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How to train your husky puppy to the litter box

How to train your dog to use the litter box. Teaching your puppy to be clean

There is an opinion that it is extremely difficult to train a dog to a litter box. To this I will say YES and NO. They say that dogs are all different. some study, others do not want to recognize the tray in any way. And to this I say, WRONG! (unless, of course, the dog has any health problems, urination, etc.). The learning process can be told IN TWO WORDS. nothing complicated. But, nevertheless, beginners have problems.

I will say straight away honestly, my experience has been accumulated in a two-room apartment in which 2 Russian Toy Terrier females and 1 Cirneco del Etna live (all of them, of course, go to the litter box), who periodically give birth to puppies (which are already walking per pot).

Therefore, I don’t know how realistic it is to teach your puppies to breeders who have, say, 18-20 dogs. But usually they are not puzzled by such problems. Often new owners are interested in these questions, wanting to keep the apartment clean and their nerves. And many simply do not have the opportunity to take their toy terrier for a walk strictly at a certain time.

Therefore, my recommendations are more addressed specifically for such owners who keep 1-2 dogs.

Everything is very individual.
Terms are reduced if:
1) the puppy’s mother went to the litter box (puppies imitate);
2) if the breeder has taught the puppy;
3) if the puppy was taken at an early age (1-1.5 months), provided that the first two points were not fulfilled;
4) if the puppy is the only animal in the apartment (no one will distract);
4) if you have the opportunity to take a vacation for a month.

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You will need:
1) 3-4 cat litter boxes (not for litter, because the sides are too high);
2) a very (!) Tasty treat (it would be nice not to perishable, since it will always stand ready and not in the refrigerator)
suitable: cheese, crispy dietary loaves, banana, etc. what is enough imagination. The product is cut into pieces and placed in a saucer, which should be located near the pots in a place inaccessible to the puppy (on the table). Keep track of the freshness of the product!

Place 3-4 litter boxes in the room together to create a large litter area.
training your puppy to the litter box Place this “construction” near the puppy’s bed.

Puppies go to the bathroom VERY often. And they don’t warn about it, that is, they don’t scratch like kittens And now the good news. puppies don’t have the stupid habit of looking for secluded, hard-to-reach places for the toilet.

So. They go to the toilet after sleeping (usually pee) and after eating (usually pooping). Within 3-4 days you will understand the individual regimen of your puppy. If the kittens are taught “after the fact”, that is, they started crossing their scruffs and into the tray, then the situation is different with the puppy. It is easier to warn here than to grab an already peeing baby (and because you still won’t have time) and, headlong, run with him to the tray. Sorry for the comparison, this is similar to transporting water in colo-slag
dog and tray.

The technique is simple. The puppy woke up, gently pick it up and carry it to the pot.

With the words “toilet” (in the future it will be formed into a command) you put it there.

Until the puppy understands what they want from him, and, most likely, will try to escape from the pot. Plant again with the words “toilet”. Everything is done patiently, without irritation and fuss. As many times as it takes. Do not hold the puppy in the litter box with your hands! This will only make you resist! And remember. the treat must be ready!

When your puppy is finally done, give generous praise and give a tasty bite right there, right in the litter box. You will see that after several such “exercises” the puppy will cease to be stubborn, but will obediently sit down and look forward to the treat.

That’s all. The matter is small. Your helpers are patience, time and affection.

1) If the puppy in the breeder’s house went to the litter box, do not expect him to immediately run into the potty in yours. First, the puppy found himself in a new place: a new environment, strangers. This is naturally stressful. All stages of training will have to go through again, however, it will not take much time, the terrier will quickly remember his skill and what he was taught. Be patient and follow the breeder’s advice.

2) Never scold your puppy if he is in the litter box. For example, you caught him for a “crime” and managed to grab him and put him on the tray, where he did the trick. Your actions: you noticed that you crouched on the floor. a sharp “phew”, you can clap your hands at the same time, then grab the puppy and into the pot. If the “process” is finished in the tray. praise and treat! And silently (!) Wipe a puddle on the floor.

3) It is advisable to watch the puppy of that terrier at night.

