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How to understand what breed a dog has

Dog breed from the movie “Electronic”: who is Russie

The children’s film “The Adventures of Electronics” was released on Soviet screens in 1979. The story in 3 parts immediately fell in love with young viewers, and on the territory of the former Soviet Union, probably, there was no child who would not have watched this film several times.

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Ressi’s dog from the famous film “The Adventures of Electronics” was played by the Airedale.

In the book by science fiction writer Yevgeny Veltistov “Electronic. a boy from a suitcase”, based on which the script of the picture was written, a black terrier is mentioned, but the breed of a dog from the movie “Electronic” is called an Airedale.

The role of Rassi was played by Airedale Chingiz, and he coped with the role brilliantly. But this was not the end of the tailed actor’s career in cinema, and in 1980 he starred in another children’s film, known as “The Life and Adventures of Four Friends”, where he bore the nickname Bubrik.

Dogs of this breed often appear in various films, and are also mentioned in literary works. Why are they so remarkable? Let’s try to figure it out.

History of the breed and a brief description of the Airedale Terriers

Airedale terriers are large dogs, reaching a height of 60 cm at the withers. They have developed muscles, strong jaws and strong limbs. The skin of the animal is reliably protected by coarse curly hair, and the color on different parts of the body is different: the back is covered with black hairs, and the legs, muzzle and belly are light brown.

The homeland of this breed is England, where for the first time they started talking about the representatives of the variety at the end of the 19th century. Yorkshire breeders obtained this population by crossing Red Terriers with Old English Black and Tan Terriers and Otterhounds.

The homeland of Airedale dogs is England.

The selection received official recognition in 1886, when it was registered with the National Club of Dog Lovers. These animals were used for hunting, they were valued for their ability to fight with a predatory beast and win. Erdel could independently track down the animal, deal with it and bring it to the owner. And during the First World War, dogs of this breed helped find the wounded, and were also used as “postmen”, carrying correspondence across the front line.

Such versatility of the dog is due to the fact that it has a developed intellect, is able to learn quickly and easily memorize commands. In some cases, the Airedale can ignore the owner’s requirements, but not because he does not understand what has been said, but solely out of harm. These animals are non-aggressive, but quite independent and can act contrary to orders if they do not consider it necessary to follow them.

On a note. Hardy and peaceful, Airedale Terriers are great friends for children and companions for older people. But in order for this handsome man to really resemble a revived toy, he must be properly looked after: fed with high-quality products, combed wool in a timely manner, and also have a haircut.

Famous Airedale Terriers: Hero Dogs and the Image of Airedale in World Literature

As a signalman, the dog of this breed was first used by the English Colonel Richardson to deliver correspondence through the swampy areas.

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Dogs of the Airedale breed were used in the war as signalers.

According to the soldier, the Airedale helped save an entire battalion from death, moving several kilometers under intense shelling with an important report. The dog reached a part of the already wounded, its jaw was broken and its front paw was broken. After delivering the package, she died.

In the Soviet Union, these animals were used to search for mines during World War II. The head of the school for sled dogs, Colonel Medvedev, animal training instructor Captain Golubev and quartermaster 1st rank Orlov developed a special training program, and the Airedale Terrier Lor became one of their first graduates. He discovered explosive devices of various designs and models with a record speed, and by the beginning of World War II, animals of this breed were actively used by military dog ​​handlers in the Soviet troops.

In those terrible years, a representative of this breed named Freya became famous when, while defending the Hill, the Cross made 33 voyages with a total length of 70 km, with correspondence in a collar. During the delivery of the last report, the dog died from a mine fragment, which shattered its jaw.

Another heroine is an airedale named Kashtanka, who died near Naro-Fominsk. She delivered important information with a severe head wound and a torn ear. A sense of duty did not allow the animal to leave the combat post, and upon the delivery of the last report, Kashtanka died from a shell.

Airedale dogs were mentioned by many writers in their works.

