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How to Understand What a Kitten Wants

How to tell if a cat loves me?

When you come home from work, does he run to you like mad? Lash? Purrs? Does he continue to do this when he has eaten? When you rest, does it come to you? Does it fit at your feet? Does he allow himself to be stroked at any time? When someone yells at you, the cat intercedes?

He meets me at the door and asks to eat) And hugs, really can bite. Sometimes he has no mood at all to climb.

Throw your cat, he is not worthy of you! He uses you. Besides food and lodging, he doesn’t need anything from you! Run away from him by dropping your slippers. How can a girl not respect herself so much that she chews with such a cat?

Here you laugh, and I had worried that our family cat did not like me))) She gave me a glance straight hated. Not only does he not allow himself to be stroked, but also hisses when I approach. Only I always loved my brother and put up with my mother (feeds because of that) I was driven scary, about five years))) So it happens.

Cats love only those who feed them, are afraid of those who kick or yell at them. If he is only kicked, the cat can then snatch from around the corner, if he is kicked, but at the same time he is fed, then perhaps he will not snatch, but will slowly make you nasty, because the psyche of such a cat will be shattered. The cat does not feel much devotion to the owners, so if someone starts to feed him better, he will easily leave the owner, to another. Loyalty from cats, it is better not to wait. They love to run away from their homes on business, for example, in March, in search of a cat or cat. The cat is an animal selfish and independent. We will never make them love us in return. We don’t deserve cat love.

Cats love only those who feed them, are afraid of those who kick or yell at them. If he is only kicked, the cat can then snatch from around the corner, if he is kicked, but at the same time fed, then perhaps he will not snatch, but slowly

How to teach a kitten to drink water?

Being fastidious animals, cats can throw another trick on their unlucky owner. They are cunning, they always come up with something new. And now the unfortunate owner is desperately looking for the right solution, trying to understand what his pet needs.

From an early age, our fluffy dictators begin to show their independent (and sometimes frankly intolerable) character. For example, why some kittens do not want to learn to drink water from a bowl? Of course, it is much easier and easier to teach the necessary things to a young individual than an adult. Otherwise, too late pedagogy is fraught with incomprehensible expressions of the will of an adult cat.

So, back to the question of kittens and drinking water. You need to understand the reasons and, based on this, act in the right direction. Check the quality of the bowl, the quality of the water, the comfort of the place you choose. There are several tips to teach your kitten to drink water. By adhering to them, you can achieve success in the difficult business of cat pedagogy.

Watch how your kitten moves around the apartment, what does it do while doing this. Believe me, sometimes completely unexpected things are noticed. Are you wondering about the fact that the kitten does not drink water from the bowls, and then notice it in the general toilets, drinking water from the toilet. Or maybe he found the source of water in a flower vase? Or even your mug. It is worth figuring out why the baby wants to drink water from such dishes.

Maybe this way the kitten wants to be closer to you. Or maybe he doesn’t like the quality of the water you give him, or the general condition of his “kitchen”.

Many kittens drink tap water, and this habit can persist into old age. Don’t try to force him to drink from a bowl. Why doesn’t the kitten drink water from the bowl, but loves to eat from the tap? Cats generally prefer running water over standing,

When the life of a cat (cat) is nearing the end, some features appear in the animal’s behavior, indicating this. The cat may refuse food and drink, it becomes less energetic and loses weight. Many cats in the last days of life seek solitude. Recognizing the signs that your pet is about to die will help you provide him with care during the last days.

Monitor the animal’s pulse. A decreased frequency indicates that the cat is weakening and will soon die. The heart of a healthy animal beats at a rate of 140.220 beats per minute. The heart rate of a seriously ill or weak cat may decrease significantly, indicating that death is near.

Multiply this number by four to find the number of beats per minute. Evaluate the result: does it correspond to the normal level or not.

An animal that is too weak will also drop its blood pressure, however, to measure it, special equipment is needed.

Check your cat’s breathing. A healthy animal makes 20.30 breaths per minute. If your cat’s heart is weak, the lungs are less efficient and less oxygen is released into the blood. As a result breathing becomes frequent, and often strained cat inhales air, trying to replenish oxygen in the blood, its breathing becomes labored.