4) At first, the puppy should be kept in an isolated room, but this does not mean that you cannot arrange excursions around the apartment for him. I went to the toilet, pee, pooped. “neutralized”. Open the door and let him walk. Naturally, all the wires in the apartment are removed or processed by “Antigryzin”.

Each room should have a tray, or even more than one (depending on the size of the room). A little later, walking around the apartment can be extended by controlling your toy terrier. Begin this stage when the puppy has learned the command “toilet”. Usually it is enough to call the baby to the litter box and say “toilet”. The puppy already understands what this means, obediently jumps into the pot and does things.

Don’t forget to praise and treat! Thus, you are no longer forcing, but only reminding about the toilet. While the baby is growing, his attention is constantly switching from one to another. sounds, objects, toys, etc.

Therefore, call to the pot more often and remind you of the need to get things done.

Over time, the need for a closed room will disappear. And even later, gradually reduce the number of pots around the apartment, eventually leaving one.

5) When the skill is formed, gradually wean from the delicacy. First, encourage the “toilet” one time, then two, and so on.

6) Many people recommend using newspapers to train the litter box. Indeed, you can first teach not to the tray, but to the newspaper spread on the floor. Plus. You can cover the entire floor with newspaper, so hitting is better. Minus. Puppies love to play with rustling newspapers, so there will be a mess of torn pieces and excrement on the floor. And you can also eat newspapers.

That is, cleaning will be added to you. In addition, from the newspaper you still have to RE-LEARN on the tray. This is how it is done. A sheet of newspaper is put in the tray, over time you reduce the area of ​​the newspaper, and then completely stop using it. At first, we taught our puppies that terrier. But then they abandoned this method, since it does not speed up learning, and only adds to the hassle of cleaning.

Tutorial: how to toilet train your dog at home

It is necessary to give the puppy a special place for the toilet. Track him down and find your puppy’s favorite “toilet spot”. To let him know that this is a toilet, take a rag, soak it in urine and place it in the newspaper lying in the place of the toilet. Before that, let him smell a cloth, then some reflexes “turn on” in his brain.

First, the area for the dog’s litter box should be large so that the puppy gets to where it belongs. Line the area around the tray with newspaper or cloth. Be prepared to clean up often. Then, as the dog gets used to the area, gradually reduce the area to a minimum. Puddles made in the wrong place, wash thoroughly so that there is no smell. Get ready for the fact that dogs do not always understand human speech and they have to be trained for a long time before they learn everything.

If the puppy is a boy, it means that he already has an innate reflex to mark territory. On the street, they do it on trees, poles, and so on. So put him a pillar toilet and wrap it in some absorbent material. Do not forget that this material needs to be changed from time to time.

In puppies, just like in human children, digestion is much faster than in adult dogs, so put the dog “on the potty” right after lunch. And in order for the puppy to run to his own toilet, place it near the place of eating. To make it easier to control the departure of his natural needs. feed the puppy at the same time every day, establish a routine for him. This is useful not only for you, but also for him.

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If you see that the puppy has “squatted” in the wrong place, feel free to take it and transplant it into the tray. If you didn’t have time to convey it, still put it in the right place and praise it. When the puppy is not at the age to be carried to the “throne”, you can, seeing him “at the scene of the crime,” bark something stern to your mind or throw a small, but scary object for him (a soft slipper, a ball or a newspaper. eg).

After eating, you can lock the dog in the toilet, then she will feel a hopeless situation and will do her business in the right place. In such a situation, the reflex to go to the same place is better developed. At least in the same room. and this, you see, is already a lot for a dog and its inexperienced owner.

Additional tips: how to toilet train your dog at home

Chihuahua and toy terrier

At an early age, representatives of these breeds have an accelerated metabolism. Accordingly, these dogs need to relieve themselves immediately after eating. To push the baby to the correctness of actions, you can pour warm water on the diaper and put the animal next to it so that he can feel the moistened matter near his paws. Thanks to the reflex, the puppy will surely relieve himself in the same place. Toy Terrier and Chihuahua are quite sensitive to the mood of the owner.

If you express dissatisfaction in response to their wrong actions, they will very quickly understand the mistakes and try to correct them in order to please the owner.

