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How to terminate an unwanted dog pregnancy

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First week (0-7 days)

In the first days after successful mating, the egg of the animal leaves the ovaries, sperm move to it. Then the sperm and egg are connected, the formation of a zygote begins. Further, the zygotes are sent to the uterus while they are covered with embryonic membranes.

Ninth week (57-59 days)

At this stage, the formation of teeth stops. The growth of the fetus reaches 15-16 cm, their body is completely covered with wool.

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Fourth week (21-28 days)

The fetus grows up to 1 cm on day 21. A pregnant animal often vomits. Puppies begin to put a lot of pressure on the dog’s stomach, so you should reduce the portion of food, but increase the amount of food intake. It is not recommended to play outdoor games and run with your pet this week. This can harm both the puppies and the woman in labor.

The size of the fruit reaches one and a half centimeters. The external organs of the head are formed. When probing, you can feel the puppies and their movement.

For your information! On the 25th day, teeth and paws, both front and rear, begin to grow.

Third week (14-21 days)

The fetus begins to develop actively, during this period the skull, body, spine, nervous system and internal organs are formed. This week, the dog’s mood and well-being deteriorates. She becomes less active, can refuse the usual food, does not seek to play and walk.

You should reduce the intensity of walking, do not strain it with vigorous training, calm walks several times a day are suitable. During this period, the size of the fetus is approximately 5 mm, the heart begins to develop.

Seventh week (42-49 days)

In the seventh week, the fetus reaches 7 cm, the formation of sexual characteristics occurs. Bones, organs and eyes are already formed at this stage. Puppies continue to grow, at 45 days their size should reach 9 cm.

Eighth week (49-57 days)

The fruits are finally formed, this week their active stirring is observed. X-rays can be used to determine the number of babies.

Detailed calendar of a pregnant dog by week

After mating, the fertilization process begins, which lasts several days, and if it is successful, the process of embryo development begins. The body of each animal is individual, but basically the course of pregnancy in dogs is the same.

Is it possible to terminate a pregnancy in a dog

Early termination of pregnancy in dogs is a rather complex and very responsible process that should be performed exclusively by a highly qualified veterinarian in a medical institution.

It is the issue of unwanted mating in dogs that is more relevant than in cats. This is due to the fact that it is the process of cat fertilization that is often not noticed by the owner, which cannot be said about the dog.

Consequently, the owner of the doggies is often referred to veterinary clinics regarding the issue of eliminating an unwanted pregnancy of their pet.

As for the question. is it possible to terminate a pregnancy in a dog, the answer here is unambiguous. of course it is possible. To do this, in veterinary practice, there are three types of problem elimination:

  • the pet is given a special hormonal medicine that affects the state of hormones produced by the endocrine system of the pet and the fertilized egg simply does not have the ability to attach to the wall of the uterus;
  • medical miscarriage;
  • abortion with instrumental intervention.

It should also be noted here that not all drugs are suitable for eliminating the problem at an early stage, therefore, the remedy should be chosen exclusively by the doctor, based on the indicators of analyzes and examinations of the animal.

Thus, artificial termination of pregnancy in dogs is widely used to avoid unwanted offspring. The relevance of this procedure has been at a high level for a long time and will probably never lose its relevance.

The sooner the better

In most cases, drugs for abortion in dogs are selected based on the duration of pregnancy and the individual characteristics of the pet’s body. However, it should be understood that the earlier you go to the clinic with the problem of an unwanted pet pregnancy, the more chances that everything will be passed for him without consequences.

Some breeders try to prevent pregnancy even before estrus begins, so the pet is given special injections or birth control pills. The cost of such therapy is set exclusively by the medical institution where the procedure will be performed.

Abortion technique for dogs

Preventing unwanted pregnancies in dogs is a slightly different process than in humans. This difference lies in the fact that a woman after an abortion can have children, but the pet is hardly.

In the event that the animal managed to get pregnant undesirably, then it will not be possible to simply pull the puppy out of the uterus, since its structure is significantly different from the aging of the female organ.