Sit down next to the cat and listen to her breathing. Observe how her belly rises with each inhalation and drops as she exhales.

If breathing is rapid and difficult, or vice versa, the animal breathes too weakly and rarely, this may indicate a close end.

Measure your pet’s body temperature. The body temperature of a healthy animal is 37.8. 39.2 degrees Celsius (100.102.5 degrees Fahrenheit).

The body temperature of a dying cat will be n

How to teach a kitten to eat on its own

The appearance of a small kitten in the house is not only a great joy, but also a huge effort. There are times when kittens are left without a mother. And then a person has to take on this responsible function. The very first thing you have to resort to is to properly teach the kitten to eat on its own.

If the kitten is for some reason very soon lost his mother’s care, you first need to consult a veterinarian. Only he will be able to choose the right way to replace breast milk or how to accurately use cow’s milk for feeding a kitten.

Until the little kittens are one month old, they have to eat 8 times a day. The fact that the baby is hungry, you can immediately understand. He begins to crawl around his house, poke his nose and squeak shrilly. It will be more convenient to feed the kitten with a pipette until about 2 weeks of age. The milk must be heated to about 37 degrees. It should be slightly lukewarm. You can easily check the temperature of milk by dropping a drop on the back of your hand, and if the milk is at the right temperature, you can safely start feeding your ward.

After 2 weeks, you can start trying to feed the kitten from a bottle with a nipple. After the baby is full, you need to massage his tummy. Such manipulations are performed by the cat every time after eating. After this massage, the kitten’s digestive system begins to function correctly.

You can train a kitten to lap from a saucer on its own closer to a month. As soon as you realize that the baby is hungry, put him a small saucer of milk. In order for the kitten to quickly understand what they want from him, you need to slightly stick his nose into the milk. The first time you are unlikely to succeed. The first attempt may not end well. But don’t despair. Kitten still

How to understand what a kitten wants?

If you have recently become the proud owner of a kitten, then you will have to learn to understand it correctly. Kitten, like a child, most of their requests and requirements carried out by means of the vocal cords, as many things and actions for it are not available yet.

In order to learn to understand your new pet, you don’t have to learn cat language. It will be enough just to correctly learn to follow his movements, as well as to understand what he wants, by the sounds he makes.

Understanding a kitten is not too difficult. especially if you’ve been living under the same roof with him for several weeks. Requests from such animals are rather primitive and are more likely a necessity for a normal existence than whims.

For example, if you are interested in the answer to the question of how to understand what a kitten wants, we advise you to pay attention to what sounds it makes. It should be noted that the meow of a kitten is almost always addressed to a person, since cats and kittens communicate with each other in a slightly different language.

Accordingly, kittens meow most often. The same cannot be said about adult cats, which rarely do this. Accordingly, if your kitten meows too often and lingeringly. Most likely, he is hungry or thirsty. A well-fed kitten, who is satisfied with everything, will not meow; the maximum that you will hear from him is a satisfied rumbling when stroking.

If you hear hiss, then know that your kitten is scared. Most often, adult cats hiss at dogs and at people unpleasant for them. Kittens are no exception. If you hear a hiss. Be sure to make sure that your baby’s life and health are not in danger.

Especially often kittens hiss at unfamiliar animals, or if a dog lives in the house besides him. It is not so difficult to determine what kittens want by sound; ch

How to understand that a kitten is thirsty. What to do if a little kitten doesn’t want to eat?

I have such a problem. We were given a kitten yesterday, today he was exactly one month old. As they brought home they tried to feed them with milk, she did not want to eat, then they decided to hold dry food in milk to make them softer, they gave her, but she stubbornly does not eat. Then she lay on the bed all evening. You take her in your arms, she starts to squeak. They tried to give her water, she does not want to drink, she has not eaten anything at all. This morning they cooked oatmeal porridge, decided to give it to her, suddenly she wants to eat. But she stubbornly refuses to eat. Milk too. We bought whiskas for kittens, she sniffed and just walked away. We don’t know what to do, please tell me! She only sleeps and that’s it, nothing else, I’m just very afraid. Before that, I had cats, but they were all adults and therefore there were no problems, and then they gave me a kitten, and a very small one. And yet, we tried to feed milk with a pipette too, stubbornly spits out.

