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Kittens from worms from what age

At what age should be treated for worms in a kitten

The pet is treated at 6 weeks of age. But if the signs of infection of the kitten are obvious: a swollen belly, sluggish appearance, faded coat, you should not postpone treatment. There are drugs that allow you to process an animal from the age of three weeks, but they should only be given with the permission of a veterinarian and under his supervision.

It is easier to protect your pet by timely prevention of helminth infection. It is much easier to prevent the development of a dangerous parasite infestation than to cure.

Prevention should be carried out periodically to protect the animal throughout its life.

Treatment for parasites is mandatory if a kitten is to be vaccinated. The infected animal has a weakened immune system and the vaccine will be ineffective.

It is necessary to carry out the treatment and prevention of helminthiasis 10 days before the scheduled vaccination.

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In the course of treatment, an important point is the correct dosage of the drug. You must strictly adhere to the instructions. It is so easy for a small kitten’s body to be harmed by exceeding the amount of medicine, which in large doses will do no less harm than good.

Ways to give remedy to a kitten

The easiest way to give a medicine in the form of a suspension is to a kitten by pouring the sweet liquid into the mouth of the animal with a syringe without a needle. In addition, there are the following ways to feed your pet with medicine:

  • Dissolve the tablet in milk and pour using the same syringe.
  • Crush a tablet and add to food.
  • Add a whole tablet to dry food, and the kitten will eat everything without noticing the forgery.
  • Open the animal’s mouth, put the tablet on the tongue, close and lift the animal’s face up, while stroking it along the throat. This is a violent method and it is better to use it as a last resort, if the other methods did not work.

Ways of infecting a kitten with worms

Little pets can become infected with worms, even if they have never gone outside in their life. Street kittens are 100% likely to be affected by this disease.

Pets can become carriers of worms:

  • having become infected from a mother-cat while still in the womb or through mother’s milk;
  • eating substandard raw meat or fish;
  • playing with your outdoor shoes or clothes;
  • in contact with other animal carriers of worms;
  • hunting flies and mosquitoes;
  • if the kitten has become infected with fleas, then worms will most likely be added to this disease, because fleas are direct carriers of worm larvae.

Preparations for worms for kittens

There are many drugs for worms. Each pharmacy is ready to offer a wide range of all kinds of drops, suspensions, tablets and vaccines to treat your pet. But when treating a kitten, you need to be very careful in choosing the means to combat helminths.

Behind the various commercial names of drugs, there is a certain set of chemicals, the action of which can be dangerous for a small organism. It is important to give drugs that are appropriate for the kitten’s age. It is better to choose time-tested drugs.

The classic remedy for worms contains two main components that affect:

  • round parasites (the active ingredients are pyrantel, fenbendazole, piperazine or milbemycin);
  • tapeworms (active ingredient praziquantel).

The most famous funds allocated by the form of release:

The most common release option is tablets. For the smallest kittens, Prazicid-plus, produced in the form of a sweet suspension, is best suited. This medication is considered the safest and is suitable for kittens from 3 weeks of age.

Important! Do not give your kitten anthelmintic drugs on your own A veterinarian consultation is required for safe treatment. Only a doctor will be able to determine possible diseases of the kidneys and liver, the weight category of the kitten and assess the general condition of the animal for the safe prescription of medication.

Pros and cons of each type of funds

Of the many medications for kittens, it is better to choose remedies that have proven to be safe and are used to treat small pets for a long period of time.

Active substances such as pyrantel and praziquantel are the basis of many known drugs for helminths, they are distinguished by a mild effect on the animal’s body, do not expose it to unnecessary intoxication and affect parasites by destroying their outer shell.

Ready-made sweet suspensions, for example, Prazicid-plus, are the best option for kittens. They are taken once, so it is difficult to make a mistake with the dosage. Giving a suspension to a kitten is much easier than a pill.

It is easiest to apply means in the form of drops to the withers, but it must be dripped strictly on the withers of the animal, otherwise there is a high probability that the animal will lick it.