These puppies need to be diaper trained using a partition. To some, this method may not seem humane, but in fact it is not. Being in a huge space, this adorable animal can bang in the most inappropriate place.

Yorkies are very often kept in decorative aviaries, where they lay several diapers for the toilet.

Puppies of this breed are distinguished by their special curiosity and activity. They tend to climb all over the apartment. For this reason, the newly-made owners will have to cover almost the entire floor in the house with diapers, or put up a fence, inside which several “toilets” will need to be laid out. So the baby will relieve himself without interrupting the gameplay. You can gradually remove one diaper per week so that only one absorbent surface remains.

How to train your dog to go to the diaper?

Having brought home a small puppy, the first thing the new owner does is to have a dog litter problem. In the ads for the sale of four-footed friends, it is indicated that the animal is already accustomed to the tray. But in fact, it often turns out to be the other way around. The doggie, having got into a new habitat, begins to make puddles in all places, and some owners have doubts about the correctness of the decision to purchase a dog. But if you put your will into a fist and show patience, you can train your new pet to cope with needs in a special place.


The process of accustoming puppies to coping in a specific place should be started as early as possible. All their behavioral features are established up to 7 weeks. If by this moment the animal does not understand where it needs to be relieved, later training will be much more difficult.

In the first month of life, the baby does not really understand what is happening, and sits down wherever he wants. In this case, puppies are very much like human children. At first, the puppy will pee throughout the apartment, and not only on the floor, but, as expected, on the diaper. And in a few weeks everything will start to change.

HOW TO LITTER TRAIN A PUPPY: puppy potty training pine pellets best way to litter train your pups!

A soft, absorbent surface will appeal to a dog much more than a bare cold floor, where his paws become wet. So the dog will gradually begin to develop the habit of going to the toilet only in a designated place filled with comfort. Owners, in turn, need to praise the four-legged friend for the correct action, and after a couple of weeks the puppy will be specially sent to the diaper even at night.

At the age of two months, puppies begin to relieve themselves a little less often, namely after feeding, sleeping and at the end of games. The owner needs to put the puppy near the toilet immediately after these processes, but so that the animal independently approaches the diaper and does its business. If the dog understands the owner, he must be praised.

At the age of three months, the puppy must independently find the toilet, without human assistance. It is necessary to stop constantly dragging the dog to the diaper and gradually reduce the visit to the designated place to 2-3 times a day. Diapers spread throughout the house can be removed, leaving just one or two in different places just in case.

If the puppy makes a mistake, you should slightly scold the pet by raising his voice.

When training a puppy to a home toilet, you must use some rules.

  • The dog needs to learn to obey the owner so that the dog can distinguish between severity in his voice and praise. Strict “no” or “fu” should become a law of prohibition for a pet.
  • It is very important to reward your four-legged friend for good behavior and well-done actions. This point is key not only for toilet training, but also in training.
  • If the puppy categorically refuses to go to the diaper, you need to look for another fabric material suitable for home toilet.


These dogs are distinguished by a special mind. So during toilet training, you can immediately tell the puppy what they want from him. As soon as he begins to sit down on the floor to relieve himself, it is necessary to loudly say “no”, grab the puppy in an armful and carry him to the diaper. It will take some time to keep the baby in the place reserved for the toilet until he does his job. If the process ended efficiently, the owner must express his approval.

Do not be upset if the dog got out of hand and ran away. After a while, the process will be repeated, the main thing is not to miss the moment.

We take into account the characteristics of the rocks

In general, the process of accustoming dogs of different breeds to a home toilet does not differ, but still there are nuances that need to be heeded.

Learning rules

Before embarking on the process of accustoming a dog to a diaper, its owner needs to be patient. It is important to remember that the work is carried out not with a doll, but with a living being, and it will not be possible to do without mistakes.

It is very important to observe the behavior of a four-legged friend. So it will turn out to find out in what place he likes to relieve himself. Perhaps it will turn out to be a dark corner of the room or the area near the window. You will have to put a dog’s toilet there.

