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How to train your dog to use the Spitz tray

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How to train a spitz puppy to toilet in a litter box.

When taking the puppy home, ask the breeder how the issue with the toilet was solved. where and what did the puppies go to relieve themselves on. If possible, take a diaper or newspaper with you. uh. familiar smells, let’s call it this.

Immediately after the appearance of the puppy in the house, it is better to limit it to one room or an aviary, where it is imperative to put the diaper captured from the father’s house.

I recommend an aviary of 6-8 sections and 60 cm in height made of metal. it is mobile, easy to clean and transport. It will be easier for the puppy to navigate in an open-air cage or small room. Indeed, for a tiny puppy, the area of ​​not even the largest apartment is equivalent to the area of ​​a stadium or a shopping center. When impressions overwhelm, it won’t be long in such a space to get lost.

When the puppy gets used to it a little in a new place and gets access to all the rooms of your apartment or house, put a rag in each room, kitchen, hallway so that it is easy for the baby to find them. Whenever your puppy uses the toilet for the intended purpose, praise and reward him. A 2mm cube of cheese. no more! will be an excellent reward for cleanliness!

As they get older, your little Pomeranian will choose a few rags to deal with. You can gradually reduce the number of “toilets” by moving the rags to a place where you can comfortably keep your dog’s toilet. If suddenly your kid did not bring something to the toilet, do not scold him, and even more so, do not poke your nose at what you have done! The puppy will not understand why he was scolded or punished, just next time he will choose a more secluded place to relieve himself, or, even worse, will stop trusting you. If a puppy is trying to make a puddle in front of your eyes, it is enough to strictly say “no” and transfer it to a rag.

There is another method of toilet training your puppy. If you have a balcony or loggia and they are safe for the puppy to be there, you can spread newspapers or the same floor rags on the floor there. And during the day at intervals of every 2-3 hours, as well as after feeding or sleeping, release the puppy there. Newspaper is an excellent absorbent, good odor control, easy to change. Pomeranian Spitz are very smart and clean creatures, the puppy will quickly get used to relieve himself in the right place.

I never tire of repeating that the Pomeranian is not a lapdog and should be walked on the street. This will give your pet great pleasure, it will be useful for its development and you can easily teach your puppy to handle any need outside the house.

But while the puppy is small or if you are not at home for a long time, the “home” toilet may also be useful. For an “adult” toilet, a plastic cat’s or dog’s litter box can be convenient, a car mat is also perfect for these purposes, but it is better to accustom to it not earlier than eight months of age. Tray accommodates reusable mat or absorbent diaper.

Elena Gainulina, veterinarian cynologist, owner of the kennel “Ot Pandy Sharm”

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What kind of dogs go to the tray?

It is believed that some breeds can be easily trained to the dog’s toilet. Such as Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, Russian Toy (Toy Terrier), Maltese, Chihuahua are very easy to train.

In principle, you can train a dog of any breed to use the litter box, it all depends on education and discipline.

How To Start Teaching Your Dog Boundaries

How to train your dog to use the litter box?

Cleanliness is one of the most important characteristics that distinguishes dogs from other pets. These pets lend themselves well to training, so it will not be difficult for you to accustom them to one place to send your needs.

A healthy dog ​​just needs to be toilet trained. If the dog stops going to the litter box, or you bought a puppy, you have to constantly clean up one and the other. In this article, we’ll show you how to litter train your dog without much effort. Thus, you will greatly facilitate life for yourself and your loved ones.

Tray. toilet for dogs

For miniature dog breeds that walk in the litter box, it is recommended to buy a toilet with a rectangular diaper. It’s great for all breeds of puppies who are used to not having to wait for a walk, and is very travel-friendly. In addition, this tray is equipped with locks, so the film is firmly held and does not slip.

For older dogs, a gridded litter box will work. A diaper and filler are not required here, but such a toilet will have to be washed constantly.

For males, special toilets (dog trays) with a removable post are used. If you have not found such a model, it can be easily replaced by a tray with high sides.

Training your dog to the litter box

First, you should choose a place where the dog will sit for a certain time along with the litter box. Because it is very important that the tray does not move around the rooms, but stands in one corner. Lock the dog up for a while, just remove all carpets from there.

During this period, it is better to feed the animal clearly on the clock, so that it can quickly get used to the regime. When accustoming the dog to the tray, it must be constantly monitored. After a while, the doggie will still want to relieve himself.

If you notice the first signs of restless behavior, grab the collar of the animal and bring it to the toilet. tray for your dog. At first you will notice resistance, but the smell of your own or other people’s feces will attract attention, and the dog will remember the corner where the litter box is.

