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How to toilet train your husky puppy

How to stop a dog from biting?

If this happens during the game, you just need to leave the puppy and go to another room, ignoring the pet for some time. Stopping the game alone will be enough for the puppy to learn that if he bites his hands, no one will be friends with him.

When the puppy shows aggression on purpose, then you need to shake him properly by the collar. You can also hold the pet’s face with your hand and hold it until it stops growling.

A grown-up husky who decided to bite can be grabbed by the collar and pressed to the floor and forced to lie down. It is necessary to hold it in this position until the dog stops resisting.

It is advisable from the very beginning to exclude all games with pulling objects or grabbing hands, feet or clothes of the owner.

If the puppy continues to insist on such entertainment despite the ban, it is necessary to switch his attention to another, more harmless game.

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“You can’t”

This command means the prohibition of any undesirable action, it is this command that is served when, for example, a husky barks at other people’s dogs. Pronounced in a stern voice and in case of disobedience is reinforced by physical pressure.

Major mistakes

A list of the main mistakes that the owners of the husky make during training:

  • Classes are conducted without taking into account the breed and individual characteristics of the dog.
  • There is no consistency: the pet is first taught complex commands, and after that. easier.
  • A certain sequence of commands creates a certain algorithm of the dog’s behavior: for example, if the command “Sit” is followed by the command “Lie”, the husky, having decided that it should be so, will fit even without a command.
  • The dog cannot concentrate on the activity due to the fact that in the place where they are conducted there are many factors distracting its attention.
  • There is no regularity: classes are held with a long break, which is why the husky manages to forget the commands learned earlier in a few days without training.
  • The puppy gets used to working only for a treat. To prevent this from happening, you just need to praise the pet from time to time as you master the command.

Methods of reward and punishment

When raising and training huskies, it is recommended to alternate methods of reward and punishment. In this case, it should be borne in mind that any act of the pet must be supported in one way or another.

For example, if the husky does the required command correctly, it should be rewarded. If the pet has committed some kind of offense, then, of course, he must be punished. How to do it right?

It is believed that the best reward method is to give your pet a treat. However, it should be borne in mind that not all dogs have predominant food reflexes. It may be that verbal praise or play is the best method for a certain dog, when for a good job the pet is allowed to play a little during the break between classes.

A treat for promotion should be small in size, no more than 1.5-2 cm on the longest side. In addition, it must not stain the handler’s hands or clothing.

It is most convenient to use some dry food especially beloved by the pet or, for example, drops for dogs, as a treat for practice. Hard, low-fat cheese, cut into small cubes, is also well suited for this purpose.

As for the punishments, then, as mentioned above, the methods of force influence for the husky are not very suitable. In no case should you hit your pet or shout at it violently.

It is considered permissible to slightly raise your voice at a naughty husky or slightly slap him with a newspaper in case of disobedience, but it is unacceptable to beat the dog hard, since this will not lead to anything other than anger and the final loss of confidence in the owner.

At what age do you need to start?

The simplest commands from scratch begin to teach a husky puppy from the very first days of his arrival at a new home. It is recommended to switch to more serious teams later. from 3-4 months.

However, at the same time, it is recommended to focus more not on average indicators, but on the individual characteristics of the pet.

Some puppies already at 2-2.5 months are ready to accept relatively complex commands and willingly study them, while others turn out to be ready for serious training much later, by 4.5-5 months.

Types of dog reflexes

There are two types of reflexes. unconditioned and conditioned.

Unconditioned reflexes are innate. They provide the animal’s adaptability to unchanging environmental conditions. These include protective, food, orientation and sexual reflexes.

Unconditioned reflexes are very difficult to correct, since they are fixed at the genetic level.

Conditionals are developed in the process of everyday communication with the pet, as well as during its training and training.

As for conditioned reflexes, the main goal of upbringing and training a pet is precisely their development and consolidation, due to which the dog’s behavior is corrected and his behavior patterns are formed in certain situations.