Instrumental abortion carries certain risks for the pet and it is possible that the stage can be so difficult that the bitch will never be able to get pregnant again.

Due to the very difficult access to the genital organs, it is very difficult to clean the uterine cavity, and the blood loss can be so strong that it will simply be impossible to stop it and the dog may simply die during the operation. In most cases of abortions in dogs, there is no way to get a puppy out without damaging the reproductive organ itself, which increases significantly during pregnancy.

Many veterinarians take such a step only if the bitch is a breeding one and it is simply necessary to have an abortion, since the mating was made with a simple dog that does not have a pedigree. The puppy is removed very carefully so as not to cause colossal harm to the uterus and nearby organs. After the operation, it is imperative to observe the stitches so that there are no complications.

When a visit to the clinic is made after mating

In the event that the owner brought his pet to the clinic from the first to the fourth day of pregnancy, then in this case the doctor can perform therapy with drugs that contain the hormone oxytocin. Such pills or injections for abortion in dogs in the most reliable way contract the uterus and produce a spontaneous miscarriage.

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In the event that you are not sure that pregnancy has occurred, then it is best to use folk methods or medicines in order to prevent embryo implantation as much as possible. Such prevention practically does not threaten the health of the pet, it can be done at home on your own.

If, nevertheless, an unwanted pregnancy in your dog is already developing, then it is worth performing an ultrasound examination and only the doctor should decide on the advisability of an instrumental abortion.

Gentle ways to terminate pregnancy in dogs

In this section, it becomes necessary to consider precisely the medicinal methods of cleansing the dog’s uterus. It should be noted right away that there is no universal cure for pregnancy at all, but it can be prevented.

The desired result is achieved in most cases if the agent is administered as early as possible. After such an injection, fertilization simply becomes impossible, which was required. But, it should be noted that this approach also harbors false risks and can significantly affect the health of the animal, various complications.

How to quickly terminate a dog’s pregnancy is achieved through an approach such as neutering bitches. However, after this, the female will never be able to become pregnant and bear puppies. This is due to the fact that during the operation not only the puppy and the uterine space are removed.

If an unwanted pregnancy appears in dogs, what to do, you must immediately contact a veterinarian who will help with solving the problem quite effectively.

Unwanted dog pregnancy: what to do?

How to avoid unwanted pregnancy?

Dog owners who have encountered the problem of the bitch escaping during estrus are not hearsay familiar with the problem of unwanted pregnancy. But it is not only the runaway bitches that have this problem. First, let’s figure out how to prevent a bitch from getting pregnant by accident.

During heat. especially at its very peak, drive the dog on a leash. it will not be able to run away in search of a gentleman, and you will be able to control the bitch, even if all the courtyard don Juans run to woo her.

Even if you are confident in your dog, never lose sight of her, because a gentleman can appear suddenly, and you will not have time to blink an eye as your girl will be tied.

During estrus, you should not walk on dog grounds and where there is a congestion of dogs, even if they are her friends. After the end of heat, you should also not walk the dog with the males for several days.

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If, nevertheless, you overlooked the dog and the dog made a cage, do not waste time, disperse the dogs.

If the dogs are already in the castle, well, time is lost, do not try to forcefully unhook the dogs, spill water on them or use other methods that are suggested by the “people”. This is fraught with injuries, both mental and physical, wait until they leave the castle.

The dog got pregnant. What to do?

Let’s say you overlooked the dog and the castle still happened. This is not a guarantee that puppies will be born, often mating alone is not enough. But what to do next?

You can wait until the puppies are born by advertising them among your friends in advance. It is not necessary to “attribute” a breed to dogs if the mating was between different breeds of dogs. If the puppies come from purebred parents of different breeds, they will be mestizo. If neither the father nor the mother of the puppies are purebred. mongrels.

Some owners drown their puppies the old fashioned way, but nowadays it is at least inhumane. Not every owner dares to do this, so until you get into such a situation, watch your bitch during estrus!

There are many drugs available for abortion in a bitch. It is best to see a veterinarian after mating and, after checking the bitch’s health, listen to the doctor’s recommendations. Abortions alone are bad for your dog’s health.

