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Husky eats nothing what to do

What to do?

Give your child a chance to get hungry!

1) remove all snacks from the reach of a child of any age: cookies, fruits, juices, compotes, sweet teas, sweets, sandwiches, etc. everything that contains calories and can interrupt the appetite;

2) offer the child to eat and be ready that he will refuse;

3) remain calm and friendly;

4) wait until the child feels hungry, and he himself asks for food or agree to your proposal!

In this situation, the most difficult thing is to control yourself so as not to panic and not start feeding your baby when you think he is hungry, and not when he really wants to eat. Children who have never experienced hunger cannot even identify it. therefore, it may take them a little more time to realize than you have patience.

If the child does not eat anything for 1 or 2 days, he will not die. Everything will be fine with him! As soon as he realizes that he is hungry, he himself will come to you and ask you to eat.

How to send him to kindergarten if he does not eat anything?

Before going to kindergarten, my son Nazar had never faced being forced to eat. Even at 2 months, being artificially fed, he ate only 4 times a day, not 8, and gave back any attempt to feed with a fountain. Fortunately, I realized that this was his way of signaling satiety. When he went to kindergarten, one of my main requests to the teachers was not to force him to eat under any circumstances. The first few weeks they lamented and said that apart from a loaf and stewed fruit, he did not eat anything, then with surprise and delight they began to tell that Nazar eats soups and cereals better than anyone else. Of course, because soups and cereals are my son’s favorite dishes, and when he got used to the new environment, people, children and daily routine, he began to eat with pleasure what he loved to eat at home.!

He is not hungry?!

The simplest and most obvious reason why a child does not eat is simply that he is not hungry. We try so hard to feed the kids that they don’t even know what hunger is. Once I witnessed how my friend forcibly fed her 8-month-old son with cottage cheese. Ivan sobbed, but swallowed, to all my questions why she was doing this, Natalya replied: “I’m so calmer.” Just think about it! Calmer from what? From the fact that he will have a full stomach, but at the same time he is crying and she is abusing him?!

It hurts him!

When my son Nazar was about 2 years old, we rested in the Crimea. On the way to the sea, probably on a train, he contracted stomatitis. these are such small, but very painful sores in the mouth. It was very painful to swallow and chew food, and therefore for 6 days Nazar did not eat anything, only drank water. The infection went away on the fourth day after special treatment and treatment, but for two more days my son was simply afraid to eat. Knowing that he loves dumplings and fries the most, my husband and I took him to our favorite cafe and took both dishes, as well as ice cream, cake. whatever he might like. At first, the son refused to eat. we did not persuade, we just said that we were hungry and decided to eat, but he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to. We ate dumplings and watched our son: at first he just sat, then burst into tears, and only then, probably 40 minutes later, carefully ate the dumplings. Then more and more. We were happy. now the main thing was not to overfeed, because Nazar’s appetite woke up and he was convinced that the pain was gone!

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When a child is sick, the body does not perceive food. all its strength is spent on fighting the source of the disease, and the brain simply does not send signals of hunger. That is why the child does not want to eat. But as soon as the baby begins to recover, the brain immediately sends a signal: it’s time to eat.!

SOS! The child does not eat anything! What to do?!

We consistently find out the reasons and save the situation

husky, eats

“Give me another spoon and that’s it! And now a spoon for dad, now for mom, and now for grandmother. “

Many parents are familiar with this story. to persuade their child to eat.

I am often asked what to do if a child does not eat, and, to be honest, this is one of the simplest and most difficult questions at the same time.

No, with a child, everything is just simple. usually you just need him to get hungry. But with the parents, the real problem is that it is difficult for them to survive if they do not feed the child. For example, here is what the mother of a one-year-old daughter says: “At first we did not force-feed her. Do you think I do not feel sorry for my child when he cries? Until six months she ate when she wanted, then she refused to eat. I endured a day (KEY Phrase. I endured a day!), Then I fed it forcefully, because I cannot look at my child without tears. Skin and bones, all the ribs, the spine are visible! ” Listening to this mother, I could hardly resist not asking her: “How should she look at 6 months? Swollen with fat? ” Children are different. plump and thin. Mine, for example, were born thin, the son grew up like that, and when the youngest daughter gained 1700 g in the first month only by breastfeeding, I was seriously scared, because there was nothing of the kind with the eldest. I added the “prescribed” 700 g per month and all.

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Food is evil?!

For various reasons, we, adults, sometimes do not want to eat either: troubles at work, hot, busy with something interesting, just not hungry yet. But for some reason we are sure that children are simply obliged to always eat with appetite! And so we are ready to persuade the child to eat for hours, and if persuasion does not help, we begin to entertain. cartoons, talking dolls, dancing relatives. Threats do not help either. you won’t go for a walk, don’t buy a toy, you won’t watch your favorite cartoon, you won’t get up from the table until you eat it. Once in my childhood I spent the whole day over a plate of borscht and by the evening I was already hungry, but I never asked to eat, because somewhere inside I understood that if I eat, I will lose and I will always have to eat.

We ourselves teach children that food is boring, that it is violence, that it is evil.