Raising and training a husky at home: what you need to teach your pet and how to train your puppy to the toilet

Huskies are distinguished by a rather headstrong and independent disposition and, with the wrong upbringing, they are prone to disobedience, which sometimes makes it quite difficult even to care for them.

Many husky owners, especially inexperienced ones, find it very difficult to train their pets at home.

In fact, it is not so difficult to train a husky well, if you take into account the breed and individual characteristics of the dog.

Indeed, it is in the process of learning and communicating with a pet that the foundations of its relationship with the owner are built and their roles in the flock family are distributed.

How to train to behave on the street?

Huskies begin to learn the correct behavior on the street even at a time when the puppy is quarantined at home and has not yet gone out for walks. At this time, he is taught to use a leash, a collar, an approach to the command “To me”, as well as the prohibiting commands “No” and “Fu”.

It is useful to carry the puppy outside in your arms for a few minutes, without lowering it to the ground. So a little husky will quickly get used to street noise, as well as to the sight of passers-by and moving vehicles in a hurry.

At the same time, it is necessary to put on a collar or harness with a leash on the pet for safety reasons. even if the baby, being frightened of something, breaks out of his hands, it will be easy to keep him in place.

It is advisable that by the time the walks start, the puppy has already been socialized and calmly treats other people’s dogs and other animals.

After the quarantine is over, you can start real walks with a husky. Of course, in the city, a puppy, and an adult dog must always be on a leash, from which they can only be released on a fenced area.

At first, you need to walk with a husky on quiet, calm streets, where there is no busy traffic.

During walks, you need to make sure that the puppy does not grab pieces of food or other objects from the ground. Noticing that he is going to grab something, you need to give a prohibiting command, and, if this does not help, sharply, but not too hard, pull the leash.

Usually, after several repetitions of the command and subsequent jerks of the leash, the dog completely disappears the desire to drag any nasty things into the mouth.

Features of the breed

The Husky breed is considered a large breed, at the withers their height is about 60 centimeters. In addition to size, the main features include the following:

  • almond eye color (Husky’s eyes can be brown, hazel and any other color);
  • friendly character. this is one of the most important features, Husky can be safely started in a family where there is a small child;
  • the absence of the smell of wool and drooling makes it possible to keep the dog in the apartment.
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Husky personality and care

The only disadvantage that this breed has is excessive energy, if you do not deal with the dog, do not play or chase it, then all the accumulated energy will be spent on destroying the house and furniture. Therefore, if you come after a hard day at work, and find a torn to pieces a new sofa at home, torn off curtains or chaos in the kitchen, do not blame your pet for everything. Lack of attention and not too frequent walks are exclusively the owner’s own fault.

Common mistakes during toilet training

REMEMBER. never raise your voice at the baby Husky and do not poke your muzzle into a puddle. this will not teach you anything, and a loud voice will only scare you. The pet will not understand why they are shouting and beating at him, especially if not even 5 minutes have passed after the crime. If you do not adhere to these rules and scold your pet, then next time the baby will simply do his dirty trick at home in a more secluded place.

Initially, the area should not be made very small, but the area of ​​the toilet should be gradually reduced. If you use regular newspapers as bedding, then try to change them regularly, the dog will better make a puddle on the floor than go to a dirty toilet.

How to toilet train a Husky puppy? We reveal the secret of how to do it quickly

The popular in our time breed of dogs Husky, it turns out, was bred artificially. these are sled dogs, which are distinguished by good endurance and unsurpassed working qualities. Initially, Huskies pulled teams in the Far East and Siberia, and a little later were brought to Alaska. where they conquered the entire north of America. In the conditions of the far north, Huskies remain indispensable, but thanks to their attractiveness and calm nature, they spread like companion dogs all over the world.

