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How to train Alabay at home

How to train Alabay for various purposes

Alabai are considered excellent guards, and initially they are shepherd dogs. To develop certain working qualities in a shepherd, a standard course of education and training will not be enough.


Take the treat in your hand and raise it above the dog’s muzzle. Say “Sit!” and lightly press on the sacrum with the other hand. After giving the treat.

Remember the nickname

At the beginning of training, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog must learn its nickname. You should not call the puppy by different pet names, because it will be more difficult for him to get used to the nickname.

Rewards and punishments

The upbringing of Alabai is based on three types of exposure, which should be dosed and alternated:

  • Encouragement. praise, a treat, or a favorite toy. When training Alabai, place more emphasis on encouragement with the voice, and not with food. During training, rewards should be dosed, otherwise it is likely to spoil the pet unnecessarily.
  • Compulsion. The pet refuses to execute some command. it needs to be forced to do it. Until the Alabai does what is required of him, the dog cannot be released. The pet may think that listening to the owner is not necessary at all.
  • Punishment. You need to scold in a loud but calm voice. During training, you can use force, but you can not hurt the pet. A slight inconvenience will suffice. The punishment must follow immediately after the offense. If after the incident more than a minute has passed, you should not scold the Alabai. he will not understand why he was punished.

Raising an alabai: how to tame a dominant leader?

Alabai were bred as a herding breed. They are able to graze sheep without the presence of the owner nearby and make independent decisions. During the development of the breed, the dog is accustomed to being a leader, and will do everything to dominate the human flock.

In addition, Alabai are dogs of solid size, strong and powerful.

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If you do not train the dog, then the personal considerations of the dog can turn out to be dangerous not only for the owner, but also for the people around him. Conversely, trained Central Asian Shepherds are ideal guards and loyal companions.

Consider the features of upbringing and training Alabai at home.

Team “To me”

“To me” is one of the fundamental commands. In this case, Alabai dogs are trained to simplify control on the street, this should be done as early as possible. Procedure:

  • Call him by his nickname and say “Come to me” (this should sound, by no means strict).
  • If approached, praise and give a treat.
  • If not, do not run after him, it is better to sit down or leave. This will interest the puppy, and he will run up to you cheerfully.

Important! Eliminate the possibility of the puppy’s association with the end of the walk. Otherwise, it will behave exactly the opposite. to run away.

When the puppy grabs the garbage, stop these actions by saying “Fu”, after the completion of the immediately praise and encourage. Execution of this command is useful not only on the street, but also at home. A naughty dog ​​may carry newspapers or items of clothing. The main thing is not to overdo it, but to say “Fu” only when it is appropriate.

Dog handlers’ recommendations

Be consistent throughout your upbringing and training. Don’t jump from teaching one skill to another. Do not give a joke a command that he cannot execute for some reason. It is imperative to ensure that the dog fulfills the required.

The command should be pronounced only once, and not repeated constantly. You can only reward if the dog has earned praise for his deed.

At first, it is worth training Alabai in a familiar environment: at home or during daily walks. Next, the pet must be taken to unfamiliar places and obedience must be achieved under any conditions.

Alabai is a large and proud dog, which is distinguished by independence and the ability to make its own decisions. This fact complicates education and training, because the dog will listen only to the one who has authority for him.

When the owner is not confident in his abilities, it is better to involve a professional in the upbringing and training of the pet. This will help to avoid many problems, because a large ill-bred dog can cripple and even kill a person.

Alabai (or Central Asian Shepherd Dog) is a freedom-loving breed. They are difficult to educate. Therefore, in this article we will tell you how to properly train Alabai at home.

Training methods

Alabai puppy training should be carried out gradually. You need to move on to the next command only when the animal fulfills the already learned orders well. The owner should remember that it will take a little more time to train an Alabai puppy than to train other dogs, since the Central Asian will take a long time to think about all the commands offered by a person. But on the other hand, he will remember them for life and in the future will carry out unquestioningly.