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Read the previous topics, look. girls-felinologists (cat breeders) told how to start feeding a kitten.

He does not want to eat, but does not know how, feed with a syringe or buy a bottle with a nipple. Pour the cream into the syringe and into the corner of the mouth without a needle. We do not give milk, because diarrhea can begin and no whiskas. Cream, Agusha porridge and baby puree Subject meat

It’s a pity, of course, that they were torn away from my mother so early. The main thing is not to panic. First, the baby is stressed, everything is new and foreign. In a month, kittens can already eat something themselves, sometimes my kittens even at three weeks come up to my mother’s bowl and try to eat something. Start with meat purees for children (Agusha or Tyoma). Spread on your finger and let the kitten taste, let it understand the taste. You can put tiny little pieces in your mouth

How to train a kitten to eat from a bowl

In most cases, the question of how to train a kitten to eat from a bowl arises with babies who are under a month old. At this age, kittens still hardly perceive what the owner wants from them, getting used to the mother’s milk. You can help the kitten, but it takes patience.

Before accustoming a kitten to a bowl, you need to remember that you need to gradually switch from mother’s milk to more adult food. Simply put, even if the kitten really wanted to taste raw meat, weak jaws simply cannot cope with tough pieces. Therefore, the selection of food is given no less importance than the very process of accustoming. The easiest place to start is with semi-liquid foods such as semolina or canned meats for babies.

There are two ways to teach a kitten to eat. The first is more humane, for him you need to dip your finger into the contents of the bowl and invite the kitten to lick it. Some owners arrange a kind of path for the animal, laying out some of the products from the bowl on the floor. Through several trainings, the kitten realizes that the most delicious is in the bowl and starts lapping from it. As you acquire this skill, the density of the products changes from the consistency of porridge to a thicker mince. If the kitten is initially accustomed to the factory feed, then it is not necessary to start with dry pieces. Although they are considered softer than food for adult cats, it is too difficult for a kitten to understand how all this should be chewed.

The second way involves some violence against the feline personality. In order to explain to the kitten what they want from him, you need to smear his nose with the product from the bowl. You can do this with your finger or simply dip the kitten’s muzzle into the food. First he will be licked

Why does a cat often meow: learning to understand our pets

Meowing of cats is completely natural. However, it often happens that your pet begins to use meows, demanding affection, begging for food, or just like that, preventing you from sleeping at night. If the cat has learned to blackmail you with meows and screams, what to do in this case?

Most often, behavioral problems associated with persistent meowing affect young cats aged from 0.5 to one year. Cats aged 7-8 years bother their owners much less. Elderly animals get used to the daily routine, they perfectly feel your mood.

If an elderly animal meows at night, this may mean that it has some kind of disease. But the main cause of behavioral problems in older cats is lack of attention. With age, a cat needs more and more attention and affection from its owner. How does the animal achieve this? Of course, meowing at night, meowing near a closed door.

Adult or young cats can annoy their owners with their meows because they cannot get used to the rules of behavior or to the daily routine, perhaps the animal is under stress. However, they solve this problem quickly enough.

Cats, on the other hand, most often bother their owners with night cries that prevent them from falling asleep. First, you will stand up to the animal, worrying that something is wrong with it. However, as a rule, it is soon discovered that the cat is not worried about anything, that nothing hurts her. She just wants to be approached, stroked, paid attention to. At such moments your darling is just lonely.

This is what happens from a psychological point of view. At a young age, cats are

Why does the kitten meow constantly?

A new family member appeared at home, a little fluffy ball and. you lost sleep, lost your peace. The kitten meows all the time, asks for something, and you start to get nervous, irritated because you cannot understand it. You don’t need to be upset, just try to find out why your pet is behaving this way and correct the situation as soon as possible.

How to understand a cat, or a cat

Yuri Kuklachev will most likely be able to answer the rhetorical question: “How to understand a cat, or a cat”. But, he does not give online consultations, and the owners themselves will have to take up the upbringing of British kittens, because not only the future character of the kitten, but also the behavior of the kitten towards you depends on your work. And so, many owners of British kittens are often faced with the fact that British kittens, and adult cats often do everything “out of spite”.

