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How to stop a dog from eating off the ground

How to wean a dog not to pick up food from the ground. Tip 6: How to wean your puppy from picking up everything on the street

Weaning your puppy off the ground while walking is one of the first things you should do about your pet. After all, this can have a bad effect not only on his health, but also on the well-being of the whole family.

  • – puppy;
  • – goodies;
  • – metal chain.

If your puppy is under three months old, punish him carefully for picking up anything he doesn’t need from the ground. Avoid harsh physical influence. Just take the picked up thing from his mouth, but at the same time strictly and threateningly say “Fu”. You can at this moment slightly shake the puppy by the withers or also press it a little to the ground by the withers.

It is best to avoid any punishment altogether while the dog is very young. Every time she tries to grab something from the ground, distract her with a game. Watch the dog carefully and do not let it grab anything that lies on the ground. Excessively severe punishment of a puppy can damage his developing psyche.

Ask a stranger to give the puppy a treat in an open palm. And when he wants to grab him, the palm will need to be closed. Do this until your pet is no longer interested in this treat. And it is desirable that people change. You, in turn, reward the puppy with a piece from your hand every time he turns away from someone else’s palm.

Use a light metal chain. But just find one that won’t hurt your little one. As soon as you see that he is trying to pick up something from the ground, throw this chain at him, trying to hit the dog. But only so that the puppy does not see that it is you who are doing it. Thus, the dog will learn that every time he tries to eat something on the street, something rattling, scary and at the same time hits painfully.

Teach the puppy the “Drop it!” Command. When you see that he has already taken something in his mouth, call him to you and give the command “Drop it!” If there is no reaction, open your mouth and shake it, repeating the same word. When the content drops out, praise the dog and give a treat as a reward.

How to stop a dog from grabbing food. How to wean a dog from stealing food and begging

If the habit of stealing food and begging has already been formed from the dog, you must first of all reconsider your behavior and change it as described above. In addition, you can use the following techniques:

Disaccustom to pick up from the ground. How to stop a dog from picking up from the ground

Frequent cases of pet dog poisoning make owners think about raising pets. Unfortunately, the movement of “doghunters” cannot be completely suppressed. And it’s not so much homeless animals that suffer as four-legged family members.

Because this is her natural behavior! Nature has an instinct for a constant search for food.

And even if the dog is fed often, a lot and taking into account all the needs for vitamins and minerals, it will pick up food on the street.

If the pet has an inadequate diet, or there is not enough food at all, it will not work to wean him from looking for food “on the side”.

The same applies to constantly “hungry” breeds. dachshunds. Labradors and Newfoundlands. Obesity-prone, these dogs will not pass up the opportunity to eat.

How to stop a dog from picking up from the ground

Until the moment when a person tamed a dog, these animals survived in a wild world, where instincts and their own rules rule. Since then, domestic dogs have remained in the habit of sniffing out everything that caught their eye with special care. And it is natural for a dog to try on the tooth, revealing an edible item or not. Especially puppies, during the period of active development, learn the world exclusively to “taste”.

But such a habit as picking up everything that comes across from the ground not only looks disgusting from the human side, but can also cost the animal life.

Why is ground picking dangerous?

The main factor provoking a dog to pick up various garbage from the ground is a natural instinct. Most often, living in the wild, animals can eat grass, feathers and even wool in order to provoke an eruption of gastric contents to cleanse the digestive tract.

But there may be several reasons why a dog picks up litter from the ground. The main ones are:

  • lack of vitamins and enzymes in the diet of the animal;
  • experiences and stress;
  • the physiological process of changing teeth, accompanied by itching and the desire to scratch the gums;
  • feeling very hungry.
stop, eating, ground


Before starting to wean an animal from a bad habit, it is necessary to understand the factors that can provoke such behavior.

It is recommended to consult a veterinarian. It may be necessary to trivially adjust the pet’s diet, and the problem will disappear by itself.

But a healthy dog ​​picking up litter from the ground while walking may just be a curious pet trying everything out. This behavior requires correction, because picking up various objects from the ground can end in disaster, especially for the dog itself.