The modern drug Polivercan is popular, a distinctive feature of which is a wide spectrum of action. Its chemical composition differs from the classic combination and consists of two active components: niclosamide and oxybendazole. The medicine comes in the form of a cube that dissolves easily in liquid and is given to the pet with a syringe. This remedy for helminths is allowed for use in kittens from one month of age. The dosage of the drug will be determined by a specialist.

Attention! Protect your kitten from fakes. Do not buy “miracle cures” in the markets and from your hands. Buy proven medicines only in pharmacies!

How worms affect the body

Parasitizing in the body of the animal, the worms and their larvae take most of the nutrients and vitamins from the kitten, quickly depleting the vitality of the kitten.

Parasites can infect not only the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, but also the liver, heart and other organs. Affecting the kitten’s organs, helminths cause irreparable harm to the immature organism. If untreated, it is highly likely that the kitten will die from poisoning by the waste products of helminths or from intestinal obstruction due to a huge number of worms.

As a result of infection, the following occurs:

  • The strongest intoxication of the whole organism. Helminths and their larvae poison the pet with the products of their vital activity, and when dying, they become source of harmful toxins.
  • Harmful substances released by parasites can cause serious allergic reactions.
  • Reproducing rapidly, worms can initially cause constipation and bloating, and in more severe cases, blockage of the alimentary tract and intestinal obstruction.
  • Located inside the hollow organs, they injure the walls, causing irritation, the appearance of ulcers and even such a serious disease as tissue necrosis.
  • The fragile body of a kitten, infected with helminths, becomes an easy prey for infections and viruses. Often, helminthiasis serves as an impetus for the development of other dangerous diseases.
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Instructions for removing worms from a kitten

The life of a small kitten directly depends on the actions of its owner. Poor conditions of detention or simple neglect of disease prevention can lead to a common and dangerous problem for a small organism. helminth infection. The absence or delay in the treatment of helminthic invasion can lead to serious complications, poisoning of the body and even death.

At what age kittens worms for the first time?

For the first time, it is necessary to treat a kitten for worms with drugs, and not with injections and vaccinations. Leading a kitten for a helminth vaccination, it is necessary that he be completely healthy.

Kittens can be given drugs no earlier than they reach two months of age. At this stage, the body is already able to perceive toxic substances that are contained in medicines, without any particular harm to health.

How often do you need to worm a kitten??

Most often, taking a drug takes place in two stages:

  • The first stage is taking the drug.
  • The second stage is a second reception, to remove the remaining helminths and new ones that have hatched from the eggs during this time.

Re-taking the drug must be carried out 10-12 days after the first. But there are drugs, the repeated intake of which must be done after a longer interval.

In order to accurately determine the interval between doses, you must carefully read the instructions for use of the drug.

After repeated use of the drug, parasites should not remain in the body. If everything went well, then the kitten no longer needs any treatment. In order to protect his health, it is recommended to do a special vaccination.

How to give a kitten a worm pill?

It is necessary to take the kitten by the withers with one hand, and then put the pill on the root of the tongue. But don’t try to push it as deep as possible.

After that, for about 20-30 seconds, you need to squeeze the kitten’s jaws so that he does not spit out the pill.

What drugs can be given to a kitten?

The kitten should be given the least toxic drugs. The body of a young animal is weak and can very easily get intoxication, which can have disastrous consequences.

When choosing medications, it is better to pay attention to those that are specifically designed for kittens of a particular age. It is best to use products that do not need to be diluted in any proportion.

What medicine for worms to choose for kittens?

The most important criterion is the choice of a medicine specifically designed for kittens. Medicines for adult cats, dogs and even puppies can cause serious harm and cause severe intoxication of the body, up to and including death.

At the moment there are a lot of such special preparations. The task is to choose the least harmful and toxic. At the same time, he must be able to quickly and permanently rid the body of worms.

What you Need to Know About Internal Parasites in Kittens

A striking example of such a drug on the market is Prazitel.

As part of this drug, it is worth highlighting two main active components:

  • Pirate pamoat. A component of the drug that fights worms perfectly, paralyzing them. It also promotes the rapid elimination of worms from the body (it is a laxative). Used to fight roundworms.
  • Praziquantel. An anthelminthic agent that is excellent at fighting tapeworms, as well as all types of the fluke class.