This is actually not the case, since cats are not sufficiently developed to take revenge on their owner. There is only one problem. the kitten wants your attention, and he knows that if he throws the keyboard off the table and jumps onto the curtains, you will immediately rush to him. As a result, the cat will get a catch-up game, and you will have to buy new curtains and a keyboard.

How to understand a cat, and what to do with these little dirty tricks? After all, in order to attract attention, cats not only throw objects off the tables, but also yell at the whole apartment. In this case, in no case should you punish your pet, let alone beat. The cat will still not understand what he was punished for, and next time he will do the same.

understand, kitten, wants

Here you need to understand one very important point. cats do not understand our actions and words. they understand intonation. For each individual situation, the owner of a British kitten must develop a certain intonation.

If this word is “No”, then every time it should sound the same for the kitten to understand. And also, often play with your favorites, and they will answer you for this with boundless love and affection. The character of British cats is formed up to a year, so if you want, there was

How to understand the Donskoy Sphinx or your favorite cat?

Good afternoon, very often our beloved animals show their feelings and emotions with body gestures. How to understand a cat, what it wants to tell us and tell us? This is what our small note will be about. By understanding your pet, you can be more attentive to him. You can tell when the cat needs attention, when it is anxious, when it asks for food. So, let’s begin:

A cat may meow for the following reasons:

The most likely reason for meowing is a request for food. Most often, a cat meows if you give her food outside of her daily routine. Accordingly, as soon as she wanted to eat, she immediately begins to meow.

Attraction of attention can also cause cat meows. Why meow? You ask. But because, unfortunately, the cat, so far, does not know how to talk to people.

If you pay little attention to your pet, then the meowing may be due to a lack of love and affection. To fix this, try to take your pet in your arms and pet it more often. When he climbs on your lap or on the keyboard, do not ignore it, but just give him 5 minutes and he will be happy.

If you have not accustomed your pet to a patch, then a request to go to the toilet may be hidden as a meow. To avoid this, you should definitely from a very early age, or better, as soon as you bought a kitten, accustom him to a patch.

Cats, like all other creatures on Earth, are capable of experiencing pain. And it can also cause meowing. To find out if this is the case, walk up to your cat and feel it from all sides. Because of the constant jumping of a cat, paws are most often sore. If the cat meows when you press the paw, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Very often cats meow during sexual activity. You don’t want such a meowing on your enemy. You will immediately distinguish him from everyone else

Why does a cat meow?

Every owner who has or has had a cat has ever wondered why, in fact, cats meow? This, in my opinion, is an important and rather interesting question, because it is simply necessary to know what your pet wants from you. Knowing the reason for the meow will help you please your cat without any problems. So let’s see why your cat meows?

Why does the kitten meow constantly??

A small kitten is primarily a growing organism that may face some problems. If the baby shows anxiety, you, as the owner, should immediately pay attention to this. Often, breeders are faced with the question of why a kitten constantly meows? In this article you will find the answer to it.

There may be several reasons for this behavior, as soon as you figure out which one applies to your pet, you will be able to quickly find a solution.

Moving to a new home is stressful for a kitten. If you have just taken him away from his mother and other kittens, then he may meow just about this. Very young kittens that are not yet two months old are especially susceptible to this stress.

The solution to the issue is not difficult. you need to create conditions for him similar to those in which he lived with his mother-cat. Prepare a warm heating pad for him, wrapped in a soft cloth, preferably fluffy. Thus, he will feel warmth, similar to his mother’s and can quickly fall asleep. Give him as much attention as possible, and then he will understand that instead of her mother, she has a new breadwinner and protector. a person. As a rule, adaptation takes from several days to a week, then the kitten will be able to completely relax and understand that he is at home.

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If a kitten has been living with you for more than a week, but still shows signs of anxiety and constantly meows, this is a reason to think about whether you are paying enough attention to him. Domestic cats are mostly social creatures, they constantly need to feel that they are not alone.

Play more with the kitten, talk to him, make contact, even if he is a little afraid of you. In the latter situation, you should not be zealous and communicate with the kitten only when he himself shows interest in you. Buy or sd

Causes of the kitten’s constant cry

Demanding food from the owner, a small fluffy lump expresses concern and begins to meow loudly. Treat your pet with something tasty, he will calm down and will not annoy you with his “cry”. Below is a sample diet for a small kitten.

