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How To Understand That A Cat Is Deaf

How the disease is transferred: observations and consequences

Very carefully it is necessary to monitor small kittens, which are often exposed to infections and diseases. You can determine that the cat has worms to the owner of the animal on your own and, without delaying the time, purchase the necessary medicines. You need to protect your pet as soon as possible from the appearance of other types of worms and carry out prevention according to the advice of veterinarians.

If a cat is infected for a long time and has not been treated, it can be fatal. It is quite difficult to determine the presence of worms at a young age, the body is weakened and susceptible to attack. The first two months of life, when the animal’s immunity is still weak, will require special attention and care from the owner.


Symptoms of worms in cats can be identified by the drowsy and lethargic state of the pet. It is unrealistic to completely protect the animal, but preventing the spread and not aggravating the situation is a very real task for the owner. You just need to find out where and how the occurrence of this infection is possible:

  • Dirt and dust from shoes;
  • Raw meat and fish;
  • Heredity;
  • Fleas as carriers of worms;
  • Things from the floor (ground, road).

A cat at any age can become infected with worms, especially often walking in nature and on the street. In general, the animal tolerates this disease quite calmly and, basically, the worms leave the body on their own. Although the procedure itself to remove these parasites must be carried out at a certain time so that they do not multiply endlessly, harming your pet. The detrimental effect on the general condition of the cat can be prevented by purchasing appropriate medications.

understand, deaf

What is important to know and what to look for

The susceptibility to infection with worms in all animals is different. There is such a thing as natural immunity (by age and state of health) or a pet is close to ideal conditions. A certain immunity is developed, which helps to avoid re-infection and problems with helminths.

7 signs of worms in cats

Quite often, there is a problem associated with intestinal parasites in pets. How to understand that a cat has worms will help simple manifestations of physical signs: a barrel-shaped stomach, fur condition, vomiting and diarrhea. Let’s consider in more detail all the symptoms and ways to deal with this problem.

Common Signs Your Pet Has Worms

  • Depressed general condition;
  • Lack of appetite;
  • Fading and hair loss;
  • Digestion processes are disrupted;
  • Intestinal obstruction;
  • Anemia, convulsions, intoxication;
  • Retardation in development and growth.

Determining if a cat has worms is quite simple, just watch your pet and you can understand what the problem is. A cat is the same living creature as a person, therefore, in addition to playing, frolicking and having fun, the pet is also susceptible to various diseases. Worms are a very common condition in cats. If your animal often walks outside and spends a lot of time outdoors, there is a high risk of getting sick.

Common signs

That a cat has worms can be understood by the general condition of the animal, its behavior and appearance. There are, of course, some difficulties in identifying this disease due to the fact that the worms are different. Therefore, it would be best to contact your veterinarian at the first symptoms described above.

There are such helminths that do not leave immediately, and an examination of the internal organs of the animal may be required. Certain tests will reveal the problem and make it clear what type of helminths the kitten currently has and what medications need to be used. An experienced veterinarian will help you find out if a cat has worms if you have no experience and knowledge in this area.

Treatment and prevention

It is impossible to completely exclude infection with this disease, because a kitten can, even while in an apartment, swallow eggs of worms (for example, flower pots). Regular prophylaxis is necessary and very important, the use of special means will protect your pet from problems for a long time. There are tablets, preparations with active substances in a complex and liquid suspensions that can cure such a disease.

Signs of worms in cats are determined by observing the animal’s behavior, appetite, and external factors. If you have a recent kitten, it is important to know that the first tablet is given at three weeks of age, regardless of whether or not there are symptoms. Then after six months, and then two to four times a year.

If you want your pet to always be happy, give positive and bring happiness to the house, do not forget to take care of it and protect this fluffy ball from certain dangers. It’s important to understand that an invisible danger can lurk in your kitten’s environment. Love, appreciate and take care of your pet, and he will always reciprocate you.

How to understand cats?

It is known that talking cats make over 60 different sounds. The language of cats is fantastically rich, has dialects, although they do not have a developed speech apparatus, they can communicate with gestures. They can also speak, express their feelings and emotions through the body. Cats probably understand the language of the universe.

It falls on all four paws and squeezes into the floor, ears are pressed to the back of the head, the tip of the tail twitches nervously. I have to put up, but if something happens I will not remain in debt

How to understand that a cat is stupid

How to tell a boy’s kitten from a girl’s

In order to find out the sex of the kitten, you need to put the baby on a warm towel on the tummy and gently lift the tail. There are several differences that are present in babies from birth. By correctly defining them, it will not be difficult for you to distinguish a boy from a girl.