At first, the baby will not be able to do with only one place to relieve needs. Chances are high that he simply will not have time to reach the goal. For this reason, the diapers must be spread throughout the apartment.

As the animal grows up, the number of “toilets” must be reduced.

If a small amount of time is allotted for training a puppy, you should limit the territory of movement of the animal. Immediately after feeding or sleeping, the baby must be quickly placed in the place where the diaper will be located. The dog should be there until it relieves itself. After the puppy, you can let go for a walk around the house.

When communicating with a puppy, it is necessary to direct the four-legged friend to the place with the diaper so that he can smell his own enzymes. It is very important for the owner to learn how to determine when the puppy wants to use the toilet. In most cases, the dogs start spinning in one place, sometimes whining, often sniffing. If at least one of these signs appears, the dog must be immediately directed to the toilet.

It would be nice for a new owner to consult an experienced breeder and ask him what methods he used to train his four-legged friend to the toilet.

Dogs are clean creatures. One-year-old dogs, puppies 2 months old and even elderly individuals will not go to the toilet near bowls of food and to a dirty place. Therefore, the diaper needs to be changed daily.

A well-crafted diaper training plan will pay off very quickly.

The main thing is that all family members take an active part in this process, thanks to which the dog will feel the warm attitude of the owner’s family towards itself.

Adult dog

The diaper training procedure for an adult dog is much easier than training a small puppy. Growing up dogs are able to endure for a long time until they find themselves on the street. In situations where animals become ill and cannot stand on their paws for a long time, absorbent devices have to be used. A similar method can be used when the owner does not have time to take the animal for a walk in the morning or in the evening.

Teaching an adult dog to go to the toilet on a diaper occurs gradually. Command voice cannot be used in the process. As soon as the owner saw that the pet is going to relieve himself, you need to tell the dog where to go for these matters. In this case, the location of the diaper must be constant. It is strictly forbidden to change its location. After the dog copes with the need for a diaper, you should not immediately change it, it is necessary that it lie a little untouched. Thus, the dog remembers the correct location of the toilet and will subsequently follow the scent that is imperceptible to the human sense of smell.

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After the dog has done his job in the right place, he needs to be praised and even given a treat.


Representatives of this breed are not easy creatures. Until the age of six months, husky puppies cannot independently control their needs. Up to 6 months, the puppies are cared for by their mother. If the separation from the mother occurred too early, the new owner will have to show great patience. Initially, huskies are toilet trained for newspapers. It is not recommended to use diapers, otherwise the dog will have a reflex to relieve himself on soft surfaces. They can start tagging bed linen, sofa, carpets. But by nature, huskies are clean creatures.

The newspapers used for the toilet need to be constantly changed.

What is necessary for accustoming?

The following options are most often used as a home toilet for a little husky.

  • Reusable diapers. Their feature is a multi-layer structure. As a result, they prevent leaks on the flooring, contain odors and hold up to 2 liters of liquid. It is almost impossible to gnaw them, and the top layer is moisture-permeable and remains dry, without staining the paws.
  • Trays. There are many models in the form of regular pallets or trays with diaper racks. For males, there are varieties with posts and a fence to protect the walls. When choosing a tray, you should pay attention to its size and height of the walls (they should not be too high for a small puppy). For some models, there are mats with a pile that imitate grass. this will prepare the husky for walking on the street.

For a toilet on the street, first of all, you need to have everything you need to clean up the excrement behind your pet. It doesn’t matter if the puppy is walking in the courtyard of a private house or on a specially equipped dog playground. The easiest option is to use a paper or plastic bag. For convenience, you can purchase a special scoop. All this must be put together with a leash and other outdoor accessories so as not to forget.

The basic rules of the toilet at home and on the street are as follows.

  • In order to teach a puppy to use a tray or diaper for its intended purpose, first of all, you need to decide on where to place them. The easiest way is if the movement of the puppy is limited to a separate room or aviary. Here, any convenient corner can be taken under the toilet. If there are several rooms, there should be a toilet in each one, because the puppy may simply not have time to reach a specific place.

Over time, as the husky learns to control urges, you can leave one diaper or tray in the right place. for example, in the bathroom. To attract attention with the smell, at first you can take a piece from the old diaper and put it under a new one.