After all, be sure to praise your pet and give him some kind of treat. Repeat this procedure until the animal finally remembers where its toilet is.

  • if you do not have time to bring the animal to the tray in time, you need to raise your voice to him and lead the dog further to the tray so that it finishes all its affairs in the right place.
  • if you have an apartment or a large house, you can initially restrict the dog’s freedom of movement, close her access to most of the premises. Later, as you accustom her to the “correct” toilet, gradually open the rooms one by one. As a result, the dog will perceive these actions as rewards.

As you can see, if your dog stops going to the litter box, you don’t need to get upset and get up early in the morning to walk your pet. After a working day, rush home to quickly walk your pet. Plus, dogs that go to the litter box can stay at home all day long.

How to train your dog to use the litter box

Tray with sides

Let’s take a closer look at what a tray with sides is and how convenient and necessary it is for your dog.

The rimmed dog tray is suitable for males who raise their paws when going to the toilet. In this case, the stream of urine often falls on the surface of the wall, and when it flows down, it ends up on the floor, which adds inconvenience to washing the tray and removing the smell.

The sides can be high enough. it is more convenient for dogs a little larger, trays for small dogs have lower sides. However, when purchasing a toilet for a dog with sides, you should carefully observe how your dog will use it, whether it is comfortable and does not feel any discomfort when using this type of litter box.

Dog Tray with Weed

With the help of such a toilet, you will teach your puppy to walk to one place, and after it the dog will be able to go for a walk on the street, because the grass is the same as on the street. This toilet will help you replace winter walks with decorative dogs. A rug with a simulated grass will give your pet special pleasure, after which the dog will relieve itself without a mistake.

The system of this toilet will keep odors from leaking out for up to seven days. Covering the toilet will allow you to clean up the dog’s feces without any problems, this will save you money on the previously offered diapers.

There are many modifications of dog trays currently on the market. However, it is quite possible to make such a device and independently.

Tray accustoming

The cat litter box is not suitable for dogs in all sizes. Although sometimes owners manage to train their dog to use cat litter.

  • With diaper lock
  • With a grill without using a diaper

If someone from your family suffers from allergies or you are not at home for a long time, then choose a tray with a diaper, because it absorbs liquid and odor well and does not allow odor to spread throughout the house.

The version with a grill (plastic or rubber) is more economical, because will not require the regular purchase of various absorbent mats. Dog urine will drain into the grooves under the grate and your dog’s feet will be clean and dry.

But if you have a dog, it is better to choose a special dog tray with a post, because nature will take its toll and make the boy “lift his paw”. And if he does not have such an opportunity in his toilet, he will begin to do it on the corners and walls of the room.

What kind of dogs go to the litter box?

Usually a litter box for small dogs is installed in the house. Dogs that go to the litter box:

  • Chihuahua
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Pomeranian and pygmy spitz
  • Chinese crested, etc.

What is a dog tray?

This is a great solution to problems. Of course, in order for your dog to get used to the new litter box, you need nerves of iron, Olympic calmness and hellish patience! Of course, there are pets who can understand the owner perfectly. And there are those with whom the owner will have to spend a lot of time in order to achieve the desired result. The tray is a galvanized or plastic pallet with a rubber mat or grate inside.

Dog Tray with Pole

This tray is designed specifically for males. He will teach kids to walk to relieve themselves “correctly”, an adult dog will feel comfortable using a specially designed post, and not furniture that may come across on his way.

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The dog bollard is larger and deeper than the cat’s, and is filled with a sanitary napkin rather than sand. The grill, which is attached over the top of the litter box, helps the dog to keep their paws dry and clean. The post is not rigidly fixed, it can be installed anywhere in the tray. The material from which this tray is made does not cause any allergies and it is non-toxic, does not absorb odors and is easy to clean. these are, of course, the main advantages of this type of tray. For the dog to consider the litter box his, you need to place it near the bedding or bowl of food.

For an active pet, a large dog tray is more suitable, which does not suit the size of a home toilet. As a rule, large breeds of dogs walk outside, and litter boxes that fit them are only useful when your dog is sick.

Choosing a dog litter box

How to train your dog to use the litter box

Before having a puppy, responsible owners study specialized sites, purchase toys and stock up on food. But as soon as a new family member appears in the apartment, the question arises: “how to train the dog to the litter box?” Indeed, those who live in a private house have the opportunity to let the puppy out into the street at any time of the day. But if the apartment is on the ninth floor, then going to the toilet can be a big problem. Experience shows that it is quite possible to teach a dog to walk on a diaper.

