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Round bed for a dog with your own hands

Funny needlework

Hello everyone! I decided to make a master class on how to sew a bed for a dog with my own hands, I have it first, so do not judge strictly.

We sew such beauty, the first 2 photos from the Internet, the last one is what I got (diameter 45, height of sides 17).

Let’s start

We cut out 2 circles of fabric 80 cm in diameter and 2 circles of synthetic winterizer with a diameter of about 72 cm and fold such a puff pastry.

We make markings: 16 rays from the center and a circle in the center with a diameter of 20 cm, be sure to often pin all the layers of the pie with pins!

Next, we make a stitch along the rays from the inner circle to the edges without reaching 4 cm to the edge.

We hide the threads. I do it like this: I bring all the ends to one side, tie knots and hide them with a needle in the layers of the pie, so the seams will never begin to unravel, and the ends of the threads will not stick out treacherously.

We lay a line along the inner circle, and a circle of 40 cm in diameter.

Then we fill the resulting s (between two layers of padding polyester) with holofiber.

We process the edge with an oblique inlay. I made it from cotton.

We insert the lace into the resulting drawstring and tighten it, I sewed the lace from colored zhinsa.

We cut out an inner pillow with a diameter of 44 cm from two fabric colors, as well as a heart.

We turn it out, fill it, sew up the holes with secret stitches, tighten the pillow with buttons in 4 places. We put the pads in the couch.

Do-it-yourself dog bed

Continuing the theme of making accessories for dogs with your own hands, we bring to your attention a selection of ideas and master classes on making pet beds.

If you have an old tire, then you can build the following designer couch:

It is just as simple and entertaining to make a fleece bench without threads. Fleece. the material is soft and its edges do not need to be processed:

It was a variant with a square or rectangular shape, and this is how you get a round bed, made in the same way:

In general, denim is popular everywhere. Here we showed dog toys made of jeans.

Schemes for making a bed with sides:

That’s all for now, we will be glad if you like any option;)

How to sew

To make a bed of any size, the following materials are needed: strong thread with a needle, scissors, paper for patterns, several types of fabric, as well as foam rubber, synthetic winterizer or silicone for filler.

Consider a few of the most convenient options and tell you how to make a bed for a dog.

How to choose

The choice of model depends on many factors: coat length, size, character, individual characteristics of the breed. Therefore, getting started, first familiarize yourself with all types of dog beds, and then choose the most convenient option that is right for your pet.

  • Cradle (or stage). Such a secluded shelter is more suitable for small animals who prefer silence and solitude. Usually dog ​​cradles are equipped with removable pillows or bedding, the material of which changes according to the season.
  • Scops pillow. This option is very easy to maintain, does not take up much space, and will suit almost any interior. In addition, the cushion-shaped bed can be sewn for both large and small dogs. If you wish, you can put it in a low basket.
  • A sunbed with a side. The most common option. Depending on the size of the dog, you can make a small cozy nest or a whole sofa for rest.
  • Cozy house. Just like cradles or stage, these designs require a lot of effort and time to create it. But it’s worth it! As a result, your pet will receive his own private apartment, where you can sleep or hide from strangers. In winter, the house can be insulated by laying a sheepskin or faux fur on the bottom.

The advantage of a homemade bed is that you yourself can choose the material and color for the bed, as well as sew it exactly to the size of the dog.

Do-it-yourself dog bed

If you are going to get a dog, try to create conditions for the animal in which it will be cozy and comfortable. Our pets also deserve a separate space, even if you live in a very small apartment. The solution to the problem can be a bed for a dog, which, if desired, can be made with your own hands.

Lounger with sides

In order not to spend extra money, you can show your imagination and try to make a bed for a dog with your own hands from an old knitted sweater. An unnecessary thing will take on a new life, and your pet will certainly appreciate your efforts.

  • Sew a sweater horizontally from one armpit to the other, thus dividing the jacket into 2 parts: the lower one will serve as the bottom for a sleeping place, and the sleeves and chest area will become excellent bumpers.
  • Fill the bottom bag with padding polyester, or just stick an old unnecessary pillow inside. Pull off the bottom of the sweater by threading a lace through it, or just carefully sew it with strong threads.
  • Sew two sleeves together to form one solid tunnel, which must be evenly filled with padding polyester. Do not feel sorry for the filler, as the sides must be elastic, firm, and not deform under the weight of the pet.
  • Having filled the entire upper part with padding polyester, we sew the neck. Next, we attach the sides of the bed around the entire perimeter of the bottom.
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To make the product convenient to wash from time to time, it is enough to sew 2 small zippers into the lower and upper parts of the jacket.

The next model of the crib is sewn as easily as the first one. This is a round or oval bed, the bottom of which is filled with filler. To get a beautiful do-it-yourself dog bed, carefully consider the patterns.