There are other similar drugs on the market, the choice is up to the owner of the animal.

How to use a worm medicine for kittens?

Most drugs are available as suspensions or tablets. Nevertheless, whichever method the owner chooses, the kitten will definitely not be happy. He will try by all means to “spit out” the pill. Let’s take a look at how to properly give medicine in one form or another.

How to properly remove worms from kittens?

A similar question is asked by many pet owners. Very often, after picking up a kitten from the street or buying it at a spontaneous market, helminths are found in it.

It is necessary to understand that the treatment of worms in kittens is a very serious procedure. Using the wrong drugs and taking them in high dosages can seriously harm the animal’s body.

Deworming Kittens: How to have a Healthy Cat

At the moment, in veterinary pharmacies you can find a huge variety of drugs to combat parasitic worms in animals.

  • Kittens should not be given any medicine, because many of them are very toxic and can even kill the animal.
  • The correct choice of drug is the key to the success and health of a fluffy baby.
  • It is necessary to purchase only preparations intended for kittens.
  • Observe the dosage indicated in the instructions. Most often, the doses depend on the age, weight and condition of the kitten.

The drugs are available in the form of tablets, suspensions and powders. Veterinarians recommend taking suspensions, since they are less toxic and are not capable of causing much harm to a young body.

Now let’s try to figure out the main features that need to be paid special attention to. We will also analyze the main questions that the owners have.


Milbemax is a broad Spectra drug. Effective against roundworms, flatworms, tapeworms and dirofilariae. Release form. tablets. The active elements are milbemycin oxime, praziquantel. Destroys adult helminths and their larvae. Destroys the cellular structure of the worm, causing its death. Belongs to the third class of toxicity. Application for kittens is permissible only after consultation and examination in a veterinary clinic. It is forbidden to use if the animal weighs less than 500 grams and if the kitten is less than 6 weeks old.

The harm that worms do to the cat’s body

Worms living in a pet’s body harm it in different ways:

  • worms feed on the blood, tissues and lymph of their host;
  • worms produce substances that lead to intoxication of the cat’s body;
  • when the parasite dies, its decomposition products also poison the body of your pet;
  • suction cups that attach the worms to organs can damage the mucous membranes of internal organs. This can lead to internal bleeding.

While there are few parasites, the animal may not notice their presence in its body.

But a large number of worms can significantly deplete the body. And the constant increase in the number of helminths will sooner or later lead to the death of the cat.


Dirofen is available in the form of tablets, suspension and paste. The active ingredients are praziquantel, febantel and pyrantel pamoata, and there is also pumpkin seed oil. It is a broad spectrum drug.

Its components have the following effect on parasites:

  • praziquantel causes a contraction of the muscles of helminths, promotes their utilization through the intestines;
  • pyrantel paralyzes the nervous system, destroys worms in the intestines;
  • febantel interferes with the metabolic process, blocks the absorption of glucose by parasite cells;
  • pumpkin oil has anthelmintic effect and improves stool.

Dirofen is effective for the defeat of the body with round and tapeworms, as well as for mixed helminthic invasions. The drug is given in the morning, during a meal, along with food or through a syringe. Contraindicated in kittens under 3 weeks old and suffering from liver and kidney diseases.


A complex action drug that can treat helminthiasis in kittens from 2 weeks. Paralyzes helminths. They are excreted from the body alive, which prevents the intoxication of the animal with the decomposition products of worms.

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An anthelmintic drug that is active against nematodes and cestodes. It is marketed in the form of a yellow soluble sugar cube. The active substances of the drug are oxybendazole and niclosamide. Assign to kittens from one month of age.

Deworming is possible only if the kittens do not have serious health problems.

  • Together with the anthelmintic agent, it is desirable to inject the drug “Gamavit” subcutaneously into the withers. The exact dosage depends on the age of the kitten.
  • After the animal is given an anthelmintic, he will need to take a sorbent in the form of activated carbon (0.5-1 tablets) or Enterosgel (0.5 tsp).
  • Owners must ensure that the animal does not become constipated, otherwise there is a risk of intoxication.
  • If the kitten cannot defecate, he should be given laxative syrup.
  • After 10-12 days, anthelmintic therapy should be resumed. If the drug is given for prophylaxis, it is not necessary to take it again.