The main danger that lies in wait for the animal is the risk of catching a serious infection, contracting helminthiasis, or poisoning. In the latter case, the risks are extremely high. The dog may accidentally eat a poisonous substance intended for baiting rodents. In big cities, there are also so-called dog hunters, scattering poison on purpose.

How to stop a dog from picking up from the ground

Having figured out the reasons that provoke the pet to pick up various garbage from the ground, you can begin the process of behavior correction. The main rules are:

  • Start learning from an early age. It is necessary to start instilling skills from the very first weeks, and already from the age of six months, you can start full-fledged training. One of the first rules, which must be strictly observed in the house where the puppy appeared, is feeding only from hands or from a bowl. In no case should the pet be allowed to eat from the floor, otherwise it will exhibit the same behavior on the street during a walk.
  • Regular trainings of the “Do’s” and “Do not” teams. In order to accustom the pet to the command “You can”, it is necessary to hold the animal for about 5 seconds near the bowl with food, and then, having given the appropriate command, let the pet close to the bowl. The main goal that must be achieved is that the dog comes to food only after the permission of its owner. This will help not only prevent eating various garbage on the street, but also taking various products from the hands of strangers. Before making such a move, the pet will wait for approval from the owner. No less important and necessary command is the command “No”. In some cases, proper training can save the animal’s life. When the dog intends to do an unwanted action, a timely command “No” or “Foo” will distract him. Training should be carried out exclusively in favorable conditions. Any physical impact is prohibited, commands are given in a firm voice, but without excessive volume.
  • Correct use of the “No” command while walking. If, during a joint walk, the pet reaches to the side for a clearly prohibited object or food, you must clearly give the command. If the animal does not obey, it is necessary to duplicate the command with sharp, but not strong jerks of the leash to the side. It is very important to praise your pet when he obeyed and followed any given command. You can verbally cheer the dog up or pet it. The main goal is to form in the animal a negative association with garbage on the street. Under no circumstances should the dog be allowed to pick up something from the ground, and the next day should be prohibited. Dogs are very intelligent animals. Soon, the animal will begin to cunning, picking up from the ground only when the owner loses vigilance for a second. Of course, experts do not recommend to abuse the commands, using them with or without.
  • Try to anticipate future events. You can play a kind of game, combined workout. You can scatter treats on the site where the animal is being walked. The dog is kept on a leash, practicing the command “No”. By prohibiting the animal from picking up treats, you can develop a strong reaction to the command not to pick up anything from the ground. It will take a little time to practice, but with perseverance and STIHL, you can achieve excellent results. You can complicate the task by scattering treats and releasing the animal from the leash. The main task is to teach the animal not only to respond to the command, but also not to pick up any garbage when the owner does not see it.
  • Using a whistle. If for several days during persistent regular training, the animal does not respond to the command, you can use a sound stimulus. Special whistles are great. As soon as the animal tries to try the garbage from the ground, it is necessary to give the command “No” or “Fu”, slightly pull back the leash and whistle the whistle. Soon, the pet will form the correct reflex.
  • A moment of distraction. In order to wean the animal from being interested in foreign suspicious objects, garbage and food from the ground, the best solution is the attention paid to the pet. Many joint games and joyful moments will allow the animal not to feel melancholy. It is very important to choose the right places for walking. It is best to walk puppies and already grown up young curious dogs not in parks and squares, but in specially equipped areas.
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Raising a dog is necessary and important. Sometimes, you need to apply severity, but in no case should you use physical strength. The psyche of the animal may be disturbed, the relationship between the owner and the pet will deteriorate, and the desired effect will never be. The barbaric methods include not only the use of brute physical force. It is forbidden to use stun guns and collars with electric shock, shout loudly, use burning seasonings to lubricate delicacies, in attempts to scare an animal away from picking up food.

It is not recommended to give treats to your pet if he did not pick up food from the ground. In this case, you can only encourage with words or stroking.

It also happens that the dog is in no hurry to carry out commands. As a rule, this happens with those animals that fell into the human family already in adulthood. If the animal is poorly trained, it is not necessary to stop training, but to increase safety, it is advisable to wear a muzzle when walking.

