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Large dogs that can be kept in the apartment

French Bulldog

Despite its small size, such a dog from France is considered a good guard. In the past, Bulldogs were often used to guard livestock and farm plots.

French Bulldogs are very cheerful, agile and active. They get along well with children and pets. Such dogs shed infrequently and therefore they can be kept in an apartment. Their coat is short, brown and black. Sometimes there are beige dogs.

Large smooth-haired dogs

There are seven most commonly bought varieties of large smooth-haired dogs.

Wool types

Dog’s coat serves to protect the skin from various weather conditions. It is believed that originally domesticated dogs had short and smooth coats. However, as a result of selection in some breeds, the coat became longer, curly and wavy.

Depending on the length of the coat, all dogs can be divided into three large subgroups:

  • Smooth-haired dog breeds. no undercoat.
  • Longhaired. well developed undercoat.
  • Naked. bald.

Miniature Pinscher

This breed has been known to dog breeders since the distant 15th century, when the Germans bred pinschers in stables along with elite horses. In those days, the main task of such dogs was to catch rodents and birds. Currently, pinschers are brought in to be kept in an apartment.

Pinschers have good reflexes, energy, stamina and a restrained appetite. Such a brown dog grows up to 30 centimeters and weighs about six kilograms.

Dogue de bordeaux

Such dogs are rather large, with a knocked down physique. There are a lot of folds on the face of the Dogue de Bordeaux. The ears are recumbent, the muzzle is slightly flattened. The coat is short, close to the body.

Fox terrier

People who like beautiful dogs with unusual blue eyes can get themselves fox terriers. Such dogs are ideal for keeping in an apartment. They are easy to care for and therefore a great choice for beginners.

Representatives of this breed have small body dimensions. The muzzle is elongated, with square and semi-erect ears. The coat is painted white with red or blackish spots. Sometimes there are dogs in which the coat is not covered with specks.

Dogo argentino

These are dogs with a kind character. They love to spend their free time with people and other animals. Dogo argentino coat is very short.

Most often, dogs are painted in a solid white color. In rare cases, there are dogs with dark spots.

What kind of pet is better to have in the apartment?

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An animal in an apartment is a joy! They are funny and spontaneous, especially children will be delighted with the appearance of a pet in the house. The child loves to play with them, learns to care and responsibility. Before deciding which pet to have in an apartment, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Take into account the living conditions, the availability of free time and, of course, the tastes and preferences of each family member.

Dogs and cats of large and small breeds

Dogs are intelligent animals, they are perfectly trainable and are devoted with all their hearts to their master. These animals require a lot of attention to themselves, they adore when they play, talk and walk with them. Dogs can be quite impressive in size. For lovers of large animals, we present the top 10 largest dog breeds:

  • Irish wolfhound;
  • doberman;
  • Labrador;
  • Newfoundland;
  • German dog;
  • komondor;
  • St. Bernard;
  • Moscow watchdog;
  • Caucasian and Central Asian Shepherd Dog;
  • English, Spanish, Pyrenean and Tibetan Mastiff.

A large dog is a faithful protector of its owner, it is not scary with it on a walk in the dark.

But the content of such an animal has its own specifics. They have a lot of energy that needs to be released. The dog should be walked 2 times a day and given enough time to run over. It should be noted that by law in public places the dog must be on a leash and muzzled.

Cats can also surprise with their parameters, for example, the height at the withers of the savanna reaches 1 m, and the weight is 20 kg. Other large cats include the following breeds:

  • Maine Coon;
  • chausie;
  • Norwegian forest;
  • siberian.

Big cats are beautiful! They are graceful, imposing and proud. They love to play and run around the apartment. Some breeds, such as the savannah, are recommended to be walked on a leash. Although cats are more independent than dogs, they also become attached to their owner and get bored in the event of his long departure.

a large beast in an apartment requires a spacious living space.

An ideal place for them would be a summer cottage or a private house. Aviaries and insulated booths are made for dogs. The animal feels comfortable and does not frighten others with its size. If the apartment is small, then it is better to choose more “compact” breeds of dogs and cats. Bulldogs, corgis, poodles, pomeranians will make your life more fun and varied, and “plush” British or ordinary domestic cats will fill the house with warmth and comfort.

