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Round bed for a dog with your own hands

The form


With or without a roof

A bed for a dog, as mentioned above, is a corner of his personal inviolable space. Among the produced beds, especially made in the form of upholstered furniture, are often found with a canopy and even shutters that close the dog from prying eyes. Some individuals feel more comfortable, “hiding” to sleep under such a canopy. But this is not the only reason some dogs need shelter. Bitches during estrus or during pregnancy try to prepare the “nest” in such a way that it is possible to hide the puppies from the eyes of people. So that she does not arrange a “shelter” somewhere in the closet, it is better to immediately get her a sunbed with a canopy or even a booth. On the Internet there are many offers of combined loungers from manufacturers of upholstered furniture. They are made in the form of small sofas, the basis of which is a decorated booth.

Large dogs, individuals with a plentiful undercoat are often quite happy with an open lounger.

What size should the lounger be?

Size is important for the comfort of the dog. If the dog feels uncomfortable, it will refuse to sleep on its own piece of furniture and the money for its purchase will be wasted. You can determine the size of the bed based on the size of the pet itself. Armed with a measuring tape, you need to find out the length and height (with the head) of the animal. The dimensions of the dog bed depend on these indications. The length of the berth should exceed the length of the dog by fifteen to twenty centimeters, and the width is twice the height of the four-legged friend. If you choose a sun lounger that is too spacious, he may not appreciate this generous gesture, but, on the contrary, be afraid of such a vast place. Then the owner will not be able to force the pet to sleep in it.

There are nuances in choosing the size of the bed for large dogs. When buying a puppy, say a Labrador, it is better to take him a “bed” taking into account the breed size of an adult. From a very young age, a dog gets used to his bed, and changing to a new one after a few months can be difficult for his psyche. Stress is contraindicated for animals, so do not take away from him his old favorite “bed”.

How to make do-it-yourself dog beds?

Why do you need a sunbed?

Not all dog owners understand whether it is really necessary for their pets to have a separate bed. After all, they already roam freely throughout the apartment. Wherever they want, they can go to sleep there. But this is not quite the right approach.

In the wild, the presence of personal space where the animal can feel safe, areas where he will hunt are very important. And, despite the fact that dogs have lived with people for a very long time, wild instincts are difficult to overcome. If the issue of obtaining food from the dog is resolved, then the owner should arrange his own place for it. The best way to do this is to purchase or make your own special place. Plank beds for dogs not only secure a certain territory for a pet in an apartment or house, but also protect it from drafts. The health of the animal directly depends on this, no matter what kind of wool it has. Dogs can tolerate the cold, it does not harm much, but a draft is contraindicated for them. Therefore, all good dog beds always come with boards.

Do it yourself from a warm sweater

If the pet owner is inclined to needlework, you can make a do-it-yourself bed for the dog. The easiest and cheapest way (from the field of “life hacks”) to make a “bed” is to use an old sweater.

  • in fact, an old sweater, preferably tight knit;
  • pillow or filler (synthetic winterizer);
  • scissors;
  • needles;
  • threads.

If the sweater has a neckline, cut it off and sew up the cut. Then the sweater is stitched with threads at the level from the neck to the shoulder blades, so that a single pipe is formed together with the sleeves. After that, a synthetic winterizer is stuffed into the resulting cavity. You will get a U-shaped roller. The sleeves already stuffed with padding polyester are sewn to the sides of the sweater. A pillow or synthetic winterizer is placed inside the sweater. Next, the bottom of the product is sewn up and the sleeves are sewn together. After the sleeves are sewn to the bottom of the sweater. It turns out a round warm bed.

With your own hands from unnecessary pants

To make a round model, you need a pattern. First you need to determine the diameter of the bottom. It will depend on the size of the dog, for example, a size of sixty centimeters is suitable for pets of average build. Next, you need to add ten to twenty centimeters to the sidewalls. The video shows the entire manufacturing process well.

The edges of the bed can be completed with a lace or elastic band. Then they can be tightened so that the pet is comfortable.

Where to determine the place

Better when the dog itself finds a place to its liking, there you can install a bed. But if the dog chose this shelter unsuccessfully, from the point of view of the comfort of the rest of the family, then the final choice remains with the owner. True, you need to consider a few rules. A cozy shelter for a dog should be free of drafts. Not suitable for couches and hallways, kitchens or bathrooms. Lying on a cold tile can cause your pet to catch a cold.

