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Little white dogs as bear breed

Small dog breeds for home and apartment

The section is dedicated to small dog breeds with photos.

You will be able to learn how to properly care for small dogs, in what conditions it is better to keep this or that breed.

Caring for long-haired pets, does a room breed dog need regular walking, is it easy to train, and do they like it when they are constantly carried in their arms.

It is also very important to know what is the best way to feed small dogs, ready-made dry food or to compose a food ration yourself.

For each breed, we have compiled a diet of permitted products and indicated a prohibited list of products. Detailed description of the dog, correct in the apartment and possible diseases.

A small funny dog, will make a great company for people of any age. He can be a great friend to your child, or he can keep the company and older people. The pug is very attached to the owner, and is ready to share with him all the joys and sorrows, and with his cheerful character he will always cheer up everyone around him.

Small decorative breed. Yorkies, in our country, are becoming more and more popular, and this is not surprising, because this cute dog is distinguished not only by its beautiful and fashionable appearance, but also by the fact that its long hair does not cause an allergic reaction, and does not fade at all. This small dog does not take up much space and can easily live even in a small apartment.

This dog resembles a fawn in its appearance. Many dog ​​lovers cannot remain indifferent, looking into these innocent, full of love and tears eyes. Sometimes, because of their gaze, the terriers themselves suffer, the owner always thinks that he is hungry and tries to feed him more, and the result is a “bun” on legs.

These bouncy babies have a good character and a sharp mindset. They have a rather stable psyche, like for small breed dogs, and an absolutely fearless soul. If you want such a baby, and the family has small children, it would be better to postpone this venture for a while. Very often, not on purpose, children can damage the dog’s paws, to the extent of their carelessness, they can step on, or press the door, and then your pet may have health problems.

A small representative of the proud pinscher family. Very often, with his appearance, he conquers and causes a smile from those around him, probably from. for this he was nicknamed a little mustachioed imp with a monkey face. Despite their height, they are quite dexterous hunters, with a strong almost bulldog bite, and this is not surprising because they were previously used to exterminate rats.

A small dog of a small breed. Looking at him, the Yorkshire Terrier immediately comes to mind, and this is not surprising, because he is his direct relative. He has a good instinct and is an excellent hunter of rats and small rodents. Some individuals are not even afraid to attack snakes. The Australian Terrier will keep you company on a long journey.

It is a smaller relative of the English Bulldog. Their funny little face can always cheer you up. This is an intelligent creature, very loyal to the owner. He can be an excellent companion, and in case of danger he will always want to protect the owner. This is an active, brave and temperamental dog. Differs in good and robust health. Doesn’t take long to groom your coat.

This is a resolute, lively and courageous dog. It is easy to train and can perform the most difficult tricks. In everyday life, this is a friendly and delicate animal. They are not capricious at all and are very loyal to their master. Not suitable for a family with small children, will not tolerate any importunity and familiarity from them.

Decorative small breed. With his puppet face, he simply bewitches and makes everyone around him admire him. Despite its toy appearance, it is an agile, energetic and intelligent dog. He can calmly live both in a small apartment and in a country house. Easily diaper and litter box habituate, and does not need long walks.

Scotch. terrier or Scottish terrier little “bearded gentleman”. He can honestly be called a big dog in a small body. He is brave, playful, mischievous, but at the same time very reasonable and reserved by nature. The main feature of the character of this breed is independence and independence.

He is considered the smallest service dog in the world. Initially they were used for service on the farm and for catching rats and small rodents, but over time, the miniature schnauzer turned into an indoor pet.

Jack Russell Terrier. intelligent, inquisitive, active, playful and immensely child-loving breed. This is a cheerful, mobile, full of energy and strength creature, a big hunter in a small body. It will definitely require long walks with physical activity. The breed is suitable for active and athletic people; for a hunter or traveler, it will become a reliable companion.

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A cheerful, energetic, radiant baby always attracts the attention of others. Its wide-open ears, reminiscent of butterfly wings, are the main decoration of this cute breed. Affectionate and kind character, aristocratic appearance, proud posture and sonorous voice make them the favorites of the whole family. For a child, he will be an indispensable friend in all pranks and games, because the papillon is a fountain of energy.