  • To help the puppy, you need to watch him. For example, you can track which place he likes best for the toilet. Or notice how he behaves before going to the toilet and send him there in time. In general, most often puppies need this after eating and sleeping. If during games the husky begins to behave differently (sniffs, spins in one place, freezes, begins to make characteristic movements). this is a reason to be wary and help.
  • Toilet training is a kind of training. Therefore, the puppy must be commended for the correct actions. To do this, you must always have your favorite dog treats with you.
  • Hygiene is important in the toilet business. Huskies are very clean, so the diapers need to be changed on time, and the tray should be washed regularly. Puppies of this breed will not go to a dirty toilet and will start looking for another place, and the owners are unlikely to like this.
  • Outdoor toilet training is quite troublesome. To begin with, the puppy needs to be taken outside as often as possible. on average 6 times a day. In this case, it is better to first wait until the task is completed, and only then start games or other interesting activities. It will not be easy, as huskies are quite mobile and inquisitive. Often the example of other dogs helps in this matter.

Do not forget about the tips. perhaps the animal itself will ask to go outside or show its intentions in every possible way.

How to train your husky to toilet on the street and at home?

Due to their natural beauty and playful nature, huskies are becoming more and more popular. There is an opinion that a private house is required for their maintenance. But with proper care, they can happily live in an ordinary city apartment. After acquiring a puppy, a huge number of worries fall on the owner, the first of which is to train the new tenant to the toilet.

When to start?

The process of education and training should begin literally from the first hours of finding the puppy in the apartment. First you need to find out all the information about the toilet from the breeder and try to create the same conditions. If a kid has mistakes, you must definitely ask. at what time, how he behaves before that. You should be prepared that the puppy is disoriented at home, and all the training work will have to start all over again.

At the same time, you should not delay the beginning of the training. A one and a half month old baby is already quite capable of understanding what they want from him. And although rare mistakes will be present, the initial lesson will be learned.

It is believed that it is possible to train a puppy to toilet on the street only when he has completed all the vaccinations. This is due to the fact that in outdoor conditions it is impossible to completely isolate oneself from other dogs, as well as their inherent diseases and infections.

And even after the introduction of the last vaccine, at least a couple of weeks should pass. Therefore, in the first months, all needs are better served at home, and only then go outside, leaving the home toilet for “emergency” cases.

Possible problems and ways to solve them

In the next video, you will learn how to train your husky puppy to toilet on the street.


A puppy. one piece, a tray. but you didn’t guess! There should be at least two or even three trays. Why are there such difficulties? The fact is that the doggie will not immediately be able to decide on the place where it will be most comfortable for him to write and not only. This is especially true if you teach a dachshund: these animals are “burrowers” for hunting purposes, and they themselves often love solitude. Because of this, they often arrange toilets in the most remote and inconvenient places.

First, you have to watch out for the petty fidget: you need to seize the moment when he is clearly in the mood to make a puddle. At this moment, carefully, without making sudden movements or making shrill sounds, you need to transfer it to the tray. Pet the puppy, calm it down. Make sure he fulfills his plan. Give your pet something special.

How to easily potty train Siberian Huskies? Easiest potty training method possible

Do not be discouraged if before that the little animal will have fun playing with you and the tray for half an hour. We warned you that patience will be required in incredible quantities.!

Adult dog

Do you think that it will be easier with an adult, even if trained, dog? Of course, all pets are different, but practice proves the opposite. As a rule, an adult dog “cannot learn a new trick”. Not everything is so scary, but reserve more patience and detergents.

First, be sure to get a tray large enough to put a lot of filler in! If we are talking about a small dog (Chihuahua, for example), a relatively small pot with high sides will suffice. When you need to train an adult and large dog, you cannot do without buying a urinal of the appropriate size and volume. For males, you will definitely need a tray with a post!

Stock up on a decent amount of good filler, as without this your apartment will smell like a kennel. Choose only grades with maximum absorbency. And further. Make it a rule to wash the tray with ordinary laundry soap after two or three “fillings”.