  • Take a large piece of fabric and fold it in half with the back side up.
  • Measure the dog, and based on the measurements taken, draw a circle on the fabric with chalk or soap (so that you can clean it).
  • Having stepped back 25-30 cm, draw another circle around for future sides.
  • Measure another 2-3 cm on the fabric, and draw another circle to tighten the sides.
  • Cut the product with scissors, leaving a couple of centimeters for allowances.
  • Sew the smallest circle, leaving a little space to fill. Fill the bottom of the crib with padding polyester tightly, and sew up the hole through which the product was filled.
  • Sew the second circle, and, like the previous one, fill it with filler.
  • On the third circle, you also need to lay a seam, leaving an unstitched section, and then carefully stretch a long lace, tape or rope through the entire perimeter of the circle.
  • Pull and tie the lace to place the collars in an upright position.

Such a lounger is also convenient because, if necessary, the lace can be easily untied and the sleeping place can be turned into a practical mattress.

Cozy house

Knowing how to sew a pillow-shaped bed for a dog, you can try to make models more difficult. For example, a small pet house that resembles a cozy mink. To do this, we need a lot of dense foam rubber sheet and sheathing material.

When sewing a bed for dogs with your own hands, it is better to use the patterns shown in the photo. You just have to choose the color and size.

  • Fold the fabric for upholstery in half, carefully draw a pattern (you can substitute your own sizes, the main thing is that the proportions are respected).
  • Cut out all parts with seam allowances (the figure shows one solid piece, but parts of the house must be made from pieces, which must then be carefully sewn together).
  • By the same principle, draw and cut out parts from foam rubber. They should be 1-2 cm less than the fabric parts. (You need to navigate by the thickness of the foam rubber).
  • Sheathe all foam parts with cloth and fasten them.

In places with the inscription “lock”, you can insert a zipper or sew on a strong Velcro. It is better to sew a separate pillow in the middle of the pet house, which will be convenient to take out and wash.

Personal pillow

Even a novice needlewoman can sew such a model of a bed. For sewing, you do not even need to cut out a separate pattern. it is enough to outline the length and width of the future pillow under the ruler. The main thing is to choose the right size and fabric.

For smooth-haired breeds, a fleecy material is suitable so that the pet does not freeze on cold evenings, but shaggy dogs will be more delighted with a pillow made of thick cotton, jeans or linen.

Step-by-step master class on making a dog bed with your own hands:

  • Spread a piece of fabric on the floor, and draw 2 parts of the proposed crib on it. One of them will be the same shape as shown in the figure, and the second is the same in size, only without sides (rectangle a).
  • After determining the size of the pillow (it should be able to accommodate the animal with its legs outstretched), draw the details on the fabric using a ruler and pen. It can be not only square or rectangular, but also any other shape you wish.
  • Now the resulting fragments can be cut by stepping back from the edge of the mowing line a few centimeters.
  • Then you need to sew the corners of one piece, and sew the two pieces together (remember to leave an unstitched section through which you will fill the pillow with silicone). After that, it remains only to turn out the pillow, and fill it tightly with filler.
  • At the end, carefully sew the thick thread to fill.

You can also sew several options for pillowcases, taking into account the seasonality and interior of the room.

Ванька / Vanka. Фильм. StarMedia. Комедия. Мелодрама

Care of the product

it should be said that pillowcases, as well as removable bedding, need to be washed regularly. By initially choosing materials that repel wool and water, frequent cleaning and washing can be avoided. At least once every six months, you still have to knock out the pillows and beat the filler. But this has its own plus. if the dog has its own personal corner, you will not have to collect wool and dirt all the time throughout the house.

The advantages of creating a do-it-yourself bed for a dog

You can save a lot while creating a unique creation by making a dog bed with your own hands. For this, there are many ideas, for the implementation of which simple improvised materials and household items are used.

A self-made structure can be created in any shape and size, taking into account not only the dimensions and breed of the animal, but also the availability of free space in the house. In this case, it will be possible to arrange the sleeping area in the area strictly intended for it, which will not only be convenient for the pet, but also will not create discomfort for the household.

It is possible to sew a bed for a dog with the prospect of an animal growing up, taking into account the characteristics of the breed. The product can have an interesting shape, design design, due to which it will become not only comfortable for the pet, but will also delight the eyes of the owners, delight guests.

The soft material bed is well suited for Chihuahua, Toy Terrier, Pomeranian and other miniature dogs

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A homemade bed is the best solution for creative people, because when creating it, you can show all your potential, original taste, while emphasizing individuality.

The dimensions of the berth and the filler for the bed

Before you make a bed for a dog with your own hands, you need to determine the dimensions of the bed and its design, which is selected based on the size of the pet and its favorite position during sleep. The bunk bed should be designed to accommodate the puppy’s growing up and changing habits with age.