Meat. When preparing food for a small pet, you can only use poultry, beef, lamb or horse meat. Boil the meat beforehand. Under no circumstances buy pork meat for a kitten, it contains a lot of fat and helminths may be present.

A fish. Despite the fact that all representatives of the feline family are partial to this seafood, you should not get carried away with it. Its frequent use can provoke urolithiasis in a kitten. Fish should be given to kittens boiled, pitted, and no more than 1 time per week. Eggs can be given both raw and boiled.

Milk products. Instead of whole cow’s milk, give the baby sour milk products, such as fermented baked milk, yogurt and kefir.

The mixture of cottage cheese, milk and chicken yolk is sure to please your furry friend. Sometimes you can treat him to a small piece of cheese.

At least 2 times a week, the kitten should receive chicken eggs. Their use has a beneficial effect on the growth of the pet and the shine of its coat.

A kitten, finding itself in an unfamiliar environment, gets severe stress, anxiety and fear of the unknown. Kid,

How to understand that they want you?

It’s actually very simple. I have no secrets, I do not present facts as my exclusive knowledge. Sometimes it becomes incomprehensible to me why many do not see (or do not want to see?) The obvious. Or maybe humanity has become too much watching TV and sitting at a computer? But certainly few people are engaged in self-knowledge. Therefore, they are unhappy!

Anyway. Let’s get back to the topic. Here you have a question mark in your head that will either confirm that you are cool, or refute it. so.

But any girl, by her nature, gets used to complicating things. If the guy didn’t say a compliment, or didn’t take any specific action, then a question creeps into his pretty head. Does he want me? And her Majesty’s self-doubt is already on the scene with a retinue of doubts.

Now you should know and firmly believe that the guy is not just by your side. He wants to fuck you, but pauses, or is not sure of himself, or something else.

Maybe he’s pretending to be your friend or just chatting. Fuck it all! No man will communicate with a girl if he does not want to fuck her.

How to understand that a girl wants you?

Many men, dating a woman, ask themselves the question: “How can I understand that a girl wants me?” and, unfortunately, they do not see in a woman those indirect signs indicating a woman’s desire to get into bed with a man. You can learn about a woman’s desire for a man by the external signs of a woman’s behavior, which can be either conscious and specially reproduced, or not consciously realized at a subconscious level.

CONSCIOUS: To understand that a girl wants you, you need to be very careful about her behavior. So, for example, her revealing outfit, which she wore for you, may indicate that she wants you to see her body, get aroused by it, and you have it all. If a woman does not like a man, or she does not want him, then for him she will try to dress conservatively and not defiantly, but if a woman wants a man, she will try to do everything to please him, including with the help of a revealing outfit.

Another conscious sign by which you can understand that a woman wants you will be her conversations. Think about what the girl is saying and, if she really wants you, one day you will notice in her conversation an attempt to move on to topics about sex or those close to it. It may not be a frank conversation on the topic of sex, but it will still be about this topic, for example, she can talk with you about underwear and discuss the purchase of a swimsuit, etc.

In addition to the above two signs that indicate that the girl wants you, there is another sign, which is that the girl will constantly try to get closer to the man. As an example, there are several options for such a rapprochement. You walk with the girl, walk beside you and feel that at any convenient moment she is trying to touch you. You are traveling with a girl in transport, a lot of people, you are standing, and oh

The main factors that a guy wants you. How to understand?

Any woman dreams of penetrating a man’s thoughts and consciousness, discovering all his secrets, secret desires and fantasies, and understanding his nature. Indeed, knowing what a young man wants right now, a woman will be able to manipulate him, achieving her own goals.

A man, I wish. Sex, automatically turns into a “piece of clay”, from which a woman can mold everything that she needs. The problem is only one: how to understand when the chosen one is really sexually interested and what kind of woman he wants.

14 signs how to know that a girl loves you

Most recently, we talked about 10 topics for conversation on a first date, now I will tell you how to understand that a girl is in love, and about the main signs of falling in love in girls.