There is a method of surgical intervention, but this option is extreme, after the operation, the bitch will no longer be able to have offspring, since often during a surgical abortion, the bitch’s uterus is removed completely, along with all the contents.

The onset of pregnancy can be determined by several factors: swelling of the mammary glands, changes in behavior, later the belly becomes noticeable, and at a later date, the dog begins to “build a nest”.

In any case, after such an experience, you should consider neutering the bitch or monitoring her closely during estrus. Pregnancy undermines health. once again she is useless.

Produce mongrel dogs that will join the ranks of street mongrels. not a good idea either. And termination of pregnancy, even with a drug method, is often difficult to tolerate and has a bad effect on the well-being and health of the dog.


Most methods of abortion are not safe in any way. All of them negatively affect the animal’s body, to one degree or another.

The most common consequences are:

  • Infertility. Most often this is the result of a late abortion, since the structure of the genital organs of dogs does not imply the ability to remove mature puppies from the uterus in a direct way, without causing critical harm to the genitals.
  • Hormonal imbalance that can result in diseases of the genitourinary system. This is the result of the use of strong drugs that completely change the hormonal background at a certain period and provoke the fading of the process of development of the embryos.

Most veterinarians strongly advise using interruptions only as a last resort and early. They try to do abortions at a later date only for medical reasons, as this brings irreparable harm to health, both physical and mental.

Also, a prerequisite for maintaining the health of the animal is an examination some time after the procedure. Depending on the method and period in which the procedure was performed, the animal is shown several times to the veterinarian, while conducting an ultrasound examination of the uterus and ovaries to make sure that there will be no offspring, and to outline the circle of complications after the perfect operation.


There are several ways to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, which have been proven to be effective in practice. They are used depending on the period and individual characteristics of the dog.

  • Washing with acidic media of the outer and inner walls of the vagina immediately after the end of the intercourse will kill most of the sperm and prevent them from fertilizing the egg. However, this method has a too low percentage of work, therefore, even if you managed to thoroughly process the genitals immediately after the end of the mating, be sure to contact the clinic after a while for an exact answer to the question: “Has a pregnancy come?” Otherwise, you can lose too much precious time.
  • Surgical intervention. Abortion in dogs is a rather complicated operation that entails serious complications. Due to the peculiarities of the structure of the canine genital organs, surgical intervention is very different in its technique from a similar procedure on humans. It will not be possible to simply remove the puppy through the birth canal. In most cases, after such an intervention, the uterus remains so damaged that it becomes the cause of infertility. The bitch will not be able to conceive and bear offspring anymore. over, due to the proximity of a large number of blood vessels, it is not uncommon for pets to die on the operating table due to blood loss. However, some breeders decide on this method, if, for example, a breeding bitch “spree” with a simple dog. In this case, only a very experienced doctor can be entrusted to perform the manipulations. Only a truly highly qualified specialist can have an abortion so that the animal can then give birth. But even a well-performed operation does not guarantee the absence of negative consequences, if during the period of recovery and healing of stitches, the owners in some way ignore the doctor’s recommendations.
  • Preparations that contain estrogens. One of the most dangerous options, since it is almost impossible to predict complications. Everything can pass without consequences, or it can kill the animal or make a cripple out of it, disrupting the hormonal balance and provoking infertility or problems in the work of internal organs. These medications are used for early interruption. They are effective literally within a few days after mating.
  • Prostaglandins. Much more gentle and one of the most popular methods. The consequences can be quite serious, but statistics indicate that for most dogs, getting rid of unwanted offspring with the help of prostaglandins went without complications. The drug is used for up to three weeks, after the fact of the presence of embryos is confirmed with the help of ultrasound.
  • Glucocorticoids. Heavy and dangerous drugs that can provoke a medical miscarriage in the last weeks. He roughly interferes with the hormonal work of the body, literally crushing it. The consequences are among the most severe, from chronic illness to death. The death rate with this type of drug is very high compared to other methods. Used only on rare occasions, veterinarians try to avoid them.