You can ask for help from specialists. Dog handlers or zoopsychologists can help in solving the problem. Recommendations must be carefully followed, which in turn will increase the effectiveness of education. The information that the specialist will give must be used for its intended purpose. It must be remembered that each animal, like a person, has a set of individual qualities. The speed of learning depends on the breed characteristics, the age of the animal and its temperament. There are no stupid dogs, there is a wrong upbringing. So, for example, dogs of hunting breeds, pick up from the ground everything that seems interesting to them, since it is in their blood. to pick up game.

Attentive attitude to the dog, patience and perseverance will certainly bear fruit.

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How to stop a dog from picking up from the ground. Part 1

If a walk with fluffy Nikolai resembles breakfast in a Turkish all-inclusive hotel in the company of compatriots, whose main goal is if not to eat the whole street, then at least to bite, do not rush to blame the dog.

First, see your veterinarian to make sure the problem is not clinical. For example, dogs begin to actively eat grass when they need to empty their stomachs. And if gobies or poop regularly get into the salad, this is a serious cause for concern. Sometimes such bouts of gourmet are the first bells of a complex disease, so don’t miss it.

Another common cause is stress. And you yourself can provoke it. Imagine Nikolai, who found a piece of yesterday’s pigeon, moderately interesting to him, in a clearing. And then you appear, depicting a terrible kite. circling above him, making terrible sounds, and demanding something. How can you not get scared? How do you deal with such nightmarish stress? That’s right, have a snack. But just the dove lies, very handy, thank you very much.

Having eliminated medical and psychological problems, you can start learning.

You need it, Nikolay?

First, teach your dog to calmly refuse food at home. Show her the treat in your hand and gently ask her not to take it. For example, like this: “Nikolay, think about what is the whole point of endless absorption of organic matter? Is this what we live for? ” Do not use prohibitive words like “fu” or “no”, do not go to shout. If the dog is good and refused, give it food.

Then you can move on to training on the floor. place the treat in front of the dog, cover it with your hand, and read the passage from the history of nihilism again. After a while, you can stop covering. let him learn to see what he wants and say “no, I won’t, this is for the new year.” This exercise will teach Nikolai to be more relaxed about food and give him the experience of adequate communication with the owner, even with a tasty distraction. And at the same time you will practice to react calmly to a dog, which is in the most difficult love triangle and is forced to constantly choose between your beloved owner and adored cheese.

Antidepressant walks

Stuff your s with Nikolai’s favorite food. sausage, chia cookies, dodo foie gras. and embark on a romantic journey through the courtyard. Feed your dog for no reason, just to show him your boundless love. This will allow your furry friend to relax and learn to appreciate walks even more.

New impressions

Sometimes dogs vacuum the ground simply for lack of new information. To diversify Nikolai’s life, change your usual route (as much as possible). In addition, it will help to start work from scratch, because bad habits are often associated with routine.

Judge by yourself. in a familiar area of ​​the city you will unmistakably name all the hot spots, and in the new one you will still need to look for them. So the dog has. on its usual route, it already has a map, where all important places are marked. from “a clearing of rotten gladioli” to “a stump with a one-year-old samsa”. If you take her to a new place, there will be fewer attempts to break into the nearest “pub”.

Get a muzzle, this is the best way to stop your dog from eating off the floor. How to choose it correctly, we will write one of the next Thursdays.

All forbidden things (bones, suspicious food, etc.) found during a walk should be taken with you in a poo bag and thrown into the trash. In general, this rule should be an unspoken pact between all dog lovers in the world: if you saw something potentially harmful. come and neutralize it. Perhaps this is how you save someone’s life.

Distraction method

You can distract your pet from the “illegal” action with a sharp sound. clap, ringing of a bunch of keys, whistle. Also, throwing a plastic bottle filled with small stones, coins or other “rattling” objects works. The main thing is not to harm the dog and not scare him too much.

Another parenting method is to wear an apparel throughout the walk. A dog occupied with an attractive object will be less tempted to pick something less seductive from the ground.

How to wean a dog from floor or ground picking: effective methods

In dogs, sniffing, searching and chasing are genetically determined reflexes. Very often, the detected “interesting” smell prompts to taste the object. This instinct, useful in the wild, is very dangerous in the city. Often after such a “meal” the dog suffers from poisoning and may even die. Why do dogs like to sniff and grab smelly objects so much, and how to wean a dog from picking up from the floor / ground?