Having chosen a place once, as a rule, when the puppy is brought into the house, it is no longer changed. In cramped apartments, after rearranging furniture, dogs usually rush back to their territory, even if there is already a TV, and a bed in another corner of the apartment.

Types of sun beds for dogs photo

The shape of the bed can be different. The configuration of the place depends, first of all, on the location in the room. square, oval, rectangular or pentagon-shaped. Large dog beds are usually rectangular in shape. Often, owners make a dog seat from a children’s mattress. This is the perfect base for a dog bed. It remains only to create a side for him to fence off from the wall.

Typical use of a children’s mattress as a base:

And here’s how you can get a cozy place for two from the same children’s mattress:

A more complex option using the owner’s skill in working with wood is a real pet sofa with the same children’s mattress at the base:

Often, loungers are created using padding polyester or foam rubber at the base of the place. Oval lounger made of dense fabric with padding polyester insides:

The photo shows the moment of assembling a round lounger with a foam base and foam rubber sides for a small dog. But according to the same principle, you can create a lounger for a large dog, only much more material will be needed:

Useful expert advice

  • Round beds for large dogs are equipped with bumpers assembled from individual pads, fastened to the top with a regular elastic band.
  • It is better to sew a side for an oval bed as a separate product, and then attach it to the base.
  • It is also advisable to sew a cover to the lounger.
  • Products filled with sheepskin are cleaned with snow once a year.

DIY pattern of a round bed for a dog

The pattern of a round lounger is calculated strictly individually, based on the size of the pet. It should be noted that for large breeds this is a costly and laborious event:

  • We calculate the diameter of the circle or the size of the oval so that the dog can sit freely, curled up.
  • We draw the second line, stepping back 25-30 cm for the board.
  • We transfer the pattern to the material. Cut out by folding the material with the pattern 4 times. We straighten and cut off, leaving a small area in order to fill with filler.
  • For large dogs, the base is best quilted.
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How to Make a Pet Bed

The photo shows a pattern of a round lounger for small breeds. But by analogy, you can create a pattern even for a giant.

Benefits of a homemade sunbed

Despite the fact that modern industry produces a wide variety of sunbeds in a huge assortment, the choice is not large enough for large dogs and giant dogs. Therefore, for the best friend, the resting place can be assembled with your own hand. After all, no one knows the habits and characteristics of the dog better than the owner. How he prefers to sleep. curled up or stretched out to his full height. Whether the dog prefers soft featherbeds or does he prefer a firm, even rigid base.

Another aspect is the presence of the sides of the sunbed. When installed directly to the wall, the side of the sunbed is necessary so that the pet does not stain the wallpaper after a walk in bad weather. No matter how you wipe your pet’s fur, a dog that is wet after a walk in the rain still does not dry out completely and may leave dirty stains on the surface of the walls. Well, if, of course, the long-haired giants are not dried with a compressor, then the cleanliness of the walls is ensured.

How to sew a do-it-yourself dog bed

  • First, you need to accurately align the parameters of the dog.
  • We transfer the size of the pet to paper and make a pattern for the base of the lounger.
  • We put the pattern on the material and add 2.5 cm of seam allowance on each side.
  • If foam rubber is used as a base, seam allowances are not made, but cut out in accordance with the pattern.
  • If the shape of the lounger is rectangular, the corners must be left free when sewing in order to maintain the volume of the mattress.
  • The pattern of the board is made in accordance with the base of the bed. The sides can be made separately and attached to the base with Velcro, buttons or hidden garters.

The main technological points when sewing a lounger. materials, sizes, shape

When creating a bed for a large dog, you need to know only two parameters. the height of the pet at the withers and the length of its body, excluding the tail, who has it. It is not recommended to tinker the bench “by eye”. It’s better to do it once and not redo it.

Each owner chooses the shape of the product individually. It depends on the dog’s sleeping habits. Which of the pets sleeps in a ring. gets a round or oval lounger. For those who like to stretch out on the floor to their full height. a rectangular sleeping place. This is where the growth of the dog at the withers is needed, since there is a possibility of paws freely spread out on the floor, about which you can accidentally stumble.

