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How to teach your dog to use the toilet

How to teach your dog to use the toilet outside

Dog grooming is one of the most frequent questions on which people turn to a zoopsychologist for help. Many pets themselves begin to ask to go outside, some should be told a little how to do it.

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First of all, you should always have a clear walking schedule and adherence to it. You already know that your pet should want to go to the toilet at this time, but sit, look at it carefully and don’t go anywhere. However, at the same time, they are collected and completely ready to go out into the street at any second. As soon as the animal does something that resembles a request for a walk, you immediately go out and walk it for toilet business.

In this technique, everything is banal and simple. The dog experienced discomfort from the fact that he really wanted to empty his bladder, and after he went outside and went to the toilet, she became comfortable and well. This should be repeated several times. When the situation repeats, the pet learns by the associative method and begins to understand that the owner reacts to such behavior and immediately brings it out onto the street.

This technique can be used intentionally, and the dog will begin to repeat this type of behavior every time he wants to go to the toilet or just manipulate to go out for a walk. In any case, this cannot be ignored, because a valuable skill will be lost, as a result of which the animal will cease to understand its owner and ask to go outside. For each dog, a request may look different, but any one that has already been shown and more or less understandable to you should be reinforced. It is necessary to use the signal that the animal has chosen for itself.

Dog Trained to Use Toilet.

Several behaviors a dog can exhibit:

  • The easiest option is when the dog realizes that only a door separates it from the street and then it can start scratching it, barking or spinning pointing to the exit. However, if the pet was taught to quietly, calmly sit and wait, then such a method may not even occur to the four-legged friend in the head, and he will not behave this way.
  • The second option is when the dog begins to spin under your feet, interferes with walking around the apartment, touching with its paw and looking for a glance, sometimes it even happens that it can even urinate right on your feet. It is not worth taking offense and scolding her. She wanted to get closer and explain that she wanted to use the toilet. But you just didn’t understand, so the dog broke down and emptied.
  • Another option. When an animal begins to puff, breathe faster, sticking out its tongue, it means that it really wants to go to the toilet, but it endures with all its might. This happens because the bladder presses hard on the diaphragm.
  • The dog just stands and does not assume a different body position.

In any of the options, you understand your pet, take him out into the street to meet physiological needs and this type of behavior is assigned to him.

If the dog does not show any signs and if he wants to go to the toilet he goes to a remote room for his business, then you can use the method. “connected by the umbilical cord”. Just take the dog on a leash in the house, so that the dog is near and do not let go, it is important to use a harness, not a collar, and so that the dog has a place where it will be comfortable to lie down. For the most part, this method teaches the owner to pay more attention to the dog and to notice signals or requests from the dog to go for a walk in time.

You can teach your dog to ask to go out in another interesting way. with the help of a bell. This is done quite simply. In the area of ​​the front door, a small bell is hung at a height accessible to the animal. Before going out for a walk, they say the command “Walk”, at the same time encouraging the pet to touch the bell with its nose or paw. When the dog touches him, we open the doors and go out with him for a walk, while giving a treat as a reward. Over time, a four-legged friend will get used to the combination of a command and such an action, but he will be able to manipulate this bell every time he wants to just go for a walk.

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To train your dog to toilet on a diaper.

Nowadays, many dog ​​handlers and breeders are promoting this method. Why?

