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Is It Possible To Walk The Dog In The Forest

Is It Possible To Walk The Dog In The Forest

Where to walk. What rules must be followed while walking

You can go out for a walk subject to certain preventive measures. It is not recommended to let the children go out alone, as it will not be possible to control how they follow the rules.

The walk is safe in this case:

  • No contact with people;
  • The distance of 1.5-2 meters is not violated, there are no hugs, handshakes;
  • In a crowded place, if there is no way to avoid crowds, you need to wear a mask;
  • Do not touch the elevator buttons, handrails, door handles (use gloves or paper napkins to protect your hands);
  • Do not ride a swing, do not use a slide, do not use outdoor exercise equipment;
  • Avoid public transport.

What to do after a walk

It is imperative to follow the rules of hygiene and teach this to children. When walking, it is recommended to wear a sanitizer or antibacterial wipes and periodically clean your hands.

Upon arrival home, it is recommended to perform the following actions:

  • Take off outerwear and shoes;
  • Fold the mask and gloves carefully into a bag, being careful not to touch the outer surfaces;
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap;
  • Wash your face, all exposed parts of the body, in the summer it is recommended to take a shower;
  • Rinse your mouth, rinse your nose;
  • Treat glasses, a telephone and other items that are used both on the street and at home with an antiseptic.

Subject to simple preventive measures, you can and even need to walk. Fresh air and exercise can help strengthen your immune system. And for children, this is a necessary condition for proper development.

Is it necessary to sterilize the animal?

Yes. Uncontrolled breeding of dogs and cats in Almaty is prohibited by the new rules. The owner is obliged to take measures to prevent the appearance of unwanted offspring in domestic dogs and cats through their neutering / neutering. This does not apply to those who have the appropriate registration in the canine and felinological organizations.

What’s humane about these rules?

The new rules were banned. Catching dogs and cats for the further use of their skins and meat for sale, processing and consumption.

Organizing and conducting dog fights is prohibited.

It is not allowed to leave dogs and cats unattended in vehicles with tightly closed windows. Only for a short time with windows slightly open for air intake.

It is not allowed to carry dogs and cats in closed luggage compartments of vehicles.

The owner is obliged to treat his pet humanely. Avoid abuse, leave unattended, provide animals with adequate food and constant access to drinking water.

When my dog ​​needs a muzzle?

Dogs requiring special responsibility of the owner (see card number 4) always need a muzzle.

Puppies up to three months old, dogs of decorative breeds up to 25 centimeters tall at the withers, brachycephalic dogs (breeds with a shortened muzzle) do not need a muzzle.

If the dog is not on the list of special breeds, the owner may not wear a muzzle all the time, but should always carry it with him in order to put on the dog if necessary. For example, if this makes it easier for people who are panicky afraid of dogs.

What to do after the death of an animal?

If an animal dies in a veterinary clinic, the animal will be excluded from the base there, if it happened at home, this must be reported to the veterinary clinic.

It is not allowed to throw away animal corpses and carry out their burial on the territory of Almaty.

The corpses are transferred to a specialized enterprise (Veterinary Center) or another competent organization that has permission to dispose of corpses of dogs and cats (veterinary clinic).

Is it obligatory to register in a unified identification database?

Yes. If you already own a dog or cat, you need to register all of your animals within a year from the date the new rules come into effect (until May 2019). Registration is carried out by all licensed veterinary clinics. This can be done the next time you take the animal for the next vaccination.

The data of the owner (IIN, address, phone number) and the animal will be entered into the database, and you need to get a veterinary passport in your hands there (if you did not have one before).

Registration is made within two weeks from the date of purchase of the animal. For newborn animals. from the age of three months.

If you sell / give the animal to another person or move, you need to inform the veterinary clinic about this so that they can make changes to the database.

Can animals be transported on public transport?

You can, and it’s free. Large breed dogs. on a leash and muzzle, small breed dogs and cats. in containers. Only guide dogs are allowed in the metro (see card number 7).

In other cases, a dog in a muzzle and on a short leash can enter the premises with the owner in the absence of prohibition signs.

Do I need to warn that I have a dog on my private territory?

Yes, the presence of a dog on the territory must be warned by a corresponding sign at the entrance measuring at least 20×30 centimeters with a picture of a dog and an inscription “It kazetedi! Guarded by a dog!”.

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If the dog lives and moves freely in the territory belonging to a legal entity, the person who is responsible for the animal must be identified.

How many animals can I keep at home and do I need permission from neighbors?

There are no such restrictions in the new rules on the number of animals. The owner is only obliged to keep dogs and cats in conditions that meet zoohygienic and veterinary and sanitary requirements.

But the written consent of neighbors must be obtained only if you are going to have an animal in the hostel.

Animals cannot be kept in stairwells, basements and attics and in adjoining territories (except for private houses).