Flat toilet with bars.

This option is suitable for small breed bitches. At the beginning of the training process, you can put a piece of natural roll lawn, but gradually the animal will learn to go to the toilet directly on the grate.

It is also worth paying attention to the optimal position of the tray. Dogs are not as clean as cats, but at the same time, they are unlikely to want to relieve themselves right next to a sleeping bed or a bowl of food. It is also not worth closing the tray in the bathroom, because the animal must have access to the toilet at any time (and keeping the doors to such an intimate area constantly open is unlikely to work). The best option would be a corridor or loggia.

Advice! If the area of ​​the apartment does not allow spreading the bedding and the toilet into different rooms, then you can equip the booth. The animal will quite calmly pee in a nearby pallet

Artificial grass trays

This option is great for training an adult dog to the litter box. Unlike puppies, adults already clearly understand that grass is exactly the place that is designed to fulfill natural needs.

Basic rules for toilet training

Since it will not be possible to train a dog to the litter box at home in one day, for the first time it is necessary to stock up on special veterinary diapers. Do not worry that the animal will get lazy and will not want to retrain later. puppies really do not like to empty themselves “for themselves”. It is also worth adhering to certain rules daily.

  • Train your puppy on a specific schedule.

If you arrange feedings at regular intervals, then you can roughly understand when the animal wants to use the toilet. Small puppies are best placed on the tray 15-20 minutes after eating, and adults. “on demand”.

As soon as the animal descends on the tray (even with the help of the owner), it is necessary to give a treat, toy, or express approval by its behavior. The pet must understand what is expected of him.

At the beginning of the training process, you will most likely have to carry the animal to the tray yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the behavior of the pet. The time to go to the toilet comes as soon as the dog starts sniffing the corners and legs of furniture, restlessly circling the room.

Pallet with a post

For males, it is worth purchasing a flat platform with a post in the middle. In order for the dog to understand that, unlike other vertical elements of furniture and decor in an apartment, only one column can be “marked”, it is necessary to take a toilet for a street walk. After the pet pees on the “special” post, it must be returned to the apartment. It is best not to wash the bollard for the next few days. Your own scent will be the best signal for the dog.

How to behave if your dog does not walk on the litter box?

It is necessary to prepare for the fact that the accustoming process will drag on for several weeks. Naturally, for such a long period of time, embarrassment can happen. It is strictly forbidden to hit the animal or “poke your nose” for the bowel movement outside the tray. The pet will develop a fear of the process itself, and instead of going to a special place, the next time the dog will look for some kind of closed corner. All that is required of the owner: thoroughly remove traces of urine and feces with a special enzymatic cleaner.

Advice! Due to the fact that dogs like to go to the toilet where they already smell of urine (especially males), you can wipe a puddle made in the wrong place with a special diaper and put the cloth in a tray. It is likely that the next time the dog’s scent will “lead” to the correct place for bowel movements.

Tray training requires patience, detergents, and diapers. Consistency and praise will help teach the animal to defecate in the right place.


Be patient. Remember that the Pomeranian is a sensitive and understanding dog, you just need to consistently explain what you want from him.

It doesn’t matter how old the dog you are planning to train. first of all, you should limit its ability to move around the entire apartment. For the puppy, placing it in a playpen is a good solution. For an adult dog, it is enough to put a fence in the doorway. In this case, even if an embarrassment happens, then you will not have to look for it in all rooms.

After the room has been chosen, it should be covered with newspapers. It is strictly unacceptable to use surfaces similar to carpets, otherwise you will face a problem in the future. You can use diapers, but buying them in large quantities can be financially expensive, and besides, they can slide on the floor, which is fraught with injuries for a growing puppy.

Having closed the surface of the floor, we begin to closely monitor the pet.

Most often, the dog goes to the toilet after sleeping, eating or active movement. Therefore, it is enough for an adult dog at these moments to be removed behind a fence, and not to restrict its movements constantly. Diaper training will require patience and observation. As soon as you see that the dog begins to “attach”, then carefully transfer it to the place you need. Most often, the action immediately stops, and the puppy tries to communicate with you, but after a while nature takes its toll and everything starts again. At this point, it is important that the baby is in the middle of the diaper. Don’t forget to compliment the Pomeranian. You can use the command, in the future it will greatly facilitate your life on walks.

Notes (edit).

It is not necessary to immediately remove the described diaper. Remember that dogs are guided by smell, which means that the likelihood that the Pomeranian descends to the same place increases significantly. Alternatively, for an adult dog, you might be advised to blot a diaper or newspaper in the urine and place it where it should write.

