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How to train your dog to lie down

When is the best time to start mastering a new order?

It is best to start training your animal as early as possible. This is convenient for both the puppy and his owner. over, this applies not only to the command “lie down“, but also to the orders “fu”, “place”, “sit”, etc. As a result of proper training, the pet should easily move to the “lie” position from the “stand” position. If we are talking about dogs of decorative breeds or individuals with a melancholic disposition, then for better mastering in a lying position, experts recommend “go over” after the four-legged pet learns to “sit”. Considering that certain techniques are used when teaching a command, it must be remembered that “lying” is not given in a situational format, since this can break the logical chain and complicate the task for the animal to remember and learn the order.

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Features of education

Before teaching the dog to lie down, watch the video on the net or read the photo instructions. There you can also familiarize yourself with the difficulties that may arise in the learning process and get advice on how to solve problems that arise during training. For example, the animal must initially be in the correct position, and the body, forelegs and croup must be on the same mowing line. A slumped croup is a signal that the exercise has been performed incorrectly. By the way, feeding the puppy abundantly before training is not worth it, as it will be difficult for him to concentrate on the owner’s voice, and it will not be easy to do physical exercises either.

Step-by-step instruction

It is difficult to answer the question of how to teach a puppy to lie down with one recommendation for all breeds and individuals of different ages. After all, all these parameters, including the character of the pet, must be taken into account when choosing one or another training method. But, still, using the traditional combination of encouragement and good attitude, you can achieve success.

  • So, you need to take the correct starting position: the owner takes a confident posture, and the pet at this time is in front of the person and on the left side.
  • Pulling on the leash (not too much), the pet is tedious to show the treat, and after the puppy has shown interest in the treat, lower his hand with a “surprise”, forcing the animal to reach for it.
  • Do not forget about the leash with which you need to hold the dog. The pet should remain in place and gradually take a lying position, instinctively lowering itself behind the hand.
  • After the dog has taken the desired lying position, one should pronounce the coveted command “lie down” and, of course, praise the pupil with words and reward with a delicacy.

How to teach your dog to lie down

There are certain commands that are included in the so-called basic training course and are an integral part of all training courses. And one of these important commands is “lie down”. Of course, when a professional dog handler gets down to business, the question of how to teach a dog to “lie down” disappears by itself. That is, the specialist knows how to influence his ward in order to achieve results as soon as possible and to make sure that the animal has mastered the ability to quickly and correctly follow the order to “lie down”. But when the owner of the animal wants to independently train a puppy or even an adult dog to “lie down” at home, then he may face certain difficulties.

Play as a way of learning

Before teaching your dog to lie down, you can familiarize yourself with other training methods. Perhaps your pet will suit the game format, involving the use of a ball or other devices. You can also use sweets for training. By the way, as practice shows, with the help of delicacies, perseverance and a good attitude to the pet, you can easily teach the puppy to lie down on his own, without resorting to the services of a professional dog handler.

The main question is how?

An important task of any dog ​​breeder is how to teach a dog to lie down, and do it at home, without stress for the pet and in a short time. To learn how to teach a dog to lie down, experts recommend that you watch the video lessons of professional dog handlers, which are now available online. On the video you can see what techniques and methods should be used when mastering this order. In addition, before teaching a puppy the command to “lie down”, one must take into account his psycho-emotional characteristics, and his level of training, and his ability to learn. Fortunately, video tutorials are available online that explain in detail how to teach a dog to lie down in both a game format and a traditional (custom) training format.

It turns out that the answer to the question of how to teach a dog to lie down is simple, but only at first glance. That is, professional dog handlers say that it is possible and necessary to teach a dog to lie down with a gesture and voice. Well, in order for the training to be easy and calm for both the animal and the owner, you need to choose places for training where there are few people and other animals. On the one hand, this will allow the animal not to be distracted and concentrate, on the other hand, it will also be more convenient for the owner to perform various movements and give orders.

Why and who needs it?