Teaching the dog commands is best in a calm environment, when nothing interferes with the process. The owner should be alone in the room, and the presence of distractions should also be excluded: toys, other people, TV, sounds, etc.

The entire upbringing process should be based on 3 principles: encouragement, coercion, prohibition. When encouraged, you need to praise the animal and give out a treat. Coercion is necessary when the puppy refuses to obey an order. The consequence of refusal is unpleasant sensations in the form of shaking or severity of the voice. Having remembered this, the dog will follow the commands not in the hope of receiving a reward, but in order to avoid negative emotions.

The prohibition includes all unwanted actions that the puppy must stop by order of the person. But here it must be remembered that prohibitions cannot often be used, since the animal becomes dependent and intimidated. Even if the dog is not in the enclosure, but has the ability to run around the surrounding area, you need to allow it to take the initiative.

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Alabai character

Alabai, also known as Central Asian Shepherd Dogs, are on the list of the smartest breeds, but due to their genetic characteristics, they are prone to independence and insubordination. The primary purpose of the Central Asian Shepherd Dogs is grazing and guarding livestock. Such dogs should be able not only to turn the flock of sheep in the right direction on the order of the owner, but also to independently monitor the safety of animals.

What is appreciated in working conditions is unacceptable when kept as a pet, therefore, when purchasing an alabai, the owner must make every effort to establish psychological contact with the dog. You have to work hard here.

If you give up slack once, the Alabai will remember forever that orders can be disregarded. If a person convinces the dog that he is a leader, there will be no problems in further education. The animal must clearly understand that it will be punished for not following the command.

Alabai puppy training should begin at 2 months, that is, immediately after the baby enters the house. A person should become the same authority and leader of the pack for the puppy, like his mother. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the nature of the Alabai. These are serious animals that do not perceive the hustle and bustle. In their blood lies love for vast steppes and silence.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is one of the oldest breeds on the planet, formed not under the influence of man, but as a result of natural selection. Therefore, when starting to train an Alabai puppy, the owner must take into account the instincts of the animal, laid down in him by nature for many centuries.

It is necessary to know that the Central Asian Shepherd Dog is not a toy, but the best of all representatives of the world of canines, a wolf hunter and a guard. Therefore, upbringing should be strict, but fair.

Alabai upbringing

At first glance, defenseless Alabai puppies have a strong character.

Their tough temper is due to the characteristics of the breed. Therefore, training Alabai is significantly different from training a German Shepherd, Labrador or Newfoundland. At the same time, the success of the events depends both on the level of the student’s intelligence and on the perseverance of the teacher: the more persistent the owner is, the easier the learning process will be.

Alabai training rules

When starting to train an Alabai puppy, first of all, it is necessary to achieve contact with the animal. It must fully trust the person and treat him as the main one. If the dog is guilty, you do not need to shout at it or beat it.

You should do as the baby’s mother would do: take the puppy by the withers and shake it well with the words “fu” or “no”.

Alabai training involves constant contact with the animal. You can express your displeasure with the actions of the puppy by raising or lowering your voice, intonation or facial expressions, but, as already noted, it is undesirable to shout.

When contact with the animal is established, you can start training. Confidence and STIHL are essential here.

Alabai training at home can include several basic commands:

  • sit;
  • nearby;
  • to stand;
  • lie;
  • a place;
  • walk.

At the age of 6-7 months, the puppy should not only know all the commands, but also perform them well. At the same time, the dog should be trained to walk in a muzzle and a calm reaction to the owner’s touch.

If you plan to participate in exhibitions, then the education of the animal should include such an element as the display of fangs. The dog should not resist when a person forcibly opens its mouth.

In addition, it is necessary to accustom the animal to the fact that a person can take his bowl or touch food.

Security Guard Training

Many people have Central Asian Shepherd Dogs as guards. It requires education in accordance with a special protective guard course. Training of such dogs should begin no earlier than 5-6 months.

You need to instill the following skills in the animal:

  • be able to protect things and territory;
  • be distrustful of strangers;
  • carry out harassment and detention;
  • be able to protect and protect people;
  • take a trail and be able to find people and objects;
  • patrol the territory.