As soon as the puppy learns what is required of him, the crucial moment comes. a gradual decrease in the area. It is best to do this from the edges, smoothly sliding the diapers or newspapers in the right direction (to the bathroom, toilet).

Important points

There is nothing difficult in how to accustom a spitz to a diaper or tray, you just need to remember and observe some conditions:

  • The puppy goes to the toilet often, he may play too much and not reach the right place. That is why it is so important to protect his movement at the initial stages of training;
  • An adult dog may be one of those who walk into the litter box when no one sees it. In this case, only the use of the arena will help;
  • It is strictly forbidden to scold and beat a dog in principle, and even more so after an accidental embarrassment. With this, you can only achieve a reverse reaction. the spitz will begin to hide in order to do his thing. The maximum that is acceptable is to slightly scold the dog, but only if you were able to catch him at the time of the process, when she walks past the diaper;
  • Be sure to praise if everything is done right. You can also use pieces of delicious food, but it is better if it is sincere praise and subsequent stroking. This will not only allow the puppy to quickly figure out what they want from him, but also help in establishing contact.

Seat selection.

It is very important to choose a place where the dog will go about his business. In no case should it be a kitchen, bedroom or a narrow corridor. A good option is a bathroom, toilet. Let’s say a nook in the corridor, if it is wide enough and the spitz will not interfere. Often this is a large room in an apartment that plays the role of a guest room, but not all family members may like it. It is important to remember that the puppy cannot endure for a long time, therefore, you should use a playpen, or lay several diapers on the floor in each room where the baby appears.

How to train a spitz to the tray: instructions, tips

When starting a small breed puppy, remember that this is also a dog, not a fluffy toy. This means that he also has physiological needs. Of course, they need to walk much less than the same shepherd dog, but walks must be regular and full. However, there are several situations when you should be puzzled about how to accustom a Pomeranian to a diaper:

  • period of vaccination and quarantine;
  • illness and some time after;
  • unfavorable weather.

At these moments, you can not take out into the street, but take advantage of the fact that the spitz can go to the toilet on a diaper.

Additional funds

If you are not doing everything smoothly in the training process, then you can advise using additional means to attract attention to the toilet. Various antigadins also showed good results. The best option would be to use them together, when you treat the place of embarrassment with a drug that neutralizes the smell, at the same time in the tray, adding a means to attract. But in this case, use products of the same brand.

How to Potty Train Your Puppy/Dogs Indoor Easily and Effective

What diapers to use

You can also use absorbent hygiene mats to care for your Pomeranian. They absorb moisture, odor well and can be washed. However, for some reasons, many owners still prefer disposable diapers.

train, spitz, tray

How to accustom a spitz to a diaper at home, to go to the toilet on the street

Unlike large dog breeds, small Pomeranians often relieve themselves at home. An unlit animal becomes a problem for the owner. One of the primary tasks for the new owner is to study information on how to accustom a spitz to a diaper before he appears in the apartment.

Preparatory Measures

Many breeders claim that the puppy is already diaper accustomed. This is often false information in order for the pet to be sold faster.

Even if the baby really went to the toilet in the right place with the breeder, then once in another house, the animal’s system of upbringing will break down. Therefore, the new owner has no choice but to be patient and train the Pomeranian to the toilet on his own. What a pet owner should know:

  • It is necessary to determine where the place of the toilet for the spitz will be. It is desirable that it is located near the doorway. No need to move the diaper from one place to another after its location is chosen.
  • It is recommended that all carpets and floor strips be removed. Often the baby perceives the carpet as a diaper. Teaching your puppy to defecate in the right place will be more difficult if he has time to mark the floor.
  • The puppy should have access to the place where he relieves, around the clock.
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It is unlikely that it will be possible to quickly accustom a Spitz puppy to a diaper. Owners often find puddles next to a hygienic item. To prevent this from happening, breeders recommend covering several litters side by side. Gradually, the pet learns to walk to one place. After that, you need to arrange a toilet where the animal relieves most often.

If the puppy peed in the wrong place, it is necessary to blot the puddle with a diaper and let the pet smell it. Thus, you can make it clear to the baby that the need must be addressed to a hygienic item.

The first time you need to watch out for the little Pomeranian. As soon as he began to fuss, rush around in the corners, you need to orient the puppy and take him to the toilet designated for him. This way you can train your spitz to go to the diaper much faster.

Most often, babies relieve themselves immediately after sleeping or feeding. Therefore, as soon as the puppy wakes up or has eaten, they take him and put him on a diaper. It is necessary to unobtrusively hold the animal in the area of ​​the toilet until the “goal” is reached. To speed up the process, it is recommended to stroke the animal in the tummy area.