Consider the photos below. These are close-up photos of 3 week old kittens (1 month old). On the left is a boy, and on the right is a girl.

You need to pay attention to the distance between the anus and the genitals. In males, the distance is greater than in females. For clarity, consider the following picture.

Don’t bathe him at all. A blow to immunity. Cats do not need to be washed (unless gr

Still, in this matter, it is preferable to look not in the eyes, but according to

Do’s and Don’ts when you first try to sex your newborn kitten

If possible, do not pick up the kitten until 3 weeks of age. If you hold the kitten in your hands for a long time, then your smell may appear and the mother cat may refuse the baby. This will lead to the fact that you have to feed the kitten without a mom.

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Thermoregulation in very small pussies (up to 1 month) is not developed, so do not hold it on your hands for a long time, as this can lead to hypothermia even in a few minutes

How to determine the sex of a kitten. How to tell a cat from a cat

Agree, it is quite difficult to determine the sex of a small kitten, especially a newborn. You have to seek the help of a veterinarian or wait 10-12 weeks (2-3 months) before the gender is evident. Learn to do it yourself earlier.

The article contains all the necessary information for the owner of the animal, supported by a photo in order to learn how to distinguish a cat from a cat. It will also be useful to learn about funny names for cats, as well as how to properly feed a kitten at 10-12 weeks.

So how do you know if your cat is dying??

When your cat develops a serious illness and the animal is unlikely to be able to survive and recover, the transition from illness to the process of dying can sometimes be so subtle that you cannot even understand what is really going on with your pet. As you learn to better understand the clinical signs that indicate an animal is about to die, this knowledge can help you make rational choices about what is best for your pet based on your particular situation.

There are many medical signs that indicate a cat is dying. The exact symptoms of an imminent death of a cat strongly depends on what diseases the purr suffers from.

Depending on the age and what the animal is doing, on average, a cat’s heart beats from 120 to almost 200 beats per minute. As the animal’s heart rate weakens and the animal approaches death, the heart rate drops sharply to only half the normal level. Closer to death, the heart gives out longer and longer pauses between each individual beat, and the pattern of pulsation becomes very irregular, soon the heart completely stops.

A healthy cat takes an average of 20 to 30 breaths per minute. When the heart weakens, it is no longer able to pump blood efficiently into the lungs. This means that there is a decrease in oxygen in the bloodstream. In the beginning, a lack of oxygen will cause rapid,

It often happens that when the owner realizes that the cat is sick, the stage of the disease is already quite advanced. The thing is that cats tend to hide their painful condition. Often, when a cat is sick, it may hide from people altogether. Most diseases are best treated early.

You are the only one who sees your pet every day, so it depends on your decision when the animal is examined by a veterinarian. Do not ignore what your pet is trying to tell you in its own way! Here are some tips to help you figure out if something is wrong with your cat.

Seven signs that your cat is sick:

The animal’s behavior changes. The most common indicator that a cat is not feeling well is that the animal is trying to hide. In addition, sick cats often lie quietly, but in a hunched position. They can also neglect your caresses. Note that cats not only purr when they feel happy, but also when they get sick. In case of breathing problems, the cat cannot lie on its side, but tries to lie down on its paws and raises its head high. If a cat has neurological problems, then the animal may experience convulsions, there are often cases when the pet rests its head against furniture or a wall.

Pay attention to how your pet eats and goes to the toilet. Cats that are not doing very well usually refuse to eat. However, some diseases can cause increased appetite, so pay attention to how the animal eats. Increased thirst and urination may indicate kidney problems, as well as other diseases of the genitourinary system. Frequent, sudden, small amounts of urination, as well as painful sensations when urinating (a sign of pain may serve

Biting and rubbing

A pet climbed onto its knees, standing on its hind legs, hugged its neck with its front legs and bit it on the cheek, nose or lips. this is the highest manifestation of love. Seals bite only the owner. The rest of the family members are rarely honored with such tenderness.

When an animal rubs its muzzle on its legs, arms, face, this does not mean that it marks a person as property.

On the head of the animal there are secretory glands that secrete substances that make it possible to mark the members of their pride with an individual aroma.