It is better to choose a material for a dog’s place that is dense and non-marking. The photo shows a sectional view of what the dog bed consists of. Wooden frame, lined with foam rubber or padding polyester and covered with dense fabric:

It is very important to correctly calculate the amount of material for the cushion and sides, taking into account the fold on the seams.

  • Paper, preferably old paper wallpaper. A pattern is made of them.
  • The cloth. The choice depends on the owner’s instinct, but the main thing is that it should be lint-free. Even jeans or raincoat fabric will do.
  • Filler. Variations here can be very different, including hay, bird feather or down, sheep wool, filfiber or siliconized balls.

Dog bed: how to do it yourself

Based on the worldview of Sharik from Bulgakov’s “Heart of a Dog”. a collar for a dog, like a briefcase for a minister. And what can we say about the dog bed! Place is a very important psychological factor in tying a pet to home.

It should be noted right away that not all breeds favor floor rugs. For example, Newfoundlands would rather prefer the coolness of the tiles than the insulated corner of the house. But large dogs are very fond of sofas and voluminous armchairs. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to install an old sofa in the apartment, then it will become the most favorite lounger for Newf, St. Bernard, Leonberger or Dog.

Sewing a berth with sides

To make such a product, you will need a piece of foam rubber or padding polyester, a suitable fabric, thick cardboard, scissors, a needle, thread, a ruler and a pen. You can use an old unnecessary pillow as a base. It is necessary to cut out three parts: two narrow rectangles for the sides and one large one for the base (bottom). Take the part that will be the bottom, round off its edges, eventually forming an elongated oval.

For reliability, you can sheathe the edges of all three blanks in order to prevent the synthetic winterizer from falling out and slipping. The boards are connected to each other. After that, they take the fabric, lay it out on a flat surface and cut out the size of blanks from a padding polyester (cut old pillow). Cutting out a rectangle of sufficient length, grind it down in the middle and put the sides on the part.

Next, the side is connected into a ring, the allowance is packed inward, performing a secret line. After that, the sides are sewn to the base. This can be done with a machine stitch, pinning the board to the base with the edge coincident.

To further simplify cleaning or washing the garment, you can put a small rug or a small pillow on the bottom. Suitable for bedding and bedspread, and even a crocheted oval rug.

A model in the form of a sofa can become an original lounger. To complete it, you will need polystyrene, foam rubber with a ten-centimeter thickness, as well as textiles. In addition, you will have to use glue in the work. Four parts are cut out of foam: the base, the back and two sidewalls. In this case, you should get two large rectangular blanks and two small.

The back (large part) is glued to the seat, the sides are glued to the sides. It turns out a kind of frame, similar to a sofa. To refine the structure, it is thickened with foam rubber cut to the same dimensions as the first four parts. If you want to make the sidewalls soft on three sides, take measurements and cut out elements of greater width.

After the foam rubber is glued, you can start making the upholstery. To prevent the product from emitting an unpleasant squeak in places where there is no foam rubber, the cover can be sewn from dense fabric. For example, fleece or textiles with a large pile, which are used in the manufacture of blankets, are well suited for this. If there is an old blanket at home, it will do.

Having completed the measurements of the sofa, they make patterns for the cover, then lay out on the fabric, cut out and assemble the upholstery on a sewing machine. In this case, you can also use elastic textiles: it is able to stretch, and therefore shrink better than ordinary fabric with plain weave threads. Such material is called bielastic, it stretches both along and across. Sewing the cover, put it on the prepared base.

To delay the moment of cleaning your pet’s sofa, you can put a small rug on its seat.

Making a scratching post house

In the classic version, the scratching post is a pipe wrapped in a jute rope. For stability, the pipe is filled with sand, putting it in a dense polyethylene bag. A bed with a scratching post out of the box is made according to the following technology: a box of a suitable size is sealed with tape from the bottom, making an entrance hole on two sides, and gluing the bottom of the box. Bottom bends are glued with hot melt glue or construction glue.

After that, the product is supplemented with foam rubber, and then textiles. Then the structure can be glued onto a pre-prepared wooden panel (for example, a chipboard sheet) of a larger size. Next to the house, glue or insert a pipe into the hole made, and fix it with glue. The scratching post is wrapped with twine, trying to do it as tightly and tightly as possible so that the cat cannot tear off the rope too quickly.