Amphibians and reptiles

Those who love unusual exotic animals should pay attention to amphibians and reptiles. For them, it is necessary to equip a terrarium or aquaterrarium in which an environment close to natural conditions is recreated. For example, a desert, rainforest, or semi-aquatic setting. We present a complete list of the most unpretentious terrarium inhabitants.

  • Achatina are large snails, they can grow up to 20-30 cm. They do not require special attention, they are very easy to care for. A container with a lid is chosen as a house for them, the bottom of which is covered with a thick layer of peat substrate.
  • Newts are cute amphibians. At home, they are settled in a container filled with water with land areas. an aquaterrarium. Newts have a two-week rest period once a year, they choose a convenient place for themselves and do not show any activity.
  • The red-eared turtle is a great swimmer! For a full life they will also need an aquaterrarium, in which, in addition to ultraviolet lamps, incandescent lamps are placed. In nature, this species of turtles, after active swimming, likes to bask in the sun.
  • The Central Asian turtle is a very friendly and peaceful animal. She can be taught to hand, then, upon contact with the owner, she will not hide her head in a shell. Contained in spacious dry terrariums. If you put an animal in a container that is too small, it becomes restless and may try to find a way out.
  • Geckos are small lizards with a variety of colors. Beginners are advised to have a leopard gecko, also called spotted gecko. Geckos can shed their tail, but do not provoke them to this, because the new one will not be so smooth and beautiful.
  • Frogs are amphibians with interesting behavior. The most popular and easy to care for is the red-eyed tree frog. These frogs have a beautiful color: colored stripes on the sides of a green body and bright red eyes. May change colors depending on external conditions.
  • Snakes are reptiles with a calm disposition. There are many species that differ in size, color, behavior and keeping conditions. There are small snakes that do not exceed 12 cm in length, but there are simply giants that grow up to 10 m. For beginners from miniature species, we recommend the maize snake, and for those who want a larger animal, the California king snake, reaching 1.5-2 m.
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Most of the listed reptiles and amphibians are predators. Therefore, all kinds of insects or small animals should be present in their diet.

For example, a gecko is fed with spiders, cockroaches, flies, and a snake is fed with mice and frogs. Feeding snakes is not a process for the faint of heart, so it is better to abandon the maintenance of this reptile for those who are too sensitive to all living things.

Little cute animals

If you want less hassle. get the animal in the cage. He does not need to be toilet trained, walk and clean his hair throughout the apartment. It is enough to choose a suitable house, add sawdust, feed the animal and maintain cleanliness in his home. Let’s describe in more detail the animals that are kept in cages.

  • Hamsters are funny rodents. They love to run in a wheel, sleep curled up in a ball and eat, amusingly stuffing their cheeks with food. There are many varieties of these rodents, differing in color and size. The most popular are long-haired Angora and Syrian, which can be golden, black, gray and white.
  • Guinea pigs are animals with a dense body and short legs. They can be tortoiseshell, white or red in color. During the day, they constantly chew something, like grass, fruits and vegetables. Sometimes they emit a squeak that indicates dissatisfaction or hunger.
  • Decorative rats are smart and quick-witted rodents. Can be trained and attached to the owner. They love to spend time in their arms. They are clean, relieve themselves in one corner. If the cage is cleaned on time, there will be no smell in the apartment.
  • Chinchillas are animals with gorgeous fur, because of which they are hunted and bred on special farms. But these animals are kept at home. They need a spacious cage, the minimum size of which is 50 × 70 cm, or better an aviary. During the day, the chinchilla usually sleeps, and at night it is awake: it eats, sharpens its teeth, jumps and constantly rustles with something. For this reason, the cage should not be placed in the bedroom.
  • Decorative rabbits are calm and unpretentious pets. The animal can be kept in a spacious aviary or in a small cage. In the latter case, the “eared” one must sometimes be released to jump, constant sitting in a tight space has a bad effect on the health and mood of the rabbit.
  • Ferrets are animals with an elongated body and a soft fur coat. If you give them freedom, they will crawl into every crack and gnaw through the whole apartment. Because of this, many people prefer to keep them in spacious cages, letting them run only a few times a day. People with a keen sense of smell should know that the animal has a specific smell that not everyone likes.

Place the pet cage away from drafts and direct sunlight.