  • The breeder is either lazy or simply has no time to engage in frequent walking of the puppies. Often he just doesn’t give a damn. just to sell it as soon as possible. It’s easier for him to lock all the droppings in a cage.
  • A diaper as an option for a toilet is a necessity for some owners who, by the nature of their work, do not have time for a puppy. They leave the baby for the whole day. and it’s still good if at least children or grandmothers are under the supervision. Why then even have a dog? Unclear. But such owners are now a dime a dozen. Therefore. a diaper. It’s easier than carrying it outside. The trouble is that then you still have to retrain from the cradle to the street. But this will be MUCH more difficult! Therefore, it should be noted right away that a diaper as a toilet is the most extreme option.
  • Lack of vaccinations. The first vaccination can be given by the breeder at one month of age. If this is not done, the puppy is vaccinated in a new place and sits in quarantine. Therefore, allegedly, he needs a diaper as a toilet. Only this is the same case as in the previous version. Martyshkin labor. First, train the dog to toilet on a diaper, and then after 3 weeks. retrain it again to the street! It is much easier to walk around with a rag, wiping up puddles. And then teach the puppy to go to the toilet on the street without any problems. Literally in a week.

Conditions of education.

  • The pet is under your vigilant supervision at home. Observation must be active and constant. It’s complicated. But this is the only way you will notice the signs of the desire to go to the toilet at your pet in time. Because your actions should be BEFORE, and not after the undesirable phenomenon. It is worth a couple of times to miss. it’s all down the drain, start over.
  • You are actively watching your baby on the street. The task is to reward the puppy in time for the correct actions. Immediately after the end of emptying, without delaying a single extra second.
  • You do not have the opportunity to look after. the puppy is in an aviary, cage or arena. There the puppy will have to go to the toilet, which is permissible only if accustomed to the diaper. But, at least, bad habits will not be fixed throughout the apartment. But you will not have the opportunity to train your dog to the toilet.

If the puppy is under active supervision all the time, chances are good that very soon he will stop considering the apartment as one big toilet.

Retraining from the cradle to the street.

When retraining from the cradle, everything is different. It takes a lot more time to toilet train your dog outdoors. The puppy has no need to endure, he is not used to it. The very first urge can lead to immediate emptying. without the usual diaper, this will happen anywhere. The puppy will not ask for it either. It will be much more difficult to catch the moment of removal.

Why is it harder to retrain after diaper? Because the puppy has already developed the skill of comfortable emptying, he knows where to go. Getting used to a new place will not be easy; it will be a struggle against an already established behavioral stereotype. New training that contradicts the old one. And if he was not accustomed to the diaper, he does not develop the skill of going to the same place, such a habit will not be created. If you rub the puddles with something that removes the smell. the puppy will just go anywhere in different places. And then it will be possible to train a dog to toilet on the street “from scratch” without breaking any habits, and it will happen much faster.

Why toilet training can be difficult.

  • Unfavorable living conditions at the breeder. Formation of a bad habit by the breeder. The puppy will urinate on his bed (seat) only because he is already used to it. Or for any fabric items in the house.
  • The owner’s toilet training process is often incomplete. As a result, in the absence of the owner, the puppy may well not tolerate, but spoil at home. Although, of course, emergencies also happen. Therefore, a walk (5-10 minutes, no more) is needed after each meal, after sleep, a period of play or other vigorous activity.
  • The puppy has not yet physiologically reached the age when he can endure for a long time. Therefore, up to six months of age, he can easily not endure until the next walk. And if the owner does not notice how the baby begins to sniff the floor and run restlessly in circles. a puddle is provided.

Breeder and conditions of detention.

Initially, the puppy is with the breeder. When purchasing a puppy, look at the conditions of keeping him and the nursing bitch. Some unscrupulous breeders keep puppies in cages, where they walk for themselves. Others teach them to “walk” on a piece of cloth that is quite dense and “reusable”, smelling through and through with waste products. A puppy bought from these “sellers” will take much longer to get used to the correct toilet. In theory, by the time of sale, the puppy should be trained to use the street toilet. ideally. On a diaper. also an option, although less preferable. But if the breeder does not let the babies out into the yard every hour, and instead they are forced to “walk” on their own bedding, you will have inevitable problems at home. It is much more difficult to train a dog to toilet after such maintenance.

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After bringing the puppy home, you will have to immediately decide on its place of the toilet. What options do you have.

How to toilet train your dog.