Brave and loyal Airedale Terriers have been mentioned more than once by famous writers in various works, for example:

  • D. Tuber in the humorous story “The dog that bit everyone”;
  • I. Volkom in the collection “Elbrus finds the Trail”;
  • W. Faulkner in The Bear;
  • V. Ryabinina in the book “My Friends”;
  • Z. Zhuravleva in the story “Somersault over the head” and many other works.

The Airedale is a great choice for people with an active lifestyle. Such a dog can be kept both in the yard and in the apartment, the main thing is to give it enough attention and seriously engage in its training.

We offer you to watch an excerpt from the film “The Adventures of Electronics”, where you can see the dog Rassi.

The most loyal dog breeds

Features: campaigners for whom such concepts as duty, loyalty and love are not an empty phrase. It is difficult to list all the representatives of this breed who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their owners or to fulfill their duty. There are cases when shepherd dogs carried babies out of the house before the earthquake, when, in the war, already mortally wounded, they brought reports from the front or detained violators at the border.

Character: loyal, courageous natures, the highest blessing for whom is the service to their beloved master, because for them he is the center of the universe. Very easy to train.

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Care: the main thing that a shepherd needs is to be close to the owner and serve him. Therefore, there is nothing worse than putting this dog on a chain and forgetting about its existence.

Peculiarities: of medium height and strong constitution of a dog belonging to the group of molossi. Thanks to their massive body and dark (black and tan) color, Rottweilers make a formidable impression, but at heart they are loving, loyal and even gentle.

Character: being, like shepherd dogs, a service breed, these German stalwarts also cannot imagine their life without their beloved owner and, being suspicious of strangers, for the sake of their man they are ready for absolutely anything.

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Care: the breed is unpretentious, but not suitable for year-round keeping on the street due to its short coat.

Features: shaggy giants who value both their family and the property of this family very much, therefore they will protect both that and another very vigilantly. An ancient breed developed 4 thousand years ago to protect flocks of sheep from wolves and robbers.

Character: only those who have the strength of character to achieve their friendship know about the loyalty of the Caucasian Shepherd Dogs. Yes, this is not easy, because a Caucasian always tests his master for strength: is he worthy to become a leader for him. And if a person has passed the test, he is unlikely to find a more faithful friend. The owner becomes for him the center of the universe, although, perhaps, outwardly he will not show it. he will not bring slippers and wag his tail ingratiatingly. But, if necessary, he calmly and without hesitation will give his life for this person.

Leaving: minimal. Caucasians belong to one of the most unpretentious breeds: they easily tolerate cold and heat, undemanding to food and living conditions.

Putin’s dog: what is the name and what breed

V.V. Putin has established himself in political circles as a talented influential person whose decisions determine the history of not only Russia, but the entire world. A charismatic president is no less interesting as a person. Vladimir Vladimirovich is fluent in martial arts, goes in for skiing, tennis. The official does not hesitate to demonstrate his friendly attitude towards animals. A dog for Putin is a real member of the family, as he himself has repeatedly mentioned. There are 3 dogs in the kennel of the leader of the state. Labrador, Bulgarian Shepherd and Akita Inu.

What is the name of Putin’s favorite dog?

Connie Paulgrave is a charcoal black labrador girl. The pedigree confirms the breed‘s purity. Through the retriever club, the puppy was bought by the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia and was brought up in the canine center of rescuers until 1999. Was presented to Vladimir Vladimirovich as a gift by Sergei Shoigu.

During her long life in the president’s family (1999. 2014), she often appeared on the pages of periodicals. In one of the issues of the magazine “Spark” Connie became the hero of the comic book. She was assigned the role of adviser to the head of state, with whom he discussed state and international affairs.

The book “Connie Says” is dedicated to Putin’s dog of the Labrador breed. The animal, on its own behalf, tells about the life of the owner. The work was published in English to help children learning the language.