At the same time, it is important not to destroy the ability of the Alabai to think independently.

Туран Джан едем тренироваться! Туркменский Волкодав. Training Dog Alabai

Central Asian dogs are prone to a gregarious lifestyle, so an adult animal that knows the commands well can become a good example for a puppy during training. The kid will repeat all the actions after him, which will be an excellent help for learning to order.

Conversely, you should not train an Asiatic in the company of dogs of other breeds. Alabai is not very friendly, so full-fledged training in this case will not work.

When purchasing a Central Asian Shepherd puppy, you should remember that the dog needs training without fail.

A powerful and strong animal not trained in commands can pose a serious danger both to the owner and to strangers.

How to train Alabay?

Successful training of Alabai depends on several factors: the level of intelligence of the dog and its ability to train, patience and professionalism of the trainer.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are considered an intelligent breed, but due to their genetics, they tend to perform independent actions and deeds, which generates some stubbornness. Therefore, in training, the psychological moment of establishing contact between a person and a dog is important.

Alabai must firmly know that all human commands must be carried out. If the dog one day realizes that it can ignore the command without consequences, then it will continue to refuse to obey.

Alabai puppy training

You need to train a puppy from two months, that is, from the moment when he gets into a new home. Previously, for him the mother was the authority, now the place of the leader of the pack must be taken by a person. For successful training, you need to study the psychology of dogs that do not like fussy, constantly screaming people.

If you loudly shout at Alabai, punish him with a flogging, then he will perceive it as your weakness, and his stubbornness and unwillingness to obey will increase many times over. The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a serious dog and should be treated accordingly. If you want to punish a puppy, just shake him by the withers (this is what his mother did to him when he violated the rules of behavior in the pack) and say just one word: “Ugh!” or “You can’t!”.

Confidence and STIHL should come from you when interacting with your dog. When contact is established and the trainer has taken the place of the leader in the dog’s mind, you can begin the educational process and teaching the basic commands. At home, you can learn a set of basic commands, which is included in the main training course:

  • “To me!”,
  • “Nearby!”,
  • “Sit!”,
  • “Lie down!”,
  • “To stand!”,
  • “Take a walk!”,
  • “A place!”.
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All commands are studied sequentially, not simultaneously. Alabai take more time to train each command than, for example, the German Shepherd. This breed assimilates information more slowly, but remembers it for the rest of its life and subsequently instantly executes all commands.

Alabai training at home

It is best to teach the basic commands to the dog at home in a calm environment. The trainer should be alone in the room, it is desirable that there are no distractions in the room: TV, other animals, toys. This will help you maximize your dog’s training focus.

All training can be done according to three principles: encouragement, coercion and prohibition. Encouragement means giving or praising a treat. Coercion is applied when the dog refuses to obey the command, and receives discomfort for refusal. So she will carry out the command not in the hope of getting something pleasant, but, on the contrary, in order to avoid punishment.

The prohibitive method is the termination of any unwanted action on command. Often and for every little thing this command cannot be used, as the dog becomes too dependent and loses the desire to show initiative. Even if you do not plan to walk your dog around the city, and it will live in an aviary, sometimes running around the surrounding fields, it needs to be taught to react normally to a large number of people, street noise, traffic flow.

Be sure to teach Alabai to walk nearby on a leash, obediently put on a muzzle, and show your teeth. These skills will come in handy in any case, for example, for visits to the veterinarian.

Outdoor training

There are teams that can only be taught on the street. The dog must know the command “Road!” in order to always stop in front of a motorway with moving vehicles. For training, each time you need to stop with the dog for a couple of minutes before crossing the road and say the command.