Women are so fickle that it is sometimes very difficult to understand exactly what feelings you evoke in her. After all, today she can look at you with loving eyes, and tomorrow refuse to meet and be cold as an ice floe. We, men, are much more straightforward in this regard, if we love a girl, then in all possible ways we will tell her about it. first of all, in words, courtship, gifts, flowers, care and so on are connected to this. If you still could not understand whether a girl loves you, or is just passing her time until she finds a better copy, then read the signs by which you can understand whether she has any feelings for you. In case you do not find any similarities. do not be upset, do not be stupid and end this relationship without regrets.

One of the ways to understand that a girl loves you. Calls. When a girl initiates communication, it means that she wants to spend all her free time with you, therefore, she is interested in you. If she rubs you all sorts of nonsense like that a guy should always take the first step, then you can be sure that she is just using you or all her girlfriends are busy that evening when you invited her to meet. Being interested in you and spending time together clearly indicates that she definitely has feelings for you and is not shy about showing it. For a girl, just like for a man, her personal time is very valuable and if you see that she very often wants to spend it with you and takes the first steps in this direction, then you can be calm.

Another good sign of how to understand that she loves you is

Feel the masculine energy

My friend did not understand this. One called her and

How to evaluate a man’s behavior correctly if you have known each other for a long time?

In psychology, there are a lot of techniques to distinguish between lies and truth, to predict the desires and intentions of the interlocutor, to determine whether the guy wants a woman and what are his future plans. Men by nature are not endowed with such a powerful emotional potential, rich facial expressions and unrestrained nature, as representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

If the physiological needs can still be somehow predicted, then in-depth studies of the subconscious are impossible. Most psychologists advise you to just have a heart-to-heart talk, finding out what a man wants: sex without commitment, a serious relationship, or he sees a woman as a friend.

He seeks to spend as much time as possible with the desired woman. This is the time of intimate conversations, cultural trips to various creative and entertaining locations, but does not require special “sacrifices” from the partner

Compliments, gifts, gallant attitude and the desire to constantly help, but without fanaticism. If a girl notices a clear “inflection” with attention and care, most likely, the guy is extremely interested in a partner

Excessive pressure may indicate the “hunter’s instinct” and, having achieved the goal, will simply grow cold towards the chosen one. Another scenario

If you do not take care of yourself, do not play sports, if you are fat like a pig, if you are not at all sexy, then this article is not for you. I suggest taking care of yourself (for example, starting to run), and to this article when you are in great shape.

If they want you, it CONFIRMS your sexuality, your youth and your health. They don’t want scary, old and sick, and that’s a fact.

And I have an answer that can make you stunning. You don’t just recognize the signs by which they want you. You will learn to direct sexual energy into your BEAUTY. Cool, isn’t it?

How to tell if he wants sex?

Reading men like an open book. isn’t that what most of us dream about? As a child, we were taught to ask honestly about everything. But, as practice and experience show, not always a man will gladly lay out his thoughts to you. To understand what he is really thinking, his body will help you. The position of the arms, crossed legs, turn of the head, even the way he stands. all this will give you the answer, in what mood he is and what he wants.

If your man is straightforward and can just walk up to you and say, “Honey, I dreamed of undressing you all day,” you’re in luck. As a rule, men love flirting, ambiguous jokes, by which you must understand what he is waiting for.

The very first pose that says that he craves sex is with his hands in his pants s, and his thumbs are out. A sexier gesture is hard to imagine. At the same time, he seems to be telling you that he will set the tone in your sex game, the initiative will come from him. A man in this position says: “You will do as I said.” In this case, he plays the role of the first violin. Remember, the man himself will set the rules of the game and will finish it himself when he wishes. Is it cruel? Yes, but the game is worth the candle.

If you notice that he is standing with his hands on his hips, turning his body towards you, know that he is definitely not averse to continuing communication with you in a more intimate setting. Thus, a man shows that his attention is entirely focused on you. If, in addition, the toes of his boots are also turned towards you, he shows to the same other men: “Don’t come near, this woman is busy, she is mine.” Men rarely take such positions, most often they sit with their arms outstretched, the toes of their boots next to them. Sexologists call this the “inviting gesture.” He seems to be calling other women: “Look, I’m free, let’s get to know each other.” But in this case all,

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How to understand what a kitten wants from you. How to understand that your cat loves you?