So, let’s get down to the important task! First, as in the case of a puppy, a large (that is, an adult) dog must be isolated in a separate room during training. Then start watching your pet: as soon as he begins to show signs of anxiety and in every possible way ask “to go out”, bring him to the tray.

Pet the dog, talk to him affectionately. A great option would be if you wet the toilet paper in urine (dog urine, of course) in advance and put it in the tray. So the animal will probably reach much faster.

Puppy training

The easiest way (relatively, of course) is to teach puppies to it, since they are not yet used to “doing business” on a walk. First, the best fight is the one that didn’t take place. Try to take puppies from those breeders who have already potted the little ones. If you are new to this business, save yourself a lot of time and nerves.

Secondly, select the correct tray in advance. For puppies, special models are produced, characterized by the lowest possible sides and absorbent diapers. It is better not to save on the latter, since they perfectly absorb unpleasant odors and reduce the need for constant washing of the toilet. In addition, for long-haired Shih Tzu, they are simply vital, since without a good absorbent material, their fur near the urogenital organs often begins to resemble dirty, smelly icicles.

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Having washed a simple pallet for a week or two, after the herd of “pisunov” will walk on it every hour, you will probably agree with this. There will probably be no problems with training if:

  • The puppy looked at the mother who used the litter box.
  • You do not have a herd of cats and other “guests” who will embarrass the baby during such a responsible process.
  • If you took a “city” puppy who did not live on the street.

However, in other cases, the desired goal will be achieved, provided you have angelic patience and the valuable skill of cleaning floors.

“Little dirty tricks

In general, many people know the sad fact that small dogs can be very harmful. If you take the same toy terrier, then many owners complain about the tendency of dogs to demonstratively “spring” on the floor. This happens in cases where the pets openly sat on the neck of their owners. With the help of such a simple means, they simply show their dominant position in the family. If you don’t want to say goodbye to nerves and flooring, you have to be stricter.

There is no need to arrange “punishment with lashes” at all. At the slightest sign of disobedience, it is enough simply to lock the dog in that very separate room with the pot. One. If he still deigns to go about his business to the tray, praise and give a treat. Otherwise, show him your displeasure and leave him without a tasty one.

However, in some cases, the dog frankly does not like the urinal. As a rule, this happens if they try to force a small spitz to walk into a tray, over the sides of which he is simply not able to climb over because of their great height! Of course, he will clearly not be thrilled. In addition, animals are sometimes much cleaner than their owners, and therefore they are in no hurry to climb into the toilet, the filler of which has not been changed for a couple of weeks. It not only smells bad, but can also lead to chemical burns on the pads of the paws.!

What you need to remember

Even if you took your puppy from a bona fide breeder who has already trained him to go to the litter box, you shouldn’t expect him to use it right away in your home. The situation is different, there is no mother, and instead of the usual owner there is someone terrible and unfamiliar. As always, everything is decided by affection and patience.

In no case do not scold your pet, even if he did something wrong and in the wrong place. If we take the same Chinese Crested breed, then these dogs, already impressionable, from such treatment in general can begin to shit in any place that turns up. So you should be more tactful to your advantage.

Do not be lazy: if possible, control the animal, even at night. If you show your puppy the potty for at least a couple of days around the clock, you will surely achieve success as quickly as possible.

It is very, very desirable that until the “moment of truth” the baby is kept in a separate room. This will make it much easier to control it, and it is much better to wipe off sudden “surprises” right away, rather than looking for them in the coming months, looking behind furniture and armchairs. Of course, you should not leave your baby in a room with laminate or parquet flooring, since dog secretions are very aggressive towards them, and repairs are not cheap.


In general, it will be useful to track the puppy for another purpose. Like humans, dogs, with a standard diet, have the predictable habit of going to the bathroom some time after eating and drinking. Spot it. After a certain interval, simply pick up the puppy and carry him to the litter box. At the same time, you should not press it too strongly against your wide chest, as there is a possibility of a “colander effect”!

By the way, this often happens with the owners of a pug. These dogs are extremely “aristocratic” and sometimes do not tolerate the slightest violence against themselves. Simply put, they are able to describe you solely out of petty revenge.

