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Knocked down a dog what to do where to go

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If the dog is hit by a car. Interview with the surgeon

The life of his pet depends on how correctly and clearly the owner of the dog will behave when hit by a car. The surgeon of the clinic “Biocontrol” Konstantin Igorevich Eremeev told what the owner should do and what veterinary surgeons will do in order to save the life and preserve the health of a dog that has received a car injury.

knocked, down

It is necessary to assess the condition of the dog. the presence of bleeding, open fractures, consciousness, breathing.

Of course, the mobile phone of the responsible owner must have both the number and the address of the clinic where he will contact in case of an emergency. This should be taken care of in advance so as not to waste time figuring out where it is better to take your pet.

After the assessment, a decision is made on further actions. If the condition is satisfactory, treatment may be prescribed. Additional diagnostics may be planned, for example, if the ultrasound scan showed injuries of internal organs and it is necessary to assess their condition over time. The patient can be placed in intensive care, where he will be provided with intensive therapy to remove from shock or, if this is an emergency situation, for example, rupture and acute bleeding, then after a short stabilization, the animal will go to the operating room.

For such an operation as osteosynthesis (connection of bone fragments using fixing structures), there are certain time conditions for carrying out: it is advisable to operate intra-articular or open fractures on the first or second day. If these are closed fractures, that is, not “dirty”, then it is better to do them on the second or third day, when the patient’s condition is assessed as stable and the edema at the fracture site subsides. Of course, the decision on the timing of the operation is made only by the doctor.

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In general, the determining factors affecting recovery are: the age of the animal, its weight, the nature of the fracture and the degree of trauma to soft tissues. muscles, blood vessels and nerves.

So beautiful, but in reality. In our Little “Chicago” even friends will be forgotten, no matter how sorry! But our people, even the poorest best people on earth!

I drove from the dacha. On the side of the road lay a knockeddown little dog in a collar. It was a Pekingese. I stopped, it seemed to me she was alive. I came up. Because it seemed to me during the ride that she was looking. And she was not breathing. And the heart was not felt. But the dog was warm. Soft. I gently lifted it up. my tongue was on its side, under my head was a pool of blood 10 cm in diameter (not much). The eyes are open. I carefully shifted it out of the way. For the hosts, I thought she was dead. And only now I realized that she could be unconscious. Why did I just leave her! But neither the heart was felt, nor the breath. I kept my hand on her chest for a long time. Sorry for the baby. I’m worried that she could be alive. The tongue was bright, not blue.

Good day! the dog was hit in the back. She didn’t get up for two hours, she was examined for fractures. But they missed that the back was swollen, urine without blood but feces in places with blood. What to do.

Of course, urgently deliver to a veterinary clinic with a good surgical department!

My dog ​​was hit by a car. The blow came on the right hind paw. The hike is a fracture. They also touched the organs. Internal hemorrhage. We will be able to get to the veterinary hospital only at 8:00. We took her to the regional branch. There she was injected with pain relievers. All of these procedures were completed at 19:00. Now he feels very badly. The belly is puffed up and breathing heavily. We put it so that the hind legs were apart, and a cold compress was placed under the stomach. Moans. She hasn’t had a second meal. It is 4:23 am now. Drinks water. Tell me what to do? Need advice.

Matvey, unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to conduct emergency consultations on the site. Our doctors answer questions on the forum (https://www.biocontrol.ru/forum/index.php) within one to two days. In this situation, without being able to examine your animal, all that can be advised is to deliver the dog to the veterinary clinic as soon as possible.

The dog was hit by a car 12 hours ago. There are no breaks. The good mood is actively running and even sticks to the girl. On the way to the hospital I looked at everything while standing by the window. The appetite was normal. There was no opportunity to do ultrasound in veterinary hospitals. Therefore, we are very worried, what if something damaged inside and it will later make itself felt.

Natalia, hello! In this case, watch your dog. At the first sign of deterioration, take your dog to a doctor immediately.

The car hit the cat. Lung edema 24 hours. Are there any chances to survive? Doesn’t drink or eat On injections in the hospital.

Catherine, hello! Of course, based only on the fact that he was hit by a car and has pulmonary edema, it is impossible to make predictions. It is important to take into account the age and state of health of the cat, the nature and severity of the injuries received, the quality of the timing of the care provided.

Hello. my beloved dog was hit by a car it becomes a can. but he is in great pain. it does not stand on the hind right foot at all. there is no veterinary clinic in our town. can you tell me something? ?

Love, hello! The only thing that can be suggested: you have to go to the veterinary clinic. It is necessary to assess the nature of the damage, find out if there are fractures, if internal organs are affected, if there are internal hemorrhages. Only on the basis of examinations it is possible to make predictions and prescribe treatment, both surgical and conservative.