If a kitten is sheltered from the street, parasites can be poisoned only after being examined by a doctor. You should not simultaneously use the entire “arsenal” of antiparasitic agents in the form of tablets for worms, flea sprays, depriving, drops from ear mites. Such drugs are toxic, so their complex use will harm the animal.

Veterinarians recommend treating a kitten from worms with drugs that are presented in the form of a suspension. If you have to use pills, then you need to know how best to do this so that the therapy is effective.

  • The animal must be placed on its knees with its back to itself. With one hand, the kitten needs to unclench its jaws, with the other put the pill in its mouth. For such actions, the help of someone from the household may be required. The mouth of the animal must be clamped and wait until it swallows the pill.
  • Another method involves crushing a tablet and mixing it with water. The ready-made composition must be filled with a syringe without a needle and poured into the kitten’s cheek. The muzzle must be held, because the baby can spit out the solution.
  • The crushed tablet can be combined with a treat (boiled minced meat, canned food). An animal is unlikely to give up its favorite food and certainly does not suspect that a drug has been added there.
  • If the kitten is very shy and any attempts to restrain him and give him medications fail, you can go the other way. The Fuzzy will have to be wrapped in a blanket and only his head will be left uncovered. The kitten should be with its back up so as not to choke. Next, you need to do everything as in paragraph 1, 2.

Veterinarians believe that they have found a universal and effective way to get rid of small pets from round and tape parasites! This is “Prazitel”. a drug for worms for kittens, produced in the form of a suspension and tablets. This tool effectively destroys parasites at all stages of development.

We are talking about a cucumber tapeworm belonging to this species. In addition to the fact that it is not easy to cure an animal from a tapeworm, a person can easily become infected with them. Why is Prazitel considered the most effective in this case? The fact is that this remedy for worms for small kittens contains a component such as praziquantel, which is not always found in other medicines. But it is he who is able to help completely get rid of worms in a kitten, cleansing the body of the tapeworms themselves, eggs and larvae.

For kittens, products that are suitable for deworming adults are not suitable. Below is a selection of the best antihelminthic drugs for kittens, the most effective and safe.


Albendazole is available in powder, tablet, gel, and suspension forms. Mechanism of action: the action of the drug is aimed at stopping the consumption of glucose by the cells of parasites, as well as stopping the metabolic processes in their bodies. The result is the killing of helminths. Effective against larvae of all types of worms. but does not cope with adults of round and tapeworms.

When it enters the bloodstream, the drug is absorbed by all tissues, which contributes to the elimination of worms and their eggs throughout the body. It is excreted through the intestines along with feces and urine. Low toxicity, practically harmless to the liver. Pre-fasting is optional. Deworming lasts 2-3 days. When the dosage is observed, no side effects are observed. Contraindication. acute fascioliasis.


The composition of Drontal and the effect of its effects are similar to Dirofen. Drontal is suitable only for kittens over 3 months old who have gained more than 1 kilogram of weight. The drug is available in tablet form. Effective against roundworms and tapeworms, but not all. Powerless against flatworms found in raw fish. Give in the morning on an empty stomach. One tablet is designed for 4 kilograms of weight, the dosage for kittens is a quarter. Well tolerated by the body, side reactions in the form of vomiting and diarrhea are rare.

Preparations that take into account the age of the baby

What to give a kitten from worms? Veterinary pharmacies are ready to provide a wide range of anthelmintic drugs for kittens, but you should not rely on the experience of a feline pharmacist when choosing the right drug, even if he is an experienced veterinarian. We rely on the doctor’s recommendations. When buying a product, pay attention to the shelf life, never buy the medicine in random places, but only in certified pharmacies, otherwise, at best, it will be useless, and at worst, it will harm the kitten.

Consider the deworming drugs prescribed to kittens as they grow up:

  • Two weeks: Dirofen;
  • Kitten for three weeks: Kaniquantel, Prazicid in suspension, Troncil K, Drontal in tablets;
  • Five weeks: Profenler drops;
  • Six weeks: Milbemax;
  • Month: Polyvercan-sugar cubes;
  • Three months: drops on the withers Inspector, tablets: Pratel, Polivercan, Fetable.