Similar signs of feline tenderness, even bites, are evidence of love, gratitude and trust in the people around.

Rear Demonstration

In the event that a pet turns its back and raises its tail, it offers to sniff itself. This is how cats behave with each other. This is not an insult, but a sign of respect and trust. It can also mean protecting the owner from danger.

Signs of feline love

Felines express emotions differently. Some signs of affection are detected at first glance, others must be learned to notice. The main thing is to listen carefully and observe the behavior of your pet.

Felines express emotions differently.

The brought kitten begins to look closely at all members of the new family, to choose an owner. He can love the rest or treat him neutrally, but one person will be the owner for him. It is not necessarily the person who gives food, cleans up the tray.

Manifestations of feline sympathy are divided into several groups:

  • Sound signs: meow and purr.
  • Visual: prolonged eye-to-eye contact, squints.
  • Behavioral: meets, gets underfoot, sleeps next to the owner, raises its tail up, lies upside down, stomps on different parts of the human body. Hugs with paws, licks, bites, fins. Shares prey, toys, shows patience, is nearby if the owner is sick.

Sleep with the master

Each pet has its own place to sleep and rest in the room. A loving cat at night will definitely come to sleep with the owner, having previously bypassed all family members, purring a song to them for the night. This is a show of affection.


Licking the face, hands, other parts of the body or hair of the owner does not indicate that the cat has decided to wash the dirty or to make him a hair in accordance with the cat’s taste. this is the highest level of expression of his love and devotion.

Seals lick babies, considering them kittens. Parents in the first days of the birth of a child in the family must be careful: animals are not alien to the feeling of jealousy. The pet must get used to the new family member and understand that he is still loved the same.

Jealousy can be shown towards a wife, husband, children, a computer, a book, any hobby that takes the time of family members.

Never swear when the cat is lying next to you, let him feel in love

If a person lies down to rest during the day, then the cat will try to lie down next to him, on his legs or chest. In this case, the animal can on its back, substituting its most unprotected place under the arms of a trusted family member. the tummy.

Safety for felines is very important, and being allowed to pet their belly means they feel protected and loved.

Cat gaze

Cats cannot stand long gaze, perceiving it as a threat.

Cats only make eye contact with people they like

Cats only make eye contact with people they like. If the look is accompanied by a leisurely blink, there is no doubt that the full confidence of the cat has been won. This behavior means “air feline kiss”.

Trampling on different parts of the host’s body

The exact sign of feline affection is “trampling”, when the cat shifts from one foot to another and slightly releases its claws. This behavior is developed at an early age when kittens stimulate the flow of milk from the mother cat.

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The exact sign of feline affection is “trampling”, when the cat shifts from paw to paw and slightly releases its claws

Adult cats thereby demonstrate a sense of absolute safety, they trust the owner as a mother cat.

Proposal to split the booty

Cats are predatory animals, hunters. Chasing toys, laser beams, birds, mice, they satisfy their hunting instincts.

Having caught a mouse or a bird, the pet brings the prey home to “feed” the less successful person in the hunt, expressing gratitude. A caring animal must be praised, otherwise resentment is provided.

Many owners can tell stories how a cat approached a person lying in a bathroom, looked with horror-filled eyes and screamed heart-rendingly, fearing that he would drown. A caring attitude is shown to the whole family.

How to tell if your cat has parasites

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Causes of Deafness

Indeed, statistics show that some blue-eyed cats have little or no hearing because they have inner ear degeneration.

It is difficult to understand this fact: a really deaf cat is usually blue-eyed. But cats with white hair color have not only blue eyes, but also green (like most cats) and yellow (there are even bright orange). But there are also beauties who have eyes of different colors. And if one of them is blue, then the white cat will be deaf in the ear from which this eye is located. Paradox? But it is so.

Scientists have known about this feature of albinos for a long time, starting from the 19th century. Even Charles Darwin wrote about them. Over time, more and more specialists found a direct connection between:

How to identify a shared thread

Probably, from school times, everyone remembers that in any fabric there is a warp and weft. Two sides perpendicular to each other. Lobar threads form the basis of the fabric, and transverse. Ducks. The definition of the share thread is very important when cutting, on the patterns the direction of the share is shown by an arrow, it is according to this arrow that you need to unfold your fabric. How to find out in which direction the lobar threads go on your cut?