Hello, our puppy is two months old Alabai hit a bus, she runs, but hasn’t eaten for two days, and what she drinks, she immediately vomits and goes to the toilet, the smell of course I’m sorry, of course, but he’s terrible, will he live ((((

Hello Olga! In order to assess the state of health of a puppy, it is necessary to examine him and, at least, to do an x-ray and an ultrasound. Accordingly, it is necessary to show the puppy to the veterinarian.

Hello, the dog was hit by a car, it was driving very slowly, but the dog got dressed because it ran fast (Doberman), immediately came running to me just scared, so there is no sign of good appetite, it plays as always. Didn’t whine anything. Could it have been all right? The blow was in the side

Carina, hello! Of course, it could have been. Carefully observe your dog, its condition, mood, behavior, and the course of natural processes. In case of any deviation, it is better to show a specialist.

The other day the dog was beaten by a car, they brought a broken paw to the bed and a strong blow to the front part, they said to bring the dog for the current year and to operate the paw, they brought it, and the vet, saying that it’s in a new importance, I’m dying to dribble, I’m tormented bіl is strong, scho robs

Hello Maria! In this situation, of course, it is necessary to follow the instructions of your attending physician. Ask him to prescribe pain medication for the dog.

We had a dog in the yard, at night she slept on my floor, 2 bottoms disappeared, on the third day the boys brought her in two, she could not stand on her hind legs, they took her to the doctor, no fractures, no blood, eats and drinks water. they prescribed us “proserin” vitamin B complex and vitamin B12, she tries to get up but cannot, she sometimes pulls her hind legs forward, the tail also feels. Question: do you think our dog has a chance to get on his feet?

Nina, it is impossible to answer your question without examining the dog and assessing its condition.

Hello, today I was going to work, I live in a village, a dog, a Shar Pei walked with me, when I saw a dog of a different breed, I ran after it, I could not do anything, I didn’t respond to her voice, and at that moment when she was running at speed, a car drove around the corner and my dog ​​did not have time to avoid the blow, the knock was heard down the street, I stood in horror, I thought everything, but the dog ran down the street towards the house, as if nothing had happened, I calmed down and went to work, and when I came home I saw that the dogs no, and it is not so far, could it be a shock condition for the dog. And something happened to her.

Hello! Of course, if your dog, contrary to usual, did not return home, then something happened to her. Perhaps she felt worse, perhaps someone had picked her up. We wish you to find her as soon as possible and that everything is fine with her.!

My age Lucy was hammered by a car. The doctor examined, scribbled that bruise and hematoma. No fractures or bleeding. There was blood in the urine. We do everything for the purpose. Mega worries that today she was wearing several times for twenty seconds often breathing through her mouth. A heart? Can I get her some cordiamine?

Vera, hello! According to your description, it is impossible to establish the cause of this behavior, therefore, it is not possible to prescribe any treatment. You should consult directly with your doctor

Hello, our dog was hit by a car two days ago, for the first minutes she seemed to be unconscious, her eyes rolled back, she was immediately taken to the veterinary clinic, the doctor says that there are problems with her spine, and gave an injection, she doesn’t really say anything, she eats as expected, drinks. but walks very hard, the neck is lowered, what can be done in this case, and will everything be fine.

Hello Ilya! Unfortunately, there is no diagnosis of “spinal problems”. Your question can be answered only after a detailed examination and diagnosis, at least ultrasound and X-ray.

If you did not notice the blow

The likelihood of the outcome of this case depends directly on the specific circumstances of the incident, the testimony of witnesses and participants in the accident, recordings from cameras and other revealed facts of the accident.

If the driver hit the dog, fled from the scene of the accident and then, when sentencing, that he simply did not notice the fact of the collision, did not hear the blow, then the probability of a successful outcome of the case is about 50/50, as shown by judicial practice.

Such an opportunity is provided by the main principle of administrative law. a person is liable only for those violations for which his guilt has been established (Article 26.1 of the Administrative Code). If the driver did not notice the collision with the animal, then his fault cannot be established.

  • If, as a result of a collision with a dog, the damage to the car is severe, and the dog died from injuries, then it will be difficult to prove that you did not notice and therefore did not stop, it will be almost impossible, since the court looks at precisely such circumstances.
  • If you stopped after the collision and then drove off again, then it will also be difficult to avoid deprivation. The court will take this as an indicator that you did feel the blow. It will be even more difficult to avoid responsibility if you stopped and argued with the owner of the animal about the fact of an accident, about damage, or if there are recordings from cameras or testimony of witnesses that you examined your car.
  • The larger the breed of the dog, the harder it will be to prove your innocence.
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In other cases, everything will directly depend on the nature of the accident. If we are talking about some toy terrier or Chihuahua, and you crushed the dog with a wheel, at the same time, did not stop, no one tried to stop you, then the judge may well believe that you did not feel the collision.

