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How to train your dog to lie down

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How much time will it take?

Each dog learns at a different pace like humans, so be patient. Learning to sit and lie down are fairly simple skills for dogs, so it shouldn’t take long. It also depends on how much time you put into the process, on the frequency of training. In order for the dog to learn faster, training must be performed daily, otherwise the animal, without fixing the skill, will forget everything and have to start all over again.

The optimal training time is 30 minutes, with an adult dog you can work out for about an hour. If you try to train your four-legged friend for longer periods of time, you run the risk of getting frustrated, distracted, bored, or simply tired.

How to quickly teach a dog to command to sit

train, down

Sitting or lying down when asked is a wonderful skill for your dog. This skill can come in handy in a variety of situations, from sitting to exiting a doorway, to sitting in a veterinarian’s office, to clipping nails. How to teach a dog to lie or sit command, the easiest and fastest learning. The Sit Command is a versatile command that will serve you and your pet well. The pet will happily fulfill the requirements and try to please its beloved owner.

Why You Should Teach Your Dog To Command To Sit?

It is important that your dog learns the sit command as this is one of the first commands he must learn. It is also the basis for other behaviors that she should learn, so learning to sit is the beginning of a great experience for the animal and a great experience for you. Dog training is great for bonding with the owner. The more often you practice, the better your pet will understand how to act in a given situation.

How to teach an adult dog a simple command to sit

If for some reason the owner was unable to train a four-legged friend at a puppy age, it doesn’t matter. An adult dog can also be trained in command without any problems. In principle, it is necessary to act in the same way as with a puppy, only you can increase the duration of the training. The animal needs to be encouraged with treats and praised for its success. You can’t shout, be irritable and hit the animal. The pet will give a negative reaction to this behavior. At the phrase “sit” the dog will feel fear and rush from corner to corner. Only through praise and approval can a pet be taught new skills. It is worth to be patient, it did not work out in the first workout, it will definitely turn out in the next.

How to train your dog to sit properly?

Before you start, you need a lot of delicious treats. These treats should be small (about the size of a pea) and something your pet finds incredibly tasty. Some things that work well are small pieces of cheese, boiled chicken, dried liver, dog food roll cut into small pieces, chopped hot dogs, etc.

Hold a small piece of treats in your hand so your dog can smell it, then slowly raise your hand up and back over his head so that he looks up. This should make her sit up. If your dog tries to jump up for a treat, your hand may be too high above your head. Lower your hand a little and try again.

Just like the dog is sitting, say yes! Or “good” or whatever word suits you best and put the treat in your mouth.

When the pet is constantly sitting 5 times in a row during training, you can add a command word to it. So, say “sit” when you raise your hand above the dog’s head, and as soon as the back of the dog hits the ground, praise your pet.

How to teach a dog to lie down to command? In order to teach this skill, you should do about the same. It is only worth teaching when the dog already knows the command to sit. Say “sit”, the dog sits down, and you must put your hand on the scruff of the neck, and with your other hand show a piece of yummy at the level of the pet’s eyes. Then, pressing lightly with the first hand, lower the treat to the ground and slightly forward so that the dog, as it were, reaches for it. To eat yummy, the dog will have to lie down, and tell you to lie down and press him a little to the ground.

How to Train a dog to Lie “Down” (K9-1.com)

Never yell at your dog. If you find yourself raising your voice, then it’s time to take a break. Remove food from exercise over time and your dog will get used to the command.

The first way to learn

How to teach your dog commands at home? The photo below clearly illustrates this method. This method is very simple. Your dog will love it. You will train the team with the help of a treat. The process can occur if the dog is standing or sitting.

How to train a four-legged friend in a standing position? All the same. A treat to the nose, then lower your hand to the ground. As soon as the dog reaches for him, give the command, wait for the dog to lie down. As soon as she completes the required action, give the treat, praise.

What if the dog got into the required position with the help of a treat, but got up without your command? In order to prevent this from happening, use a leash and collar. If the dog stands up without a command, immediately make a sharp jerk with the leash down to the ground. Apply additional pressure to the withers.

Third way of learning

How to teach the dog to lie down? Third way. it is an improved form of the second training method. It is also carried out using a leash. This method is suitable for a dog that already knows the command, but the owner wants to reinforce it better.

The dog sits on the left leg of the owner, who holds the leash with his right hand. Next, step on the sagging leash with your left foot. This will pull the dog to the ground. When the dog starts the action, say the command. On completion, be sure to praise.

Method five

How to teach a dog to lie down? Of course, in its entire life, the dog sometimes by itself takes a lying position. This can be used to your advantage. How exactly? When the dog starts to lie down, immediately say the command “lie down”. After she is in a horizontal position, praise her.

Sit command

Now you know how to teach the dog to lie down at home. Next, we’ll look at another lesson. We will tell you how to teach a dog to sit command. The team also belongs to the OKD. A puppy older than 3 months should be trained.
Note that the dog should always sit at the left leg. By the way, this rule also applies to walking.