Toilet training is based on the principle of positive reinforcement. That is, if the puppy “went” where needed, it must be encouraged. A voice full of tender, enthusiastic emotions. Smoothing, yummy. Always like this. It should be understood that the puppy’s emptying, a feeling of relief is already a positive reinforcement in itself. Even if it happened in the wrong place. This means that our task is to try to prevent such undesirable moments. It is absolutely useless to punish for this. Punishment the puppy will most likely associate not with a puddle on the floor, but with you. And he will learn to make puddles secretly from you. The only way out is to take the puppy to a litter spot when close physiological functions can be expected. That is, to the street.

You can also train your dog to urinate on command. To do this, every time the puppy starts looking for a place for his business, you need to say, for example, “toilet”. Or another word. in a calm voice. Repeated repetition will establish an associative connection with the spoken word, and such a command will stimulate the desire to empty. If, of course, there is something.

Train your dog to toilet outdoors.

To train (more on this below), you need free time. to be with the puppy almost constantly. You also need a relatively accessible exit to the yard and a certain place where the baby could relieve himself. Having taught the puppy to the street right away, we will solve this problem once and for all. You just need to be patient for a while until such a habit is developed. And then be careful when the puppy asks to use the toilet on its own. Yes, it’s work. at first every hour to drag it outside, but then it will be less and less. But then you will forget about this problem forever.

Problems of training dogs to toilet on the street: tips from dog handlers

Different dogs can have different problems. Let’s take a look at some:

  • It is more difficult to accustom an adult animal to this process. You cannot apply tough training methods to him, let alone beat him. even with a newspaper. For accustoming, you need to use the method of encouragement and voice punishment. So that during the training period the house does not turn into Augean stables, buy an aviary.
  • There is another category of emotional dogs that pee for joy. To exclude such incidents, dog handlers advise first to teach the dog to follow the command: Sit. When doing it, the pet will restrain.
  • Sometimes there are situations when the daily routine imposed on it by the owner does not suit the pet. The owner can get up very early and the dog cannot tune in to such an early regime. With appropriate adjustments, violations disappear.

Watch your dog for a regimen

It’s no secret that every dog ​​owner has a temporary time pressure when he needs to take a quick walk and go on with his own business. To correctly solve such situations, you need to say the same words of encouragement from childhood, after the pet pees on the street. In the future, the ward will develop a reflex to these words, associated with the administration of natural needs. Over time, the dog will start to write on command when he hears them.

A dog is a very quick-witted creature, easily amenable to training. If not everything works out so smoothly, do not take your anger out on her. Better consult a dog handler or breeder.

If you have no time, hire a professional dog walker

How to train an adult dog

To teach an adult dog to go to the toilet outdoors, follow these tips:

  • If earlier she lived in a house, and not in a booth, her “mistakes” are most likely associated with stress from moving to you, from a new environment, etc. In this case, you can slightly scold the pet for “mistakes”, but do not punish him. In general, your task is to help him adapt. The sooner this happens, the sooner the behavior will return to normal.
  • If the dog used to live in a booth, she was not used to the fact that you cannot arrange a toilet in any place convenient for her and must be tolerated until the street. In this case, the pet will have to actually be trained from scratch. The technique is generally the same as for puppies, but there are two important differences. On the one hand, adult animals do not need to be taken out so often. usually 3-4 times are enough for them. On the other hand, it is not as easy to train them as puppies because they already have established habits and behaviors. You may need professional help to change them.

If enough time has passed since the move, and you are unable to train your pet, this is a reason to see the veterinarian. Also, do not ignore the visit if the dog suddenly changes its behavior and, seemingly having learned to walk outside, again began to arrange sanitary stops in the house. And if you have a dog targeting territory, consider neutering.