Organization of shelters, hotels and kennels for dogs and cats in residential buildings is prohibited.

The rules indicate that in cases of improper maintenance (unsanitary conditions) of animals at home, causing disturbance to neighbors (constant noise, barking, fetid odor from an apartment, house, cruelty to animals, medical contraindications of neighbors, uncontrolled breeding of animals), prohibition of keeping an animal or withdrawal of animals is carried out by a court decision.

New rules for keeping and walking animals in Almaty. What dog and cat owners need to know?

Vaccination schedule for dogs

The puppy is given the first vaccination at the age of two months. By this time, the effect of innate immunity has weakened, and vaccination will be effective. Puppies at two months are vaccinated against the following diseases:

  • Plague;
  • Parvovirus enteritis;
  • Infectious hepatitis;
  • Parainfluenza of dogs;
  • Leptospirosis.

After 2-3 weeks, the puppy is given a second vaccination against the listed diseases, and the first rabies vaccination is also given.

Then the vaccination is repeated annually. However, pay attention to the instructions. Some vaccines last longer than a year.

Is it possible to walk with a puppy after the first vaccination

The first vaccination of a puppy is done at two months. Until this time, the baby still has innate immunity, which he acquired from his mother. However, after the first vaccination, it is still dangerous to walk with the puppy. After 2-3 weeks the puppy needs a second vaccination.

The puppy is taken out for a full walk two weeks after the second vaccination. This occurs at about 3.5 months of age.

Next, we will tell you what diseases you need to vaccinate your puppy against and how to prepare your pet for vaccination.

One vial against major parasites

The use of IN-AP complex eliminates the need to buy various antiparasitic agents. The drug is effective against:

  • Bloch;
  • Lice, lice;
  • Ixodid ticks;
  • Scabies mites;
  • Round and tape helminths.

First walk with a puppy. Is it possible to start walking with a puppy after vaccination

How to prepare your puppy for vaccination

Only healthy animals are vaccinated. Therefore, before inoculation, the animal is carefully examined, the temperature is measured. Entrust a specialist to vaccinate your pet. You can take the animal to the clinic or call the veterinarian at home.

Before vaccination, be sure to treat your pet from external and internal parasites. This will help build strong immunity in the puppy. In addition, in the presence of parasites, puppies are more difficult to tolerate vaccination. It is also necessary to provide the baby with proper and complete feeding, protect him from drafts and stress, do not wash.

To avoid stress before vaccination, for deworming and treating an animal from external parasites, choose a complex preparation IN-AP complex.

IN-AP complex. easy getting rid of parasites. Simple and effective

IN-AP complex is a unique drug for the treatment and prevention of infection with external and internal parasites for dogs from two months of age. It is produced in the form of drops on the withers. IN-AP complex is applied to the skin in the withers area 10-14 days before vaccination in the following doses:

Animal weight, kg Drug dose, ml
1 kg. 5 kg 0.5
5 kg. 10 kg 1
10 kg. 20 kg 2
20 kg. 30 kg 3

Comprehensive vaccination for the baby. Highlights

Dogs are susceptible to infectious diseases. Puppies are especially sensitive. The probability of infection of an unvaccinated pet in the city is very high. Vaccination is an effective way to prevent viral infections in dogs.

Vaccines, which are used to vaccinate a puppy, are both against one disease or against several diseases at once (up to five diseases in one injection). The breeder from whom you purchased the puppy or the veterinarian at the clinic will help you choose the right vaccine for your pet.

Why is the puppy taken out for a walk?

Walking with a puppy is necessary for its physical development, excellent health, adaptation to the outside world. Walking teaches the puppy to relieve himself on the street and behave correctly in the city.

In this article, we’ll show you how to prepare your puppy for a walk. Together we will figure out whether it is possible to walk with a puppy without vaccinations and after the first vaccination. And we will also share an easy way to get rid of a pet from external and internal parasites before vaccination.

Optimal value for money among complex drugs

IN-AP complex is effective, safe and affordable for most dog owners.

Mini composition “Walk in the forest” (Option 2)

Have you ever been to the forest in the summer? Walking in the woods is amazing, and people who like to observe the world around them are incredibly interested. The forest certainly gives such people its fruits. There are mushrooms growing everywhere. It is very easy to distinguish from each other. For example, a brown hat with a white leg is a porcini mushroom. It is so big that even one piece is enough to enjoy Mom’s delicious mushroom soup in the evening. But it is better not to pick a mushroom with a red cap with a white speck. Although it beckons with its magnificent appearance, it is still poisonous,

Every walk in the forest you can hear the chirping of birds. They can also be distinguished from each other, especially if you are a very frequent visitor to the forest. For example, a magpie raises a fuss at the sight of people. Thus, she supposedly warns the rest of the inhabitants of the forest about an approaching stranger.
There are also a lot of thorny bushes in the forest. For example, blackberries. To enjoy these berries, you first have to prick your hands. But it’s still worth it. There are also a lot of raspberries in the forest, they are, of course, a little smaller than blackberries, but no less tasty, And under your feet you can see strawberries, they are also very tasty.
Nevertheless, if you cannot find something edible in the forest, then all the same. you can see a lot of attractive things there. Sometimes there are traces of wild inhabitants of the forest or the pounding of a woodpecker can be heard. In the fall, if you wish, you can collect a beautiful herbarium of leaves and flowers. In general, you don’t get bored in the summer in the forest.