They put a house, a bowl for food, a drinker and a tray in it. A small container with fine sand is also installed, with the help of which the animals clean their fur coats. It is not difficult to take care of your pet’s house: you need to throw away food leftovers, refresh the water and change sawdust every 3-4 days.


If you want your home to be filled with ringing chirps. get a bird. They are easy to maintain, you can leave them alone for a long time, and they do not smell. The disadvantages include only the litter that pours out of the cage and the noise generated by some species. If you want to sleep off on your day off, it is better to cover the cage with a dense cloth: birds behave quietly in the dark. Consider the most popular birds kept at home.

  • Parrots are one of the brightest and most beautiful birds. Most often, apartments contain green or blue budgies. But there are many other interesting species. For example, gray, cockatoo, cockatiel, lovebirds. A parrot can be taught to speak; many buy them for this very purpose. But in order for the pet to speak, daily training is required.
  • Canaries are nimble and agile birds. They can be taught to hand. If you want to listen to bird singing, then it is better to buy a male, female canaries do not sing.
  • Amadines are bright and cheerful birds. Some species have very beautiful plumage. Most often there are zebra finches. ash-colored birds with expressive red cheeks.

Domesticated birds are kept in a cage, which is equipped with a drinker, a feeder and perches. To prevent the pet from being bored, place a mirror and hang a bell.

The cage should not be placed by the window, your feathered pet can catch a cold from a draft. Birds are quite fragile creatures and easily injured. this should be remembered when you pick them up.

Wild bird species can also be kept at home. The starling, bullfinch, siskin and nightingale can live well in captivity. They get used to the owner and communicate with him with pleasure. Some give birth to ducks, this bird does not sit in a cage, but moves freely throughout the apartment. She can be tamed, she lends itself well to training. And so that the bird does not spoil the house, they put on a diaper.


If you want to surprise your guests, get an exotic insect: a Madagascar cockroach or a red-winged stick insect. They are kept in insectaries with soil and live plants. Insects require a minimum of attention, they do not make noise or smell. A container with such a pet will not take up much space, it can be safely placed on a desk.

Recently, an ant farm or formicaria has been gaining popularity. this is a transparent container, consisting of several chambers, in which a colony of ants is populated.

You can observe their vital activity, it is very exciting. In the colony of these insects, a strict hierarchy is formed, each with its own profession and status. It is not difficult to take care of an artificial anthill, but it must be done regularly. Beginners are advised to choose ants of the myrmycin family.

Whatever pet you have at home, you have to take responsibility for it. This is a living creature, and it will require care, even the most minimal one. It is necessary to correctly calculate your strengths and capabilities: can you feed the animal in accordance with its needs, walk with it or clean up in its cage in a timely manner. His life is now in your hands.

About pets, which can be kept without unnecessary hassle even in a small room, is described in the video below.


There are dwarf dachshunds (weighing up to 5 kg), rabbit (up to 4 kg) and standard (up to 12 kg), short-haired, wire-haired, long-haired. good dog breeds suitable for an apartment.

The character is energetic, friendly. The dog is distinguished by courage, a sense of humor.

She has a bass loud barking, should be taught to “quiet” behavior. Loves walks, trips, outings.

  • problems during childbirth;
  • epilepsy
  • injuries and injuries of the vertebral discs
  • diabetes mellitus.

It is important to walk enough and not overfeed.

This dog needs frequent walks, it will accustom you to sports and fresh air.

Toy Terrier

This little dog is good for keeping in an apartment.

The weight of the dog is from one and a half to 2.6 kg, it grows on DO 26 cm.

  • cleaning eyes, ears, teeth;
  • claw trimming
  • combing (smooth-haired can be scratched with a rubber mitten).

If you don’t know how to brush your dog’s teeth, we recommend reading the article https://kot-pes.com/kak-chistit-ushi-sobake/

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The toy needs walks, although it can get accustomed to the tray, like the Italian greyhound.

The dog is quick-witted, but willful, so education is needed from childhood.

The weak point is the eyes, with age, retinal atrophy and cataracts may develop.

How can you remain indifferent by looking into these eyes

Chinese Crested

This original dog can grow up to 30 cm and weigh about 5 kg. Chinese Crested is well suited for an apartment.

The most common is the hairless Chinese dog, with hair on its tail, head, ears and legs. Loyal friend, loyal companion.