Outdoor toilet training tips from experienced dog owners

  • You need to walk with your pet in a calm courtyard so that the harsh sounds of the street do not distract him.
  • The first time you have to come to one place where the smell of urine remains. Animals react sharply to odors and tend to go to the place that they have already used.
  • Do not remove the toilet diaper from the house yet, until the process of going outside when needed is finally fixed. Many dogs feel the urge to finish writing for the first time after they come home. Let them do it on a diaper, than they will acquire a new skill of laying on parquet or linoleum.
  • If by the nature of your work you are absent for a long time, it is better to limit the free territory for the puppy either with fences, or close the entrance to all rooms and leave the dog in the hallway.

The process of training an adult dog is a little more complicated. Experienced dog owners in such situations try to take a walk: that is, walk until the dog goes about his business. This can last for a long time. up to three to four hours. You can use a different technique. During a walk, a pair of dog owner. a dog is attached to another pair of the same. The animal genetically has a desire to re-mark someone else’s mark. The next day you need to walk along the same path. The dog will begin to catch its aromas, reminding him of what needs to be done.

At home, in case of a misfire, the dog needs to be driven away from the place of embarrassment with a sharp cry or movement, and then start cleaning. Otherwise, she will think that they are playing with her. Puddles must be removed immediately and rubbed.

Puddles behind the dog must be cleaned up immediately.

Refrain from using ammonia-containing products for these purposes, including Domestos. The composition of such funds includes a substance that smells similar to dog urine, which she can perceive as an invitation to do her business again in this place. Bleach can burn the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. In pet markets for these purposes, you can find many effective means, for example, Antipis or similar.

Means for removing the smell of dog urine

Active games should be started after things are done

How to train your puppy to ask to go outside?

As soon as all vaccinations are done, and the quarantine period is over, you can start walking with the puppy and teach him to ask to go outside when needed. But do not delude yourself that the dog will immediately defecate only on a walk. We’ll have to be patient. The habituation period will take from several weeks to several months, depending on the breed and temperament of the baby. However, the correct tactics of the dog’s owner’s behavior will help to bring this moment closer. The basic rules are as follows:

  • as soon as the puppy woke up, immediately take him outside. Eat. take it out again. At first, you can take a diaper with you so that he can quickly orient himself and not be distracted by unusual smells;
  • it is recommended to walk a small pet 5-6 times a day, adhering to about the same time;
  • after each successful bowel movement on the street, the puppy must be praised and encouraged with a treat;
  • after the dog has done its “business”, you can play with it or allow it to communicate with other relatives, making it clear that all the pleasures are possible only after the toilet.

When the puppy is 6-8 months old, the number of walks can be reduced to 4 per day. At this age, dogs are already beginning to ask to go outside in need. At this stage, it is important to adhere to a clear walking schedule. Then the dog will get used to going to the toilet on the street at a certain time and will not be distracted by asking for a walk at the wrong time.

How to train your puppy to walk outside: useful tips

Perhaps there is no more playful and grateful animal than a dog. Defender, security guard and just a loyal friend. Who would refuse such a pet? And, having evaluated their capabilities, many decide to have a puppy at home.

He follows everywhere, runs, jumps, demands attention and games. This is a real little hurricane that constantly gets underfoot or tries to chew on something. And he often pisses and still does not know how to ask to go outside. How to teach him to walk? There is nothing difficult in this, but a lot of patience and affection will be required from the owner.

  • Where to begin?
  • How to train your puppy to ask to go outside?
  • Why problems arise?
  • Taking care of your pet’s health: the hidden dangers of walking

Why problems arise?

There are situations when a well-bred dog again begins to relieve his needs in the house. Despite the fact that in this case the desire to scold and punish her overwhelms the owner, this should not be done. The only way out of this situation is to try to understand the reasons for the pet’s behavior. There may be several of them:

  • health problems;
  • jealousy of the owner due to the appearance of another animal or child in the house;
  • lack of attention;
  • loss of master’s authority.
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First of all, it is necessary to show the dog to the veterinarian in order to exclude possible diseases. If everything is in order with health, you will have to analyze other possible reasons and begin to accustom the animal to walking anew, like a puppy.