Only a professional doctor can choose the right way to get rid of the problem after careful research. Do not do such a complicated procedure at home with previously untested drugs.

Even if the dog has already gone through the procedure twice without problems, the third can be irreparable. The reproductive system of dogs is too complex and often unpredictable.

Now one of the most popular drugs is Alizin, the main active ingredient of which is aglepristone. The main advantage of the composition is that it can be used both early and late, by changing the dose.

If pregnancy is confirmed, then it is enough to call the veterinarian at home and make the necessary injections. The number of injections and the volume of the injected substance are calculated individually, based on the stage of pregnancy and the size of the animal. Within 10-15 days, depending on the size of the fetus, a medical miscarriage will occur.

Early termination of pregnancy in dogs

The problem of unwanted pregnancy is quite acute for female owners. After all, it is far from always possible to keep track of the pet during estrus, quite often unwanted connections occur, which have their own results.

It is possible to correct an unpleasant situation, but it is better not to do this at home. The bitch’s body is a complex mechanism that requires careful professional intervention, preferably as early as possible.

Only an experienced veterinarian can choose the right way to get rid of offspring and an ideally suitable medicine that will not cause irreparable harm after a thorough study of the anamnesis and tests.

Techniques are selected based on the condition of the female and her health.


In order not to get too late, most breeders and doctors advise taking care of the safety of pets in advance, preventing the appearance of unwanted offspring.

There are many methods of canine contraception today. However, they all act in different ways and have different degrees of security.

The most common:

  • Sterilizing or ligating the fallopian tubes.
  • Castration or removal of the ovaries and uterus.
  • Hormonal contraceptives injected in the first three days of estrus and preventing it.
  • Herbal and Natural Medicines to Reduce Desire.
  • Special hygienic panties that act as a barrier contraceptive during a walk.

Abortion techniques in dogs

In modern veterinary medicine, only two methods of abortion are used:

  • Medicated.
  • Surgical.

The first option is considered the safest. In addition, medical termination of pregnancy is much cheaper and does not require any preliminary preparation. Most often, veterinarians use two drugs:

  • Mesalin, aka estradiol benzoate. It is specially used for abortion in bitches after unsuccessful / unwanted mating. It can be administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly, the standard dose is 0.5 ml of solution for every 10 kg of body weight. The optimal time of introduction is in the period from 3 to 5 days from the moment of mating. In the case when the exact time of mating is not known, repeated administration of the drug on day 7 is indicated.
  • Alizin. This drug is much more versatile and more convenient, as it can be used up to 40 days of pregnancy. The agent is administered subcutaneously, at a dose of 10 mg of active ingredient for each kg of body weight. Use only with the knowledge of your veterinarian! After 10 days from the date of application, it is necessary to conduct a control ultrasound. There is only one problem. the medicine is rare and very expensive, so you need to look for it in advance.

It must be understood that the relative safety of medical termination of pregnancy does not guarantee the absence of side effects.

The most common “side effect” is the appearance of bleeding from the external genital organs. A rare but possible side effect is uterine bleeding. Therefore, such funds should only be used by an experienced veterinarian, and in the first hours the dog should be under his own supervision.!

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As for the surgical method, it involves a complex abdominal operation. This removes the uterus with fetuses, as well as the ovaries. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and the dog becomes sterile.

However, in some cases, an abdominal operation is performed, during which the uterus is opened and cleaned. But they resort to it very rarely, since subsequently the dog, most likely, will not be able to give birth on its own (a cesarean section will be required).

Termination of pregnancy in a dog: when is it used

Pregnancy is a very important and responsible time for both the dog and its owners. Especially in the case when puberty is undesirable for one reason or another. Today we will tell you whether abortion is practiced in a dog, for what reasons they resort to it, and what methods are used.

Folk remedies for termination of pregnancy in dogs and the appropriateness of their use

On some forums, you can find very dubious recipes for folk remedies used to artificially terminate pregnancy. We strongly advise against following them! We remind you once again that termination of pregnancy is a potentially dangerous action that can cause very significant harm to a dog’s health. It is very dangerous to experiment with such “medicines”, as the pet can easily die from uterine bleeding, an allergic reaction or something else.