How do you teach a dog to sit down? There are several ways. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Method one. Training requires: a leash, a treat and a collar. When the dog is in a standing position, say the command “sit”, press down on the croup, make a strong jerk of the leash upwards. If everything worked out, then give a treat, verbally praise the pet.
  • Method two. The method is similar to the first. Only in this case the dog is in a lying position. Give the command “Sit”, make a sharp dash upward. In this case, you do not need to press on the croup. When executing the command, praise the pet verbally and, of course, reward it with a treat. If you did everything according to the instructions, but the dog completely stood up, then repeat the first method.
  • Method three. As you can imagine, the dog can sit down by itself, without someone’s instructions. As soon as you notice this, say the command. After she has sat down, give her a treat, verbally, too, do not forget to praise.

Method four

How to teach the dog to lie down? This method is similar to the third. Only then do you stretch the dog’s paws forward. As soon as she starts to lie down, say the command “lie down”. After the dog is in the desired position, give him a treat. And be sure to praise him.

Method two

How to teach the dog to lie down? This method is similar to the first, but needs to be reinforced. Further we will focus on stimuli (additional external influences). Here you brought a treat to the dog, lowered it to the ground, then she either did not want to lie down, or did not react at all. What to do? How to teach a dog to lie down?

Next, you take the dog by the leash and make a sharp dash downward, while pressing on the withers. Thus, the dog completely lies on the ground. When she is in position, you reinforce her action by naming the command.

How to teach the command to “lie down” the dog? Dog handlers tips

How to teach the dog to lie down? This question often arises from those people who recently acquired a dog. “To lie down.” a command that belongs to the main. For training, you will need a leash, a collar. It should be trained in a quiet, calm place. How to teach your dog to lie down at home?

Commands “No!” and “No!” for a dog

Let’s look at “No!” and “No!” for the dog separately and try to understand its purpose. Both commands are intended to prohibit unwanted actions. But still they are different.

Command “No!”. an absolute, categorical and irrevocable prohibition, which the dog must comply with. You do not reward the dog for fulfilling the conditions of the ban. The command is used mainly at a young age of the dog, when he tries to gnaw your fingers, tear off wallpaper, chew furniture, etc.

You should stop the puppy’s unwanted actions gently but persistently. You need to punish the pet for this in proportion to the characteristics of its growth and development, and it is best to switch the undesirable behavior to something useful: for example, if the puppy is chewing on furniture, offer him an interesting game in return. Punishment should take place exactly at the moment of committing an offense or immediately after it, preferably without loud shouts and threatening postures. The command “No!” you should predominantly serve in a clear and stern tone of sufficient strength; when re-serving, more severely and firmly.

The command “No!”. a temporary ban on any unwanted actions. After resolving an unnecessary situation, you can cancel the action of this command by issuing any other command. For example, using it when working out the exposure before feeding: you can’t eat. the command “No!”, And after a while. the command “You can!” or “Eat!” With this command, you can achieve unconditional obedience from the dog. The dog will become well disciplined if it learns, contrary to its natural instincts, to execute the command “No!” For example, when practicing endurance in the process of learning to serve thrown objects, first you give the command “Aport!”, And then, simultaneously with throwing the object, so that the dog remains motionless, you give the command “No!” After a certain delay, give the command “Aport!” and send the dog for an item.

When practicing banning commands, always use a strictly defined technique: first there is a ban (command), and then the punishment of the dog in case of failure to comply with the command (jerk with a leash). Do not forget about the strength of the impact on the dog, based on its individual characteristics.

Leash is not the only way to stop unwanted action. Often it helps to throw into it or in the immediate vicinity of some object (of course, within reason). For these purposes, you can use the “rattlesnake”. It should only be used when the dog is off a leash and does not notice you. To practice the execution of a forbidding command, use a technique based on the use of painful unconditioned stimuli (a strong jerk with a leash for a regular or strict (parforce) collar, throwing a “rattlesnake”).

You should give the restraining command at the very moment when the dog is ready to start committing an unwanted action. Learn to carefully observe the behavior of the dog so that you can take action at any moment.

Instead of the command “Fu!” for dogs use “No!” and “No!

Using the commands “No!” and “You can’t!” you will be able to effectively correct the dog’s behavior and control its actions. Often these commands are replaced for dogs by the command “Fu!”, Which is interpreted as the termination of undesirable actions. This command is widespread, so most dog breeders and people without dogs use it quite often. In practice, this leads to the fact that dogs that are overly “fooled” by their owners automatically execute the command, even if it is given by a stranger.

Why do you need the “No!” and “You can’t!”? It is right for the dog to stop undesirable actions for you, for example, did not begin to fight, hunt cats and birds, attack a stranger, pick up something from the ground or take something from someone else’s hands. That is why instead of the command “Fu!” use “No!” and “No!”

How to teach a dog the commands “No!” and “No!

Learning commands with your dog shows him that you are the leader. This applies both to instruction commands (“Sit!”, “Lie down!”, “Nearby!”), And to prohibition commands (No! “,” No! “).

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On this page you can get recommendations on how to teach a dog the commands “No!”, “No!” and find out what mistakes can be during training. You will also receive advice on practicing the skill of executing the commands “No!” and “Fu!” (Not!”).

You should not blindly believe that the dog loves you with all his soul: it is still a beast, you should not fanatically humanize it, evaluate and perceive the dog’s actions from the point of view of human logic. The dog evaluates your actions and the actions of your loved ones not as people, but as members of the pack, so he will make attempts to become a leader constantly, using any convenient moment for this. Always be on the alert, constantly deal with the dog, loading it with various tasks and responsibilities. The initiative in communication should always come from the owner, only then will you become an authoritative and respected leader for the dog.