Here is a vivid example of judicial practice from Perm, where the driver tried to appeal against the deprivation of license for a downed dog on the grounds that he allegedly did not notice the collision. However, the judge took into account several facts that refute the attempt to “excuse himself” from the motorist:

  • firstly, the dog was knocked to death, and the nature of the accident shows that it was difficult not to notice it,
  • secondly, there is a witness in the case who claims that the driver stopped and watched the owner pull his dog out from under the wheels.

Thus, it makes sense to rely on the fact that you did not feel like you hit the animal only in the following cases:

  • if the accident was not strong (the dog survived, perhaps ran away on his own business. but you do not know about it),
  • accordingly, the breed of the dog is small,
  • the nature of the damage to the car assumes that you might not feel the impact (one thing is a tangential slight blow and practically no damage, or if a collision occurred on a wagon, and quite another thing is a broken bumper, for example),
  • you did not stop after the collision and drove on,
  • your testimony does not contradict such a statement, nor does eyewitness testimony and / or camera footage indicate any reaction you have to the hit dog.

Is it possible to avoid deprivation?

Yes, you can, but it all depends on the situation. It’s a good news. But the bad thing is that attraction under Article 12.27 does not depend on the degree of guilt of the driver. The latter is threatened with deprivation of rights for the very fact of leaving the scene of an accident. regardless of other circumstances.

In the practice of 2021, liability can be avoided on the following legal grounds:

  • if the driver did not notice how he hit the dog (the prospect is not very good),
  • if you think that there was no fact of an accident (almost unpromising basis),
  • if you were forced to leave the scene of the accident and prove that you had no intention of hiding after the collision.
  • This article describes the basic principles of the law. Meanwhile, in judicial practice, everything depends on the specific circumstances.
  • In 96% of all cases, there are subtleties that can affect the outcome of the whole case.
  • Therefore, we recommend that you entrust the case to professionals who will study your case and select the correct winning strategy.

The TonkostiDTP website employs professional road accident lawyers with experience in all major types of disputes (OSAGO, guilt, administrative penalties).

This is an insured event under OSAGO?

Yes and no. It depends on who is recognized as the culprit of such an accident.

our puppy got hit by a car (warning: not for everyone to see)

The fact is that the very principle of OSAGO insurance is that the liability of the guilty driver of the car is covered, and not the property itself.

  • the owner of the dog receives compensation for harm for the animal by contacting the insurance company of the driver of the car, if the latter is found to be the culprit,
  • if the owner of the pet turns out to be guilty, then he will compensate for the damage; and there is no point in contacting your insurance company. it covers the risk of the driver’s liability.

That is, in any case, it is impossible to restore a car damaged by a downed dog under OSAGO in 2021.

The case where the innocent pays?

But there is also article 1079 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which classifies the car as source of increased danger (hereinafter “IPO”) and indicates that the harm caused by such source is subject to compensation even in the absence of the fault of the owner of the IPO.

This means that even if the owner of the dog is found guilty of an accident (as we found above, the pet itself cannot be made guilty, because this is property), then the driver is obliged to compensate for the harm, regardless of his guilt in this.

But there is an important snag in judicial practice here. This article is applied by courts when a car hits a pedestrian or cyclist. That is, when causing harm to the health or life of people. In the event of damage to property, 1079 Civil Code does not work.

However, in the practice of the Supreme Court there is a definition 2-KG15-1, where the judge returned the case for a new trial on the grounds that the previous court instances did not raise the issue of using source of increased danger. Meanwhile, in that case, a hit was not considered a dog, but a cow. That is, even larger than a dog, a pet, suffered from IPO.

Thus, the culpability and liability for damages in practice in 2021 can lie both on the driver, if he is charged with violation of clause 10.1 of the SDA, and on the owner of the dog, who allowed her to go out on the road. However, even if the owner of the animal is found guilty, the burden of reimbursement for hitting a dog may lie on the driver (in this case, the obligation to compensate for damage to the car if the owner of the dog is guilty does not disappear). In these cases, the cost of damage is covered by OSAGO insurance.

Let’s look at a number of other circumstances that in one way or another may affect the outcome of the case in determining the guilt of hitting animals.

Who is to blame for an accident with a hit dog in 2021?

Actually, it’s time to talk about the main question. in what cases which of the participants in an accident with an animal is found guilty. And here, in the overwhelming majority of cases, 2 options are possible:

  • the driver is charged with violation of clause 10.1 of the traffic rules. allegedly you did not choose the correct speed to avoid hitting a dog,
  • the owner of the dog is charged with a violation that he allowed the animal to enter the carriageway.

Clause 10.1 is generally a universal technique for inspectors in case of an accident, which almost always makes it possible to write off the culprit on the driver of the car. He prescribes to choose a speed not only not higher than the established limit, but also such that would allow controlling the road situation and avoiding a collision. That is, the violation here is precedent. Have you run over a dog? This means that we have not chosen the required speed. Avoided collision? This means that 10.1 is fully complied with!