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A small wooden panel can be glued to the top edge of the scratching post. It can also be supplemented with foam rubber and a soft bedding, and, if desired, made sides. In order for the cat to play in this corner, it is recommended to supplement it with a fluffy ball, attaching it to a strong rope.

Inside the house, you can lay both a thin and a soft pillow-bedding, making it to the size of the bottom of the box.

How to make a hammock?

A homemade hammock bed is convenient in that it does not interfere with air circulation from below, and the presence of a canopy, depending on the model, allows shading. Pet hammocks can be very diverse in the way they are attached. For example, they can be conventional floor-mounted, in addition, they can be installed on a battery or attached to a window glass. In the latter case, the fasteners are large suction cups that firmly hold the compact couch.

Such modifications can be made from thick wire or pipe. A frame with hooks is created from it, by means of which it will be attached, for example, to a radiator. The size of the frame must be large enough to accommodate the animal. After the frame is bent, they start sewing the textile cover by taking measurements on the finished frame. For easy washing or cleaning, the cover can be sewn with a Velcro fastener. Then it remains only to put the cover on the frame and fix the stove bench with hooks on the battery.

If there is enough space between the battery and the wall, you can make a wooden frame with supports hidden behind the battery. For the rest, it remains to simply sew a cover made of dense fabric or pull an old sweater over the frame, hiding its sleeves inside the resulting hammock. If there is a chair with high legs at home, it is perfect as a ready-made frame for a future design. You will need to sew a canvas to it and fix its ends to the crossbars.

An original solution can be a couch suspended from the ceiling. over, it can be either one-tier, or consisting of two, or even three floors. A characteristic feature of such products is the upward narrowing of the size. For the manufacture of such couches, textiles, foam rubber, synthetic winterizer are used. The product can be attached to the ceiling hook by means of wide thick textile bands. It is difficult to call such beds comfortable, but cats are not afraid of difficulties: in a day they manage to lie down wherever possible.

From newspaper tubes

Plank beds for cats, made of newspaper tubes, are nothing more than a basket weaving technique. They look incredibly beautiful, although the very process of making such beds with sides is laborious and takes a lot of time. Models can have boards of different heights, be decorated with ears, resemble baskets, baby carriages, large plates, Indian wigwams and full-fledged houses.

Such beds can be painted with food dyes, stained or even PVA glue diluted with water in equal proportions. To make such cat furniture, the newspaper is drawn into strips of 8-10 cm, a knitting needle is placed on them and twisted into tight tubes, having previously secured the end with glue. When weaving, one end will be inserted into the other, and therefore the product will be devoid of joints and fragile joints. At the beginning of weaving, the bottom is harvested from cardboard (in duplicate).

The tubes are glued according to the principle of a snowflake, creating a lattice through which other elements will pass. Braiding the resulting frame, they move on to making the walls, for which a semblance of a lattice with the same pitch of glued tubes is also created. By this principle, you can make different designs of the cat bed. At the same time, weaving can also be different. For example, for weaving the walls, you can take not one at a time, but two blanks at once.

Do-it-yourself cat bed

Every pet owner knows that a pet needs its own bed, a place where you can relax and unwind. For example, cats in search of the best place in the house often try all beds and every piece of upholstered furniture. However, none of them will refuse the bed, and even more so if it is done with their own hands with love and care. Let’s look at the options for making a cat bed based on its varieties and purpose.

Under the battery

Fasteners can be very diverse, including with rings for framing the ends of the pipe. In order for the cat to be comfortable inside, and the house itself outside also fits into the concept of the interior style, you need to choose materials for upholstery and soft bedding. Considering that plastic can slide, the inner and outer parts will have to be fixed to the pipe with glue. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that there are no folds and sags of material. this will ruin the appearance and reduce the comfort of the product.

A similar lounger can be made of wood. To be comfortable on it, it is worth picking up soft upholstery, increasing the comfort with foam rubber or a separate pad fixed to the base with Velcro. As the main textiles, you can choose towels, an old bathrobe, a soft unnecessary blanket, or even a nap rug. As for the structure itself, it can be one-, two-, and three-level. To ensure strength, you need to take care of a sufficient amount of bend of the hooks so that the product is securely attached to the battery.