Start practicing restraining commands immediately after establishing close contact with the puppy, that is, a few days after he appears in the house. Do not spare time for this, using various means, techniques and methods in the educational process, since much depends on your quick wit, quick reaction and various skills.

How to teach the commands “No!” and “No!

Before teaching the commands “No!” and “No!” Find a location for your dog with few different distractions. Fasten a long leash to the collar and send the dog for a walk at the command “Take a walk!”, Carefully observing it, gradually approaching the stimuli. If the dog tries to perform any unwanted action, quickly give the forbidding command “No!” and at the same time make a strong leash with the leash. Unpleasant sensations should force the dog to stop undesirable actions. If the jerk with the leash was not very effective, change the regular collar to a strict one (parfors). If at this moment the dog is not far away, use the “rattlesnake”. Do not forget that the strength of the use of “special equipment” must correspond to the characteristics of the character and physical development of the dog.

As the dog stops undesirable actions on one command (without the use of jerks with a leash, the use of parforce and “rattlesnake”), start letting him go for a walk with a long leash thrown to the ground, and subsequently without it at all. If the undesirable behavior resumes, use jerks, throws, etc. again. The main thing is to use them wisely, otherwise the dog may develop a strong fear of the forbidding command.

How to teach your dog to lie down

The “Lie down” command is rarely used in everyday life, but in some situations, for example, on the train, it is sometimes necessary to lay the dog down. Also, any new skill will help to improve the contact between the dog and the owner. So, how to teach a dog to lie down?

If you have not an adult dog, but a puppy, then you should start training only after 3 months. As well as the command “Sit”, “Lie down” is practiced with a contrasting method, that is, it is necessary to use both coercion and encouragement. Pressing the withers with the hand acts as coercion, and verbal praise and delicacy as an encouragement.

You can train both at home and on the street. The main thing is to choose a calm and quiet place where the dog will not be distracted by extraneous sounds and other animals. Also, the place should be clean, because it will be unpleasant for the pet to lie down on damp and dirty ground.

There are 3 ways to teach your puppy to lie down. In the first version, you say to the dog “Sit!”, Put one hand on its withers, command “Lie down” and with the other hand, bending down, show a delicacy above the ground. The treat must be held in such a way that the dog reaches forward and downward after it. Holding and pressing slightly on the withers, you do not allow the dog to get up and it eventually lies down. At this moment, you actively praise her, give her a treat and let her go with the command “Take a walk”.

The second option is built as follows. you put one hand on the dog’s withers, and start the other by the front paws. Give the command “Lie down” and press with one hand on the withers, and with the other push the front paws forward. The pet lays down, you praise him, give him a tasty morsel and say “Take a walk”. You can also force the dog to lie down by simultaneously pressing on the withers and pulling the leash down and slightly forward. Pay attention that the dog is lying neatly. the front legs should be extended forward, and the task should be picked up. Don’t let her fall on your side or back.

Usually a few workouts are enough for the puppy to lie down on command, without waiting for additional pressure on the withers. Now start increasing the interval between command execution and reward, gradually bringing it to 5 seconds. If the puppy is 3 months old, then a longer exposure is not needed yet. If the dog jumps up before giving the treat, repeat the command again and lay it down again.

When the pet begins to lie down on command and patiently wait 5 seconds, you can enter an additional gesture. The gesture for the “Lie down” command is as follows (see figure): raise your right hand horizontally, palm forward (1), and lower it to your right thigh (2). While teaching the dog to recognize the gesture, gradually increase the distance to 2-3 meters and the exposure to 7 seconds, more is not needed yet.

When the puppy is 4 months old and he will perfectly follow the command at a short distance, start increasing the distance and endurance. By the age of 8 months, it is necessary to reach the standard. the dog must execute the command “Lie down” from the first serve, from a distance of up to 15 meters, with an exposure time of up to 15 seconds. When practicing a command at a great distance, do not let go of the pet, shouting “Take a walk” from afar. Approach him yourself, praise and then let him go for a break.

How to teach a puppy to lie down?

There is no point in teaching commands at an early age. The pet must be ready to acquire new knowledge. Otherwise, he will not be able to understand what each command means. Attempting to train a puppy under three months of age is, in most cases, tantamount to teaching a three-year-old child in the first year of a higher education institution. A puppy with a very playful and active character will simply forget everything very quickly, and the next day everything will have to start over.

In pets, everything is about the same as in humans. For some, gaining new knowledge in childhood is easy, while others need to be repeated many times. So, be careful not to miss an important point. Spend the first lessons as a game. And when you realize that your pet is ready to learn new skills, start to approach the matter with all seriousness.

Experts recommend starting training at the age of three months. This is the most optimal age for training dogs. This recommendation applies not only to the lie command, but also to other commands. Also, for effective training, the dog must clearly understand who its owner is. This should be a person who spends a lot of time with her and takes care of her since childhood. Therefore, in the first months of a pet’s life, it is undesirable to allow other people to spend a lot of time with him, often treat him with treats, stroking, playing.

How to teach your dog to lie down

“Lie down” is one of the basic training commands that is often used in everyday life. It can be useful for transportation in public transport, for examination by a veterinarian. When participating in various kinds of shows and exhibitions, this skill is also a must in the program of performances.