A logical question that arises from the owner of the puppy. why teach the dog the command to “lie down”? It turns out that this order is considered one of the most important for assimilation, as it increases and strengthens the authority of the owner himself and can save the animal in different situations. For example, transporting a dog on public transport is difficult because it is inconvenient for other passengers. But, if at the same time the animal lies peacefully at the feet of the owner, it is unlikely that anyone will be dissatisfied with such a neighborhood. Also, the ability to clearly follow the order “to lie down” allows the dog (male) to calm down easier and easier if a female comes into his field of vision. And finally, if the animal takes part in various exhibitions and shows, then this command is mandatory in the program of performances.

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How to teach your dog to lie down

The “Lie down” command is rarely used in everyday life, but in some situations, for example, on the train, it is sometimes necessary to lay the dog down. Also, any new skill will improve the contact between the dog and the owner. So how to teach a dog to lie down?

If you have not an adult dog, but a puppy, then you should start training only after 3 months. As well as the command “Sit”, “Lie down” is practiced with a contrasting method, that is, it is necessary to use both coercion and encouragement. Pressing the withers with the hand acts as coercion, and verbal praise and delicacy as an encouragement.

You can train both at home and on the street. The main thing is to choose a calm and quiet place where the dog will not be distracted by extraneous sounds and other animals. Also, the place should be clean, because it will be unpleasant for the pet to lie down on damp and dirty ground.

How to Train a dog to Lie “Down” (K9-1.com)

There are 3 ways to teach your puppy to lie down. In the first version, you say to the dog “Sit!”, Put one hand on its withers, command “Lie down” and with the other hand, bending down, show a delicacy above the ground itself. The treat must be held in such a way that the dog reaches forward and downward after it. Holding and pressing slightly on the withers, you do not allow the dog to get up and it eventually lies down. At this moment, you actively praise her, give her a treat and let her go with the command “Walk”.

The second option is built as follows. you put one hand on the dog’s withers, and start the other by the front paws. Give the command “Lie down” and press with one hand on the withers, and with the other push the front paws forward. The pet lays down, you praise him, give him a tasty morsel and say “Take a walk”. You can also force the dog to lie down by simultaneously pressing on the withers and pulling the leash down and slightly forward. Pay attention that the dog is lying neatly. the front legs should be extended forward, and the task should be picked up. Don’t let her fall on your side or back.

Usually a few workouts are enough for the puppy to start lying down on command, without waiting for additional pressure on the withers. Now start increasing the interval between command execution and reward, gradually bringing it to 5 seconds. If the puppy is 3 months old, then a longer exposure is not needed yet. If the dog jumps up before giving the treat, repeat the command again and lay it down again.

When the pet begins to lie down on command and patiently wait 5 seconds, you can enter an additional gesture. The gesture for the “Lie down” command is as follows (see figure): raise your right hand horizontally, palm forward (1), and lower it to your right thigh (2). While teaching the dog to recognize the gesture, gradually increase the distance to 2-3 meters and the exposure to 7 seconds, more is not needed yet.

When the puppy is 4 months old and he will perfectly follow the command at a short distance, start increasing the distance and endurance. By 8 months it is necessary to reach the standard. the dog must execute the command “Lie down” from the first serve, from a distance of up to 15 meters, with an exposure time of up to 15 seconds. When practicing a command at a great distance, do not let go of the pet by shouting “Take a walk” from afar. Approach him yourself, praise and then let him go for a break.

Teach the team to lie down

From an early age, pets, their owners are faced with the question of how to teach the dog to lie on your order. After all, the learning process takes a lot of time. Cynologists argue that studies should be carried out from an early age and continue up to 7-9 months. After a year, it is more difficult to perceive and learn new tasks and commands.

If you want to teach your puppy to lie down, first you need to do it in a playful way, using toys and treats. After forcing the four-legged friend to take a lying position, you need to give a treat and praise. Such actions should be carried out while he is already lying. If the animal knows the order “to sit” well, you need to fulfill it, and then proceed to study the order “die”.

You need to clearly point your hand to the ground and say the word “lie”. You can do it slowly or quickly, the main voice should be quite strict and serious. Even if the puppy does not immediately understand what you are asking of him, you need to give him a treat. Build trust and keep doing exercise.

Studying usually takes a week of daily, half-hour training. Allocating half an hour, you do not need to constantly carry out the same order, you need to alternate it with the rest.