After the pet has relieved its need in the right place, it must be praised, stroked and encouraged with a treat. It will be much easier to accustom a Pomeranian to a diaper using the “gingerbread method”.

At first, it is recommended to fix the hygienic item with tape so that the pet does not mistake it for a toy and does not start tearing.

How to train to the street

In order to teach a spitz to go to the toilet on the street, you need to walk with him as often as possible. With puppies up to six months, it is recommended to go out every 2-3 hours. After 6 months, you can gradually reduce the number of walks to two to three times a day. Over time, the pet will learn to ask to go outside when it wants to satisfy its needs.

It is not always easy to train a spitz to use the toilet on the street. The dog can endure and purposefully wait for the moment when it gets into the house, and relieve itself in the litter box. In this case, you need to carefully apply the methods of punishment.

When the pet is caught at the “crime scene”, you need to say the command “fu”. The intonation with which the prohibition is pronounced is very important. It is categorically impossible to shout at the animal, beat him. The prohibiting command must be pronounced loudly, calmly and clearly.

If the dog does not learn to defecate on the street, then dog handlers recommend taking a diaper with the smell of pet urine with you for a walk. In most cases, this is enough to get the Pomeranian to do his thing while walking. Also, at first, the puppy should be taken to the places where he defecated. The smell of its own urine will instinctively make the animal do it again in the marked area.

It is possible to train a spitz to toilet on the street in an average of 2-3 weeks. Perseverance and patience will be required from the owner.

You need to walk your pet immediately after sleep and 10 minutes after feeding. You do not need to go home immediately after the animal has retired. It is recommended to praise the furry and continue the walk. The dog should develop positive emotions from the process.

When the spitz learns that the owner encourages going to the toilet on the street, he will try to do this only during walks.

Is it possible to train an adult dog to the litter box?

Sometimes a pet gets to a new owner being no longer a puppy. It will take more time to educate an adult dog. If before that she was doing “her business” on the street, then it is more difficult to teach him to do this in an apartment.

It is possible to train an adult Spitz to the tray if you show more perseverance and patience. It can take up to 3 months to reeducate a dog that has already adjusted habits.

The easiest way to correct a dog’s behavior is to use a pet toilet training tool (Smart Spray, BioVax Behavior Corrector). The concealer spray has a scent that attracts the dog and tells him where to relieve himself. It is also used to toilet train your Spitz puppy in the right place.

The first time in the house it is recommended to close all doors to the rooms and leave access only to the place where the animal’s tray is located.

Tray or diaper?

The use of the tray is more convenient and economical for the owner. A plastic pallet is required if an adult dog is expected to relieve himself at home. It is not difficult to accustom the Spitz-throat if the puppy has been trained to write on the diaper.

It is recommended to put a diaper on the grid of the pallet: this way the dog will get used to it faster. The area of ​​the absorbent material is gradually shortened. Over time, the need to use it disappears, and the pet begins to walk on the net.

For a dog, its own scent of urine serves as a beacon, indicating where to relieve itself. Therefore, in order to accustom your puppy to the toilet at home, you do not need to rush to immediately change diapers after he has defecated.

If a spitz pees in a prohibited place, he cannot be beaten. This will lead to mental problems. It is enough to make a reprimand in a strict tone, and show a place where you can defecate.

If the dog shits in the wrong place, a deterrent spray (Mr. Fresh, Mr. Bruno, etc.) will help to correct the behavior. It allows you to wean the animal from going to the toilet in an inappropriate place.

You can train a spitz to go to the toilet on a diaper on average in 1.5-2 months, if you purposefully and patiently raise a puppy.

Teaching a spitz to walk on a tray

At first, a puppy or an adult, untrained dog will go to the toilet wherever they want. In all places you need to put a rag so that the dog understands that you need to sit on it. A week later, trays are placed on each site chosen by the beast. Before going to bed, the animal is not allowed to drink a lot of water.

Choosing and preparing a place for the toilet

A secluded place for a dog’s toilet is chosen so that the dog can calmly relieve himself. Access to the tray for the Pomeranian must be permanent.

It is undesirable to put the cuvette in places where people eat. Even in a small dog, feces and urine can have a strong, unpleasant odor. None of the household members wants to feel it. The correct points for a latrine are a plot on the floor of the owner’s toilet, an open balcony, a storage room.

Spitz do not like to go to the toilet near the place where they eat. Place the tray away from the pet’s bowl.

Punishment and praise

There are a number of simple rules for the owner’s response to pet actions.