As for the responsibility of the owner of the dog, here it will be a discovery for many that a pet is a property. The fact is that the Civil Code extends property relations to any animals. This means that if you allowed the dog to be released onto the carriageway, then this is tantamount to throwing a brick in front of a passing car, which it ran into.

Of course, the violation of one or another participant directly depends on the specific circumstances of the case. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

  • Violation 10.1 can be charged to the driver if he saw the dog from afar, but did not slow down and, as a result, knocked it down. Of course, they will look at the car owner’s explanatory statement, testimony and / or recordings from cameras.
  • If, for example, a dog ran along the side of the road, and then turned sharply into the carriageway, then the guilt here may be controversial.
  • In cases where the animal suddenly runs out onto the road. all the more, because of any obstacle, then the fault can fall entirely on its owner. That is, the general rule works here. can the driver objectively assess a sudden danger on the road and prevent a collision??
  • And if a pedestrian was walking with a pet on a short leash along a pedestrian crossing, and the driver hit the dog because he did not have time to react, then the fault will most likely fall on the driver. But even here it will be illegal to write out a fine for not allowing a pedestrian to pass. it may not have been hindered. But untimely response before a pedestrian crossing is directly dependent on non-compliance with 10.1 traffic rules.

Here is another example of a decision in judicial practice in its official interpretation:

Thus, the court concludes that there were no violations of the Traffic Rules of the Russian Federation in the actions of the driver at the time of the collision with the dog, and therefore there is no fault in committing an accident., as the dog ran out onto the carriageway suddenly, and uncontrollably by its owner, on a section of the road where there was no possibility of crossing the carriageway.

Shot down a dog and left. what responsibility threatens the driver?

For failure to fulfill one of the duties listed above, punishment is provided, and there can be 2 of them:

  • a fine of 1,000 rubles for non-gross traffic violations after an accident with a dog,
  • deprivation of rights for a period of 1 to 1.5 years or arrest for up to 15 days will threaten if you leave, knocking down a dog, deciding, for example, that this is not a traffic accident.

Such measures of responsibility are provided for by Article 12.27 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation.

There can be no other punishments for an accident with a pet:

  • deprivation of rights and fines for guilt in an accident with victims is provided for by Article 12.24, and if you run into a dog, it is not applicable, since according to this norm of the Administrative Code, the driver is punished for harm to human health,
  • as well as criminal liability, even if you knock a dog to death, will not come, since it is also applied to a knocked down person.

As for the fine from the driver, who is reimbursed for the harm caused to the owner of the animal, then you should not confuse administrative responsibility and civil liability. We have given the punishment measures above, and civil liability is the compensation for damage for the damage caused. This is not an administrative or criminal punishment. it is not a punishment at all. And we will talk about compensation for damage a little lower, but for now, about what threatens from the traffic police.

The car hit the dog: is it an accident? Who is to blame and what to do? Arbitrage practice

A dog knocked down on the road is considered an accident. With all the ensuing responsibilities of the driver and the consequences for this. In 2021, hitting a pet can face a fine and even deprivation of rights, as well as compensation for harm to the owner. In the article, we will analyze the current judicial practice on hitting dogs, the responsibility if they were hit and left the scene of the accident, what to do to the dog owner to compensate for the damage, or to the driver of the injured car, and, most importantly, who is to blame for such an accident. We will also consider situations when the animal escaped or the collision was to death, its owner is not identified and whether this is an insured event.

We require car repair / indemnify for damage to the owner

If the traffic police officers who arrived at the scene of the accident did not reveal any violations on your part, they will draw up a protocol and a determination about the absence of an administrative offense in the driver’s actions (since October 2017, a certificate of an accident has not been issued to drivers Approx. ed.). The good news is that you now owe nothing to the owner of the affected animal. Bad. you will have to repair a broken headlight or dented bumper at your own expense. Indeed, unlike Casco, insurance under the MTPL policy does not cover such damage.

You can try “humanly” to negotiate with the owner of the animal on the payment for the repair of the car. Or send him a pre-trial claim. But, as practice shows, you should not count on a successful outcome. Most likely, you will have to visit (and more than once) a lawyer or start preparing documents for the court yourself. It should be based on Part 1 of Art. 1064 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation: “Harm caused to the person or property of a citizen is subject to compensation in full by the person who caused the harm”.

If you are to blame for the accident and you have a comprehensive insurance policy, then you can claim payment for the damaged car. An exception may be in the case when the insurance contract contains a clause according to which an accident with an animal is not an insured event. So always watch what you sign. Then you have two options: to resolve the issue of compensation for the cost of treating the dog peacefully or, again, through the court.