Toilet for a walk

In most cases, during the first walks, the pet, even after 2-3 hours of intense running, will not always relieve itself on the street. This behavior is due to new sensations, new sounds, such as a car engine or music, as well as a large number of strangers. There are some great ways to train yourself to empty while walking:

  • you can take material from your pet’s toilet with you (a diaper or newspaper), the smell will provoke the puppy to do his job;
  • try to bring him to an area where other dogs relieve themselves, the smell and pheromones should tell the baby what is expected of him;
  • after eating or after sleeping, you can immediately take it out into the street, in which case the body will not be able to lean and will have to cope with its needs on the street;
  • as with a home toilet, reward your pet after a wet activity on the street. But do not treat the baby before the start of the process. this can only interrupt his desire.

How to train your dog to go to the toilet on the street?

In conclusion, I would like to say that training a puppy and training an already adult dog is a responsible business and will require a lot of time and effort from the owner. In addition, there should be a balanced diet and a strict diet.

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How to toilet train your puppy?

As a rule, all puppies from birth to 7 months must be vaccinated, so they are not allowed to leave the house until quarantine ends (after vaccination). Accordingly, all physiological processes that the baby cannot control himself fall on the shoulders of the owners. Teaching a Husky puppy to go to the toilet on a diaper is not an easy task and requires a lot of patience. The very first thing we recommend (based on our own sad experience) is to remove carpets, carpet and everything else that can absorb moisture from the floors, because in the future your expensive carpet will become a favorite place for your pet’s “wet affairs”.

The first thing to do before teaching a puppy to one place for the toilet is to determine where he chose this place for himself. If this is your bathroom, then try not to close the doors behind you so that the baby has free access to his toilet. It is possible that the little animal will choose the place where it is strictly forbidden to do their wet things, in this case you can sprinkle it with a specialized spray or put a bowl of food on it, as a rule, most dogs will not shit where they eat.

It should be noted that in any case do not wash the floors from the puppy’s feces with chlorine-containing products. The smell of chlorine will attract attention, and you will not get rid of the problem.

Once you’ve identified the location your puppy has chosen, start toilet training. There are three periods after which, in 99% of cases, the animal will relieve itself:

  • After sleep;
  • after meal;
  • after, and sometimes during, playing with the puppy.

How to teach your Husky puppy to go to the toilet?

Be patient, and as soon as you see that the baby Husky is walking around in the same place, or starts to sniff out a certain area, act immediately. Take it and carry it to the diaper, which should be placed in the toilet beforehand. In some cases, you will have to wait 15 to 20 minutes for the puppy to do its job. We recommend that you do not rely on a “false alarm” and, if necessary, wait longer. When your pet has done its job, pet him, prepare a treat in advance and treat him.

We would like to remind you that Husky babies up to 3 months old are not recommended to give solid treats, during this period their teeth are still poorly formed and not strengthened.

In the future, the puppy will understand that for emptying in the territory allotted to him, he will be encouraged with tasty food, and then the pet will only try to please the person with the right behavior. After sleeping, the situation is similar, immediately carry it to the toilet and keep it there until the job is done. Basically, for the puppy to get used to one place, you will have to spend 2 to 4 weeks.

How to train your husky to toilet on the street and at home?

Due to their natural beauty and playful nature, huskies are becoming more and more popular. There is an opinion that a private house is required for their maintenance. But with proper care, they can happily live in an ordinary city apartment. After acquiring a puppy, a huge number of worries fall on the owner, the first of which is to train the new tenant to the toilet.

What is necessary for habituation?

The following options are most often used as a home toilet for a little husky.

  • Reusable diapers. Their feature is a multi-layer structure. As a result, they prevent leaks on the flooring, contain odors and hold up to 2 liters of liquid. It is almost impossible to chew them, and the top layer is moisture-permeable and remains dry, without staining the paws.
  • Trays. There are many models in the form of regular pallets or trays with diaper racks. For males, there are varieties with posts and a fence to protect the walls. When choosing a tray, you should pay attention to its size and height of the walls (they should not be too high for a small puppy). For some models, there are mats with a pile that imitate grass. this will prepare the husky for walking on the street.