  • When the Spitz starts to get used to the litter box or go to the toilet on the street, you need to praise him, call him to you in an affectionate voice and give him a treat. This is the only way to tame the dog and make him fulfill his requirements.
  • You cannot beat a dog if it went to the toilet in the wrong place. The dog is warned in a stern voice and continues to train.
  • The puppy is not allowed to play with diapers, he must understand that this is his toilet, not a toy.

Rewarding for success, a strict tone with your dog when urinating in the wrong place, and hard training will help train your pet to litter at home and toilet on the street.

What diapers to use

There are various sizes of absorbent diapers for the dog’s litter box. These funds are from 3545 to 6090 cm in width and length. The size is chosen depending on the age and habitat of the pet.

If the dog is kept in a cage, choose a smaller canvas. Hygienic diapers have a soft fabric surface, sewn with a waterproof film on the reverse side. Inside contains absorbent filler.

Spitz loves to defecate frequently, so the backing in his closet needs to be changed regularly. Babies get a new diaper several times a day.

Important! In a dirty place, the dog will not relieve himself, but will go to another.

Where to place the diapers at home

The number of diapers depends on the age and intelligence of the dog. For an untrained pet, put several diapers in each room. There are Velcro hygiene products that secure the fabric to the floor. So the dog will not be able to tear or transfer them.

If the spitz is kept in a cage, put a toilet mat in one corner and change it as it gets dirty.

For small representatives, you can make a pen, which will be completely covered with diapers. The dog will be there most of its time, walking in need whenever it wants.

The owner must track the moments of urination and praise the animal, sometimes letting it frolic outside the boundaries of its dwelling. After the animal realizes that it is necessary to walk on a diaper, it is moved to another place, the dog is released from the pen.

Remove all carpets before purchasing a dog. Otherwise, the pet will decide that the flooring is intended for him and will begin to fulfill his needs on them.

How to train an adult Pomeranian to use the tray

If the owners are not ready or do not want to take the dog outside often, you should organize a latrine for it at home. Puppies lend themselves best to learning commands and good habits. But sometimes people get an adult pet who is not used to doing their business indoors, and there is not enough free time for walks.

There is nothing left but to teach an adult spitz to use the toilet in the house.

  • The first thing to do is to shorten your walking time. The dog will not have time to empty the intestines and bladder, and will take their contents home. On the street, while urinating the dog, you need to soak a rag with his urine. An important condition is that the fabric should not contain other odors other than dog odors.
  • In a certain place in the room they put a rag with the smell of urine and show it to the pet.
  • During the desire to go to the toilet, the animal is reminded of the place where it needs to be relieved. If the dog sits down to wet the odorous cloth, the animal is praised and given a treat. In the case when the dog shits in the wrong corner, they scold him, but do not beat him, show dissatisfaction with short commands “fu”, “no”.
  • In the case when the training was successful and the pet got into the habit of walking to one place, the rag is replaced with a special hygienic diaper, which is used to cover the bottom of the tray.

You can only teach a spitz to walk in a tray with methodical stubborn repetitions. You cannot severely punish a dog for mistakes.

Attention! Tray training must be persistent. It is impossible to deviate from the established methods. The dog will eventually understand that you need to go to the toilet in one place.

How to accustom a spitz to a diaper and toilet in an apartment or on the street

Spitz dogs are loved for their affectionate nature, playful disposition and compact size. This pet is suitable for people who have little free time for long walks. A small pet can be taught to go to the toilet in an apartment. The article describes how to accustom a spitz to a diaper.

Newspaper instead of a diaper

It is economical to use a newspaper as a substrate. It is folded in 5 layers so as not to wet the floor covering. Paper is more suitable for puppies, as the amount of urine they have is negligible.

The substrate requires a non-glossy surface that will absorb moisture. As the dog gets used to the place, the newspaper is placed in a tray with low sides.

The disadvantage of newspaper is that it does not absorb the smell of urine, so it needs to be changed more often. Untimely replaced substrate is source of stench in the house.

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You should know! Newspapers instead of diapers save budget but don’t absorb urine odor.


Spitz are very intelligent and playful dogs. They love children and are loyal to their masters. But such a dog is very easy to spoil. Representatives of the breed have a stubborn disposition, often aggressively opposed to large dogs. If you bring the Spitz into the house as a puppy, then he easily gets along with the rest of the pets.

If you start it in adulthood, then do not expect “friendship” between them. Spitz hair care. daily combing. If you run it, the dog will develop tangles, which are painful to comb out. Don’t forget to take care of your dog’s eyes and ears. You can bathe it only with mild shampoos, after which. mandatory use of balm.