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If you refuse to settle the dispute with the owner of the dog out of court or if you are not satisfied with the requested amount, he has the right to go to court. Most likely, he will refer to the fact that in accordance with Part 1 of Art. 1079 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the driver, as the culprit of an accident, is subject to the obligation “to compensate for harm caused by source of increased danger, unless it is proved that the harm arose as a result of force majeure or the intent of the victim”.

It is easier to avoid running around the courts and financial expenses than it seems. just look around and observe the speed limit (especially in the yards).

Knocked down a dog. we solve the situation in 4 steps

We will tell you how to act according to the law. Further. decide for yourself.

Expert opinion

Elizaveta Vladimirova, lawyer at the Human and Law Legal Center:

“Whatever happens, it is not recommended to leave the scene of the accident. If the owner of the animal begins to threaten you in a fit of anger, you must immediately call the police, even if the traffic police have already been notified of the accident. Film everything that happens and, if possible, involve witnesses, because if you are really threatened with murder or serious harm to your health, this will be criminal responsibility “.

We are negotiating with the owner of the animal

You should not get involved in an argument, and even more so openly conflict with the owner of the dog. and it is not far from assault. Better to limit yourself to the exchange of phone numbers and express regret about what happened. It is highly likely that the owner of the animal will offer you to compensate him for “moral damage” even before the arrival of the police. Do not rush to get your wallet. your guilt has yet to be proven. You are truly in control of the source of increased danger.

But there is another point: a dog is a pet (that is, property) that has an owner. And the owner, in accordance with Art. 210 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, bears the burden of maintaining the property belonging to him. In other words, if the dog wandered around the yard or roadway without a leash, then the owner of the animal is also guilty of an accident. However, only law enforcement officers can put an end to the question.

By the way, not only pet owners are obliged to keep an eye on the four-legged “property”. In accordance with paragraph 25.6 of the SDA, drivers of horse-drawn carts or sledges, drivers of pack animals, riding animals and livestock are prohibited from leaving animals on the road unattended.

Expert opinion

Elizaveta Vladimirova, lawyer at the Human and Law Legal Center:

“Unfortunately, it is not always possible to call an ambulance to the scene of an accident. The owner of a critically ill animal will most likely try to get it to the clinic by any means. Before the owner of the dog leaves, do not forget to specify at least the phone number, first and last name. You, the driver, in accordance with the requirements of the traffic rules, still need to wait for the traffic police officers and report where the second participant in the incident went. Then they will deal with him “.

Keep in mind

A driver who fled from the place of collision with an animal may be held liable under Part 2 of Art. 12.27 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation “Leaving the scene of an accident”. It provides for the deprivation of the right to drive a vehicle for up to one and a half years or an administrative arrest for up to fifteen days. Listen to the voice of reason. for sure, the pet owner or eyewitnesses will have time to remember the number and make of the car. And the incident can be recorded by CCTV cameras. So it won’t be difficult for police officers to find you.

We call the traffic police inspectors

Any motorist should remember that hitting an animal (whether wild or domestic) is equivalent to an accident. This means that the driver is subject to the same obligations as in any other accident:

  • stop the car and do not move it
  • turn on the emergency gang
  • put up an emergency stop sign at a distance of at least 15 meters from the car in the village and at least 30 meters on the highway;
  • call 112 and call the traffic police inspectors to the scene of the accident.

In practice, it can be difficult to follow this sequence of actions. An accident in itself is stress, and then the owner of the injured animal fights in hysterics, showering you with curses. For many of us, the basic instinct of self-preservation can work: you need to leave as soon as possible, it is not safe here. However, doing this is definitely not worth it.

We collect the “evidence base

Just because you hit an animal does not mean that you are 100% guilty of what happened. For example, a dog could suddenly throw himself under the wheels, and you could not foresee this situation because of the cars parked in the yard. Your main task will be to prove that you have committed damage to someone else’s property unintentionally. According to Art. 137 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, general rules on property apply to pets. But if you shoot down a wild animal, then it is the property of the state, and the algorithm of your actions will be slightly different.

Before the inspectors arrive, collect as much evidence of your innocence as possible. They can be:

  • photos from the accident scene. record the damage to the car, fragments, braking distance. During the shooting, make some general shots so that it was easier for the traffic police to understand how you were moving, where the animal jumped out from and why you did not have time to react
  • car registrar entry. if you still have not acquired this gadget, we recommend that you do it as soon as possible. He will help out in many controversial situations on the road.
  • contacts of eyewitnesses of the accident. by the time the police arrive, people are likely to disperse about their business, so it is in your best interest to write down the names, phone numbers and passport details of the witnesses as soon as possible. Further, this information will need to be transferred to the traffic police inspectors.