For a toilet on the street, first of all, you need to have everything you need to clean up the excrement behind your pet. It doesn’t matter if the puppy is walking in the courtyard of a private house or on a specially equipped dog playground. The easiest option is to use a paper or plastic bag. For convenience, you can purchase a special scoop. All this must be put together with a leash and other outdoor accessories so as not to forget.

The basic rules of the toilet at home and on the street are as follows.

  • In order to teach a puppy to use a tray or diaper for its intended purpose, first of all, you need to decide on where to place them. The easiest way is if the movement of the puppy is limited to a separate room or aviary. Here you can take any convenient corner under the toilet. If there are several rooms, there should be a toilet in each one, because the puppy may simply not have time to reach a specific place.

Over time, as the husky learns to control urges, you can leave one diaper or tray in the right place. for example, in the bathroom. To attract attention with the smell, at first you can take a piece from the old diaper and put it under a new one.

How to easily potty train Siberian Huskies? Easiest potty training method possible

  • To help the puppy, you need to watch him. For example, you can track which place he likes best for the toilet. Or notice how he behaves before going to the toilet and send him there in time. In general, most often puppies need this after eating and sleeping. If during games the husky begins to behave differently (sniffs, spins in one place, freezes, begins to make characteristic movements). this is a reason to be wary and help.
  • Toilet training is a kind of training. Therefore, the puppy must be commended for the correct actions. To do this, you must always have your favorite dog treats with you.
  • Hygiene is important in the toilet business. Huskies are very clean, so the diapers need to be changed on time, and the tray should be washed regularly. Puppies of this breed will not go to a dirty toilet and will start looking for another place, and the owners are unlikely to like this.
  • Outdoor toilet training is quite troublesome. To begin with, the puppy needs to be taken outside as often as possible. on average 6 times a day. In this case, it is better to first wait until the task is completed, and only then start games or other interesting activities. It will not be easy, as huskies are quite mobile and inquisitive. Often the example of other dogs helps in this matter.
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Do not forget about the tips. perhaps the animal itself will ask to go outside or show its intentions in every possible way.

When to start?

The process of education and training should begin literally from the first hours of finding the puppy in the apartment. First you need to find out all the information about the toilet from the breeder and try to create the same conditions. If a baby has mistakes, you must definitely ask. at what time, how he behaves before that. You should be prepared that the puppy is disoriented at home, and all the training work will have to start all over again.

At the same time, you should not delay the beginning of the training. A one and a half month old baby is already quite capable of understanding what they want from him. And although rare mistakes will be present, the initial lesson will be learned.

It is believed that it is possible to train a puppy to toilet on the street only when he has completed all the vaccinations. This is due to the fact that in outdoor conditions it is impossible to completely isolate oneself from other dogs, as well as their inherent diseases and infections.

And even after the introduction of the last vaccine, at least a couple of weeks should pass. Therefore, in the first months, all needs are better served at home, and only then go outside, leaving the home toilet for “emergency” cases.

Possible problems and ways to solve them

In the next video, you will learn how to train your husky puppy to toilet on the street.

How to toilet train your husky?

Toilet in the house

Puppies up to 6-7 months old cannot control physiological processes, the mother takes care of them, and in the house these responsibilities fall on the owner. Until the end of quarantine after vaccination, babies are not taken out into the street, therefore they are taught to walk on a diaper or a newspaper. During puppyhood, it is better to remove all carpets from the floor, otherwise it will be a favorite place for “wet affairs”. It is better to place a pallet or newspapers in a place that the husky has chosen himself, if this is a toilet, then you will have to leave the door open, providing free access. If the puppy regularly walks in a place where it is strictly forbidden, try sprinkling there a special spray that scares off the smell or put a bowl, the dog will not shit near his food. Newspapers should be changed regularly, the puppy will prefer to make a puddle on the floor than go to a dirty toilet. If the puppy is unfamiliar with the diaper, he will not immediately understand its purpose. You can train your dog by limiting its space to a room or a fence, completely covered with diapers. It is worth releasing a pet after it has gone to the toilet, be sure to praise it and give it a treat. Gradually reduce the number of diapers to one, by which time the puppy will understand where to do his business, and he does not need to be locked up anymore.