This action must be performed even if there is no moving vehicle at the moment. On the street, Alabai masters such commands as “Barrier!” and “Aport!” It is recommended to teach him to overcome other obstacles: stairs and boom. You can start mastering them from 3-4 months.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is expected mainly to display its protective qualities, therefore, with the representatives of the breed, they are engaged in special training according to the course of the protective guard service. Training starts from 5-6 months and consists of the following skills:

  • protection of things and territory;
  • distrust and anger towards strangers;
  • harassment and detention;
  • protection of people;
  • protection of people;
  • the ability to take a trail and find people and hidden things;
  • patrolling the territory.

The number of skills depends on the desire of the owner and the functions that the dog will perform. Alabai was previously used as a shepherd, so you can focus on developing these skills in it (if the dog lives in a rural area). The main commands from the course of the guard-guard service have different options for execution.

For example, by the command “Protect!” the dog may simply guard the thing, not allowing strangers to approach it, but not pursuing them either. Another option for executing the command: when a dog tries to steal a thing from it, it attacks and pursues a fleeing person.

When training Alabai, it is important not to ruin their tendency to act independently. When a dog is released from the enclosure for the night, and it runs around the yard alone, then it must be able to act depending on the situation. Alabai patrol the protected area silently and attack without warning by barking, sometimes dog owners teach them to voice when they detect a border trespasser.

You can achieve any result by regularly practicing with Alabai. A good effect is the use of the gregarious feeling of these dogs. For example, if you already have a guard dog, then the Alabai will repeat its behavior and quickly learn to protect the territory.

You can be trained with Alabai in groups under the guidance of a professional trainer, but given the viciousness of this breed towards unfamiliar dogs, this option is not suitable for everyone. If you want, but cannot train an Alabai, then entrust this process to an instructor-dog handler. It is impossible to leave such a powerful dog without training, since the Central Asian Shepherd Dog untrained in commands will become uncontrollable and dangerous for the people around.

When to start learning commands?

Training should be started while the Alabai puppy is still small, so the age of 2 or 3 months is optimal. However, even before this age, it makes sense to start getting used to the dog’s name. In addition, before reaching 3 months of age, Alabai gets used to going to the toilet at home for a diaper. At the age of 3, it is worth starting to take the pets for a walk, but only on a harness, which at 6 months will be time to change to a leash.

What is worth instilling first?

In order to properly educate an alabai, it is necessary to take into account some features of his character. Such dogs are very smart, quickly grasp new knowledge and learn new commands without any problems. However, representatives of this breed are very independent, independent and do not want to obey. The success of training largely depends on whether the owner can show strength and character and thereby curb the obstinate animal. At the same time, of course, relations should not be built on intimidation, but on the establishment of a psychological connection between a person and an animal.

First of all, the owner of the alabai must show his superiority over the pet and explain to him who is in charge in this tandem. Even once allowing the dog to be disobedient and not punishing it, it is easy to completely destroy the balance of power.

Cynologists, in order to avoid such a situation, offer a very interesting strategy: from small months, periodically form an unusual and not very comfortable environment for the puppy. For example, it can be walking in new places, traveling by public transport or traveling by car.

Unusual circumstances will introduce the Alabai into a state of confusion, which will give its owner the opportunity to show leadership qualities that the dog will definitely remember.

In addition, the psychological connection between man and animal is also important. It is necessary that the Alabai trust his master, otherwise he will simply refuse to study the commands and perform the assigned tasks. Even showing severity, it is important to do this without exaggeration. not shouting or hitting the pet, but speak in a strict and confident tone or slightly shake it, taking it by the withers. It is recommended to keep track of the used volume with the timbre of the voice, and facial expressions and gestures. During training, intonation is allowed both to increase, without reaching screams, and, conversely, to decrease.

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By the age of 6 months or 7 months, the puppy should, among other things, walk in a muzzle on the streets, respond adequately to tactile contact with the owner and not react to the fact that the owner sometimes takes his bowl.

If you ignore the last aspect, then in the future there may be problems based on the fact that the dog will protect his food and thereby complicate the feeding process.

Basic commands

The first command to be studied with Alabai is the use of his nickname. As soon as the puppy hears it, he should immediately go to the owner, putting aside what he was doing at that moment. The study of the command “To me” is considered to be no less important.