In such a short time, the dog can learn and will not get tired of performing various tasks. During the moments of training, you need to constantly monitor the emotional state of the animal.

If you adhere to all the recommendations, the order for the four-legged friend will only bring pleasure. Also, the dog can be taught to guard.

Dog training. How to teach a dog to lie down?

As I like to repeat all the time. we live in that happy time when “spaceships ply the vastness of the universe”. oh, what am I talking about ?!. there are many methods, ways and options to train a dog.

  • Our task is to choose such that this process goes as quickly as possible and without sacrifices (oh, again, it made a reservation))).
  • That’s it. stop joking)
  • Our goal is to make our requirements as clear as possible to the dog without coercion and unnecessary efforts on our part.
  • Today I will show this by teaching a dog to “Lie down”.
  • A bit of theory. this skill belongs to the group of simple skills for the reason that:
  • On one command, the dog performs one action.
  • This posture is a lying position, the dog assumes and so in its usual doggy life. Our task is to teach her to do this at our signal.

Immediately a quick-wittedness test: what other positions of the dog’s body in space do you know?. right. sitting and standing. in total, there are only three of them. But about the commands “Sit” and “Stand” another time. And now, by popular demand, we will deal with the command “Lie” closely.

When learning this skill, many are faced with a certain problem. dogs do not lie down. and that’s it.

  • In the dog’s world. to lie down in front of another dog means to show the pose of submission. ” and you and I are so much fun. so why should I lie down?”.
  • “It’s so wet under me dirty disgusting I just can’t lie in” this “.
  • “I don’t understand. what do you want from me?”.

Accordingly, we need:

  • To interest the dog in the process of studying, showing her that I do not force you to anything, but we just play like that.
  • Find a comfortable place for a dog. for a street dog it can be a more or less flat dry meadow, but for a small Chihua-hua it will be necessary to look for a cozy rug at home.
  • It is easy to explain to the dog what we want from her. just with this point I will help you now.)))
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So, the preface is over. let’s move on to practice.

How to teach an adult dog to lie down?

It is not difficult to teach a grown-up Labrador, Shepherd or any other breed to the presented skill. You need to work with him like this:

  • Before starting training, you should put on a collar and leash on your pet.
  • A person needs to stand in front of an animal, put his hand on the withers, gently press on it. At the same time, you need to pull the leash down.
  • As soon as the animal lies down, you must give him the appropriate command. After that, you must immediately encourage him verbally, stroke and give a treat.

During one lesson, you need to perform 2-3 such approaches. When working with an animal, it is important to ensure that it lies down correctly. it does not fall on its side, gently pulls its paws forward.

At what age to start teaching a puppy?

The command to “lie down” does not require serious physical and mental efforts from the dog. Therefore, you can start training as soon as the pet comes to you and gets used to a new home.

1.5-3 months. it’s time to start to establish contact with the puppy, gradually trying to learn simple commands, including the exercise “lie down”.

How to teach a dog to lie down

Dogs are the smartest creatures, catching commands on the fly. However, not all of them are ready for unquestioning obedience, sometimes they are prone to self-will and stubbornness.

That is why, in certain situations, even such a simple command as “lie down!” Causes some difficulties, and not only for beginners, but also for experienced dog breeders.

So let’s see how to teach a dog to lie down.

The command “lie down” does not require special attention, it is usually included in the complex training, together with other teams. You can conduct classes at home, however, not forgetting about street training. otherwise the dog can show perfect obedience at home, and on the street do not pay attention to what the owner tells him.