Anyone who has a dog knows how difficult it is to live with a pet, but naughty animal. And it doesn’t matter what breed the dog is. In any case, it will have instincts inherent in all animals and its own special character. Therefore, it is especially important to be an authority for your pet and teach implicitly and in any situation to carry out at least basic commands.

Anything can happen in life. A dog can attack a loved one or a random person, run after a cat or a car, become aggressive in a crowded place. There can be many situations. With a responsible approach to the issue of training, any unwanted behavior will be quickly suppressed, with one word or gesture.

“Lying down” is one of the main things in training. It is often necessary in everyday life. For example, when transported by transport, during a veterinarian examination, when participating in dog shows or exhibitions. Based on this, it is very important to figure out how to teach the dog the command to “lie down”.

The first step is to decide what position the dog needs to take if there was an order to “lie down”. It depends on the breed, size or other important factors for the owner. For domestic and hunting, the most common posture in which the dog’s head lies on its front outstretched paws, and the nose lightly touches the tips of the paws. Service dogs, even in a recumbent position, must always be ready to carry out another command, so they must be with their heads raised.

Why is the “lie down” command important?

It is difficult for dogs to learn to force themselves to be alone in an unfamiliar place and at the same time not to run after their owner. Other commands “to me” or “stand up” are performed with greater joy and stop the unpleasant task. It is for this reason that the first step is to teach your pet the commands “sit” and “lie down”. It will be easier for other teams to train. A well-trained dog should lie down at any time of fun, fight or hunting. Only in this case, you can be completely sure that the dog has completely mastered this command and will not let you down.

General rules

One of the basic rules is a regular and consistent approach to this matter. In order to properly teach the dog commands, it is important to study the correct training methods and possible mistakes in advance. Experts advise you to watch various videos on the Internet in order to clearly understand the techniques and methods of training to the “lie down” command.

A place for training is chosen quiet and calm, where there will be no distracting sounds or other animals. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the place is clean. It will also be more pleasant for the dog to lie down on the ground. It is risky to conduct classes only at home, because the animal can learn that it is necessary to obey only within the apartment. During training, do not use rudeness or cruelty in any way. Any kind of communication with an animal should be based on affection and understanding. In the eyes of a pet, you need to look like a leader, but not a tyrant.

The approach to this business must be right at once, since retraining will already be much more difficult than teaching from scratch. Try not to overwhelm your pet by trying to accelerate and combine the lie down command with others, especially in the same sequence. The dog can memorize such a sequence of commands and only in this order will it execute them. It is important when teaching the “lie down” command, not to let the pet get up until the owner gives permission. Discipline and precise execution of commands are the most important stages of training.

Algorithm for teaching the command to lie

Start teaching your pet the “lie down” command from a seated position, it will be easier this way. For this reason, the first step is to teach the sit command. When this command is mastered, have the puppy sit at the left leg.

  • Bring some tasty food to your nose and clearly say “lie down”.
  • Slowly place the food on the ground. The dog will reach for a treat and he will have to lie down.
  • Praise the puppy, pet and repeat the exercise.

Some animals may try to snatch food from their hands, twirl around under their feet. Give the treat only if you notice even small or hesitant attempts to lie down. If the dog does not listen to you, then you should not give the yummy. Of course, it is advisable to train on an empty stomach. But from this in no case does it follow that you need to bring the pet to exhaustion. If the dog wants to change the position, put a little pressure on his back with your hand or pull the leash down. In case of disobedience, punishment must be gentle, but at the same time, act with confidence. When the pet does lie down, try to keep it in this position for at least 5 seconds. If there are attempts to change the posture, tell the dog in a calm voice to “lie down.”.

Pay attention to the fact that the dog lies down properly and does not fall to one side. Some animals with a particularly stubborn character may not want to lie down when ordered. In this case, try to catch the moment when the dog wants to lie down. It is at this moment that you tell her to “lie down.” She will get the feeling that it was done at your command.

Try not to make the following training mistakes:

  • Do not give yummy every time for the executed command. It is better to do this once or even less often.
  • Say the command only once. Let the dog get used to the fact that the owner must be obeyed the first time.
  • Make sure that the dog does not get tired. Change from one activity to another from time to time.

Secure the execution of the voice command “lie down” with a hand gesture. To do this, stretching out your hand with your palm down, quickly lower it.

General recommendations

The main principle of training is systematic and consistent. To train an animal on your own, you need to know the basic methods and rules, as well as possible mistakes. Experts recommend watching the videos of professional dog handlers available on the network in order to get acquainted with the techniques and methods of mastering the “Lie” command.

You need to train in a calm and quiet place, where there will be no distractions in the form of extraneous sounds and other animals. You should also choose a clean place, since it will be unpleasant for the beast to lie down on the dirty cold ground. If you only practice at home, then there is a risk that the dog will listen to the owner only within the house, and on the street turn into an uncontrollable creature.

In the process of training, it is contraindicated to resort to rudeness and cruelty. Learning, like other interactions with a pet, should be built on love and respect. A man in the eyes of a dog should be a leader, not a tyrant. Learning must be done right from the start, since retraining is much more difficult than retraining from scratch. In order not to knock the dog down during training, do not use other orders at the same time. For example, you should not combine the orders “sit” and lie down “, because in the end the dog will execute them only in this sequence and will go to the recumbent position only after the preliminary sitting position. It is important not to be allowed to get up until the owner’s permission, so as not to violate the main goal of training. discipline.