If you do everything correctly and on time, then in a few days the animal itself will start running to the pot without your participation. Of course, failures are possible. but after all, you are also teaching a little dog, and therefore you should not swear and shout. Just screw up the whole thing.

In no case do not try to hold the crumbs in the tray, as the puppy will be terribly frightened. Of course, he will probably be able to pee, but it will not be a deliberate “action”, but a simple attack of bear disease. The next time he will not come close to the tray, remembering the terrible tests that you have prepared for him there.

Approximate daily routine

Army discipline is not required, but some rules should still be introduced. Carry your puppy to the litter box immediately after waking up. You should say: “Toilet!” You will have to talk a lot, as the restless pet will surely jump out constantly. With stone calmness, you need to return it to its place and repeat the mantra you have already memorized. In a word, until a positive result is achieved. Trainers say that the French Bulldog is especially difficult in this regard.

Important! Remember Pavlov’s dogs: always give the puppy something tasty, even if, in your opinion, he did not deserve it. So you will form positive “toilet” memories and the baby will not shy away from the pot.


  • Don’t yell at the animal, don’t hit it. So you will only shatter the baby’s psyche and get an embittered, aggressive animal at the exit. If the puppy does not understand your strict intonation, it is not his fault. Try to work on your voice, get your way calmly but steadily.
  • You cannot poke a puppy with its muzzle into an abandoned puddle. This is especially true for large, protective breeds: they are smart and will take this punishment as an insult. You will destroy trust from the very beginning.
  • Don’t overdo it. By the age of 3 months, the puppy should already understand that it is his duty to go to the diaper, and it is impossible to beg for a treat every time. You don’t want to feed a 5 year old dog for peeing in the right place.?
  • If you manage to withstand character, patiently work with the animal and not make these mistakes, you will have a complete victory.

    Frequent mistakes

    • Severely punish the puppy, form his fear of the owner. A frightened animal learns worse.
    • Beat the animal for the puddles and heaps discovered over time. In especially advanced cases, this behavior of the host leads to coprophagia. eating its own excrement. It is very difficult to wean a dog from this.
    • Pick up a tray not in size, without taking into account physiological needs, too cramped. An adult dog will need a tray with a post.
    • Do not keep the tray clean.
    • Punish the dog inconsistently by “closing your eyes” every other time.
    • Disregard praise.
    • Forget about constant training. Even an adult, accustomed individual sometimes surprises. Plus, dogs can forget where their toilet is if you don’t give the animal enough time.

    Adult dog

    They usually want to teach a not young dog to write and poop in a tray in an apartment for three reasons:

    • Animal disease. It cannot endure for a long time or constantly go out.
    • Untrained dog who constantly does not wait for a walk.
    • The owner is constantly busy, the inability to regularly walk with the pet.

    When deciding to train an adult dog to walk in the litter box, remember that it is not easy and time-consuming. If there are no good reasons for that, it is better not to torture yourself and the animal. If you decide that you need it, proceed as follows:

    • Cover the dog in a separate room. It will be in it for the near future. Carpets and everything soft should be taken out of it. Wait for the dog to defecate, grab it by the collar and bring it to the tray. Show that you need to do things here.
    • Treat the litter box with a special scent that will lure your dog in. It is sold in veterinary pharmacies.
    • Praise for every hit. For every mistake. scold, but without beatings. It is best to have the dog in sight at all times.
    • Be sure to punish the animal if it defecates in front of your eyes in the wrong place. There can be no exceptions: otherwise the dog will understand that he may not be scolded, and will begin to test you for strength. Do not forget that the animal can describe itself with joy when the owner returns. in this case, you should not scold him.
    • When the dog is a little more comfortable, you can release it from confinement, gradually expanding the space. But for now, watch the dog, does he go there.


    At an early age, the Chihuahua has an accelerated metabolism, the dog will go to the toilet immediately after eating. Therefore, carry the animal to the tray as soon as it has eaten. So that the baby understands that his business needs to be done in the tray, help him: pour a little water on the diaper lying inside, then put the puppy there. The kid will feel wet and urinate. Chihua very much feel the mood of the owners. So if you show him your displeasure, he will learn very quickly.