Why does the dog sniff and pick up objects

Before you begin to wean a dog from a harmful and dangerous habit, you need to understand why a clean, domestic dog with great pleasure runs into the trash, sniffs, or even eats carrion. It is difficult to disaccustom a dog to “vacuum” the territory, since the sense of smell for a predator is one of the main senses. The cortical center responsible for the analysis of odors is 40 times larger in a dog than in a person, while the animal’s brain itself is 10 times smaller.

With the help of smell, the dog receives information about the territory, the sexual readiness of partners, the quality of food, the hierarchy in the pack. Smells give the dog not only the necessary information about the world, but also stimulate the positive emotions necessary for socialization and vital activity, and excite behavioral processes. Therefore, forbidding a dog to sniff, or rather to sniff out (a very special function), is dangerous for its health and psyche.

The book Kingdom of Smells by Anne Lill Kwam, a famous Norwegian trainer, describes not only the physiology of a dog’s sense of smell, but also its importance for the mental development and mental health of a dog. Exciting and attractive odors stimulate positive physiological processes in the dog’s body and in a certain way affect the behavioral reactions, the emotional state of the animal.

Taste in dogs is also closely related to the sense of smell. That is why it is so difficult for them to separate these “chemical” sensations. A newborn puppy primarily focuses on smell and taste. The survival of the baby depends on them. the search for food, protection, comfortable conditions. This means that training should be aimed not at the prohibition of sniffing and testing, but at weaning to pick up an object from the floor or the ground.

stop, eating, ground

Electro shock collar

In especially difficult cases, an electroshock collar is used. Such a collar is equipped with a control panel, which makes it possible to dose exposure and correct behavior at a considerable distance. The main thing is not to overdo it with pain. Your dog should be uncomfortable, not injured.

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By imperceptibly operating the remote control, the owner avoids the formation of a logical connection between the negative impact and his person, which will preserve a trusting relationship with the pet. The disadvantage of this method of exposure is the inexperience of the owner. To use the collar, you need to practice with an experienced instructor.

Reasons for the manifestation of a bad habit

In addition to instincts, the transformation of a dog into a “vacuum cleaner” is explained by the following factors:

  • a hungry past that plagues street and abandoned animals;
  • lack of nutrients in the diet, vitamin deficiency;
  • stress to overcome, which the dog needs positive emotions;
  • lack of new sensations;
  • curiosity;
  • parasitic diseases;
  • teething;
  • aberration (distortion) of taste during pregnancy;
  • violation of the intestinal microflora, since decomposing food contains digestive enzymes and bacteria that facilitate digestion;
  • the need for bowel cleansing. The habit of picking up inedible garbage is inherited by domestic dogs from wolves, which eat feathers, grass, hairballs and pebbles to induce vomiting and cleanse the intestines;
  • the desire to play with the found item.

As you can see, there are many reasons prompting a dog to pick up edible and inedible items and food leftovers on the street. Most of these can be eliminated by adjusting the dog’s diet or behavior. An attentive owner can easily determine the reasons for the manifestation of “gathering” and try to eliminate them.

Dummy Situation Method

To eliminate the risk of poisoning or injury, you can use the “dummy” method when teaching. The assistant lays out the bait in the form of food pieces. The owner, leading the pet on a leash, slowly approaches the bait, and when the dog rushes to the food, give the command “Fu” or “Do not” and jerk the leash sharply. The situation is repeated 4-5 times.

As a negative stimulus, you can use a light slap on the back of the dog’s rump or nose, hold (press on the back or withers with your hand). Negative stimulus should alternate with positive. After the dog has moved away from the bait, it is encouraged with a treat, praised or stroked. Gradually, food rewards should be completely replaced by tactile or vocal rewards. Do not abuse the “Fu” command and prohibit all potentially dangerous actions.