It is better to make the covers removable, or you can supplement them with removable sheets, which, if necessary, will be easy to remove and wash (clean from wool).


The bed for the cat is the place where the animal sleeps. This is a kind of interpretation of furniture for relaxation or your own sleeping place, where no one will bother, drive or push the animal. Feeling this, the cat will be more often in its corner. This is good, because whatever the breed, in the whole apartment or house, wool will be localized to a greater extent in the lounger.

There will be not so much of it on upholstered furniture, and in bed, which means that not only cleaning will be simplified. In addition, there will be less wool on household clothing, which will extend its durability and aesthetic appeal. Thus, buying or making a bed will save pet owners from many worries. Depending on the type of model, the cat bed can become not only a resting place for the cat, but also a zone for the development of the game complex.

For example, it is here that a pet will be able to sharpen its claws, to fiddle with a soft bedding with its paws, which will help preserve the upholstered furniture in the house. In addition, the presence of a scratching post can also save the wallpaper that domestic cats love to spoil so much.

Also, a large bed can be useful for a cat to accommodate offspring. Here it will be more convenient and comfortable for her to be with the kittens, especially if the design of the lounger is supplemented with sides.

To understand what exactly can be done for your pet, you need to have an idea of ​​what kind of beds are. The lounger can be a flat pillow of round, oval, square shape, and sometimes in the form of a heart. Options with a large thickness are called poufs. These beds are thicker but equally comfortable for cats.

In addition to them, the couch can be like a small crib with sides. Here the form can be very diverse. As a rule, rarely any housewife chooses a simple basis in caring for her pet. Themed products look much more interesting in the interior of the room, for example, in the form of a large shoe, a pumpkin, a book, and a soft toy. This is unusual, and cats have a place to hide, because many of them love to sit in ambush while playing.

Some models look like a semi-cottage: such beds have not only a soft cushion and sides, but also a partial roof. Fully closed products imply the presence of a kind of hole with a place inside for a comfortable location of the pet. The most open options are hammock beds.

Despite the fact that outwardly they do not seem comfortable, cats often sleep in them, and while awake they observe what is happening around.

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Helpful hints

So that your cat can settle in its corner with maximum comfort, it is worth taking note of a few useful recommendations.

  • The bed must be done thoughtfully, make sure that the bottom does not get wet from below. This is especially important if your pet is still small and not litter-trained.
  • Not every old thing is suitable for a bed and will be really warm. Please note that warm clothes lose their heat-warming properties with each wash.
  • Cats are picky about the material of the bed. Take a closer look at what your pet likes, on what surfaces it sits more often, where it sleeps, stretching and pulling the fabric with its paws. Choose just such textiles.
  • Do not use loose fabric or bouclé fabric for making: it will not last long, such upholstery is short-lived. If possible, make a case with a zipper.
  • If you plan to not only clean, but also wash the product as needed, try to make removable covers. You can not wash the bed, which will be based on cardboard.
  • Pay attention to the type of bed filler. Woolen padding shrinks with any wash, you also need to know this, as well as the fact that the synthetic winterizer will collect in lumps with each wash.
  • Textiles for manufacturing must be durable, with a dense weave of threads. You cannot use silk or satin in work. such a bed will quickly overgrow with puffs.
  • You can use old polyurethane foam from the mattress to strengthen the cardboard beds.
  • If you have skills in sewing, the cover for the couch can be made double. For example, you can combine fabric with padding polyester and sew it on a typewriter, bringing together all the details.

When making a product, it is better to use ready-made schemes or prepare templates. This will simplify the task and allow you to make the bench as high quality and aesthetically attractive as possible.

The choice of the shape of the bed and its dimensions

So a small pet can watch the apartment and at the same time not get underfoot.

If you have a bitch, then she will also need a house to breed the puppies. Yes, and you will be calmer, since you will not accidentally step on them.

The basket is also suitable for a large dog, but large dogs quickly break any structures, so it’s better to prepare a comfortable rug for them.

How to choose the size of the bed? It all depends on the breed. The dog should be placed on the bed while lying down. So that all four paws fit in a confined space. Some dogs like to sleep on their backs or, with all their legs outstretched, consider this feature of your friend.