There are at least five signs that make it possible to understand that an animal is very friendly towards a certain person. So how do you know that the cat sympathizes with you??

Cats have special glands that allow them to emit a special smell, with which they mark various places and objects in order to recognize them later. These glands are located in the region of the animal’s head. This explains why cats often rub against furniture with this particular part of the body. But if a cat rubs against a person, he not only marks him with a certain smell, but makes it clear that he recognizes him as his.

Usually cats choose warm places to sleep. For example, a working laptop. But warmth and comfort are far from the only factors when choosing a place. If the cat is perched on the thin and hard back of the chair where you are sitting, or somehow lay down near the keyboard you are busy with, it says a lot. After all, such places are far from the most convenient options for an animal. But he prefers being with you to comfort. Well this is love!

Cats prefer to avoid direct eye contact. They will look for a long time only at those whom they trust and whom they love. You can look the cat in the eyes and blink slowly. if in response the animal also closes its eyes, it means that you have just been “kissed” like a cat. Cats only do this with exceptional people they love.

If the cat has the opportunity to hunt, he brings parts of his prey to the house. Anywhere in the house you can find a bitten mouse head or a dead grasshopper. “Surprise” can be delivered directly to the owner on the pillow. This is how cats show attention and care. How do they know that you do not eat mice or insects??

This is an obvious sign of friendliness. Everyone knows that a cat will not purr if he doesn’t like something. However, it has been proven that cats purr not only as a sign of sympathy. They do it when they are very sick.

How to understand that a cat has given birth to all kittens: signs of the end of labor

Childbirth in a cat can last about a day, sometimes a little more, and it is especially difficult if a pet has large offspring. How to understand that a cat has given birth to all kittens, and are there exact methods for determining the due date?

The birth of a cat is usually easy, because a pet does not experience the same discomfort that a woman does when a baby is born. And yet, difficulties can arise if the cat has not been born completely, and because of this, it experiences some discomfort.

Usually, it is not completely possible to determine that a cat has given birth to babies by its appearance and strange behavior. Usually, pets after the birth of four or five kittens get tired and begin to rest, regardless of whether there are still cubs inside her. This rest can last for several hours.

To find out if there is definitely another baby in the womb of the cat, you need to carefully feel its belly. It is easy to confuse a cat’s cervix with a kitten, so caution should be exercised in your research. It is usually easy to find a kitten, but quite often it is difficult to extract the crumbs.

Another method for determining if a cat has not finished giving birth. Her behavior. The animal does not try to get up, to approach its born babies. The cat continues to lie in the same place, despite the absence of any external activity. Also, the pet may refuse to eat and even water.

It is not worth disturbing the cat in such a situation, at least for the first two hours of its rest. If in the future no progress is observed, and the cat continues to behave strangely, then it is necessary to call the veterinarian. Any veterinarian knows that after giving birth, a cat’s belly should be soft, without lumps and strange formations. If the owner gropes for any strange

Time after eating

After the kitten has eaten or drank water, take it to the toilet and leave it alone for 10 minutes. This time is enough for the pet to perform the necessary actions. After the baby is relieved, according to tradition, he needs to “cover his tracks.” If you see that the kitten did everything right, do not forget

Those who want to have a kitten at home, as a rule, want to take a baby who is not even three weeks old. This is the main mistake, because not knowing at what age the kitten begins to feed on its own, you can harm it very much. You need to get to know the tiny universe of kittens to understand what to feed them and when their menu may change.

Without breast milk

Most often, little kittens feed on mother’s milk for quite a long time, especially if the cat herself allows it. However, after they turn three weeks, they become interested in everything that is around, including the contents of the mother cat’s plate. They cannot yet eat any food other than mother’s milk, especially from a saucer, therefore it is in this situation that little kittens need human help. It is necessary to learn how to teach a kitten to eat on its own.

What is a tail?

The spine of a cat consists of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral regions. familiar, isn’t it? But then we see the differences between a person and a cat: where we have the coccygeal part, the tail begins in cats. another part of the spine. The structure of the cat’s tail is quite simple: the first and largest vertebra is connected to the sacrum, the following vertebrae become thinner and shorter, and so on until the last, very small vertebra of the tip of the tail.