With the help of a “dummy” situation, you can also wean the dog from taking food from the wrong hands. You need to ask several assistants to offer a treat to the dog, and when she reaches out to him, squeeze his hand, hiding the “bait”. The pet must firmly learn that he will not receive treats from a “stranger”. Ignoring “handouts” should be encouraged by the owner. Thus, the owner does not cancel the eating behavior (it dominates in animals, especially young ones), but only reorients, otherwise, by prohibiting eating a treat, one can provoke a search for “goodies” on the street or in a garbage can.

This will help the puppy develop the habit of taking food only from the bowl or from the hands of the owner. If the puppy discovers, but ignores the pieces lying on the floor, it is necessary to encourage him by treating him with a treat, praise and pet. You cannot beat or scold the baby.

From 3 months old, you can train your puppy to take food from a bowl on command. The food is laid out in a bowl, the puppy is held and released for a few seconds, accompanying the action with a permissive command “You can”, “Take it”.

You can also teach the puppy not to pick it up from the floor by specially dropping a piece on the floor, and when the baby reaches for it, it is easy to press it down or remove it by hiding the bait. You should offer him another piece from your hand, giving the command “Take”.

Starting from 6 months, it is necessary to train the dog to execute the commands “Fu”, “Give”, “Come to me”, “You cannot”. Restraining commands will help control the pet’s behavior, its movement on the streets and prevent picking up from the ground. Since the training of prohibitive commands is based on negative stimuli (punishment), it is impossible to use them at a very early age, so as not to “break” the character of the dog, not to cause aggression or fear.

You should not hesitate with the submission of restraining commands, since even a well-mannered dog, taking a “tasty treat” in its mouth, is unlikely to spit it out when he hears a shout. The command must be given before the action is taken. Until the dog has mastered restraining commands, unwanted situations should be avoided. walking the puppy on a leash, in a muzzle or in “clean” places.

How to wean a puppy from picking up everything on the street

A piece picked up on a walk, edible at first glance, can kill a dog, because it is not known what may be inside. Disease-causing bacteria and poison are frequent companions of grazing in yards and on city sites.

Many inexperienced owners do not see a particular problem in the fact that the dog digs the ground with his nose in search of any edible or not very piece, picks up everything that lies there from the ground, and tries it on his teeth. But in vain. Indeed, because of this, a four-legged friend can be seriously injured, and in an unfortunate combination of circumstances, it can also infect the owner with something unpleasant.

Dogs eat almost from the floor, so it is not unusual for them to “hunt” during a walk, this is the norm of their behavior. However, in order to protect your pet, you will have to do everything to wean him from this harmful habit in the modern world.

The reasons

In most cases, dogs “vacuum” the ground in search of tidbits, if life has taught them to do so. That is, there were moments in their biography when it was more of a necessity than a whim. over, sometimes even for a domestic, seemingly well-fed dog, pasture is the only way to live a full life.

The most common reasons for the manifestation of the habit of picking everything from the floor are considered by veterinarians:

  • Bad Education. If from childhood the puppy was allowed to eat on the floor, allowed to eat up the dropped food and sweets, did not show dissatisfaction with the search for food while walking or playing in the walls of the house, then it will be very problematic to wean an adult individual. The dog simply will not understand why it suddenly became impossible for him what could have been done from birth.
  • Natural gluttony. Sometimes it is triggered by hunger in early childhood, but more often it is just a character trait. Such puppies, even in childhood, acquire the habit of grabbing the maximum amount of food from the bowl, carrying it aside, spitting it out and eating it. Dogs of this type are ready to eat anything, anytime, anywhere, even if they are more than well fed. Somehow it is simply impossible to wean them from irrepressible greed. It remains only to dispense portions, not to allow other pets to be eaten and to closely monitor the actions on walks, preferring to go out in a muzzle. Only tough training and physical barriers will help protect the dog from street feeding.
  • Hunger experienced in childhood. This syndrome is typical for animals taken from the street or from shelters, even at a young age. They remember for life that picking up from the floor is the normal way to get food. That is why they try to diversify their daily diet with any conventionally edible trophies from the street. It will be difficult to fix the situation in any way, but over time, with due attention and patience of the owner, this may be possible.
  • Unbalanced diet. If your pet lacks something in the daily portions of food, he tries to make up for the lack on his own. Therefore, starting a dog, you should study everything related to the breed and, especially, the necessary complete diet. Do not forget about periodic medical examinations, the main purpose of which is to identify all the emerging health problems of the pet and eliminate them. It is the veterinarian who will be able to tell what exactly the four-legged friend is missing and how it can be corrected.
  • An attempt to attract the attention of the owner. Lonely, abandoned dogs in this way try to attract attention. If you’ve scolded them for this behavior, they’ll repeat it over and over to get the attention they need again. The fact that it is negative is of little concern to dogs. It is important for them to feel involved in the pack, necessary, and punishment will come down to confirm this status.
  • Disease. Some diseases have strange symptoms. Therefore, if a dog who did not previously have the habit of picking up something from the ground, the dog will begin to drag and gnaw branches, roots, bones and other debris in its mouth. this is a serious reason to urgently go to the veterinarian.