Here’s what you’ll definitely need in court:

  • The conclusion of the medical examination. It can be carried out not by a court order. Go to the doctors, explain to them that you will sue. They must issue a referral for the necessary doctors. When everyone has examined you, they will make a decision with the diagnosis. It is important that the document bears the signature of the head physician of the polyclinic, the seal and the date.
  • A document confirming the call for an ambulance on the day of the bite or after. She is discharged by the nurse on duty from the register.
  • Extracts from the outpatient card, if you were undergoing treatment. When listing the experiences in the statement, you can rely on them, indicating which doctors you were treated with, with what diagnosis and result.
  • Certificates that you were being treated and you needed sick leave.
  • List of means and preparations. which were required to restore health.
  • Price list. where are the of medical devices.
  • Drug receipts and receipts. that you acquired during treatment.
  • Receipts for payment of services of doctors of private clinics. or for the required procedures, operations.
  • Witness statements. who can confirm the fact of the bite.
  • Decision that the case was closed and not referred to the court.
  • Photos taken after the bite.

Advice: send the documentary packet with copies to the court. Keep the original papers for yourself. If the judge, when considering the case, asks for the original, then show.

After washing the wound, applying a bandage, you should:

  • Go to the nearest emergency room. There they will record the damage caused, refer to the doctor and prescribe treatment. At the emergency room, you should ask for an extract from your medical record, as well as a complete list of drugs that the emergency doctor on duty recommends for use. If you called the doctor at home, then ask for a call certificate. Employees of medical institutions are obliged to issue all documents to you.
  • The second stage is a call to the police. At your request, the district police officer of your area should come, accept an application asking to understand this situation, find the culprit. The application may be accompanied by the documents that you took from the emergency room. Remember, the police officer will write a report on the incident, he must leave the second copy to you. If not, then ask yourself.
  • The third step is to try to find the owner and the dog. It. an important point. Whether the dog is rabid or not depends on the treatment that the doctor prescribes for you. Failure to get rabies shots can be fatal in two weeks.
  • In the event that the dog is domestic and you can contact the owner, agree on a meeting point and ask to bring the pet to the veterinarian for check-up. Usually the doctor writes out a conclusion, with him you will have to go to an appointment with a surgeon, a therapist. If the owner does not want to help you, then you will have to undergo preventive treatment for rabies, so as not to die.
  • The dog can be stray. In this case, you will definitely have to get vaccinated. The procedure is free, but painful and consists of 6 injections. Believing research, a dog that has bitten a human can die within 10 days if it has rabies. If her death did not occur, then there is no virus in her body. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to watch a dog that has caused harm to health.
  • The fourth step is to take pictures of injuries, a dog running around the site without a leash, poor fencing, etc. For the law to be on your side, you need proof. If they are not in words, but in a visual form, this is even better.
  • The fifth stage is the search for witnesses. It’s good when people will help you at the scene. You can take their contact phone number to confirm the fact of the bite. When they are not there, do not despair. Come to the place where you walked or walked, pay attention to people, perhaps remember someone. Do not be afraid to ask them if they or their neighbors have witnessed a terrible incident that happened to you or your child. Another option is to ask for help through ads. They can be posted in the same area, or posted on social networks. Often on the Internet you can find not only a witness, but also a video.
  • Further. we agree with the culprit of the incident or write a statement to the court and defend our rights.

Bitten by a dog. it is easy to sue the owner and win!

The victim himself must write the statement of claim to the court. If he is under 18 years old, then his parents or guardian can write for him.

According to article 118 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the owner of a dog that harmed a person will be responsible for careless behavior and neglect. The perpetrator of the incident can threaten a fine of up to 80 thousand rubles, correctional labor and even imprisonment for a period of 3 years. It all depends on the evidence base and the severity of the damage.

So, turning to the magistrate’s court, in the statement of claim, you should indicate the full name and all contact details of your offender. You can find out this information either from the culprit himself or from the district police officer who has no right to hide such data from you.

In addition, do not forget to list the reasons for the appeal, the cost of the claim and the list of applications.

If the dog that bit you or the child is wandering, then the municipality will be responsible for what happened. Usually, it is the administration that is responsible for catching the dogs living on the street. A representative of the administration must appear in court, who can use the officials responsible for the incident in the hearing.

  • In the first case, we advise you to feel free to go to court without a lawyer. If you have proof, you will win the case easily, without anyone’s help.
  • But in the second case, when you have to sue the municipality, it is better to turn to a lawyer. He must build a strategic plan that will help you win the case, defend your rights and return the funds for treatment.

Documents to be collected during treatment after a dog bite

If, nevertheless, it was not possible to agree with the owner of the dog, apply to the court with a statement of claim. As a rule, the district police officer does not initiate a criminal case, but he can also hush up and close it completely.

While you are undergoing treatment, start collecting documents.

If bitten by a dog, do the following urgently

First of all, of course, each parent will think about how to provide first aid to themselves or their child. And rightly so, because a bite can lead to infection.