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We figured out how to accustom a spitz to a diaper. Now an important step is washing the floors in those places where the puppy relieved. There should not be even the slightest smell from his “tricks”. Here you can advise a wonderful remedy. dilute one tablespoon of ammonia in five liters of water, wash the floors and let the apartment air properly.

It is important to know! During the period of training a dog to walk on a diaper, you, of course, cannot sit at home all day, because there is work, study and other necessary things. Therefore, leaving the Pomeranian alone at home, place him in an aviary, in which you must definitely put a bowl of water, food and lay a diaper.

How to accustom a spitz to a diaper? Rules and guidelines

In our article we will tell you about how to teach a spitz to walk on a diaper. We will give practical advice on this issue.

According to archaeologists and historians, the dog was domesticated about 20,000 years ago. She has become an indispensable helper for a person. The dog guarded the owner’s dwelling and was a real hunter. She did not require special care, but ate what fell from the table of people.

Scientists suggest that the descendant of those dogs at the moment is the Canis breed.
Many modern families keep dogs. During their existence on Earth, these animals have proven that they are very intelligent and loyal. Dogs love to play with children, they know a lot of words and their meaning by ear. Guide dogs help the blind to get around, and bloodhounds are kept at border guards and customs.

Let’s get to know the Pomeranian. This is a small charming miracle that will not leave anyone indifferent. Spitz. a large group of medium and small dogs. Probably, this breed originated from a peat dog. They are divided into varieties. small, medium, large, dwarf, German wolf-spitz, pomeranian. Each species has common characteristics. a slightly elongated muzzle, pointed ears, a ringed tail. These are quite old dog breeds.

Hundreds of years of living next to humans have made these animals devoted and loving four-legged friends. Spitz dogs were popular with humans in ancient countries such as Greece and China. In the Middle Ages, this breed was preferred in the Baltic States, Denmark, Germany. Large Spitz guarded houses, food depots, and ships. Small breeds were decorative pets until the end of the 19th century.

Spitz are distrustful of strangers. Therefore, they make excellent watchmen. They are very intelligent and easy to train. Representatives of this breed are very sociable. They love it when there are children in the house and laughter. Sometimes you yourself begs to play with them. The frequent barking of a spitz indicates that he wants to attract the master’s attention. These adorable dogs get along well with other pets. cats, parrots, etc. Spitz swim with pleasure and love to walk madly. Throughout their lives, they are friendly and cheerful. And they live long.

Maintain cleanliness

When the puppy is constantly peeing in the litter box, just change the diapers in it, remembering to wash the toilet itself. After the pet has gone to the toilet more than once where it should be, start gradually removing excess diapers, so that in the end, the puppy’s scent will lead him to the right place. If the apartment is large, then you can leave two trays.

Step-by-step instruction

But how to teach a Spitz puppy to walk on a diaper if he has never used it? Here, of course, it will take more time. Sometimes it doesn’t take even one month. First you need to prepare the place of the toilet and decide how it will be arranged. Whether it’s a tray, rags, filler, diaper, or newspaper. The best option. diaper spread in the tray. It absorbs liquid well. Tray prevents leakage in case of excess.

As in the first version, we remove the carpets and lay out the diapers. If the puppy has already managed to put aside a pile somewhere or make a puddle, then wash the area. Place the diapers where they are. So how do you teach a spitz to diaper? As soon as you see him sniffing the floor, immediately carry him onto the diaper. Mostly Spitz go to the toilet after sleeping and eating. In these moments you need to be “on the alert”. The tray must be installed in its proper place. If the house or apartment has a large area, then it is more advisable to install 2 or 3 toilets throughout the territory. Then put in each tray a diaper, on which the puppy has already relieved. Here’s how to diaper train your spitz.

How to diaper train your dog?

The Spitz can even be turned on by someone who cannot devote much time to walking. If you bought or presented you with a small puppy, then the main task of the owner is to teach the baby to the toilet (to the diaper). In this matter, it is important to understand the main thing. the learning process is slow. Therefore, you need to be patient and some knowledge.

How to accustom a Spitz puppy to a diaper? Let’s figure it out now. You need to start accustoming a puppy to a diaper from the first day he ended up at your home, otherwise heaps and puddles cannot be avoided. For the arrangement of the puppy’s toilet, both a tray and a diaper are suitable. The main thing in this business. strictly adhere to a certain sequence.

