healthy and beautiful, you need to take care of him. Proper care of the animal’s coat is very important. For this, in some breeds, it needs to be trimmed.

Useful Tips

The cat is very aggressive

Grooming your pet can take a lot of your time, don’t expect to do it in half an hour.

If your cat is aggressive, bites and pulls out, it is better to cut it behind the coat. The coat will stay longer, but this way you will avoid excessive animal aggression. Since cutting against the grain is even more annoying for the pet.