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What is needed for this

For training, like other activities, you must have a certain set of adaptations. Despite the fact that it is rather unsophisticated and standard, it should also be mentioned. For accustoming you will need:

  • a collar is an obligatory element that allows you to control a dog and serves as a symbolic attribute of power;
  • a leash. you will need it not only in the learning process, but also while moving to the place of training;
  • delicacy is the most favorite food (croutons, pieces of meat or cheese, dry food), but it is important to take into account that a well-fed animal may remain indifferent even to a delicacy desired in other situations;
  • a positive attitude is one of the important conditions, since animals are very sensitive to human mood and good results can be achieved only when the pet feels the support of the owner, and they get mutual pleasure from the training process.

Step-by-step instruction

Using the traditional combination of encouragement and good attitude can successfully train the dog to “lie down”. For this, the following technique is used:

  • Take the correct position when the owner stands in a confident posture with a leash in his hands, and the animal is in front of him, on the left side.
  • Say clearly: “Lie down“, slightly pull the leash and show the treat (you can bring it to your nose). After the pet is interested in him, smoothly move your hand forward and downward, forcing the dog to follow.
  • All this time you need to hold the dog with a leash. He should remain in place and gradually lower himself behind the hand, taking a lying position.
  • After the dog lies down completely, pressing with his left hand on his withers (to prevent attempts to rise), encourage with words (for example, “Good”) and a treat.
  • If the animal jumps up before serving the treat, give the order and lay it down again.
  • The dog is initially held in a lying position for about 5 seconds and is released by the command “Walk”.
  • The exercise is repeated several times in a row with short breaks (2-3 minutes).

You can also use the option without first serving a treat, when the left hand is placed on the withers of the animal, and the right hand is wound under the front paws. After giving the order, simultaneously press on the withers and take the front legs forward. When the pupil lies down, you need to praise him, give him a tasty bite, and then release him with the appropriate order.

It is important to ensure that the animal initially takes the correct position, in which the front legs, croup and body are extended forward and are in line, and the hind legs are tucked up. Failure of the croup to the side is a sign of improper exercise.

In most cases, after a few sessions, the dog develops the initial skills of performing the command without additional pressure on the withers. After that, you can increase the time between the execution and the dispensing of the treat, and subsequently enter an additional gesture. It looks like a right hand raised horizontally to the shoulder with the palm down (1), which then drops to the right thigh (2).

In the process of mastering gesture recognition, you should gradually increase the distance and exposure time. So, for an eight-month-old puppy, the standard provides for the execution of the order from the first serve at a distance of 15 meters within 15 seconds. When training at a long distance, do not let go of the pet by ordering “Walk” from afar. You need to go up to him, praise and stroke him, and only then let him go to rest.

How to teach a dog to lie down

“Lie down” is one of the basic training commands that is often used in everyday life. It can be useful for transportation in public transport, for examination by a veterinarian. When participating in various kinds of shows and exhibitions, this skill is also a must in the program of performances.

When to start learning

If you have not an adult, but a puppy, then it is recommended to start training at the earliest possible age (after 3 months), which will be convenient for both the pet and its owner. This recommendation applies not only to this, but also to other orders (“place”, “sit”, “fu”). Before starting training, the pupil must understand who his master is. This will be a person who, from the first day, constantly deals with him: feeds, bathes, plays and takes him out for walks. For this reason, it is not recommended in the first months to allow strangers (even friends) to regularly treat and pet the dog, play and invite.

As a result of successful training, the dog should easily move to the “lying” position from the “standing” position. For representatives of decorative breeds or pets with a melancholic character, experts recommend mastering the order of the recumbent position only after the animal has learned to obey the order to “sit”.

Additional Tips

In the process of training, dog handlers also recommend adhering to the following recommendations:

  • the order to “lie down” must be given before the coercive actions are given, and the treat. after the dog assumes a lying position;
  • if the pet gets up without permission, it is necessary to return it to the required position and repeat: “Lie down!”;
  • do not immediately demand a lot of exposure;
  • do not start classes on wet or dirty ground;
  • you need to repeat the task once, otherwise the dog will get used to performing it only after repeating it two (or more) times;
  • do not “frequent” with different orders, requiring them to be executed in turn every 10-15 seconds; it is better to pay attention to their clear and correct execution, rather than strive for the maximum number of commands executed per minute;
  • the dog should be released by the order “Take a walk”, but not “Come to me.” The latter belongs to the category of “pleasant commands” (provided that it is properly trained), so it will be more difficult for a pet that is released by this order to wait, which will lead to a decrease in the holding time.

A common mistake is trying to accustom the dog to several commands at the same time. You cannot focus on those who did it easily and, moreover, insult and shame the dog, citing the more “intelligent” pets of your friends as an example.

Learning Algorithm

The “lie down” command is quite often used in everyday life. It helps when visiting the veterinary clinic, forms the basis of other, more complex tasks and is an essential element of education. You can train a month-old baby, but, only taking into account one nuance. you can punish a dog only from 3 months. Therefore, while only positive reinforcement is used.

The command “lie down” does not require special attention, it is usually included in the complex training, together with other teams. You can conduct classes at home, however, not forgetting about street training. otherwise the dog can show perfect obedience at home, and on the street do not pay attention to what the owner tells him.