When it comes time to walk the puppy, the owners are faced with such a problem. he walks for an hour or two, but still goes to the toilet at home.

There are several tips on how to cope with this, something will definitely suit you:

Bring a scent newspaper from home to encourage the puppy to pee. Bring him to the place where other dogs have arranged a toilet, so that he understands what is expected of him. To take out the baby immediately after eating or sleeping, he will not be able to endure for a long time and gets off on the street. Always praise and give treats, but do so after the process has been successfully completed, otherwise you will frighten off. Do not punish the puppy for puddles at home, because he is small, huskies up to 8 months old can go to the toilet at home if there is a long interval between walks.

This dog has a strong character, independent, its instinct makes it obey the leader, which the owner should become. Several rules will help you become a leader in the eyes of a dog: you always go first, do not yield to the puppy, do not go around him, the husky should come up to you to greet, and not vice versa. If the dog breaks the rules, scold him immediately, do not delay, otherwise he will not understand the reason. For more tips on dog training, see the article: How to wean a dog from picking food on the street?

How to toilet train your husky?

Huskies were bred as a sled dog breed that is distinguished by its endurance and excellent working qualities. They dragged teams in Siberia and the Far East, from there they were brought to Alaska and conquered the north of America, where they quickly surpassed local sled dogs in popularity. These hardworking animals are still indispensable in harsh conditions, but they have spread around the world as companion dogs. American breeders have worked on the exterior of the husky, and today it is a very attractive breed. a muscular and graceful medium-sized dog, has thick hair, erect triangular ears and incredibly beautiful almond-shaped eyes.

The most common eye color is blue, but brown is found, eyes of different colors are acceptable. By nature, dogs are friendly and energetic, they are completely human-oriented, good-natured, suitable for a family with a child. They will find a common language with large animals, but small ones. cats, rodents, are considered as prey. The dog can be kept in the apartment, the absence of smell from fur and drooling simplifies. but regular physical activity is necessary, otherwise the unspent energy is spent on the destruction of the house.

Husky training tips:

Simple commands: “Come to me”, “Seek”, “Sit”, “Walk”, etc. can be practiced at an early age, in the form of a game. When calling your pet, say “Come to me”, hide a toy or a treat and practice the command “Seek”. Do not rely on instant understanding, repeat the lesson several times a day, achieve fulfillment. We must not forget about the encouragement and change the words, for example, “Seek”. “Find”, “Sit”. “Sit”, this will confuse the puppy. Training in the environment of other dogs will benefit the pet, because huskies are used to working in a pack. If you could not cope with the stubborn nature of your dog on your own, contact a professional trainer.

How to toilet train your puppy?

Training your puppy to the toilet is not easy and must be approached with all seriousness.

Starting from 10-15 days of age, the crumbs make their first attempts to get out of their shelter and relieve themselves. A small puppy does his job quite often. this happens immediately after sleep, after each feeding, after games, in total. about 15 times a day.

Until the baby is given a full course of vaccinations, he cannot go outside, therefore, you need to be patient and start raising the ward. You need to train the puppy to the toilet right away, try to do this within 6-7 weeks, since after 7 weeks it will not be easy to change the already formed behavior.

The easiest way to train a puppy to the toilet is when its territory is limited, for example, by a cage or aviary. It is worth expanding the space only if you notice that the puppy is used to relieve himself in a certain place.