If there is no edge on your cut, you can determine the share thread by pulling the fabric: the warp threads are taut during weaving, and the weft threads run more freely, therefore the share thread is less stretchable. For the same reason, it is precisely on the share thread that the fabric shrinks more than on the weft.

The varying degree of tension on the threads of the fabric allows one more test to determine the direction of the shared thread. Take the fabric at the edge with both hands at a distance of 7-10 centimeters. Stretch the fabric sharply several times in this place, while you should hear cotton. The warp of the fabric, due to the strong tension, emits a sonorous cotton, and the weft. deaf.

If you look at the fabric at light, you will see that some threads are more evenly spaced, others (perpendicular to the first). uneven. The shared thread runs in the direction of the more even threads.

If in a woolen fabric in one direction there are cotton threads, in the other. woolen, then woolen threads are always weft.

If the direction of the common thread is not respected, the finished product may stretch out strongly, quickly lose its shape or sit incorrectly on the figure.

Causes of deafness in cats

Probably those who had white cats noticed that they had hearing problems. Why is this happening and how to check how deaf a cat is?

10 Signs of a Cat’s Love

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Everything about pets. feeding, treatment, care. Why does a cat need hearing

Nature has endowed the representatives of the feline family with an excellent sense of smell, the ability to see in the dark and subtle hearing (for more information about the ability of cats to perceive the world, learn more here). But, what if, for some reason, the cat cannot use the last gift? What does an animal feel when it finds itself in a world without sound? In fact, according to experts,

The ability to hear is very important for cats as it helps them determine distances and directions to a noise source.

Having lost this ability, cats become helpless, especially those animals that do not live in apartments and houses, but on the street. Such a deaf kosha will not hear the sound of an approaching car, the barking of a dog, and her whole life will be accompanied by constant risk for her and severe stress.

However, to argue that a cat that is deprived of the ability to hear. cannot live a full life. is not correct. And, although a lot here depends on the owners of such a deaf pet, as practice shows, such cats can lead a normal life and be no different from their other relatives if their owners help them adapt to their condition and, if possible, try to eliminate the causes of deafness.

Diagnosing deafness in cats

The ears have a rather complex structure, only the well-coordinated work of the eardrum, middle and inner ear helps the animal to hear well. If there is a problem at any of these stages, then hearing is lost. This phenomenon is often seen in older cats due to age-related changes.

Deaf cats are also called “eternally sleeping”, because even the loudest sounds that cause a reaction in healthy individuals cannot wake them up. Usually normal cats react to the appearance of a person in advance, especially if he does not sneak on tiptoe, but simply walks in a normal way.

You can check how close you need to get in order for the animal to hear you. It is necessary to take several such measurements in order to find out the exact distance from which the pussy begins to hear, since each time it can be different depending on the phase of sleep. The average is taken as the truth.

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With a certain accuracy, only a veterinarian can diagnose “complete deafness”. The specially developed BAER (Brainstem Auditory) test will help you to do this. The procedure is painless for the animal, the main thing is to keep the cat and allow the doctor to attach a special clip with electrodes to the ear. Each ear is studied separately; for this, the second is plugged with an earphone or foam insert. Next, an acoustic noise is emitted and the brain’s reaction is checked. A well-hearing cat will have impulses in the brain in response to the sound, which will be reflected on the monitor screen. With deafness, the brain does not respond to noise, therefore, impulses do not appear.

Deafness is not a reason to give up an animal. Such pets get along well with the owners and even interact with them, but the reaction is no longer to the voice, but to gestures or facial expressions. The owners of such pussies learn to make eye contact with them, so a person and an animal get along well, understanding each other without words.

Symptoms of deafness in cats

Congenital deafness does not always appear from the first days of a kitten’s life. Sometimes hearing disappears only after 2-3 weeks. In adult cats, hearing function begins to decline with age. But these animals are not in vain famous for their endurance, because they have a very developed compensatory function. When hearing begins to deteriorate, other senses become aggravated, they help animals navigate in space and catch every movement in it.

But deafness sooner or later becomes clear to the owners themselves, when the animal begins to react differently to familiar situations. For example, if before it was enough to open the refrigerator door or rustle a bag of food so that the fluffy immediately rushed in hoping to get something tasty, then the hearing impaired animal ignores these once attractive sounds. The pussies stop responding to the call of the owner, which they used to happily rush to. In addition, they are not intimidated by loud pops and do not react to noise.