Loves caress, stroking and hugs, can get sick when separated from the owners. Does not fade, suitable for allergy sufferers.

Left unattended for a long time, he begins to gnaw things. Well trained, smart and quick-witted.

On a hot day, you should protect your skin with products from burns. Long-haired areas should be combed, naked areas should be moisturized with cream or lotion.

In winter, the dog will have to be very warmly dressed or trained to the litter box so as not to walk in the cold.

An original dog for an original owner

Jack Russell Terrier

Very active, jumping dog. An adult Jack Russell Terrier reaches a height of 30 cm and a weight of 8 kg.

The dog is not bad for keeping in an apartment, but not suitable for elderly and inactive people.

  • playfulness;
  • intelligence;
  • independence.

A terrier puppy needs to be brought up persistently and patiently, play, teach commands, tricks.

  • dislocation of the hip joint;
  • necrosis of the femoral head;
  • deafness.

There are no impassable roads for the active little dog

Chinese Pug. An Often Choice Medium Dog Breed For An Apartment.

The growth of an adult “boy” reaches 36 cm, a “girl”. 30 cm, not overfed dog weighs 10-11 kg.

Distinctive features. a dark “mask” on a folded muzzle and large bulging eyes.

  • balanced character;
  • sociability;
  • quick wits.

The main condition of keeping is the ability to devote time to the dog, to communicate.

  • excess weight;
  • colds;
  • dental diseases;
  • inflammation of the skin folds (you need to wipe them daily).

The pug sheds, so it is not suitable for allergy sufferers. It is necessary to comb the dog every day and bathe infrequently.

Your pet will be happy to support any games and entertainment.


Ideal dogs for an apartment. short-haired and long-haired Mexican Chihuahuas.

The growth of an adult dog reaches 22 cm, weight does not exceed 2.5 kg.

7 Large Dog Breeds For Small Apartments and Tiny Homes

Chihuas tend to single out one owner, become attached and jealous. Other features include:

  • the ability to stand up for oneself;
  • suspicion and vigilance towards strangers;
  • ringing “voice”.

The dog is simple to care for. it is enough to examine the ears and eyes, brush your teeth and regularly do a “manicure”.

Long-haired dogs are combed with a furminator. A Chihuahua maintains a soft fontanelle on the skull throughout its life.

I’m not just a perfect dog, I’m also the most beautiful!

French Bulldog

A small dog up to 34 cm tall and weighing up to 14 kg. Affectionate, playful, appreciates communication.

These are great dogs for living in an apartment without small children. Many confuse them with Boston Terriers due to their visual similarity.

Bulldogs are very loyal, they love leisurely walks. it is worth fastening them on a harness.

The grooming of the French Bulldog’s coat is minimal, it is enough to comb out the dead hairs every 2-4 days and wash the animal once a month.

  • a skin fold on the face requires regular treatment;
  • paw pads become inflamed;
  • there is a turn of the century;
  • stones in the kidneys;
  • obesity.

American cocker spaniel

An active and agile dog up to 39 cm tall and weighing up to 15 kg.

It can be kept in the city, but it is advisable to walk a lot with it.

  • kind
  • happy
  • flexible
  • communicative.

The American Cocker Spaniel plays with children and other animals. He is affectionate and does not like to be alone.

Loves long walks, is well trained.

Can learn tricks, loves agility. The coat should be brushed at least every other day.

Claws are cut as needed. Eyes and ears need a check-up.

You can learn how to clean your dog’s ears at home from the article https://kot-pes.com/kak-chistit-ushi-sobake/

Compliant character, activity, love for the owners. this is how you can describe the spaniel

10 BEST APARTMENT DOGS �� Breeds for Small Spaces


Bred in China, this breed was the property of emperors.

The breed bears an external resemblance to the Japanese Chin. also a favorite of the emperors, but already of the Japanese.

Small (height up to 23 cm, weight up to 6 kg) fluffy doggie is good for apartment life.

  • pride and independence;
  • affection for the owner;
  • willingness to fight for attention and love.

Pekingese is not very suitable for a family with children, well. elderly or single.

Doesn’t like to walk, can “master” a diaper or a tray. Heatstroke is possible in the heat!

