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Is it possible to feed the cat only dry

Do cats need variety?

One of the arguments in favor of mixed food is the notion that dry food is too monotonous food. This opinion is based on anthropocentrism inherent in people, that is, a judgment about everything from a human point of view. In fact, the composition of dry food is not at all monotonous, look how many different ingredients it contains, which together make up a balanced diet. Of course, the taste and smell of cat food will be the same from day to day, but she does not need another.

Even among omnivorous people, the percentage of gourmets is not too high. most eat about the same set of foods every day, and if their diet is balanced, they feel great, let alone cats, which are obligate predators, which means they are adapted to eat at all with only one meat.

Is eating dry food harmful to health??

Benefit or harm does not depend on the type of food, but on the composition of the product itself. If dry food does not meet the needs of a cat, does not contain enough of the most important ingredient for it. meat, but consists mainly of grain components, then, of course, it can bring harm to the animal’s health. Therefore, it is very important to choose high-quality dry food, in which the sources of animal protein take the first places.

Some owners believe that eating one dry food raises the risk of developing urolithiasis, since there is practically no moisture in it, and insufficient water intake has a negative effect on the urinary system of cats. The last statement is true, but it doesn’t matter if the cat gets water from food or consumes it separately.

The amount of fluid in the body is strictly regulated by a whole system of signals, the last of which is the stimulation of the thirst center in the animal’s brain. Therefore, if there is not enough water in the body, then the cat will actively look for it, and the owner’s task is to provide the pet with the opportunity to drink clean and fresh water every day. This is worth taking special care of if you feed the cat only dry food. do not be lazy to change the water in the bowl every day.

Closely observe how much fluid your pet is consuming, and if necessary, place additional bowls of water in areas of the house where the cat likes to spend time.

If you have chosen the right diet that meets all the needs of the animal, follow the feeding rules, which we wrote about in detail in this article, then you can feed the cat only dry food without any harm, and even with benefits for his health

Change feed gradually

Replacement of food is possible only for medical reasons or when the animal moves from one age group to another. But even in such cases, it is necessary to transfer the cat to a new diet gradually.

Veterinarians recommend a two-week transition scheme: on the first day, about 20% of the new is added to the old feed, and this ratio increases over and over again until the daily requirement reaches 100%. The gradual introduction of a new diet makes it easier for the pet to adapt to the new food, in addition, allows the owner to observe the animal’s well-being. If a negative reaction occurs, for example, problems with wool, it is necessary to choose a different food. It is best to do this in conjunction with your veterinarian.

How to train a cat to dry food

It is allowed to transfer a pet to dry food at any age. For animals with medical indications, for example, those suffering from urolithiasis, who have undergone castration or sterilization, full nutrition is the only option to maintain health.

If the pet is already an adult and has been eating natural products all its life, then it should be transferred to dry food gradually, within 10-14 days, adding a dry product to the usual food. It is impossible to drastically deprive the animal of its usual diet, this can lead to stress and disruption of the digestive system.

For some pets, the process of switching to a new diet is difficult. However, if there are no alarming symptoms, for example, stool disorders, behavior changes, then there is no reason to refuse to replace the natural diet with industrial feed.

The capriciousness of the animal may be associated with an improperly selected diet. Check with your veterinarian to see if your cat can be fed the dry food of your choice.

During the transition to a new diet, monitor your pet’s health and mood. If you do everything right, he will feel cheerful, healthy and friendly.

General information

Most owners have doubts about whether cats can be fed dry food, and whether it is normal if the cat only eats it. In fact, this is not something that is normal, but even useful, since it contains everything you need. But only if you buy super. premium. class or holistic food. Only such a product of proper quality, which really contains meat, and not substitutes. And if the feed has a good composition, then the development of many diseases will be prevented, which will help maintain excellent condition in animals.