But what if, even after a walk, your pet still pees at home? Then a few tips will come in handy:

The main thing is to never yell at the dog or poke his nose into a puddle. She can interpret such actions incorrectly, concluding that it is impossible to crap in front of the owner. Then the dog will continue to do in his own way, but in his absence.

How to stop going to the toilet at home

An important part of training is getting your dog to stop sanitizing your home. The following tips will help:

If possible, it is better to remove the carpets for a while, as it is very difficult to remove odors from them.

  • If you find excrement in the house, do not throw it away right away. take it with you to the sanitary exit, put it in the right place and take the dog to smell. This will help her go to the toilet outside.
  • If you catch a puppy doing things in the house, do not yell at him. Instead, gently interrupt, you can say “No, no!”, Clap your hands. After that, put on a leash and go outside. Do not forget to reward your pet when he finishes what he started there.

The popular method is “poking” pets with their muzzle in their “mistakes”. This is a completely wrong approach and will not produce the desired results. Also, you cannot punish puppies if they did not endure or made a mistake, for example, during the game. Like children, they still have poor bladder control (dogs begin to do this at 4-6 months). If you punish for “incidents,” the puppy will know that you are unhappy, but he will not be able to change his physiology. Therefore, there is a great chance that he will simply start to be afraid of you and choose more secluded corners for sanitary purposes.

What to do if an animal goes to the toilet in a forbidden place

If an already accustomed puppy or a grown-up doggie suddenly starts walking in a forbidden place, scold him. It is necessary to change the timbre of the voice to a lower, coarser one and pronounce the phrase of the prohibition. It is impossible. You can say a monologue and tell how he saddened the person. Of course, he will not understand the meaning, but the intonations will be quite clear for him. It makes no sense to poke the dog with his nose in a bunch, especially if it happened unknown when, and the owner found a nuisance after coming home from work. In this case, she simply will not understand why she is being punished. over, you risk scaring your pet, he will become more nervous. To hedge against such unpleasant surprises at first, it is better to remove all carpets from the floor.

Remove all rugs from the floor until the puppy learns.

If the situation with a previously trained pet is repeated once from time to time, you need to check its health. While walking, your dog may catch a cold kidney, get cystitis, or get an infection. often this state looks like this: the dog does his business on the street, then comes home and again makes a puddle. The veterinarian will collect tests and say. the reason for this behavior is an illness or something else. Can write at home up to two years old bitches. This is explained by the peculiarities of the maturation of the hormonal system. Their disorders often return to normal after the first pregnancy. How to understand that a dog is pregnant read our article.

If the dog has already begun to recover where it is impossible, immediately scold it loudly so that it does not have time to complete the work it has begun, and take it out or carry it out in your arms. When the dog finishes already in the yard, you need to please him. If the dog has already defecated in a forbidden place, do nothing. Wash the floor well with a disinfectant so that later she does not find it again by smell.

Protection of non-toilet areas

Product name How it works Approximate
biospray Mr. Fresh. weaning to shit a product with a pungent odor that forms the dog’s aversion to visiting treated areas about 200 rubles
Beaphar Stopit Repeller Spray Contains a pungent-smelling methylnonyl ketone that repels dogs. from 680 to 790 rubles

If a dog, in spite of everything, does his business in the wrong place, it is important to understand the reasons for what is happening.

  • Very often this happens with dogs taken from the street in adulthood or if the owner of the dog at an early age did not pay enough attention to him. In this case, only study will help correct the situation.
  • Another reason for what is happening may be that the owner of the dog is regularly delayed and does not take him outside. There is a risk that this behavior can reach the level of a reflex. Try to either arrive on time to walk your pet, or arrange with your neighbors or hire someone to walk. The dog can shit on the floor in revenge. This happens either after he was scolded, or after any emotional events in the house. they took a second dog or a child was born. The dog may feel forgotten. It is easy to fix this situation. you just need to show him your love and care more often.