Regardless of the reasons that led to the formation of the habit, it must be controlled and eradicated so that a piece of poisoned bait accidentally eaten during a walk does not lead to death.

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Effective methods

There are several effective methods that, provided they are constantly and comprehensively applied, will give excellent results and once and for all disaccustomed to picking up anything from the ground:

  • At home, the dog should never eat from the ground. This applies to both constant food and snacks. Purchase a deep bowl to keep food from spilling out onto the floor. When giving something tasty, make sure that it does not fall. If this does happen, either quickly pick up a piece and feed it again from your hand, or cover the food with your foot and say the command “Fu”, but do not let the animal pick it up.
  • Walk only on a leash. For every attempt to take something in the mouth, the dog must hear a strict forbidding command and feel the jerk of the leash. If he tries again, repeat the procedure harder. The jerk must be palpable so that the animal understands that the behavior is not approved by the owner.
  • If you decide to let the dog run and let him off the leash, and then saw that he was eating some nasty thing, immediately command “Fu” and punish. The punishment must be quite tangible so that the prohibition is fixed in the head of the animal. For such cases, it is better to take a thin stick with you. a losin, and in case of problems with obedience, it is easy to lash the dog with it in the region of the croup. The main thing is not to overdo it. The beast should feel the forbidding blow, but not the pain from it.
  • Conduct a training session on your site. When you are sure that you have weaned your pet from a bad habit, start checking. Place pieces of food in a certain area and let the dog go for a walk. If he tries to eat what you left, punish the prankster severely. Repeat this procedure until the pet remembers that it can only eat after your permission.

It is relatively easy to train a puppy, and adult dogs are much less susceptible to behavior correction.

What training methods are better not to resort to??

  • Throw objects in his direction, hoping to distract attention from the treat. The kid can be very scared, as a result of this, mental problems will begin.
  • Shout, whistle, clap your hands next to him. The method is suitable for correcting the behavior of an adult dog.
  • Physical impact.
  • Using ESHO.
  • Leash too strong.
  • Application of filled treats.

Why do dogs pick up food on the street??

  • Lacks certain vitamins in the body. The dog begins to eat the feces of other animals, carrion, rotten food.
  • There is no proper upbringing. As a puppy, the dog is used to grabbing certain “goodies” without further punishment.
  • There are mental problems. Many pets are morally satisfied with what they pick up from the ground.
  • Suffers from lack of attention. Sometimes pets do not have enough affection, the dogs begin to misbehave, forcing the owner to carefully observe them. Manipulators know that they will receive negative reinforcement for what they have done, but they continue to bend their line.
  • Hunger. Owners walk their dogs before feeding, he tries to drown out the unpleasant feeling with a piece found on the street.

Team “To me”

Ideally, upon hearing her, the dog drops everything and runs to the owner, completely switching over to him. Clear obedience to this command is the basis for a long and happy life of a four-legged.

The training is carried out in several ways. The first is mechanical. faster, but unpleasant for the dog. The second is with the help of a treat or toy.

When choosing a mechanical method, you need a long leash and a favorite treat. The dog walks on a long (from five meters) leash, clamped in the palm of the owner. When the animal gets carried away with its business, the owner begins twitching, while running away, moving backwards. The darling begins to catch up with him. The handler gives the command “To me”, continuing to move. The dog overtakes the owner, after which he stops, praises the pet and puts a hand with a treat behind his head so that the animal has to sit down. The dog sits down opposite the owner and receives a treat.