Is it possible to terminate a pregnancy at the request of the breeder?

This question, rather, lies in the area of ​​ethics. Of course, it is possible to interrupt the breeder at the request of the dog breeder, there is nothing criminal in this. But the breeder must understand that termination of pregnancy in any case is a potentially dangerous procedure for the bitch and you need to think twice if you really need it.

Optimal timing of termination of pregnancy

As for the optimal timing, a very simple rule applies here. the sooner the dog is relieved of the “burden,” the better. In the later stages, there is a very high risk that something will go wrong. And even if the procedure goes well, the dog will inevitably suffer the consequences of a sudden and unnatural change in hormonal levels. Therefore, experienced veterinarians recommend terminating a pregnancy only at the safest time:

  • The best option is up to 5 days from the moment of mating. During this period, many pregnancies end naturally due to embryo rejection, so there will be no serious consequences for the dog’s body. This period is ideal for purebred dogs after mating with an unwanted male. If everything is done correctly, the pet will soon begin a new sexual hunt, during which it can be knitted without any risk.
  • Quite painless and termination of pregnancy, performed within 22 days from the date of mating. At this time, you can still use funds that promote the resorption of embryos. At the same time, there will be a hormonal surge, but for sure it will not affect the health of the pet.

For periods of 40 days or more, a dog’s pregnancy can be terminated only for very significant reasons (intrauterine death, serious illness). In these cases, it will not be possible to do without serious consequences for the bitch’s health, the recovery period will be long.

over, at such times, it will be necessary to interrupt the pregnancy by surgery, which involves the simultaneous sterilization of the animal.

When to terminate a pregnancy in dogs

Immediately, we note that termination of pregnancy is a very important step, since the procedure can have a very negative effect on the health of the animal. Accordingly, they resort to it only in rare cases agreed with the veterinarian:

  • Often, owners of thoroughbred animals who have not kept track of their pet are faced with this. If there is a suspicion of mating with an outbred “watchdog”, it makes no sense to wait two months and spend the resources of the dog’s body on bearing and giving birth to puppies that nobody needs. But even in this case, we would recommend terminating the pregnancy in the early stages (this is much safer for the dog itself).
  • Pregnancy is recommended to end in case of serious infectious diseases of the dog. Firstly, in case of serious illnesses, abortion is almost guaranteed anyway. Secondly, healthy puppies cannot be expected in any case. Thirdly, bearing offspring at such a time further undermines the health of the bitch herself, which will inevitably respond in the very near future.
  • The most difficult option is termination of pregnancy in the event of intrauterine death of the offspring. Often this happens at a later date, the interruption is performed surgically. Unfortunately, in this case, all reproductive organs are removed from the animal, so that in the future the dog will no longer be able to give birth.

Recovery period

In the case of early termination of pregnancy, there is no recovery period as such. If the puberty was interrupted later, the animal must be provided with high-quality care:

  • Complete rest.
  • Water is given without restrictions.
  • In the first two weeks for feeding, we recommend using high-quality canned complete feed.

But this is not the most important thing. The dog should be monitored in the first week after termination of pregnancy, and special attention should be paid to the presence / absence of discharge from the external genital organs. If these suddenly appear, and the dog smells unpleasant at the same time (this indicates serious inflammation), you should immediately contact your veterinarian!

Termination of pregnancy in a dog

The dog ran away in search of love and mated with the first dog he met? Don’t worry, everything is fixable. Learn how to safely terminate a pet’s pregnancy from the article.

Early termination of pregnancy

The choice of medication for medical abortion depends on how long the dog is pregnant. If more than a day has passed since mating, contact your veterinarian for help. You won’t be able to get rid of offspring on your own.