You need to show your love to your dog more often.

  • Some dogs may begin to mark some corners and spaces, showing their superiority. This usually happens when a second dog is brought into the house. The first, in this case, can begin to assert its dominant with labels. In such a situation, more attention should be paid to the first dog: feed it first and take it out for a walk.
  • Sometimes a pet may refuse to go to the yard if he was taught to do his business in the summer, and the cold season has come. A warm jumpsuit will help out in this situation.
  • Buy overalls for the dog for the winter so that he does not get cold

    Sometimes even a very well-mannered dog for some reason does not want to do his needs on the street, with all his might endures home and only there relieves. You can wean her from behaving this way thanks to the following tips:

    • After feeding, take the dog for long walks. Naturally, after a plentiful meal, the dog will want to go to the toilet, so do not rush home, but wait until the dog becomes unbearable. When he goes about his business, praise him.
    • Immediately go out into the street, engage in active games. Physical exercise requires emptying the intestines and after playing the dog will automatically do its job.
    • After active play on the street, you can offer your pet to drink without going home. Take a drinking bowl from home for this purpose. Drinking plenty of fluids is sure to bring positive results.

    The puppy does not go to the toilet on the street: how to train

    Everyone wants their dog to be unique, to follow all commands flawlessly, not to create emergency situations, and generally behave correctly. Today’s article is devoted to one of the most painful topics in raising young animals. We will tell you in detail how to train your dog to toilet on the street. If your goal is to train an adult dog or puppy. read this article.

    The appearance of an animal in the house is always a stimulus for serious unrest in any household, especially if it is a puppy of a long-awaited breed, on which certain hopes are pinned in the future. Of course, the first thing that interests new owners is how to tame a puppy and make him perform the necessary actions.

    General rules for dog training

    Taming a puppy, especially a young age, is difficult, so you should not take the process for granted. Dogs are famous for their intelligence, ingenuity and individual character traits, but it is worth first of all to understand that the process of the act of urination and defecation, as well as the rest of the physiological needs of the animal, is purely reflex. In other words, if a dog performs some action, it just needs it, and it does not “think” about the reasons and possibilities. And even more so. the animal does not take into account the views of its owner on this matter.

    The main task of any educational actions in relation to your dog is to develop a similar reflex, which will force the animal to do this or that action at the request of the owner. Thus, a so-called overlapping reflex is created, for example, the desire to urinate should force the dog to walk to the door and whine, indicating to the owner that it is time to walk.

    We emphasize once again. the education of the dog is only the development of a certain unconditioned reflex in the animal. Speeches about understanding by animals, the way people understand it, for example, the fact that you cannot go to the toilet in a palace apartment is not necessary.

    Another important detail in the training of an animal is the participation of all family members in the process. If only one person is engaged in training, and the rest will completely ignore this process, the animal will be perplexed. why only one owner requires something from him, and everyone else thinks that it is not necessary to fulfill these requirements. In this case, the learning process will drag on for a long time and most likely will not come to any logical conclusion.

    To train your puppy to toilet on the street, as befits a serious dog, you should learn a few general rules:

    • Puppy training is not a race for luck. This is not a goal that a person must achieve by any means. This is just a task to prevent the dog from shitting around the apartment and nothing more.
    • From the point of view of the dog, there is nothing wrong with going to the toilet right in the apartment. The animal felt the need to evacuate and did so. The owner’s task is to force the puppy to empty its intestines only where and when and where it is acceptable by means of developing an unconditioned reflex in the dog.
    • Walking the puppy every two hours in the first couple of months of his life in the apartment will reduce the number of “emergencies” to a minimum.

    At first, “accidents” are possible and there is no escape from this, but in any case, cleaning should be carried out as soon as possible after the incident. It is better to spray the scene of the tragedy with something aromatic, for example, cologne or air freshener. Such a strategy will prevent the event from repeating in the same place, but the smell of urine and feces embedded in the carpet will make the puppy think that this is where his toilet is located.