To make things easier for themselves, the owner can use step-by-step instructions:

  • When the dog sits near the owner’s left leg, and he holds a leash in his hands, you need to take a treat and bring it to the dog’s nose, while uttering the command and lowering the piece down.
  • often than not, dogs do not give up the opportunity to eat and lie down to reach for the tasty treat. It is perfectly! It is necessary to say the praise: “Lie down, good, you are great.”.
  • If the dog changes position without permission, then it is not recommended to treat him! For example, a pet showed obedience. lay down, and then sat down or got up on its own. In this situation, you can strictly pull it down on the leash, putting pressure on the dog’s back with your hand, inviting it to return to the desired position. That is, the dog performs a different command, instead of the required one, so he needs to be punished.
  • It is recommended to use a treat so that the dog takes a lying position, but a slightly different technique helps one of 10 dogs: the dog is located at the left leg, you need to sit opposite him, clasp both front paws with your hands, say the command and pull on them so that the dog lies down. As soon as this happened, you need to treat the pet with a treat and caress.
  • If the dog does not remain in the desired position and, having barely descended, gets up, then it is necessary to add severity: as soon as the dog got up, you need to immediately pull the leash down. If it doesn’t work, repeat the jerk, but more intensively. It is necessary to stop at such a force of the jerk, which will not harm the pet, but will make it obey.
  • There are dogs who do not try to lie down after the treat. They can simply sit without reacting, or move their noses and stretch their necks with interest. This behavior is not worth encouraging! You should clearly and loudly say “lie down!” and pull the leash down.
  • Severity is the key to successful training, the dog gets a tasty treat only when it lies down without pressure from the owner, only after hearing the command.

A particularly difficult situation arises when the dog categorically refuses to take a lying position. He dodges, his paws seem to be wooden and do not bend, in general. in every way he tries to sit or stand up. Then the most ideal time for training is the period when the dog himself wants to lie down.

By observing the behavior of the pet, does the owner see how he is going to lie down? It is necessary to act proactively. to approach quickly, to say the command “lie down!”. It turns out that the dog did not go to bed himself, but after the words of the owner. Of course, in this situation, the training will become longer, but if you do not retreat, the dog will still obey.

How to teach a dog to lie down

Dogs are the smartest creatures, catching commands on the fly. However, not all of them are ready for unquestioning obedience, sometimes they are prone to self-will and stubbornness. That is why, in certain situations, even such a simple command as “lie down!” Causes some difficulties, and not only for beginners, but also for experienced dog breeders. So let’s see how to teach a dog to lie down.

What are the rules?

Training does not tolerate mistakes, and the owner must know how to approach training so as not to harm. There are a number of rules that are recommended to be followed:

  • When inviting a dog to lie down for a treat, it is not at all necessary to treat it every time. That is, it is better to give a tidbit through the command. once the dog lies down without a treat, and the next time it gets a well-deserved reward.
  • There is no need to part commands, for example, to give the command “lie down”, and after a few seconds, another. It is important that the dog can orientate and clearly complete the task. And the race for quantity is inappropriate here. the dog is not required to complete tasks on time.
  • You only need to give a pet one command! You cannot repeat it many times, and even two repetitions are superfluous. The dog must learn that it is necessary to obey the owner immediately, and not when time passes, and he begins to get annoyed.

It’s important to take your time, stay calm, and don’t skip stages. The dog’s skills should be stable, it should not be distracted by external stimuli and should be in a fixed position until the owner releases it. You should gradually increase the time that the dog is in a lying position, give a command in crowded places and in other difficult situations.

When the animal has mastered the skill and will execute the command unquestioningly and without the intervention of the owner, you can proceed to a more difficult task. to teach him to respond to the command, being at a distance from the owner and without a verbal command, but by gesture.

Of course, not all owners go further, and for many, the result obtained is enough. But if a pet is required more than just being a pet, then you have to work hard and teach it more complex commands.

The command “lie down!”. quite simple, and even a child can teach a puppy this simple maneuver. But difficulties arise here, too, you need to go to the end, without retreating. In the “man-dog” link, the main person always remains, he sets the pace of learning and is the initiator. But do not forget about respect. you cannot offend your four-legged friend, treat it dismissively, because he deserves good treatment.

How to teach a puppy and a dog to lie down?

One of the simplest and most common, it belongs to the main commands. It is about the command “lie down!”. Why do dog handlers recommend accustoming your pet to this cry, regardless of whether you have a companion dog, a hunting dog or a service dog. Knowing this command has the following benefits:

  • Like any other cries, it helps create additional contact. You and your pet understand each other more: he sees you as a leader and respects you, and you patronize him;
  • like any other cry, this one disciplines the dog. If you teach him to lie down, you can operate him in public places. For example, you are traveling in public transport, you give a command and your dog humbly packs down without disturbing other passengers. Also, a team is needed at an appointment with a veterinarian or if you decide to comb the dog.

How to teach a dog to lie down at home? And when is it better to do it? Training can be carried out from 3 months of age, but physical punishment during this period is unacceptable. Use encouragement instead of yelling and hitting. To accustom your pet to the new cry, make sure that he has learned the command “sit!” Well. By the way, adult dogs also easily perceive the “order”. This is especially true of breeds with highly developed intelligence: border collies, shepherds, welsh corgi.