The sleeping place is selected based on the size of the pet and its favorite sleeping position

Large breeds like to sleep with outstretched paws, so the sleeping place should have a rectangular shape with small bumpers. A small dog will like a cozy foam-rubber house with high sides.

Packing is of no small importance. Holofiber and synthetic winterizer are unsuitable for such purposes. The material is able to retain pet grease. You should also avoid using feathers and down, which are a habitat for microbes and parasites. A good option would be foam rubber brand 35-45.

The best solution for making a bed for a large dog is to use coconut fiber. It is an environmentally friendly material that does not cake, does not absorb moisture and is very durable. He does not need special care. It is enough to periodically rinse it under a hot shower and dry it well.

Helpful advice! For a small dog, it is better to equip a house on a stand, since such pets are often freezing.

Often anti-slip coatings are used for the lounger, as well as textiles that are not prone to rapid wear.

Minimal attention should be paid to decorating the dog bed. The presence of beads, bows, various hanging things will arouse interest in a pet who wants to tear them off, gnaw and swallow them. When creating a soft stove bench, special attention is paid to the quality of the threads: they must be as strong as possible.

DIY cat house: ways to create a cozy place for an animal

How to determine the size, type of fastening and cladding. Basic materials for manufacturing, instructions and drawings.

It is better to put a removable pillow on the dog’s bed, which can be washed periodically. It is desirable to make several of them. For the couch, you can also sew two covers: from warm fabric. for the winter, from linen or cotton. for summer.

Important! Periodically, the sleeping place of the animal should be treated with antiparasitic agents.

Named crib

A roomy old furniture crate can be a great base for your dog’s bed. Decorate it with cute textiles and decorative name letters. this will make it look like a complete piece of interior furniture.

So, after you’ve found a suitable drawer, remove the handle. Then use wood glue to secure the four wood blocks in the inner corners. Place weights on top until the glue dries. Blocks are needed as an additional layer under the legs for their stability.

We paint the box along with the legs. After complete drying, if necessary, apply a second layer.

On the box we mark the places for the legs and drill holes. Please note that they should be an order of magnitude smaller than the screw itself. So he will hold on tightly, digging into the wood.

We fix the legs, additionally strengthening their upper part with wood glue.

Now let’s get down to the decor. We glue the letters of your pet’s name.

It remains to provide soft comfort, and a complete resting place for the dog is ready.

Large wooden dog bed

For a large dog, it is better to make a bed of wood. Soft litter under the heavy weight of the pet quickly deforms and becomes unusable. The animal will sit comfortably on a rigid wooden frame for a comfortable stay.

Helpful advice! The wooden dog bed is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Beds for large dogs are called loungers.

For a wooden lounger, you need boards of the required size. It is not necessary to use new elements. You can disassemble the old wooden structure, sand all its parts well and cut the board into blanks of the required parameters.

For the couch, you will need four wooden elements. One is used for the bottom of the structure, and the sides are created from the other three. Self-tapping screws should be used to fasten the elements. Discard nails as they can cause injury to the animal. The heads of the screws must be sunk into the cavity of the material so that the pet does not cling to them. To strengthen the structure, it is advisable to additionally use metal corners.

A wooden lounger for a large bed can be supplemented with a cabinet in which it is convenient to store pet toys. For a comfortable rest of the dog, the bed is covered with a blanket or pillows.

You can also create a wooden dog bed from an old pallet, using it as the base of the structure and adding wooden sides (you can do without them). Suitable for such purposes and a box made of wood of the required size.

Wooden stove bench is a solid base, bounded on the sides by high sides

Лермонтов / Lermontov. Биографический Документальный Фильм. Star Media. Babich-Design

How to make a do-it-yourself dog bed

The following materials and tools are required:

  • Main material fabrics; absolutely any fabric can be: velor, old sweater, chintz, old fur coat, cotton, nylon, sheep wool.
  • Removable cover fabrics.
  • Fillers for the sunbed. Basically, it is foam rubber or silicone. Straw and hay are the optimal habitat and breeding ground for a variety of cutaneous parasites, fleas and bedbugs.
  • Scissors.
  • Pattern paper.
  • Needles.
  • Thread.

How to sew a sunbed?

Whatever you choose, you need to start sewing a dog bed by building a pattern. It looks like this.

If you are sewing something from patterns for the first time, it is better to make a drawing on paper to understand that everything is done correctly, and then transfer it to the fabric in duplicate.

Take a look at the photo to understand where you need to leave room for sewing the strings. Attach them with pins around the entire perimeter and sew a seam on a typewriter, leaving room for turning and stuffing the future lounger.