Pekingese is a small decorative breed, these are beautiful dogs with fluffy long hair. These intelligent creatures are not devoid of pride and dignity. They need constant attention, and can be jealous of the owner.

The character of the Bichon Frize is cheerful, loving, confident, playful. But the upbringing is a little difficult, although with the persistent patience of the owner, you can bring up a good and devoted friend. This breed easily adapts to any living conditions, very affectionate and quick-witted.

Tibetan spaniel

little, white, dogs, bear, breed

Small breed, looks like a Pekingese. The color is different. Height. 25.5 cm, weight. 6.8 kg. This is an intelligent dog, well trained, but often show their independence. Not a watch breed. You can feed your dog a complete feed for small breeds, but it is important to keep the fat in the feed. Unlike Pekingese, they get along well with children.

Small lion

Decorative dog. Outwardly it looks like a lion. The color can be any. Height up to 32 cm, weight up to 6 kg. Smart, brave, funny, easy to learn. The animal’s diet should contain additives that affect the quality of the wool. The dog treats children well. The breed is quite rare. Wool needs care.

Italian greyhound

Shorthaired breed. Color: white, black, piebald, red, lilac. Height. 38 cm, weight up to 5 kg. Gentle, lovely, kind dogs, they recognize only one owner. Betrayed, they can sit for hours in the arms of the owner. Training should be started at 3 months. They treat older children well. On a walk, it’s better not to let go of the leash.

American eagle

Dog from the category of the smartest breeds. Beautiful, friendly, affectionate, easy to learn. Great for children. Suitable for an apartment. You need to comb it 2 times a week. Height: 23-48 cm, weight from 2.5 to 16 kg. Milky color with red and cream markings. She is prone to gaining excess weight, so the nutrition should consist of their professional feed.

Manchester Terrier (Black & Tan Terrier)

Another breed similar to the Doberman. The color is black and tan. Height. 30 cm, weight up to 5 kg. An intelligent, cheerful dog, contact, gets along with all pets. It is better to feed fresh food with added vitamins. The animal loves children, loves to play “Frisbee” with them. Better to keep on a leash, can run away.

Yorkshire Terrier

Popular small long-haired dog breed. The color is dark steel with a bright golden breast. Height up to 23.5 cm, weight. 3.2 kg. Sociable, intelligent dog, gets along with other pets. Easy to learn. The quality of its coat depends on the dog’s nutrition. Preferred diet: chicken, olive oil, carrots, boiled cereals. They are unkind with children, they remember rudeness for a long time.

Cavalier king charles spaniel

This is a hunting dog. Color: tricolor, ruby ​​and black and tan. Height. 27 cm, weight. 8 kg. A kind, intelligent dog. Very well trained and trained. Food should be selected individually. the animal is prone to allergies and obesity. Loves children very much. It is incapable of protection due to its good nature. Needs grooming.

Coton de Tulear

Decorative breed. The color is white, with shades of gray. Height. 28 cm, weight up to 6 kg. An active, cheerful, kind dog, a wonderful companion. Intelligent, well trained. Needs special nutrition for decorative small breeds. Strongly attached to children. The animal requires grooming and grooming (eye treatment).


There are a lot of breeds that resemble bear cubs, they differ in temperaments, sizes and external data.

Some similarities can be distinguished:

Dogs that look like teddy bears are in high demand. When starting such a pet, you should not rely only on an interesting appearance. It is important to evaluate your strengths and the conditions of keeping the dog so that the pet teddy bear feels comfortable and pleases the owner.

It is very popular these days to have dogs that resemble teddy bears. Such breeds are especially sympathetic to girls.

These dogs charm everyone who has ever seen them with their appearance. The domestic bear cub is the owner of a kind character, affectionate, sweet and loyal to its owner, a handsome dog. In this article, we will take a closer look at the dog breed: Pomeranian and Chow Chow.

Chow chow panda

Chow Chow Panda

To attract customers, he painted several of the puppies in black and white. People instantly sold out little pandas, and plush clumsy kids conquered the whole country.