What to do? It’s easy to understand that a child, like us, may have many reasons why he does not want to eat at the moment, and be ready to feed when he has an appetite. It’s so easy. take a bottle of milk, yogurt, puree, fruit or even a thermos with your favorite soup for a walk and feed your child quickly and easily when he gets hungry, right on the street! Fortunately, civilization provides us with all the possibilities for this: wet napkins, dishes, thermoses.

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The dog does not eat or drink anything

Previous symptoms were related to non-dangerous diseases,
which most often pass by themselves. Usually, if the dog refuses to eat, he
drinks water, if the dog drinks, then everything is fine.

It is much worse if the dog does not
only refuses to eat, but also to drink. Such symptoms can be
signs of poisoning or problems with the liver or pancreas. Now
cases of poisoning of dogs with poisons that are scattered on the street so
called dog hunters. These non-humans specifically poison dogs, and for this
choose the most terrible poisons that lead to a long and painful death
animals. If your dog refuses to eat or drink, immediately run to
vet or call him home.

The dog does not eat anything: what to do?

Unfortunately, it so happened that our smaller brothers, like
people are prone to various diseases. And the task of any good master is on time
recognize a dangerous disease in your pet and provide him with a qualified
help if you understand this, or deliver your pet to
veterinarian. It is very important to recognize the disease in time, and for this you need to know
symptoms of various diseases. Today we will talk about such a symptom as a lack of appetite in a dog.

Let’s figure out why the dog doesn’t eat anything, and what is it with
may be related. Lack of appetite can be different, so we
we will try to make out as many variants of this dangerous symptom as possible.

If the dog refuses food, then it is not a fact that you need
immediately rush headlong to the doctor or start stuffing your pet with different
medicines. Remember yourself, because you also do not always have an appetite, but this is not
means that you are sick. Not only people arrange fasting days for themselves, dogs
can also arrange a rest for their stomach, so if the dog drinks, but not
eats, you should watch her. If the next day the dog is as usual
began to eat breakfast, when you brought her food, it may well be that she
it was just a fasting day.

4 Symptoms That Could Cost Your Dog Its Life

If the dog refused to eat the next
day, then you should already think. The reason for this behavior can also be
there may be different reasons and not necessarily these reasons are serious. Look at
thermometer, if it’s hot outside, then the dog may well refuse to eat, in
heat and people are not particularly hungry. It may be that the dog simply does not
like the food you offer her, this can happen with both
with natural products and with dry food, the food simply does not suit your
pet or he is simply tired of the same food. It may well be that
offering a different feed or changing diet will help your pet again
gain an appetite. But if such simple methods do not help, if the weather is outside the window
nothing to do with, then the refusal of the pet from food is a very serious symptom. let’s
Let’s figure out what diseases can be a symptom of refusal to eat by a dog.

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Why doesn’t the dog eat

So, what could be the reason for a dog’s refusal to eat?,
if all harmless reasons do not fit. Most common reason for rejection
from food in dogs. these are worms. Yes, just like that, banal and simple. If you noticed,
that your pet refuses to eat, began to behave strangely, when infected
dogs with worms can very often be observed as the dog rides on its butt,
especially often this symptom manifests itself in small, indoor dogs and in
puppies. Therefore, if your dog
refuses to eat, first of all remember the last time you
carried out the deworming procedure. Or, more simply, they chased worms. Chase
these parasites need about once every 6 months and carry out this procedure
you need it regularly. Remember that you should not chase worms too often, because
drugs that kill worms are also harmful to the dog’s body, so here
everything is good in moderation.

Another reason for refusing food can be frustration
stomach, usually with refusal to eat, vomiting, weakness.
These symptoms are typical of food poisoning and are best in such a situation.
call a doctor, rinse the dog’s intestines, give activated charcoal, give
drinking plenty of fluids and not touching the dog over trifles. For an upset dog’s stomach
need peace.

“Help Cesar My Dog Won’t Eat!”

Another reason for refusing food in a dog can be quite
natural needs of the body. They are associated with procreation, if
a bitch lives near your house and she is in heat, then your dog may well
refuse to eat, it’s just not food on his mind, but completely different problems,
in a few days your pet’s appetite will return.

Dental problems can also be a reason for refusing to eat
dogs. If you notice that your pet has started eating and then quit eating
– this may indicate that he has a toothache. Help in this
in case your pet can be a veterinarian, but in general you need to monitor the cleanliness of your teeth
your pet.

The dog eats nothing and is sluggish

Such symptoms can be both in poisoning and in different
viral diseases, for example, a dog can pick up the distemper. If vaccination against
your pet has distemper, then you should not worry, after a few days
the dog will return to normal. If there are no vaccinations, then you need to urgently contact
see a doctor, otherwise you may lose your pet.

Remember that a dog’s refusal to eat is already a symptom of,
that something is wrong with your pet. The question is what to do if the dog is nothing
eats, excellent, and you can ask them for a few days, but still better
consult a doctor, even if there is nothing serious. As shows
practice, the dog can refuse food also because it is sad.
Imagine, dogs can get depressed too. So give
more time for your pets, walk with them, talk, be near and
then the loss of appetite for your four-legged friend is not threatened J.