How to terminate an unwanted dog pregnancy

To date, a synthetic steroid hormone progesterone antagonist is used in veterinary practice for medical abortion in dogs. Progesterone is produced by the corpus luteum and is needed to maintain a dog’s pregnancy. The antagonist blocks progesterone and interferes with pregnancy in a dog. With the introduction of the drug, the level of progesterone in the blood does not decrease, however, the body of a pregnant pet is sure that it is not enough. Because of this, the muscles of the uterus contract, the cervix opens, which ultimately leads to the expulsion or resorption of the fetuses.

A progesterone antagonist drug is used to terminate an unwanted pregnancy in dogs up to 45 days after mating. It is forbidden to administer this agent to animals with impaired renal, liver, adrenal gland function, diabetes mellitus. After using the drug, side effects are possible.

Surgical termination of pregnancy in a dog

Surgery is the most inhumane method of terminating a pregnancy in a dog. Surgical intervention can lead to the death of a pet on the operating table. In addition, the surgeon is forced not only to abort the dog, but also to sterilize it. After such an operation, the dog will no longer be able to have puppies.

Unwanted pregnancy in a dog. What the owner should do

Usually, owners plan ahead for their dog’s pregnancy and prepare carefully for it. However, there are situations when a pet becomes pregnant unexpectedly, and getting puppies is not included in the plans. We will tell you what the owner should do in this case.

Terminating a dog’s pregnancy after accidentally mating

Even if your dog got to a dog wedding and mated three males three times, you have a way out. You use SEX BARRIER drops, and unwanted pregnancy does not happen. The main thing is to urgently find the dog and give it the drug no later than 24 hours after mating.

The drug is dripped for two days in a row. The number of drops is calculated based on the body weight of the animal:

Abortion methods

There are two ways to terminate a pregnancy in a dog: medical and surgical. Terminating a pet’s pregnancy with pills or injections is a more gentle option. Veterinarians for medical abortion are currently using synthetic steroid hormones, progesterone antagonists.

If no more than a day has passed after the mating of the pet, the owner can prevent the appearance of offspring on his own. We will tell you how to do it.

Consequences of a termination of pregnancy in a dog

Medical abortion, like surgical abortion, causes significant harm to the pet’s health and often leads to diseases of the genitourinary system. Veterinarians recommend abortion from a dog only for serious medical reasons.

In order not to put your pet’s life at risk, use methods that help prevent pregnancy. Use drugs that suppress your dog’s sexual activity. These funds are given during estrus. They help solve the problem of unwanted offspring.

Abortion techniques in dogs

The method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy, in other words, an abortion of a dog is done in several ways, depending on the period of mating:

  • period. If after mating no more than 5 days have passed. the period when the embryo did not have time to attach to the uterus. then veterinarians recommend estrogen preparations. The drug creates unfavorable conditions in the uterus, and the embryos simply cannot attach. After the administration of the drug, the owner and the dog go home. The condition of the pet will have to be monitored for some time, the risk of developing endometritis is increased.
  • Second trimester. If no more than 45 days have passed since the beginning of mating, then veterinarians inject the pregnant bitch with a choice of antiprolactin, prostaglandin, antigestagens. Or all the medicine in the complex. After the administration of drugs, the dog remains under the supervision of a specialist for a day, since there is a high risk of side effects.
  • Third trimester. Medical abortion is not only ineffective, but also contraindicated. Abortion to a dog is performed by removing the uterus. sterilized.

Important! Self-administration of medication to terminate pregnancy in dogs can harm the animal. All actions are under the supervision of a doctor.

Termination of unwanted pregnancy (abortion) in dogs by Alizin

Pregnancy dog ​​breeders plan ahead of time. But there are situations when carrying puppies threatens the life and health of a pet. When the bitch broke off, ran away, and the mating occurred with a mongrel dog. Such offspring is not desirable for the breeder, then it is worth deciding on an abortion for the dog. Termination of an unwanted pregnancy in a bitch must be under the strict supervision of the breeder.

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Indications for abortion of dogs

If the breeder did not see the mating of the dog, since she ran away, then first of all it is required to make sure whether there was a connection. Veterinarians recommend taking a smear from the genitals of a pet in the laboratory. This will detect the presence of sperm and confirm mating.