White Small Dog Breeds. Little White Dogs

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The paint is safe for the dog, but one paint is enough for about 6 weeks. Further, the owner decides for himself whether to leave the chow chow with a natural coat color or turn the pet into a panda again.

Now the popular Chinese bear dog can be found in other countries, where people are happy to have this pet with an exotic color.

Breed overview

Popular bear-like dog breeds:

  • The Pomeranian is a great companion, loves people. The average weight is 3-4 kg, and the growth is a little more than 20 cm.The breed is rooted in Asia, but it has been brought to its current form solely by the efforts of breeders.

Pomeranians are obedient and kind, playful and mobile, but they like to bark loudly, which can cause some discontent among neighbors.

These dogs are characterized by 12 types of color, with black and white being the rarest. The coat of this breed needs regular grooming. The appearance of a spitz (teddy bear) will delight the whole family, especially children. Live 12-15years.

  • Newfoundland are giants with a kind character, at the withers they reach a height of 65-70 cm, and their weight reaches 70 kg. The breed is originally from Canada, from the area of ​​the same name with cold and strong winds. It may seem to someone that this is indeed a clubfoot that came out of the forest, but no, it’s just that the breed is incredibly similar to a forest dweller. They are similar not only in size and weight, but the ears of the Newfoundland resemble bear.

Newfoundlands tend to be lazy and passive, in order to avoid obesity, you need to jog or train with them. These dogs are very fond of water, so it would be a good idea to take it with you in the summer to a river or lake, and have a race.

Small Dog Breeds That Look Like Teddy Bears

The coat sheds all year round, so it is advisable to comb it every day, if you neglect this advice. the formation of tangles that spoil the dog’s image is possible. Life expectancy is approximately 10 years.

  • Alaskan Malamutes are sled dogs, they are very strong and hardy, they have the kindest character. The average height of a malamute is around 60 cm, and its weight is about 35-40 kg. The breed was bred by the Eskimos.

Since these are sled dogs, they require constant physical activity and training. They try to be leaders always and everywhere, therefore, when living in a family, they require strict upbringing.

Large paws in structure resemble bear, they allow you not to drown in the snow. They are more like a wolf in physique. The color can be different from pure white to gray, it can be two-colored (usually a mixture of white with gray, red, brown, black).

The coat sheds 2 times a year, during these periods the dogs need careful care. Average life expectancy 13-15 years.

Be careful: the cute plush look of the Alaskan Malamute makes you want to get this breed, but the willfulness and stubbornness of the animal can sometimes cause regret in people about the choice made.

  • The Arctic Spitz or Samoyed is a sled dog native to the northern regions of Russia. This breed has a muscular body and strong limbs. the dogs are strong and resilient. Samoyeds weigh up to 30 kg, and in height reach 45-55 cm.

Arctic Spitz are more likely companions, they are not suitable for the role of guards, as they need constant communication. Samoyeds are friendly, outgoing and get along well with other pets and people. If you want to have a dog of this breed, make sure you have enough free time, because they love attention and can hardly bear separation. If the spitz has little attention and affection, he begins to get bored and bark loudly, he can do something wrong. It is advisable to spend a lot of time with these animals in the air, subject them to physical exertion.

Samoyeds are usually white, but there are individuals with a light creamy undertone. The coat is practically problem-free, sheds once a year, and requires brushing once every two weeks. Live for about 12-15 years.

  • The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the largest breeds in the world. They reach a height at the withers up to 75 cm, weigh an average of 60 kg. Puppies are similar to a bear, with age this similarity is not lost. Mastiffs are calm like boas, peaceful and trusting, but they treat strangers with distrust.

Important conditions of detention are: the possibility of long walks every day, the need for enhanced physical training, strict education.

Mastiffs are coffee, black, golden, tan, for example. Live for about 12-15 years.

  • The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is the most demanded guard breed. They reach a height of up to 75 cm, but usually less, weigh on average about 70 kg, but individuals are also found in 100 kg of live weight.