Teaching the dog to lie down

How to train your dog to lie down? Get started with a leash and collar, and choose a quiet place to exercise. This can be either the territory of a private house, a deserted square, or a spacious room. If you want to train your pet according to all the rules, please note: it must lie down at your left leg, and lie in the same direction in which you are looking. There are 4 effective ways to teach your dog to lie down. We will share each of them, and you choose the best one:

  • The most pleasant way for the dog. And all because in the end you have to treat her to delicious. She can sit or lie down. At this time, you should bring a piece of delicacy to her and lower it so low that the pet has to bend over to him. As soon as he lies down, give the command. When the dog is frozen in a prone position, praise him and give him a treat.
  • What if your pet eats a treat and immediately gets up? Use a collar and leash. But in this case, don’t use treats. As soon as she gets up, pull on the leash and pull her towards the floor. You can press on the withers with your hands. Wait for the animal to freeze in this position for 15-20 seconds, and only then allow it to get up.
  • This method is ideal if the dog has mastered the command, but it needs to be reinforced. You will also need a collar and leash. Command the dog to sit or stand next to the left leg. Take the leash in your right hand and step on the hanging part of the leash with your left foot. This will pull the dog towards the ground. As soon as she lies down, reinforce the effect with praise.
  • Do you have a completely naughty dog, and he does not fall for goodies and rests if you pull on the leash? Use the following method when training. Your dog is sitting, you squat in front of him, grab his front legs, pull them out. At the moment when the body of the animal is in full contact with the floor, give the command. Allow 15-20 seconds to fix the result.
  • Previous methods don’t work? Go for the trick. As soon as you see that the dog is lying down, utter a cry. It is important to say it at the moment when she lies down. And then praise her.
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We recommend that you try the methods in the order in which they are presented. The first can be considered the main one, and the rest can be used to consolidate the effect. Be tolerant, consistent and the dog will definitely learn to understand you.

Useful Tips

Learning to lie down will be more effective when you consider your dog’s personality and the following tricks:

  • have you just started training? Don’t even try to lay your puppy on cold ground, mud, or wet surfaces. He may not obey you, at least because of a feeling of discomfort;
  • always remember that the command is always given before coercion. But you need to treat yourself to goodies only after executing the command;
  • letting go of the dog from the “lying” position should be called “walk!”. Why doesn’t the command “come to me”? The latter is regarded as a command with the sign “”, the dog is pleased to carry it out. This makes the wait more tiresome.

Using these tips, you can teach how to command both an adult dog and a puppy.

How to Train Your Dog to Walk Nearby

On the command “Beside”, the dog should sit on your left side so that its shoulder is level with your leg, and move in this position until you let it go for a walk. The dog must follow the command both on a leash and without it. Despite the fact that this exercise seems simple to you and me, for a pet it is considered one of the most difficult.

One should start teaching the puppy the command “Near” only when he already knows how to walk on a leash and knows that he must not push or pull. It is best to start training at the age of 6 months, since the command “Near” is sometimes based on strict coercion, which cannot be done in relation to small puppies. So let’s take a look at how to teach a dog the “Next” command.

How to train your dog to walk alongside on a leash

Take the dog on a leash and start moving forward. Give the command “Near” and pull the dog into the desired position by pulling the leash. Take it in this position for a few steps, then loosen the leash. If your pet continues to walk beside him, actively praise him. It is better not to give the treat while driving, as this can knock the dog down and it will stop. If the pet does not obey (goes to the side or forward), repeat the command again and pull it up with a leash. Pull gently, without anger or sudden jerks. At the beginning of the tutorial, drive in a straight line and at the same speed.

It is possible to finish this stage of teaching the command “Near” only when the dog moves in accordance with the command. Even if your pet has only walked 5 steps nearby, it doesn’t matter. Loosen the leash even more, take a step to the side and say “Walk.” Just now you can give your pet a treat. Do not end the activity and do not reward the dog if it pulls on the leash, tilts to the side, or leaves the “beside” position before you commanded “Take a walk.”.

When the dog understands what is required of it, start to drive it “next to” on a completely sagging leash. In this case, the dog will most likely break the command, and you will have to correct him. Now use the leash jerk as a punishment (for puppies it should be light). Before making a dash, be sure to say the command “Nearby”.

When you are able to walk in a straight line, try to teach your dog to walk side by side at different paces and changes of direction. This should be done like this: order the dog to walk alongside and take a few steps in a straight line, then smoothly change the speed (or direction). If the dog has moved to the side or forward, repeat “Beside” and use the leash to help the dog get into the correct position. When the dog has done everything right, praise him.

Please note that the repeated command “Nearby” when changing the tempo is not a signal for action, but a compulsion. If verbal command does not help, jerk the dog with the leash. You must teach the dog to independently follow the change in pace and direction of movement. However, remember that the dog will not be able to keep track of too sharp changes in speed and direction, so it makes no sense to demand this from him.

How to teach your dog to walk without a leash

It is possible to train a dog to the command “Near” without a leash no earlier than at the age of 6 months, while the pet should move well “alongside” on a leash.

Take a longer leash and first act in the same way as in the first step. issue the command when the dog is walking on a completely loosened leash. However, gradually increase the distance of giving the command (if the dog is more than 5 meters away from you, you must first give the command “To me”, and only then “Near”).