An abortion of a bitch is carried out exclusively according to indications, since it is impossible to terminate a pregnancy for a dog by removing the fetus. This is due to the structure of the uterus: it is almost impossible to get the fetus and not damage the uterus.

Indications for an abortion in a dog:

  • The case of a small dog with a large male. The fetus develops quickly, the dog may not give birth.
  • Deviations in the development of the pelvic cavity. Such a diagnosis can only be made by a veterinarian during an ultrasound examination.

Important! Termination of an unwanted pregnancy in a bitch is carried out by veterinarians only if indicated. If there is no reason to have an abortion for the dog, but the breeder insists, then the doctor is already talking about sterilization.

Alizin for early abortion in dogs

Alizin is a moderately hazardous hormonal drug used to terminate a dog’s pregnancy up to 45 days. French company Virbak S.A. presented Alizin in the form of a light yellow liquid. The active substance Aglepristone inhibits the level of Progesterone, increases the amount of Prolactin. Imbalance of hormones leads to resorption of the fetus, miscarriage.

The peak of Alizin content in the dog’s body occurs on the second day after the injection. Then the active substance of the drug is processed by the liver and leaves the body with feces.

Important! You can use Alizin to get rid of unwanted pregnancy only up to 45 days after mating. Otherwise, instead of benefit, the breeder may harm the dog.

It is possible to carry out an abortion on a dog using Alizin only in a veterinary clinic under the supervision of a specialist. The doctor selects the dosage of the remedy depending on the weight of the bitch: 1 ml per 3 kilograms of the animal.

Alizin injection is administered subcutaneously 2 times: the interval between injections is a day. After administration of the drug, the injection site is massaged. If the amount of the drug exceeds 5 ml, then the injection is carried out in 2 places. Spontaneous miscarriage occurs within a week after the first injection. Veterinarians note the high efficiency of the drug: spontaneous abortion occurs in 99% of cases out of 100.

After the injection of Alizin for medical abortion, the dog may develop swelling at the injection site. After a spontaneous abortion, characteristic signs appear:

  • lack of appetite;
  • apathy in the bitch;
  • milk stagnation;
  • endometritis.

You can buy Alizin in a network of veterinary pharmacies. Average. Store Alizin in the refrigerator after purchase. The drug is valid for 1.5 years after manufacture.

Important! Hormonal drugs should not be used for abortion in dogs with diabetes, liver and kidney disease. The medicine for abortion is selected by the veterinarian on an individual basis.

If breeders keep dogs not for breeding, then veterinarians recommend thinking about neutering the animal in a timely manner. Such measures allow the owner to avoid unscheduled visits to the veterinarian to terminate the pregnancy.

When can you tell if your dog is pregnant??

It will be possible to find out for sure whether the mating was successful only after 1.5-2 weeks. Noticeable signs of pregnancy in a dog appear at all only a month after conception. However, professionals may notice minor changes in the animal’s behavior, which may indicate an “interesting” situation that has come. If the pregnancy is the first, then the belly of a four-legged pet can be rounded only just before childbirth. Today it is not necessary to guess whether the mating was successful. You can go to the veterinary clinic and in the first month of pregnancy find out the exact data about the condition of your dog. This can be done using ultrasound.

Last weeks of pregnancy

At the end of the second month, the position of the expectant mother is obvious. The belly is noticeably rounded and sagging, especially if many puppies are expected. The dog may gain a little weight, a layer of fat appears on the sides. And this is completely normal. However, if the appetite has increased or the dog has a tendency to be overweight and overeating, then a strict diet should be established. Being overweight will not benefit either the mother or the puppies. Therefore, overfeeding the animal is prohibited. Obesity can negatively affect childbirth and subsequently affect the health of the dog.

The motor activity of the animal during this period is significantly reduced. It is already hard for her to move, she saves energy before giving birth. If necessary, the time for walking should be shortened, and in some cases even the bowls of food and water should be moved closer to the couch. And provide the animal with peace. If you put your hand on the dog’s belly, you can clearly feel the movements of the babies.