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“Walk in the Woods”. composition. Mini composition “Walk in the forest” (Option 1)

I find it very cool to walk in the woods at absolutely any time of the year. The forest also changes with the season. It transforms beyond recognition and plays with many bright colors. I am very interested in the life of forest dwellers. It’s great when you have the opportunity to watch squirrels and bunnies, birds and hedgehogs. I think the best habitat for animals. But watching animals that are tormented while sitting in cages is, in fact, very sad.

As for me, the best time to go to the forest is autumn, namely early October. During this period, the sun still warms us with its rays, but still the forest is already beginning to change its colors.
Also at this time in the forest there are many mushrooms that are interesting to collect. My granny knows a lot about this business, so I like it when she goes to the forest with us. Before putting the mushroom in the basket, I always show it to my grandmother and wait for her approval.
Nature surprises with the aromas of leaves, herbs and mushrooms. I enjoy this smell.
We often go out into the woods with our parents and have a picnic. This is just wonderful! Our dog Julia also goes on such walks with us. She runs after the ball and catches unfamiliar scents.
I believe that the forest is a great place where you can take a break from the bustle of the city and improve your health. Walking like this puts a smile on my face and makes me happier. I will definitely go on vacation to the forest more than once.

The diversity of one forest

One and the same forest is constantly changing, becoming completely different. The change of seasons changes the forest so much that sometimes it seems as if he never walked here.

I want to describe in my essay a walk in the woods at the beginning of autumn, when it is still quite warm outside, and the leaves are already full of a variety of colors. a sheer pleasure. Falling leaves indicate the arrival of a mushroom pore. I really like to look for them under the rustling leaves. Mushrooms are different, and they are collected, looking closely at each, otherwise, you can accidentally take poisonous ones. Most of all I love to walk with my grandmother, especially when we go to the forest with her to pick mushrooms. Grandma always tells a lot of interesting things.

A walk in the forest in summer always leaves a lot of impressions and pleasure. There is always something to do there: you can build a hut out of branches, watch the game of forest animals, just breathe fresh air. I even saw hares once. In summer, a floral scent spreads throughout the forest. Sometimes we have a picnic in a beautiful meadow, from where we can see a small river. We often rest there with our parents.

In winter, my dad and I go skiing in the forest. I’m already skating well, almost never falling. With the snow falling, it seems as if a huge white blanket was spread, gentle and smooth.

It is a pity that in the spring, when the snow begins to melt, the forest is dirty and it is impossible to walk there. But later the earth dries up, and the first flowers grow. In the spring, my dad and I go to the forest to collect bouquets of snowdrops for mom and grandmother.

Walking the dog

Last spring, my mother’s friends came with their dog Nyusya. Together we went for a walk in the forest. It turned out to be an interesting and fun walk. The dog was delighted with the new terrain and smells. Nyusya is a shepherd dog, and like all shepherd dogs, she loves to play with a stick. She brought them to the owner and waited for him to give the command “fetch”, throwing the stick as far as possible.

Joyfully wagging her tail, Nyusya ran to look for a toy, and, finding it, brought it back again. Sometimes, when it was not possible to find a stick at once, it ridiculously dug its nose into the ground. Also, when a new sound, unfamiliar to her, was heard, she froze and sniffed, and then peered for a long time in the direction from which he was walking. I really enjoyed walking the dog in the forest.

Finishing the essay on the topic of walking in the forest, I want to say that the forest is the best place for walking and relaxing with a family and a dog.

Essay on the topic “Walk in the forest”.

I really love nature, especially the forest. You can walk in the forest in any season. My parents and I go to the forest to feed the squirrels living there nuts. They are fun and playful and very fun to watch. I am writing an essay on the topic of walking in the forest, because I want to talk about the forest beauty that I like so much.

Mini composition “Walk in the forest” (Option 3)

Summer! Three months free! How can they be carried out? Of course, the best option would be to go to the village or to the country. It’s so great to be closer to nature. Just imagine how great the walks in the woods are. There you can hear a lot of pleasant sounds, the city is unlikely to meet such. For example, the knocking of a woodpecker on a tree, the crowing of a cuckoo. There are swampy places in the forest. You need to be extremely careful with them, and it is better to completely bypass them. And you need to be located somewhere near the river. It is just fashionable to enjoy its murmur. The only thing, despite the fact that it is summer and heat outside, the water may turn out to be cool, therefore, before swimming, you need to try it with your hand.