For dogs of small breeds, an area of ​​50 × 40 cm is enough, medium breeds are usually placed on a bedding of 90 × 60 cm, and for large specimens, no less than 110 × 70 cm is required.

The easiest option: a pillow

Indeed, it couldn’t be easier. To make such a bed, you just need to prepare a suitable pillowcase and fill it with padding polyester or lay a piece of foam rubber.

It is better to make a cover with a zipper on such a pillowcase so that you can easily remove and put it in for washing.

Do not sew on the buttons, most likely, the dog will chew them off. You can make a pillowcase smell, which is usually done on ordinary bedding, but there is a danger that the dog, getting comfortable, will simply tear this with its claws.

Make the bottom of the pillowcase, for example, leatherette so that it doesn’t slip on the floor, and the top with a soft material your dog likes. The pillow can also be made with a non-removable cover. If you want to fill it with padding polyester, it is better to quilt it so that the filler does not get confused. These beddings are washed entirely. But they dry for a long time, this is a minus.

Sewing benches with sides

A small bed with soft sides is a comfortable and cozy little thing that your pet will like. The pattern looks like this:

The basis of a pattern for a bed with bumpers with zippers

Sewing such a bedding is quite simple, how to assemble a box. Only if you want to wash the cover from time to time, then all the elements: the sides and the bottom should be zipped. And inside, insert dense foam rubber that will keep its shape.

Accordingly, you will have 5 foam parts: 4. sides and 1. bottom

Lounger in the apartment: place and refuge

A bed for a dog in an apartment is an object of a completely different purpose. If you really love your dog, then it needs to be taught to obedience from puppyhood. The dog must know its “place”. Otherwise, one day you will find that she is sleeping on your couch, or worse, in your bed.

Determining a place for a dog is a serious upbringing issue. The dog must obey this rule. Only in this way will she understand who is the boss

And one more purpose of the dog bed is a shelter. Sharing a common home with you, the dog should still have its own corner in which he can feel safe. And if a dog has gone to this corner, it cannot be punished or pulled out of its shelter.

Nashkodil, felt that he was guilty, and hid in a basket. let him sit and think about his behavior

These are all principles of dog breeding. But what about the design and interior? In the apartment, no one can stop you from showing your imagination. And the choice of materials here is no longer so important, because it cannot be damp and cold here. But in any case, the bed will have to be washed from time to time, because the dog can go to it immediately after a walk, or its fur will stick to the litter during molting, but you never know what can happen?

Fabric that is thick enough not to cling to claws. This is the smartest choice. And for stuffing, you can use foam rubber or synthetic winterizer, as you like.

And one more nuance in the choice of materials. Remember, in the Harry Potter saga there was an episode in which the owner gives the housekeeper his own thing, confirming his right to freedom? How much happiness is in this “The owner gave me his sock!” And your dog will also appreciate such a gift.

If you use your old sweater or some other thing that smells like you for the couch, she will love it madly. And even if you are not at home, the dog will not feel lonely.

Do I need a bed in the booth

It is clear that we are talking about yard dogs. For them, the booth is a harsh necessity that saves the dog from the cold, rain and chilly wind.

DIY Easy Dog Bed. Pet Bed From Old Plaid. Recycling Idea.Sewing Tutorial

The bed in it must meet the following requirements:

  • easy to remove for periodic processing from parasites;
  • do not absorb moisture, as due to dampness in the booth, the dog can get sick;
  • be thick enough to keep warm during the cold season;
  • be strong so that the dog does not break it with its claws.

In the summer, you can not forgive anything at all in the doghouse, since there is no need for a bed. The dog is not cold, and it would rather prefer to lie on a wooden deck or dig a depression for itself in the ground.

Many owners of yard dogs simply lay straw in the booth, which can be easily changed during processing.

House. do-it-yourself dog bed

A soft house for a dog is no more difficult to make than a box, and the principle is the same. You will need parts for the walls, bottom and roof.

How to sew such a product. in this step-by-step master class:

Super ideas. stylish dog bed made of waste material

A good owner does a lot for the dog. A do-it-yourself bedding bench is just a small fraction of that warmth and care, to which your faithful friend will surely respond with his boundless devotion. And to make it so that it becomes comfortable and fits perfectly into your interior, you can literally in a couple of free hours. HouseChief has selected several suitable options for you.