A cat needs to be fed dry food also because its body gets used to one composition of food, and digestion may be disturbed when other foods are added.

possible, feed, only

Varieties by class

Dry food is very healthy. And it makes life much easier for the owner. Then why for decades have cat owners constantly have questions about feeding? And why industrial feeds are overgrown with a lot of “facts” claiming their dangers. To understand these issues, you first need to understand that not all feeds are the same. And some of them are even harmful. The table below shows the characteristics of feeds of various classes. from economy to holistic.

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Table. Varieties of feed by class

Economy – Cheap products;
– made on the basis of carbohydrate food (soybeans, legumes, corn) and meat industry waste;
– not useful for a cat;
– contains dyes, flavoring agents, flavor enhancers;
– is addictive and addictive;
– assimilation 60-70%
– “Kitikat”;
– “Whiskas”;
– “Darling”;
– “Our Mark”;
– “Felix”;
– “Friskas”
Premium – Products of the middle class;
– contains a small amount of meat;
– the composition includes vegetables, vitamins, cereals;
– does not contain harmful additives, soy;
– digestibility 70-80%
– Royal Canin;
– “Pro Plan”;
– “Akana”;
– “Hills”
Super premium – High quality products;
– contains natural meat, cereals, vegetables, berries, fruits, plant extracts;
– does not contain dyes, chemical additives;
– digestibility 90%
– “Animonda”;
– “Eukanuba”;
– “Brit Kea”;
– “Nutram”
Holistic – Products of the highest quality;
– contains natural meat from ecologically clean areas;
– the composition includes only nitrate-free vegetables and fruits;
– completely free from chemical additives
– “Origen”;
– “Innova”;
– “Grandorf”

As part of premium and super-premium nutrition, they produce medicinal food. These are specially formulated diets for cats with allergies; pets suffering from gastrointestinal tract pathologies, urolithiasis. Such feeds are prescribed exclusively by a veterinarian after a diagnosis of the disease. Their use as a preventive measure is strictly prohibited.

About sweets

Now let’s talk about how we love our tailed pets. The measure of love for children and animals in our culture is food. the more we love, the better we feed. Proper feeding is the key to the health of the animal, so it is worth remembering once and for all: an excess of food is very harmful and dangerous for the animal. For an apartment bummer, food can be the main source of pleasure, and he will demand food again and again.

When deciding how to properly feed a cat with dry food, do not forget that each animal is individual. Therefore, carefully monitor the condition of your cat. Beautiful coat, absence of problems with stool, weight retention and good activity are the main indicators that the feed is selected and given correctly.

What type of food to choose. dry or wet?

Today, the industrial feed industry is growing rapidly. The brands offer various types of both “drying” and canned food for cats. Owners prefer to purchase wet food, as it looks more like natural food, and “croutons” are not associated with normal food for most consumers. In fact, it is more important to pay attention to the composition of the food, since canned food can contain significantly less meat than pellets, and not be of any benefit to the pet.

It is also important to take into account the condition of the animal itself. Therefore, whether cats can only be fed dry food depends on their well-being and physical data. For example, granules for young healthy individuals. quite a suitable option, but it is better for small kittens to give soft pate, as well as to sick, weakened and old animals.

“Natural” or industrial feed?

The choice of food for pets today is very wide. Some owners believe that feeding their cats only dry food can harm their health, so they prefer to treat their pets to natural food. But it is important to understand that food from the table is harmful to animals, as it contains salt and spices that are dangerous for the pet. Therefore, “natural” should be prepared for the pet separately from human food and not contain various additives typical for human dishes. In addition, vitamins will need to be added to the animal’s diet. This takes skill and time, and many owners choose to switch their furry friends to industrial food, as it is already fully balanced by the producers.

Is it possible to feed cats only dry food twice a day?

A cat in the house is not only the joy of communicating with a four-legged friend, but also a huge responsibility. Miniature predators, despite their independence and legendary “9 Lives”, are very fragile creatures prone to diseases, so any owner should be careful about their well-being. In addition to regular check-ups with veterinarians to monitor health, the owner should pay attention to balanced feeding.

Types of dry food

Premium feed. already contains a small amount of meat and nutrients. Today these include the Royal Canine and the Hills. Is it possible to feed the cat only with dry food from these manufacturers? After the production was moved to Russia, many complain that the quality of food has dropped, because earlier these brands were attributed to the super-premium class. Therefore, if the animal is completely healthy, then such granules can be given, but it is better to consider higher-level options.

Super-premium. they contain many natural ingredients, they are almost completely free of chemicals and flavorings. True, animals do not eat them very willingly, since there are no aromatic components in the composition. These include ProNature Holistic, Profine Adult Cat. However, veterinarians and breeders give a positive answer to the question whether it is possible to feed a cat with dry food all the time.

Holistic. known mainly only among breeders. These are Orijnen, Acana brands. Such granules are produced only from natural ingredients without the addition of preservatives and enhancers. The cost of food is very high, but they are completely harmless to pets and help them maintain health and beauty for many years.

Myths and truths about industrial feed

Veterinarians and breeders advise feeding pets with ready-made food, as it contains all the necessary substances for their full life. Manufacturers offer various types of ready-to-eat pet food. Can cats only be fed dry food? Will it harm your health? These are the questions asked by many owners of tailed friends.

There are several myths about industrial feed. One of them says that granules can cause diseases of the genitourinary system in cats. This is partly true, but the development of ICD is provoked not by the “drying” itself, but by improper nutrition and lack of water. Cheap food, irregular and infrequent drinking, as well as food “off the table” are the main causes of problems with the genitourinary system in a pet. If you treat him with high-quality food, provide constant access to liquid and regularly visit a specialist, then he should not have such diseases.

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Another common belief is that food made in production causes pet allergies and makes the coat dull and brittle. It also depends on the quality of the feed. Super-premium food and holistic, on the contrary, do not contain substances that can provoke such reactions. And the special additives included in the composition help the animal to maintain health and excellent appearance for many years.

Also, many believe that in the manufacture of granules and canned food, various wastes are used, for example, bones, hooves, tumors, animal corpses. However, firms that produce high-quality food, super-premium class and above, care about their reputation and make “drying” and canned food only from meat and do not add aromatic and flavoring components.

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Cat Dry Food

How to properly feed dry food?

It is better not to change the chosen food. Animals do not have as developed taste buds as humans, so they do not need a lot of variety. Therefore, when asked whether it is possible to feed a cat with different dry food, many professionals give a negative answer.

Animals sitting on pellets must have constant and unrestricted access to fresh water. If the animal drinks little liquid, then there is a risk of developing urolithiasis.

Some of the owners feel sorry for their pet, who is forced to eat some “crackers” and indulge them with canned food. Is it possible to feed the cat only premium dry food or any other kind and sometimes treat them to spiders? There is no single opinion here. Some of the experts believe that it is categorically impossible, since the cat’s stomach does not have time to rebuild. Some do not see anything wrong with this, but they advise giving canned food of the same brand as dry food.

The dosage indicated on the package must also be observed. However, it is important to understand that the amount of food depends on the condition of the animal.

Vet Advice | Should I Feed My Cat Wet or Dry Food?

Transfer to dry food

Transfer to dry food should be smooth and not stressful for the animal. Professionals recommend adding pellets to the cat’s usual diet, gradually increasing their amount. On average, this procedure will take from 10 to 15 days.

For example, add 15 pellets to the food on the first day. If the cat refuses to eat them, then “drying” can be chopped and mixed with regular food. Some owners recommend soaking the pellets, this advice is more suitable for small kittens.

Special fussy people can refuse food if a little industrial is mixed into it. In this case, you need to show firmness, remove the food and try to offer it a few hours later, when the animal is hungry.

It is important to understand that when the cat is completely transferred to dry food, she should not be given something from the table, as this can cause irreparable harm to her digestive system.

Dry food as the only product in the cat’s diet

High-quality dry food contains everything a cat’s body needs: it includes proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins. the list goes on for a long time. Such a product will provide your cat or cat with proper balanced nutrition. At the same time, feeding the pet with something else is not only not necessary, but even not recommended, and here’s why:

  • It is difficult for a cat’s digestive system to constantly rebuild from one type of food to another;
  • the balance of substances necessary for the body may be disturbed, since the necessary norm already exists in the dry product.

In practice, mixed feeding is used by many cat owners, and opinions about it are controversial. Veterinarians still recommend choosing one thing: either high-quality food. “drying”, or natural food (meat, vegetables, cereals, vitamins). “natural”.

Is it possible to feed the cat only dry food

The place of ready-made food in the cat’s diet often raises many questions among the owners of furry pets. Can I feed my cat only dry food? How to do it right? Which manufacturer is the best? The answer to the first of these questions is unambiguous: you can! Read about the choice of food and the rules for feeding the pet with the finished product below.

How to choose food

In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is worth following a few simple recommendations:

It is also worth familiarizing yourself with a brief classification of feeds by their quality:

Benefit or harm?

So, there is no need to doubt: it is possible and even necessary to feed the cat only with a dry lump. But you need to be extremely responsible when choosing a brand. After all, poor quality food will negatively affect the health of the animal, and the consequences can appear after months or even years.

The composition of cheap food contains components that are harmful to cats, such as:

  • flavors;
  • dyes;
  • odor and taste enhancers;
  • preservatives.

The products of unscrupulous manufacturers also contain an excess of salt, sugar, spices, starch, and instead of real meat. by-products and meat waste. This mainly applies to economy class feeds, but it also occurs among brands that position themselves as premium (read more about the classification of feeds below).

On the contrary, professional feed, provided that it is correctly selected, will become a guarantee of health and longevity for a pet. They contain the following useful components:

  • natural meat of a certain type (beef, chicken, turkey poultry, rabbit, etc.);
  • a complex of vitamins and minerals;
  • amino acids;
  • probiotics.

over, all these components of good food are in the optimal ratio for the feline organism.

Professional “drying” is noticeably more expensive than advertised budget brands, but in fact its use saves the money of the attentive owner. It is difficult to disagree with this if you think about the costs of medicines and veterinarians will entail feeding your pet with low-quality cheap food.

In addition, due to the balance and greater energy value, a good product will last for a cat for a longer period.

Rules for feeding cats with dry food

The main thing to remember when transferring a pet to an exceptionally dry diet is water. Make sure that there is always enough of it in the cat bowl, and clean and fresh.

  • there is no need to give the cat food from different manufacturers, and even more so mix them in one bowl. each variety has its own characteristics associated with digestion;
  • a similar remark applies to natural food. it also cannot be mixed with ready-made feed;
  • the brand of feed can be changed, but not often. if there are no problems with the old diet, it is better to stick to it further;
  • once every 6 months, the cat will not be hurt by an examination and a blood test. this will show how the food is suitable for the pet.
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Is it possible to combine feed from different manufacturers

When feeding industrial feed, situations may arise when it needs to be changed. Changing feed within the same manufacturer does not have a negative impact on the pet. This could be due to age range, a change in health status, or pregnancy and lactation. But a change in the manufacturer and brand of food can affect the pet.

Industrial feed classes

Industrial cat food can be roughly divided into classes:

Kitekat is one of the popular economy foods and can be found in any supermarket.

Pro Plan contains a special, scientifically developed combination of ingredients to keep cats healthy over time

Of course, the most preferable foods for pet feeding are super premium class and holistic foods. They provide the cat with everything necessary for its life and do not require the introduction of vitamin and mineral supplements into the diet.