Caucasians have a complex character: demanding and wayward, persistent and too brave. Often they want to dominate people and feel like the masters of life. Strangers are unfriendly. In danger, they act with lightning speed, repulse when attacked, if something threatens the owner, they attack first. Need rigorous and regular training.

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The color is usually fawn, variegated, brown, less often gray. It is desirable to comb it once every 2 weeks, with some dogs it can be quite difficult. Life expectancy 10-12 years.

Important: it is better to start Caucasian shepherd dogs as a guard in private houses, living with them in an apartment will be quite difficult.

  • Chow Chow is a Chinese breed of dog. The owners of these animals most often hear about the similarity with a bear, although the Chinese call this breed a hairy lion. The weight achieved by these dogs is 20-30 kg (males are much larger), height at the withers is 46-56 cm.

At first, the breed was intended for bullying and fighting, so its character is not easy. proud, stubborn, domineering. They have a strong build, well-developed paws and a broad chest. The purple tongue is an interesting feature. There are 2 theories on this topic:

First, dogs evolved from an animal that is something between a dog and a bear. Recall that the clubfoot has a black mouth.

The second. chow-chows descended from extinct wolves with similar pigmentation of the mouth.

They can be red, black, brown and even blue. The wool is easy to care for, it is enough to comb it once a week, before going outside you can comb it with a massage comb, it will look neat and beautiful. Live 9.15 years (yes, the difference is almost 2 times, monitor the health of your pet, and it will delight you longer).

  • Goldendoodle is a mixture of a poodle and a golden retriever. They are small and medium-sized, reach respectively 30. 60 cm in height, and weigh about 10. 30 kg.

By nature, they are very patient, sociable, kind and playful. This dog was created for a relaxing time and friendship.

The fur is curly, soft and pleasant to the touch, goldendudli do not fade. The color can be cream, copper, golden, brown, red, black and white. Live for 10-15 years.


The representative of this breed is a small dog that looks like a bear cub. A popular pet, ideal for keeping in an apartment, the Pomeranian has a compact size. The weight of babies is not more than three kilograms, and the height is not higher than 23 cm. The Spitz has long hair, which forms a beautiful collar on the neck, and fluffy pants on the limbs. Dogs come in different colors: white, black, sable, brown, cream, etc.

Careful care is needed for the coat. Twice a week it is imperative to comb the Spitz using a regular comb and slicker brush. The pet needs to be trimmed, in this case the similarity of the dog with the bear can be made even more. Haircut is carried out at least once every 2. 3 months.


Spitz is easy to train, smart and quick-witted. The pet loves the attention of the owner and is always ready to frolic and play. The miniature dog has a formidable disposition, but, of course, he cannot seriously injure people. However, tearing clothes or leaving marks on your little teeth is easy. It is necessary to raise a puppy from childhood, in which case the pet will grow up obedient and friendly to all family members.

The Pomeranian is a good choice for older people, for example. A cute bear cub will brighten up loneliness and will give the owner love and affection. The canine age of the Pomeranian is 12-14 years.

Toy poodle

Another indoor plush dog breed. Toy poodle has a small size, the height reaches no more than 28 cm.

The poodle has a thick and wavy coat. The color can be different: red, black, white, chocolate, apricot or gray. Hair care consists of daily brushing. If desired, the toy poodle can be trimmed. With a professional salon haircut, your dog will always look like a teddy bear.

Toy poodle

A toy poodle can be safely raised by a family with children and other animals. Intelligence and ingenuity allow the pet to quickly memorize new commands. The tiny dog ​​will be a great companion for the whole family.

The toy poodle can be called a long-liver. He will delight his owner for 15. 18 years.

Small dog like a bear breed

People are very fond of dogs that look like bear cubs. Often, when choosing the breed of a future pet, they pay attention not to the characteristics of the breed, but simply to the appearance. And what could be nicer than a fluffy “bear”?

Medium and large breeds have an ancient history of origin. It is better to keep such dogs in a private house, because the apartment will be cramped due to their impressive dimensions, and it is not always possible to create the proper conditions. In addition, the fluffy fur, providing the resemblance to the clubfoot, will protect against any cold.