It is necessary to comb the dog well, bathing a couple of times a month. for this breed grooming. the procedure is mandatory. You can make a doggie a haircut with a machine.

Ears, folds on the face and eyes of the dog. constant care.

A beautiful unpretentious doggy for those who do not like to get up early

Dog breeds for an apartment. top 10

If you live in a small apartment, but want to get yourself a dog, then you need to be careful and selective. Because not all dog breeds are suitable for an apartment because of the size, character and type of coat. Below we will talk about what breed to choose for children and an apartment, what puppies can be kept in an apartment, what to look for.

What breed to choose for an apartment?

Not all dogs are suitable for keeping in an apartment, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • your life schedule and opportunities for full-fledged puppy care;
  • availability of additional money for the purchase of feed, vitamins and shampoos;
  • mental stability, because in the first months of life the dog will gnaw on shoes, go to the toilet at home and bark for no reason, to withstand this, strong nerves are needed;
  • decide on the purpose of purchasing a dog for an apartment: guard, companion or decorative breed;
  • can you change your daily routine to include walking, training, swimming, etc.
  • think about allergies;
  • decide on the question of whether there is enough space in the apartment to keep a medium-sized puppy or a large breed.

It is important that you value yourself as a person. This will determine how active, melancholic, calm or lively puppy you get. For example, retrievers are ideal for cheerful people, and a French bulldog or pug is ideal for weighted and pedantic people.

  • the length of the dog’s coat is long-haired, short-haired or smooth-haired;
  • character;
  • the sex of the animal;
  • the level of learning;
  • pet size;
  • your preferences and hobbies in life.

Top 10 dog breeds for an apartment

Consider the rating of the best dogs for keeping in an apartment.

  • Affenpinscher. height at the withers up to 30 cm. Differs in endurance, sharp mind, independence, small size and calm disposition. The dog’s coat is hard and thick, shades of color. black, fawn, brown.
  • loves his family, children;
  • ready to protect the owner.
  • careful grooming of the coat;
  • learning difficulties.
  • The hunting beagle is a small dog with short legs and long ears. The coat is short, white and brown with dark spots. By nature. an active, loving dog, will become a good companion, love your children and remain devoted to the owner.
  • the possibility of using a beagle for hunting and tracking small animals;
  • good sense of smell.
  • learning difficulties;
  • the need for physical activity.
  • The German Doberman is a large, obedient dog, the best protectors that can live in an apartment. Wool. short, color from black to dark brown, medium height. up to 70 cm. Doberman Pinscher is distinguished by restraint, aristocracy, friendliness and affection for his family.
  • strength and endurance;
  • minimal training;
  • fast learner.
  • fast excitability;
  • large pet size.
  • The Jack Russell Terrier is a medium-sized, short-coated hunting breed of dog, white with red and brown spots. Can be used as a companion or burrowing hunter. By nature. an agile, courageous, active and inquisitive dog.
  • fast learner;
  • endless energy;
  • love for children.
  • the need for constant physical activity;
  • long walks in open space.
  • Decorative Yorkshire Terrier is the best and obedient dog for a small apartment with children. The breed is classified as long-haired, the color is from light brown to golden, the average weight is 1.5 kg. By nature. cute, active, requires attention and very mobile, used to be used for catching rodents.
  • small size;
  • peacefulness;
  • good attitude to other animals.
  • constant grooming of the coat;
  • the need for a balanced diet and vitamins;
  • food pickle.
  • Smooth-haired Labrador. unpretentious, large dog, was bred to help people. The pet will be obedient, loyal, cheerful, savvy and fearless. Wool. thick, silky, color. chocolate, black, fawn. Labrador can be a companion and assistant on the hunt, we will pick up.
  • fast learner;
  • good health;
  • love for family and master.
  • the need for constant training and education.
  • The Pug is a small decorative breed, distinguished by liveliness, activity, good nature, endurance and nobility. The height of the dog is up to 30 cm, weight is about 8 kg. Color. fawn, black with dark spots in the form of a mask on the face. Grunting pugs treat children and other animals well, are not selective in food.
  • ease of care;
  • minimum time for walking and training.
  • a large list of diseases that are associated with vision, bone health.
  • The decorative spitz was bred in Germany. The appearance may vary, but the coat is always thick, fluffy, brown or dark in color. By nature, the breed: peaceful, agile, fearless, loyal.
  • good hearing;
  • love for children;
  • small amount of time for care.
  • the need for constant training, otherwise the dog will become naughty and angry.
  • Dog French Bulldog. medium size with smooth coat, color. black, fawn, brown or red. There are folds on the neck and muzzle, the eyes are large and the ears are erect. Bulldog. loyal, calm, agile and savvy, can be used for protection.
  • ease of learning;
  • peaceful nature;
  • loyalty to the owner.
  • the presence of chronic diseases;
  • weak bones.
  • The Little Chihuahua is a decorative dog that appeared many centuries ago and influenced the appearance of many dwarf breeds. Average weight is not more than 3 kg, wool can be short-haired and long-haired, color. fawn, black, red. Such a puppy will be active, inquisitive, agile, playful and hardy.
  • loyalty to the owner;
  • you hardly need to walk with him;
  • learns quickly.
  • anger;
  • selfishness;
  • resentment;
  • constant barking.
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It is so small that it is also suitable for living in studios. Chihuahua is obedient and loves to play. In addition, this animal is very loyal to its owner, whom it protects every time. His independent nature can make him a rebel if he hasn’t received a good upbringing and attention. In addition, it is a dog that many call a dog. You can carry a Chihuahua with you anywhere, and it will not interfere with anyone.