When the dog has learned to follow the command from a distance of 4-5 meters, try to command when he walks without a leash. Remember: in order for your pet to perfectly execute a command without a leash, he must regularly walk “side by side” on a leash. If you are lazy and force the dog to walk “next to” only without a leash, then in a week it will stop obeying.

Teaching the dog to lie down on command

It is necessary to train the dog to lie down on command by voice and gesture.

The first lessons should take place in a calm environment for the dog: at home or in the park, away from other dogs and people.

Position of the coach for practicing the command “Lie down”:

  • the person is standing straight, legs are shoulder-width apart;
  • one hand is pressed to the body, the other must be bent at a right angle, put forward;
  • an even, open palm looks at the ground. Vertical wiggle of the brush is acceptable;
  • command while walking: the dog walks alongside, the trainer gives a command and demonstrates a gesture (abruptly lower his hand down, the palm is directed to the animal’s nose), the pet should lie down, the trainer should take 2 steps forward and turn to the animal.

Attention! For training, you need to choose a quiet place where no one will distract the dog. To achieve an ideal result, over time, it is necessary to complicate the execution of the command: ask a friend to try in every possible way to distract the animal. This can be done with food, balls, or exploding firecrackers.

How to Teach a Dog to Lie Down. 5 Alternate Methods for All Dogs

General recommendations

Before training the dog, the owner should understand for himself what position the animal should be in. A service dog on the command “Lie down”. to lower himself to the floor, place the body evenly on all paws, the head is raised, the back part does not fall over.

The Lie command is included in the general training course. The dog must lie down on command, given by gesture or voice.

If properly practiced, the animal should lie down on a voice or gesture command and not change position until the instructions are received from the owner. This command can be used both independently and as part of a complex for the protection of things or return to the place. With the help of the “Lie” command, the exposure is practiced.

What mistakes are made in the learning process

It is very important to immediately choose the correct method for the particular dog. The animal quickly gets used to a certain order of actions, and it is difficult for him to rebuild. It is much easier to teach correctly right away than to teach “anyhow”, and then retrain to do as the standards require. It is necessary to learn certain rules for conducting training in order to clearly follow them day in and day out.

You should be especially careful in the following cases:

Be sure to give the dog a signal that the command is finished, it can be a clap or the command “Take a walk”.

  • Commands must be given alternately. During training, it is not required to say other commands to lie down. If you first command “Sit” and only after that. “Lie down”, the dog will assume that these commands exist only in this order. And it will be very difficult to teach her to lie down from other positions. This also applies to any other command complexes.
  • After completing the exercise, it is necessary to notify the dog about this. This can be done, for example, by clapping your hands. Such a signal is necessary for the dog to understand that the exercise is over and he can change his posture. If you do not teach this, in the future, the pet may not fully follow the commands, interrupting the exercises at will.
  • Do not over-reward your dog with food, as this requires leaning toward it. The Lie gesture does not include bends. The dog, on the other hand, seeing how you constantly lean towards it when executing a command, may consider it part of the gesture.
  • The command should not be repeated many times. In the first lessons, you can give the command only after the dog has taken the necessary pose. In the future, when the animal knows the command, but is in no hurry to execute, it is necessary to achieve obedience by acting on the body or collar, but not by repeating the command.

Learning with treats

This is the easiest way to study at home. Training requires a leash, persistence, and a treat. If the pet has no food attachments, you can use your favorite toy instead of a treat.

It is necessary to take a basic position: the owner is standing, the dog is sitting at the foot or in front of the owner. While securing the leash, show the dog a toy or treat. Lower the palm down and forward with the treat, inviting the dog to reach for the treat.

The leash must be well secured so that the dog cannot get off the ground. Following instinct, the animal will lie down. After it has taken the desired position, it is necessary to give a command, praise the dog and give it a treat. Fix the pose for up to 15 seconds, then allow to finish the exercise.

It is necessary to increase the time in position gradually, reaching 10-15 minutes.

Attention! The croup, forelegs and body of the animal should be in one line. If the croup falls off, the exercise is not valid. It should be borne in mind that it is difficult for a well-fed puppy to lie on its tummy, therefore it is inappropriate to train it immediately after eating.

What is the command “Lie down” for?

Learning the command is important not only from the point of view of the development of the dog and maintaining the master’s authority, but also has other, situational, meanings:

  • So, a dog trained to lie down for a long time on command will not cause inconvenience to others in public transport.
  • In the event of an emergency, a clear command execution can save the life of an animal.
  • It is easier for a male who has smelled a bitch in heat to calm down while lying down.
  • Each demonstration performance includes a demonstration of the execution of this command.

A dog that knows how to fit on command will not interfere with others in public transport.

Attention! The dog must obey the command at any time: during the game, while chasing the opponent, while eating.

Training without treats and collars

Starting position. the dog is sitting. It is necessary to stretch the front legs of the animal, forcing it to lie down, give the command. It should be understood that the “Lie down” gesture, command execution on the move and from other positions will have to be practiced separately. This method is suitable for training capricious animals who do not want to voluntarily do what is asked of them.

When is the best time to start learning

Simultaneous training of basic commands should begin from the first day of the puppy’s move to a new home. By three or four months, the animal should be able to sit down, lie down, know the place and execute the “Fu” command on command.

A longer time for mastering the command is required for dogs of decorative breeds or animal melancholic. Their training in the command “Lie down” can be started only after they have learned to sit on command.

Many dogs are happy to learn other commands with their owners: