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Is it possible to give a dog cat food

A cat canine, and a kitten can eat cat food?

Answering frequently asked questions about mixed feeding for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.
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03:16 Can I give my dog ​​peppers, cucumbers, onions, apples and other fruits or vegetables??
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#food for cats #food for dogs Can puppies feed cat food?

Nika fed the puppies with cat food, they ate it once or twice. we rather have a question for dog breeders. is it possible to give cat food to dogs? why are they his?
The nutritional requirements of dogs and cats differ slightly and this is taken into account when formulating feeds. Dogs can assimilate not only meat, but also plant foods in some quantities.
Cats, on the other hand, are obligate predators that ideally should only eat meat. Therefore, in feline foods, protein and meat products are higher than in dog foods. Experts believe that this is one of the reasons why dogs are so attracted to the contents of cat bowls.

Why dogs shouldn’t be fed cat food?

I scream at him because he already has liver problems and he also decided to eat a cat. Unfortunately, this dog cannot be anything other than the special food that the vet has prescribed. Since complications can be very serious.

How to Keep the Puppy From Eating the Cat’s Food : Pet Behavior


“My dog ​​loves cat food. Can I give her cat food? “. no forum of dog breeders can do without such a question. So is there a difference between dog and cat food, and is it harmful to feed your dog cat food? It turns out that there is a difference, and quite significant. No matter how similar our pets may seem to us, the digestive system in dogs and cats is arranged differently. These features are taken into account by manufacturers of ready-made animal feed. That is why none of them produce universal foods suitable for all pets.


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What will happen if the dog is fed cat food

Many people think that there is no difference between dog and cat food, but this is not true. And if you feed your dog food for cats, he may have problems.
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First, the main danger is the high protein content, which can lead to liver disease. In addition, many, especially small breeds, are allergic to protein. In dog food, protein varies within 15-25%, and in feline food in the range of 40-70%. The difference is palpable. Many probably watched their pets an increased interest in cat food, they adore it and eat it with great pleasure. The fact is that dogs love cat food because of its high protein content, the food for them is tasty, but unhealthy.
Secondly, cat food contains taurine, which helps cats digest their food. Dogs don’t need extra taurine.
Thirdly, the increased acidity of cat food can lead to metabolic disorders in the dog’s body.
Let’s not forget the most important thing: cats and dogs are completely different animals, so why feed them the same food??

possible, give, food

Question: Can the dog be fed cat food??

Can dogs be fed cat food??

Many dog ​​owners have repeatedly wondered whether it is possible to feed their pet cat food. The answer is unequivocal. it is impossible. This is due to the fact that these types of animals are completely different, and accordingly, the food contains vitamins suitable for certain types of pets, cat food. for cats, and dog food for dogs.

How to wean a dog to eat cat food?

Indeed, cases when a dog prefers cat food are quite common. But in such a situation, the pet owner must make every effort to wean the animal from eating such food.

If both a cat and a dog live in the house, then they should be fed in different rooms or at different times.

You can raise a bowl of cat food to the height where the dog is not able to reach, but the cat will easily find its way to its own food.

In a situation where it is not possible to move the cat’s bowl to a different height, and even more so to feed the animals in separate rooms, it is recommended to wash their bowls immediately after feeding the pets. This will help prevent the dog from walking up to the cat’s bowl and licking it.

The dog prefers to eat cat food.

Such a situation is quite possible, but the dog does not understand that such food will ruin his health, but the pet owner should not only understand this, but also prevent such nutrition.

It is worth noting that when a dog refuses dog food, you need to look for the reason for this behavior.

  • Daily overeating (in this case, it is recommended to reduce the portion of food)
  • The presence of feeding between main meals (feeding must be stopped)
  • Feeding food after consumption that the dog does not want to even look at dry food.
  • Unappetizing food (salty, sour, spicy, bitter)
  • Bowl availability (after each meal, you need to take the bowl from your pet, even if there is still food left).
  • Lack of physical activity, and as a result, lack of desire to eat.

In addition to the above points, the dog may have some health problems. To exclude this reason, it is recommended to contact your veterinarian.

Good quality cat food does no harm to your dog

This is also a misconception, since even the highest quality cat food contains a large amount of protein, taurine and, of course, acidity should not be forgotten.

The main misconceptions of the owners

As a rule, dog owners do not see anything wrong with feeding their pet cat food. And then, the dog begins to hurt and, in the absence of timely treatment, it may even die.

The main misconceptions of dog owners regarding their feeding are as follows:

There is absolutely no difference between cat and dog food, the difference was invented by marketers to improve sales.

This is a very deep misconception, since the difference between these feeds is enormous.

For example, in dog food, protein is present from 15 to 25%, and in cat food it is twice as much from 40 to 60%. Therefore, if you feed the dog with cat food for a long time, then he may have kidney problems, allergic reactions will appear and obesity is not excluded.

Cat food contains a substance such as taurine, which allows cats to digest food faster. Dogs need this substance.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

All cat food has high acidity, so if the dog eats it, it will have problems with metabolic processes.

The first symptoms of the disease in dogs with regular use of cat food

When a dog regularly eats food for cats, it remains only to wait for the moment when it begins to adversely affect the animal’s body. It is not worth hoping that the dog will be lucky and the cat food will not harm it, it is just a matter of time.

Ear problems are the first signs of an overdose in dogs with cat food. The dog begins to hear worse, the development of otitis media is observed. Then, the eyes begin to suffer (the pet begins to go blind, if the treatment is delayed, the animal may completely lose sight) and the skin (rash). If you do not start treatment at this stage, then the next stage is the development of renal failure, and as a result, death.

Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to feed the dog with cat food, even if the pet cannot live without this delicacy. It will be much easier for a dog owner to survive an insult from his pet than his death.

In the event that feeding has already been carried out and the pet has hearing problems, you need to immediately quit all business and go to the veterinarian.

Is it okay to give a dog cat food and how it will affect its health

The food of the animal should be balanced, satisfying and healthy. Not only the well-being of the four-footed friend will depend on this, but also the duration of his life. Let’s figure out if it is possible to give a dog cat food, what dog breeders and veterinarians say about this.

Cat food. harm to dogs

If dog owners introduce cat food into their diet, they should be aware of the consequences of such a decision. The fact is that the nutritional needs of a dog are radically different from that of a feline. If the former can assimilate both meat and plant foods, the latter can only digest meat.

Cat food contains a high percentage of protein to carbohydrates and fats, which leads to excessive stress on the liver, kidneys, and causes disorders of the digestive tract in dogs.

There are also various vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which can lead to a weakening of the pet’s bone apparatus, provoke various injuries and damage. For example, an element such as taurine is required for cats, but dogs are able to produce it on their own.

Feeding your dog cat food increases the risk of acidity. As a result, the pet will suffer from heartburn, bowel disorders such as vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite are possible.

What else to look for when choosing food for a dog so that it gets better and strengthens its immunity:

  • Vitamin B percentage. dogs need less vitamin B than cats.
  • Fiber (lower in dog food). this element is necessary to maintain the normal weight of the animal, but in excess leads to a deficiency of minerals and fat-soluble substances.
  • The level of vitamins E and PP. the minimum amount, if the dosage is exceeded, then harm to the dog is manifested by bleeding gums, weakness of the respiratory system.
  • The presence of iodine and phosphorus. with an excess, problems with the thyroid gland, the appearance of urolithiasis, impaired liver and kidney function may occur.
  • Sodium, potassium. if these substances are not received enough, malfunctions of the heart, muscular apparatus, intestines appear.

Of course, feeding a cat with dog food or vice versa is not recommended, because the consequences of such a rash decision can be serious.

If the dog eats cat food

Some dog breeders believe that fattening a dog is more effective with cat food, as this product is better eaten by pets than dog food. However, this is unacceptable.

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If you become addicted to cat food, you can solve this problem as follows:

  • remove the bowl of cat food on a hill;
  • if you refuse to eat dog food, go on a hunger strike, but do not give food for cats;
  • use training methods using the “fu” and “no” commands.

If the dog does not eat dry food, then you need to exclude pet health problems, introduce a strict diet, stimulate appetite by methods of active games, jogging.

Take care of your four-legged friends and be responsible for those you have tamed.

Why is cat food for dogs dangerous?

A dog with regular cat food is deficient in essential nutrients, since all vitamins and minerals are balanced for cats and not for dogs.

The main danger is the high protein content, which can lead to liver disease. In addition, many, especially small breeds, are allergic to protein. In dog food, protein varies within 15-25%, and in feline food in the range of 40-70%. The difference is palpable. Many probably watched their pets an increased interest in cat food, they adore it and eat it with great pleasure. The fact is that dogs love cat food because of its high protein content, the food for them is tasty, but unhealthy. The energy value of cat food is much higher than that of dogs. Therefore, regular feeding increases the risk of obesity.

The next danger is that cat food is acidic, which is a definite plus for the cats themselves, but dangerous for dogs. The increased acidity affects the pancreas, as a result, the animal will experience constant heartburn. Feeding puppies with cat food can lead to impaired development of the musculoskeletal system.

Cat food contains taurine, which contributes to normal digestion of food in cats, and in dogs, the body produces it on its own, so dogs do not need additional taurine.

While some dog and cat foods have very similar formulations, there are small but significant differences. For example, cat food contains more vitamin B, which dogs need less. An excess of protein, which is more in cat food, negatively affects the health of the dog’s eyes, increases the risk of otitis media, and may develop a skin rash.

Of course, tangible harm to a pet from feeding cat food will be noticeable after a long period of time, some dogs can eat cat food regularly without harm to health for more than six months, but others have an instant reaction of the body, manifested in vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms characteristic of the disorder stomach. In such cases, it is unacceptable even occasionally to give harmful food. Especially harmful is food for cats for the elderly, as well as for dogs weakened for the period and after illness.

Can you give your dog cat food?

Asking the question “Can I feed my dog ​​cat food?” you should think about whether it is worth asking such questions at all.

Cat food differs from dog food in the set of ingredients, the balance of vitamins and minerals, calorie content, and naturally, such food cannot be given to a dog, otherwise the same food would be produced for such different animals.

Some owners make excuses that their beloved pet is capricious and does not eat anything except cat food. This problem can be solved simply. to put a bowl of food for 15-20 minutes at the appropriate time for feeding, and then clean it up, even if the dog did not touch the food. Access to water must always be ensured. An animal may not approach food for more than 2 days, but then hunger will still take its toll. This method is not cruel, as many might think, but effective. For a pet’s health, proper feeding is important and no whims, pitiful begging eyes should not make changes to the diet, except in cases where the food really does not suit the pet and causes allergies.

A common problem is feeding cats and dogs living together, which tend to steal food from each other. But this problem is being solved. If the dog has tried the food from the cat’s bowl once, then there is no need to fear for the pet’s health, but regular feeding is unacceptable.

How to wean a dog from eating cat food

You can avoid stealing food from a cat by feeding separately, i.e. feed a dog in one room, a cat in another, or at different times.

You can raise the cat’s bowl to such a height that the dog cannot reach, the cat can find its way to food.

If the bowls are on the same level and in the same room, then after eating, you should immediately wash the bowls so that the dog does not come up and lick someone else’s bowl, do not allow her to finish eating someone else’s food.

Of course, cat food will harm only with regular and prolonged feeding, but why take risks if there is high-quality dog ​​food, and if you do not like ready-made food, then you can switch to natural feeding.

Differences between dog and cat food

Before giving cat food to dogs, it’s worth finding out what the difference is between cat food and dog food. Despite the fact that both animals are predators, they have different physiological characteristics, which means their body has different nutrients to support life.

Note! In families in which a dog and a cat live at the same time, it is not uncommon for one of the pets to steal food from the other. This often happens to dogs, tailed animals do it solely out of curiosity.

However, the food eaten by the feline family is very different from the dog food mix. To understand what the difference is, it is worth considering several important nuances:

  • For the body of cats, amino acids are of particular importance, for this reason the protein component is of particular importance in cat food. They often contain a taurine sulfonic acid supplement that does not meet the needs of the dogs;
  • All cat food mixtures have a high level of fat. This is due to the fact that in the process of metabolism in cats and cats, unlike dogs, there is no synthesis of arachidonic acid. But triglyceride acids are additional sources of energy for cats;
  • Feline products have fewer loafs and carbohydrates than dog foods. An increased level of these elements can lead to disruption of the functioning of the digestive organs of cats. But the dog’s diet assumes a greater amount of the content of the energetically valuable carbohydrate component;
  • mixtures for cats contain a high index of B vitamins. They take part in the processes of energy metabolism, synthesis and breakdown of amino acids that are obtained with protein. But dog food has a slightly different fortification scheme.

Why is cat food for dogs dangerous?

The question of whether dogs can eat cat food worries many owners who have two pets in their house or apartment.

If you give one feed mixture to two pets at once, then this will save money, but you should still think about the health of the tailed friend.

Regular consumption of cat food by a dog can cause serious problems with the digestive system.

To better understand whether it is possible to feed a dog with cat food or not, it is worth finding out the possible harm it can cause to the dog’s health:

  • Due to the high protein content of feline products, dogs may experience severe allergies when consumed. An allergic reaction in animals can manifest itself in different ways. some may experience otitis media, asthma, ulcers with a purulent structure, rashes with an itching sensation may form on the skin. Small decorative dogs are especially susceptible to allergies;
  • often, many manufacturers acidify cat food, so after eating it, dogs may experience severe heartburn or indigestion;
  • mixtures for cats are high in calories and nutritional value. If dogs eat it often, then soon they can gain excess weight and they will develop obesity, which can lead to various health complications;
  • Due to the low levels of vitamin E and zinc in the cat’s diet, the immune system of a tailed pet can quickly decrease. The animal’s body will become susceptible to various diseases;
  • in the composition of food for cats and cats there is a high level of proteins and fats, but there are practically no carbohydrates. But dogs from carbohydrates are replenished with the necessary energy and strength for full-fledged life, therefore, when using cat mixtures, they will quickly get tired, and will constantly arrive in a sluggish state;
  • In the diet for cats, there is a low level of fiber, but this element is necessary for dogs for normal digestion. As a result, regular consumption of mixtures for cats will cause frequent constipation in dogs or provoke diarrhea.

Answering the question whether it is possible for a dog to have dry cat food, you can immediately answer in the negative. Of course, if the dog has eaten cat food once or twice, then it will not be dangerous for his health. But if a pet eats it regularly, then it may have various problems that can threaten its health.

Important! It is worth remembering that the body of elderly animals, puppies, pregnant females reacts especially sharply to improperly selected food or poor quality food. For this reason, the nutrition of such animals should be treated with high responsibility.

Can you give your dog cat food?

If you have a dog and a cat in your house, then you probably wondered more than once. is it possible to give a dog cat food? over, the food that is intended for cats can greatly please the dog, and over time it can become very addicted to it. But can you feed your dog cat food? To answer this question, it is worth considering the distinctive features of cat food and its possible danger to four-legged animals.

How to wean a dog from eating cat food

What to do if your dog eats cat food and is not going to give it up?

You should not make concessions to your pet, you should show composure and let him know that you are not going to give up just like that.

In this case, the main thing is patience and perseverance, then it is imperative to wean the tailed friend from constantly looking into the cat’s bowl.

In order for the process of weaning a dog from eating food for cats and cats to be successful, several useful recommendations should be followed during it:

  • pets should be fed at different times. First, you need to feed the dog, and after that you can pour the food into the bowl of the cat or cat. But when the cat eats, it is recommended to lure the dog with something at this time, so that he does not look at the mustache and does not seek to climb into his cup. It is better to take him to another room and play with a ball, or take him outside for a walk;
  • you can put the cat’s bowl in a place that the dog simply won’t be able to reach. As this place, you can use a window sill, wardrobe, refrigerator, chest of drawers. Of course, this can create some difficulties for the owner and the cat, but it can ensure that the four-legged pet does not get to the cat treat;
  • so that the dog does not have a desire to eat cat food when the owner is not around, do not leave the food in the cup of the mustachioed roommate overnight. This measure will even benefit the cat, in the morning he will have a healthy and full appetite;
  • It is not recommended as an incentive to give your dog dry cat food pellets. It is better to use pieces of sweet cookies or caramel for these purposes;
  • it should be borne in mind that dogs are obedient and intelligent animals that understand commands quite well. Sometimes it is enough to say to the dog when approaching the cat’s bowl with food “Fu” or “No”, and the pet will immediately understand this on an instinctive level. But you need to do this regularly, until the animal completely stops approaching the cat’s treat.

Still, cat food is not so harmless for dogs, because it is specially made for baleen representatives, and this means that its composition is also developed for their body.

For this reason, when keeping a dog and a cat at home, you should not feed them the same food. If you want your animals to be always healthy and happy, use the right food for everyone.

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To avoid problems

Thus, if you regularly feed your dog a diet that is intended for a cat, the pet will receive an excessive amount of protein. And this threatens to complicate the condition of the liver and kidneys of the animal.

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The same can be said for the other ingredients in the feed: minerals, amino acids and vitamins. The pet needs them in the amount that meets its needs and the characteristics of the body. In particular, the cat needs taurine, which its body does not produce, while the dog is able to partially synthesize this substance. And another example: a cat needs to get vitamin A, but a dog is able to produce it on its own.

That is, an animal that eats food that does not meet its needs risks getting health problems.

At the same time, the dog will avoid them if you give her a feline diet once, due to certain circumstances: for example, when there is no suitable food at hand.

Can dogs eat cat food??

The legendary antagonism of cats and dogs, reflected in both sayings and comedy films, has a scientific basis. These animals really differ in lifestyle, behavior, and dietary requirements. Therefore, to the question “Is it possible for dogs to eat cat food?” you should answer unequivocally: “No”. Now let’s talk about this in more detail and at the same time find out how to provide food for a dog and a cat if they live in the same apartment.


Perhaps the only thing that cats and dogs are alike is that they are descended from predators. This is where the similarities end: their descendants and, accordingly, our pets have completely different habits. This is largely about gastronomic preferences.

For example, if cats need to eat in small portions, but often, then the dog is recommended to eat no more than twice a day. Not only the regime is important: animals also need to receive nutrients with food in certain proportions, without disturbing the balance.

As they say in the scientific literature, a cat is an obligate, that is, an unconditional predator, and a dog is an optional predator, that is, it has the features of an omnivorous animal. This is why cats need more protein than dogs. To illustrate, Whiskas dry foods are 32% protein, while Pedigree dry foods are 22% protein. These protein ratios are scientifically proven and are optimal for the cat and dog, respectively.

No competition

It so happens that a dog living with a cat in the same house can eat its food. She does this, as a rule, for reasons of competition.

Here you can advise the following: you need to dilute pet bowls in different rooms or place them at different heights. In the latter case, the cat’s dishes can be placed on the table or windowsill so that the dog does not get to the food that does not suit it.

Thus, the main rule in feeding a pet is to give him a diet adequate to his age, size, special needs and. biological species. The cat must receive food that is formulated for the cat. Dog. dog foods.

How to choose the right dog food

Some owners mistake their dog’s love for cat food for the delicate taste and finickyness of a pet. But this is not the case. Today there are many lines of different products for dogs. Therefore, each animal will find the food that will satisfy its taste preferences and bring only health benefits.

It is better to train your pet from a very young age, find out when the puppy can be given dry food. How to feed your pet and in what dosage. It is useful to read the answer to the question: “Is it possible to feed the dog dry and natural food at the same time?”.

What to do if your pet ate cat food?

It is important to remember that although cat food is not suitable for dogs, it is still not poisonous to them. And the fact that the animal tasted food from a nearby bowl at a time does not represent anything dangerous (especially if it was premium or holistic food). Therefore, you should not be upset and take any measures ahead of time.

But it is better to carefully monitor the behavior of the dog and its well-being, especially when it comes to an elderly or sick animal. After all, the pet may show allergies or intolerance to some components of the feed.

The harm of cat food to the dog’s body

Differences in metabolic rate, unequal blood glucose, different requirements for many vitamins and trace elements. all this and much more leads to health problems in dogs that regularly consume cat food. So, animals can develop the following diseases:

  • Gastritis, ulcers, heartburn, stomach acidity, constipation (or diarrhea), and other digestive problems. They are associated with insufficient fiber and excess protein.
  • Avitaminosis or hypervitaminosis. They arise as a result of insufficient (or vice versa. excessive) intake of vitamins into the body. Particular differences are observed in the intake of vitamin D3 (responsible for energy), zinc and vitamin E (responsible for the appearance of the dog and the quality of its coat).
  • Heart failure, myocarditis, heart attack, endocarditis and other heart problems. They are caused by an excess of the norm of taurine in the body.
  • Obesity. It is caused by a large amount of protein, which puts pressure on the liver.
  • Fading or loss of hair, brittle nails. Develops as a result of a lack of fatty acids.
  • Weakening of immunity, apathy, decreased energy, slowing down of metabolism. These symptoms appear almost immediately, albeit in an implicit form and not always noticeable to the host. They are caused by the totality of all the differences between cat food and dog food.

All these problems sooner or later concern almost every dog ​​that eats unhealthy food.

Why dogs love cat food

  • Lack of food. It is the most commonplace, but far from rare reason. Due to the fact that the dog does not have enough food, which the owner gives it, the pet begins to look for it in the bowl of its neighbor. over, unlike dogs, cats prefer to eat little, but often, and therefore often leave a full plate of food unattended.
  • The attractiveness of the food in the cat’s bowl, curiosity. Often this problem concerns exactly puppies, because they get to know the world and try to try something new every day. Therefore, they begin to taste the cat’s food. Also, the reason may lie in strong flavors, which are added to low-quality products in order to make up for the lack of meat components and hide preservatives. Artificial meat flavor will lure any pet.
  • The desire to show leadership and superiority over the cat. Although most dogs are not desperate fighters for personal territory, some of them are characterized by a pronounced sense of freedom and their own leadership. This may depend on the breed of the dog, but is often determined by the individual characteristics of the character of each individual. In this case, dogs are driven only by the desire to show the cat who is in charge in the house and to celebrate his superiority. And eating habits and preferences have nothing to do with it.

Can dogs eat cat food??

This article will tell you if you can feed your dog cat food and why. The reader will recognize the differences in the food composition for these pets, the problems that cause dogs to neglect their food and their solutions.

Often in houses where both a cat and a dog live, the dog imperceptibly eats the dry food of its neighbor. And some owners themselves buy this food for their loyal friends, not thinking whether it is possible to give it to them. But other people’s food harm the animal, and therefore, it is important to understand the reasons for the pet’s love for cat treats and start feeding the dog the right food.

Why do dogs eat cat food?

The reasons dogs choose to eat another pet’s food may not even be related to their digestion. But in order to understand the problem and limit the animal from food harmful to him, it is important to understand the motives for which he does this.

How to wean a dog from eating cat food

An attentive and responsible owner, after identifying the cause and realizing the problem, will ask himself how to wean the dog to feast on someone else’s food. There are several solutions:

  • Track your dog’s appetite. Perhaps the problem will be completely solved by increasing the portion. After all, it is important to remember that a puppy and an adult dog need different amounts of food to meet their vital needs. And with a sufficient portion, the pet will begin to gorge itself only on its food and will stop even looking in the direction of another bowl.
  • Give your cat food for only one meal. This method works especially well when there is always a person in the house who can add food to the animal at any moment at his request. In this case, you can put a very small portion of the cat (the portion size is determined only by the individual needs of each individual), which she will eat immediately and leave the bowl empty. Food in sachets works well here, which is also designed for one meal.
  • Severely restrict the dog in the consumption of cat food. This option should be resorted to only if the animal has developed a dependence on someone else’s food. This happens especially often in the case of economy class feed. For the method to work faster, it is advisable to provide the pet with good physical activity. Then he will quickly get tired and hungry, and will cease to be so picky in the choice of food. And from this moment you can begin to accustom your dog to the right food.
  • Distribute bowls of food to different rooms. This method is not the most effective and only works on a small number of pets. The main problem of the method is that one of the animals will need to be accustomed to a new feeding place.
  • Place the plate of food for the cat out of the reach of the dog. This option works well with dogs of small and decorative breeds, which, unlike cats, cannot jump high and have access to much less places.
  • Pour dog food into the cat’s bowl. Using this method, you can solve the problem associated with the manifestation of unnecessary leadership qualities in a dog. In this case, the pet will only think that he is eating the food of his “rival”, but in fact will eat healthy and balanced food.

Differences between dog and cat food

What is the difference between cat food and dog food? Outwardly, they may seem the same, but there are fundamentally important differences between them, as well as in the very nature of two animals.

A cat cannot support life, without meat in its diet, it is an exceptional predator. Dogs are omnivores, they differ in behavioral and anatomical plasticity, they can eat and process a variety of foods, they are able to survive on a plant-based diet. Their good nutrition implies a competent ratio of animal and vegetable products. The type of nutrition is always reflected in the composition of the feed for different animals. To the question: can dogs be fed cat food? The answer is unequivocal: it is possible, but not recommended.

All the pros and cons of feeding dogs cat food

Next, we will analyze the cases in which pets can be given such food, and when it is categorically contraindicated, as well as how dangerous it is.

Allergy to cat food and other contraindications

For some dogs, dry cat food, like wet cat food, is contraindicated even in the form of a rare treat.

  • Animals suffering from allergies, especially protein allergies. A dog’s allergy to cat food can manifest itself in different ways: scratching, rash, asthma, otitis media, but the worst thing is the development of anaphylactic shock. Small breeds are especially prone to atopy.
  • Once your dog has eaten cat food and has vomiting, upset, colic, weakness, or other signs of indigestion. You should forget about him once and for all.
  • Dry cat food is categorically contraindicated for adult pets leading a sedentary lifestyle, elderly and especially sick individuals.

But let’s not exaggerate too much: the vast majority of dogs will have nothing to worry about eating cat food.

And if you feed constantly?

What happens if the dog is given cat food? If once, nothing. The question is: what happens if you constantly feed the dogs with cat food? Consider the main features of cat food that affect the health of dogs.

  • Food can cause mild to severe indigestion.
  • The composition contains an insufficient amount of zinc and vitamin E for dogs, which leads to a decrease in the body’s immune defenses, as well as insufficient absorption of carbohydrates and fats.
  • A cat’s body gets its energy from proteins and fats, while dogs mainly from carbohydrates, which are scarce in cat food. The result is fatigue and apathy.
  • A fiber deficiency can lead to constipation and related problems. This does not mean that if the dog is given cat food when it is upset, then everything will return to normal.
  • Higher protein in the long run leads to liver and kidney damage. If the animal already has such problems or a predisposition to them, you cannot feed the dog with cat food. In addition, excess protein causes allergies in some dogs.
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Food allergies are very dangerous and should not be provoked. Even if it is possible to identify the allergen and remove it, it is likely that over time new ones will appear, a so-called cross-allergy will arise. The diet will become more and more scarce and inadequate.

  • The substance taurine is always present in cat food. This acid is involved in many processes. In all animals, except felines, it is synthesized from the amino acid cysteine. One of the properties of taurine: an increase in the acidity of gastric juice, so its excess in dogs can cause heartburn, and subsequently gastritis.
  • A higher percentage of animal fat often leads to obesity in our four-legged friends. The condition is aggravated by other problems caused by an unbalanced diet.

When you can?

When is it safest to feed your dog cat food? We are talking about super-premium or holistic cat food, and not about sawdust at a price of three rubles per kilo. Quality high protein diets with all the ingredients included, suitable for growing puppies and very active working breeds. If your pet can boast of a strong stomach, then nothing bad will happen if, on rare occasions, he eats up after the cat.

If the dog has eaten the cat food, what should the owner do? First of all, you can not restrict the animal in drinking, worrying that the food will swell greatly in the stomach. The dog is not full of cement, it will be worse if the granules go through the intestines semi-dry and begin to draw water from the body. But in general, if your pet does not have the above contraindications, you can relax, nothing terrible has happened.

Why cat food preferences?

Why do dogs eat cat food? Carl Davis, a professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia, suggested that they love this food because of the higher animal protein content, which has an effect on taste. At the same time, she emphasizes that animals should not be guided only by their taste preferences.!

When asked whether it is okay to feed dogs cat food, Davis compares dogs’ love of cat food with people’s love of cake. Sweets in large quantities will certainly bring a lot of problems, but if you occasionally pamper yourself, then there will be no harm.

There are other assumptions as well. Perhaps dogs are attracted to the fact that they easily take food from a neighbor from under the nose. It can also seem attractive that the cat bowl is full all day and is freely available. What is left for a hungry dog, only to eat dry cat food?

Can a dog be fed cat food??

Is it possible to feed a dog with cat food, why do they like it so much, how it threatens and how to wean it? In someone else’s bowl, the food is sweeter. probably this is what dogs think, who constantly look at cat food, and once they try it, they constantly demand it. Naturally, the owners have a lot of questions about this.

Cat food contains insufficient amounts of vitamins A, K, D, C

Cats do not need large amounts of these vitamins. But dogs react sharply to the lack of useful elements. So, for example, with a lack of vitamin A in dogs, eyesight, skin and coat condition deteriorate.

Deficiency of vitamin C leads to bleeding of the gums and general weakness of the animal. But the lack of vitamin D3 negatively affects the work of the motor system. Vitamin K, in turn, provides good blood clotting.

Why you shouldn’t feed your dog cat food: 7 compelling reasons

Some dog owners provide their pets with cat food. But veterinarians say such food can be dangerous for them. Let’s tell you more about all the dangers of eating cat food for dogs.

Lots of phosphorus and iodine

If a dog is given a large amount of iodine, it has thyroid problems. After failures in the functioning of this organ, other organs begin to donate: the kidneys, heart and respiratory system. Also, the dog has an itchy skin.

Excessive amounts of phosphorus can turn into urolithiasis, digestive problems, liver disease and brittle bones for four-legged friends.

Cat food contains too much fiber

This component is also present in ready-made food for dogs, but in smaller quantities. Dogs need fiber to normalize digestion, stabilize blood sugar levels, and maintain optimal body weight.

If fiber is supplied to the dog’s body in excess, intestinal problems will begin, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Also, exceeding the recommended fiber intake leads to a lack of minerals and fat-soluble vitamins.

Cat food contains too much protein

High quality cat food manufacturers focus on the protein content of their product. Therefore, the percentage of protein in cat food is quite high. This food composition is due to the physiological characteristics of cats. Their digestive system is tuned to a greater extent to digest meat fibers, but plant products will be more difficult for them to process.

Dogs need 15%.20% less protein. If you do not take this recommendation into account, pets begin to have problems with the cardiovascular system.Also, an increased proportion of protein leads to disruptions in the digestive system, which is why pets are obese. In rare cases, pathologies of the kidneys and liver are recorded.

Cat food contains taurine

The dog’s body is able to produce this amino acid on its own. But cats need to get taurine only with food. If dogs consume such a food rich in taurine, they will develop kidney and heart problems. Also, this element can affect the ability to fertility.

Sometimes an excess of taurine causes allergic reactions and deterioration of the coat.

Cat food contains many elements PP, E

Dogs need these nutrients in minimal amounts. The intake of cat food with high m PP and E leads to a number of negative consequences. After such food in dogs, malfunctions of the digestive system, manifestation of apathy, dizziness and peeling of the skin are recorded.

Excess vitamin PP causes irregular bowel movements, nausea, pressure surges and even manifestations of allergic reactions (itching and redness of the skin).

Cat food contains insufficient amounts of potassium, sodium

Lack of sodium in the dog’s body leads to dysfunction of the heart, kidneys and digestive organs.

possible, give, food

A lack of potassium is the cause of surges in blood pressure, malfunctions of the cardiovascular system and a large load on blood vessels. Also, with a potassium deficiency, muscle weakness and intestinal problems are observed.

The task of each owner is to provide his pet with a balanced diet. It is this point of care that is an important component of the healthy development of the dog and its long life.

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Can a dog be fed cat food??

“My dog ​​loves cat food. Can I give her cat food? “. no forum of dog breeders can do without such a question.

So is there a difference between dog and cat food, and is it harmful to feed a dog with cat food??

It turns out that there is a difference, and quite significant.

No matter how similar our pets may seem to us, the digestive system in dogs and cats is arranged differently. These features are taken into account by manufacturers of ready-made animal feed. That is why none of them produce universal foods suitable for all pets.

Let’s look at the top three dog owners’ misconceptions about cat food in their pet’s diet.

Misconception 1. There is no difference between dog food and cat food. These are all marketing moves.

First, the protein. Food for dogs contains about 15-25% protein, in food for cats it is much more. from 40 to 60%. Obesity, allergies and kidney problems are the most common consequences of feeding your dog cat food.

Secondly, cat food contains taurine, which helps cats digest their food. Dogs don’t need extra taurine.

Thirdly, the increased acidity of cat food can lead to metabolic disorders in the dog’s body.

Of course, the negative health effects of your dog will not show up after accidentally eating cat food. But regular feeding with cat food will sooner or later make your pet a regular customer of veterinary clinics. After all, all of the above violations are systemic in nature and quickly develop into a chronic form.

Misconception 2. Only cheap cat food is harmful for dogs. there will be no expensive harm.

Alas, any cat food contains all of the above ingredients. And we can talk about the influence of quality on the health of the animal only in the context of the health of the cat.

It is clear that cheap feed cannot be of high quality by definition. It doesn’t matter if this food is intended for dogs or for cats. If you take care of your pet, buy only food from trusted manufacturers with a good reputation. For cats, for example, nutra nuggets cat food can be a good choice. this manufacturer’s line includes food for kittens, spayed cats, special food for removing hair and preventing urolithiasis. Normal stool, shiny coat, active behavior are just a few signs by which you can judge how well a particular food is suitable for your pet.

But if we talk about a dog, any cat food for her should be taboo.

Misconception 3: My dog ​​is picky and won’t eat anything else.

This is not a fussy dog, but simply the wrong approach to feeding it. Yes, not all dogs pounce on any offered food with greed, this is a fact. But if the dog flatly refuses to eat what you offer him, the problem is in you.

Veterinary problems can also be the cause. If you are offering your dog quality fresh food and he constantly refuses, there may be something bothering him. Consult your veterinarian.

But don’t start feeding your dog cat food, which in his eyes is much more appetizing than his own! If the cause of poor appetite is health problems, this will only aggravate the situation. And if in something else. reinforce the bad habit of waiting for a cat’s “tasty” instead of the proper and healthy food.

Of course, there will be no damage to health if the dog occasionally gets cat food. But if it becomes a system, problems cannot be avoided.

If you have a cat with your dog, make sure the bowl of cat food is out of reach of the dog.

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