Normally, there are joint spaces between the vertebrae, which are filled with a jelly-like substance that acts as a lubricant. that is why cats wag their tail in any direction, can bend their tail up or to the side, without risking injury and without experiencing discomfort.

The number of vertebrae is from 20 to 27 pieces, the length of the tail is from 20 to 40 cm. The Siamese cat waves its tail long and thin, because she herself is a slender and elongated athlete. The Persian lady is square, thick and stocky, showing off a thick and short tail. Such harmony is obvious and necessary, because one of the reasons why cats wag their tails is an attempt to maintain balance.

The beginning of the sexual hunt for the cat

During the period of sexual activity, animals lose their appetite, they ask to go outside, literally break free. Cats during this period are aggressive, they can attack the owners or other cats and cats. Unpleasant aspect. Labels all over the apartment that smell very unpleasant, and getting rid of this “aroma” is quite difficult.

Medicines for cats

The owners can defeat the natural instincts of their pets and give them medications. There are a great many of them on sale. It is advisable to consult a veterinarian before use. It is easiest to give the cat a drop that suppresses sexual desire. The tablets can be crushed and placed in food. There is no single answer to the question: do medications affect the health of pets. All of them are aimed at regulating hormones in animals. It is not recommended to give drugs often, preferably as needed. Many tablets are made on the basis of natural ingredients, mint is added, which makes it easier for the cat to feed these tablets.

Castrate or not

The owners must understand that life in an apartment is very different from the natural environment about

How to distinguish a sick cat from a healthy one, for the timely provision of feasible assistance. And how to correctly describe to the veterinarian the first signs and symptoms of the onset of the disease. After all, a cat cannot herself say that she is sick, complain about poor health, therefore, the cat’s health is in your hands. Closely monitor your cat (cat, kitten), and at the first symptom of the disease, when the appearance changes, when the behavior changes, check whether your cat is sick. Any deviation from normal cat behavior can be cause for concern.

If usually your cat (cat, kitten) behaves independently, but suddenly starts looking for your company and follows you on your heels, or, conversely, hides, or does not leave its place, you need to find out what happened. Some people think purr. A sign of a cat’s health. This is not true. The purr denotes both pain and illness. Like the sudden aggressiveness of a calm cat, it is caused by pain, high fever, infection, trauma, diabetic crisis, which immediately requires prompt medical attention.

A healthy cat (cat, kitten) has a good appetite, shiny coat, moist and cool nose, pink mucous membranes. Health signs of a cat (cat, kitten). Cheerfulness and activity.

The normal temperature for a cat is considered to be from 38 to 39.0 degrees Celsius (in very young kittens. a normal temperature is up to 39.6 degrees, and in Sphynx cats. Up to 41.5). A rise in temperature in a cat above 40 degrees indicates a cat’s illness. A sharp rise in temperature up to 41 degrees serves as a signal that the cat (cat, kitten) urgently needs treatment. Often the reasons for the fever in a cat are: 40%. Infectious diseases, up to 20%. Oncology, up to 20%. Systemic diseases, up to 10%. Other diseases, up to 10%. Idiop

Regular food

A small kitten is in many ways similar to a tiny human child, although someone may consider such a comparison to be incorrect. Why is this allegory given here? People teach their children to eat gradually, without haste, but at the same time, the child still continues to eat mother’s milk or special mixtures. It is necessary to behave in the same way with a small kitten. If there is no cat, and the kitten is very tiny, under three weeks of age, then you will have to feed it using a baby bottle or pipette.

How to understand that a cat is asking for a cat

The instinct of reproduction is inherent in pets by nature. Cats and cats determine their readiness for mating based on the season and climatic conditions. They choose the most appropriate time for bearing offspring.

House-dwelling cats live their own lives. Sexual activity can be observed at any time of the year. Males become sexually mature 10 months after birth. They start asking for a cat. There are a number of signs by which you can recognize such desires in a cat: frequent urination, a slight increase in the external genital organs, colorless discharge. Cats, unlike cats, are always ready to mate, all year round.