Smart dog breeds are always in demand for an apartment. These breeds include Basenji, although they are not yet very common on the territory of Russia, since they are not cheap, and they do not tolerate the cold well. These amazing dogs have a lively mind and amazing intelligence.


This hunting breed has also adapted to domestic life. The Beagle is an obedient and good dog that will bond with you and your family with a lot of attention. Smooth-haired dog breeds always take less time to groom than long-haired ones. The best dog breed for children is the Beagle. It is also suitable for young children because the dog is obedient and patient. However, it does require some physical activity, like all hounds that are kept indoors. The owner will not have any special difficulties in raising him. Due to its elegant and proud posture, the beagle was a favorite of the English royal house, where several hounds grew up.

Short-haired dog breeds for an apartment

Consider what breeds of dogs there are most suitable for an apartment with short hair. Grooming a smooth, short coat requires less time and effort. Therefore, these dog breeds are suitable for beginner pet lovers. However, in addition to leaving, the character of the dog is of great importance. Stubborn and headstrong pets are much more difficult to cope with than calm and complaisant ones. For beginners, breeds are suitable that are easy to train and do not show aggression in most cases.

The best dogs for an apartment are pugs. Talking about this breed of dog immediately evokes joy and sympathy. First of all, by its appearance; the pug is small, with a wrinkled face and bulging eyes. This breed of Asian descent is classified as a companion dog that prefers passive rest. In fact, the pug loves to be at home with his owners, he is affectionate and cuddly.

The dog cannot stay alone in the house for too long, as it is so attached to the owner that it can become depressed. He is very obedient and trusting, which, on the one hand, makes him suitable for small children, on the other hand, not a very good watchman. This goof is glad to every guest in the house.!


Bolognese was bred in Italy by crossing Maltese lapdogs with dwarf poodles, from which he inherited curly hair and a thick undercoat. This dog is suitable for life even in small apartments, however it needs constant physical movement. The dog does not shun long walks and runs in parks. He is affectionate and loves to play. This dog also does not like loneliness and wants the constant physical presence of the owner or a member of his family. It is undesirable to leave the bolognese, however, for too many hours, otherwise he will start to get nervous.

Shih tzu

Dog breeds for keeping in the apartment. Shih Tzu. Shih Tzu wool allows many owners to style it in a variety of beautiful ways. Due to its small size, it is very suitable for apartment life. The dog is quite lazy and does not like long walks. Rather, he prefers to stay at home to sleep or play.

Shar Pei

This medium sized apartment dog of Chinese origin was formerly used as a fighting dog. Today it is really hard to believe, since the dog has the appearance of a teddy bear. And in fact, nowadays Shar Pei are cute and obedient; physically, it is characterized by many folds throughout the body, which makes it unique of its kind. There may be several varieties of coloring.

Shar Pei is ideal for family life, even with small children, as it is very affectionate. Loyal to his master, he does not disdain his hugs and attention. However, due to his independent nature, as well as due to his size, he needs to walk and play a lot.