Remember: preparations for a kitten are selected by a veterinarian individually, taking into account the age, breed and other characteristics of the baby. New generation drugs have a significant advantage, rarely cause allergies, and have few side effects.


If the owner suspects health problems in his pet, he needs to immediately contact the veterinarian so that the treatment is timely and effective.

The specialist will be able to find out which helminths parasitize in the body of a little fluffy. To do this, the owners will have to collect the kitten’s feces and submit it for research. Some types of parasites feed on their host’s blood, so the kitten may develop anemia. If the disease is left untreated, the consequences can be the worst.

Side effects and contraindications of Stronghold drops

The manufacturer claims that when using the indicated dosages and the absence of contraindications, side effects after treatment with Stronghold drops do not occur.

Contraindications to Stronghold’s use:

  • Individual sensitivity or intolerance to selamectin.
  • Exhaustion or dehydration.
  • The fact of illness with a viral or infectious disease.
  • Recovery period, decreased immunity.
  • Kitten is less than 6 weeks old (1.5 months).

The drug should not be injected into the ear canals, including smearing or wiping. The skin at the site of application of the drug should be intact and dry. Absorption decreases when applied to damp skin. Immediately after treatment, the kitten must be kept under constant supervision and not allowed to come near open sources of fire. Selamectin is a flammable substance.

Stronghold for kittens: instructions for use

Stronghold for kittens is considered one of the best and most effective remedies for fleas, ear mites and worms. At what age can drops be used and what is the dosage for kittens? All necessary information is contained in the instructions for use. If you have any questions about how to apply the drug, what side effects are possible and whether there are analogues. the answers to your questions are in the article. Stronghold drops are considered the best, not without reason, but first things first.

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Instructions for the use of Stronghold drops

Instructions for use are the main guideline when using any drugs. Many are used to not reading the instructions until something goes wrong with the animal. We strongly recommend that you take a few minutes and study at least the main points:

  • Expiration date: indicated on the package and each pipette. If the production date is printed on the pipette, the storage period and conditions are indicated in the instructions.
  • Visual Compliance. Carefully inspect the pipette and its contents before use. Stronghold is an expensive drug that is often counterfeited. In addition, under improper storage conditions, droplets can change color, precipitate or otherwise transform.
  • Appointments and dosages. this paragraph indicates whether the drug can be used for a kitten and the spectrum of action.
  • Indications and contraindications. most often, this item is standard in all antiparasitic drugs.

Advice: if you have any doubts after reading the instructions, you are not sure that the drops can be used for any reason, it is enough to consult a veterinarian by phone. Remember, there are no absolutely safe antiparasitic agents, so prudence is the key to your pet’s health.

Indications for the use of Stronghold drops

The main active ingredient. selamectin, has a wide spectrum of action, affecting:

  • Helminths, including: nematodes, round worms at any stage of development.
  • Fleas, lice, lice.
  • Ixodid (grazing) ticks.
  • Subcutaneous mites.

Note! Stronghold is safely prescribed for the treatment of dirofilariasis.

Aggressive treatment, in the presence of adult parasites in the heart, can lead to thrombosis or other disastrous consequences. Selamectin does not kill adults, but effectively reduces the number of masks and eggs in the blood of an infected animal, which reduces the risk of aggravating the disease.

The mode of action of selamectin on blood-sucking parasites is very primitive. Contacting with the parasite, the substance increases the permeability of the membranes of its body to chlorine ions. A sharp increase in the concentration of chlorine ions leads to disruption of the functioning of nerve fibers.As a result, the parasite loses its mobility and dies.

Unlike parasites, mammalian nerve fibers, which are affected by selamectin, are found only in the central nervous system. The destructive effect is possible only with a serious overdose.

After applying drops to the withers, they are quickly absorbed into the skin. After pumping the maximum concentration, the therapeutic effect lasts for a month. Therapeutic concentration allows you to effectively protect the body from parasites at all stages of development, which is especially important in the prevention of worms.