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Knocked down a dog what to do where to go

According to statistics, more than 150 thousand people in Russia suffer from dog bites, and a third of this number. children. As a rule, an adult can stand up for himself and at the scene of the incident find the owner of the four-legged dog, and then call him to account, but the child is lost in such a situation and, first of all, runs home to his mother. The culprit hides and goes unpunished.

We will figure out what to do with a bite and how to defend your rights in court.

When filling out an application, remember that you can demand:

  • Material harm. It. all the money that you spent on restoring health due to this situation. If the damage was severe, and the victim lost his ability to work, then he can ask for compensation for the months in which he did not work (Article 1064 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).
  • Moral injury. It. physical, mental suffering that violated the rights of the victim. When calculating such harm, the court takes into account the severity of the suffering caused and the level of the defendant’s guilt (Article 151 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). Tip: When claiming reimbursement, calculate all funds spent on travel to the hospital and treatment. You shouldn’t overestimate the amount you would like to receive. Approximate compensation is from 10 to 50 thousand rubles. How to correctly calculate and receive compensation for moral damage?

You can go to court in person or by sending documents with an application by mail. They are obliged to consider the application and resolve the case within 2 months.

It is not required to pay the state duty in case of a claim, the amount of which is less than 100 thousand, and if the cost of the claim is higher than this amount, it is necessary. In the judicial office, you must knock out a receipt for the payment of a fee in the amount of 200 rubles (Article 333.21 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).

So, we examined the important nuances of cases that arise in court due to a dog bite.

Don’t be afraid. You have every right to defend your safety! By punishing the culprit of what happened, you will protect other people from the dogs that walk on the street without a muzzle. Pet owners will treat four-legged animals better and more attentively, keep an eye on them and follow the rules of walking.

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What to do if you are bitten by a dog?

If you have been bitten by a dog, the first thing to do is seek medical attention at an emergency room. It doesn’t matter if this animal was a pet or a stray one. Unreasonable aggression appears only in sick dogs, in other cases it is motivated.

How to understand that a dog wants to attack you, and how to avoid an attack. read the article

If you are bitten by a dog, be sure to see a doctor. When bitten through the saliva of a dog, the rabies virus can enter the human body. Rabies is a terrible disease that leads to death within two weeks from the moment the first symptoms appear. However, the disease is treatable if you act immediately after the bite.

See a doctor

For severe bites and severe bleeding, call an ambulance immediately.

After entering the body, the rabies virus spreads along the nerve endings, affecting almost the entire nervous system.

The illness can begin as early as 9 days after exposure to the rabies virus, but it may take 30-60 days before symptoms appear. The closer the bite is to the victim’s brain, the less time it takes before symptoms appear.

The initial stage of rabies in humans is characterized by mild fever, anxiety, headache, loss of appetite, and vomiting. Pain, stiffness, and tingling in the wound are typical. The inflammation of the brain progresses, and the disease, as the infection progresses, becomes paralytic rabies.

The presence of the virus is checked during special laboratory tests by taking samples of saliva, cerebrospinal fluid or urine.

If an infection has entered your body, you will be given the COCAV vaccine in your shoulder (for children under 5, in the thigh) However, it must be remembered that the vaccine against the bite can be delivered no later than the 14th day after the bite, so do not postpone the visit to the doctor. The full course of vaccination lasts three months and includes six injections.

Compensation for harm

If you are not bitten by a stray dog, then the owner of the animal can be sued for compensation for material damage. This will be compensation for the money spent on drugs and treatment. In addition, you have the right to claim compensation in the amount of the average monthly earnings if you had to be on sick leave for some time. To prove and determine the amount of harm caused, you will have to collect all receipts for medicines and submit to the court along with the sick leave.

Treat the wound at home

If the area of ​​the bites is small and you are able to get home in a short time, then you can conduct the first relief activities yourself. To do this, wash the wound with soap and water for several minutes. Then treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide, and lubricate the intact edges of the wound with iodine. However, a doctor must be visited to make sure that there is no infection with rabies.

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Where to contact?

A victim of a dog bite should also contact the police to find out if the dog was deliberately set on. The owner of the dog is responsible for the illegal actions of his animal within the framework of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. If the animal causes serious harm to another person, the owner of the animal is punished for causing harm by negligence in accordance with paragraph 1 of Art. 118 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The punishment can be in the form:

  • a fine of up to 80,000 rubles. or in the amount of wages for a period of up to 6 months;
  • compulsory work for a period of 180-240 hours;
  • correctional labor up to 2 years;
  • restrictions on freedom for up to 3 years;
  • arrest from 3 to 6 months.

Police officers are required to accept any complaints about aggressive animal behavior. They are also obliged to prosecute the owner and force him to show the animal to the veterinarian for examination.