To make things easier for themselves, the owner can use step-by-step instructions:

  • When the dog sits near the owner’s left leg, and he holds a leash in his hands, you need to take a treat and bring it to the dog’s nose, while uttering the command and lowering the piece down.
  • often than not, dogs do not give up the opportunity to eat and lie down to reach for the tasty treat. It is perfectly! You need to say the praise: “Lie down, good, you’re done”.
  • If the dog changes position without permission, then it is not recommended to treat him! For example, a pet showed obedience. lay down, and then sat down or got up on its own. In this situation, you can strictly pull it down on the leash, putting pressure on the dog’s back with your hand, inviting it to return to the desired position. That is, the dog performs a different command, instead of the required one, so he needs to be punished.
  • It is recommended to use a treat so that the dog takes a lying position, but a slightly different technique helps one of 10 dogs: the dog is located at the left leg, you need to sit opposite him, clasp both front paws with your hands, say the command and pull on them so that the dog lies down. As soon as this happened, you need to treat the pet with a treat and caress.
  • If the dog does not remain in the desired position and, having barely descended, gets up, then it is necessary to add severity: as soon as the dog got up, you need to immediately pull the leash down. If it doesn’t work, repeat the jerk, but more intensively. It is necessary to stop at such a force of the jerk, which will not harm the pet, but will make it obey.
  • There are dogs who do not try to lie down after the treat. They can simply sit without reacting, or move their noses and stretch their necks with interest. This behavior is not worth encouraging! You should clearly and loudly say “lie down!” and pull the leash down.
  • Severity is the key to successful training, the dog gets a tasty treat only when it lies down without pressure from the owner, only after hearing the command.

A particularly difficult situation arises when the dog categorically refuses to take a lying position. He dodges, his paws seem to be wooden and do not bend, in general. in every way he tries to sit down or stand up. Then the most ideal time for training is the period when the dog himself wants to lie down.

By observing the behavior of the pet, does the owner see how he is going to lie down? It is necessary to act proactively. to approach quickly, to say the command “lie down!”. It turns out that the dog did not go to bed himself, but after the words of the owner. Of course, in this situation, the training will become longer, but if you do not retreat, the dog will still obey.

Useful Tips

Learning to lie down will be more effective when you consider your dog’s personality and the following tricks:

  • have you just started training? Don’t even try to lay your puppy on cold ground, mud, or wet surfaces. He may not obey you, at least because of a feeling of discomfort;
  • always remember that the command is always given before coercion. But you need to treat yourself to goodies only after executing the command;
  • to let go of the dog from the “lying” position should be called “walk!”. Why doesn’t the command “come to me”? The latter is regarded as a command with the sign “”, it is pleasant for the dog to carry it out. This makes the wait more tiresome.

Using these tips, you can teach how to command both an adult dog and a puppy.

Training without treats and collars

Starting position. the dog is sitting. It is necessary to stretch the front paws of the animal, forcing it to lie down, give the command. It should be understood that the “Lie down” gesture, command execution on the move and from other positions will have to be practiced separately. This method is suitable for training capricious animals who do not want to voluntarily do what is asked of them.

General recommendations

Before training the dog, the owner should understand for himself what position the animal should be in. The service dog on the command “Lie down”. to fall to the floor, place the body evenly on all paws, the head is raised, the back part does not fall over.

The Lie command is included in the general training course. The dog must lie down on command, given by gesture or voice.

If properly practiced, the animal should lie down on a voice or gesture command and not change position until the owner orders it. This command can be used both independently and as part of a complex for the protection of things or return to the place. With the help of the “Lie” command, the exposure is practiced.

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Leash training

There are two ways to use the leash to teach the “Lie down” command. For large animals, for example, the Boerboel breed, it is recommended to use a parfors or a stranglehold, for small animals, such as a Bichon Frize, a harness is quite suitable.

If the dog does not want to lay down, gently push on the withers and at the same time make light jerks with the leash towards the ground.

The choice of method depends on the wishes of the owner:

  • Take a basic position. The trainer leans forward, jerking the leash forcing the dog to lie down. If necessary, the exercise can be accompanied by pressure on the withers. Correct the paws, giving the dog’s body the correct position, give the command. Hold the animal until the exercise is canceled.
  • Take a basic position. The leash runs under the trainer’s sole. By gently pulling on the leash without stopping, make the animal lie down. The dog will resist, but it is necessary to complete the exercise. It is important to let him know that this is not a punishment. After the pet has completed the command, you need to fix the paws, give the command, praise and give a treat.

Learning with treats

This is the easiest way to study at home. Training requires a leash, persistence, and a treat. If the pet has no food attachments, you can use your favorite toy instead of a treat.