We sew the blank from the wrong side. In this case, the ties are placed with the long side inward, so that, after turning out, they turn out to be, on the contrary, the long side outside.

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We turn out the future dog bed very carefully so as not to damage the seams.

Now we need to fill the sunbed and make some additional seams. Through the hole that we left, carefully place the synthetic winterizer inside (it is very convenient to use an old unnecessary blanket for stuffing). Take a look at the photo, where it is noted what should be the gaps between the seams. Make seams according to this mark.

The bed does not need to be filled too tightly, but it is also not worth making it thin, because the dog will be uncomfortable on it if the bed is not too soft.

All we have to do is tie our ribbons tightly to form a crib chair. Try to keep the bow tight because some dogs like to play with them.

The resulting dog bed can be additionally covered with a bedding. We recommend using a homemade knitted rug made from old clothes as a bedding. It is not difficult to make it, and its strength is simply excellent. even the most mischievous dog will not always be in the teeth. In addition, the rug does not slip. And if necessary, it can be easily removed and cleaned. In a word, we advise you to think about how to cover it with a brand new couch for your pet.

Alternative option: ottoman for dogs

House made of plywood

This cozy corner for a dog is made of plywood. Even novice carpenters can design a simple project.

  • drills, drills 3/4 bits and trim screws;
  • jigsaw;
  • roulette;
  • plywood sheet;
  • roller or pillow.

Cut out the side, bottom and top panels.

Cut out the back panel. Determine the center of the sidebar and draw a circle.

your, hands

We drill a hole in the center of the circle. Place the jigsaw blade inside the hole, then cut out the circles in the two side panels.

Sand the surface with sandpaper.

We attach the side panels to the back. Apply wood glue along all four edges of the back panel.

Connect the side panels and back panel together.

Attach the top and bottom panels. The aesthetic finish will be an additional base instead of legs, which will give the structure an interesting hanging effect.

Sand and wipe the surface with a damp towel. Once dry, apply the sealant with a brush.

Set up a seating area by placing a comfortable mattress or pillow.

Making a bed for a dog with bumpers with your own hands

A bed for a four-legged friend can also be made with sides. This will enable the dog to settle down more comfortably in its resting place. Such designs are often sewn for small dog breeds. Detailed instructions for preparing materials, patterns and sewing can be seen in the video.

On a note! When creating a place for a dog’s rest, it is allowed to use various types of foam rubber: from dense to thin, folded in several layers.

You can do all the details one by one, and then stitch them step by step

Do-it-yourself bed for dogs in the form of a house

The most difficult model for a dog’s rest is considered to be a house. It is manufactured taking into account the exact dimensions. Every detail should turn out to be perfectly even, in order to get a smooth, beautiful product as a result.

A dog house can be of any shape. It can be made in a cone, triangle or semicircle.

Wicker cot

The product can be made of grapevine, long brushwood and other weaving materials. A lounger is made like an ordinary manual basket. In addition to such a resting place, they must sew a pillow in size. You can attach a sign with the pet’s name to the edge of the bed.

Wicker houses for animals are well ventilated, do not let the heat through

Preparation of parts and cutting

Sun beds can be regularly treated with an antiseptic so that they do not absorb the smell.

Draw yourself a preliminary diagram of how the house should be in size. Consider the breed of your dog. Otherwise, it is important to form all parts of the same shape with a right angle.

Take a large piece of foam rubber with a thickness of 2-3 cm, cut out six blanks from it: two for the roof slopes, two for the front and rear walls (one of them with a cutout for the entrance) and two sides. Prepare fabric upholstery and floor for the house (sheathe plywood or chipboard with fabric).

your, hands

Wrap each blank with fabric on both sides, draw out the borders, taking into account the seam allowance. Cut out the necessary pieces.

Oversized piece with zippers

Such a house can be made of cotton or linen. It looks like a mini pet chair. For a female dog, it can be decorated with a bow, having previously provided for a reliable fixation of the decoration.

If the product seems too flat and uncomfortable, you can additionally fill it with filler

Materials and tools

All it takes to create such a simple design is a sweater of the right size. No needles or threads. Everything is done without aids with your own hands. The only thing you need is filler. It can be an old small pillow or unnecessary rags.

Woolen beds for animals are highly electrified, this should be taken into account when making

Materials and tools

  • soft filler (synthetic winterizer, you can use another);
  • a piece of fabric of a suitable color;
  • threads suitable for shades (preferably strong or folded several times);
  • scissors and pins;
  • sewing machine.

ШЕРЛОК ХОЛМС И ДОКТОР ВАТСОН (советский сериал все серии подряд)

Bright colors will be appropriate if the dog lives in the nursery

In this case, preference should be given to fabrics that will not deform after washing. Otherwise, the pillow will become uncomfortable for your pet over time. He may completely refuse to rest on it.