Deafness is not a serious condition unless it is caused by inflammation in the ear. As soon as you suspect that an animal has symptoms of hearing loss, you should contact your veterinarian. Or, you may be prescribed treatment that will restore your hearing ability. Or they will confirm the presence of deafness and give recommendations for caring for such an animal.

Sensorineural deafness

Often this deafness manifests itself from birth and begins to develop already at the embryonic stage. She is not treated at all. Serious inner ear disorders are involved. Most often, sensorineural deafness is complete, its partial manifestations are very rare. May manifest itself in adult cats as a result of age-related destruction.

How to tell if your kitten or cat is deaf

If the hearing function is impaired in both ears, then this becomes immediately noticeable in the cat’s behavior. She sleeps soundly, without twitching her ears in her sleep. Such animals do not react in any way to noise and are not afraid of loud sounds. They are left indifferent by opening the refrigerator door and opening the food bag. Even the thunderstorm of many pets, the vacuum cleaner does not cause them fear, on the contrary, deaf pussies even like the air flows it creates. The same signs appear in older cats, but it is caused by senile deafness.

It is believed that hearing-impaired seals meow too loudly because they cannot regulate the strength of their voices. But this is not always a sign of deafness.

Conductive deafness

It consists in the difficulty of passing sounds through the middle or outer ear, which is why it received another name. conductive. Most often, the cause of its development is diseases or infections that lead to the accumulation of fluid inside the ear, damage to the eardrum, and occlusion of the ear canals. In this case, hearing only partially disappears. With the right treatment, it can be returned medically or surgically.

Types of deafness in cats

There are two main types of deafness in cats:

  • Conductive;
  • Sensorineural.

How to check if a cat hears

At home, you can independently test the animal for hearing impairment. To do this, it is enough to make a sharp loud sound. A healthy cat will certainly turn around and give a reaction. A deaf cat will not react in any way to the stimulus. For reliability, the animal should not see you; in case of hearing loss, seals can react not to noise, but to your hand movements or to vibrations in the air. The reliability of this method is 95%. If the situation for the cat is very familiar, he sleeps soundly and does not differ in his timid disposition, then he may be reluctant to respond to the sound of the crane.

You can get accurate information about whether your pet has deafness only at a veterinary clinic. And even then not in every one. To date, a medical test has been developed, which is carried out using special equipment. During its implementation, the frequency and intensity of nerve impulses in the brain, which appear as a result of sound exposure, are measured. In cats that do not hear noise, such impulses are completely absent, which proves the presence of deafness. Diagnostics is carried out very rarely, often the owners at home quite accurately themselves determine the lack of hearing in cats.

How to know if my kitten (cat) is deaf or not

Hearing impairment in cats can be unilateral or bilateral. If deafness is expressed in only one ear, then the owners may not even know about the presence of an ailment in the pet. There is only one way to check this fact. When the cat sleeps curled up in a ball, make a loud sound. If there is a reaction from an animal, then there is no cause for concern. Likewise, check the other ear when the cat rolls over to the other side. Deaf people adapt to life very quickly and practically do not differ in behavior from their healthy counterparts.

White cats with blue eyes are most often deaf.

How to care for a deaf cat

Deafness is most commonly a feature of cats with white coats and blue eyes. Read an article on whether all white cats are deaf and the genetics of their deafness.

Such kittens are born with a congenital defect, they practically from birth learn to live with such features. As compensatory functions, they develop excellent sense of smell, sight and touch. Therefore, their life is practically no different from the life of healthy cats.

If you want to buy a cat with a white coat, you should always remember about the risks and be prepared for them. Usually, defects in development are revealed by the breeder himself, who then makes sure that the animal does not give offspring, and the mutant gene does not spread across generations. The owners are warned about the peculiarities of their kitten’s development, but this is not a reason to refuse the baby. It is enough to observe only a few rules of care to ensure a comfortable existence for him:

  • While the kitten is small, move around the house carefully so as not to accidentally step on it. Remember that he does not hear your steps.
  • Make eye contact with the cat, and pronounce rewards or censures with clear articulation. Later, the cat will get used to it and will begin to understand your appeal to him by his lips.
  • As you approach the cat, create more vibrations in the air so that he senses your approach. Don’t scare the cat by suddenly grabbing it from behind.
  • Do not let the cat out of the house, there are too many dangers. Keep the animal in sight even in a closed garden area.