Basic rules for training a puppy to the toilet

As a rule, breeders teach a pet to go “on business” to a newspaper, which is placed near his bed or bowl. There is a little trick: when the puppy has peed on the newspaper, do not throw it all away, tear off a part and put it under a new newspaper every time. this will help the baby find his temporary toilet for smell. There are three basic rules, the observance of which will help to train your pet to the toilet more quickly:

  • The puppy should not be rude. In no case should you poke your face into a puddle, aggression has never helped in training. If the puppy has gone where it should not, you need to say in a stern voice that this is not possible, you can bend the puppy’s head to the scene of the crime, and then take him to where he was supposed to relieve.
  • Punishment of a puppy for a misdemeanor should be immediately. If, for example, you woke up in the morning and noticed a bunch or puddle, you shouldn’t swear anymore, your pet will not understand what exactly you are punishing him for.
  • In no case should you forgive for what you have done, especially in your presence, a puddle. Having received no punishment for his misbehavior, the puppy will never learn to use the toilet, but will think that writing on the carpet is quite normal and correct.
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If you are attentive, then pay attention to the fact that before doing its business, the puppy performs various characteristic actions, for example: barks, sniffs around the floor, treads in one place, suddenly freezes by accident, well, and begins to squat.

As soon as you notice this behavior, make some kind of distracting gesture, clap your hands and shout “Fu!” The harsh sound will distract the puppy and give you time to transfer him to the newspaper. After the pet has done things in the right place, be sure to praise him, and you can encourage him with some delicacy.

What to do if you can’t toilet train your puppy?

It usually takes 8-10 days to train your puppy to write for the newspaper. What to do if the puppy does not obey and pees over and over again, for example, on the carpet? To begin with, thoroughly wash the puppy’s bowel movement, preferably with some product that has a pungent unpleasant odor. this should scare away.

How To Potty Train ANY SIBERIAN HUSKY PUPPY! (STOP Pooping/Peeing Inside FOREVER!)

And, if, nevertheless, the puppy does not react, and continues to do his deeds in the same inappropriate place, then go to meet him, and begin to put a newspaper on this place. Nowadays there are means, when using which the pet will get used to the toilet faster, for example, Serko spray. The product should be applied to newspapers, smelling, it will be easier for the puppy to find the toilet. You can also purchase a special dog tray, it is available for both girls and with a post for boys. Of course, such funds cannot be called a panacea, but at least they will provide you with some help. Every dog ​​breeder must understand that a small puppy is the same child that needs to be monitored and looked after.

He can spoil not only carpets and floors, but also furniture and shoes, so it is better to put it away for a while, and as soon as the puppy grows up and turns into an adult smart dog, then you will return all expensive furniture and carpets to a place. When cleaning carpets, it should be borne in mind that the floor on which the puppy will walk should not be slippery. this can lead to deformation of bones during growth.

Instead, you can simply lay down an old rug or mat for a while. As soon as all the vaccinations are done, and the pet gets a little stronger, it will be possible to take it out into the street and teach it to do its business there. During the first time, it is better to withdraw more often. 5-6 times a day, it is possible for a few minutes. At first, try to adjust the partying to the time when the puppy should want to go to the toilet, for example, after sleeping or feeding.

Do not forget to praise, he must understand from you that he did something right. By about 5-6 months, the puppy is already fully accustomed to doing things on the street, and they consider their home not a small bed, but the whole apartment, and accordingly they try to keep it clean, because cleanliness in dogs is an innate quality.

Smelly question: the most effective way to train your puppy to walk on a diaper and in a litter box

We decided to take a dog, but what about the toilet? Breeders’ advertisements for the sale of puppies almost always promise litter habit.

How to train your dog to toilet outdoors?

With the appearance of a puppy in the house, many not only joyful, but also responsible events are associated. It is important from the very first day to teach him the rules of good behavior and, above all, the administration of his natural needs on the street. This is an inevitable, but not at all difficult stage in the education of a dog, so it should not be postponed. The sooner you start training, the better for everyone involved.