Photo gallery: types of dry food for cats with different needs

It has long been proven that the myth “Dry food = ICD” has no basis. When contacting a veterinary clinic with such a disease in a pet, a specialist, as a rule, already knows that there were serious violations in the pet’s nutrition: lack of constant access to water, combining dry food and natural food. You see, Barsik only drinks water from the tap. And the fact that the owners are absent from home for 10 hours, and the taps are accordingly closed, does not bother anyone. Or the popular one: “Oh, Murzik eats dry food, but he loves pollock and olives (cheese and sausage) so much that we never refuse him.” And then the races in hospitals begin, expensive surgeries and medications, and even the death of the pet. The negligence and illiteracy of the owners are to blame for everything, not dry food.

The key to health when eating dry food:

  • high quality feed from leading manufacturers;
  • round-the-clock access to water;
  • eating only industrial feed.

Is it possible to feed the cat only dry food

The modern industry offers pet owners a very convenient option for feeding them. dry food. This product causes a lot of controversy among veterinarians and cat owners. Some say that dry food is a balanced diet, to which you do not need to add anything but water. Others cite the facts that dangerous diseases begin to develop in animals that feed exclusively on dry granules. How are things really going on this issue??

What dry food is preferable when feeding a cat only with it?

To make your choice in favor of a particular manufacturer, you need to clarify a few nuances:

  • Pet features:
  • age;
  • health status;
  • the presence of pregnancy and lactation;
  • the presence of diagnosed diseases.
  • Composition. For a long time, the consumer has become accustomed to reading the composition on the packaging, but attention is not focused on cat food. This is mistake. The less preservatives, dyes, flavors and incomprehensible ingredients like “processed meat and vegetable components” are in the composition, the higher the quality of the feed.
  • Consumer reviews. A very powerful tool, but very individual. However, it would be better to consult with a specialist or breeder.
  • Is it possible to feed the cat only dry food

    Even a few decades ago, the owners did not think for a second about food for their pet. What they ate themselves was offered to the purr. But today, another yard cat with contempt will refuse “humanitarian aid” in the form of a sausage and with great pleasure devours a handful of dry food. What can we say about pets.

    Dry food is a great alternative to natural nutrition. It has significant advantages:

    • completely ready to use;
    • contains all the essential nutrients;
    • premium feeds are graded by age, breed and physical condition of the animal.

    If you look through the books on breeding cats that were published 20 years ago, then the recommendations for nutrition are as if a kitten lives in an elite sanatorium: food, vitamins, regimen, calorie content and many other “troubles”. Now all these problems are easily solved in one portion of dry food.

    So can you only feed your cat dry food? The answer is unequivocal. yes. A kitten can also use “crackers” if it has already been weaned from its mother. The only thing is that for the first feeding, it is better for the baby to still give pate. But even for little girls, leading manufacturers have special lines.

    As for the breed, then there are options designed for the needs of representatives of different breeds. Many brands have gone further in their development and produce food that meets the physical condition of the animal:

    • for weakened pets;
    • for allergy sufferers;
    • for pregnant and lactating cats;
    • for castrates;
    • for pets with different health characteristics (prone to urolithiasis, with impaired renal function, etc.).

    It is strictly forbidden to mix feed from different companies in one bowl. The fact is that each manufacturer uses its own manufacturing technologies. And for the assimilation of their products, various enzymes are required. The cat’s body cannot synthesize several enzymes at the same time. Therefore, serious health problems can arise. The same rule applies when trying to combine industrial and natural feed.

    The transfer of a cat from one food to another should be carried out gradually.

    The first thing to pay attention to is the work of the gastrointestinal tract. If there is no change, then you can continue to feed the new food. You also need to pay attention to the condition of the coat and skin. Deterioration in the quality of fur or allergic symptoms is a reason to return to the previous manufacturer. If the change of feed went well, and the pet feels great, then after about six months you need to visit the veterinarian, take a blood test and make sure that there are no hidden changes in the state of health.

    You can feed your cat only dry food. Now the market has the richest selection of ready-made food for cats: for every taste and wallet. When choosing a particular food, it is important to adhere to the recommendations of experts, but also take into account the needs of your pet.