Unfolding the diapers

When purchasing a Spitz puppy, be sure to ask the seller-dog breeder if the dog has any basic skills. A good breeder usually takes care of his pets. not only feeds and cares for their fur, but also teaches them to use the toilet. What kind he taught, he should be put at home. But this is not a guarantee that the Spitz will go there. After all, your apartment is for him. a completely new place, and a change of environment greatly affects the dog. Due to stress, the puppy may forget about the toilet and begin to relieve himself anywhere. How then to be? How to accustom a spitz to a diaper?

In this situation, be more tolerant and affectionate towards the dog. Temporarily remove all carpets from the floors, as if it comes down on the carpet at least once, a terrible smell will appear. You will get rid of it, and your pet will smell it perfectly and consider that henceforth it is necessary to go to the toilet here. Next, you need to spread the diapers in all rooms. Their puppy must see. Therefore, do not lay behind sofas, armchairs and wardrobes. As soon as your four-legged friend comes down to the diaper, praise him, stroke him. Speak affectionate words more often and encourage with some delicacy. Then gradually move the diapers about 3 to 5 cm closer to the area intended for the animal’s litter box. The number of diapers over time should decrease to one, which ultimately will remain in the right place.

Now you know how to accustom your Pomeranian to a diaper. We hope our recommendations will help you. Before you start a Spitz, calculate your capabilities. Are you able to take care of him every day, taking time for walks, hygiene, games and communication. Dogs on a subtle level feel the attitude towards them. Therefore, start a Spitz with desire and treat him with love and care, then he will become your most devoted friend.!

Site preparation

To prepare the toilet, you need to purchase:

It is necessary to determine the most suitable place in the house. Put a tray there, put sanitary napkins (or newspapers) on the bottom.

It is recommended to remove all carpets from the house for the period of training the puppy to the toilet.

Useful video

Highlights for toilet training

Toilet training for a Pomeranian puppy is an essential element in raising a dog. This is especially important when the puppy has just been vaccinated and cannot be taken outside for a walk. For dwarf breeds, quarantine is especially important. It is necessary to teach the dog to go to the toilet at home, strictly in the designated place. This should be done from the very first day the animal appears in the house.

How to accustom to a diaper and a tray?

It is better to train the Spitz to the tray “from scratch” in several stages.

  • Cover the floor with diapers in the room where the puppy is (almost the entire floor or in places where he has already gone to the toilet). Remember where the dog will most often do it.
  • After about a week, put a tray with a diaper in the chosen place, as well as a few more trays with diapers in your favorite places so that the doggie gets used to their smell and appearance. There is no need to chase your baby away if he is sleeping or playing in litter boxes. Remove some of the diapers from the floor gradually.
  • After another week, remove all the diapers from the floor, leave only a few trays, you can put rags soaked in urine in them, so it will be easier for the dog to understand that this is her toilet.
  • After a few days, leave one or two trays and slowly move them to the right place where the main toilet is located, which was chosen by the owner.

It is recommended to help the dog get used to the toilet as soon as possible.

To do this, it must be taken to the tray after sleeping, eating, playing.

After the dog has gone to the right place, you need to encourage him with a treat and praise.

If the little Spitz “missed”, do not scold him. Just wash the place of the puddle with powder and next time take a closer look at the dog.

In the process of accustoming, you should take into account the following recommendations:

  • The upbringing of the baby should be started as early as possible, preferably from the first day of his appearance.
  • You cannot shout at the puppy, let alone beat him, this will develop into aggression in adulthood. Only gentle treatment will give the desired effect.
  • You need to be patient and not wait for instant results, training should occur gradually.
  • Training should be done systematically until the result is achieved.

If the puppy was previously trained to the litter box by the breeder, you need to pay attention to where he will choose a place for the toilet.

Put a tray there, or just put a diaper / newspaper (depending on what the dog is already accustomed to).

This should be checked with the previous owner).

Then you need to track when the dog starts spinning and look for this place, take it and carry it there. After he relieves himself, you need to encourage him, give a treat to consolidate a positive result.

If your pet refuses to go to the litter box, you need to pay attention to this. Maybe the sides are too high for him and it is inconvenient for him to get in there, or the dog, in principle, does not like trays, then it is better to just leave the diaper.

Maintaining cleanliness

Care must be taken to keep the toilet clean. Some Pomeranians may bark or bite if their toilet is completely dirty and they have nowhere to go. As the diapers (or other filler) become dirty, replace them with clean ones, periodically completely rinse the tray.

Thus, the process of toilet training a little Pomeranian is not entirely easy, but absolutely necessary. Training should be done gradually and consistently. The owner needs to be patient for this. In no case should you yell at or beat the dog. When the puppy begins to cope with the task, it is recommended to encourage him.