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    It should always be remembered that we are dealing with a young animal, in other words, with a child, which further complicates the upbringing process. In addition, they need to empty themselves regularly, often enough and depends on age. It is quite simple to calculate the number and frequency of walks. one month of the puppy’s age is equal to one hour, plus one more hour. For example, a one month old puppy will need a walk outside or into a litter box every two hours, a two month old puppy every three hours, and so on.

    how to teach a puppy to go to the toilet

    As noted above, only careful observation of your puppy can ensure a positive result, both in the success of parenting and in the prevention of incidents. Certain signs in the dog’s behavior will indicate that walking is needed right now.

    At the age of up to six months, it is better to take a bowl of water and food from a puppy at night. The next morning, the first thing to do is to provide the animal with a drink and then feed it. 10-15 minutes after breakfast, you can organize the first walk outside.

    Among other things, it is very convenient for the owners and useful for the physiological needs of the dog, to organize a walk at the same time, every day. Such a walking schedule should be formed gradually, taking into account the drop-out outputs as the puppy grows up. Habit is nothing more than a reflex, so the dog will begin to get used to patience, waiting for the agreed time to walk.

    How To Potty Train Your Dog INDOORS

    How to train your puppy to the toilet. step by step

    Young dogs are very curious and do not yet know how to distinguish information coming from everywhere from the environment. They are simply bombarded with a huge amount of smells, colors and sounds that they are not yet able to understand, but the most important thing is that it all distracts their attention from the learning process. As a result, being distracted by the study of an unfamiliar place in the entrance, the puppy can easily relieve himself here, instantly forgetting about all his skills, which the owner is trying to instill in him with such an effort.

    In order to accustom the puppy to a specific place of its toilet on the street as efficiently as possible, it is highly recommended to deliver it directly there, with the maximum restriction from irritants of the surrounding world. In the first 4-6 months of life, special portable dog cages are perfect for this purpose. If it is not possible to purchase such a crate, you can carry the puppy in your arms to the place of its toilet and continue walking only after the “dirty deed” has been done. Older dogs are allowed on a leash.

    Below we offer the basic conditions that are recommended to be fulfilled in order to train your puppy to go to the toilet in the right place in the yard:

    First of all, you need to decide on a place. This area should be specially designed for these purposes, because we all consider ourselves civilized people. If for some reason it was not possible to get to the place on time, you should clean up after your dog.

    It is better to keep the puppy in a confined space in an apartment, primarily for sanitary reasons, at least until he learns to ask to go outside on his own. For this purpose, you can use fenced-off aviaries or an ordinary light leash.

    The place intended for the toilet is not recommended to leave until the puppy has done all his business.

    You need to decide on the key word that will become the trigger telling the dog to empty his bowels and bladder. There are no specific requirements for specific words, but the chosen one should be short, clear and loudly spoken. For a puppy, this is just a sound made by the owner, which should stimulate the animal to the act of emptying. “Toilet!”, “Poop!”, “Street!”, “Take a walk!” and similar ones can be good options. In any case, this is the first command of obedience to the dog, which he will obey.

    Before starting the walk and after bringing the dog to the place, the key word should be said loudly and clearly, in a tone that requires obedience. While there is a dog in the place of the toilet, you need to quietly repeat it several times in the process, until the process ends successfully. This will more closely associate the keyword with the immediate sensations of the puppy.

    After the process is completed, it is imperative to praise the dog in an affectionate tone, stroke and treat him with some favorite treat. The puppy must understand that he did everything right.

    If it was still not possible to achieve emptying of the intestines and bladder, it is better to take the dog home and repeat the entire procedure first no earlier than 20-30 minutes later. This should be done until the desired result is obtained.