Signs of false pregnancy in dogs

False pregnancy is not uncommon in the canine world. It occurs one month after estrus in untied bitches or in case of unsuccessful mating. In this case, the hormonal background changes in the same way as in a fertilized dog: all the early signs of pregnancy are present. The animal’s nipples swell, colostrum is secreted. The female can equip the den and even treats her toys like puppies. False pregnancy symptoms in dogs usually go away on their own after 2-3 weeks. In some cases, you may need veterinarian assistance and hormone therapy.

Early signs of pregnancy in dogs

Any dog ​​owner wants to know as soon as possible if the mating was successful. An attentive owner will be able to determine early pregnancy if he observes the behavior of his pet. After mating, the dog behaves as usual. The first sign may be a decrease in appetite. Fertilization took place. the hormonal background began to change. And the dog feels it. The body is under stress. This can be reflected in poor health, lack of appetite, anxiety.

Believe it or not, dogs also have toxicosis! The body can respond to the onset of pregnancy with vomiting and diarrhea. This is a temporary phenomenon and will not last long. Provide comfort and peace to the animal. Toxicosis is an early sign of pregnancy. If vomiting appears in the second month, this is a bad sign. In this case, you need to urgently consult a doctor. Changes in behavior can also indicate an “interesting” situation. An active dog can become affectionate, abandon violent games in favor of quiet evenings in the company of the owner. Aggression and anxiety may also arise. The animal is able to worry and negatively relate to touch, especially in the back and abdomen.

A dog can become passive if it is often drowsy. Some mom-to-be can literally sleep all day. It is very important not to forget that decreased activity and lack of appetite indicate the onset of the disease. Therefore, if your dog becomes passive and stops eating, you should immediately contact your veterinarian. He will be able to accurately determine whether such behavior is a disease or whims of the expectant mother. In the second week of pregnancy, there may be a change in the nipples. They swell, changing color.

Caring for a pregnant dog

After the planned mating, without waiting for the first signs of pregnancy in the dog, the owners should begin to rebuild the schedule and diet. The place of the animal should be large so that the expectant mother is comfortable lying even with a grown tummy. If necessary, the lounger must be increased. Females in position are more picky about the litter, as it is difficult for them to find a comfortable position. If the four-legged pet began to refuse any products, for example, eggs or milk, you should not force her. This can lead to dysbiosis and allergies. Early pregnancy in dogs is the time to take a vitamin course. Calcium, magnesium, ascorbic acid are especially needed. These can be powders or dietary supplements.

You should not limit your pet while walking. The dog itself will understand when it is time to stop active games. It is also important that the expectant mother goes outside. She benefits from sunbathing, which is necessary for metabolism and synthesis of vitamins. Rest is important for a dog in a position, so the place should be in a quiet corner where the animal will not be annoyed by excessive attention from children and other pets. Do not let a pregnant bitch lie on a cold surface for a long time: concrete, earth, wet grass. Travel by car will also have to be shortened, as many dogs in position begin to rock.

Also, a pregnant bitch should be protected as much as possible from jumps, falls, active games with other animals. Be as careful as possible on stairs and avoid them if possible. Find a veterinarian in advance to manage the pregnancy and deliver the baby. It will be possible to contact him urgently in case of force majeure situations. Pregnancy in small breed dogs is often closely monitored by a veterinarian, as many are unable to give birth on their own and will need surgery. Monitor the condition of the animal. Remember that during pregnancy all diseases become aggravated and possible health problems are felt. For example, brachycephalics may have difficulty breathing, and large dogs may suffer from joint pain.

Signs of pregnancy in a dog at different times. Maintenance and care rules

In order for the birth of your four-legged pet to be successful and without complications, and the puppies to be born strong and healthy, you need to take special care of the dog during pregnancy. It is very important to change the diet and physical activity in a timely manner. Therefore, you need to know how to determine if a dog is pregnant.

Duration of the “interesting” position

On average, a normal pregnancy with our little friends lasts 61-66 days, that is, about two months. There are deviations, but small ones. The exact duration of pregnancy in dogs depends on both the breed and the individual characteristics of the organism and the number of puppies. It can vary from 57 to 72 days.