All puppies from birth have an instinct to maintain cleanliness in their “den”. Using it, you can start toilet training your puppy in a specific place at a very early age. After the puppy has been given all the preventive vaccinations (2-2.5 months), you need to start regularly walking him outside. Before that, the puppy is trained to walk on the diaper in the tray.

The key to successful training is your dog’s well-established daily routine. Despite the fact that puppies seem to be unintelligent, they are surprisingly predictable when it comes to their physiological needs.

How to train a puppy to go outside to the toilet? First, you should take the puppy outside in all these cases, without leaving him a chance to make a mistake at home. The puppy may need to go to the toilet outside of these situations, then he begins to sniff the floor around him and circle. You will quickly learn to understand these signals. If you find your puppy in the process of relief, try to distract him. A clap or whistle will be enough to pause. You should not scold the puppy in such a situation, you need to quickly take him out into the street.

In advance, choose a place on the street where the puppy will not be distracted by anything. Be prepared for the fact that it may take a while. If after 15 minutes you have not managed to achieve the desired result, you can

Teaching your dog to relieve himself on the street

Are you the owner of the puppy and keep scolding him for a pile or puddle? Rest assured, such an approach can never teach him to go wherever you want to go. To train a dog to toilet on the street quickly and easily requires simple knowledge. As soon as you understand how to do it correctly, the result will appear immediately.

how to quickly train a husky puppy to the toilet |

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We train the puppy to the toilet:

  • Supervision. If the puppy has free access to the street, it will be much more difficult to train him to the toilet. It should be borne in mind that uncontrolled coping of the puppy’s needs outside the home will not have a positive effect on the learning process. In addition, this behavior can lead to clutter and unpleasant odors in the house.

HOW TO POTTY TRAIN YOUR PUPPY EASILY | Potty Train your Puppy Siberian Husky

Limitation. It is clear that it is almost impossible to organize constant control over the puppy. Therefore, in the event that you leave your puppy unattended, it is best to leave him in a room with limited space, for example, in the bathroom, laundry room or in a special arena.

Consistency. Training should be continuous, systematic. To do this, you need to take the puppy to the toilet regularly, at a clearly defined time. over, this must be done even in bad weather. It is very convenient in such cases to have a leash with you! Try to take your puppy outside as soon as he wakes up, when he eats, and also after active play.

  • Praise. It has been proven that punishment does not contribute to such an important moment as dog training. Rather, on the contrary, punishment will cause the animal to feel fear, the pet will experience stress every time it wants to use the toilet. Very often, puppies whose owners use punishment, on the contrary, try to hide and do their job in a secluded corner of the house. This is not the case when the puppy is rewarded with praise and affection every time he goes to the bathroom. This contributes to the development of an understanding that coping with the need in the “right” place will be rewarded by the caresses of the owner.
  • Do not forget that if you take your puppy outside to the toilet, you should not play with him! When your pet tries to play with you, ignore this behavior. Soon the puppy realizes that on the street he must do his job, and only then you can play and pet the pet. A reward in the form of some delicacy will not be superfluous.

    Teaching your puppy to the toilet

    Whether you like it or not, any dog, by virtue of its natural needs, goes to the toilet. Unlike children, puppies have not yet developed a genitourinary system, they have a rather small bladder, which means that they go to the toilet very often. But you can teach a little friend to relieve himself in a clearly defined place and the time you need, and this can be done at the cost of your efforts, patience and time. The key is four things: supervision, limitation, consistency, praise.

    Helpful hints:

    • Dogs can be trained to go to the toilet on a specific command. Which team you choose is up to you. The command “To the toilet!” Is used most often. This command should be used whenever the puppy shows signs of urge.

    Watch your puppy’s behavior! If he suddenly began to circle in one place, sniff, moan. these are sure signs of urging to use the toilet.

    You can attach a small bell to the puppy, which will always notify you that your pet is awake, which means it’s time to take him out for a walk.

  • Do not use ammonia-containing substances to clean up your puppy’s litterbox. For these purposes, there are special cleansers that successfully neutralize unpleasant odors.