It is necessary to take a basic position: the owner is standing, the dog is sitting at the foot or in front of the owner. While securing the leash, show the dog a toy or treat. Lower the palm down and forward with the treat, inviting the dog to reach for the treat.

The leash must be well secured so that the dog cannot get off the ground. Following instinct, the animal will lie down. After it has taken the desired position, it is necessary to give a command, praise the dog and give it a treat. Fix the pose for up to 15 seconds, then allow to finish the exercise.

It is necessary to increase the time in position gradually, reaching 10-15 minutes.

Attention! The croup, forelegs and body of the animal must form one line. If the croup falls off, the exercise is not valid. It should be borne in mind that it is difficult for a well-fed puppy to lie on its tummy, therefore it is inappropriate to train it immediately after eating.

What is the command “Lie down” for?

Learning the command is important not only from the point of view of the development of the dog and maintaining the master’s authority, but also has other, situational, meanings:

  • So, a dog trained to lie down for a long time on command will not cause inconvenience to others in public transport.
  • In the event of an emergency, a clear command execution can save the life of an animal.
  • It is easier for a dog who has smelled a bitch in heat to calm down while lying down.
  • Each demonstration performance includes a demonstration of the execution of this command.

A dog that knows how to fit on command will not interfere with others in public transport.

Attention! The dog must obey the command at any time: during the game, while chasing the opponent, while eating.

What mistakes are made in the learning process

It is very important to immediately choose the correct method that suits a particular dog. The animal quickly gets used to a certain order of actions, and it is difficult for him to rebuild. It is much easier to teach correctly right away than to teach “anyhow”, and then retrain to do as the standards require. It is necessary to learn certain rules for conducting training in order to clearly follow them day in and day out.

You should be especially careful in the following cases:

Be sure to give the dog a signal that the command is finished, it can be a clap or the command “Take a walk”.

  • Commands must be given alternately. During training, it is not required to say other commands to lie down. If you first command “Sit” and only after that. “Lie down”, the dog will consider that only in this order these commands exist. And it will be very difficult to teach her to lie down from other positions. This also applies to any other command complexes.
  • After completing the exercise, it is necessary to notify the dog about this. This can be done, for example, by clapping your hands. Such a signal is necessary for the dog to understand that the exercise is over and he can change his posture. If you do not teach this, in the future, the pet may not fully follow the commands, interrupting the exercises at will.
  • Do not over-reward your dog with food, as this requires leaning over to it. The Lie gesture does not include bends. The dog, on the other hand, seeing how you constantly lean towards it when executing a command, may consider it part of the gesture.
  • The command should not be repeated many times. In the first lessons, you can give the command only after the dog has taken the necessary pose. In the future, when the animal knows the command, but is not in a hurry to execute, it is necessary to achieve obedience by acting on the body or collar, but not by repeating the command.

Teaching the dog to lie down on command

It is necessary to train the dog to lie down on command by voice and gesture.

The first lessons should take place in a calm environment for the dog: at home or in the park, away from other dogs and people.

How to Teach a Dog to Lie Down. 5 Alternate Methods for All Dogs

Position of the coach for practicing the command “Lie down”:

  • the person is standing straight, legs are shoulder-width apart;
  • one hand is pressed to the body, the other must be bent at a right angle, put forward;
  • an even, open palm looks at the ground. Vertical wiggle of the brush is acceptable;
  • command while walking: the dog walks alongside, the trainer gives a command and demonstrates a gesture (abruptly lower his hand down, the palm is directed to the animal’s nose), the pet must lie down, the trainer should take 2 steps forward and turn to the animal.

Attention! For training, you need to choose a quiet place where no one will distract the dog. To achieve an ideal result over time, it is necessary to complicate the execution of the command: ask a friend to try in every possible way to distract the animal. This can be done with food, balls, or exploding firecrackers.

Teaching the “Lie down” command: methods, tips and mistakes

The “Lie down” command is an integral part of the general training course, one of the fundamental commands. Without mastering the basic commands, it is impossible to complete additional courses. From the outside it may seem that it is not at all difficult to teach the dog to take the “lying” position on command, but during training some difficulties may arise.