Every resident of Russia learned about Connie on the day of parliamentary elections, causing the candidate’s family to be late for the polling station. The dog was born on a significant day for the Putin, which they proudly announced in public. December 7, 2003 8 Labrador puppies were born. Two babies were presented as a gift to Australian President Kleistil, the rest were given out from the caring hands of the Russians.

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Two years later, Putin’s dog in the photo was presented by the press as a possible successor to the president. The comic idea was enthusiastically received in the media and was discussed for a long time. Journalists and politicians, in particular, Igor Semenikhin and Yulia Latynina, announced their readiness to vote for the four-legged candidate.

The scandalous bloggers went further and arranged a virtual vote, during which it turned out that more than 40% of voters were ready to see Connie in the role of V.V. Putin. In the list of positive characteristics of a shaggy official, the following were noted:

Unfortunately, the Presidential Administration was impartial and declared that it would not accept the Labrador’s candidacy. Deservedly received more than half of the votes of Russian citizens, Dmitry Medvedev won the election.

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Which dog has Putin received so much attention? Perhaps not a single one. In confirmation of this, the monument to the “first dog of Russia”, which was erected in 2007 by residents of St. Petersburg. A monument with the figure of man’s best friend was erected between the two houses on Primorsky Prospekt on the playground, keeping the name of Connie for history. As reported by “Echo of Moscow”, this is how the townspeople strive to protect the territory for the active pastime of children from the compaction building.

Karakachan breed of Putin’s dog

During a visit to Bulgaria by Vladimir Vladimirovich in 2010, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov presented him with a Bulgarian Shepherd Dog (Karakachan). The president was so moved and happy that he kissed a fluffy ball live in front of a hundred cameras. New pet went to Moscow for an official.

The first name of Putin’s dog was Yorko, as the god of war was called in the mythology of Ancient Greece. The peace-loving diplomat decided to change the aggressive nickname of the Shepherd. The whole country chose the new name for the animal. On the Internet, the president announced a competition for the best idea for a name. The victory was won by a 5-year-old boy named Dima. So, a new member of the large family of the head of state received the nickname Buffy.

Connie treated the restless puppy with maternal calm. The guarantor said that with all Buffy’s attempts to unbalance the owner of the kennel, be it squeezing by the ears or grabbing the tail, the Labrador is in a friendly mood. When patience comes to an end, it can growl menacingly. The owner fell in love with the dog and called him a good guy.

The Karakachan Shepherd Dog was bred on the Balkan Peninsula and has earned the characteristic of a reliable watchman. As a puppy, it quickly becomes attached to its owner and becomes a real family favorite.

Putin’s dog Akita Inu

In mid-2012, Vladimir Vladimirovich’s aviary was replenished with one more pet. For Russia’s help in eliminating the consequences of natural disasters in Japan, politicians presented the head of state with a puppy of the elite Akita Inu breed. The President himself chose the name. Yume, “dream” in Japanese. Bred in the mountainous regions of the Land of the Rising Sun, the breed is considered a treasure of the nation.

The donor of the four-legged friend was the governor of Akita prefecture. an ardent lover of cats. In return, Putin gave him a real Russian cat. Siberian lohmach went to Japan and, as stated by its new owner, feels great.

Now both Yume and Buffy have turned into large, beautiful dogs who enjoy spending time with their master. Photos of the President with his favorites are often published on the official website of the Kremlin, in the personal blog of Vladimir Vladimirovich.

The president’s love for dogs is not limited to the territory of his own kennel. Animal protector Brigitte Bardot was convinced of this. In her letter to the first person of Russia, she expressed regret for the killing of four-legged animals as part of a program to reduce the number of stray dogs. The request of the actress was to change the radical deprivation of life for a more humane castration. Putin respected the wishes of the French beauty and handed the letter to the Ministry of Nature Protection. In gratitude for the support, Bordeaux named Vladimir Vladimirovich the president of her heart.