Another method is divided into several stages. Training begins at puppyhood, when the pet reaches two months of age.

  • First, the owner teaches the pet to move for a treat. The latter is clamped in the handler’s left hand, the fist is pressed to the side, thigh or leg. depending on the size of the puppy. The owner walks with his back forward, and the baby is concentratedly trying to get the treat from the palm of his hand, following him.
  • When the pet learns this movement without distraction, the application of the voice command begins. The basic process is the same, the pet follows the owner, but he utters the command “Come to me”, then sits the dog in front of him with the help of a treat and reinforces the training with encouragement.
  • After mastering this lesson, the third stage follows. The owner places the dog near his left leg, then takes two or three steps with his back forward in the opposite direction from the animal. He carefully monitors his condition, if the dog decided to follow the guide without a command, he will have to return to the main position. Otherwise, the owner calls the pet with a team, encourages it with a delicacy and verbally.

How to stop a dog from picking up everything on the street?

There are several effective methods. Driving a pet in a muzzle is not a panacea for troubles, although such recommendations are often found.

Possible ways to wean a dog from picking up all kinds of nasty things on the street:

  • Weak discharge of current when trying to pick up from the ground. The blow comes from below, directly from the feed itself. The method is used when teaching on training grounds or under the supervision of an experienced specialist.
  • Electro shock collar. another tough but quickly understood option.
  • Braking command coupled with mechanical action on the dog.
  • A treat with a bitter filling. Care should be taken when using such a treat, make sure that the pet is not allergic to these foods.
  • Perfect execution of the command “To me”.

How To Train Your Dog To Leave EVERYTHING Alone.- EVERYWHERE!

Training rules that will help wean a dog to pick up all kinds of nasty things on the street

Many pet owners are interested in the question: “How to wean a dog to pick up food and all kinds of nasty things on the street?” There are several ways, ranging from mechanical to braking command.

It is important to understand why this is needed. to pass the standard or the skill will be used at the household level, to deal with the causes of the habit and to comprehend its danger.

Delicacy with filling

The method is effective but risky. Before using it, you need to make sure that your pet does not have an allergic reaction. The method applies to adult pets.

Spicy spices are added to pieces of meat, cheese or other “snacks”. The animal finds a treat, grabs it and immediately spits it out, feeling an unpleasant taste. The guide calls him up with the command “Come to me”, calms and treats him.

Braking command and mechanical action

The method of weaning picking up litter and food is simple, effective, and applicable to all breeds. A familiar territory is chosen as a training ground, where the treats are scattered in advance. A regular collar is put on the dog, for large breeds a ring chain, fixed in the correct way, is suitable (it is advisable to avoid “planing”). The guide and the pet move slowly over the terrain, the four-legged student notices the “sweets” and begins to lower his head, hoping to grab them. At this time, the owner gives one of the inhibiting commands. “Fu!”, “No!”, “You can’t!”. After a second, a jerk with a leash follows so that the pet feels a mechanical effect. Strength is calculated based on the size of the dog.

The animal is distracted from the find, switching to the owner. He encourages him verbally (“Yes!”, “Super!” Or “Good!”), Gives a treat or a toy. depending on what the dog is oriented towards.

Why is this skill so important?

Poisoning is one of the main reasons why a four-legged friend should be able to bypass “sweets” on the street. Modern drugs allow dog hunters to destroy animals in the most sophisticated ways. It is enough for a pet to smell the agent causing a quick death, not to mention trying.

Diarrhea and vomiting resulting from a selected tidbit is another option for the development of poisoning. This also includes obstruction and constipation, the owner will have to pay for an expensive operation to save the pet from suffering.

The second point is the danger of injuring the gastrointestinal tract. Having picked up the bones, the animal runs the risk of being left with punctured internal organs.

People who want to harm the owner and the dog are increasingly common. Thieves who entered the house are able to treat the dog with something tasty, giving it from the hand or throwing it on the floor. The result will be disastrous; at best, the guard will fall asleep, at worst, he will die. That is why it is necessary to forbid your pet to take a treat from the hands of strangers.