    It is extremely difficult for puppies under 4 months of age to keep themselves at night, so the owner can expect a couple of slides of fragrant “gifts” in the morning. You should treat this philosophically, and of course, remove everything at once. It is absolutely impossible to punish a dog, especially by using physical violence, in the form of poking his nose, for example. Contrary to popular belief, the animal does not in any way connect what it did at night with severe pain and perceives what is happening no more than the extravagance of its beloved owner, who should no longer be trusted. The best punishment for a dog will be the lack of affectionate attention to him and the deprivation of tasty treats. The puppy will be puzzled to watch how the disgruntled owner cleans up after him, this is quite enough for education.

    To deprive yourself of the pleasure of starting the morning with feces cleaning, you should not be lazy and take your puppy outside to the toilet at least twice a night. Perhaps this is the most difficult thing in the entire educational process. Some owners are trying to replace the street with a dog litter for the night, but this approach will make it even more difficult to raise a puppy. it will be more difficult for him to navigate when to ask to go to the toilet outside, and when to run into the litter box. But we remember that the fewer irritants and incomprehensible actions on the part of the owner, the more effective the training.

    In addition to the fact that the puppy needs to be walked in “normal mode” every few hours, depending on age, separate walks from the general schedule should be tied to feeding. After each meal, it is recommended to walk the dog after 15-20 minutes.

    Not only the puppy prepares for the walk, but also the owner

    You can find many home tutorials and theories on the net that, in one way or another, tell you how to tame a young puppy to go to the toilet on time. Each of these benefits has a right to exist and may have helped many owners to get their way from a young dog. Our veterinary site, in turn, would also like to offer our readers a method that dog trainers consider the best and, in addition, the methods used in this training do not conflict with the basic veterinary requirements for pets. Thanks to this interesting technique, most dog owners quickly managed to train their puppy to toilet on the street, and the author of this article is one of such owners.

    This method is based on complete trust in your dog, faith in success, a sufficient degree of perseverance, since it is not the easiest, but the results are worth it and they will definitely appear.

    Before starting, I would like to immediately tune our reader to the basic rules that you need to remember at any stage of training your puppy, not forgetting about them for a second:

    • From the first minutes of training the dog until the last moment, you need to carefully monitor your puppy, paying attention to the smallest details that indicate that it is time for him to empty his bladder or intestines.
    • Enthusiastically reward an animal if it performs the desired action every time.
    • Analyze a failed attempt trying to identify the cause.
    • Continue training, taking into account the identified errors and do not repeat them.
    • Never punish an animal for an oversight. If the puppy suddenly shits in the apartment, it’s entirely the owner’s fault.

    Owners often ask. at what age should a puppy be toilet trained? Young dogs, according to all norms, are usually taken away from their mother no earlier than 8 weeks of age. The learning process in this case, you need to start immediately after the animal is at home. If the puppy appeared earlier, then training will begin to make sense no earlier than one month of age.

    Developing conditioned reflexes in a puppy to go to the toilet

    We all remember the famous Pavlov dogs, in which the physiologist proved the existence of unconditioned and the possibility of developing conditioned reflexes in animals. As in those experiments, the use of a bell here also bears sufficient fruit in an attempt to tame a puppy to the toilet on the street and, I must say, greatly speeds up and simplifies the learning process.

    In this method, all the similar actions described above are carried out, however, at the moment the puppy is “invited” for a walk, when the owner comes to the door, in addition to pronouncing the keywords, you should ring a bell. The loud metallic sound will always attract the dog much better than the familiar voice of the owner, which makes the training process more successful. Over time, as the puppy acquires useful skills, the bell should be gradually abandoned, limited only to key commands. However, it is worth noting that if the dog “firmly” gets used to listening to the sound of the bell, it can be extremely difficult to wean the animal from it, as a result of not hearing the bell, the dog will not budge.

    If our readers have questions or additions to the topic on how to train a puppy to use the toilet on the face, you can leave your messages in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.