In the forest, you can pick up a lot of delicious berries. There are also many mushrooms there. But in this case, you also need to be careful, After all, not all varieties of these delicacies can be eaten. Therefore, before you pluck something, you need to learn to understand where is edible and where is poisonous food. And appearance can be deceiving. For example, the porcini mushroom is not as remarkable as the fly agaric. But nevertheless, it is better not to touch the second mushroom, otherwise there may be harmful consequences.
Even in the forest you can meet its benevolent inhabitants: squirrels, hedgehogs, bunnies, wild ducks, birds. Of course, they do not know that we are not the reasons for their evil, therefore they are unlikely to let themselves be stroked or fed.
In the summer, a lot of flowers grow in the forest, but it is better not to collect them. After all, they do not stand in vases as long as they bloom here. Why then spoil the environment? Better to capture all the beauty on your camera. In the modern world, almost everyone has it. So there are tons of amazing pictures you can take. And then brag about them to friends, thereby teaching them to notice all the beauty around us.

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Walking the dog in the forest.

Walking outside the city is an interesting and exciting activity! You can not only get some fresh air and explore the surroundings, but also exercise. But who should you take with you? Friends are often busy. One is bored. You are very lucky if you have a dog! Dogs generally love to walk with their owners. While walking in unfamiliar places, they discover a whole world of new sounds and smells. The more often they walk, the healthier and happier they will be.

What should you do if you decide to go on a long nature walk with your dog? Immediately dive into the car and head out of town? No. It is highly advisable to explore the route alone, without a dog. Your path must be safe for the animal and for you. Not every dog ​​is suitable for trails that a person can overcome. In addition, if the dog has moved a little before, and you have chosen a long path, and it will have to overcome steep uphill and other obstacles, it can get very tired from habit. Overwork is never good.

The first step is to consider whether the route you have chosen will suit your dog breed. Some breeds are very hardy and some are not. Some have powerful long legs, while others have short and weak legs. For example, Siberian huskies are good for long winter hikes, but for a pygmy poodle, such a walk will be unbearable. Lapdogs and other lap dogs also cannot travel long distances. Large dogs, especially German Shepherds, often have joint problems and can find it difficult to move over rough terrain. Read about your dog’s breed in advance and find out how much stress it can handle.

On the nature it is necessary to take a dog educated, which is trained at least elementary commands. If your pet is naughty, it is better not to go out into nature with him. he will be able to run away from you and not return. At best, you will find it by evening, at worst, you will never find it. If you have the opportunity or need to walk your dog in nature, you must first take it to obedience courses.

It is better to start with short walks, which can be gradually increased. Extend your routes until you can handle them yourself. If you want to go hiking in rugged terrain with steep slopes, prepare your dog ahead of time by giving it some very intense exercise.

How to go hiking with a dog?

It is better to walk the dog on a leash. This will protect the animal from unwanted encounters with other animals. hedgehogs or even snakes. You may also encounter other dogs whose possible reaction you do not know. If the dog is on a leash, it will obey better. True, if you are sure that she is well brought up and will obey you without a leash, you can walk her like that. Also, do everything possible so that your pet in the forest does not bark in vain without attracting the attention of wild animals. And be sure to stick to your route. To make the walk more fun, do not forget to take some toy.

Don’t forget to bring plastic bags for cleaning the dog. Yes, respectable owners collect excrement after animals even in the forest 🙂 If we imagine that all dog owners rush out of town and will not clean up after their animals, it will become so dirty that there will be nowhere to step. Then you yourself will be unpleasant to go to the dirty forest.

Dog safety while walking.

Various troubles can happen while walking the dog. Cuts, splinters, ticks and other joys often happen to active dogs running through the forest. It is better to foresee such situations in advance and have tweezers or a band-aid with you. There are all kinds of remedies and collars for ticks.

Dogs sweat just as intensely as humans, so if they get very hot they can become dehydrated. Take a bottle of water with you. Dogs often do not want to drink from an ordinary bottle, there are special drinking bottles that you can find on our website. If you are planning a long walk, you can take a portion of dry food with you, there is a convenient device for this case. Food bag.

Do not let your dog drink from a river or other body of water. The water in them can be polluted or infected with lamblia and other parasites.

If you decide to go to the forest where hunting is allowed, put on a bright orange vest on the dog so that hunters from a distance do not mistake it for a forest animal.

Snakes are worth considering. Dogs notice them too late. This is one of the reasons why it is better to lead your pet on a leash. Without a leash, you can allow such an animal to walk, which is capable of unquestioningly following the voice command “Do not touch!” or some similar.