Training should be carried out without letting the dog off the leash and encouraging him every time he approaches the owner. When these two commands are mastered, it’s time to move on to the command “Side by side”. During training, the dog should be to the left of the owner, as well as when walking together. Having voiced the command, the person should pull the leash quite vigorously.

The command “Place!” forces the dog to return to the place, no matter what the events are taking place. Experts recommend mastering this command as early as 2 months of age. Teaching the command “Sit!” occurs with the use of sweet. Alabai should see the treat, raise his head to it, after which the owner presses lightly on his sacrum, and he sits down. As soon as the puppy copes with the task, he will receive a tasty treat.

Training to the command “Lie down!” is carried out in a similar way. After completing the task, the alabai should be in a prone position, but with a straight body. In order to teach the Alabai the “Stop!” Requirement, it is recommended to use the method of coercion. The owner will have to either tighten the leash or slightly lift the dog, holding it in the abdomen. If Alabai copes with the task, he will receive a reward.

Command “No!” prevents the dog from doing something bad. To prevent it, you just need to pull it by the leash. Finally, no less important is the “Walk!” Command, used in combination with a long lead.

Methods and Schemes

Alabai training at home takes place using three main methods: coercion, encouragement and prohibition. If the command is successfully completed, the dog will have to be rewarded with something tasty or praised. It is important not to overdo it with this method, otherwise the dog will lose motivation. Coercion should be used if the pet refuses to follow the owner’s instructions. It can manifest itself in the form of pulling on a leash or harness, pressing on the sacrum or lightly shaking.

However, it is strictly forbidden to inflict serious physical pain on the dog.

Prohibition comes to the rescue when the dog needs to be stopped from doing something. For the successful application of this method, consistency is important. you cannot punish the puppy for something in one case, and ignore the situation the other time. Nevertheless, experts advise, even when training at home, not to use the latter method too often, since Alabai can lose the skill of independent decision-making.

In the case when the training of the Alabaevs takes place for protection or work in the pasture, the general management looks somewhat different. If the dog is to graze sheep, then they begin to prepare him for this at the age of one and a half or two months. Long walks with the owner for two to three hours are very important. As soon as the Alabai begins to obey and execute commands, he will have to be taught to interact with other animals. The task of the shepherd dog is to drive away those who have fallen behind or are very out of the general direction of movement.

The owner or even the dog handler will have to fasten a special leash to the collar, the length of which varies from 11 to 13 meters, and then follow along with the dog to the lagging animal. Then the command “Drive!” and a flick of the whip indicating the desired direction. The leash itself at this moment turns out to be weakened. While the Alabai is running to the herd, it is important to praise him and repeat the command. The movement is stopped with the command “Come to me!”. Training necessarily ends with the issuance of a treat.

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In order for the Alabai to be able to guard the house, he will have to be taught this at the age of 6 months. To acquire this skill, it is better to contact a professional dog handler. As a result, it is important that the dog does not trust strangers, barks and chases them, knows how to protect the owners, protect the territory and, ideally, find objects and people on the trail.

It is better to entrust the training of a dog to a professional, since an unprepared person in such a situation may suffer.

Features of training Alabai

Alabai training has its own specifics and differs from training such large breeds as the Labrador. Not fulfilling certain conditions, you can not only fail to achieve results, but also harm yourself.

Host behavior in training

During training, it is important to avoid nervousness, haste, loud communication and fussiness. The owner must speak calmly and confidently, clearly demonstrating “who is the boss here.” In this case, the puppy will feel the authority of the person and will be ready to obey him. Therefore, without approving the position of forces, you should not proceed to training.

Differences in the upbringing and training of boys and girls

In general, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog of both sexes is trained in the same way. However, the male is considered to be more aggressive and wayward, therefore, considerable strength of character and even stubbornness of the owner will be required. In addition, boys often run away, which is strictly prohibited. Alabai girls are calmer, more obedient and more sensitive. Their disadvantages include the desire to evade the command, but get a treat.