Note! Selamectin is classified as a substance of moderate toxicity. Subject to dosages, Stronghold drops are well tolerated by kittens, young and adult cats.

specifically, Stronghold is appointed when:

  • Flea infestation. elimination of fleas and prevention of infection for 1 month.
  • Treatments for ear scabies and sarcoptic mange. caused by a subcutaneous mite.
  • Treatment of toxocariasis at any stage of development.
  • Treatment of hookworm infection.
  • Prevention of dirofilariasis.

Important! When treating ear mites, drops are applied to the withers, simultaneously to all animals living in the house. Stronghold is intended solely for external use, it must not be dripped into the ears or allowed to come into contact with mucous membranes.

Dosage for kittens Stronghold drops

Weighing up to 2.5 kg, the optimal dosage for kittens is one pipette with a purple cap. It is important to understand that this dose can kill a kitten if contraindications are ignored.

The basic rules for dosing Stronghold are as follows:

  • The drops are applied only once, even if it seems to you that you missed, many drops have been absorbed into the wool, etc.
  • The dosage corresponds to the color of the tube.
  • Unless instructed otherwise by the veterinarian, a whole tube is used for treatment.

Note! The maximum dosage of selamectin is 6 mg. for 1 kg. body weight. Even if the kitten is infected with several types of parasites, it is strongly recommended not to exceed the maximum dosage.

Dosage for flea treatment

When treating fleas, Stronghold is used once a month. Complete elimination of parasites occurs within 26 hours after treatment. According to the manufacturer, Stronghold protects the cat from fleas for a month. Regular treatments are required during periods of flea activity, even if the cat is not walking outside.

Selamectin destroys not only adults, but also their eggs. This principle of action interrupts the parasite reproduction chain, which is considered the most effective preventive measure. Immediately after a cat is infected with fleas, their eggs fall on carpet surfaces, upholstered furniture, pet’s bed, etc. Regular cleaning of the cat, even in the absence of visual signs of infection, helps to eliminate parasites in the home.

Composition of Stronghold drops

Stronghold is a complex, antiparasitic drug such as Spot-on (drops on the withers). Manufacturer. Pfizer (USA). The drug is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of invasions by external and internal parasites.

Stronghold drops are confidently entrenched in the top three thanks to their unique composition. Oddly enough, there is only one active ingredient. selamectin. The drops are available in two dosages: 6% and 12%. Regardless of the dosage, the drug should be colorless or slightly yellowish. Drops are packaged in individual disposable pipettes.

For the convenience of the owners, pipettes with different dosages of the drug differ in color:

  • Purple pipette. dosage 15 mg. for kittens weighing up to 2.5 kg.
  • Blue pipette. dosage 45 mg. for adult cats weighing up to 7.5 kg.

Note! Drops with a dosage of 15 mg are suitable for prophylactic and therapeutic treatment against external and internal parasites. It is strictly not recommended to independently reduce and even more so to overestimate the dose of the drug.!

Dosage for the treatment of worms

For prophylactic treatment for worms, conventional treatment is sufficient. If we are talking about heart worms, consultation and supervision of a veterinarian is required. After the diagnosis is made, the first treatment is considered curative, then it all depends on the degree of development of parasites.

Preventive treatment for dirofilariasis begins with the onset of warm weather. As you know, the main vector of dirofilaria is the mosquito. With regular preventive treatment, even when living in conditionally dangerous regions, Stronghold fully protects the animal. The active substance destroys the larvae that have entered the bloodstream after being bitten by a mosquito. Thus, the worm has no chance to gain a foothold in tissues and grow. Stronghold provides a similar method of protection against nematodes (flukes).

Note! Against the background of its high efficiency in the fight against larvae, selamectin does not kill adult worms, which guarantees the absence of damage to organs and tissues.

The last preventive treatment is carried out after the end of the “mosquito season”. If you need to introduce an animal into a conditionally dangerous zone, it is recommended to process the treatment no later than 2 weeks before the move. When using Stronghold for the prevention of dirofilariasis, it is strictly not recommended to combine drugs. If the veterinarian has prescribed a drug with a different active ingredient, at least a month should pass after the use of Stronghold.