Where to go if bitten by a dog:

Phones and addresses of trauma centers in Moscow can be found here

What to do if a dog is lost

Dozens of domestic dogs disappear in Russia every day. This number increases in the spring-summer period, when, with the onset of good weather, the owners release the pets and allow them to run freely in the park or outdoors. Sometimes the owners lose precious time, because due to panic or ignorance they do not understand what measures need to be taken first. Russian Cynological Federation tells what to do if your dog is lost.

“If the dog is lost, you do not need to give in to panic and despondency, you need to act quickly and harmoniously, because in the first 24 hours the probability of finding an animal is the highest. Immediately place an ad on social networks, post ads on the street, notify the nearest veterinary clinics, private farms, nurseries. Remember, the success of the search depends on your correct and timely actions. ” told the President of the Russian Cynological Federation Vladimir Golubev.

Take action right away

The first thing to do if your dog is lost. it is to examine the places of daily walking. Many animals will go to the familiar area first, where they left their marks. Also, the dog can return to the house and, if the owner is not there, go again to look for him. In the first hour, examine the nearby area as thoroughly as possible, involve relatives and friends in the search. Call your pet by name, there is a chance that he will come out to your voice.

Next, start posting ads on social networks, it is best if you do this at the same time as searching in the area. Start with the largest database of missing and found animals in Russia: post ads in this system. Then use all possible sites: forums, message boards, groups of your breed, local publics, your personal pages and the pages of your friends and acquaintances. There are a large number of lost dog forums and profile groups on all social networks. The more shares you collect, the more likely you are to find a dog. Don’t forget to use hashtags. In the ad, be sure to place a photo, special signs, the name of the dog, and also describe its character: shy and timid or friendly and contact, in order to guide people on how to treat your pet in case of detection. Do not forget to indicate your personal data and contacts for communication, indicate several backup numbers to always be in touch.

Use all resources

Connect friends and family to posting ads. The more ads are posted, the more people will know about the situation.

Call all possible shelters, it happens that the volunteers find the dog before you have time to spread the information. Also, don’t forget that there are groups to help certain dog breeds. For example, if you have lost a Labrador dog, find a Labrador help group of the same name, perhaps your dog may be with them.

What a dog owner should do in the first minutes after an accident?

The first step is to assess the condition of the affected animal, examine it for bleeding and open fractures, check if the dog is conscious and breathing. In this case, it is necessary to approach the animal carefully, since in shock, the pet can bite the owner. If you have a jacket or other outer clothing with you, you should cover your pet. After that, it is urgently necessary to transport the dog to the veterinary clinic.

How to do it so as not to harm?

When trying to lift the dog, do not pull it up. This can threaten with displacement of the vertebrae or damage to the spinal cord if there is a spinal injury. Better to find a piece of plywood or cardboard that you can slip under the animal. Improvised means, such as a jacket or a blanket, will also work. They can be used as a stretcher.

Where to call?

It is necessary to take the dog to the veterinary clinic that you trust. In order not to waste time, decide in advance on the choice of the clinic and save its address and phone number in your phone.

What awaits the victim in the clinic?

Usually, animals hit by a car are accepted by veterinarians out of turn, since you simply cannot wait. Specialists assess the patient’s condition and, if necessary, conduct additional studies: ultrasound, X-ray, blood test. Then the anesthesiologist and surgeon decide what to do next. In simple cases, treatment can be immediately prescribed or the examination can be continued. In more serious situations, the dog is transferred to intensive care or immediately to the operating room.

How much time is there?

This can never be known for sure, so it is important to get the animal to the clinic as quickly as possible. Do not relax if the dog is conscious or able to get up and walk. The consequences of some injuries do not appear immediately, but develop rapidly and incrementally. For example, trauma to the lungs can cause pneumothorax and lead to death. The owner is also unable to determine internal bleeding or rupture of organs by the behavior of the dog, but these injuries are fatal.

What to do if your dog is hit by a car?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a dog to run out onto the road and under the wheels of a car. From the first minutes after the incident, the life of the injured animal depends on the actions of the owner: in order to increase the chances of salvation, it is necessary to do everything clearly, quickly and correctly.

What is necessary and what is unacceptable to do? How much time is there? How will specialists help the animal? The veterinarian, surgeon of the veterinary clinic “Biocontrol” at the Federal State Budgetary Institution “National Medical Research Center of Oncology named after V.I. N.N. Blokhin Institute of Healthcare of the Russian Federation Konstantin Eremeev.

What are the most common injuries to dogs that are hit by cars??

The most common are fractures of the forearms, femur, and pelvis. In most of them, the patient requires osteosynthesis. This is an operation that allows you to connect bone fragments by installing special fixing structures for this. This is an important and necessary operation that will allow the dog to quickly and correctly recover and prevent complications, since in case of refusal of osteosynthesis, the bones may grow together incorrectly, which will lead to a violation of biomechanics. It is also fraught with a second fracture in the same place.